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finally found I ho High! tilrla
"When I em bl I will marry Kitty;"
Hut Kilty klaiM'd ma and mi away,
Anil, while I wept for niyaelf, lu pity, '
I nuule up my wind I would merry My.
Tor Miy u frnntla and May ni binder,
,5'nt lightly the put my offer by ;
' I'm auguRcd to Oenrtfle lleiulur
I'erbspn I'll take yuu if umuould die,"
Tlr-end-by I mat Jennie Watrliell-.
Jni.nie wan thlrti and 1 waa tan-
I iieed Ut carry hnr borka and naiibel,
Aug inula up uiy lulud to marry Jon,
But Jenny, her relifn wan quickly ovnr.
And Knli1, uiy oounln, lioo.nie niy fate ;
I Mid : " I'll propono, Ilka a brave, true lorer,
Aa anon aa ever 1 graduate. "
Alia! wh".n I took out my Mean dijilomi,
The duriliiff Kirl wa.louttoelart
On Imr wcldnm trip with young Will Pe Boina,
And on one knew of uiy broken ueartl
At nne,aiul-twnnty again lova fntinrl nia,
Hut Hi" annel f.cn and Mm nioek blue eyca,
And the ihread. r tlia f"ldin lialr that loved ma,
Wi ul fulling back lntu piiraillaol
Hark I In'n tlia liniiaa I.u, Kite and Harry,
Willi .limit awl .camper frnui a:biK. bava coma,
And a irlrl I luivnr bad meant to tnarry
in hill: and mutbur wllhlu my borne.
(,'ooklntr a (,'ulture.
Homo clitim that if tho cntiro tl. ought
w not given to each niiuuto, tlio lirmtil
will liumcd or bouvy ; tlm linen
ftcorched ; tho vegotublcii half cooked,
uinl tho ritoitk imrboilod iiiBtcuil of
lirnilcd. Iu reply to thin rtHwrlioii, I
ollrr a few jiructieul oxumiileH : Mr".
(Stowo itHHiirm m kIio wroto " Undo
Toiu'h Cithiii" whilo ftttoiuliiif to her
liruiul. Marlon llurlund (Mm, Ti rluiiu)),
tho wifo of tho piwtor of tho 1'irnt Con
proirutioniil Church, in HjirinKllolil,
Miih'h,, iiluunoil tho nrtiliituntiira of thoir
own limim, mid, although ttlio lmd
nuiiiHKcd it litrgo iorttiuo by lior pon, nho
i'h ilitwrihoil l,y a recent guest m "a
il wifo mid mother." Wliilo lier
imiiiliiiu mlorn tho wbIIh, and tho fur
nituro in tlocorutod hy her own IniiidH,
iter kiti'hou in tho crown of her homo,
for in tins hIio in qtioon, und nho ulliriuH
tho rooro a wonmu known tho butter
liouHo-keeper, 'wifo unit mother hIiu run
1)0. Willi all thoHO occnpittioim, hIiu 1i:ih
a clmm of forty young 1111:11 iu her Iiwh
liiitu I'h Huiiihiy-Hclioiil, which liiunlit'rH
BOH, Kuko Terry Cooko, iu lier old-fiiHh-ir.-ned
country homo, ut WiliHtod, Conn,,
in cquully fiuiioiio oh a cook nnii a poet,
Hlio not only wriU ciiiinning pociiiH
lilmiit lier g.'irjcli, hut in U) lieforo hiiii
rii'otoM'oik iij it, Jh r roxew nro lier
tiiptM'iitl piiilo, ('lr.rr.lmul Jli.rald,
A Trim I, ltd).
WihlneitH is 11 thing which girln cuiiiut
iifl' iiil. llcheitcy in u thing which citu
not liu lost or found. No art nun nwtoro
to tho grupo its IiIihiiii. I'liiniliiirity
without uonlldeiicn, without regard, in
dt'Htructivo to nil that niukoH woniitu ex
alting mid vunoliling. It w tho llrHt
duty of 11 woiniiu to ho 11 htdy. Good
Welling in giMtd koiiho. 1!ik1 manners
iu 11 woniitu in iinniorality. Awkward
IiesH may ho ineriulicahlo. JSuxhfiilno.sH
in coiiMtitutional. Jgiioraiico of otiipietto
ih tho rrniilt of circiiiiiHtaiicoH. All van
bo condonud and not liunmh men or
women from tho umcniticH of thuir kind.
J tut Helf - poHHi'Hsed, uiiHhriuking ami ug
grt'Hivo uoarHeiieriu of demeiinur may he
reckoned oh a Ktato'H priHoit oll'eime, und
certainly iimritH Unit nnlit form of ro
Htraint culled impriHoiimeut for life.
