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A hodt rniicd to a t; miir r.-tturo nbovo
2000" emits all tho niyH of the bud.
The cutiro number of HpcnicH of tho.
liunimitig bii'il is oidiniiitt'd to bo 100.
In nmiisu to improve the color of ginger
it in frequently rtibbi d over with lime.
Tim pricipnl oloini-ntH of proloiliism
are oxygon, emboli, hydrofoil nnd nitro
gen. ;
Soap made from coconnnt nil dinsoIvcH
in wilt water iu which ordinary soup w
Sui.rin.'iir.rn:ij Jiydrogoii di'Htroys tlm
rod Kinder without' injury to tit- I'f.it
tvliciktu phuilH.
Im i-lastu a ill f 1 -it i.t diet rosuH.i-hi ntt
execs of nudes. M. J i-jiii Iiiih ra-onlly
found Hint in t.idpol.H u rich, nitro
genous diet f;iY,,ra tlm devi lopim-nt of
Ml excensivo number of Hunles.
Tiik provinco of Memlozu, iu South
America conlniiis un immense kiij)''.V
petroleum of lino quiilily, bo th: I tho
country need not bo d j rtuli :t on
tho United States for her iii'ily.
It w nr.'u..'l by a w-ecnt writu that
tho art of music in prehi..toric tiin'K
jiiuiso.l through tlneo distinct hlue . of
dov lopnu nt,' nu h (huniet'-ii-'.'d b.v tho
invention of ii now f.im of iustriiiin-iit.
Diiti'.uknt opium nlk;i'oi l:i do nt
net hI:Ko on men and n'iiiu:i!s. . mi
..viiem n luMl IS lili-.O'lii ! V fc-'iis.n
inoiphiii", while nnii....i.i uro only n!i' el-
id by it when iidMii.i.iti -red in lc;;oj
sloUCM. I
A I''l:i::.' ii niitnr:di st lins i hov. n tnit
.iifilKrt,i,.uo-fdxtli iiiiiliini ti'i i in ! nj'Hi,
Jmvo ii complete iiiiulomicid oi;;:iih..i
tion, ii iiioiilh, Hl"i.i:icli, iiliiiii'iibry
ciimil, nhin, mid even u v.i !l-ii . liie d
niiiHciilnr iivmIciii.
(lonoin fir nioro wiiTely dislribu!' d
tlniu'wiw formerly Kiipjiosi-d. 'Imiy
iIiivh coiih'iii it in iii'pi'ciaM'' qui:-':-
lieH. J n ll Vil;iini;t ('old mine, DCl,'- :l
worth of ,u:i. i;o!d vas t-c nt ,V t.l-.'-n
from a Kpneo of three KipiMi) f: t.
Jin. ll Aim ;., of the I'inv -iMily of
Utrecht, lniiilc Homoy ami;-", in" 'io
cxpi-,rini"iit:i on 1'j".!m, 'i:;e.ins tun I im'i
bit."., Jf tlm experiments were f";V' r.d
times reji' nt' d on (Iu! i-en..: niiiinid ils
nervous i-ysleiii ias much ided.eu.
1Ii::i:st uliii-rvafinns on li:;'it yiidl
(ho ciui'.us rc.iilt liiut ('.' niu U in
reality ii bri'dit Muo cl .r, and wi.i.ld
npienr i.o bi thn eye v,-i io i:. nut for tie)
tilliidiou of the liht r.'VS t.hi'Mii;;',i our
rtuiophci'o which blends tlmni into
while li',ht.
JiorsT l'.l" leel cliini"cd
lli peet i-ilieo tit'.: lust euii leili.
flit hciehlh is but .:) 1 tr.
hint tweivo ut liiiil t -in'-, v. niie
Hid rraler, but, a f'-'.v Mont lis
Onncd to Ills Record.
Tho editor wns Bitting in bin revolving
caiiul ottom chair when Tornado Tom,
tho traveling terror of Tcxuh, caino in
Mid deiiiiiiided retraction of tho btato
inent Unit ho had swindled ou orphan
out of t.
'''Jl's a lio clear thfl nigh," Baid tho
'J'erior, utriking tho table with bin fist.
" J'ni us t'ood ft mini a" smells the atmos
phere, iu tli j section."
"Pci liiipH you uro better," eaid tho
editor, meekly.
".My Jeeoid will c'linpiiro favorably
with your-," said the terror with u sheer ;
"pei'lmp.i Ihero Itro ll few little buck
rackets in your iir, that wouldn't
bear a miiToc(i.ii: investigation."
"Oh, Kb," Hidil the ediiur, vi-,ibly n;;i
tilted, "1 don't li'dtll the p.'ht ; d iij't
briiig up the iiieiui'iiiM of tlm ton.h ; I
i.liuw I've led ft hard life J. don't deny
it. 1 l;i led Shorty Jhunes, (ho ilowery
boy of New York - bucked him all to
pieces with n knih'. I bavo atonul for
tl.uta thoii-nnil tiu.cH. I blew a lion's
beinrolVata log-roll in Kentucky, and
Pitt, ily bavo 1 repented of my billy.
I lileW ll lot (if ihc.tl'enMUl ('it, .(hi of
( lii'iiha ovi r ft paltry I pot, simply l.e
eaiixi) I got i''it"d. Uh, could I but
cl,i at the tomb of tho men I bavo placed
iu ils maw I would bo happy. Jiut it
wi.s all ov.iiigto my high temper ami
hick of early training. 1 know that I
have, been wavward, wicliul, ami you
.... . i . . ii ii .. .
have ft right to conn; Here ami reran uioso
unhappy memories ; but it's mean fur all
thc.l. Nobody with ft heart would treat
a man lik" vim buvo me. 1 on't leave,
Mr i g r; I'll ti il you all. I fuwnl u
a muii's bead oil' with nil old army saber
just for"
Tim Texas Terror was down stairs and
half v.uv i.roiind tlm comer, while tho
editor. (V.'.ingii fresh chew of ruttii'snako
t v. i , continued l.i
(iuiei.lv Ii! II l.l-;v!
1!!1, S AY.
kijukwhw tnnwmi III! ""
Rtetoem Pax was tho printer of thft
J.mt iilumnao publ;slied in Americu, id
10''!!). . , ,
A Lire of On. Grant has been printed
in Japan. It was seven volumes in
;i:nkiiv:t, an It.dian, bom in 480,
was (ho founder of tho order of Ilelio
dictine monks.
The colonists of Ireland ftniong whom
Cromwell portioned out Iho comiucrcd
territory are still called (Immwclliai.s.
Locis Xlf. was tin ist famous King
of Fiance hinee the days of Saint Ijoiiim,
and ac'iuiied the tith. of "Father of hm
' V'mrolncd brick builoing in Knglaml
evcel.t tho biliit by till) Uoiiiaiis, is saul
in , ii castle in Sussex, built by JA
Fleniu.i, In ahiirerot Henry I.
As Ci'ir.iiivqis') Arciiieological (,'oti-
i-s has recently been lieni in amu-,
Ancient Chinese Burial.
Tlio Celestial Empire gives in ft recent
number an account of n Chinese burial in
f,.i-mer times. A ninuui mei.uo r-
nlleiid.al I'V ill mill el
nearly all iroin iiii-i:n,
pi liOeflll iivora'iloliS
e:ing cili.'.en. S'lll
Iii .ii0i;s or
it i e .l.!ra
l:s i n s
.,itli.,v;ug the. ii.tel
ligo Hilly
l.:ioi) iiir.tr. 'd in i ireiind. i". ik c, is ii'."V
I, Si It).
