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No. 2 Lcnvos
No, 4 " .
No. 0 " .
Xo. 1 Leaves..
'.. " ..
No. S " -
.. 3.45 p.m.
.. H.Uu.ni.
..11.57 u.m
.. 4.20 a. ui
7.30 i.m
Note. Nim. J, 2, 3 mid 4 nm daily.
0 and u uo mil run unuuvx.
L. V. PARK, Agent.
oT G. E. Banks, Decliurd, Tenri., is
authorized to reeeivo p.ud receipt for
mibseriiitions or advertisements lor the
Home Journal.
Good plasterers' lutlis for sale by G
G. Phillip.
Hon. Richard Warner announces for
re-election to Congress.
A largo number of people from abroad
r.re uttciiuing our examinations.
Hon. Jno. It. Beasley avoided taking
any part in the County Convention, last
Mrs. Emma I$rnzeltou'n Ice-Cream
Parlor is open daily from 12 in. to 10
p. m.
Died June 5th, 1882, at the real
dome of Jns. II. Davis, neartjwn, Mrs.
Jlelliu MeMurray, aged about 70 years.
For waut of space a number of com
munications arc crowded out this week.
Those that do not become statu will ap
pear in our next.
Among the large number of visitors
in tottu this week, t.icre is no one we
were, gladder to meet than Dr. E. C.
Maiks, of Tracy City.
Our clever friendf Mr. Jas L. Scott.
of Nashville, after speudiuga few days
in our town, left, last Monday, on a
commercial tour through 1 exits, Kansas
and Colorado.
President Terrill, of the Winchester
Normal, will deliver an address at the
closing exercises of Prof. Charlie Estill's
school at Lynchburg, Moore county, on
the Kith in.it.
The ladies of the M. E. Church will
give ah Ice-Crcam Festival at the Court
house next Friday night, the proceeds to
he applied to improving the church
building. We bespeak for them a lib
eral patronage.
Monday inaugurated examination
exercises at the Winchester Normal and
Mary .Sharp College. A pressure of
work in our cilice and the demand upon
our time elsewhere render it impossible
for us to say more this week than to
promise a notice next week of thorn.
Master Eddie A. Taylor has respond
ed to our call tor noii-eorn. lie unu
Master Charlie Fmbrey are both bright,
industrious little boys, and raise plenty
of pop-corn every year. May they live
to see the day when they can look upon
their own broad fields of bin corn.
It is useless for us to say that all who
fail to go to tho Winchester Normal
next Friday night will miss a rare treat.
Prof. Willoiighhy Peade never fails to
interest an audience. We could listen
to his readings with pica-sure every clay
for a fortnight, and then sigh to hear
liiin again.
If we should receive any more poetry
so-called as "Timou" sends for pul
licatiou in the Home Journal, we will
pve to adopt tho plan of Dr. White, of
liio Lebanon Herald, and chargo teu
cuts a hue for its publication, V crily,
o have read much of suchpoctry would
mvo made the illustrious native of Atti-
a greater misauthrope thau he was.
We were pleased to meet, the other
Pay, Dr. J. 13. D avis, who has lately,
connection with Dr. Bogle, purchased
LiongliniilJer null property on 1M k
ivcr. fcew machinery, of the latest
nd most approved pattern, is beincr lul
led to the mill, which will make it one
the best in tho county. Dr. Davis is
pleasant gentleman, 'nud wo extend
mm nnd Ins partner a hearty wcl-
f"nc and wish them success.
BLACK-DRAUGHT " makes chjlls and
ver ini.ussihle.
fct J. M. Hiitchins' or O. G. Phillips'.
On the train to Nashville, the other
we heard several old farmers ex-
ess surprise nt the Bplcndid wheat
ops along the road. They said they
vcr saw better lookinor wheat, csncc-
"y as we passed through Bedford
uutv. lhc tall, heavy-headed stalks
tved beneath tho breeze like the wa
rs of the ocean. The sight made our
ni t happy, because it betokened bread
f millions.
Quito a fall in the price of flour is
wlicatcd upon the flattering prospect
very large whc.'.t crop. And we
pect that some who have been holdinc
Mr com back, nnd nomp. who hnvn
I'lght nnd hoarded it, for higher prices
ill come out behind. We expect that
ni has reached its zenith this vear.
its will do for stock now until corn
Pines iu.
