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,1'iililUhoil weekly at Sillier annum. Where
the paper in wilt out of the comity, $t!.!!0.
Thursday, June 17, 1800.
Wc wish u laid Mum to publish the
liowcrful letter nf llmi. Owl. W. Joins,
of Lincoln county, m regard to tin
.StAtf Debt tjiHwtiitc. ,Jlr. Join rlo-
.clarc thsit lie is not u candidate for niiy
nllice. He, in h old man now and ha
had it hir:."! share of iiulilic honors. W-
believe liu whs. for Id or 18 vciir m.r
Reply to Mr. Bough's Card. must have money to build turnpikes.
I'Mho must hnrrow it. They wid it.
Wi.nr Hume Journal : nu.rai Vl'
We "live Mr. limth ' the full credit Tennessee was yotmjf tlirn. She hud
of a ('omiiiuiiii-Htion sltuil hv himself, n jrood reputation. She was of pood
uinl (wo othi r niPiokr.- of the Hoard of
Aldermen " for tho simple. tvas"n that
tlio other irt'jitU'mcti did in t. reuJ it Ins
fore it win printed, ami never dreamed
that it contained nny per.sonid reflection
on inc. It fully appears, refon:, llmt
lie responsible for the, )air,'ua'i! of
which wo comil'ine I. The !-j"''iul tax
was levied ii j xiii lb.' u:-,.iui'itiim that it
was i:( ''(.f:'i;ry topav ilclits. Wc denied
the locality and m ci -sily ! ihis tllX.
Mr. H:mi;;Ii I hen wrote n. c 'iiiniuii'i a
lion in lii-li he. said : " WV tell voii,
family Her old mother, ( urolinu, wns
holiest. Ilernnnl, Virginia, was hon
est. All her sisters were honest. They
hie I nil inherited u jrood name from
their ".randmothor, 10tio;luud. There
wan no truce of had blood in the family.
With such nn honest lineage -he could
burrow money. She did.
( IIAITi:ii V II.
She made turnpikes. Who minlo rail
roads. She grew rich. She waxed
great. She promised t pay what she
burrowed. She was honest. Tennessee
intended to do il. She hasn't done it.
She will,
(.Jl.WI'iill Mil.
War eaiui'. It was a li'' war. It
(,.,' ,H1!' i,;-1 ' 'lesiiiainit; war. j en newer i s
l , .....r.u ... ..f .1.,, ,. I , .,'k1 i. i i i i , ,i i ''osoatvi. till' weaitli wu.- ui'snown.
ne 'Mis a mere net' ot tin; mute i.i gi.-..i-1 ,,,.- ,, inifortitiuij Wns uu ''. In ,, i . i
ltcprcf-cntahve in LonjrreM, iiii-I wiisj,!,.. iis tliiny: "f not puyiuv: debts is it
known an the, "Wuteh-di of the iivas-j r;.. v j,,,,,,,!. ti,;,,,,. JJowever, .7
urv, llefon: lit wiw sent to "nrem . ! ,, ,-,. ). ,
hi ''.
fui'u-u atreet nioli. Itulwa.VH fails when
tested in a coiniit'tcnt court. And
1'easlry's fraud defense is untenable, ClodJotl, August Oth, 1880.
for that he or liny other man or sot ufl j. .. '--.-r-r.-r-
men can lawfully or morally repudiate j For Sheriff
the acta of an agent an between the .u.. j.T,lr.
inneipui aou mi iiiuoeeiu iiui ii puny iu H,r eaiMliiliilo mr Sheriff of Franklin coun-
interest, 1 eiiijeweo, us a rejiudiator
fair and square, would eommand the
rv,fieet thiuveH uet'onl tho hildest ot
ty, nt lite eiiHiiinir Aiiko-I elcetiun
W arc nnlhorizi il to nnnuuncc KF. Onk
ley u enndiJiite for rc-cleetion tn the office of
their number. Asa whiniiiir pleader otJ.SherilV of Fninklin county, nt the eiHuinB
4Vl'Kln ITU '-III M I,
the liuby aet, and u Hkulkini; culprit be
limit ner sovereignty, tennef si'c wouiu For Trustee.
ileserve the scorn of all decent e iliiiuu- wv .,. -..ilionzcd to annoumic A. J. Skid
ties nud men. j mi. re ciiiuliiliitn fr Trusleu of 1'riinklin
Turn which w ay tin; State can and county ut the ensuing August election.
this debt uuestion will ei ntront her tin- We lira aiithoriwd toannniiiieeW m. I mice,
til it is nettled anil laid at rest. A UH, a candidate for frusteu of Irunklin
roiv ('I liii.s we aid
"I this remark was nilei!'i"d aj n r,l!cen ii
I f .! l.iv Kiier, itu I'uri'cr
I. ... .... ' I ' . .
I ' wr mat. , l-i.
I .11" lll'f'll I
le-s'eralvd aliars, lier desolated health- NewtpejjerS Krtd Periodicals
recognizes the fact that Te.iines""c: o-.m n , 'r, w A U;n, vvlm inuf; -,-es in lie a friitid
th: debt wbieb n number of men v.oi'hr )!,:( his card h ioom s all doubt en iliisj
repudiate. HoHiystho "low-lux" cle ! dies in. I deny that he in-
heart was huiublei
tare, and tiiillinehiiiLdv oiiiie.f,e( I the
creation of a rrUite debt, lie .-
Ins oersmn'I and p' lineal inemi, .la'c: lin lw. ,i ,, u ,u.. n,Uiinf, iineu- -i'liies, iter pruin
,K IVlL'-niefwrii'ils IVesideiil of tl.t I I .,!,( w, J"w I,. Site was elia.-leiiiil, She was impovcr
Ili,ile,l Kll,. Mr. Jones. l.oV,. V-I !l,..llev,. e!,', ll,,n-i v,,hl ,.,. i u' .'"ul '' ""l'?-"'!.''''1. llH'
l in ll II tve, i ii ri; 'llll't in i J' in i .