It ix 11 hIiuiuo for women to lecture 011
their luiinnerti. it in ft hitter Hhamothat
they need it Do not hu roHtruinod. Do
not havo impulHOH that need rent rai tit.
Do not wish to ditneo with tho I'tiiieo
liimought ; feel dilluroiitly. lio Hiiro you
confer honor. Curry yournelf no loftily
that men will look up to you for reward,
not at you iu rohuko. Tho natural kou
timeutof man toward woman in rever
ence. HeliiHCHii largo meium of gruco
when ho in obliged to actHiuut her u he
ing to ho triiiund iu propriety. A man'H
ideal in not wounded when u woman failti
in worldly wmdom ; hut if in grace, in
tact, iu Hcntimeut, in delicacy, 111 kind
Hohn, hIio would ho found wanting, ho ro
cuivos an inwurd hurt (Jail Jltimilton.
l'nir-IVouiit (.IrlM.
A young man who luw ovidently got
0110 on hin hiuidn wrihm im followa con
cerniug img-uoHod gil'lH : Any girl in tho
wiilo world can have rt Hiiuh homo with
out any trouble ut nil, hut not 01111 girl
in ll),t)(l(),OIH) nttiiimi to tho ruviHliiiig
deleetiihility of it dour littlo pug, Thoro
nro iiiconsideruto uuperllciul oliHervem
who aver Mutt hiiiiIih und imgH uro very
much tho Hiimu thing, Tlim i uliHiird.
It would ho as rational to iiHHcrt tho
identity of 0110 of Camoenn' dainty
HhepherdcHHOH nud a rcHpectalilo hut uu
intcivHting colored wiiMlierwoiniui.
Tim pug-iKwed gill m a diHtjuc.t typo,
mid nho known it. l'lmHeHMing it pug
in wo, who poHend08 certain privileges
find immunities to which no other mvrt
of noHcd girl can lay claim. Occupy,
ing 1I10 peculiar iitnl elevated posilioii,
riho is at onco fancinating ami linrrow
ing. With her iioko, hy right divino,
gin's a rosehud mouth that anybody can
hco at half a glance wn.sinado principiilly
for kiHi.ing. Nobody ever dreams of
kissing lipH which have a long J Ionian
lioHOHtiiiuliiig Hontiiiel over thorn, lint
(ho pug-noned girl's lips nro not guarded
nt nil ; on tho contrary, tliey uro most
temptingly nccoBHiblo. And when hIio
HiuilcH and Him has a great way
'of Hiniling, tho dear thing; and
her iioko sympathizes with tho
muscular movement and tips it-
Holt a littlo higher, it scorns jiiRt liko a
, formal invitation. That in tho fascinat
ing part of tho performance Tho har
rowing part of it is when, encouraged hy
whutHocmsto ho bo oncourngiug, you
try to ncecpt tho invitation and ilnd
that hIio is not that sort of a pug-nosed
girl nt nil I It is a dimmd buHincns, this,
when tho pug-noHod irl is jiut to tho
test of actual kiHHing and lior rosebud
moulh is proved to ho hut a dehimon
mid a siiaro. Tho littlo ray of hopo that
llliiminoH the gloomy horizon iindor
thono meliinclioly circuiiiRtnnees is that
huccchs cuii ho coinpiissfld by trying
rgnin. For, whilo hIio is known all too
well to ho a mettlesome, nniuiinngnithlo
littlo body, thoro nro facts rooordud con
corning tho pug-noHod girl which prove
Hint hIio i'h not purHistontly and irrevoc
ably cruel. In a moment of contrition,
herself sorrowing because of the sorrow
whioh sho hnd caused, alio has boon
known to pucker her protty lips as tliey
onghttobopuckorod, and so to yield
them allies to tho invitation extended
by her nngolio, unproteoting boho. Hu
manity is Htrongthouod and stayod in this
sorrowing world by the fact that tho
png-noseit girl lives in it. Sho may bo,
indeed slio is at timos, rasping ; but in
tho long run she is a soureo of exceed
ing unuur. uigui-rmuaou, nttlo-know-
ing folk may rail nt lior uoso and nfllrrn
thut no ehnrm whntcvor appertains to
its puggiHhnoss. Uut the wiso are not
swayed from their wisdom by the pntte r
of fools, and thoso philosophers whose
Hold of study is the world know that the
pug-nosod girl is a dolioious ethnologio
AVomon Who Vm Ilnvolvon.
Few people have any idea of the num
ber of wonionwho own and Bomotimcg
. carry rovolvors. Homo ladies indulge in
pistol practice in thoir homos, using re
volvers of small caliber and popping at
Bheot-iron targets with blank oartridgos.