TllK city of Aurolii, III.,
tlin cleetiic, lnv.'ir plan,
consi.-ls of nix ' leelrieal to
iron reds mid i t a : 1; , i
I. it'll, 'i'iirv nro eriiv.m d
1 by
'J !;t) ivslem
il l-:) l.l l In of
ll ll bill f"ct
with eie. h ii)
ell, or
lamps of o.llMbcmdli
riual to lil") gas jeti.
(Hiih sal pi Ire, eoimuoii milt and pobui
l.illlli ehloiide have all, when upple d to
the soil, u d"p'" i, in'.; effect ou the ali
inptiou of r.iuiooiiiuunil ! t.u.ss. I'l'of.
Tuxeu Uii.V'l that tie -y convey tie ut con-
Hlitiiciil.i of pi. mt I. mil lower ihi ' ii into
the eailh, and prevent thru1 rppropria
lion by Ihonrablu I:iv r. On lie' olli.T
iiinid, pho..p!ioiic acid is nbiiued in tho
soil to ii ('icier extent iu the piY.vhci)
of sodium and poln-'inm Milts.
(Iniii) work from human b. in;' '., jui.t
lis from machinery, requires go. id In i.t
liuMit. and the I'iiu't' l;ie iiimhly an 1 tho
gresti r tlio (jiiiii.tily ol the
l.iriier liill.'.t be 1 h oull.iv. bin
lories that, supply pure mr, iidempl".v s
will prudlic.) mole; but they v. ill a k
for morn pay, b(iiu..o tiny v.iil i-
lllime nioro I'liO'l, llii'l camiot live oil low
wages. A donkiycaii rti.-l on tiiialb-.s,
of eoiirsn, nml give a donkey return-,
but ll 1'acediolMi cannot be pl.ie. d oil
the inline faro with iiiotil to an V one.
.il.l I'. i
Is a lo't'. ry you j
yotl liave im elioiee.
Will'.:." is a hoih- libra b e in
trouble? When bo breaks.
Jim it ever occur b you that ft su.n's
nil-side hide is in '.T ( o.'.n?
J)u ror prw.olii) ii ti';!it willi an ii -dertakcr;
rememti. r, ho is l.ol- d for
lajing pcplo out.
One of tho i.iedieid jour;::. Is s iys :
"Tlierois no luii't to tlio ii.g'Tiuity of a
hysterical woman when onc i i he com
ineiiees to deceive."
I A .V:w YmiiC young wo'ic'ii faint -d
j v.lnlei.lin was get'in marre d, bivaiit..!
I ft p"ii,oii who wen iiebii,; ;u usin rwaa
I tho in. ;u nil's really lovct.
Ma. H-.vi .-'i nays "t ist ?. novel is tho
world is liiilii, Willi n i.t .in ' i "ii milium
walking through it." (Sciier.illy, wo may
add, Willi it man nl'.er le r.
A Cni.'A'io v"ii)iiu. while touring in
Oregon, flight nr. I oil' a bi .u- Bimpiy by
shai.mg brr i.kii's at him. Tho motion
probably broug.ht leT lect into view.
J'liilaili .' .'. 11:1.
Tiir.iu: i.-i an in lido going (ho rounds
bcudr.1, " Who Ki. si',1 Awv.y '1 li.i.
Tear?'' Veil, wo Ml ( it is as Well
to own up to it llr.il. us In t.. It is ii
mighty mean mini that won't lti:.s away
a tear, l'i '!' n .V'O'i.
A l-A'irv of Ioaii e.;i.!i"er.i wi n1 tr.ving
i to oiil-ilu eseli (.ther iii lolling ht'iru O
iiooiil, r ilih'TS. Finally one of bieni
in : "I luce tin re was a lailr. ml
Pr.id' hi but you know Hi" f' st, and,
iillhoiu'h b'i 8ti.pp.sl ripht tiiei-', they
agreed that his isb.ry b -a!, them all.
As Al.lMiiANT for the p..-itiH of pltbllO
tieliool leaener ill iniie is, .v.:.i.-..-.i "in
iinrMi'Ui thus: "A. iiinrolu (ii"d. April
P.). ho was lierned at f-ipnug in '-i m
the !-',.. i. ir r.ioto in which lie w. iit. to
Washiin Ion. Tlm cans w. id lira pi. I m I
black the principal buildings every per
iu li woro b nl;e of mourning."
hundred pi rsolis,
and Caucasus.
I ti'K time of Alexander tho (Ircat
i'M-.-st iu natiitiil enrio.atieS was so far
ii'iv. loped that he ut-ed to send baekfr.uu
bi( expeditious such objects to Ins
i..,irhi r Ari.-ito'.lc
,li ,nvhi raised Th 'O.lori'.i, n the
ilne il iieiform-r, to the throne of tho
1! ,, 'F. npirr. If (iibboli'ii account
of her bo true, i-he was in many respcels
her hie bund's sup ui'ir.
An im 'oiiTANT clii ii-ieul discovery is n
poit. ,1 from Athens. It i. u msiiUM'ripl
,f 11 n.'T, ihiting from tluj llitli Olviu
piad, g'lH Ik ''. Jt was found by 1'rof.
Kokos, iu an At'nriiian nioiiiislry.
.bur; Avi.mi'.I! mi.vs of (.lueeii Fli.:i
0, Hi that, "when all the ladies went with
h. ir I .or fioiiiic. d, curled and doubly
-i.,. .1 he idtered nothing, but kept her
1 -iiilii nlv I'hameliieeouers.
" .. i o . i... i: ,..l
V IC lUO pllOild leeiili;', n;;.ii..nv
( atholics during tho reign of
11. tlmt meiiibeis of I'aiiiaiiuTit
l-ei'dred to make ft declaration
I l.a'isiibitantiatii ll, which IX
.1 P.. .man Catholics from their scats.
... i (.,!.. I...
puoilcalioii oi ii. i""1
liell' is an i Vent in the world of
j.., . iters ; I n- tlm rcr.dcr kiiows
,', i..,einiid that in it will bu found tho
e nt and cxaiiiiiialiiin of Homo
.nniing pruh'i m of coiite'jiporiuy lllld
mil hie and politic:!.
i.rrrm k Wormy lrrir.Timn' F.mpe-
.i.i..-Truiiieu rrom in '"" :. !:,., a innn of menus
It was Sunday and raining; raining m-lhiacofiln when ho reached tho ago
hard, ruining as it usually does at a sea- f( I(J tllRU llful it 1)amted tlirco
port town ond on tho lirst day of tho . ' vury year with nspecies of vnrnish,
week. In this particular town there i waa d witf, .)Uiverized porcelniu a coin
a modest, unpretending church, from " -.ij wuic, resembled a silicate pamt
wliicli' Hih lintish tlaff was occasionally . 1' . mm... m.am bv which the
distilnyed to anuouneo tlmt religious y " h waAa llllg 1)6(.n iost to the
ser'vieu would bo conducted thoroiu for j lliut,8li Each coating of this paint
mo lira nml Heft-iariUK neooiu, u
III-: :!
.11! ill
I in:
Aiircibdes of -Mr. I.nii','fclloiv.
Aimletoll to hi tlie (itorv of "11V-
lie t.
till He.
A l.i's'idii fidiii Immigrants.
A iiiilieiit wilding for reuiill..lhn.il)di a
I )c
ollg- series i
jf Aiumu' ius
jirotilH'' ii. Iho
nrising country
il . is not a ehaineli-rii.lic
' (,hii. k ...ales ini'l small
limlhi Hot oi Hie ellter
hlorr kreiM-r alone ; it
ippears ill oiie loini or uuoiner ovei in
most every bu-uiicas iiuiioil'ieeiiiviil.
