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The British census will be taken next
year. , '
The wheat crop of California amountH
to 3,000,000 acres.
The amount of leaf tobacco in stock
at Richmond, Va., is very small.
Ohio lawyers will organize a Htate
.Association at Cleveland July 8.
Lord Beacomhfild !b living with
Mr. Alfred Rothschild, in London.
From Havana we are beginning to
hear again of the killing of " insur
Missouri stands third as a corn-pro
ducing State and eighth as a producer
ef wheat.
The Cincinnati Commercial thinks
Col. Ingersoll deals in theological oleo
The Senate has passed the bill to pen
sion the surviving soldiers of the war
with Mexico.
Bradlaugh, the English M. P., looks
very much like Bob Ingersoll. Talks
like him, too.
Senator Garfield has just built a
new house at Mentor, Ohio, after plans
by Mrs. Garfield.
How we apples swim. The Cana Jinns
threaten us with war on account of the
fisheries question.
It is but just to Mr. Vennor to say
that he stands a fair show to supercede
the Signal Service.
Edibon has at length dropped out of
sight. He can afford to. His income is
over f f6,000 per year.
A Nevada paper promises to support
the party that will adopt the ten com
mandments as a platform.
No, dear, Cleopatra's needle is of no
use for practical purposes. It hasn't
got a single eye in its head.
The reports from the Indian country
regarding the official conduct of Gen.
Hatch seem to be conflicting.
The New Orleans Timet says it is
called a natural death in Georgia when
a man dies from a gunshot wound.
There have been constructed thus
far this season 1,502 miles of railroad,
against 570 for 1871) at the same date.
The English Government propose to
make another appropriation for the re
lief of the Irish people. It is certainly
The Marshfield tornado Trot. Tice
believes to have been a storm of elec
tricity, and entirely independent of
A daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Cady
Stanton is engaged to be married to
Hon. Andrew D. White, minister to
The Indians have commenced exter
minating the whites in New Mexico,
but there will be few Indians left to tell
the story.
Mr P. Ruoglks, the inventor of
presses for printing in raised letters for
the blind, died a few days since at Lis
bon, N. H..
Sixty-three thousand people are in
Russian prisons. Those who are out of
prison are beginning to regard them
selves as mighty exclusive.
" George Eliot" and her husband,
John W. Cross, are traveling in Italy
and Tyrol. They will return to England
in Angustand live at Chclses.
An interesting surveyor of the Cabul
massacre has arrived in London, namely,
Cavagnari's pup dog, which was found
by the English on entering Cabul.
Pittbburg ChrnnieU: An exchange
thinks fifty thousand dollars none too
much to give a President a year. That
depends. We have had some who were
not worth it.
Undertakers are to hold a State
Convention at Utica, N. Y., next
month, chiefly for the purpose of devis
ing ways of protecting themselves
against debtors.
Mibb Emily Faithful, editor of the
Victoria I'ret; will visit America in Oc
tober in order to deliver here her lec
tare on " Social fhams and Modern Ex
travagances." Another good man has gone wrong.
Bob Burdette, the far-famed humorist,
has deserted his Western constituency,
given up his home in Burlington, Iowa,
and strayed down to Massachusetts to
Among the pai l bills and other docu
ments received by a St. Louis man from
bis fifteen-year-old daughter, who was
way at school, was a marriage certifi
eate. This wa his first news of her
. Theh is little fe r of a famine in this
country. Oqt . along the line of the
Northern Pacific, where last year the
yield was (500,000 bushels of wheat,
the promise now is a yield of 10,000,000
A chivalrous young man in Norfolk,
Va., knocked a young girl down with a
brickbat, and broke several of her left
ribs, because she wouldn't muary him.
He was determined to get to her heart
some way.
Judge Hilton's country seat at Sar
atoga will be the finest in the land.
Over one hundred men are at work im
proving the grounds, which will be laid
out as a park to which the puhlic will
have access.
The number of red men in Florida
has been reduced to two hundred and
ninety-five, and, as they are all good
Indians, it is probable that the tribe
will soon be extinct, as good Indians
always die young.
Mr. James Parton'b " Voitaire,"
upon which he has been engaged more
or less, for twenty years, giving his whole
time to it since 1877, will be finished in
August, and may be expected from the
press about next Christmas.
The Danbury Aisiwsays: "Mr. Ven
nor is obliged to wear his double breasted
coat single breasted, and expects that he
may have to put a piece in the back.
