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Oaring on the pfinornrna
That Id anMiiK uu tlie lrM,
Many g wili an-1 wuiulrou dramt
In cucb hum mi fucu wo incut,
Evrry human II fn a rnvHtrj,
Far leyoiii II'inorlul keiij
Ev.-ry Jiuiiun life u liltlury,
Worthy of a pt'i peu.
Evry buninn II to ((lory,
Or 11 Borrow; nil its own;
Evory liumuri lifcantorv
Ouc cuu fully kuow ulune;
Emy hnmnn llfo a tanutr
That no olhcr oyo ran vluwj
Every lit. ruin. I Iff a duly
That uo other life can do.
An.l lonvrry llfohl'ii,?liifC
Am the B")i itnil the delight,
And On yi-itrtiliisr, nnd the longing
i-ur iha love, and Ur the. light.
And the lov, and the forwiJ.ii.tf.,
And t ho iuuiion, nnd (hf iiuin,
Arwl Urn nU'vi, awl llns flw.iWntf
And tliH wilful ulc'i" uuln.
And the Bomfdlilnif, oh ! my brother.
J ii your hertrl uu wo 1 1 us mi no,
That wr do not I' ll earl, oilier,
lie H dc-wju, ordlvluol
Burtort drrp, and fruarded truly,
JIM from wen, but known to (Jod.
If divlno, rcwiud'd duly,
Jiut If dcuioii, bsttstn'i rod.
talari's rod.fornTfr courijinif
Willi atl'-itund burn in,. arj
BaMiii'd rod, fr ever niylnu
Ou hla victims tod:j"r
All tliOBTrr.-t though In and pxsslont,
Jiurk'l In latch huhoin deep;
(ChaiiKiii Willi i-:i i iW-fthitf f ihlon)
know uu real, uud !L'k no ale..
Men wllh at frit nnd nif'K'vl frMura
IliliiliiK with llh-'h rm li l";
Vh Mr f'.rhntc'iijiidMl cr atun n
Kcrkl. m what ihall next betide.
Paw nloit villi lo'dci defiant,
l'i ..lid and i ul horn uh of old
Will not tend t If o 1tnn miioli:mt
To the world no jiruud und cold.
ChlMrr-n wllh f lirlr am I H riff t:cvn,
lull of Innorciiio nnd kU'h;
Tyiwi virttiu'it iimny Kniee,
Merry, hajy, bllthtj and free,
AlfO Join thi lonjf provctmlnn
l.M-r iiaHtjnji on t r i utif-ct,
Ilaiy In llio fund ivifi-slon,
Of tho love of all they liii otl
Sad of facn and c'HincloiiB-trh k',n,
N't- that youiitf mail ialtii tin ro;
All! Iiml tp.-K (unkly tlix k-ii,
All his jath Is htruwu with euro.
Many ft wrH nln nnd Borrow
Jio'lll his nili-Nlaluf nuif ;iii- drOWP,
And ho ft .'irs lest cat h Iu-jih,i i,tYf,
litlug hi rudihutJou downl
Old and young, and hoy nnd ninldon,
1'ntn III ni vrr-ciidiii fllivntii,
While (hi, mii:. (1f t.. h H laih-n,
With the hunh ii of a drcuiu,
DrcHini of rMim, Joya, und d miimi,
Thont',htM of liv', or hotMJB of fiiuioj
Anxious enr' s for ho;irili-d In'afiin-n
Mutli of rilj, or uuhu of iltuino.
ThN IIiq oft-rftf:tto,l ntory,
, Itornn ahuitf ihnrrowdi-d wny)
fiin mid nhani", un-l fiiin. m,d lory,
hidu by aid'j nurbtiw tln-lr way.
Tm a drama ntways changing;
Hut tlin woiidi-r'aiid llio wo,
E'ori llm L'ti:inll:iTi aiidft ranina
Through tiio ethi-r, nt-an o tan Xnow.
1M.k upon tho p-mnrnnm,
H tli p i-s'M nn Hit' Mront;
And In every fat a dm nut
U 'Jd und wujidrouiyou will met
Tho Cow Holslcd."
A ninn rnino to tiio ollUio with a Mnck
PV, n Blrip of court iI;ihIit ncroKH hw
tlitelc, ouu iirm in a nlinj;, unit uh Iio
loatM'tl on a crutch mid vipid thn jicr
pirntion away from iirouml a liintp on
his forehead, with a red cotton handker
chief, Iio fthked if tho editor h in. Wo
noticed that tliero wai piilo u hcidlhy
sniell of atock-.vards aliont tho 'i.nitor,
but thinking that in liia crippled condi
tion wo could iroh;ihly wliip him, if
vorno cauio to woiw, we admitted that
wo wcro in.
" Well, I want to utop my paper," Raid
lie, as Iio Hat down ou ono edn) 'f a chair,
ns though it niijjht hurt. " Hcratch my
naimi ii;'ht oil'. Yon ara respminililo for
my condition."
riiinkiui tho man miRht havo been
taking our advieo to deaf men, to always
walk on a railroad track if they could
find ono, wo wero preparing to aeratch
him oil' without any argument, bclioving
that ho was a man who knew when ho
had pnoiiBh, when ho Hpoko up bh fol
Iowa: "Tho amount of it in this. I live out
in Jcfl'otHou County, and I c.mio in ou
tho Northwestern JSoad, just to pot 10
creation. I am a farmer, and keep cows.
I recently read an ailwlo in your paper
about a dairynicn'B convention, whero
ono of tho motion over the door was,
'Treat jour cow as you would a lady,'
mid tho article- said it was contended by
our best dairymen that a cow treated in
a polite, Rciitlonianly manner, ns though
slut was a companion, would givo twice
ns much milk. Tho plan seemed feasible
Io me. I had been a hard man with
Block, and thought may bo that was ono
reason my cow always dried up when
butter was forty cents a pound. I de
cided to adopt your plan, and treat a cow
ns 1 would a lady, I had a briudlo cow
that never hud been very much mushed
on inn, nnd I decided ti oommeneo on
her, nnd thn next morniiifr after 1 read
your uoviiisii paper, I put ou my Sunday
suit, and tho w Into plug hat that I bought
tho year Greeley run lor President, ami
went to tho burn to milk. .1 noticed the
old cow seemed to be bashful, and fright
ened, but takinpr oil' my hat and bowing
poliloly.Isaid, 'liiduwc.excu'ethoHeem
nitf impropriety of the request, but will
you do wo tho favor to hoist"' At tho
same time I tapped hor pontly ou tho
flank with my plug hat, and putliiiK tho
tin pail on the tloor nndor her I sat down
on tho milking-Blool."