(ii.MTi;i: t:;.
l'enet: ri'ti.ria'd. Huiie revived. Uusi-
: i 'c. :.l .l. ,, ,,,,1,1 '
incut of Deinoerney eannot deh'at tin 1 it a . a iieiv.'iial relleelii.ii, H'M,,.i ,.i., j. ,,,,e, She meant, il
settlement of the debt at sonic lny. wonM have I he public (j believe that I Tiiae would belli her. Her ivditr.' Uful)lictui
" They may defeat nny settlement thi-, ar ,,, , tnlbrceiuent of a sp. cial ! v. oul.l be iieroiis. 'I'hey were
sear, and by tho next Legislature, and J ,IIX ,)t :,,,, v.v c.nsid. red it to A, : pi' 's .-ed lu take hall'.
i i .i . i . .. r. I i ..
JS'SSIOiy Hie IR'Xl, mm on mi a geir ...i -. wrung, hill lieeiniM' w ' WHIIteil to olitaill ii.rn.ii a. Jvllieatioll
tion. Hut it will not be dead, il ; voles- In other words, Mr. ISiiugh sub-1 The Demagogue nruse. lie is tin' , Literary
;.,. until M'HlrdF He, tells us that it is li ;.,u,. ,.,....iu n.,.,ti.. ,.iii. ! oii'r in-in-r nf Heelwlml). He is crafty. ,
a cardinal principle, of Democracy thai , I'lU:. Am! when W ea; h,i ' ,'" ''p'1"'"' . ";. j
, , 1 , ' . . . . : 1 : clh the iieo pie. lie inane tliem lilnnl
the majority shall rule, and adds : of UiU disi'..urt.-y, . f this injustice, of.,, (i,,.;,.' ; j,,,,.,,.,.,. Hi, ,,.voii..a j
At the time tiiin debt, or rather tli'ff : ibis slander, of tbi- niihv ;''. he endeav- j w;.. . elf. His object was office. Te'i- j
debts, were being created to establish j ,.s , ,.M.i. ihc t'ondenitiulimi of every oe-.-ee C.rgot In r promise. She forget .
lie I In nk of 'tVimi-si''. tli" I 'titon i ,. ... . :.. ,i i i. her ir.be lmenre. Mie tor ')t her
J '.link, to build .'.he Capitol, In pav , ' '
.he llermilage, and lo aid in ihc ...;"" W J" "i "I"
-Irnelion of turnpikes and railroad ", a i streets ot A inehesler. lhil b( lore we
vast maiorit v of llic people of the State' ansver Mr. !aM::b's ouestii n we want
lilil lo tell ii ' how he can eoiisciclltiolis
y avoid making an apology fir this in-
change of creditors instead of brttoriiijr
our condition would worse it ; beein.se
the f resit eels will not, be used U being
skinned, and will therefore wriggle
more violently limn those we have been
Haying for twenty years. The cheapest
way is the bom st way : Settle the debt
on the best terms v.o can get and let lis
have peace n the subject forever.
in Tennessee.
The. following list shows how many
papers and periodicals are published in
Tennessee and their circulation :
No. P.ilniv. Ciivalal'n.
..... 17
.... x
.... 1
coiinlv at the ensuing August election"
Although I have cnid I would nut ngiiin
ma for re-election to thi ollice of Trustee of
l'Vuiililin county, yet kcmise nf the earnest
.ulii'iciltoii of Diiiny friends, 1 yield to their
wirheH ami hciehy iiniinuticc myself a eandi-
.illlc. ltulliatTSO.N J. UKNUl.
We arc authorized to announce W. P. Cher
ry a candidate for Trustee of franklin county
at the liisuiiu; Aitf;nstelei'tiiiii.'
We are iiullioi i.cd lo iinaoiice It. 0. Smith a
caiididiitc fur Trustee of franklin euiuiiy nt
I lie citMiing August eleetiuii,
Prosli Arrival !
rfl T TVflM4.rt,wi O.i I nnn
Xurth Side 1'uWlcNjlll.re,
Winchester, : : Tennessee.
All the I:st hi'iinils.if I.ifiloiH, fresh Heer
and Ale, 'Itee', I 'nickers, Ovt-uiv, Sardines,
Totmccu, ClKiirs, Snnir, Candies, &p.
Maaufiiclurev ami dealer in
Prices as low as the mime can hclum,,! . '
Nashville. His Furniture is i, 7 1 !
and will stand the test of urn- ,,! ZT?.
iij.i,,,. I';, liii'i d I' iniiiiiu . """Ill
: nn uu iiiiuii lor sine very nnv. All
MiiulilillL' fur side elienn. If v,,,, ...
'ru o
On the west side ef the Public Sipiare, n s
door to Jno. V. Vnugliiin,
Where you can find at all tiaus tho
Best Whiskies, Brandies, Wines
and other Liquorr,
fu he loiuiil in ihemnrm t, ami n In ve eVi ry
in yoiircium chairs, enme and (n t IJardi
l'uti nt ,'J-ply Wncer seals. All kindaof V
hoUtcrv, Ac, dune promptly. I1
li.livei' ilwni in n Ml'.' ttl-' V lisii." . .' "ew'H
n llli' enlintv. He kcelij en li.i.wl ... lt!trl
- - i ....nil iiii
tUl'UNh made In iinlcr, ami a full.-
..i .1... ui .... i,.,,i ,.f ;
.U ill.: II... r, on i, ,,,',, ui,. Him, fll .j, .1' '
lllev CI II III. lidllL'Ilt for nnvu-li,.!.. t, U1,l
,i..r; i.... :., : vii'i.- id.- , "ewi
ri.v ! Iiidcpendent-
I lleligiotis...
For Chancellor.
To th vuti rs of Warren, ('eflee, Cannml,
t.. o. j, i i.' ,Mi,, i ;,.,,!,, iditlu'P.
.lIUIl'l.i iAUl1.'!.') .,,'llllini, -v..., - - - - , . . , , .
.. ...i :i f I lii.i'i.lie I'puncct- kind ot liiir-rnem drink is nrerariU in tlie
itillv make known to you that I am n caiidi- most a).pri.ed style, and sirvid up lo Jkt
dalc for Chancellor nf the foarth I livision, fei tioii.
which nnsitinu I now hold by ammintinciit. I A fieli i-luck of Uy Ii r-', 1 n kli s, Saruiiies,
112,8110 flection ThuMtluy, August C,1SH0. i Ac on hand. .
,- i,ur, Jno. W. I!i iuoN. Ihc best and livalasl l.agir ilein'onstantly
1 I ' . t t r en il'ui , L..t,t .... On. .Vkit Inlo'lu.u ulnn!; nf fl'o-
.UlirirOCMnTI I, .11 j I llll i', lor", i 1 'I-,. --
- ! naeco a ml l.iL'ars,
us cbcai, or rheapi r 1 1, nil lite mine ran ,
bnuglit in Nashville.