Ihroug.hoiil tho euiiiitry. To its being
m'ted unoii. however, is iiniloiil teilly due
the irreiiressiblo iiie.h which dis-
tiiiL'iiii.hes tho Ann i iciin fiom all man
To it is iiiiiloiibh dlv due 11. rapid
iiibhlituiiou of murium ry for hand
'iiluir: the iiileiiniiialile divii.ioiis
.alior in everv bniiich of indusli v: to it
'.s duo tho " Miiiiularlui-"" of larm pro-
.luets. and to It l'.due the striking i
iueliiiiition. immifest nVtTvwlierr. of Iho
averiero American lo outer upon a gen
nil ol. in for nioiiev nuikiii;' which in
volves patient waiting through a .'.t ries
of years,
'i'lio rapid destruction of available
forests has for some time attracted tho
"seii'lis iittenlloli of tho ( lov. ruiuelit, and
of individual iuti rested iu f.uestry, nnd
inauv indiiceuients bavo been held out
to any ono who would iindi ilako tho
growing ot useful trees. Hut thiiB fur
not many ot tho lmUvcH have beeu nt
trueted iy tlio offers, mid it 1ms re
mained for tho sober, industrious, and
patient, emigrants, (Irnuiins, Sweden,
and Norwegians, to net u ft wiso ex
ample. The Fedi rid (lovi rntnenl oilers to give
every Hum w ho is Iho head of a family
one hundred and sity acres of land, if
ho will plant twenty acres of it. in IoickI
trees. Cull u young mau iill'ord to ac
cept this oiler and wait for his trees to
grow? There is no doubt of it-but
will ho? Tlm Hull, tin reccnlly alluded
lo (he ivnmikahh) scincily of black wal
nut. This tree nourishes iu many of
tho Western States, especially iu Iowa,
JWiniiosotn, nml Wisconsin. On filly
acres of such laud as could be obi nil led
hero, Jli.ODO trees could Implanted;
when twenty years old they would bo
worth to a tree, or $fM),O0U; when thirty
yours old they would bo worth a tree,
or IVit),(H)0. It is said that every year,
after-tho trees uro ten years old, tho nuts
would bo worth as muoh as n wheat crop
from tho same number of acres.
AS'hilo tho trees aro growing any in
dustrious farmer could obtain n buml
somo living from tho remaining 110
iieres. Surely, all this is ft great induce
ment ; at any rate, hundreds of fur
sighted immigrants think no, and many
young men out West nro beginning to
think s , too. AVliilo it is probable that
tho llgurcs given abovo are rose-coi'TC a,
it is certainly true tout te-re is nioro m
tho Government ctl'er tlimi most people
aro Awuro of. ami tuoimlitful '.'ouiik men
in' tho F.ast who seo but little chiineo for
rapid ucetiniuliiliou hero may well uon
sider it. Jyciu York JUdktin.
Why the Hoibi ri-ogn sses.
It wail a f ivoritr theory witil I'melde
that tho world's progress is not made by
tha eminent goodie SS of nu ll or Iho
distinguished lueuniiess of linn. Iu
oilier words, ho bi-lirvrd that goodm ss
did not create civilization, but that tlio
"f..rc. s of civilization" cain-ed goo.lne-ii
nnd ad of Iho world's progress, lb'
r become wi urv in i-liiboriuing Hil l
II. is the rock on which he S' Is
out to build Ins "History oi i -i nida
tion." All through that " ndghly fnig
liu . lit" in every chapter of that ( real un
finished book wo meet the idea. I'.ul no
where is it more rloipiently and forcibly
stated than when ho wrote: "Tho
gigantic crimes of Alexander or Nap ilemi
became, idler a time, void i f ell. ct, and
tho n Hairs of thowoil l return to their
former level. This is the ebb and llow
of history, tho perpetual llux to which
bv the lairs of our nature we are subject.
Abovo nil thin, there is a far higher
movement; ami ns tho tide rolls on,
now advancing, now receding, there is,
amid its endless iluellliiliolis. one thing,
nml ouo alone, which endures forever. :
Tho actions of bad men produce only
temporary evil, the action of good nc-n I
only temporary good; and eventually the
good and the cvi! altogether subside, aro
naturalized by Hiilneipient general urn s,
abaoibed by tlio inecsalil nioveineni o
future HgcB. lint tho discoveries of
great turn novcr leave hh; they are im
mortal; they contain those, eternal truths
which eiuvvivo tlio shock of empires, out
live tlio struggles of rival creeds, and
witness the decay ol successive religions,
All theso bavo their dilVerent measures
nnd their different standards; one set of
opinions for ono age, another set for an
other. They puss away like a dream;
they are as tho fabric of a vision, which
leaves not ii ruck behind. The discoveric
of genius uloiio remains; it is to them
wo own all that wo now have; they arc
for all ages and for all times; never
young, and never old, they bear the
seed of their own life; they llow on iu iu
perennial nnd undying stream; they are
essentially cumulative, nnd giving birlh
to the additions which thoy suhaeipteiitly
.i ....... i .. i
receive-, tliey inus lnuuouco me mo, i
distant posterity, and after the lapse of
centuries produce nioro eU'eet than they
were ublo to do ovon at tho moment of
their promulgation."
: 1 , ..... .: : ... :.r
Ii r;ou. and ran. si leirinioii io on.. u,
11 . . . . it ... I I : .
tin' lie lil 'lils do iTlla l US I'UIOHS. ll'S
fither, Mr. Nathan Appletoii, and Mr.
I.oiigl. llow, were traveling iu Switzer
land.' They reached Zurich, whoso tho
landlord charged very exorbitant prin s
fur their entoitaiii.'nei.t. Mr. Appb-toii
wrote i:is lis. im on tho books and paid
... i.i
win! ii murrnig at tlio price cnaigen.
" I have not put my muiio on tho
In..,! s," mud Mr. Longfellow, "and if
you v. II allow mo I will treat tho inu
ki epi r ;is he d( verves."
The imineof the inn was tho "Ihivcn."
k tlio book away ami soon re
with these lines :
' I',, iv.ii', "f I'm' liiio n ..I Zuri. Ii,
I , ii I 1 1 -1 .,1 ..l.l. II ill,
Willi mi ii -iy, niu I'iin l"'--l
Aii'l ii v.-i y, . i v l"iiii I. ill."
Mr. Tjoiipfellow hud a very keen sense
f Urn humorous, and in liny a witty im-
prompiil was occasioned by some Might
I incident or accident. Ouo niimuier
I twenty years ago, when tho Apph tuna
' . ' 1 I '.. ......
Weill living 111 ll.Mlll. IO" I no",
C'liirle wiiowas very f olid of Hading ft
boat, and who hassiiuv become a famous
yacht man, came iu his boat, one day to
ii.ako a call. The surf was high and thn
boat was ciipsi.e.l and. ho was thrown
i , , I , . I!,,, u-all-r. III! win Wet lliroilgh, of
course, ii 1 1 1 1 was compelled to iiiase mi
entire change of clothing. Captain Na
than A pletoii, iu place of shoes, binned
him ll pair of slippers, which he. wore
home. Mr. Icligf. How, the poet, re
turned the slippers a few duysiittevwurd,
jIoiio iiii in a neat package, with this lit
tle slii'izii :
" rs Hint i" il'iii Hi'T,
S.i-.l '. - III'- ll.il "f l.j
A (..il.iiii ..i- s'ii.n'i I- -I ii'-'lii',
S... iti;-, lllliy , 111' 'III 11 niu."
Tho mother of Captain AppMotl was
Mrs. Sumner beloie she married .Mr
leru'viiiau ou tho morning of our nari-ft-
tivo bad aiTiuigod for tho proper nervico,
and as there was no sign of the storm
abating determined to order a carriage.