In other words, he is assuming a cor
pulency in the abdominal regions.
Since the Czar has been stricken by
the death of the Empress he will, at
least for a short time, be more lenient
towards his subjects. The fact that the
Empress died in an uncouscious condi
tion has had a sad effect upon him.
Col. Blanton Duncan has sued the
Louisville Courier-Journal for $25,000
dumages for alleged libel in falsely inti
mating that he was a participant in and
abettor of tho riot and murder in
Louisville on tbe first Monday in August,
It is significant of depression in Eng
land that the marriage-rate was lower in
the last quarter of 1879 than in any
since the civil registration was estab
lished in 1837. The birth rate was lower
thun in 1850, and the death-rate, too,
below the average.
An item has been freely circulated
that all trade dollars dated 1880 arc
counterfeit, as the Government has not
coined any this year. An exchange
pronounces this to be an error, as the
Philadelphia Mint still continues to
coin and issue trade dollars.
Ar-kan-haw is vulgar you must
pronounce it Ar-kan-sas. The eclectic
and historical societies have had the
question of pronunciation under advise
ment, and have reported in favor of ac
centing the middle syllable. This throws
the "Ar-kan-saw Traveler" out of court.
Tt is now clearlv demonstrated that
fresh meat can be transported through
the tropics and to any distance without
iniurv or waste. This irives Austra'ia and
southern countries access to tho English
markets with beef and motion, as wen
as with the products of grain and wool.
The Philadelphia Record says the
drought has played havoc with the
wheat cron in Western Kansas. Along
the line of the Union Pacific Railroad
the destruction is so ereat that charita
ble contributions of bread and wheat
have been sent thither to prevent
starvation. It may be so, still the
starvation part must be s mething of an
Says the Memphis Avalanche: Dur
ing the epidemic ol iniv :ne
members of the State Board of Health
Irew fh a salaries with commendable
punctuality. That was all. The Na
tinnnl Hoard of Health performed the
labor, and also paid the State Board
salaries. The State Boards are, of
course, in favor of the c ntinuanoc of
this nice little arrangement, indefin
itely. A New York City paper sums up
the characteristics of Cincinnati as fol
lows: "There are three things in Cin
cinnati, pork, beer and music, and the
people make four. During tne greater
part of the revolving year the iieople
divide their attention judiciously be
tween the three objects of interest with
in their reach. They give their days to
pork and beer and their nights to pork
and music."
The bicycle fever spreads. A three-
weeks' excursion is now announced the
riders propose to " wheel it " among the
valleys in the mountainous parts of
Maine and New Hampshire, accom
panied by a cavalcade. It would be an
interesting experiment to test the re
lative speed of horses and bicycles, if a
stretch of ground level enough for the
purpose can be found in tbe rugged
region selected for the ride.
Rhode Island has the following
statute: " All marriages between white
persons and negroes shall be absolutely
null and void; and the persons joining
them in marriage shall be subject to a
penally of $200." Samuel D. Dorrell,
a full-blooded negro, was lately married
at Providence to Ellen Carrington, a
white girl. The Rev. George H. Smith,
who performed the ceremony, is to be
prosecuted, in order to test the law.
Fifteen new business houses ore under
contract in Troy, Ala.
Tub turpentine business in Taylor
County, Ga., is flourishing.
Two lndiea wore appointed postmas
ters in Virginia towns bust week.
It is an indictable crime to kill a tur
key blizzard or (virion crow in Tennessee,
Several lots of tobacco were sold re
cently in Oxford, N. C, at $1.50 per
Comtmbcs claims to be the home ol
more fine horses than any other city in
Tho Texas farmers are generally very
far behind the times in tho use of labor,
s iving machinery.
The farmers of many counties in Geor
gia have planted cotton more largely this
year than ever before.
A man on the Peninsula Railroad, in
Florida, gathered ten thousand gixid
oranges from one tree last fall.
The competition in the ice business in
Charlotte, N. C, has reduced the price
to three-quarters of a cent.
Twentv-thrrf. new post routes are es
tablished in Mississippi by an act of Con
gress approved on the 3d inst.
Gold is found in fifty-six counties in
Georgia, copper in thirteen, and silver in
three, iron in fifty-three and diamonds in
Planting flax for tho production of
linseed oil and lint is proposed to bo tried
near San Antonio, Texas, where flax
grows wild.