Hie beautiful and accomplished Miss
;attie Dunlnp, the daughter of ex
j'mptroller General Dunlnp of Nash
i'k will give nn eutertainmcnt at the
'"Chester Normal to-uigbt, consisting
select dramatic recitals. Miss Mat
! has selected the stnre for a nrofession
I'l fnp.nl. rmiHirlpralila fimn in Npiv
Ms under the instruction of an able
A -1 . ....
msunsruisnei teacher, feho is a
Jtllral actress, nnd in Nashville. Pubis.
I fV.I I . .... . '.
. vomniDia auu Mnrtrecsboro she was
ceted with applause by press aud pub'
; u sincerely nope, tnereiore, mat
uravo young girl will receive a
We'co"e from the generous people
ill bo CeutS.
No more pop corn wanted.
W. J. Slatter.
jjOF CARDUl" for Ladies only.
Kl J- JUltitchios or G.O. Phillips.
Early Peaches.
Moro than one week since our kiud
friends and neighbors Dr. and Mrs.
Sue A. Uaird sent us a few peaches.
They were ripe, perfectly sound, and
very delicious. They were of their
" choice Ainsden" variety, and vc must
give in our belief that no fruit-growers
in our section have had earlier ripe
peaches this seuson Dr. Paird makes a
specialty of choice fruits, and his suc
cess is evidence of what can be accom
plished in this county in tho way of
fruit culture. It ought to be made a
source of largo revenue to tho county.
. There was considerable excitement
and much talk last Thursday morning
when it became geucrally known that
there was a genuine case of small-pox
within tho corporate limits of Winches
ter. Tho unfortunate victim was a ue
gro named George Handlev. He came
only a few days before from Nashville,
and of course was visited by other ne
groes before the diagnosis of his disease
hurt been pronounced by ourphysiciaus
We mention this fact in order to put
persons upon their iruard. Our ener
getic Town Marshal and corporate au
thorities had considerable difficulty in
finding some one who would undertake
to move the sick iiclto to some place of
seclusion. Finally be was curried about
2J miles from town to a sort of shed
near tho mouth of Hoiling Fork, where
he is intended bv bis wife and a man
named .Sanders the latter havinc lmil
the disease, and being employed by the
county us uurse.
Coffee Pots.
With so many improved coffee pots
before the public just now, it would np
pear an easy matter to have good coffee.
And we suppose most coflic-drinkersare
like ourself they love clear, strong cof
fee, and care nothing for weak, druggy
slop. Mr. ham. Stewart, of our coun
ty, is agent for "Robinson's Precious
Coflee Pot," and it is claimed that it is
the "only one in the world in w hich you
can boil and retain every particle of
aroma, ami tor tins reason it will make
stronger coffee with two-thirds the (juau-
uty generally used ny any other process.
and retain all the flavor." There is a
little cup on the top of the pot in which
you pour cold water, forming a water-
joint Ihis prevents the aroma from
escaping. e have one ol these pots in
use, and can testify to its value. It cer
tainly is a precious coffee pot.
of Hartford ;
of Hartford;
of Knoxvillc, Teim.
Three better Fire Insurance Companies
cannot be found.
Represented bv
Policies is
wed nt once on all ordinary
For Congress.
We nre authorized to announce A. L. Lan-
di,Kr., of Bedford county, ns u candidate for
Congress from-this (Ihe 5th) Congrcwsional
District, composed of the counties of Cannon,
Coffee, Franklin, Lincoln, Moure, Marshall,
Hedford nnd Kutherford. Flection, Tuesdav,
Nov. 7tli.
We arc authorized to announce lion, ltich-
nrd Warner as a candidate for re-election to
Gmgresa from this, the 5th, Congressional
Strange, but True.
We have a County Court, composed
of clever men, whose duty it is to look
after the interests of the county. We
have a Board of Mayor aud Aldermen
clever men whose duty it is to look
after the welfare of the town. We have
a number of church buildings in which
various denominations worship, and
where appeals are made for money to
send missionaries to Cliiuu and other
far-off lands in order to convert heathens.
We have men and women who would
give half they possess, if not all, rather
than have the small-pox themselves cr
have it in their families. But there is
not a pest-housc in the county no
place to take a case of small-pox to in
order to prevent the spread of the loath
some contagion. Two or three hundred
dollars would amply pay for tho build
ing of a pest-house with two or three
rooms. The expenditure of this trifling
sum for such a need would uot only be
an evidence of charity and genuine,
practical religion, but might save us, as
r !... eft.. .! .i. ...,... ;., i,-
a Community, Iiuy nines me sum .u win
way of trade, character of our town and
countv for health, &e. Must we wait
to be scared into the building of a pest
house ? Will not some one bring the
matter before our County Court, Mayor
and Aldermen, nnd our citizens general
ly? Even if there should never occur
a necessity for using the house, the cost
would be so small that it could not be
seriously felt, even if times were forty
times harder than they nro. it is unru
..... .. T..I t
ly excusable iu this enlightened, chris-
.-. i
tiau age, to ihkc nuiuun Livings out iu
tho woods to die, as you would a sick
brute. We ought to have at least two
nest-houses one for negroes and the
other for whites. We hope the colored
peoplo would do something toward build
ing the first.