Tho demand for carriages was greftter
thaii usual, as indeed it is in every town
during stormv weather. A few minute
before 11 o'clock, however, one answered
bis summons, and arriving at tlio placo
of worship, tho clergyman hastily or
dered the driver to wuit until tho service
was over, to liud himself, however, in
the cdillco alone. Apparently sea-faring
peoplo hesitates to attend divino scrvico
! :. .1...H ...ill. (1... u,.t.... 1 fin li.ln.
Ill rillliy WCIllliri ll oil
lion us the sinners of tho land, for not
one place was occupied. Tho clergyman
being it zealous iiiuu determined to defer
tho services for u short while, and per
haps then Homo God-fearing person
might attend. His patience was re
warded, for in a few momenta a man,
dripping wet from tho rain, entered, mid
modest lv took ft seat on tho back iieiieh.
One might think ho came only seeking
shelter from tho pouring ruin, iu all the
taverns were cloved, it ncing mo em-ioiu
throughout F.nghind to close them all on
Sunday. Now Ibis spiritual adviser v. as
not only ft y.cahnu but a eoiiscioiitioiis
man im well, and ho determined, there
fore, ( ven before one worshipper, to ren
der tho service from beginning to end.
II,. v. , i.l willi rani ond deliberation ft
port ion of the Scriptures and the Liturgy
throughout, find inllueliced probably by
the piety and devotion of tho worshipper
before him, took occasion to suggest tiuit
tho unfavorable weather had certainly
deterred tho usual visitors from I'ttcud
ing the service and that ho would not
preach n sermon, but close tho morning s
exercise with n few remarks. Tho wor
shipper begged him to continue tho
cntiro service, expressing at tho samo
timo n dc-iiB to bear the s'-riuon. This
dedre for instruction on the part of tho
attentive listener grstilied tlio man of
God, mul, Haltered not ft little, Im de
termined to fulfill tho reipiest. Ho so
lected a proper text and cloipiontly en
larged upon its firstly, 8e.:omby, thirdly,
fourthly, and filially concluded with "a
lew words more.' Uio single wor-
diiniirr nroved most attentive, ami when
the S' rvicen were finally concluded, our
zealous lireaeber descended from tho
pulpit, and, approaching iho devout wor-,Jiii.oi-i
warinlv nrcssed his hand as ho
thanked him for tlio attendance and care
ful iitl.'tilioii bestowed upon the dis-
Tho irratitudu of tho worthy
divino was. however, not so ardent when
Im li covered that, tho attentive wor-
shippir was the driver, who demanded
half a crown nioro for waiting during the
entire service.
W"""". . . . . .1 :..L .l .l.n
was miulo 01 some uiicrucoo, .
dried had a metallic firmness resembling
enamel. Frequent coats of this, if the
owner lived long, caused tho coflm to as
siime tlta appenranco of a sarcophagus,
w-ith ft footw more in thickness o thi
ILa .fono.liko shell. After death the
A IjOnatio at tho asylum in Utica, N.
y., is a United Btates l-rn.s'T
ho larcest one in the Unite.d btates.
Sinco 1H00 ho has boon paid
while hw arreuragos amouui. i
as much moro. By tho various acts of
Congress ho is entitled to recoivo tho
same pay as if he hftd lost both eyes,
both arms or both logs, insanity loaving
him as helpless as if ho were entirely
cripnied. It does not do him mucL
pood, as ho is unaware of lua wealth or
Steam Engine and Sartfl
zhlbltod at Atluu lo 1B81.
Monuhoturort of Btoira Knitlne., Bol!
Bnw Mill. UanerV-dKorii. .littth Manliinei, ttot
"a C....I.U Muh nurv. Khaftllw. IlkllKari U.l
Menu mr nyrci v..v... ......
clork in a whole-
i ' I..lliuliinint resolves to
Bail! UlUUUlJ . - . il.nil f.if KUI'C E
miter tho civil service, and bo presents llcll we n rr
i.i..,u,.tf .f,.i.n t in eKiimmers. uiiiiuo
thn ducKtions is : " What is colTeo, and
whero does it come from?
" Oh, como
. .v. .,.,ii.,u ,f tlm Htonmch I . i. ..... unvu tlm candidate. "I
veins uiiu iuw - . i no, jv.. j - - .
wcro tilled with ipiieksilver for tho pur- cmt Kiv0 ftWny the boss. Allow niO to
oun f iirasorviiig the body. A piece- , d 1)riviw0. That's a professional
I '.f 4,i ,m then lilaced m each nostril ...
ii j'1 w ... m l -
I ami ear and in ono hand, wliilo a pieen o,
1 i ii,,,.. ,.nu t.liicml in the other. Iho
,1U1".S...L. " i"" , 1
body thus prepnrcd was jmt on n layer
of mercury within the coilm ; the latter
....... .,!,., niu t in WHO 0 COIUIUllieu w
vnia n. in, -" - ...
its last restiug-pluco. When somo oi
these sarcophagi were opened iiuer mo
i..u f.f centuries tho bodies wero found
i,. .'. wonderful state of lMvservation, but
they crumbled to dust on exposure to
tlio nir.
Kmrar nnd Teclli.
. -...I...
T. i.rv oim nmuljcr It was suiiuu
(I. .if ,mi... BniPiir nn. 1 ciindios. having no
residue, could not, by lodgment about
ii . ...,.(!. ii.inru t li.rn : aim luiu u usuu
in moderation, neither sugar nor candies
.... u.l ul to t he iceiuor ueiuiii ui
...... i.hi'.di-en or gtowu persons; that
.''""O " . - . ..ii
I was more or less suuar iu uji iuh-
(iiblo food, but os concentrations were
liubl.i to abuse, we advised that they
Warner- Hnfa KlUncy nud Urn tore
in Ir.. H...I IIIOI J ll"" . 4.1.1 OMII'l "
It is not very dilllctilt to train chil
dren. They are adapted w iraiuiu,'?.
willow to form ft busiiei was ovei u
moro eusUy than children limy bo in
lluenced in right ways by wiso pun nts.
They can bo fashioned as easily as clay
can ba fashioned on tho potter s wheel.
Timo Testers and Tinnier! Bearers.
Pliochd uttentlon givon to PiBntatioii M
J(lu,(ru(fil Circular! r,
John it- Huler ( Cinennu,a
. r I T U ' HICHTT. Tllin,
I Ril I rl tt. ii. Bp.i ... a..icw
.Hi 'ii..'. VM':i"l'A
l'ui'el j'','.Vhl,.rel.u.l,..4 .
J . ...' el.J nf l-IH.i'l 1" P. Wl.-l.
ral I n I III. M. WOOM.ti.,,
c i n -
Ia1ki,.H,b4 If y Ua h
nild bo taken at regular meals.
o'i,n Mrdifal Jnuruul. of Charleston,
South Carolina, states the conclusions of
rtr T ...... .
"lBt. Itcfincdsilgim-rtijures teeth, either
by immediate- contact, or by gas uovei-
......il in tlm slomncii.
"".,1 That a tootli BOftlicu in sugar
at. r becomes jelly-like, from tlm sugar
rot.ibhiini with tho limo of tho tooth.
llall't Journal of Jiraun.