The Mississippi mills at Wesson have
their 400 looms running eleven orders
ahead for the full capacity of tho mills
for the noxt three months.
Noutii Carolina is taking an active
interest in fish culture. All tho leading
streams in tho State are now being
stocked with the best varieties of fish.
All the saw-mills along the South and
North Alabama Railroad are kept buy
supplying orders for lumber. Large
quantities of the lumber are, shipped to
Northern markets.
Tobacco from Western North Carolina
is scarcely ever injured by the horn
worm. This crop bus been grown there
but a few years, and the worms have not
yet learned to claim it.
Puck quotes a colored philosopher as
saying, " twenty years ago niggers was
wuf a thousand dollars a piece. Now
dey would bodoah at two dollars a dozen,
It's 'stotiishing how do race am runin'
Tub raising of Angora goats in West
ern Texas is increasing, and is alleged to
bea profitable business. It is said that
the meat is much better than mutton,
and each goat yields about two pounds
of hair annually. In tho Eastern market
it is now worth 55 cents per pound.
At Clarksvillo, Texas, a farmer named
Canterbury has been held to answer the
charge of swindling. He mado cotton
bales with one hundred pounds of cotton
and tho balance cotton seed. Tho bales
weighed so much that a cotton buyer,
suspecting foul play, bored into a bale
and struck the seed.
The Ocean Steamship Company, of
Savannah, paid 87,000 cash for a city
tract on the water front, the terms of the
sale being " that tho party purchasing
said property shall erect thereon a grain
elevator with tho capacity for at least
100,000 bushels of grain, within twelve
months from the date of said sale.
While a number of ladies were sitting
in tho piazza of a residence in Mt. Pleas
ant, S. C, a mad dog rushed into the
group and snapped several times at
them, catching the dress of one of the
ladies in its mouth. Fortunately, the
ladies were able to make their escape,
and tho dog finally butted its head
against tho building until it was iiisensi
ble. One ol the prodigies brought into no
tice by the Ex pop it ion at Nashville is a
boy only five years old who is able to read
promiscuously in books and newspapers,
never st ipping to spell a word, empha
sizes well andenunciating slowly and dis
tinctly, like a well-educated man. His
name is W. C. L. Wetmore, and his home
Wilson County.
In Edgefield County, S. C, Thomas
M. Bleose was shot and instantly killed
by Gnrduer, his son-in-law. It is reported
that bad feeling existed between the men
on account of Gardner's marriage with
Blease's daughter, and that Blease had
made charges against Gardner of a deli
cate nature, and, threatening to kill him,
had sought him for that purpose. Gard
ner lioing apprised of bis father-in-law's
intention, killed him upon meeting him.
John Btrnsidk is the most extensive
sugar-planter in Louisiana. Ho owns
and ois-rates eight plantations located in
the parishes of Ascension and St. James.
On those fine rotates, over an area in ex
cess of six square miles, the migur cane
now waves in tho breeze. The statistic,
of his last year's oticrations are as fol
lows: Acres of cane ground, 3,287;
pounds of sugar produced, 6,084,000;
barrels of molasses produced, 7, 290.
L. J. McCormick, a native of Rook
bridgo County, Va., but now a wealthy
Cliicugoan, some time ago presented the
University of Virginia with a telescope
costing $50,000, which is the largest in
the world Willinm H. Vanderbilt has
since donated $25,000 to the University
for the purpose of building an observa
tory, and the officers of the institution
are endeavoring, with good prospects il
bucccbs, to raise an additional $50,000 to
bo applied to the building.
While an old man by the namo of
Jas. A. Jones was taking care of a bull
belonging to Dr. Washburn, in Jasper
County, Mo., the animal becamo infuri
ated and charged upon him with tho
fury of a wild beast. He gored him iu
the abdomen, letting bis intestines fall
out, and ripped open his thigh almost to
the bone. After being thus mangled,
the old man bitched tho terrible brute to
his place in the barn, and then walked
to the house, but died the next day.
Probably the most beautiful woman
ever involuntarily within the walls of tho
Virginia Penitentiary is a young girl
of about twenty-two, who wns sent there
about six months ago from one of tho
southwestern counties, where she was
convicted of horse-stealing. She not
only possesses personal attractions, but
is quite intelligent, and her manners are
quite pleasing. The fair convict might
readily bo taken for a city belle, if she
had her liberty, instead of an inmate of a
cell, charged with tho nnromantie and
unwomanly crimo of horse-stealing.