"Did sho hoist?" said wo, rather
unxioim to know how the ndvico had
"Did she hoist? Well, look at mo,
nnd eo if you thing sho hoisted. Say,
I tell you iu conlldeneo, and I don't
want it ropoatcd, but that cow rnised
right up and kicked mo with all fonr feet,
witched me with her tail nud hooked mo
with both horns, nil lit onoo, and when I
got np out of the bedding in tho stall,
and dug my hat out of the manger, und
tho milking stool out from under mo, and
began to maul that cow, I forgot all about
the proper treatment of horned cattle.
Why, she fairly galloped over mo, ami I
iiover want to read vour old
We tried to explain to him that tho
advice did not apply to briudlo cows at
all, but ho bobbed out, the maddest
man that ever askod a cow to hoist in di
ploinntio language. Vtrt'a Sim.
A connEHPONDENT ot tuo Yonkors
Statesman has this to toll : " My boy is
thrco years old. Tho other day I was
showing him eonio pictures, nnd iu
answor to the familiar question, ' What's
that?' I replied, ' that's a crown." He
looked up with a bright smilo aud said :
'Yes, pano, I know ; Jacks havo crowns '
I woh aghast, and thought, "Isitpossi
ble tho butler has been teaching the
child to pheoucher?' I fina'ly asked
...... uu nnUW uuoug jaCKS, JJo
Tfti(VWI,,y' P"!'"1 dol't you remember
Jack full down and broko his crown, and
Jill caino tumbling after.' "
It is said thnt Sitting Bull has beooma
thoroughbred loafer, being too lazy to
do any hard work except eating. It
brocks tho back of the noble red man to
keep him in out of the weather.
Why are Ministers Eunnyl
A man was arrested in New York for
laughing at a meeting of the " Salvation
Army," and when brought before the
judge and asked wiiy lie Jaugned he said
ut tuo close of the ocrvices a man said,
"A collection will now be taken up,
Trado dollars will bo accepted." Tho
judge, decided that tho remark was mado
to create laughter, and acquitted tho
prisoner. This incident may be food for
thought on tho part of certain m in inters
who aro in tho habit of making "cun
ning " remarks in tho pulpit. What do
they do it for? Do they want people to
laugh, or do they want them to coiiio as
near laughing as possible, and not laugh.
Every attendant ut churches can remem
ber remarks mado by ministers that wero
evidently intended to touch tho risibles.
ami yet if tho audience laughed, the
minister would bo offended. Jiecchcr
often makes remarks that cause a broad
smile all over the houso. Suppose a
hundred people iu the audience could
not stop at a suiiln, but that they should
laugh so as to shake tho roof, wouldn't
JJoechcr bo the one to blame? Wo havo
hearda Methodist ministers iu Wisconsin,
who is now President of a college, say
funnier things in tho pulpit than we ever
wrote which isn't saying much for thn
fun of his remarks and it was all we
could do to keep from (trusting into a
hiugh. If wo hud laughed as hard as wo
did next day, in conversation with tho
siiiiio minister, when ho said things not
half as funny, he would very likely havo
instructed his sexton to liro tho red
headed man out of tho church. What
diil he pay tho funny things for, in tho
solemn church? Certainly it was not to
mako his henrers cry. Wo havo heard
nn eminent preacher, formerly of this
city, say things ill tho pulpit that wero
ns full of humor nnd sarcasm as words
could be, nnd yet his faeo was os mourn
ful as tho tuiio, " Hark from tho Tombs
a Doleful Sound." Let him say tho
samo things in camp, whilo tho boys
were sittings nronml u trout dinner, and
tho woods would ring with laughter.
Now, what was ho driving at? Jid ho
want hit! bcarors to laugh, or did he
want them to sinilo and look around at
friends in other pews as much as to say,
" W II, he's a trump." There ought to
bo an understanding about this thing.
If preachers want us to laugh, when they
say a funny thing, let them say bo. Wo
do not suppose the minister who started
his prayer, "0 Lord, wo como before
then under the auspices of the ltock
County Agricultural Society," wanted
anybody to laugh, though ho might just
as well have added, "Admission twenty
live cents. Children half price." (luess
the next time wo go to church and a
minister says something funny wo will
hiugii, and get arretted. I'a-k'n Sun,
Kentucky Hoinuticc
In Ilooiie County, Kentucky, not many
miles below Cincinnati, a few years ago,
tliero lived a wealthy widower by tho
nauio of Joshua Jmnes, who, having
reached his seventieth year, concluded
to ugaiii try tho pleasures of married
life, being childless, and having sjient
forty years iu single blessedness. Ho
proponed to a iieitrhborinu' tenant's
daughter, jMiiS IWalio Stokes, a young
girl of eight'cn, but tho rustic beauty
rejected 1 1 1 in with scorn. Enraged at
the fair one's refusal of his hand and
wealth, he undertook to punish her by
wholesale defamation of character. This
attempt at revengo landed tho old lover
into Court as the defendant in a suit for
$10,0110 damages., Whilo tho case was
pending in Court, Mr. Jmnes nn t at a
public gathering Annie, tlie sister, and
n year younger than Miilie, his tirnt
choice, ami Hpoko to her of the trouble
in Court, which, he said, had all been
caused by Malie foolishly rejecting him,
and which he didn't believe that sho
(Annie) would have done. .
"No, indeed," she replied, "I
wouldn't havo treated you that way."
"All right," exclaimed tho amorous
old fellow ; "I will nuikn the same oiler
to you. (let in my bngiry mid wo will
go right oil' ami get married."
'Without a moment's hesitation tho
girl obeyed. They drove to Cincinnati,
wero married, and returned homo before
her parents knew what had happened.