Kn Trouble lo Swallow
... . . ..:..:..! II lilltft
Dr. rirroe'fl "rcli' ts" (Uio nriKum
r ')ii't no paui er (,-ie,niiK-
23 CcitU a vial.
From ttmn tnnueai.irl.it tlm how
mnii-s bet li k'ii'l. Hut a l.-w ;-'o '' '1,V".,
all n'iu.-in!'r tlio (..iiiinr,iliv;.'ly 1 eiilMa
w'isiiswVll Kr,.im''l,iuul rri lu.nly s W.-II f.;' I.n
ii. iw. mill ut i iii-ei;ri'iiiK!iiiu'i iii';i-i'-. ii '.."""
llinOT-y.m wiiuia M '. the prl.lo of li.u coun ty
nml Ktiuo hiiiiich iiu.i mi io
llH-re Wiel ft Cill'-P (-'ll..'.lH nimv "I ii.j.""
,. r"'S mi l u "r n-crlew-Wi-ll . 11:10 w..3 ll.o
.real iilluanio limit th.it owners in tlio-e itnja
3i-lred to mrivo f'.r. Hat new a i!:10 nn mat l
i .. i-..: r...lvli,f. mul I tin (in llillils only
,i,..i.rvn Hi.. tMinu wlii'ii llity niu flimle tlio first
..... i-.i...ii.;..i ...ii.tii.. 'l l.. if uivo Iti'i'iiiai-
lmrM llesii in iiioi lyiiicu nmunioui i.
n. klU.VV II liV LliU LJUlU-iULUlUa Ui I.VM. '-
1.. I ..all.). ttfri4!UIV Mil tIMI'tl kti'l 111(101.1.1
;r.ivlliiu iii Hit riMtiiti j, tT t nt" i ot tl lUtnm
i'.iiu 1'i.tt.lnia m. Id )lr r W'irih!cH ttnitti. llaux
ihiil tttriiUu' Ci-fi'liiU'ii rwiirnr t-olnt.
tint Ill.ir.fiiU'iy TKl'mi'i. imini'i r.wiH bit
licot Ii.t iik hlirritlwi'a i;rttiUit'on r'ni(-r. i'o,
ful itt fin luiu in iiiimi. rrtui "uriiTiini
,.i l. iiiiiil f(ir H WMff ffHiit.-. I. h, Mill.N'jOSm,.
Sanallvc Pills
run TIIK
C'uro sick
IA-f.no h.K.liiL'lie. inr 'ti.nun'h, and, cieiuuio
liiu cyrttL-m anil Ijuhc.h.
A ki oMt cur for liver cotnpmiiir, rruurt
iHirtcl-.i-'irjriiiif I tit) Mi "Hi .clean- i iii Until iniilaihl bin
A .-iii-t tiu fir m-K rMi:tin,( rdjifiiimiii i
.it-!,...,.ij. Kdt.i iv n finiiiiu 1'iiiuui'. rur cucui
,- i iiiiifiiH'fl Willi Hill i-aiiiciiiaii, ui.urL, i.v.h
sr(-vv .itk l ily.
.n.., in tlif ."li'l 1'Krk oin.
...il i.:i.'i n c.ni nunc..
...I .... Ht.,1 nml ..rt.'I.Tf l,.iri''...-. .....i i..wi
. . i i i.. ih, oiitf.. Nlull .lll'l. fftlfin.,
fl'... ,...ii.. .'iur.,..llll.l.-'01ll'"."f S-i'l. s...lMr.iu
.' ' -. l.r it.,.. . 1 ,...1 c Uttln
1 r'" 'O. ...... .1 M IIBP...WAI'.
'itp. Whito House 1ms had no general
.. .iii i.. lul-.
OV. -.'iiaUilll' SHU O ll "lis iuimuu iu jniu,
nlii'i- it had be:;ll destroyed by lire by
the llritish ti-oons, on the occasion ol
tb.-ir mid upon Washington in the wur
of 1H1J.
lliiril l.ii;mi ! llrrnvl.
Ha. It. V. Piisicii, IIulTiilii, K. Y.: Jknr Sir
I wini., von t etniie i.'.'o linn 1 inoiiKiii i i.iio
ri ciiiic r. 'J lii'io was a luru lump ill my hrent
la;-;,,.) as a walnut, ini'l liail beiai Ilium lour
iii'Hi'.iM. t conmiKiiccil ihkiiik your vuiuieii
Jlnii.-iil liiscuverv," " I'uviiiito lYeHcription
uii'l " l'i ileis ill June, mill tlio lump Is gimo.
i'.airu tr.ilufiilly, 31 us. II. U. Di.aiik,
li viiiKton, Mich.
ff? ' -ii-'1 t .. )1i ..k. -i ii l.ltCurH
:' :-:'.'' -i '"' .ii.ii Ui"
(IrniiL'lit ( -nnscHyof Hm liuoililer.liul KMillymnrs
ii-il'ul.W' rl.-li.r-e. Jlimy llilnpi luiveeuiriilR'l
i.. . n: .1 il.h ili-lrnlilo ciul.eliiel kiiiouk win
rave lieeii the tulellii,'e!it euro nnaei.iii ali.Tiil leu
1........ i ..,.,.n th.. fiiiiimtl In his everv rt-hilliiil
Iu a WdPl.iipun Hm lirecllue. And tills lins
list ri.i!cl to Im tn.lo a Very Ferluiis liHMliili-iilloii
(.1 ilie ul'l iiiolln Usof tr(.'atineiit,ili.!ii::nviiy, la
many i-in es, with tlio inliiuiinn nml really hiviiko
.1.... ......,.! l.i ti,.. crmlii'iillnn or i-Vi-n ssl T: ll .10
!ii..'.li,rd .,'..,1 plliiii.iiN.nnil Hllhstilllliiur rilll"lll'.l
lai-iein-i.'S of relief liisteiul. A iir..i:iiiieiit fuctur
of lies ri fiirm, nml one iikioh-i-u ny iiwin-n,
!'-mi.Knitl K
I ili'-n l-.w t.ri.ei.t
nr. SKiiilc h I'ciii ilo Tills
I'io-.w nit f. neile Ilisr-ase. l'.uliirii"! ili
fie. Tin- best I' innate 111 ill Hie world, re
tl ..... I.i.v. I Will III (I Mr 111 I 111 I lllll
....... .... ... - - ,
I.IVtT 1 So. KIllCIl (.11 "( S Ull l.lll-l in'cun
Wiiir.inle I tiiciir.! clinis in nitun iinnan
l'ri Hi.'.'") by nilil. Addsi'M blJ
Toitk, D.yl'iird, Miss.
In the Illiiik I'lirest.
Fringes of pines displayed themselves
in tho immediate neighborhood, each ono
distinct mid detached from Hie other
but beyond, and far away as the cyo
could follow, th,' black mountains neon
eoiliitisl in d"iiso dark masses and out-
1 1 tii.4. Htretches of velvety lields and
sl.ii.es heiv nnd there relieved thn gloom
While roads twisted snake-like, about
tho vast scene. To tho rieht stretched
irreat uninteresting plains, tho llowiug
llhine, ll coiispiciums obj. ct, but hero
in.! more roiinmtio than tho tamest
livers, in the ilislancii roso tho long
r,aiu of tho Vosoes Mountains, with
iliioir suit, wavy, graceful uudiilations,
! though too fur oil' to bo very conspicuous
: or interesting. Small streams ran their
i roursn nml villages dotted tho plain,
their red root's rising iu contrast wilh
tho somber pines. The wind swept
great white clouds across tho sky, bring
ing out, tho blue beyond in deep relief,
w hile they cast lingo shadows upon tho
plain that chased each other and dissolved
us the clouds died out iu spaco. Ono
tree, ono stream, ono Held, one hill, may
resemble another, but a thousand times
I?.'1IANS siuolto
while whitu un ii
tlio pipo of peaco,
s.'eoko tho piece of a
n.c-imi' Siiimil nml Well."
It. V. l'n-.iioi:. M. I).: 7cir .fir My wife,
vU hint been ill fur over two yearn, and had
trie I many other inuilieiiicii, lieeiouo sound ami
well l.v lHing your " l'avorito Proscription."