, He has all kinds of In mini' li.r mlr, m
lowest price ; and, as he tins it saw-mill of Uu
ow n, can till anv order at shurt imtiee.
For Representative.
U'e arc authorized In announce Hun. John
U I,... n ,l , .ill, t, .r I'.i .itli-,'1 ii ,ii I.i Ml,.
O Ollll '
u iiHicc of Keprcsiatative el franklin entiuiy In
, the lower house nf the licniTuI Awtinbly of
L'l I, (Kill Uu' State el' Tennes.-,". fhetiun Tiuvday,
X'jv. -'il.
County Convontlcn.
! el' '.'lor
i .1
. .1
ippfoveil or ncijuu se'i il
plaining in jiolicy and
l.egihi.itlll'c 111 tin: em
j. i:. it.
V lilioilt
II 1 1' .11 i
Is. oin! wlio are no" cla-seil its
J"W lnx lie n, were warm a Ivm ales ol
the, polli'V, I and a t-.w other', ven
few, wct'i! iipposed to the policy from
beginning. I leinocraiH ami nigs vteii i (,
with each other in tiieir .eai ami iiuvn-1
. me i,l' Slute niil tn Sin le interna I im-l
j ro'venieiils. Now .for the ,.ake of bar-1 M'ourge nf Cod, a Herod II, an a.-.-a
ij'inv and pence and the host interest of: i.f liliei 'v, a crucilier of llic peotile
.1 ' .1 I I . . C .1... u...... i... . i... I .' .. ....
i ne wiium ico nu oi me ei.iu' m i. uie . .enemn e rom ie! . Iiclmi en in
caieiived in inioiiilv and sliewed
She forgot
For Congress.
,1 ire are .'uilliori.i'd to nniiounce Cnl. Jas.' If. i
Tlieiin.lersiKiicd, Kxeeiiuve Coiniiutteu of , i0mni)) ,, l.lm.iln, a eandidate for (.'on- i
1'niiikliii coiiiuy, appointed by the Chairman j grew from this Coupm-sini ill 1 iu iot, coin-,
iif the lleiiiocralie Culilliiiltee for Ihc iilhCnn-; 1)llK.,j . . ,i , ,,,;,, ,, Hullierfuiil. JWdford. 1
iyivicsi-iiiii.il District, and under his authority, y1KOl .Franklin. Marshall, Munre and (.'of '
I'levinlis 1 i t!ic Chicago Convent!.
ill a coiaiiiiii.Laiioii
ationa! 'iew, pniniiiiiiced .1
be : (Ice, u backer,
rum ii "a breeder of liuniiie, a
l.cei-latiii'c, v. hen it meet.' in Jauuai'V
next, tlirouirh an aiiiiroi'i'iate cuniniillee
ha'vc'a full and free conli'ivn-c and iM !'"' "'' "'' w"u
i i i ' i i .
!tlitr hfi'l'i'tl Still lf HA l'(l 111 i
the ij t n vtirtf of tin; Di-iniiiiP. Shr-j'l" ''iTt l.y wl :i r.mv. niion nf nil Itomorrau Tuiwlny, Nov.'il
.aid, "e owe yon nothing. Urn ; in wil,,,,,r a' Mondav, July illi, 1SH(I, I ar? authorized to announce Hon. John
even. lo her di-graee, she said it. f,. ,a, )U1),W, ,,( ,,'leeti'ng dclegiites to tbe M, ISright a candidate for rc-elcrtion to Con-
! Stat" C.nvi ntion at Nashville, which meets I Kress from this Coii-trcssional District, coin
( II.vril.lt M. j j-,,, ,llaVi Ampi-l 10th, following, for the pur- j t"'d of the conntiis uf Itutherfold, iiedli rd,
Do spirits mourn? Can the spirits of 1 1,. ofnomiiuiliin,' a candidaie lor ( luvcrnor. 1 l.inooln, franklin, Marshall, Mnore and Cof
iliedenil slnlesiiicii mourn ? Can thei ft h Impul nil Democrats uf franklin conn- i fie flection Tiusday, Nov. "Jd.
y will lie present. i arc authorized to announce i Inn. A. I..
W. J. Si..vrrat, : I.andis, (.f llcdfonl county, a candidate for
W. II. liiUMNAN, ! Congress from this Cniif(resHinn.'il lJistrict,
John Simmons, j composed of thecouutiis of Kutbeiford, lied
John II. Maiiiix, I f.mi, Lincoln, franklin, Marshall, Moerv and
l'.Xfi'litivc Committee franklin Ce. CnHie. Suhjict to a Convention to be
, , , j called the usual way. flection Tuesday,
w i i- i ..i i i v .... ov. I'd.
j i c piiiiiisu eis'.'wuerc a iciicr oi cer-i
! tain gentlemen of Williamson county to'
' i.ivernor Marks, and his reply thereto.
I The reply of the Governor is manly and . ;,,
iii'ee.'soi lo M. Mi'Ccivninek )
Look Sharp
f would respcclfnlly say to tiie peojde of
Winchester anil vicinity that after un t.,c.
rience uf thiriy-funryeiir.'i in my busimwi, in
various cities anil in dillercat States, with tlc
most seii ntilic men of f tiropc and the I'nitcd
iStatcs, t am iiepared to do all kinds of
building and repairing homes, inill-ilnnin
hriilgiv, iic, utiil lining up all kinds uf niu
chinerv. I build sash, blinds, doors and fi'unn s.of all
iliiiunsiuas nnd thapes. Scroll Work of cvirv
I desei'iptiuu neatly c:.'i.eue d.
I All work done ('ii the latest moduli etvlu
j and the best of workmanship.
Satisfaction guaraiitidl. dive uie a call,
! Sln;p on north-east cuimr fn in 1'nptUt
j Church. J. 11. (-PAIN,
march 11
spirits of her dead .soldiers mourn .' ( an
disc tub idled heroes mourn Can thej
! sleep of the honored dead be troubled 'I'
' ft I'iitt. T he Demagogue halh niitriicr
; i'il sleep. Jackson sleeps no more.