Tho blunder suit of the older sister was
finally compromii-ed, but thn husband
would lot allow his wife's folks to visit
her or allow her to visit them. He kept
hiH child-wife locked u prisoner in tho
costly homo ho took her to, and spent
his days in cruelly tormenting her. Ho
would whip, starve, nnd in various wnva
inhumanly treat her. Finally, to evade
his persecutions, sho mado 'her escape
from the sccmid-story window and
sought refngo in a neighboring house
two miles iliHlant. The enraged hus
band pursued, overtook and curried her
back to his home, where, after tying her
fast nnd shooting his revolver over lier
head several times, ho mado her swear
she would never again atrempt to leave
him. This varied eruoltv continued for
nearly a year lifter the marriage, when
the brutal husband took sick with a fe
ver, and iu n few days released his wife
from her torments by dying. Left tiio
only heir to a large fortune of $''0,IHI(,
the young widow spent several months
enjoying her fr-edom, wheu sho again
married, but this time it young niau of
her own aie. unnwi.l Willinmu
though poor, gives promise of making
her a kind husband, and. with the wealtli
of tho ilrst husband and the love of the
second, tho honeymoon for tho brido is
iill.i ...:n. i f... a.. . .. ..
wiuu wuii uaiipmess. i incmnaii JKn-
q uircr.
What a Surveyor Missed.
mint mo von poinof t, x. ..,.,.,
osked tho old mauof tho surveyor, alio
.iw un eying mo jmo between two
"Find the exact lino," was the replv.
m in is llio mail Wheeled nn.l -..t it
u.i uie gaiiop, ami no was bcou no more
until tho hno had been run. Tho sur
.i ii . . --" ii
veyor nun mo urat named farmer had
just completed the work when the other
oamo up to within about ten feet of thorn
nd asked:
" Wull, have yon got through?"
"Yes, all through."
"And ia tho fence a foot on his farm?"
" No; he has two foot of yours, nnd
the fonco must bo moved so that you can
have it.
Tho man sprang upon a stump, faced
a thicket about five rods away, aud yollod
RZu "EW-fcNlHra and James and
Bamuell Tho survey is mode and wo
are all right! You in shoulder thel
Shotguns und iro linnlf (1, m i
1 " vv vtiu DUViUllll.
fh"P,to,'fn!. yu Uu tell her to
t rn back and git up squnr' dinnor for
the surveyor "-Detroit V-ree J'res,.
Statistics show that the annual con
sumption of eggs In the United States is
about 10 600,000' barrels. The poultry
o nlL0' C0Iran, i9 """todat
680,000,000 pounds, at 808,000,000, and
yet there are some who say'that
chickens don't pay them anyhow If
I.llla 1. Bn un. -
this is so. Bo,1eVnr'"rTT" ,1Il
nioneyindisnosimr of H ......
of chickens and eggs consul' i"Z
Unitod Sliitos.
A Colored Gatb
There Is a negro boy employed at
Bulir's Ilotel, Frankfort, Ky., to make
fires, block boots and render himself
generally useful. His peculiarity ia to
exploit his personal acquaintances with
peoplo. Ho is a sort vl "Oath" in
" What is your namo, boy?"
o.Tnliim " he rsnlied.
"Any km to Julius Ctosar?" (wishing
to bo facetious at his expense, and there
being a listener or two within hearing),
"Oh. no : Julius Ctosar wag my mam.
my'solcl master." (Julius is as black
as midnight in tho gasloss Valloy of
"Was, eh?"
"Yes; lived on Elkhorn, six miles
from beer. I 'member him woll. He
only died a few years ngo,"
"He died in the Capitol, I believo?''
"No, ho died hcerj.it was 'fore de
Capitol was hilt." (Julius was evidently
thinking of the Capitol Hotel).
"Did you ever see I3rtitus ?" Icon-
TiuiHintr a moment to reflect)" You
moan do nigga that was killed ut the dn
not? Yes. 1 knew him. Used to haul
down dor, nnd got run over by do cars."
" lint of Cassiuj : did you over see
(Hesitatingly) "You mean do nigger
tint wan sent up? Ya, I knew hiin.
Went to the Peii'tontiary for Btealiu' a
cent. He died dar, I thinks."
" You seem to have a largo acquaint
ance, Julius, and must know Mure An
'Uiiess 1 docs (not looking up, )nt
giving extra, enorgy to the brush), " Oiv
him bu extra shine yesterday mornin'.
Paid mo a nickel with a hole in it.
Meanest man in Frankfort."
"Did you soo Cleopatra when hero
" You mean do womnn wnt played in
de theater? Yos, indoed, bosit; sho
topped hero in (lis house. Mighty nice
A gentleman to whom I related this
confabulation with Julius told me that
the boy was bragging to him ono morn
ing about his knowledge of horses. He
asked him if ho ever saw Alexander's
ISucophnlua. "Over in Woodford?" be
answered; ' yes, indeed. I broke him
when a colt. I Was the first boy that
ever straddled him." Vinv.inimti Com
mercial. He Couldn't Relieve It.
" Whero am I?" osked Henry Slater,
as ho balanced before the desk and
looked around him.
"You aro in court for being drunk,"
replied His Honor.
"Well, did I ever I Is this a court?"
"Audi was drunk?"
"You wero,"
" Great lands ! but the ideal When
did I got drunk?"
"Lost night,"
"Is it )obsiblel What did I gel
drunk on ?"
" llecr, I think, by your looks."
" Lands nlivo I And what did I do ? "
"You lay down on the iddowulk."
"Do tell I It doesn't seem possible I
Am I in Detroit ? "
"You nro."
" Greatsnakes 1 Well, who'd a thought
it I Then this is a court? "
" SakeB to gracious I but I can hardly
believo it 1 Why, I nevor got drunk in
my life before, aud this is tho fi.st time
I was ever a prisoner I Will you fins
mo?" '
" Yes, five dollars."
" Horn spooiiB nnd saltpeter I Well,
if this won't be news to tho old woman I
Here's your money, Judgo, and if you
would let mo sit down here n spell to iiud
out who I am, and whero I am, I'd be
powerfully ohleegod. Well, did I ever 1
Tho old woman won't believo it, and tho
lyr, will think I've turned out a crank.
Drunk wrested fined $." Laud und
oceans 1 but what on airth has Kot
Canada's Only Hope.