The New Orleans Picayune says of
Louisiana's cotton king: Tho agricul
tural operations of Col. Edward Rich
ardson are on a scale unequalod any
where in the United States, and probably
in the whole world. Scores of vast cot
ton plantations, the management of any
one of which requires superior skill and
experience, scattered through Louisiana
and Mississippi, are successfully handled
by this able man. His landed posscsj
sions rival those of tho proudest estates
of tho English nobility both in area and
value, and many of tho German Princes
have fewer subjects than he has employes
on his pay-roll.
TnK colored societies of Richmond,
Va., united in holding a grand picnic tho
other day, resulting in tbe following con
glomeration: King Solomon Lodge,
Lone Star, Ebenezer, G. M. Council,
Ruth Degree, Friendship Helping, Hero
ines of Jericho, Loving Hons of the Vine
yard, Rising Israolites, United Sons of
Love, Infant Sons of the Cross, Inde
pendent Messiah, Reform Sons of Lib
city, Supporters of the Vineyard,
Christian Sons of Peace, Richmond Cu
detw, Young Lambs, Morning Pilgrims,
Old Sons of Zion, Radical Drug, All
Nights, Golden Harp, First Star of
Jacob, Kingdom of Wealth and Golden
Chariot, Richmond wns still in vxistance
when last beard from.
Torms of Salutation.
Of the many forms of salutation, tho
custom of shaking hands is tho most
common among civilized nations. It un
doubtedly comes from remote barbarism,
when two men meeting gave each other
their weapon hands, as a security against
treachery or sudden attack. On tho
Eurojiean continent it is usual for men
who are intimate friends to kiss one an
other, but this custom prevails only
among ladies in this country and Groat
Britain. In the greater portion of Ger
many it is an act of politenesss to kiss
the hand of a lady ; but this privilege is
allowed in Italy only to near relatives,
while in Russia it is confined to kissing
the forehead. In the East and among
tho Selavio nations the character of salu
tations is quite different. The custom of
throwing one's self upon tho ground and
kissing the feet of tiie monarch prevails
among the Persians. In China an in
ferior upon horseback meeting a superior
dismounts and waits till tho latter has
passed In Japan the inferior removes
his sandals when meeting his superior,
crosses his hands by placing his right
hand in the loft sleeve, and with a slow
rocking motion of bis body cries out,
"Augh ! Augh I" (Do not hurt mo. ) In
Siam the inferior throws himself upon
the ground before his superior, the latter
sends forward one of his slaves to see
whether the former has been eating any
thing, or carries with bim any smell nt
all offensive. If he does he is immediately
kicked out without ceremony, but if not
the attendant raises him up. In Ceylon
the inferior on meeting a superior throws
himself upon the ground, repeating the
name and dignity of the latter, which ap
pears to take little notice of the prostrate
form as he passes it. Among some tribes
of tho American Indian the custom is to
salute by robbing noses together. This
custom Is also common in tho Friendly
and Society islands, where it is returned
by each taking the hand of the other and
rubbing it upon his own nose and mouth.
The Moors of Morocco rido at full speed
toward a stranger, as if they intended to
run him down, and, on arriving near,
suddenly stop and fire a pistol over his
head. In the Pelew Islands the inhabit
ants grasp either tho hand or foot of the
one they wish to salute, and rub their
face against it. The Arabians shake
hands six or eight times, but, if persons
of distinction, they embrace and kiss
several times, also kissing their own
hand Yemen persous of rank permit
their fingers to be kissed, after a long
refusal. In Turkey it is the custom to
place the hands upon tho breast, and
bow to the person saluted. They nro
perhaps the most affectionate in Uurmah ;
fancy the following : A gentleman moots
a lady or another gentleman and applies
his mouth and nose closely to their cheek
and draws in the breath strongly, as if
smelling a delightful perfume with lxth
mouth and nose. Hence, instead of sav
ing "Give me a kiss," a Burmahan would
say, "Give me a smell." Chicago Inter
Ocean. "And -David died in a good old
egg," read a little boy to his granny the
other day from the Bible.
"Stop, stop, Johnnio; yer surely
wrang there,'' said granny. "Sjell the
word oot."
"A-ge egg," spelled the biy.