.sin ! I'olk sleeps no more, felix Cruudy
a 'sleeps no m 'iv. tidy conscience sleeps. I
j ( II Al l I'.K .Ml.
red ! The Ides of November tlliproiiell
(. oiis."!i nee
7 r' "
I ..'....it ,. i ' I ' J hl.,nt.
;i ,i ii . i . ii in .... , .iiii , -. - , . ii.. i I ..''
..I . -ii i ... pail loiic. aim. in iidiiiiioii, inns nun iu i. .
-. i .i , ,. . i . c. :.. .... i . .. i.i...., ..... i . i ... ,.,,
lerclmnge ill Views, Willi Hid .Millie creil-, "i en ui..ue'ii, r, 1-iii.M .urn iiii.si ii"".i ,l.,e,sf.,.' heroes Shi, w t I llli i; . o le-ui'i in iiiu i .in- M..xtra
itors. the bondholders of the Stale, idiimii this cnuiitrv worse limn the seven !.,r ,l, ,l,...,lu C bi.e s,,s SI,,, will uiou I Mmip cs uiiilerlying tins, himily
t her avarice.
Ihroiigli llieir ci.'iiiiiitllee, attorneys or, .,u,. ' J-.rVtt
.. i. ,i .... .1... i 1 1.. .i.i , 1 1 i" 1
SlICIl UL'I IIC il lliC , IHl,'l.",',l-,r ; i .
, lii o'ivf. k:V uf f't let'tbelil. Cell'
,i..., i ,,,,!' .,,i;,1ki. t oiiveitiiuii iii llic cireiiiaiioii o
in, ,1, i,,;i.i iiwi. in,. ,' ... I...J...-. i
incut and settlement Ike be I that can ' per containing I be ariiele anion
And Sherman, ii
aid, tittribjlles bis defeat before the
the pn-
He wisely kivs that ' Choice family
, . . i . , i'i ILt! I IICSIIIIII.
,1,11. in, SliHIl 1,11111 II, , .:si ti,, .i.iii. iii . , I I I I l l I 1' I l"m,'V
me. ieoiie uie nun o.iuul to in: irn;. .
, i n . 1 . ' I aitiii pruciss.
S Hil if rii' i, Iiii,. i it iii 1
D"inagogiie shall not be forgotten
member the Ides of November.
be obtained, and report micIi agreement ,
to the hi'L'islalure. The I.i gislattlli !
should ralilvsucli agreciiicut ami sit-.
(iuarter, a n
I delegate frolu
A Live State Issue.
from tbe CliatlanoogaTiiiies.
With the weak and ill-inaniiered or
,i i i.i I,. i,.,,;j.,,;,.i. r.: t 1
anteeing il.e p.ivmenl. of llie nul.imllv i ""' bi''Ko Convem;.,.,, cut jemis of tvpudialioii we have nething to
. . , i ,' . 'I.. .1 .. .....!. ... .. 1......1 :,. ...... no. iioi'ii; nun couinioii r-eiisi; me hum:
l lllll nn. i, s' iii.ii iiiiuii , ,ni. nn, "in ,i. ')'" '" ii i. ......i .,.'.' ii. .mil
. and that their will stiouhi
, exert itself free from Federal dictation. I Ij'Af'f-
i 11" is moreover opposed to the idea of ! 1'joiey
tlie State bartering away her a ivereigu-! '., ".l!:t"
. . .. h. , J ,., r ,e Mcdiuin
ty in ciiiineetion with the settlement oti j0W(,Pa(ks
the Stale debtor anything else. Tho ' ' ,
'i.i. i' .u. i! "... ...:it 1 1 Corn Mail -
leiii'i ,,i uu: uuu'iiiui iii . i , 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 , , i ,
him lavorably t i everybody, cxcetit the1 1,!"'k'1'
-il On
. i ir,
. .'i iX"o "it i
. i; do
ti ,'u
. A III)
SI l"i
. 1 1j
. I 10
1 OOcr I Ii.",
i'rlrM reduced, frimphlrt Inn.
j Works : Cliri-tiana, Lancaster Co.,
! i li," : '.':( S. IVav r St., York, Pa.
of the principal agreed upon, by a lax j city, lie walked into the di
of., line
tbe payment, of all taxes to the Slate,
.In Hint wav or .some otiur iumuih
Don Cann i'oii and Mrs. Morton.
rabid class of extremists that seek toiC.ni-
ruh' or ruin. Gallan Tioinesseean. i New, sacked in ib'p;.!.
ii levee... ;
Ifluse from wai;un, in ear
A IlAia.AiN-.--r have a little black Slullcl
Sim will work anywhere is Out
..vliieh ibis (pieslion can be adjusted and guests iiiiinediately drupped their
pri is peri
flic people of the Stale.
7ro Republican Nomlnocc.
lames Aluaiii Garfield, nominee of
llic lc'publican iarly for President, ias
.burn in Orange, Ciivahoga cimnly,
ipialily, Hauling
and kid gloves.
colored gentleman and his whileas-
soeiaie were the only guests in the dining-room
during llic seining ,,!' !i
lost on tliem. 1 hey have aliainloiteil all
iiiiiino-rooni i . . ,. . .... . , . ,, i... .
necessary pleilge.il lor those pur poses, . . .1. , x 1 1 1 1
1 s, ..tli :. "i-m-i" m 'i 1 .t-s.u 1,11 01 v anv sense. he deniagoiies who arc
,,r ,v 101, hiliii' t he interest rece v he n .. . . . . .. ' - . . ,. ,
J " .. .. .. ... 1 litrk. ii it. I t, nil: n sent utiiinsit' r.e 1 ruoi-.u'i' neec I ,, Mure - I nl ,'-. Siivicc. 1
The ; Kuilroail licaslcy iV ( "., -are seeking inan
;.,: their own pi'olit. I heir mnutlilligs ,,,.( , s im,,. Su, l(ls u flm. ,nilr,.iSnckid,deliven'dind.,'t, mUed, l.'e
ln''' .1 ....1 I . . i' .1... I .1.. I Wl.ii.. .'...
. . ... 1 , . .... ... . . 11,1,1111 ill,: iiiii.s 111 ill.. I'.'.i'i, .11, lilt. I . , 11 11 r ,
Hs sc. cue,,,, ellecte, 0 s o aa llu,, ,,,,-Us aiul let! ti,e ro,. lj,,i,',W (!,sest bvpocrisv, and .heir t,,r,. Ibr llie 1 , 1 'u .