Say. the Canada Firt: "Commcr
end union with tho United States would
givo Canada a mnrkot of C2,000,0U0 peo
ple right alongside of her borders, with
out any custom-house or other restric
tion to prevent tho freest commercial in
tercourse. Practically, for all business
purposes, we would be ono grand peoplo,
extending our operations from Mexico to
tho North Polo without nny tranship
ment of cars. Property in Canada would
immediately increase 100 per cont Our
cities and townB would bo dotted with
manufactories to keen nt homo tho
illation now seeking employment across
tho lines. Our farmers would recoivofor
meir produco the duty now paid at the
ironuers on every tnisliel of gram nnd
head of cnttlo exported to tho United
States, and which amounts to million nf
dollars. Politically, wo would remain as
wo are, with our local and federal gov-
ornmenis. livery business man under
nuuiiia mni commercial union means
prosponty to our peoplo."
A fair Avernire.
The Oil City Derrick hns heard so
many stories about narrow esoapes,
thrilling iucidonts and strange coiuci
dences duriug the Into war, thnt it begins
to think the whole number of truthfnl
anecdotes of this kind must bo pretty
..1... v.muau u, wouiii certainly seem
as though they hnd all boon told, and
wiuii aro now neing related nro for now
paper purposes; but wo don't know.
1 horo wero a good mnnv instance in f l,
Into war whero somebody enmo very near
having a unrrow escapo, but niisReil, and
ho is now fertilizing Southern soil. There
were aiso lots ol what would .havo been
Btrango oomoidonooH, but thoy did not
quite make tho carom; and there were
thrilling incidents that nobody knows
anything about, for suflleiont rea
sons. No; we guess it is hardly time yet
w duiji rciauug new anecdotes of the
late war. Those thnt are now being ro
tated may bo lmld faeo,! fnl,,;. .!.,
and we presumo many of them are; bu
n.ny wiU nerve io supply tlie place of in
.uu,n m, uucurreii oi which no one
was left to toll the tale, and upon the
nuum mum wui DO B I HIT aVCmgO.
Men TIpcrs.
A Snnta Po naner tolls a tu
rooaus Holmes" novel of "Elsie Von
ner." It snys thnt thoro is residout at
Guadalajara an individual having a scaly
green skin, exactly like a viper's, which
ho sheds every year. It comes off in a
rnnglo Piece. Ho has no hair on his
heiuL His Bister, who diod a short timo
ago, had similar peculiarities. Toward
tho closo of her hfo this viperous skin
encroached on her eyes, so that she
could only seo through a unrrow apor
turo. Tho sumo fnto ovorhangs her
brother. These unhappy poopie are
'V" I" "vil'or men and women."
o Piionomoiia Is attributed, to the
TlZr" J?. w.oom
mon in Cuba) eaten an excess of viper'i
ile&h to cure a disease of the blood.
Itnssla as a Military Power.
Railroads lead from subject but hostile
Poland to Moscow and St. Petersburg.
These cities, therefore, are not moro in
accessible than several other European
capitals. Moreover, the Crimean war
proved that Russia can bo exhausted and
dofented on her frontier.
Tho Hussion Oovcrnment is based on
force. The theory is simple; but it
renders a large standing army essentiul.
Without this coorcive element the gov
ernment could not exist a day. Where
tho consent of the governed is regarded
as something wholly irrelevant, a power
ful substitute is required. Under such,
conditions sn empire that includes a
seventh part of the habitable globe, peo
pled by nearly 90,000,000 of inhabitants,
of many different races, speaking many
languages, can only bo Biiccesfully pa
troled by an immense military forco. As
this patrol must bo kept up in time of
war oven moro rigorously than in time of
peaco, it is always difficult for tho gov
ernment to bring a large foroe into the
Held without weakening, to a dangerous
extent, the foundations upon which the
empire rests.
Iu 1812 Napoleon invaded Russia with
a forco of 4.r)0,000 men ; but the aggre
gate of tho Russian strength was some
what less than 2U0.000. Tho govern
ment coped with tho difficulties of the
situation with unaccustomed enorgy in
tiio into war with Turkey. The avowed
intention was to mako tho contest short,
sharp anil decisive. In November, 187G,
tho Kusiaan army on tho Danube was
composed of 18(J,U00 men. Another
army of 00,000 mon murched against
Knrs, in Asiatio Turkey. In the follow
ing April tho principal army had been
swi lied in numbers to 210,000 men, iu
eluding 40,000 Sorvian and Boumauinn
auxiliaries, and 6,000 of tho Bulgarian
militiii. Tho army hi Asia had also been
increased to 7'J,00(). Honowed and con
tinual efforts were mado to augment the
number of tho troops; but the greatest
number brought into tho field at any onp
u mo was in Mi, including ootu armns
of attack, .ith 73,411 men scattered
idong tho shores of the Black Sen,
This seems to be rather an impotent
result when we consider that in Febru
ary, 1871, Prussia, with so much smaller
population, invaded Franco with a force
1.350.000 men.
Surroundings of the Great
Zola is one of the most industrious of
men. Uo rises early every duy, and
works steadily from 8 o'clock until 1,
and iu the evening again resumes his
writing. He is a foe of the noisy life of
tlie world, and spouus the greater part
of his time iu his country sent at Medan,
whero ho lives for nine mouths of tho
year a remarkable trait for one whose
writings aro so identified with tho evory-
day life of Paris. And it is just as re-
, , . ii f . v
markable that this apostle of realism
should livo among tho most idyllic sur
roundings, iu l'uria as well as in tho
country. His Toris dwelling is lux
uriously furnished. There are fine old
rugs and tapestries. In tho midst of his
chamber stands a bed in tho stylo of
Henry II., and the light streams through
old stained-glass windows upon a thou
sand fantastic objects standing in every
available, placo. Antique things aro
seen on all sides ; nncieut embroideries,
coiitury-old-idtnr cnrviugB, and tho like.