A D38S Strawberry.
Our friend, W. A. Larkin, of Hunt's
Station, wants to know if any one can
beat him in the strawberry line. He
says :
" To-dav. June 1st, we pulled a straw
berry which measured, longitudinally,
three and three-fourths inches, nnd, lat-
itudiunlly, four inches If any one is
diRnoRpd to disnute this, we can produce
five witnesses three men and two In
dies. One of these witnesses did the
nieasnrinir. iu the presence of the other
Franklin County Democracy.
Large Convention
And Considerable Interest
After Some Sparring all Ends
Dr. Lewis Melcalle, chairman of the
Lov-Thx Democracy, mlled the Con
vention to older. Col. Ilaydeil Maixh
vas elected permanent tliainnun and
Win. J. Sliitter secretary.
A committee, consisting of U. It
Moore, J. J, Atiernathv, Jas. K. Shook
I'. It Curtis, llonrv Weaver, L Met
calfe and H'oi. J. Sla'tcr, nns appoint
ed on resolutions. Alter a lenutliv
ah-ience two reports wi re siiiiiniitcd.
Over these consideralde discussion cn-
sui'U unci soma personal allusions m-
dulgcd, but nil euiled well. In lieu of
'he uinjoi itv nnd minority reports on
resolutions the action of the Hamilton
county Democracy was a loptcU by n
majority of the people present, to n it :
" Whereas, the so called settlement
of the Stale ilt-U ill CO 3. 4, 5 aud G bv
the recent act of the Legislature was
clearly intended by its originators to
being discord and division In the Dcin
oci'itlic party and not lo ndjiiHl the in
debtedness of lhc Slate, an I U in direct
conflict with the sentiiiu-uis oT a l-iii-
majority ol our pie, and was passed
by a legislature a por.iou of which hud
forfeited ihe conlldeiice of the people
by their conduct iu the odious ICO-!)
bill, as shown by their own intcstiga.
lions; and,
Whereas, the unity and perpetuation
of our parly with the principles on
which it is hiimlc.l is of superior im
portance to any local question and can
only be attained and promoted by lno
uiouv in our tanks; theivlore,
Kesolved, that we lavoriiii early re
peal of the 00 (S Republican fraud, and
mi! in favor of a settlement of e
Slate debt on such terms as our party
iu convention tutiy ngiee upon nud
adopt as a compromise basis on which
we can stand.
Resolved, that the delegates appoint
ed by this convention to lliciiUili uf
June GulH-rna'.oiiul Convention, are
hereby iimtriiclcd to vote and act iu
eoiiionnity 'villi the foregoing resolu
tions." Itesolved that Hon. A. S Murks is
our first choice for Governor of Ten
nessee. DKECOATKS.
1st District G K Bunks, W W Mar
tin. T I) Gregory, L Metcalfe, C ipt A
C l'lnmlco nnd P It Curtis.
'2.1 J P Viddinton, G W Abbott.
31 A U David, Toui J Williams.
4th Dr.) M Anderson, W A Larkin.
5,h Tom Poster, Jr., Capi. J II
Gih Buck Oicgorv, Prank Rtnlloid.
7ih Win Byroin, Kuwc Sutton.
8:h Ben Knight, Richard Powell.
!llh Bud Long. .1 T Finney.
10ih-Dr 11 P Williams. .1 W Panic.
1 llh Nathan S'look, J K Nkidmorp.
12ih Jno V Anderson, Win Prince
Pith J II West, li West.
14th C J Taylor, J A Silvertooth.
loth Joe Graham, Henry Bevil.
Kith Luin Crabliee, L 1) Parson.
17,1, J H Oliver, K W .Muse.
18ih W M Harbin, It M DuBose.
Resolved, Thai the Chairman and
Secretary bo added to the list of dele
gales, nnd that tliese proceedings lie
published in the Home Journal.
(Jen. Cordon telegraphed to Presi
dent Terrill, last Monday, that he
would not be here next Thursday. An
address suitable to the occasion will be
lelivered by some one probably one of
our citizens.
"WINE OF CARDUI" four times day
Di ikeit a hippy hoiiHuliohl.