"Aye, aye, na; yer richt client h,
lohnnie, but dud, that's curioii?.
Dauvit maun hae been unco we boukit
in his auld age. Gang on wi' yer
ceadin', Johnnie."
A New Hnt and on Old Cheese.
Probably the meanest trick that was
over played on a white man was played
last week in this city, and the fact that
there is no vigilance committee hero is
the only reason tho perpetrators of tho
trick are alive. A business man li ad just
purchased a now stiff hat and he went
into a saloon with half a dozen friends to
fit tho hat on his head. . They all took
beer and passed the hat around so all
could see it. One of the meanest men
that over held a country office wont to
the bar-tender and hod a thin slice of Lim
burger cheese cut off, and when the
party were looking at the frescoed ceiling
through the beer glasses this wicked per
son slipped the cheese under the sweut
loathor of the hat, and the man put it on
and walked out The man who owned
the hat is one of your nervous people who
is always complaining of being sick and
who fools as though some dreadful dis
ease was going to take possession of him
and carry him off. He went back to his
place of business, took off his hat, and
laid it on the table and proceeded to an
swer some letters. He thought he de
tected a smell, and when his partner
asked him if he didn't feel sick he said
he believed he did. The man turned
pale and said he guessed he would go
home. He met a man on the sidewalk
who said the air was full of miasma, and
in the street car a man who sat next to
him moved away to one end of tho car,
and asked him if he bad just come from
Chicago. The man with the hat said he
had not, when tho stranger said they
wero having a great deal of Ninall-pox
there, and ho guessed ho would get out
and walk, and ho pulled the bell and
jumped off. Tho cold prespiration broke
out on the forehead of the man with tho
new hat, and he took it off to wipe his
forehead when the whole piece of cheese
seemed to roll out and breathe, and tho
man got tho full benefit of it, and ho
came near fainting away. He got home,
and his wife met him and asked him
what was tho matter. Ho said he be
lieved mortification had set in. and she
took one whiff as he took off his hat, and
said she should think it had.
" Where did you get into it? said
"Get into it?" said the man, "I have
not got into anything, but some deadly
disease bus got hold of me, and I shall
not live."
She told him if any disease thatsmelled
like that had got hold of him and wasgoing
to bo chronic, she felt as though ho would
bo a burthen to himself if he lived very
long. She got his clothes off, soaked bis
foot in mustard water, and he slept. The
man slept and dreamed that a siuall-)Mix
flag was hung in front of his house and
that he was riding iu a wagon to tho
pest house. The wife sent for a doctor,
and when the man of pills arrived she
told him all about the case. Tho doctor
picked up the patient's now hat, tried it
on and got u sniff, lie said tho list wus
picked before it was ripe. Tbe doctor
and the wife held n pout mortem exam
ination of the bat, and found a slice of
Liniburger. "Few and short wero th
prayers they said." They woke the pa
tient, and to prepare bis mind for tint
revelation that was about to bo made, tint
den-tor asked him if his worldly affairs
were in" a satisfactory condition. Hu
gasped and said they were. Tho doctor
asked him if he had made his will. He
said he had not, hut that ho wanted a
lawyer sent for at once. Tho doctor
asked him if he felt as thought he was
prepared to shuffle off. The man said he
had always tried to load a different life,
and hnd tried to bo done bv tho same as
ho would do it to himself, but bo might
have made a misdeal some way, and he
would like to have a minister sunt for tc
take an account of stock.
Then the doctor brought to tho bodsido
the hat. opened up tho sweat-leather and
showed the, dying man what it was that
smelled so, mid told him he was as well
as any man in the city. Tho patient
pinched himself to see if ho was alive and
jumped out of bed ami called for bis re
volver, and the doctor eouldn t, Keep up
with him on the way down town. The
last we saw of the odoriferous citizen ho
was trying fo bribe the bar-tender to tell
him which one of those pelicans it was
that put that slico of cheese in his hat
An Idiotic Amusement of Idleness.