In bis house at Medan, it is still moro
strange looking. Ilia residence consists
of a square tower, with a microscoyiio
cottage at Inched. There is no park, no
tree, no alleo ; only a little front yard,
hardly more than a vegetable garden,
with a simple fence separating it from
tho railroad line. But iu the author's
sanctum tho splendor is so much the
greater. Zola works in the midst of a
great and lofty hall, which is lighted by
a largo atelier wiudow reaching to tho
ground on ono side. This imrueuso room
ia filled with curtains, rugs, draperies,
and furniture of all ages, aud all coun
tries, mcdirovnl weapons, cither genuine
or counterfeit, Japanese furniture, aud
beautiful things of the eighteenth cen
tury. Tho stove is of truly monumental
design and size, and an entire oak could
bo burned in it in one day. Tho ceiling
is gilt, nnd brio-a-brao is scattered
around ou all sides. Zola has no passion
for making regular collections ; ho buys
as ho pleases, just as tho chanco or his
fancy may dictate. lie follows tho mood
of his eye, and purchases an objoct for
sonio quality of form or color which
chances to plenso him, without heeding
tho real worth or origin of the thing.
Jloiton Herald.
Tun evaporating process so extensive
ly employed in tho drying of apples ai:d
peaches has been npplied also to codfish,
which can be reduced to n fine dry meal.
one pound of which is equal to teu
pounds of fresh cod iu nutritive proper
ties, A JiiiIjioV i:xiflini.
Judge J. T. Dossier, of St. Tammany
parish, Ln., and of the Stato Legislature,
thus expressed his opinion to ono of onr
representatives : "I havo found, St. Ja
cobs Oil to bo very efficacious in sprains
and bruises. Iu my opinion tliero is no
oil or liniment equal to it." New Or
team (La.) Times-Democrat.
Bmaas hired a livelv horse in inrn a
little exerciso. Ho cot moro exereisA
tno Bldo of tho road to rest himself, a '
kind friend nsked him : "What did you '
como down so quick for ?" " What did
I como down so quick for? Did you seo
anything in tho nit- for mo to hold on
to t no said, grimly.
This result of mv use of St .Tnnnlm
Oil for rheumatism is : I hnvo been
recommending it ever since, says the
Mayor of Chicago, Hun. Carter II. Ear
rison, in tho Chicago Timet.
Os n cliff near Rincon point, in Ven
tura county, Oil., tho rocks are so hot
as to bo unhearablo to tho naked hand.
Sulphur fumos aro nlso noticeablo in
that locality, and from all indications a
llorco liro is raging below tho surface.
A Honuitim nin
Of health ia to he found in Dr. It. V. Tlerce'i
"favorite Prescription." to the morir nf which
as a remedy for female wo&kuosi aud kiudred
affections thousands testify.
Taa horsoshoe doesn't . lirinr nn,i
luck when the horse applies it.
"Enloy Ton I.lf"
Is good philosophy, but to do to you must have
health. If bilious aud constipated, or blood it
out of order, uho Dr. Pioroe's " Pleasant Pur
gntivo 1 ollots," which aro mild, yot cortain in
their operation. Of all druggists.
An old man repents of thatwhioh a
young man boasta.
Ir yoc experienca ha(rtn,t n
,i,.,i ; .icjuoni ueanaoue
or duuinoss, you are "biliouB," and nothing
will arouse your liver to action and strXc5
Medical pisoovery."' ly druggisti.
4 Caufounu woman koDt a seoret
twonty years, but she had a strontr con-
JoiWebsteb sighed heavily. "What's
de matter, Jim?" asked Uncle Mose, in
a sympathizing tone. "I has mode up
my mind to quit the ohicken business,
l's tired being arrested, and hiring law
yers and habin' folks ask, Whnr's my
chickens ?' I am gwine intor a bizness
whar I'll be respected, and whor de po
lioe won't neber Lodder me no moan."
" What business am dat, Jim ?" " Gam
Dralli HUtanced.
Alkxandbia, Va., Aug. 4, 1881.
IT. II. Warneb & Co.! Bin I abould'have
been In my grave to-day had it not been for your
Bafo Kidney and Liver Cure. Mas. Uuroess.
A okntleman who, in a pnblio meet
ing, was telling that he was 81 years old
and had not been an abstainer from
liquors, was interrupted by tho remark,
" You would have been 100 by this timo
if you had I"
From Mississippi.
Corinth. Miss., April 2, 1877.
Capt. W. P. Ellis, Builey Springs, Ala.
Dear Sir It gives me pleasure to
state tho result of the use of Bailey
waters in my case. I had for several
years been the victim of Chronic Di
nrrlifl'ft. The exhausting discharges,
und absence of assimilation of food, with
painful ulceration of the" bowels, had
reduced mo!from vigorous health to
nn almost hopeless condition. My phy
sician advised a trial of the celebrated
Bailey waters. In a few days after my
arrival the functions of tho liver nnd
Kidneys were favorably affected, my
digestion became comfortable, the ir
ritable condition of my bowels rapidly
disappeared, and a comfortable state of
haalth soon estahlised. This occured
two years ago, and I have ever since en
joyed good health. I attribute my re
covery entirely to the medical virtuef,
of Bailey Springs, Very Respectfully,1
If you grant a favor, do it without
, whining, or do not grant it all.
Oo Thirty TrlaL
TU Voltalo Belt Co., Marshall, Mich., will
end tmir Electro-Voltno Bella aud other
Klevtric Aepliencei on trial for thirty days to
any iieriun afllicted with Nurvom Debility,
Lout Vitality, and kindred troublea, guarantee
ing complete rtitoratiou of vi-or and manhood.
AdiiruHB aa abova without delay.
P. S. No ritk U iueurrcd, as thirty days'
trial ii allowed.
At a game of football in England five
players had to bo carried off the grounds
lor medical treatment. A mulo con kin I
havo done better.
ih.H nnd women thnt punnio sedentary occu,
patiuim need to take Kidney-Wort.
Miis. Julia Waud Hown learned
Greek after she was CO jears eld,
Tiiiwb weakneuBcs so common to onr bent
finale population can he speedily cured by
J i.ydia K. 1'iukliam's Vegetable Compound.
Tun cost of education in Now York
city for a year is 83,500,000; cost of
crime, $5,000,000.
i'o dyspepsia, liiuigoRtlcn, drpresaion of
Uinta and general dobilitv, iu their varion
fornu j alto aa a preventative aRniiait fovi r am
aijue anil other intermittent fevers, the " Ferro
Plioiipliorated Elixir of Caliaaya," made by
vimeii, im,uru a uo., new lorK, ana sold by
all DruL'gihtK, ia the beat tonic : ami for natinnla
recovering from fever or other aiukucss, it ha
uu visual.