" I ,1 " n' .""'.".i'.T.V V I.t h -rilM-. I hm black as a crow , wo.v u : ll,nVMtl.1);!e1, pavers are of ,l,c crc '"' ,llll'-v- ' J""' :i fL ,,, M-
and the oil -reel, ring clocl.o.is, can, I l.roko to harness. I want to sell..- " '
liai-niouy, iralernnl lei niigH aim 1 ... , . , 1 1 . c 1 I '.i 1 "
rilybe. 'secured tn the Slat- and brass pin, ,. t wit Ii a slonn resembling : name ol lon-tax is a lakingbit of clap- swap ll.cse animals. ' From I T-"'
I wiiii low-pane in size ami oualil v, llaiiiuiL" ' , , , , . 11 . .1. 1 1 1.1:. 1 .,
... ... '.'... a he 11111 a I'liea . i hese he 11 am 1 unn.
..n ll.etro.il, light panls ami gloves. W()1,s . ,!lif) j, a lain subiect. and we !
desire t he fully understood. We have: French Language. .-itk"! 1:1 o.p. t
1 in, cone, r,i w illi these misehief-makcrs, j ,v( , j,(lr,,,m ,,, ,0 RjVl. .,.,, '
Itirthcr llian to warn good men against ,,,,,in, , ;l f,.,v moiv pupils. II is elas.-es are Llu. .Nf...
lliein and llieir false theories and pre- i inaLi.V;; Ii"'' (,-i.j.'ri'se. Ui fciuicis: (iuvcinor; (i,t i,, extra heaw sldjijii r
: lenses. ' Marks and lady, lr. Murivll and lady, J. I,.1 (i, t best graiiit'i steers...
lillt the 1 people of this "oodlv ! .,:UI,K" "7 """"V,- f'.Oxui--.. --
.Meilium toelmice lilltelieis .
Non-Resident Notice.
I!. Jlig.uinbotliam vs. James Wnggi-iu r et :il,
I'jioii motion, and it nj'pi'ariiiK ti tlie satis
faction of the Clerk and .Master, from tlie ft
torn of Kpu'.y SlierillT. II. Hall, nf franklin
countv, mi the siibpuaa to answer complain,
ant's bill in above came, that Hubert lliein
boihain, a del'.ndant to said Mil, is 11 non-ivii.
j dent of the Stale of Tennessee, so that tile us
! ilinary proc.ss of law cannot be scrv, d upm
It is tii'-Tcoire orderml by me that pilbliVj.
tiou be iniide for four successive wcikii in 110
Home JoiiriKil, publish. ,! in Wincluster, Tn.
nessee, reipiir'uii; s.lid iinii-risidcnt difiiuhiut
I to appear and iiinke ileteii.'-c to sunt lull, In
I fore llic Chancery Court at Winchester, frank
I liu eiitinly, Teiin., on or before the tth Mim
; dap in .Iliac next, or llie same will be taloji
j for onf.'MS.'d and set fir hearing ex-iai'tc asto
; liiiiL
J Witness my hand, at ollice In SV in. le si, r,
. I'rauklincoiimv, T.nn., this Mav i-'ali, Istty
I ' T. II. KlNClf.C.vM.
I 111 a l.'7-l w s
W. S. (..'novel' and f'avis A Martin, S ilV.
II bo
l'i 00
-, 'J is! I
,. a'-
laic arc
auieiiabl" to
rea.- in,
nd ladv
I'r. C. 1'. Ilaird and ladv, Messrs. Kmhrty and Common
lOhio, Nov. I'.I, IH.II, ami is eoii.-e-j (-),;,.,, ,'r-rpondenls say that tin
1.. :.. 1 : . 01,1 It l. ii ... . '. . .
i l l v 1 -ir 11 ill. 11,: 1. 11. -ii.il .............. .i... ...... 1 1 .1..1. 1 . .. . ... . . .. .
- ,- i t '" 1 1 les.-. 11 is en. w n 1111 1111 ii 1 rs nun lire ...... . i ..... 1 i 1. , ., 1.,....,. 1, . ... : 1 f.. . .- ......... .
an orphan at 11 very early age ami very llt, ,.,, ftm. Illaine bought fair and of good repute, and to tliem thr-j and U-y M.-r.iit'. ' ' j .
p. nr. He worked en the farm to sup- lw u, j,-,iH) each on one ballot and I' 'vera of Stale Junior should appeal. I - - I Heavy fat hugs, weiiliing from
VII kinds of the best of .leans, Lin
I'm '.'I
1 (" 1',
Impure Bl-Carb So.tn la of l
llebtff dlrtr while color. It may
appear whit, examined lir It
aelr. lint a O.ni'AKISON WITH
Cllt'liril .s ' A K TI ,M
HAnniKK ' HHAM will allow
the dlfl'ercuce.
See that rone nntclnor HnCa la
white and I'r HI?, nishoiilJ be 1I.L
MniLAK MUii.NtIi, uacd for
A tlrapla but wvir tut if the tomrnTativii
thuo ot ditterriit lirniuli uf Smln i j In UiuoIto
dcfiett.pnonful of tmlikmil with r.houtarici
ol watr ihut l rel.rrwl) in ilpnr k'SM'-h, Hiriiiitf
until all is tljjruut;lj!r diiu.ii. veil Tlin.lnio...
noun tiiv,lulilo nuitlrr In llu. mle, iur Kod i will
I ihown ln r ettlis mmc twenlr iniuutM or
oooer. uy in.i raiinr sji;ilne'ii of tlwolutioTl
i-n t U qiuniiiy el ftuatiDtf flucky matter oc
'.'.'iii, a ,"o
,port his mollier and tamily unlir lie wasjf;,..,,,, i,,,,, 1(,ln , ?t)0i)
I. ' years old, when he was apprenticed ! . ,
lo a carpenter. At the age , f lil h.. A ,0,.t History.
,piit carpentering mid went on a canal j
boat, where he win ked a year, and huv- frou i!i. Pubeki lb 'aid.
ing scraped together a little money bej rn ui i'.n I.
'I'he talk that we must play that there
is Stale debt question in mMer to SllUvJfl) li!li:lht.ts, (,ft!l0
2"iU to K) iHiuiidr.Kriiss.. .