There is an extraordinary form of calli
graphic mania of which the chief symp
tom is a desire to compress into the
smallest possible space the greatest num
ber of words. At the exhibition opened
at Dusseldorf a few days ago, a gentle
man showed a postal card upon which is
written by hand the wholo of tho first
throo books of the "Odyssey," while
tho remaining spneo, such as it is, is filled
with n transcript of a long debate which
recently took place in tho German Par
liament, the wholo containing 33,000
words. Feats of the same kind have
often, however, been achieved before,
and none, perhaps, is more remarkable
than that "rare piece of work brought
to pass by rotor Bales, an Englishman,
in the reigli of Elizabeth, namely, the
wholo Bible written in a volume contain
ing as many leaves as a full-sized edition,
but fitting into a walnut." Pictures, of
which all the lines and shading are mado
up of minute handwriting, are not un
common in the museums of the curious,
and in St. John's College, Oxford, is
preserved a iiortruit of Charles I., in
which the engraver's linos, as they seem
to be, are really microscopic calligraphy,
the face alonocontaiuing all the Book of
Psalms, with the Creeds and some forms
of prayer liesido. How old this species
of " curious idleness " may 1 it is bard
to say, but at any rate we know that the
ancients wore as subject to the mania as
tho moderns, for Pliny records that Cicero
possessed a Homer, tho "Iliad" only,
that shut np into a hazel nut; and other
writers of antiquity record such wonder
ful but preposterous exploits as the in
scribing with the nuked eye a hexameter
line of Greek upon the surface ol a sin
gle grain of millet.
The strict Church of England party
regard Queen Victoria as a very bad
chnrehwoman. She has built a castlo in
Scotland and occupied her Palace at
Holvrood. but the leautiful chapel there
is as roofless as on tho day she first saw
it. Again, when she first went to Bal
moral, it was noticed that she took a
great suite, including even her French
male hair-dresser, but not her domestic
A Dietetic Core for Diabetes.
All starchy food must lie wholly
avoided Oysters and clams may bo
eaten raw or cooked without flour. All
soups in which there is no flour, rice,
vormieilli, or any of the prohibited vege
tables. Fish of all kinds, and meat of
all kinds except liver. Beef and mutton
are the Iwst, but tripe, ham, tongue,
bacon and sausages, are safe for tlioso
who like them. Poultry and game of
all kinds, but no sweet jollies or sauces
with thorn. Salads, including lettuce,
cucumbers, water cresses, and cabbage.
Celery, asparagus and tomatoes are
rather to be avoided.
Potatoes, beets, carrots, turnips, pars
nips, peos, beans and rice are absolutely
prohibited, and must in no case be
Cauliflower, spinach, cabbage and
string beans are recommended. Sour
apples, cut in quarters, dipped in beaten
eggs, rolled in cooked gluten, and fried
in very hot fat, make a good substitute
for potntoes.
All kinds of tart fruits, especially
peaches and strawberries with cream, but
no sugar, may be freely eaten.
Milk in moderation, cream, butter,
buttermilk, and all kinds of fresh cheese,
especially Nouchatol, are to be eaten.
Positively no sweet cuko, no broad
from ordinary flour, and nothing thut
contains sugar or starch. The gluten
flour from which starch is wholly ex
cluded, may be purchased for twenty
five cents a pound, and from it bread,
rolls, pancakes, fritters, mushes and pud
dings (without sugar ormolasses) may bo
made and freely eaten. No pastry should
lie touched unless mado from the gluten
Nuts are allowed, and in any quantity
or shape are highly recommended.
Coffee and cocoa with cream (glycer
ine if liked, but no sugar), may bo
drank in moderation. Tea is not desir
able. No spirits or malt liquors, nor sweet
wines; all the sour wines, claret, Bur
gundy, Rhine wines, etc., may be taken,
and the claret is especially recommended
for every dinner.
Eat slowly, drink chiefly at tho close
of tho meal, and not much between
meals; take cold or tepid baths in the
morning, and exercise afterward, and
stick to tho diet tho year round.
Wo know a lady who was suffering
from diubctes, with an intolerable thirst,
night and day, that nothing would allevi
ate. She hull an interview, over a year
since, with Mr. C. C. Waito, of the
Windsor Hotel, who himself adopted
this regiment after consulting the best
physician in Europe, and she followed
his example. Her disease was at once
arrested, her thirst wholly relieved, and
she enjoys very comfortable health,
which fully pays for the self-denial at the
table. Jfeio Yurk Couricr-Jnurnal.
The Dignity of Housekeeping.