4'nttin ti or the llladdrr.
Minting, smarting, Irritation of tho bladder
p'isii.;i uiriciiargfH, .to., cured by Buclmpaiba.
K'l ut ihii'.-KiKtH. Prepaid by express, $1.23,
G for 5. L. 3. Wells, Jersey City, N. J.
vessel over
Hie water.
Those who
h n v c. the
cure, nam-
H e m e u I
nml work
iiiK ol o
jm-lit dwell
almost upon
the wnler.
As a cltiss,
t Ii c y arc
quiet, (Oljcr,
men, bill
their lile ol
ftvtfu1ln 1,
be elements Is iroiIitHvn nf much rhcuiKiitiMit
uinoiiK Ihem, Mini thev culler iimsidemlily fiom
pains, tlie lenilt or cold, bruiMS, sprains, ,e.
M. . I ac, ins on. Is , fuvoilte K inedv will) these
men, because nf the splendid service it renders
IIiimii. Capmhi Sclimiih, of Tnmpkhisville,
Mnteu Mnml, N. Y niys Unit he lies been u
great siill. rer from rheumatism fur mnnv veurs
He hail severe rheumatic pnlns In nearly every
lMirlioa ol his body, an, I sullcrcil so that lit time's
lie would be entirely umihle to itllend to active
inisliicM. He said : I urn (pille well now. how -;ver.
niel. H.s you see, I am able In work without
any trouble. I iitiriluitc mv recovery enlirelv to
St. Jacobs Oil, fur I felt lietler s soon ns I (em
lueiiccil to use Unit remedy j and w henever 1 feel
ii ijiiijiu' ui;e riieumatlsiii eoniiiiif on, I rub the
", ',' ' Kot my family to use it whenever
! l""5I .I",."I.1" v1'1'"-' ,,r "iii.i it low done wood
in even ease when i uv imvn tri,,,i n i ,.,,
wy that Ut. Jacobs On. is n mlghtv (rood rhcu
hmlic remedy, ami I don't Intend tob'ewithout It."
I his experience Is such ns has been enjoyed not
only hy yncht'incn ami others, who follow tho
water, hut by people in every walk of lile and
variety ol purs; it the whole world over.
Among the medicinal meant of arre.tlng dlteuet, n
letter'e Stomach Bltlert etanda pre-emluaut. It checlti
the further progress of all dlt,ordtrs ef the ttomach, lives
end bowelt, revives the vllajelsraloa, prevents and reme
dies chilli sod fever, Increases tha setlvlty of the kidneys,
counteracta a tendency to rheumatlam, aud Is a genuius
itay and solace to aged. Infirm and nervous pat sous.
For sale by all Druggists and Dealers
MOORE'S business
Atlanta, Oa. Ono of llio herx nr. ctlril
scliuuls lit thn cuuntry. Circulars niuilod jiif'
J. V Pty no"00'"1'
fy2wjL S?1 '""Miswell
jS?f''jpfe!' IIKH'cldlll'.IS
FSV'iM ynchiing.
Wl ""' "wner
vftWVWi of the j ui lit
f- A i wl10
P-T' (Wiliem tlie
Sv- I chief eom-
r V J l '"rli ns 1,0
I sails his
S I rriin liirlhe
nfr I exi'ili'iiunt
4ft I W hen in!
i. 4 hi
II mku almoit taponlble thu any mt can doubt lb)
ifflcaoy ol
after reading the evidence we puhllsl
In this paper. Tho peoplo who glTe
these certificates are well and fa
vorably known In tho communities
In which the; reside, and many
of them have kindly offered
to answor any communica
tion from those who are
similarly afllicted.
for other Certificates of Cures send
for Dr. Schenck's Book on Consump
tion, Livor Complaint and Dyspepsia.
It gives a full description of these
diseases in their various forms, also,
valuable information in regard to the
diet and clothing of the sick; how and
when exerciso should be taken, &C.
This book is the result of many years
of experience in the treatment of Lung
Diseases, an.i should be read, not only
by tho afflicted, but by those who, from
hereditary taint or other cause, sup
ooso ihomseves liable to any affection
of the throat or lungs.
Post Paid, to all Applicants.
Address Dr. J. If. M'lIRtfl'K A MX, Cor.
Arch and Mlxlh Nu., riillnilclpliin, Fn.
Oo ami ie tlit pteplo it ho writ tin following lttUri,
If possible :
From Mrs. J. T. Wellington, of Cant,
britlgcuort, Mass.
Di. J. n. ScniicK, riilltilelphta, r.
Ier Sir : Or.r twentT-lbro yenri o I iu attacked
with a hacking cough, which continued for about Hurt
months, when I wu auddeiily taken wiih a icrcra hem
orrhage. A Her this I gradually lost itrenglh.aiid Snail
got ao low a. to bo eoiidui'd to my bod. Kroin the flr.U
employed what we conildvrod the boil phjr.lclanl 0
Donton, but all to no purpo.e ; their medicines give me
but little relief, and I fell, aa did all mj frlendi, that I
had but a abort time to lire. Iu fact, Die laat doctor 1
had told my slater that I could live but a few weeka.
Wliile in Una apparently hopuleaa condition 1 woa viailed
by an uncle from California, who Htronly advised me tc
lake your remedie. earing that he hud been cured ot
Conautnution by lliein. My hilNband, who had noconfl
e"ence In patent medicinea, woa Tery much oppoaed to in;
taking tUetn, but I coucludud that aa my dcior cnuld di
nothing for me, I could not do butter thau give them i
At thla time your father woa making profeaaional vlalti
to Boston, and although I waa ao weak that I had to be
lifted into a carriage, I went to see him , Be gare bul
little encouragement, aaylng that I, like many olbera,
onty came to aee bim after being girenupbyall olbei
phjaicinna. He piomiscd lo do what he could for me,
however, and 1 immediately began taking the Mall
druko Pills, NeuHceil Tuuln and I'liliuuale
Nyrup oa he directed. After u.Ing them for three wecki
I began to improve, and, continuing their uae fori
month., I got well enough to make a Tltlt to my fricndi
Io Philadelphia. I waa ao ltw that It toos a loux time ta
entirely recoter, but I was permanently cured, for I
hare had eiccllent hcallh for the liut twenty ycara, wilb
llio exception of a alight wealiuoMOf tho lung), wblct
com pels me to be caieful not to lake cold.