At J. M. Hiitchins' or (i.(. Phillip-'.
Advertising will pay the smallest
things prove the assertion. We wanted
some pop-corn, no tried at a dozen
confectioneries nud other places in Nash
ville to buy some und could not get any.
One firm on Broad street said that
there was scarcely any raised last year.
c came home nnd put a lew lines in
the Journal, and within four days from
the issue of tho paper seven
persons said they could supply us. And
we boiiLdit all we wanted from a nice
little boy in the country, whose father is
an old subscriber to the Journal.
Graham Bro.'s plasterers' laths for
sale by 0. O. Phillips.
teaT Any one wanting a splendid
Amcricnu Sewing Machine, or A No. 1
Farm Fanning Mill for cleaning wheat,
oats, barley and coru, should apply to
Wm. J. Slatter.
It is just us necessary when you in
sure your property to bo certain you se
lect a good company, ns it is to be cer
tain you do uot take counterfeit ns good
money. Win. J. Slatter represents the
companies you should insure iu.
Mr. E. Hill, whoso advertisement
appears in our paper, is iu town, and
any one wautiug a fine piauo or organ
would do well to call on him.
Willoughby Reade
Friday Night, Juno 9, 1882,
Two hours hearty laughter and rare
enjoyment tor old and youug.
hi.e at ;ko. i.
frwupanar AdTsrtl.lns Rur.au (10 HrnoCH
nn.KTf, WHKKB All
uuir Liu uuulu fur it iu
-l 'i ji .
JL. Society Goods and Trimmings.
jry CHAS. W. MANNING CO., 108 Elm.
Mrs. N. E. Days & Sister,
-I.. .. Am.,.; :.f ....
At their residence, havp
a stock of MILLINERY
(JOOD.S that cannot fail
to please the most fast id
ions, and nt prices that
defy competition.
i.auicH iiuih anil Jimim-tp
late.-t Htyle.
lli-anliliil Triiiiininu's Ln-
.rVMllllll J-IUWI-rH.
Elegant Hosiery and Kid (Jl-ives
All the latest und limit desirable arti
cles iu the Millinery line. They res-
IX'CUU V lllVlle 1 i nit,. nil, ,n ,,f il, I.,
. - - - - ""'IU" nil. UK-
dies of incliesfer and vicinity to their
lock and ju ices.
Winchester, Tenn.,
Medicines and' Chemicals,
Sjumij,, lliiiflun, I'ufvmcnj, ilv,
I'rcfieriptiiinii carefully
aeeuraev anil iliximteh bi
l'iillllliunileil with
nt all liiium nf the day and niu'
i-iuiiiietenl pernm,
leiiM-p;. iy
Winchester, Tennessee,
Dealer in nnd Manufacturer of
The Queen.
I have lhc
h.ctureaialsale.forthccounliis,,, IW.I,.
Lincoln, Moore, Uedloid and ColV. e.of the !
lies I t olUe I'ot in existence.
Trv one.
Ha now on hand a lare assortment of
which he proposes to sell
Cheap, exclusively for CASH,
Has also a full ass.irlmunt of Japanned and
I'rcssoil Ware on hand, besides.
Pumps and Pump-TubiDg.
SMfiTKoohUK and intt. i in;; done to order,
in the most approved stvlc.
Jan. 11, IH7!Mf
County Court Sales
For A uno 12, 1882.
Delilah Ilrooksetal.s vs Nancy Vauglmn
et als.
I.v virtue of m 1tm. ,.f il.n t f....
of franklin county. Tenn., prononoi ed nt its
.nay icriii, inn, in uu- above cn , I
will, n Clerk and SpeciolConiniissionpr, on
Monday, June 12th, 1882,
at the Courthouse door in Winchester, sell to
the highest bidder, on a credit of six, twelve
and eighteen nioiilh, except the sum of leu
per cent, ill cash on (lav of sale. thefollowiiiL'
described house and lot silnated in the town
of Winchester, Tenn., nnd hounded as follow:
Im the north by street between it and Solomon
Coover's lot, east by Solomon Solomon Coo-
vers lot, west by the Met utoheon lot, and
ninth by the railroad, and cimlaiuinu acres,
more or less, liiddini! to commence at SiOn.
Two or more good and sutlicient securities
Will he required of purchaser, nnd n hen re
tained until the purchase money i paid.
Sale within lawful hours.