Where is thero any station higher than
tho ordering of tho house? While the
husband has to vex himself with out
ward mutters, while bo has wealth to
gather and secure, while perhaps ho
takes part in the administration of the
State, and everywhere depends on cir
cumstances; ruling nothing, I may say,
while ho conceives that bo is ruling
much; compelled to be but politic whom
ho would willingly be reasonable, to dis
semble where ho would be open, to bo
fidso whore bo would bo upright; while
thus, for the sako of an object which ho
never roaches, ho must every moment
sacrifice tho first of object, harmony
with himself a reasonable housewife is
actually governing in tho interior of her
family; has the comfort and activity of
every person in ft, to provide for, and
make possible. What is tho highest
happiness of mortals, if not to execute
what we consider right and good, to be
really masters of the moans conducive to
our aims? And where should or can our
nearest aims bo but in tho interior of our
homos? All those indispensable and
still to-be-renewed supplies, where do we
oxicct,' do we require to find them, if not
in the place whore we rise and whore wo
go to sleep, whore kietehen and cellar,
and every species of accommodation for
ourselves and ours is to be always ready?
What unvarying activity is needed to
conduct this constantly recurring scries ii
unbroken living order! How few are th
men to whom it is given to return regu
larly like a star, to command their da,
as they command their night; to font,
for themselves their household instru
ments, to sow and to reap, to gain and
to expend, and to travel around their
circle with perpetual success and peace
and love! It is when a woman has at
tained this inward mastery, that she
truly makes the husband whom she loves
a master; her attention will require all
sorts of knowledge; her activity will
turn them all to profit. Thus is slio do-
wndont upon no one; and she procures
lor husband genuine independence, that
which is interior and domestic; whatever
he possesses, he beholds secured; what
ho earns, well employed; and thus he
can direct his mind to lofty objects anil,
if fortune favors, ho may, oot iu the State
tho same character which so well be
comes his wife at home. OiirAhr't Wit
helm Miiatcr.
Investigating Earthquake.
The work of the Swiss Earthquake
Commission will be watched with u.uch
interest just now on account of the
great number of earthquakes, some very
estructive, that have disturbed differ
ent parts of the earth within the last
few months. The Commission have dis
tricted Switzerland for the purposes of
observation, and each district has a
chief observer assigned to it, whose busi
ness it is to make the inhabitants serve
as his assistants by distributing among
them a pamphlet describing the phe
nomena of earthquakes and the best
means of observing them, and blank
forms containing a series of questions,
carefully prepared and intended to form
a skeleton history of every earthquake
that is observed. Instruments for meas
uring the force, direction, duration and
so on. of all earthquake shocks, are to
be placed in the hands of skilled ob
servers at certain stations.
"Twenty years ago," nays a colored
philosopher, " niggers was wof a thou
sand dollars apiece. Now dey would be
deah at two dollars a dozen. It'
Vtonishin' how de race am runnin
down." .
The speculator may sbapo his course
by tho rise in cotton. Tho cotton will
help tho shape.
Pathick on tho zebra: "Phat kind of
a baste is that the mule wid his ribs on
tho outside of his shkin entoirly?"
Philadelphia clergymen state that
tho commandment against swearing was
gotten up before croquet was invented,
A wife should preserve tlie honor of her
husband's name, for frequently that is all
ho has ever given her worth mentioning.
There aro more watches worn in the
United States than in any other country.
Of course tho people have a better time.
" Dity stares me in the face," said the
deacon, when tho custom-house officers
caught bim smuggling a dozen pairs of
Principal, drawing out his watch to
an unpunctuul clerk: "Mr. Johnson, it
is already half-past nine." Clerk, draw
ing out his watch and looking at it:
" Agrees, precisely, sir."
A couple of soldiers of the Salvation
Army approached a Philadelphia broker
recently and asked: "How is it with
you my friend?" "I am short on Read
ing," replied the broker.
A Vermont couplo put off applying
for a divorce one term of court, so that
they could profit by their tin wedding.
And yet they toll us tho people of this
country are needlessly extravagant and
He was informed that a lady hnd
called to see him in lus absence. "A
lady," ho mused aloud, "a lady." Upon
an accurate description he. suddenly
brightened up and added, "Oh, dot vas
no lady; dot vas my vifc."
Sthakiiit whore nhr ulinyol, with Mrlile healicda,
Sad niKhed he on the noil ami aid
" Say, "( I i.ijli anil due yon an"
Slip. hud no heed, lint hid her heiid--Maud'a
lilood the mul ol meeil niiidc m:id,
NuruiiNwcr knew alie nnw htit " No."