My in ii'0 Wil'i aUo cured liy its use, nf ler several
lrVnU':niiH bad failed to do ber liny (,'ood.
Yoiiis truly, Tuomas J. Mkiiivis,
llatulier'a Ututiou, Ga.
. .11'. 11. 1 1 lil.ll.U UI....1
i. Aii-j mi lliner I eioie 1.1111 niiun. n i 1 1 -u. 1111. 1 i. 111...1.14..1.1 ...... .3
toil and before .Mr. liougieiiovy u,,, i:1:,t look is as iresii ami iicuiiiiiui 10
... ... ..1 1 1... .. 1 i:.. i.. it... u. nu
llial'lle.l Ills Woe. 1 mo (lily, worn no ; tun ililllil, ns lllvigoiutuiK 10 1110 njiiiii, no
caino from Portland to call upon her, ho tho lirst. Tho only sad spot was tho
wore a pair of new boots, which were ! ni; itself, which spoko so loudly of nn
vn v noisv. When he went away the ! n.'e nnd u'ciieraiion when other eyes wero
i,..vl .1 iv he left a little linem writtrii 011 ' irMinir unoii these Kccnes, as, in turn,
11 curd, which Cal'tain Apl'letnu still j ,,ther eyes again will gu.e, when theso
It is as follows :
A oentlkman who, in a public meet
ing, was tolling that ho was 81 yours old
nnd had not been an abstainer lrom
honors, was interrupted by tho remark.
" You would lwvo been 100 by this timo
u you had r
The Ituy at tho Kiiliirnl Itrhlgo, ;.
Tho name of tho boy who climbed the
side ot the Natural Jlridge, Virginia,
and curved bis 11111110 above nil his pro-
decensiirs, and eiiuio so uciir losing his
life, was James l'lpor.
On tho abiitnients of tho brid;;o there
are many names curved iu the rod; by
persons who have climbed as high us
thny dared on tho face of the precipice.
Highest of nil, for nearly three-quarters
of a century, was that of tlcorgo Wash
ington, who, when a youth, ascended to
a point liuver before reached. I!uf. this
feat was surpassed in 1818 by James
Piper, a student iu Washington College,
who cl'tubod from tho foot to Uio top 0
the lock.
1 1 ,.. I... 0... I. ..I. tleil wi n-rrll.lv rivalo
Iii-'' Ii .tii i-nli y 11 Ii,iii.'.-i .i in nr.
1 , u,. " II' lli.-r.''ii an.iiM' I" l' l"ini'l 111 Hu' vvil'l,
My till u.l 1 1 ..in Urn Iv.il lan.l in in 1 'I "i i' Ii"1' ''
Aiiiiitciir Prnss I'liuiils.
Foily-lUe or Ii fly years ago a humor
ous reporter in a little lo.vn v.ny down
Kasl M iisaehiisetts bewailed the fact
Unit an amateur brass band lm l been or
gain'., d. He declined that his slumbers
were dishubeii by the incessant tooting
f the organization, and ho siivng. ly an-
li-.UIICl'il tlllltll till! llllllgcoillllllieii nun 1.
longer he would start out with Ins Hint
lock musket and make nil .example 01
two. tin wrote morel v in fun. In fact,
bu was a member of that very band, and
sn-iit half bis income in keeping it go
ing, liiit bin contemporaries did not
know this. They seized upon his item,
mid made it apply to the brasB bands of
their own towns, hiuco then it lias an
nually made the round of the press of
I lie I'nitcd Ktutcs, It is now a staple.
The reporter who has not made fun of
the nrass baud is not up to the standard.
At '.east fnitf-lil'ths of the reporters who
denounce amateur bands as 11 boro do so
simply because it is expected ot them.
Wo haven t lmuleil our orgaiiiz.auoii over
the coals to any extent yet, but shall if
they don't get to work and practice moro
regularly, even though we admit that it
i 1 wrong to do it. Fact in, an amateur
band is not a nuisance. Alter three or
four weeks it plays so well that half tho
citizens turn ont'to its rehearsals and uu
(iiultlicilly declare that it has made won
derful progress. The pride and boast of
most towns is the brass band. Yet tlio
local paper is expected to refer to it in
sneering terms. Larmie City Jlooii
days luivo long passed into history.
liiiMilnir It Out.
'I'iin editor of the Courier, lie. W. F.
(look, was s sized a few- months ago by a
i.i'iible nuiii in tho left shoulder and
neck. Having been favorably impressed
foe noun, t ime with the virtue of an article
rwoimm.ii.lod for all sudden liains. and
rsoeei illv rheumatism, wo rubbed Hi
olVending part, and iu less timo than we
write it, relief came. That article is
St. Jacobs Oil. Ctinajolmrio (X. Y.)
The Hay nt tlio Natural Bridge, Vn.
The namo of tho boy who climbed tiio
side of tho Natural llridgo, Virginia,
and carved his namo above nil his pre
decessors, and came so near losing his
life, was James Piiier.
On tho ubutuientu of tho bridgo thoro
aro many nnines carved in the rock by
pcrsonij who havo climbed ns high 11s
t.hov dared on tho faco of tho precunei!.
Highest of all, for nearly three-quarters
1 of a century, was that of Ucorgo Wash-
1 iiigton, who, when a youth, nscejided to
1 a iioiut nover boforo readied. Hut tins
font was surpassed in 1818 by James
! Filler, a student in Washington College,
I who climbed from tho foot to tho top oi
I the rock,
i No man with money about his clothes
, should ever retire without having n
j woman with him, a wife, of course, to
frighten off tho burglars. A reformed
thief yesterday told us that a burglar
1 would' sooner enter a room containing
four men and twico as many revolvers as
! one having ouly ono woman in it for
neither tho men nor tlio revolvers cau
squeal like a woman. Kentucky Slate
Jfour. helpful than nil wisdom is ono
. lit 1 il.. (!,..( ...ill o,,l f,a-
(i::ei;uioi unman i'oj mim 1. .i- "
sa'u us.
Kiiisrv-Wour rffodivrly nets at Uio same
tiim; oil l.uliiojrt, livor alia uuwcis.
Tir: commercial value of nil lands in
fta'yi-i estimated at JC.Mi.U'.ni.llllll, liix.U
, . 1 ,.11' hi 1 1
wliicil moiu aro xio, 000,000 " 'ii-'in-"
Tin: iiui. t stubborn casoH of female wraliuo.-s
vh lil ulicn the i.ationt U'.os Lydia 12. l'iiik-
iialll'H V. getiiUo iJoWlilillllil.
PAW.-:nnoKuns do not pet much from
servant girls, as tho principal tlung
they put up is tlio clothes lino.
Hcrllne of Man.
Neman Weakness, Dyspepsin, impotence,
m. vm .i li.liilitv. ciiitd bv "Wells llt'ttilli la-
new. r." 1. llriiKiiisw. tSeiul for natiipiiai
lo 12. S. Wtl.LS, Jirboy City, . J.
A Human lady, named laluola, in the
foiiitii century, lolUliled an iiomo as 1111
act ot peuiii.ee, the lirst public hospital,
In ! NSMArt'i peptonized href tonic, the only
111 1 1 r.ii i. 1 ion 01 uti'l coniaiiiniK lis riurr rtnu (-
iii'itM vrovniUs, H contnins bloo'l-iiinliiiiK,
for.v 1:1 i.eriitu.i; nail lifo-umtRiiuiig prnpcrtivi
uivala.'l lo for iiiilijji itii.'ii, dvupspsin, tiorvoiu
firoHli iilioii, ami all foriuaor ccik r.il ileiaiuy
nUo, in till end" Med oouilitiiiiis, wlietlx-r tlio
rcnult of cxluc.it.tion. luirvuti-i nrostrntiuii. over-
work er ai lito oihi-o, particulaily if resulting
ftom j 01 1 n.oi.nry i-oniplaiiitK. Cnsncll, Ila.'ini
(;o., t.:oi'rielor. New Jtork. cokl by Urumjibln
A llaHcr of ln;r-s(.