This Ma v 15th, 1882.
nnd Special Commissioner,
liy M.V. l orlies, I). V.
inavl'-til.H !)A
II. II. Jorilan,
Faris ct als.
wife ct ubj vs. Tliomiui
liy virtue nf n decree of the County Court
of l-'ranklin county, Tenn., rendered in I ne
nhovc eniiHe, at its May Term, 1882, I will,
a Clerk nnd Special Commissioner, on
Monday, June 12th, 1882,
oiler for sale nt the Courthouse door iu Win
chester, Tenn., on a credit of one nml two
yenrs, except tin- sum of ten per cent, in cash
on dny of wile, the following described tract
of land, situated in civil district No. 11 of
Franklin county, Tenn., nnd bounded n fol
lows: On the north by the land of W. 15.
W'atterson nnd John Weaver, cast by the
lands of It. li, Cow.m, south by tho lands of
Isaac Huddleston and Isaac Young, and west
bv the land of Mary Shook containing
about 220 ucres. A plat of said bind, giving
exact number of acres, will be exhibited on
dny of snlc. Biddings to commence al 12.-"i()
per acre.
Two or more good and sullieicnt securities
will lie n'uired of the imrchiiHer, and a lien
retained until the purchase money is naid.
Sale within lawful hours.
This May loth, 1882.
nnd Special Commissioner.
Ilv .M. U. l orliOH, uu.
ina)17-tdn 9J
Fayetteville, Tenn.
Smith American instrument! a epociulty.
Orders solicited, and will be promptly attend
ed to. J'ricci! in jderato. . niayg-Mt
xehiHivi- rii'ht for the mar
vvciiiiir KimiMHIVIiil WWW V yi
The - fmkk km
For Both Sexe.s.
and model in educational work. Other
school follow, the .Normal lead; others
copy, the Normal originates. Manv feiituref
can be found in the chimin anil coIIcki
iirnunii us oorrowcu irom the orinal. The
hoimteil pni(rcsH of lliese m-IiooIh i Miinply
iniinage anil teach very miieli like llie
Xorinal." Kvi-n some old 'colli l-c. nlmw
pride heritofore bus been their pristine, their
ill?.-, their horn or experienced teachurH, their
i-onrxv 01 i.aun nun wrecK, chow recently
(?reat anxiety to he thought "up with the
tune, to he thought in tavor of a more
practical education." What hu.i eiuixt d
tliiKiial nwaki-mnif? hemctli U new lif..
enerj.'y and work ' I-t the truth he Kpoken
the JiwiiialhuH ntwiuitutfil it. We are k'-hI to
note the advance made bv our M-ln.oU, but is
it not the 'lieeier t folly" for thini, while, fob
lowini.' Ihe Normal " afar otr."toelainiciual-
...:.l. i i .. . . i.
ui niuiiieri ji h ooin wie and sate to
palroiiizc the institution that ha wroiitht in
our iiinUt the chaiie-i of the pn.-t few vein-,
and which umirantcc uteadv pruKie in the
ycar.sio come. .Mic.'i i flu 0 tneV-rtcr Xornwl.
nre ynuiu.', earnest nud progrcMhivv men and
Women, ulin muke (melting n priifi-mm. Ah n
rule college proleorare not eho n for their
ahilitv to teach. Many worthless teachers,
with Iduk titles and loud diploma, find ciikv
neat and Keeuru hiding-place iu llie old rol-li-t-'e.
Such seldom reform -their habit
prevent pro're. Trmhtit u.tnl Uulr, a
well a horn ; need to he specialist not onlv
in what they teach, hut oyxn'.i.Vw in the art nf
teartim. In the Nornial, loo, i the frihue
andvie;or iniparted to the work by I hp Mu-dent-teachi
i. 'J'hc fact that iiiivluih ol inav
he called on to drill a iletaeh'menl from ii
cla, or coniluel lhc recitation, or even lake
fol a limited time nela,i;ivc an inspiration
in study and briny to tin- work a clf-pro.
pellini; enthusiasm unknown lo llie old
schools. 1 ne sluih lit thus I hi -lllllf- f-ll.U'lt.-.
erswiih the teachers, nud mutual helper of
one another in their iuvcstiijalion. Tlms
teacher whose conception of the work i lo
keep order, assign lesson, and hear recita
tions in lhc old way, cannot undirsland this,
l he cm! ol all leachiiiK I to enenUraL'c and
siimiilatc tosell-aclivity. "All true educa
tion is self education." ' The old schools can
not use their students a assistants, becnusc
their teacher lack skill and their work vital
ity, lliiin-ilriim leachers and uiitiiiiatul
methods, whitewash them as von m.-iv. nro on.
eiiual to ihis work. 'J'hcv c'anuol i-ooy this
leature ol (ocsehools : hence dcei-v it I., ih. ir
The teachers in the Normal nos iodivi.l-
ualitv do their Work in their own whv.