The wives ot traveling men, who are ab
sent from homo sometimes a month and
perhaps three months at a titno, are
also, as a rule, provided with trust
worthy revolvers for the protection of
thoir homos and persons. One lady,
whose husband is away for long periods,
not only has a revolver decorating her
bureau top alongsido of hor toilet-set.
but curries a small 22-calibor "pop"
hardly big enough to shoot a pea-holo
through pasteboard, against tho top but
ton of her corset.
Actresses uro seen to havo a particu
lar penchant for pretty and gloaming
pistols. Tho fact will bo recalled that
when a well-known newspaper man
went to interview tho Polish artinto
Modjcnkit ut tho Jjindell during her first
engagement here, ho interrupted her
while sho was indulging in the pleasing
but perilous pastime of tiring bullets
into tho door of her room. Mrs. Hcott
Hiddoim, whilo hero lust Benson with
Hurry riitrgont, went 0110 day into a
Fifth street shooting-gallery, und made
a score with a swinging target and in
knocking clay pipes to pieces that would
havo caused Wild Bill to ecstatically
wave his wide-rimmed hat and flowing
locks whilo ho spun around iu a wild
dunco of delight.
Coming back again to people in pri
vate life, it may bo mentioned that tho
wifo of a prominent Judge is so good a
shot with the shot-gun and small arms
that, when hIio wants a pair of chickens
for u meal, hIio takes her gun or revolver
and, going out in tho yard, shoots tho
chickens' heads off nt twenty yards,
" How do women handle revolvers?"
the reporter asked of a clerk iu a lire
arum store
" Kome of thrnn hnndlo them its well
as anybody could, . Jhit others take hold
of them cautiously, and do not know the
barrel from the butt end. In the sum
mer, when onr patrons from Arizouaand
Now Mexico anil those regions come in,
tho merchants are itccomitunied by their
wives, and tho women handle tho re
volvers just as easily und grncefully us
any man could."
The clerk showed the reporter a col
lection of revolvers, und pointed out tho
"bull dog" pattern of small livc-Hlioot-ers,
with mlvor platings ami ivory han
dles us liio Htylo most directed by women.
They cost?!) und fit). Double dirks,
with while bono handles and two nud a
half inch blades, were ulso pointed out
ns weapons purchased and carried by
women, hut, ho s.iid, not nearly ho many
dirks w -re sold us revolvers. A, .unit
Hi JHttiltrll.lt.
How Henry
(lay I'lcpnipil
When ho deemed it necessary lo male
an ari'iimentative speech, or what is
I generally culled a set speech, ho hud his
1 books piled into a carriage, und with his
nervnui weiu jitsi over mo Maryland mm
to tho plantation of Hon. Charles H.
Calvert, and there remained in privney
until ho was ready to address tho Hemito.
Mr, Calvert wns 0110 of the wealthiest
men and leading agriculturists in tho
Htato of Maryland. Mr. Clay's room
was iijmiii the ground floor upon tho back
nido of tho house, ami opened upon n
largo portico from which thoro was
nmgnihceiit scenery, ns attractive n
place ns n retired ntatrsnmn could desire,
nud the freedom of the plantation was
his, with nil its numerous servants, com
ing and going, arriving and returning,
ns ho pleased. Mr. Clay's room there
gives uotorii-ty to tho establishment to
this day. Tow strangers ut Washington
in tho Hummer time fail to visit it. 1 1 has
ever been the object ot Mm proprietors
to keep tho room ns ho left it. There
nro Iuh casy-ehair, dressing-gowns nud
slippers, lint bis set or nrgumeiitativo
speeches were not what gave him char
acter. Ho wns not liko Mr, Calhoun,
when lie made an uninterrupted speech
in tho Hcnute, nor liko Webster iu tho
Huprenio Court-room. It wns for his
fore 1 1 hip, or dispututivo talents Mint ho
was distinguished nhovo nil other men.
Although tho Senate and th galleries
would always bo lil led when it was an
nounced thi.t Mr. Clay wns to i-penk, yet
it was always with tho expectation mm
hopo Mint Bomn one would interrupt him
and a grand intellectual spurring exposi
tion would take place,. Of all men whom
I ever hoard I never knew one who could
endure ho much interruption nud discurft
so many side issues nud yet finish Ins
Hpeech with M10 cntiro facts nud tho cn
tiro lino of argument marked out in his
mind from tho beginning, ns Mr. Clay.