I Sheep- fair to best
;l 7o
ls 'iro nd ihk fur f bunh k C.i.'i, S:a nod
- tliKt their mime 1 i.n the p.rkauH ami j,a
.. ',, k' . "'.- j'"..-. . i wuiiceb mmiy. - on u.o
I lii- weh wur mi k. 1 , .n-H-n ri to l,'i:io-r
1 evilcr, i;i,v.. twenty tnae, iucivI.
Y ... o'o rn- p ' rwkuce f r v. Iul ! ,, ,rm.
1 . .11. J r.-.i I i-..r, r.illy.
Non-Resident Notice.
James S. Si.-k el id vs. W. Ii. f iiuiku r iitul
w il'e el a I.
If appearing to the satisfaction ot the
. ilcrKiiiii! blaster, iron, tlie Mlnlarit nl cnui
plaiieiius in ibi-ir bill -in above cause, that
j llie defViid.-uil.-, fiizabetli Sisl; ami llelleSi.ik,
( f.!i.i iwi.ui and husband Jus. K. P. .Vir
ion, arc nun-residents of the State ol Tcniu
: see, so thai the ordinary prneiss of law cannot
! Ih- si'i-ved upon tliem.
Il is tie r I'.i-.' onlereil liuit pnblieatien hv
mad'.: !',! four eonseeuliM' "eks ill tile Hume
J.'or iai. p'lblisbed ill Winchester, Turn., n
'piirin.' said non-rcsidi nl defendants to up
. y:uv and i.i.-ike defense lo .: ii bill, i n or lie
' tor..' the fourth Monday In June next, Infer,'
: tli-.- .'hain'iry Cuiirl at W'iiieho.-U r, franklin
I cimnly, Teii'i., or tbe sum,' will betalan ti.r
I confessed and set for hi avie.g cx-partc as t.
I them.
: Witness tiiv hand, nt ulli.-e in Winelie.-ler,
Temi., Mnv Uth, isso.
T. II. UNCII, C. ,t M.
filzpatriek A' liv-jury, Silieitors.
dil the party together," is both c nv-i
' . . 1 . . . .1 . 1 1 ,
a.illyaud silly-as silly as the ostiicl, ';'''". I'onsiautiy on nami 111 tue I(,,. M, .
iwhicli imagines its biilkv body is u, Winchester Woolen Mills, and will be J
( 1 ar -ides . . .
t 'lear rib nles
v.beii lis bit of ahead is thrust in the Isold xdn-ap fi.-r cash, or excliautred for ,. ,. 1".,".",,r'
, 1 , . ' ' s Iliiins, new ( . ( . ( ., . . .
i:w M.
s.iud. Tim very men who are shouting vvool
began hi real cdneiilion. Atrli.-i''
of 2d years lie left. Ohio and removed to
Mississippi, where lie entered Williams
( .'ollegc. Two years lifter be graduated
ami was made a professor, ami the next
year, lH'ri7, bn was elected President of
Ihc college. Here hi) rclllltllicil only a
vear before ho returned to Ohio and act
up a sehool and taught two years, when
he v. as elected Slale Senator. At the
beginning of the Avar be was elected
('olonel of the 42d Ohio Viiluulccrs, mid
rapidly rose from station lo station until
ut Inst lie was ina.li! chief of the stnll'of
(Jen. Ivosctiernns, with the rank of
low we once saw nt a public
1 meeting who was all the time retiring
Slllllili-ht llistll'lleil it-l iti'i'll shilih. Tint
ilrigadiei-gcni'l-al. Jn the ll.ird year of; ,,vv '..,,.,1 ttlm, ,l0 ((,,,,. ,..( ,.,!
"-Iinin" tft ttit- jfnlil iiiiiwtinti iivn tlwifi
.,,ncs,ce was a wilderness This, ,IV , . TIl('.v ,,,mill(l u, 1)f
1 1 ' , ,-"?: , 'drunk I
was responsiiiic. no 11011 1 mimic ;a
... . 1 . . . , , , . .
. rc . uau was o seme ami ml,,,',, 1 . ; ..,, .. ,, ,.,. ,,,.,.; t,ftl.
II.mI.iI. Ihc widi'rncss was i-pb d ! .(i,,,,,. ,.,. j
...e ,-e, .,,. p.'... nicy raiseii, , ,..;, : ..11 ,!. ,lis,.ussi,w ? il.
I hey raised many other things. ,,,,,,, ;u,si1, tl:i llt( ,(,M vet ,,,,.
predecessors hud ra scl scalps, ,,..1!,.:' ,,v ,,); 1V tllW1, !,;, fi,v.
linal settlement of tbe whole debt be-
. iiaitI'.u 11. iween our Legislature iteting for the
Time had elapsed. .Sane other people, and tlie crcditor-i ; and thai
things had elapsed ton. Tennessee was ! point is this: If the suits against the
out of her teens. She was out of the j railroads win, as to that part of the
w ilderness. Her face was elm. igcd. j debt, the State has only acipiired a new
I fir crvstal brooks mirrored it back. , set of creditors. The debt will be .shift
She didn't know it. The corn field ' cd but not paid. The subjection of the
usiirpcil the place ol the forest. I hi
Lard .
the war Im was elected to Ciiii!ivss
when he resigned bis position in the
army and took his scut. Since then lie
has been elected lTiiitx(l Ntntos Se.uilnr
ti succeed Tliurinaii, v.bosi! term ex
pires on thfi -1th of next March. So, if I
he i defeated l"r rrcsident he can .'all
Houses slnoil by the spring's side. The
chicken-coop was in the back yard.
( ivilia.ioii hail crossed over the uiniin
tains on tic back of a mule.
For June USth. JS-S'O,
I'. S. Loni;, adiu'r of II. II. Hobins, deceased,
vs. Panicl ti. Cunningham, et nl.
I'.y virtue ff a decree of thef hancery Onirt
of friiiiklin enmity; Teiini ssee, pronnunced nt
its Jaiiii.iry Term, is: 0, in the alxoe caiii-e, I
w ill, en
Monday, Juno 28, 1880,
fllAfii:it lit.