Methods constantly cliamre. Thehasiil nriii.
iple of education and teachiii,'ari! axioinal-
ic ami eternal, lint uood teacher use d ll'. r.
cut methods. The same teacher has a variety
of methods. The teacher in the Normal nr.-
no ui.iv imituton hut discoverers, oriuinator
inasiers, instead ol servile copyists, of meth
od. While teachers here an- tree u to tin-
methods they use, yet onejhin is rctjtiircil of
them all ((.; muni umiv. Ni-iiher diplomas
that evidence gentility and w-holarsliip, nor
nonoraoie aim liiKlily-lauilcil Alinn Maters
that throw over them a protclinj;iC,'iV, ran
herenecurc to teacher position nnd charac
ter. Itm lun ill the Xiii iikiI HINt iwWili-i- mnlti.
Teacher iibi' bom. hill success i r,.n..l,i
7 he Surmnl meant hir Inu-her In be lueermful hn
j mi mug jf
I is exlcn-ive, II, xililc and practical. .Students
can pursue what they need, hut must do
thoroughly what lin y attempt. .Schools
.i -. J
Senior, with live or six studies for slow and
slioillil III tor Usefulness forcili.in-liiii. Tli,
oiiiek in tile same tunc dm not meet the
demand of the limes. Those schools that ad
here to (hi plan cannot live. Thev mav
boa-it their hundred.-, of stiulmts ami jrraJ
uiites, but these in the business of life have
learned thai their Alma Mater lacks nioif. rn
ideas and does Uot Inccl modern lucissiliis.
Hence these representative fail lo send back
patronage, though the institution he Ivkk'uik
pitcously for existence. Such are living wit
ness's that the higher cdiicalion of the old
college is wholly disconnected from lhc work
of life, nnd that the edileati iceived in
them is n total failure. 'I'hey now see that
the "higher education" without the fnunila
tjoiiswell laid is indeed a "castle in the air."
They have learned in the "dear school of ex
peri, nee" that to jjivo one-hall or ihr.e
lonrlhs of one's school life lo Latin an-l Greek
is n crcat educational wiHr and mislake;
they have learned thai dead 1 :nt;t -m arc no
longer the I'oiindati if Iciirninjr; tiny have
learned Iu v.ihu n-o;j tin- strong ain'l noble
livinj; lanyuaps, so rich and so full of the
truth of science, business. L'oveinmeiil mul
rcliKion, and rt'Kret are constantly heard
trom their Im Ihat thev silent s. ii-lmf lit.-
in the dead past lo the neglect of the living
knowledge of the present. Manv sensible
men evendoiiht the practicability of sending
nwny to college, so many and so fatal have
k-eil lhc mistakes of these school. Often do
we hear it said, "The college ruin more than
nicy iu lor bnsines lite" With Uu- o Id
HCheniC Of study, t leo .1 tcni li.-r i.n.l Li- M,.lf.
conceit, the old class-room methods nnd their
iriiiiiming proi-scs, the reull.s cannot be
commensurate with the wanis ., m.r n,r..
cannot he atifaelorv.
1 he Course of Htudv in the Normal is im.,1.
em, hut complete null thorough.
ha been sternly nud healthy. The followim?
I'xhihit will show this :
The attendance for lh"-'V9.. 'I'l'l
" " " 1H7)-'K0
" 1SI)-'H1 os:i
' 1SS1-S'2 ; it ia
will begin Tl'KSDAY, Al GL'ST 2il, 1SH2.
All student who th nk of entering then should
send for catalogue to get terms, A;e.
.James V. Tehkill,
Non-Resident Notice.
V. J 4. Jones,
Dnrwiu vs.
adm'r, &c, nml J.
J. M Brattou ct. al.
It appearing to llie satisfaction of the Clerk
and .Master, from the ulhduvit nnd allega
tion in complainantH bsll in above oausc
that the defendant", Thomas Darwin. Bui In
llarwin, Knstcr Dulley and Amanda Dallcy,
(formerly Darwins) iuid Payton, Martha,
I'lisser and Sulliu Darwin (children of John
Darwin, dee'd), und William, Mury June,
Thomas, Robert, Kennerly, i:ii.abeth, Nancy
ami 1'arclla Darwiu (ebildri'il of Powell Dar
win, dee'd), nnd Ueorge Hockersiuilh und wife
Klizabelh Hockersinilb, and T. J. Darwin, are
non-resideutsof the State of Tennessee, so that
the ordinary process of law cannot be served
upon them.