A iiie.lieiiici iimst of iicccisity eland upon
Is iii-riis. II it iloes not lio.se-s ueniii
Miialibeiof vahie to si ..'r ii'' lui'ii nnty, no
I: omit (.1 II. Ver Mil'' .. 1 lH rVI III lis lie 11
liranih'.l a 'nil'.'l by tlio liuhi'e. Anion.' tile
iirnnrie'ir v iiicdicint'i .".Iveitiil iii Hie p
icrs H i re lira mnir ic-i iiom a niuoer raiiK
i. in Hi.nc.if 1 1 1 nr.. Haktkii Ali:iit( !NK
Covi'AXV. St. bonis. Mr. llsrtc.-s Iron
loiiii' is win in ir' spcci'l i.ivo cncii noil'c
hh'iI p:ovinL'in w unit -fill leii3of nl etloct
aiiiiil . rtiM'ine:,! w lech i-c -s lin y sio. lion
Imtlli s, 'Uio to-, 'iiiiiion's w t-icli the Ii
lbirli r Ciiiiiiuiii" nri nhie to produce
l.rnoi (,f the nierh-- -:f ilicir mcdie'.iiu will
coiMert tiio i.io't Si-Kpii'tnits to its use. Rend
'liter Hil.'orliseiiient, urn: ll Mine ir; iro.u
"iij of the difriises iiivatiniioil write to thcni,
or n.-k vour ilriKtjist, for ilicir uieiticliif ;,.
i,.r. (-..ptiiorKimil Htni-knien tlio count rv over,
t St. .iacoiis (III., reconnizuu. ny nu wn m
li-i.l Itiisiiiiexi'epiioimuyK'Kiii ri'iin.i) i.n um
ii,.,..iiu ,, in hi. nn, sior'K ni'iieniii . uiv. t-
I,.,. ...nrn Inilii'iili.illil f..r 11.1 110 ItlHl Clli'l lill'.: llir (
tier results mull nny nnieieoi 11 i-uinoo. .n
riiiH'.llnl liiitiirei'VerintroiliH'i'il. Mu ll lirei . crs
nail liorsi'iiieii n ArlMali.'SWcli-li, ii..ot J.r'ieii-
ti'-ini, near l'liiiinieipina; )n i.o.-.:iu, i-.--ll.,
l. ....tit I'urli. l'n Calvin M. l'llest. ftniili-rlv I
nr.'oor Jlr. r.iiiii-rt, iionner s-t..ci:, M-w lorn',
i.n.i iliiitioinilsiit'oiliors tliroimliniit the eoutiirv.
v. Iioi'iiiilil no minion, nro on I ne n.-t i iiiiiinui-
Lialeiluor.-citol lliucltuwy ol .-T. J.li oils (J1U
iitnr"of i-nr-Hovr.il hoot nr."
! :j 'vi ' a.'i'. i'ci.ii- nkM (i:.,m-
I it S 1, '.hi jC .1 a i (.,... W lo. Pri.. il i!
5 l .r.i.i- b..fjB. A., f-'iir .lni.ji.l.or .ri.ih
' ll . 0. K. Illiil.S, 4! N I'.li. llli
S4- for S1
- A(!KNT.-.
iiii-nt ., 21'7
I NIVKll-'Ali AtTi
I-' ilium Hi., Jln'"klyo,
l . i i ' c..,. . I. i 'rt A.l'ltt
h il il
ii...... mrt IMtlw m;tXe fint m
rill romv''Melycli'inft thtt blod Ji V
V. ii '.' i il I
J!lfi(J & I'O.i
rl. !l..t-ti..r. II.
Bonloo, tlui
I'l-r Hl'rcli cn b tnd In ni Ion'
u O wnliinlf n.W for RiS-llll.
IJ.'W.I'KHM ,llinlii,il-4
' VlUOIt. KnpfT., tr. UI"I
...II.., :,l ll.' .!
.I'lnplnnn-I.O. 1'AVAHKIilllil
i8 R3 lo
Th f.s-lito nml i-innrlati-il, inir.-rtnii from il.i.ylil tt
imliL-i-lion In nnr furiii, un- n.lvi-.'il, fui- tin- miUu ..f lliV i
own Willy mul nii.-nlal c,iiif,,il, In try It.otetler'i. Sl..i
arli ltitti-r.. I.n.lica tl llu: lunsl ili-ll.'iit. cctitinaiftn In
lify to Hi Iiiit'iiilc.-Hiii.si nml iM n-btArilivi. pn.pi: Hm,
Pliy.icimin cvi-iywher., 'ilifliisU J with Die a-loltissiirt
ti,iinrn of tioiiiiiinrcu, ii'A3enb ltd tlic lafuit iiud H.'fl
rollabltj uf nil htnroachiri.
For into by til Drussiati nod Doiilci i
A voiiMF.rt member of tho Colorado
Tjcisluturo is now the proprietor of a
baria r-shop in Leadvillo. Not Hatislled
with such an advancement, ho hopes to
rii-o yet higher and may eventually
make a mau of himsulf.
Who to Jlurry.
If you cau not find a gentleman to
marry, girls, do not marry at nil. By
that term wo do not mean a man who is
above the need of work j ho may bo any
thing but a gentleman, but a mnii who
knows how th work, who has self-respect
enough to keep him from low habits
both of speech and action : who is courte
ous and honorable; who is not afraid of !
soiling his hands; tho farmer, the black- j
smith, tho carpenter, any man may bo a
gentleman under dust and soot and j
" I nKMEVE St. Jacobs Oil to bo the
very best remedy known to mankind,"
says Jlr. Itoberts, business manager of
this pupor. Mdwuuk: :e II .. ; iViUmcl,
Wiiun a Chinaman gets ready torobol
Ho gets ready to part with liis head.
That true friend to all mirroring with Colds
and b'oiiidm, Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup will
nhviijH holp nnd novor disappoint you, as do
"tlior c.juy u roiucdics.
ENOtiisn touiist: "Fino day, Donald."
Donald: "Aye. lino day. Tourist
" How is it. Donald, that you always
have your bunds m your pockets t
chips, but if he is not, girls, don't marry
himl Tlicro is enottgii trouiiio 111 uio
without increasing it in uny way. Do
not subject yourself to tho mortification
(I...I iv.x.il.l u tiiiro In nomn wit.b n lniit.
band who would continually causo you " Ye'll pe frao Loudon, I'm thinking ?"
to blush for his ciiari-i'iieHS and rough-: Tourist: "Yes, we're from London.
bis Hbiiiierv I'ealini'H or hvno- Donald: " Wool, the reason why I keep
rritio'nl nolish. it is not siillicient thai o my hands in my pockets iB thrt hore-
l, ,.tr W..1I nml ilreHsi-H well hut lm uhouts we haven t learnt ta pu , oor
must act and live well besides. bauds iu ithor folks' pookoto."
A man who gives weight to what lio
says by an oath, pledges his simple word
to lio ligiit, unwortny ot Delict, xie
lacks tho character to swear by himself,
aud so goes about to And something
more stable than he himself is to which
he can nail his assertion so that it will
stay. An oath is a trellis, witliout w-hioli
the assci'tion would fall to tho ground.