Te.incssei' was fuJJ of ganiciH. Its
gariji'W werii full ot prialuci'. Shu
1 lllllnL lril.ll WIT I I III Uiu lil I in m.Mt .,1
bm.'k upon llic eti.er oimr wiiicu lie 1 tht world lay otitsi,n of Tennessee. Il
For several yearn before (lie. vnr ar.
field was a preacher of the Christian
Church, and is utill 11 member of licit
rub. thousands of innocent holders et
slocks of the mad, stocks they ow ned
liecnuM' they believed, upon the faith of
acts of throe dill'ereiit legislatures ofl
this State, that the directors of the
roads had paid the State all the roads
owed it. Tho success of these; suita ill
also render worthless the bonds of the
roads, and ruin tho holders of those se
curities. y Imt sort nt honor is there
!,. 11 ..i.i.i 1. .in. it ii.i. 1 ..-til I.IIII1 1. m.,1
eciisiblt! World. Hut Tennessee had to Lf ;fJ ..:;.,.,.. t.. s..f r. 1.1:.
. . , . tt , , , , "I ! 1 .11. .... .'S.IVU IIOVII .I'llll llll Vlfll-
1111:111: nun 11
els', liar proi
was 11 very big, world. Jt was an inac
-i 1 .. .1 . . - . ..1
ra.iroa.is 01 uie ,-.ate 10 paymeni ol . ,,. (', ihouse dour in Winchester, Temi.,
homls issued to them under the various sell .., the highest bidder, on a credit of one
statutes passed lutorc the war would ' nml two years, the two tractsof land described
in tlie pleniliugs as adjoining each oilier, anrl
adjoining the Locan & Purler lands mid oth
ers, cuntiiining nbont 31X1 acres, and situated
near the I'niversity of the Smith, on Cumber
land mountain, in franklin county, Tcim.
I'osscisioii given on the 1st day of January
The imrchnxtin will lw required to execute
notes with appnived security, ami n lien will
be retained until the purchase money in paid.
I ins il ay IV, 1K8U.
T. It. FlNdr, C. A M.
wanted what lif
h.e had 110 roads,
She ci.tild not Ltow rich Llltiou it .wituifd through it. author
lucts wiTU wanted, H. M (it,uU ? Thm. ipi,,,,,, f thin
m dul l, t pro. ucc, lint Stat.- provi.Ivd tt.at tli. railroad romria-
C. A. Arthur, the tioniimo for vice-) pikes
i'nwiilent, i a mere figurehead. Hi' "
wiw Iiwharge.l from the New Yorkj cii.hteu iv.
mistoni house bv Mr. Haven f.r oMieial !,.f"',"i'Ju'" 'old dw-overed railroads.
Uiey jirvved a Int. iliey were good
How cm . HhotrafheM.th tlic,..u. tlJ(()I1 t)ll,m" b ,lmli il)tu the
She f.fillliln I ... ' . J - . . " . . -
treasury any Lssne ot the bomb, ot the
Sjnte 1.1 uniiiiiuts e.iiitil to those they
1 .. 1 . 1 .. . ... . .... J
niui receiven irom ino rtaif. 1 tie uinv
Tho Btwtou I'nct charpcB Honatnr Fer
ry, of Miehiuu, with tnidiie intimacy
with a h'iy nfhlgh kocUI rank, a guest
at th hoU'I wjiere the Senator w Htoji-
iini. Tho account reads tJmt the ilia-
titiguashed ofli'twlcr was tlHiNivjcnvliudic
ladv'a elutmlier by iicr daugbwr, a
priglitJy girl of fifteen, fiibmitted
Mac iwinuing;ut Jier nan.w, xgppicniou
carrying. They Hiijiercedcd mule.
panics have, complied with thw law, and
under jt have paid iii securities which
to k
TcnneHxec intiHt have
ml Uxt k eye.
KverylMxIy else had to have a railroad I coH t,,''", about 81 :l,0(jf),OlH) ami there-
. ... . . i 1... ...I I i. .1... u. ........ 1: ...
iy ii.-u ieieune-,1 llilll pilT inline lll'll.
( 1111 the State stand by now ami see the
owners ot riietm ronus ilisposavsseil and
thereby beggared without sinking itsdf
ileejier in disgrace than it i now?
Would State lie torinifvl in p:iietlv i1h
-erve sucn a result nt iu Had taith with
its own citizens ns Ion"; 11.1 an honest
ccen1 ev.ui.
railroads. 'II iw could she turn her
produce into wealth else. She enuldu't.
'hat use were rkh fartnu without rail
roads ? Xone.
Hut Tenncssi'C wan jHKir. She had
16 l'i ,Hrrrf, t'lnrliinafi, Oilo.
Tl) triK on whlth ilili paprr I prlotail la from
Ilia Imv 'aMiiulry. aUi.
no money. Money buihls rmlronds. man wa within its hor. em
Jfonev builds turntiikes. She had no We nam hv tin. irrent Inw arfyiimoiil
ted Hiidbutked bv a nmlc ftku-l. iyl monuiy. She ealU'd her tjue men to- (?) of Savage, and the great fraud crv
way, saya" the I'oft, the JliehixvW.Jrr gethcr. 'Hwy eonsulted. They sa'id of the tearful lleiisley. It in sn.'licieiit
ii.iw npiNiira iu public, wib iiheunjui-j Tennessee must have railroad". She j to say of i hew that Savage's luw is
l;nut have jnoiiey to build then;. Sho worthies except in u fnro Unk i.-r be-
The iitider.iein il having liet u aniHiiiited at
the lust iniarlerlc niertiiiL' nf I lie County
Court i f f'niiikliii county to necure suitable
KroiimlHAiniev here in tho county lor the pur
xMi nf CKtnhllshiiiff a home for paupers, notice
:. 1 1 1 ' -ii 1
11 ucreuy given iiiai propnsiuuna win oe re
ceived liy cither pne o( Ihi-Di until the meet
ing of the next tpinrterly Court in July.
Number of nurea, unprnvenicnta and price
mint be giv. n. J. II. 'UTKIINS,
J. T. MKKKlTr,
t;i:o. w. jtyi'.oM,
mar26-lw C'onimittev.
1 Cminlni 1 V,kiI'I
Iriili putatniH--Ilrucc red ..
! lljie.d fruit Ajiphs -. .
I I'tnchcH- IJuarters
I " llalvcii
feathers, strictly choice.
liceswax, choice -
KagM, well nnsorted '
Wool, unwashed, clothing... -
" burry and cot tod tbsces
" tub washed...
Hide;, (jrecn salted
' dry salted . .
" dry flint .'
Duller, common
" good
I'oultrv Chicken."