It in therefore ordered that publication lie
ninde for four successive weeks in the Home
Journal, published in Wincliester, Tenn., re
quiring said non-rcsideiil defendant to appear
and make defense to said bill, on or before the
fourth Monday of June next, before the
Chancery Court at Winchester, Franklin
county, Tenn., or the same will be taken for
confessed and .t for bearing ex -parte u to
Witness my band, at rifl'.cc in 'Winchester,
Franklin county, Turn., this April tl, 1882.
Urnnnnn, Hunt A Thompwn and Simmons
& Curtis, Solicitors forconipiwnants.
Attorneys afc Law,
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in the Courts ol Franklin nnd
and adjoiQingcountic. Lnln.v-J
u Til
. ay mt ol11''" ! nice Htock of Staple nnd Fnncv Dry O
While Good aud Tri inj; new Hlvkn in Neckwear, lluiiierv,
and nearly everythine in the Notion Line.
J he only place in WincheHer to ret KKKP'S Shirts, Collars, Cud. Tien and Unihri'lln.
J he only place in Winchester to Ret II. DAKMNtillA I S A- CO.'S Warrantid .Shoe and
.Slipper. New slock just oK iieil. tiood l.'k of other nnikm of Slim' nnd Huskin.
llat from a Stetson or line Manilla down. Hal in l-'ur, Wool nud Straw all nge.
liood stock of 1 ranks', Valises, (Juci-nswnri! and (iroccricn.
Heavy Hardware and Iron, Shelf Hard
ware and Cutlery, Avery and Chilled l'liw
and Points, llenuine mid Imitation ltrown
IV-nhlc Shovel nnd Iilndc, Averv' Iiull-
tonciic Stock, Kccd Cutler, Coru SI.ellcrs,
Harrow, Mitchell Wagons, Tennessee Wk-
ons, lluli. Spokes. 1-elloes. Unns. Saddles.
Ilridles, Harness, and White SewiiiL' Ma
chine. Ainti forThrcslieis and other Ma-
April 5th, 1082.
V. r
2 F
n -,
p Hi
6 ca
l 1
rt CO
i o
o o
o o
o o
o o
o o
(Sueecssor to Atkeison & Wray,)
ll7i(ii'iit (Oiif irhnV tletilei' in nml Mnnuwliii er nj
Boots, Shoes and Gaiters,
No. 2'J North Cherry Street, ( lietween Church
and I moo Streets,)
dcc2i Nashville, Tenn.
At the hoiie lately occupied by Fanning &
Son, riihlicSiiuare,
I'roposcs to furnish, cheap for cash, nnd of
tho best brands s.-ul rj ti n 1 1 ty ,
Cigars, Tobaccos and Snuff.
Hi liar will be superintended by Mr.
Tom. Arleilge, and he guarantee that tltc
Is-sl nf Imiiio uufu will be sold, Hot drinks
lor W inter, and cool onea lor Mimnier. love
him a triul.
Min Tax Notice !
JULY, 1882,
At the Courthouse door in Winchester,
Tenn., I will oiler, nt public sale, the real es
tntc belonging to the delinquent In.x-paycrs of
t rnnklin county, Tenn., n dcucription or wincn
renl estate enn be seen upon my books in my
otlice. Taxes for 1881.
This May 31t, 1882.
It. 0. SMITH, Trustee.
The insolvency of the estate of Iwis
Anderson, dee'd, having been suggested, all
parties indebted to said estate must muke im
mediate payment: and nil claims against the
I estate must be presented, tlulv authenticated
to the Countv Court Clerk of Franklin county,
Tenn., nt meliester, witlnn the tune pres
cribed by law, or they will be forever barred.
Mnv 24th, 1882. . lm
Attorneys at Law,
Winchester. Tenn.
Will practice in the Courts of Frnuklin and
adjoining counties, and in the United St ft tea
l-ourls unu feupruum Courts at Nashville
Tennesju'e. . .-' ; ,
100 oonls o( 4-foot wood at tha Woolen
Mills. Will P.yensh for Uins.
Sept. oth, 1880
(ihoiI. Dress (ioods. Lawns,
(Imjiorti'd and Jomi"tic,J
New Champion Harvester and Cord Hinder
(ties how or hard knot), and ninny improve--incuts
in simplicity and durability.
Also, the latest Improved Champion Reap
ers and Mowers.
Cove us your orders early, nn as to hp sure
to get one. C.ial.V Lock Ia-vit Hay and
Grain Hake.