From Mississippi
Coiti.vTir, Miss,, April 2, 1877.
Capi. W. l Ellis,, r.ai'ey springs, Ala.:
IVnr Nr It pives me pleasure to
stale tin result of the use of Hailey
waters in my ciu.e. 1 had for neve-id
years been the victim of Chaoiiie Di
arrhoea. The exhausting disch:' Res,
and absence of usisimiliitton of Tood, with
painful ulceration of the bowels, hud re
duced nie from vigorous health to an al
most hopeless condition, ilynhvsic n
advised atrial of the celebrated B. "Icy
waters. In a few- days after my nr. val
the functions of the Liver and Kidneys
were lavorably nllectcu. my dP'ostioti
became comfortable, tho irritable con
dition of the bowels disappcard, nnd i
com loriifilc state ol healtli was soon es
tablished. This occtircd two years aim.
and I havo ever l ince enjoyed good
lienitii. 1 aitrinmo my recovery en-
tirely to the medical virtues of I'ailey
Springs. Very llesix'ttf ul W,
' , . :D. 8. M ALONE,
Ah tp-cotjntbt man bought a Eoraan
candle and lighted it to go to bed by,
He swii you can bet your sweot life he'll
lek tlio man tliat loaded it. if ho can
find him out.
(in.- .,( t!.e I-imi lira
in: rv .'Ir- nl'ir - :-'-i''"-' w"
I HISTORY op the
Ruibrmii. K lull nml ullm.ll hciiiiMi.1 rtrtjw'
llir nw uii'l f:.ll .'t tli (link i"l R"inn l-"iPw-'
Bn.l.lvai-., tin-iui,e, tin t.iulnl rIraili'
, lliu ill.cuvurf tuu ..U..-IU..1. u.
t:."'- v 1 .IM!'
ci at o.im.Mtt hirK.r i-l Hit- WorlfUirt initii9iirt.pj
IO. l-4-l.'IHIHIt IIHV'II .1IIU im l UTIIII "I.""-
AM-UPM1 TIOl. l l'lllniM-IH ' V
1 yU-mf?nhf. or I'lmultc MinrthM
E i 'iulee. ui Hnikp. Willi riii.ii'.tfi'pli::t'l'l'i'1
iliinitiiiii..,, fur lii.gumvrN, mnb on a''liv'Mli"D
Hl'.M.N I I I VIA.N, i:iii'V:ilt3l,
In. K. e. H-m'i Nekti iiD Bii TM
,.,.-;lic fr llvl.-rlM, piMiiim, ConviiWoM, .
ll,.ii,.i.-lip, M.iilal nrnrcui I.o of Memi'i!, nj-
lin l l.l Ai!, eauwl liy ovtr-cmHlon, wbitf
in -,!, .l-..y ami .l.alli. On. 0.11 will i"":TJ
h .. Ii !.-i c, i.l.lm oi, month'! Iriaimeul.
i,..,i nil i.njie. i.,r live .i.timr. , ..... "j 1--,
r..ii l ..f erli-e. W. iurnle li I'"",
ens... Willi .arlt or.irtr rpcel.ea oy u. ior "' . .
c puniH.I wilh 0v ttollara, wo will mo4 l i
clo.i-r nnr wrillf n (iinrni.tre lo return IIm ""''J,
11 ni in,, til 111... 11 m uni-ct our. w...m.." -r-,
liv .1. I.IIIIN. lllirlt-sloll. B. V
ma.l .r.,ni.lly allonilfil 10.
.... ..a.fe In r.ut aw lawi,
' till B. H.H.1TT4C...
, ftriiw-j
A'Urtai Jay Hr.n-iia, ufu.-;
ZC. TloflirTnlcst.ChoaTotifc-
jjycoDvcriuaue. ur.oiuccnii
Hflcknrnurll nolnr m or O
goods Own any 15 ot 2Bct. dyo ever sold, a popular
coIom. Any ono can color nny fabi lo cr J .tncy hi t icle.
Bend forcolorwantcdandbecouvint;!. J'ary cnnlsv
fcainnlrsof iuV.andp'ky. iIvr, nitulcd 1oe lOctH.
EVE RY O U E mu sTc
V1U Ri-t Tnlunlile lnfnrnintlun 1 lllilS
by scu iliij for drculur to U. ToUlUKU, hosioK, )u.
S Willi iinlvnrxnl Lug ii
5 Send for T Bvnin, Pontile Ito- ti
J CIRCULARS,! ceiitrloKrlctlon
N. ctitcr dliWdts Ir w nrora!c-t in IW3
tr;? CO l.-3ili:;.ij iliCT, hm 'A';"?3rclx al i
r.-ilililltu 1..J curs-- '. - .tln.,i
t'..o nw, propci- ujo of tl: la uiow "
i j...,.:n ens
Hjroni-iih-l'.oJ rrlUirsiUti Mlijn.
!t.xre:t-l.ic::a mo vrr viic.itw -- --j
Si-i. nil!-. T.!jori.!.-3 i.v.'ii(v.-i..j .
i.-.d raoiajii-.fi l.nvo:-ci.-roi-.'..c'..
Wltyav hr.vo ri towel" Cirae tro-rtwi
riit.Hati.ra' Ttolon, Altnnlt, On..
ViIafMtuettir S.UKW IRDJf WOUKS, HALF.H, N, ll
o, -w',W.TCitM
''."i'V'l. ' "V i i'H'V
U-. ,1 linos ..It .-r " - tol
,.. I, I. Ir,-,. I'TII III W'11' , ' .t : '
ii,iini.iciiii-'-.!'i'''-',;.l--:'',j. n'
.... .. .. . ,,l ,,,V. l "i ..iJ.
,lr r mm I'm'; rJlrt
110-, i-- llir- ..ul:
Mi. ill.-r ol
aXVInXAn I'llMU-. Nu, li l CTtj
Uhrr iron l"r,r
1 llatli usi-.l Int. Il.ntl l.i-.s Ikon- Tdmc'Iii my poirlll'i'." nml ''i' ."."ill! Il"1"
run', iiiiv" n.-vcr r,iiin, eiiviIiIhk to nlv.' ill.' icsii..-. -.
ill Ni.i-viint l'n.i-lriil(..ii, Kt-niulo Dlwunru. ' '., !-i'' ':, ,ht-rl'lc"li!
i- lllia. HI HIV IIHI1II1. lllll"" -'"" 1 i,-.iii!-.
" IH-i'llly-liyt. yearn III liicillrlni-. luvi' n. viT f..iin.l
- .-: -." j
IIIIM-I'l.illl ll Cllllilllli.il of llu. Iil.ii.il. IliU l.,,rli. .,.
I iikiw tlmt Imvo hiiltltsl mim. of ,ir i,i, cmli.t.-:ti iilivsli'lniie Imvi. vli-l'l'-.l I" IM Plv'' .', , roWl"!
alili' n.'iui'ily. I iii-i'm-rUn. n In iiitIVivii.-l. is nny Inm iiitiiuihUoii iiiii.Io. . 1" 'j". . hi'KI.S J
1JI(. IIV" -.- . ..- ..li. '"..
is ft necessity In my practice,
l.orii. Mn.. Nov. ';th. ism.
as llu, U.uu'iint'n Iiiun Tunic
It ijiriH mlor lo tlw IiIiumIA I
lf l'l llfiilthfiil turn- ti,
the it iarntlv itfiinim nnit)
nervnuK simtnn, making I
it )t)inUcnhl to ticnrrnl i
Ihhtlitli, l,nm of Aw-
tile, l'nutrntiim of i ital I
Power and ImpoteurrJ
i ' - .. CI. IV
, 213 N. MAIN ai'i" .
' V:,

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