I1WI Wlnlmnn
A 'nAiioAiN. (Scene, n country inn (
Tourist "Confound it, woman; there's
a chick iu this egg." Landlady - " Well,
sir, you are a lucky one ! In a few weeks
I could have bad half a cim.hi for Hint,
fowl, and 'era you get it for twopence.'
And still be was not satisfied.
A damsbl from over tho river was look
ing over Bomo books in a tjuincy book
store, endeavoring to maku a selection,
when the clerk asked, " How would you
like tho Autocrat of tho ihvaktast
Table?" She replied: " Oh, we've got,
two of 'cm now, one of 'em just as good
as new only been washed twice."
" Jonks propounded the following the "
other evening, after sipping of his alleged
tea; "Why is this drink liko milk?''
Of course nobody could guess, and after
ho had divulged by saying it was a lack
teal fluid, nobody dared to smile. They
knew that the landlady's eyes wero upon
A HUCCKSSioN of direful shrieks is heard
on the first floor. Fond mother " What
is the matter with Billy!" Colored ser
vant "Please, mam, ho is cryiu' about
do jowberrics." "Ho can't have any
more, lie has had four saucerfuls al
ready." "Dom is do hurry ones ho i3
whoopin' about. Ho's all swolled up."
Tub Detroit Free J'rcnn bus inter
viewed a Boston ico cart driver, who
says that ' tho size of tho lump left at
at the kitchen door depends considera
bly on the good or bad looks of the cook."
This argument ought to convince a
man's wife of tho desirability of keeping
a good-looking cook, but it won't.
A capital anecdote is told of a little
fellow, who in turning over tho leaves of
a sorap.hook came across tho well-known
picture of sonio chickens just out of tliei"
shells. My companion examined tho
picture carefully, and then with a grave,
sagacious look at me, slowly remarked,
"They came out 'cos they was afraid of
being boiled."
A ntiTDKNT lover sings:
Thetlirunh in the thic ket la Kinging,
The lark ia nliromi on the lea,
And over the nrilen gitte awiuglng
A maiden ia waiting fur me.
She will nail llll file's wrnry, I'm thinking
Though eager I am fur thelryNt;
She will wait nil the bright alar nre blinking
Alidalgh lor lh ktMeaiilimuisa'd.
For her father la watchful and wary,
A rerjr lll-teinp"reil old ehnrl,
And I'm not the aort of canary
To he kicked (or the lovool a girl.
The following from Forney's Prntjreii
is equal to anything in tho vrc.me tin la
chronirptfK of the French: "What is
happiness? " asked a man of a woman.
"To bo tho best loved of Bome one,"
sho answered promptly. "To assure it
I must add also to lovo that one best."
" Oh, I was talking of the possiblo," said
ho. The conversation closed.
Who would wish to live without flow
ers? Where would tho set fly for im
ages of beauty if they were to jx'rish?
Are they not tho emblems of loveliness
and innocence the living tyios of all
that is pleasing and graceful? We com
pare young lips to the rose, and tho
white brow of the lily; the winning evo
gathers its glow from tho violet; tho
sweet voice is like a breeze kissing its
way through flowers. Wo hung delicate
blossoms on the ringlets of tho bride,
and strew her path with fragrant ls lls as
she leaves the church. We place them
around the face of tho dead, and they
become symbols of our affections. Thov
come upon us in spring liko the recol
lection of a dream, which hovers ulxmt
us in sleep, people with shadowy Ih'iui
tiea and purple delights, fancy broidered.
Sweet flowers that bring liefore our ryes
scenes of childhood faces rcmemliorod
in youth the mossy bunk by tho way
side whore we so often sat for many
hours drinking in tho lieuuty of the
primrose with our eyes the sheltered
glen, darkly green, rilled with the yer
fume of violets, thnt, in their intense,
blue, shone like another sky spread on
the earth the laughter of merry voices,
the sweet song of the maiden, the down
cast eyes, the spreading blush, the kis
ashamed at its own sound aro all
brought back to memory by a flower.
A party of tramps broke into a euro
fectioner's residence in Dubuque, Iowa,
a few nights ago, kindled a lire in the
range, cooked what there was to eat, hud
a hearty anpper, and departed before
daybreak, without disturbing any mem-
ber of the family and - without stealing .
anything except a pair of ahoea, . , f
M . i
it u ,
!i i.
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