J.-s. Thv. L. Manhutt. Mr. Iluijh W. Fritull.
10 North Summer Street.
Nashville, : Tennessee.
This Hotel linn recently been entirely re
furnished, und i now renifv to entertain tran
sient a well ns lH-rmnncnt hoarders. Tran
sient, $1. lit) per day. mny4-tt
Blacksmithing and Repairing
In the shoo tornicrlv nccutiied by A. Fhph-
uacht, on High st., Winchester, Tenn., is pre
pared to do all manner nf lilacksmithing und
repairing of machinery, l'lows made or
pointed, and horse shod promptly, nnd per
fect yitisfnetinn guaranteed. Eighteen years'
cxH-ricncc in the largest cities in the "old
country." fdi-c7-lv
Winchester, Tenn.
New ami elegant Top nnd No-Top lluggieK,
und lirst-i-lass Harness nnd Saddle Horse.
Horses boarded by the year, month or dnv,
very low, und well attended to bv faithful
Hack run night nnd day from W lnclicster
to Dccherd. l'aseUL'ers called for in nnv i-.nrt
of town, und baggage checked.
nprl-tl ELLIS PAYS.
Brannan ,Hunt& Thompson,
Attorneys at Law,
Winchester, Tenn.
Practice in the Courts of Frunklin anil nd-
joing counties, and in the Supreme Court nt
Nashville. 1'ronipt attention given to nil
liusinessentristed to them. mny20, 80.
Sheriff's Sale
For June 12, 1882.
Joseph Lenehan, cnnidian, l'c, v?.
Kobert. luissell, Jultn Is. JIareli and
James Warner.
liy virtue of uu execution Ju my hands, is
sued Irom the I Ii a iicery unii't of lrauklia
county, Tenn., in above coic, 1 will, on
Monday, June 12, 1882,
it the Courthouse door in Winchester, Ti-nn..
otic for sule to the highest bidder, for cush.
the remainiier interest in tlic liopie
stcad of defendant, Janies Wagner, being tho
the following described tract of land lying in
civil district No. 1 of Frunklincounty, Tenn.,
nml liounneu n follows: liegiumng at a ntake
nt the corner of the field in front of Wagner's
residence, nt the side of the rond, nnd runs
south 80 west 72 to center of the llockervillc
read, in nil 101-3 poles to a stake in James
Walker's line: thence south 8 poles to n Muke
a comer of James Walker; thence west
with the rond 12-3 poles to a stuk: thence
south with a cross fence 71 pole to n sink
hole, a corner also of James Wnlker; thenco
north 8(ijcnst 17J poles to a stake nt the edge
of the Hockcrvillo roai ; thenco south IS
poles to a stake nt the edge of mid Hocker -villu
road, with black oak pointers; thercs .
south f)7 cast 102 poles to a black oak ;
thence south 72 east 44 poles to n stake nt
corner nf field; thence north 85)" east 32)
poles to a stake; thence north 84" cast 32 j
poles to n stake ; Ihenee north 13wctVl-4
I pole lo n stuke ut a cross Knee ; tncuev south
8:iiwest 40-8 noli- to a stake nt a nte;
mi-nee nortn u wi-hi wun h croiw iene o'i-t
poles to the beginning containing, by sur
vey, 117 acres, 1 rood nud I poles.
lA-vicd upon and will be sold ns theprojier
ty of J nines Wagner, to satisfy thin execution, '
nmounting to $3,953.74, (less a credit of JI,
3'5.ir) nudinten'st nnd costs.
This Mnv Uth, 1882.
J. J. TURNER, Sheriff.
mnyl7-tils 12J
Custom-made uiothing House
J. W. Llndsey & Co.,
72 Church St., Berry Block, Nahville, Tenn.
Mnkoa speeinltvof Men's, Youths', Boy'
nnd Children' FINEST CLOTH INU.
Our prices nre mnrked in plain figures on
the goods.
The cilixpiin of Wincliester nnd vicinity arc.
invited to call und inspect prices.
J. Y. LiliSDSfcY & VA).
Carpets, Oil Cloths
No. 31 North Cherry Street,
ParticulnrnttontionKlTn toonU'W. r
lively no good taken
j. wr. CSiSARD, . .;
Physician k Suvffcon,
OfTeni his profi-ssioral service to the clti
fa-nrtli In thu bulldinit ocoilPKil by
Judge J. W. Williams, est side oi S'usrc.
ltisideucu The Cochruu houme, CV.
Tom. tircgory h. tjuncs- J..

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