Soon after my recovery, happening to meet the laal
phy.lcian I employed before using your medicines, h
woa much aurpnaeil Io aee me alive, but ..lid lliat lis
could truly any that I woa not the only one he knew wht
had been greatly nenelHti il by the u.e of your medicines.
1 feel Unit I cannot cptak two highly of your remedies,
believing, aa I do, that they saved my life. 1 have, bmici
my recovery , recommended (hem to a groat many peo
ple, and they nave almost invariably cured them, Hit
only exception being those who wero beyond the powei
of all medicine. I always keep your remediea In tht
house, and uow ennaider Ihem the best of sll luedlclnei
tor the dlaoaaea you recommend them for,
Youra respectfully,
II Tremont Street, Cambrulgeport, Mais.
From E. Jiarmanflln, Jr,, Esq., ol
noonsocket, If. I.
Di. Scnsics A 80s, Phllad.lnhla.
Hear Sire : I hare been cured of what I believe to havt
been Liver Complaint In ita worst form, which befoiel
got relief, affected my lungs qulto seriously. I had used
ine meaiciuea prescribed Iv a physician of thla nlaoe foi
a 'oug time without benetll before I bejnn to tako join
remeJiei. I ursl hearj 0, them by rour adicrtkicmeiii in
ineiulnol of thla place, uud cnucl uding Io uae them. I
pu.cja.ed a bottle sf l'uluuuie By, up aud Seaweed
Tonic They gave mo great relief, ami by the time I had
rued them up I fell almost well. So I stopped uslr.g
Ihem for tome time, but I soon found that tho disease
was not broken up. I then got more medicine and con
tinued using It until I was well.
My symptoms wore continuous cough, night twos'..
raising of matter streaked with blood, soreness In my
lungs and at the pit of my ttomach, which was alao very
much swollen at times, I waa so weak that I could not
go up stairs without he Ip, and waa confined to the house
for many weeka, I was very much reduced in flesh, nl
bid no appetite, and nothing I ate aoomrd to diiiest.
ciuce my recovery I have recomoieudcd rour medicine!
w a great many, among others, a lady who hod what
everyone supposed to be Conanmpllon of the lunge lor
four yeart. Hhe has entirely recovered by tlx uae el
them, and it now a strong heallhy woman. I can also
relertoolhoraln this place who have been greatly bon-
"J "iir uae. lourt trulv.
Woostocrtir, It. I., June 1st, 1881.
InO. Ilnlha.nl.,,... .1 .
fvi.,i;Wi;Kii-H.,i ai I O .Inmneh. na,,.. n. ,
"j,w.ejareao mini and agiooable la
Ihelracllon that a person suncring with a nick headache,
-v. ..u,.torpain in lllobowo a. s .nn,.,l,lv ,.n... a
-. uisiresstng symptoms. They set directly on
the liver, the organ which, when In a healthy condition,
Dtirlflllsj I Its. l.lrwwi tV. Si.- !... . . ' '
" P",e preparation of that great and well.
nnirn ramaii r i l ... .
Ihathaa dismal n,.H,.., '""'j Tvum
UIIUItlinKB Or Fi-VlnnTittlll. . i-
... . ' , "'"uury, aawcil m mririy
n. " . ' ,M ,u Pwiw orerery Intelligent
TVfsf. .fl-ihai L'.. -t It- - .. .
nat, say.: "I,, ronatlpsllon U sctj upon the bowelt
- ami jr. til Liift UflllsifTSi nr U-In. -.t ..
V ,? m 10 uwiment costiveneaa. In
Chronic Liver Complaint ther, I. not l ,, , th",
whole range of medicine, belnn vaatl. mo,. .,.e..i
SIT,'" TT' "ousl"8'"'l' health, action,
, ... American 1'iapeilsatory, page 720.)
i when
o- . xcuunat n aauiuty, 1.
emnmt lonm auould U used lo
' oonncctlou with
sr. printed oa the wrappers of .wry package.
a week
free. Ad,
l"ii BE,,?Wi"i?;,nlM
Oitr filuitrated IJrMof the Jnm
inclticlinir tlie Death and liurlal of Jti
ith 70 UluntrHtlonikand iscomi
1. i eii.utrirea to bVV Viuivn
.nr.fi ittTimtiieln
M'calsoi lustr.ite tile Icillin,
Jesse lames after death,
18, the tiouv
ocliildfou born in outldwrv.tlic Honk
wife, his
who mntlr t!ie, apttire.etc.ilboa fijll.n.n
eiiiruvlng of Cov. 'Crittenden. AIII.MS
nantl.tl. Cirnilara free. Uutlits40i1s.
Tltis i i Hie only true history. Iluwsre nf
sin.iller editlnn-.. lr Klrtanl llle.lrstMl
Vnliinie r SIM. Iw. ...........
Sfilf .'.V.'MV ."( ''' "nd CbeatHwt.
. iuu.nnii,iD nu.nawcji 4tli St., (.iiKiniiatl, 0
ON TMtia ' -
Steam Engine and Saw Mi
Bxhlblied at Atlanta ln 1681.
Manufacturers of Stoam Enginos, Boll.-.
Baw Mills, Hung Edgers, Lath ilnchinti ffi
and Spoke Machinery, fchiil'ting, Hansen' Pni
leys, Couplings, Hearing, tlriatanil Flour Mill
Kend fur Hpeclal Circular orour o, 1 risuffi
Ban Jllll, nldch w sell for
Special attention given to Plantation Ha.
chinory. AUuttrateU Circulars frno.
John it Hater Bis., Clnclnnollo,
Lake hntaoqum Karatozai,
Thousand Islands, White Mountains,
For Ouldft Booki, Rtti, He, ni1rM D. EDWAltM
Qfn'l Houthfru Ayt-ni, las W. Koiinh M.t rincinuui.O,
Wtmr fortuiif an
umde tn m (Int. ht.
tlful book. IM til-
mlunlHl lllusliai."iii luHflcicripluiiu oiotufa
mid htiw nmiify in uiB'.fv lhr ly ior nif-n,ut
frt? Io ttll ymir mthtcnur iu nt.:KLT
iiit'I llircf-tnoiitli mibtcrilHTi to lA1l,T
ra-rtt of f't. Lt.uii. Putiln'sM at lit.Ab.