" Turkeys, p,r lb, pr,"
f.'lS, from tirst hands - .
" packed
Talio'v, cboii'e
C1111.1t ry h at Should, rs
Sid, 1.
Seven Im.-lul banlH, in car lots,. 'J (1.
" " " ' retail . .. . 'J-
3J bush. Is in car Int..
" " Mail ......
.S'i',-i,- -
-1 '.il
. ,;
. Se
. 8c
. VZi
. 'ID,:
. III),.
. UtifiCyc
. llCrlSe
. :Uoi39e.
.... Tjc
.... llaloc
.... 10c
.... 15c
.... loo
. 1 v,
.-J of
.New OrVrii, white clarilieil
Yel(ow clarified
icn kettle
Cut loaf
Standanl A
Mon-Resident Notice.
j Mrs. Maiib la. lieiieg.ir vs. Calvin ll. nepr
I an I others.
Il appeiii'iiiK In llie -tui.-faelinn of the 1, rl.
I & Masti r, from the stfidawt nf cininlaiiiMit.
in b-.-r bill iu above cause, that the. l, f, mhuits
ivorgc McKen.ii- ami wife .Sarah MeKui
.1, KMIIT. ii-.;!!, n..,n-r, sii. nt-nf the Statu nl'Tciinir-
, 1 . . , 'see, so tli at the iirdinarv prficiss of law run-
Kidtl lebur.or Restaurant,'n,llr r1'rviv'"I,on ''''V ..- .
I ' 1. is lln-r' lor.- urd-i-i d lliat pubhealieii lc
,.U-,i,v 1 i-,i i , , "rub for i'lnr slice, s-ive w.iks in the Ibnie
S l.rt A N A I .. I ropnetors. :.), . , w,,,, r ,,M.Wl,, in Wi,,e,-
i : ., r, Teiin., n rpiiring raid turn 11 sid. nt d, l'i mi
auls Iu appear on or b, fore the fourth Mi rainy
i in June n ".-, befeie llie ( llano-re Court at
1 Fine WinCS, Liquors & Cigars. ' Winchester, franklin county, Teiin., aid
' j inahe defen.-c lo said Hill, or the same irill
... , , . , b' lain n for iMnfi.-s ,1 and set for henring
I .liiifc cf ii nf.wi. d"'xor nujhl. cx-parte 11s to llwm.
j .1 Vi'ilnes" inv hand, nl ollice iu AVinehisUr,
j ' Teiin., this Mav 1!0, ISS(l.
: ! ' T.ll.FINCIt.C..OI.
111 ay 27-1 w
Ilavis A .Martin, .Sdicilors.
Nori'Resident Notice.
(ieo. W. Hani t ul vs. C. A. Itim, , t :,.
It appearing to the satisfaction of iIk- t , rk
mid Mast, r, from the allidnvit uf cmplaiii
iints in thvir bill in above r:,iin ibnt llic ih
( ndaiits, ). I.. Muni, I;. C. JI,,,,!. J. llr
niK iind wife Sis I lie I-:. I'.urrns, Ji,,sa f. Hunt,
W. It. Hunt and J. S. Hunt, are iii.n r, i itUiit
nf th Suite of Teniiess. r, so it,;,! iU-- ordimiry
prooiss of law cauiiol be s. rv. i open them.
It i- ord.r, d by me t!i:il piibiieiitii.n U,
made for futtr sii s-ive nu L. in llu- "Ilmnf
I Journal," published in inch, .ti r, Tcnu., rr-
quiring thi-m 10 make ,1, fens,. 1., si, hill, nil
or iMore the fourth Monday iu June next, be
fore the ( hanccrv Court a. Winrlu Hi r. V 1311k-
liu t-uiipiy, Tiiin., or the same will Ik-taken
1 lor confessed aiul rtt for Itt-nriiizex-partc as In
! them.
; WiiD.s my hand, 11 1 ollice In VV'iiehfsar,
reiiti., ttns .Mav .'ah. usso.
T. II. flNt II, C. A M.
j Mil North CI, r:y Street, (Corner Denderick,)
I w
ftv "iLttrUi., 7.8
Kin, common to choice . . lHjal8o
I.aL'iiayra 17alHc
Java 2oa27c
Society Goods and Trimmings.
V CHAS. W. MANNING & CO., lUli Elm.
Cincinnati. Ohio .
Wool Carding ! !
TKETHiiH rowngits.)
I would nay to the public that I am pn-
narwl to mnku as good, il not better, WOOL
ROLLS than weru everturni-il out from any
estahlishnieiit In the State. Last year mv
carder turned out some inferior mils, hut this
year I will attend to the carding myself, and
t,u.irniitc! satisfaction, or no charge will In
Diadc. Jtesipectfullv,
Iip; Wjurlicsttr Woclcn Mills.j
Vjiril lt, Isso.
Tavel, Eastman & Howell,
PuMUber ami dcahw in
Law Books
i inic,, slnv,, Nashville, Tenn.
Circuit Court Franklin Co.
Ileurc Tliurin.-tn vs. Mclisa Thurmaii.
1'ivor.v liill.J
Upon niotiiui, nml i. iippenrinc l iie rath-(:,i-.ioil
of .ihc (lirkfrem ihc petition of the
plaiiitirT, which is pworu tn.thal the ilefrivUnl
III thif care ! a lK.u-resi.leiit uf the State of
1 Tumessee, m thi'.t the ordinary j-roror of law
cauoot be served upr.n he r.
I: in tfirn-foro iihr 1 '..'..-.S j'.ti.-! .'.n b
mi.d,: fcr hr corsr-ut.vc -wcitf. i'a tlie IlflKe
SvzrrJi. ::fT2xz pMiietJ at WiLiftr
t'-", 1 sVr 1 Kr Hiring Kul nce-ri aide nt iKftni. -lot
t j appear on or beferc tf.e foi:rrli Mor.dr.y
in July, JSc'l, Uforath-j Circuit tv.iirt nf
fVanklin count, Teno.,Rt WinchctUr, iwl
plead, unv r, dimuor r,tir wL-e t'--'J de
fense to 1 aid petition, or tb! fr-tD-! i.l ! ,3r
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Witness mv h -ivl, nf r.tllce in Winehcttir,
Ti nu., this Mnv I7lh, 1S80.
II. I. STKWAKT, Clerk.
Uy Fn.nl: LcfeU r, V. C

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