TIIsLaV, euy of AX'Hbitaitit himi only iiirr itm
ol-!. tivtii .' for Weekly 1 fftr or lmly a in"., nir.f
i Jr or retflxlerffl li Ur, .ml lift fitctlit U atriful hook.
lone wirliilhinubicri ll(Hi AddrcimCCDAVU,
ri H'ITIIK', ItftKB-".! .IOfsVIUe
Ennurs tiraltli
jfrtod dlgfution, rcittorliy
the bowi'ln. A rKKi'intn noon f o iirLi';Tr rr.Ukiu,
ontlitnif nml Itrnciic tin tirrvouwHTnttin, ait -jivir.4 vicot
F'T I'-AinphlMi wllr-in I', n. IUn fM, N. Y. i itr.
;by thousands aud tens of tlionsnnda n!lovor5
ma country xa to tr.9 CUifl
ovur duuvcid for all
I1V.1I Don a lama biclc or'd.sorderoa trrlao Indl
Jtti'jaio uiat you aro o victim p tilsc lo &o
iciiuiy acuon 1
y Watt orx-cpydcpcelta. and duU drG.; in Z pind
uU coodily yii ld to iu eumtivo power. ;
jnoonunonco or rnonuon or urine, brloU
Pn,.n..M. Pu.ll IIHh tni.kfi ItHV tile
Blixnl, aud will completely ehango the blond In the
SDtlre evstem In three months. Any person whs
will take one pill eai n night frcni 1 to 11 weeka mav at
reAiorea to eouna uraiin. 11 eucu s uhuk vo
Bold evervwliore or ..ut by mall for 8 letter stamps,
CO.. BestsB, ilsaase
furniei'ty Jlnnciir, itle.
I'nilTM "XtonTT. firf. MiaTtNia,
I l,U I It U,.lii..tS,4BlsbIl..t, atUft
,.l r.j.il'vi.i. will, f.r aj c.nu. -i .r.. h.,;,.t,
t...r(,n,ul hKkrfbr.HB. . CultKaiT fict
II KKnf j.ur fudir buil.vl or lf, Uh .vat. Iw..! r-; y;! ,,
.,. I ,l.f. .( nM'u t.4 .1st. of mm.-.. rje!i ,lo. tt JjixW
,..llf pt.i;tl.i f,flfT t.K.m.l u .11 not I-'..J. V. .,.(
aJtks iW. L. SlUllktS, l''ilM,l't l'l..n.b.B. Us... ,1,
W A TPlVTa -Arent.teaell ll,ennlv.
V y JL I J I Iherir.ed niellire ef lile l.'rtro
field rismll.T pil,;i)i, under tne ditc-t! r, i,f s'.rt. '
3siftld. plhinple. f.rt 1., ACfi.'e llmt worn. Ksrli,t
rmttv elven. ,1 II. Ilninir.l's amis. Arl I'sS
llsheit, Still .1 VIM Hia,lituy, New V-.lk.
i,-i,:h i'i i he woriil: i s:iii,i.ir n ea
luy Hrou.on. llelntlf. MlrS
lii'S Ilil'lMiVKil URI'lltK SAW KILLs.
i . With litllverl Log H
S Mend fur fi llemi. IhHib'r Kc. ?1
3a H.ed. . 1
,1o4 !, L 15 j . i's
AH IsllBliltri slclilB Miriffini fllifl 1 l.a.n.ial. l.i.sf
tritvfciim. in tin ciiiiy, oaj- ilia mo-i or I lit? HTit uui
i I't.w.lfn i.il.l hertt art wonhlew trm-h. Ho-r
that Shriltf.'(i Comliiion 1'oMtia art nhxttltiti-ly i in
) l:i.ii)"i,..y Ttilnablt. Nfittnng on tnrtb will tiiHka
Itfus !mt hk Hlit?iuUn'n Condlllou Powrffr. I on
tf t.i.-.iifii to out lint of food. Pold prerTwhpia, Of
t lv until for M IHter turnip r A. JdilKoX A id-
Utxttoti, Mima., fonnnrly llanor, 11
Da, K. C. Wsar'a N.sv. .n n.... T. ........ .
at.ecillo frir Ilyaterls, Iiiazlueaa, Convulslona, AVrvoae
lure (Ud Aee, caused l,y over-eaertlou, which lead. It
ninerv, decay and death. One bin will cure recenleawl.
h.:,nli !ia coiilalua one month's treatment. One dullsr a
. , j , 'ci,itiun, 1,0
.AB. nt a(H.... m 1. b
receipt of ,rice. Wegu iranleo ali bnies to cure any
owe. Wiih each order received by ua for alx bevel, ao
column ed wiln llvu li.d u. u,n '
i oraia boiea for five do lars: mi .. m.n nr.,,i nn
chaser our written guarantee lo return tha mnnev If Hit
hy ti. 4. I.ITII1V. linrlcsiou, St. V. Order, by
mail promptly attended io. '
eiltment due. nnt iT..ni a.... .
"TiJ A Ws. 112 1 day at home easily made, ,
till j,Hii,t free. Ad'ltasa Taos & Co., Aus'lstl,
Beautifully Illustrated, sad aoalalning all the
of I.ndlre' stiid S'hllilren's Coatnnira anal
I leaks, I Ino Jluslln Sllld I'amhrhi I inter"
WCOI. Liters, Uiovea. Il ,.lerv. Klllia. rl.
""'ma Uoutfa, Vmvm SJurUtlua lias
The acknaw)ai1ttrf 11., i. A. th. ...... is. 1.4. ..
" kno" weu and how te'ttreea well csa
atTord 10 be without It.
. .pruig number will es ready about Hnrth II.
virhi tute to send Bn.t.l ,a,r,.,a rll ns
town, ooui.iv and otaie.iwbea a sample copy will St '
lut lo you free of charge.
H. C. F. KOCH & SON.
lis A. and loa, 104 A 100 West U -
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