Could tho enemies of Mr. Cluy bnvo
formed a combination never to interrupt
him, nor bo interrupted by him, they
would havo deprived him of much of m
Senatorial glory. Tho best speeches of
Calhoun, Wobster und Iieiiton wero well
considered, and read now much as when
delivered. Not ho with Mr. Clay's best
speeches. Thoy wero unpremeditated,
and ns much n surprise to himself ns to
his audience. Shorthand reporting had
not then reached its present condition.
Thus, Clny must suffer with posterity
incapable of hearing tho varied intona
tions of his ever-ploasing voice, or of
seeing his gesticulations, his rising upon
his toes, his stamp of tho foot, his march
down tho aisles until his long fingers
would almost touch tho President's desk,
ami his backward trend to his sent, nil
tho whilo speaking; his shako of tho
head, bin dangling hair, and his audience
in tho galleries rising und leaning over
ns if to catcli every syllable. As nn im
promptu, cnt-nnd-thruHt debater, nlwnys
renuy, never inrown irom 111s guard,
where is your equal of Henry Clay?
Prom a Lcctttre by John Wattworth.
Tho Beggars' Op Pin.
Dr. Swift had boon observing onco to
Mr. Hay what nu odd, pretty sort of
thing a Newgate pastoral might nuiko.
Gay was inclined to try at such a thing
for saino time, but aftownrds thought it
would bo boltor to write a comedy on
the same plan, This wns what gave'riso
to tho " Ueggnrs' Opora." H began on
it, nud when first he mentioned it to
Swift, tho Doctor did not quite liko tho
project. As lie carried it on lie showod
what he wrote
now and then
to both of us; and we
gnve a oorrectiou or a
word or two 01 advice, but it wns
wholly of bis own writing, When it
was done, neither of us thought it would
succeed. Wo showod it to Congrove,
who, aftor rending it over, said: "It
wouid either take grently, or bo damned
ooiifoundly." Wo were all, at tho first
sight of it, in great uncertainty of tho
evont, uu we were muon encouraged by
overhearing the Duke of Argyle, who tut
in the next box to us, say, " It will do
lt must do I I see it in tho eyes of
thorn I" This was a good while before
the first act was over, and so gave ub
rase soon ; for the Duke had a more par
ticular knack than auy one living in dis
covering the taste of the publio. He
UDiio. fie
was quite right in this, as usual; the
good nature of tho audience appeared
atronD-er and strono-r over net, and
and Btronger evory act, and
ended in
a clamor o' applause. i'ope.
Db. IiKNZ, after having journeyed
through Morocco and Timbuotoo, Afri
ca, declares tho Great Suhnra is uoi, a
dosert at all ; at no point is Mioro a de
pression below the lovel of tho sea, as
shown on tho map of certain geog
raphers, and whioh led to wild schemes
of converting the so-culled dosort into a
great inland boo.
Tiro Sides of It.
Some unknown genius has discovered
the following "Itules for Spoiling a Hus
band:" Snarl at him. . .
Find fault with him. '
Keep an untidy honso. ' "
Loss him out of his boots.
Always havo tho lost word.
Jo extra cross on wash day.
Quarrel with him for trifles.
Nevor have his meals ready in time.
- Let him sew tho buttons on bis oliirt.
- l'ay uo attention to household ex
penses. Oivo as much as he can cam in a month
for a new bonnet.
Tell him plainly you havo married him
for a living.
Itiiiso a row if ho dares to bow pious
ant Iv to an old htdy friend.
(Jet everything the womnn noxfc door
gets whether you can afford it or not.
I'rovido any kind of a pick-up din
ner for him when you don't expect
Let it out sometimes when you nro
gixid and mnd Mint you wish you hnd
married some other fellow you used to
go with.
If ho has an extra amount of brain
work and comes home with his nervous
system nil on a stretch don't try to keep
too children quiet. Tell them to make
all tho noise they want to, and their
father is nothing but nn old crosspntch
IIow will this do?
Hnnrl at her.
Muko her elenn houso untidy by your
slovenly habits.
rind fault with iter.
Doss her out of her shoes.
Always have tho hist word.
I5o extra cross w hen sho is harassed bv
tho work ami worry of wash tiny.
yuurrel Willi lier lor tnlles.
Nover bo on timo to your inenls.
Growl when she for trots throu'di a
multiplicity of duties to sew buttoms on
your shirts.
my no attention to providing for tho
household and toll her nothing about its
Spend tho pneo of sovoral new bou
netH for cigars, nnd thon skip tho bon
nets. Toll her plainly you hnvo married her
to do your work.
JliiiHo a row if hIio dnres to bow
pleasantly to nn ohl-timo gentleman
Find never ending fault if hIio hnouens
to want anything she sees tho wouian
next door having.
Ciriimblo when bIio provides a pick-up
Let it out sometimes when you nro
good nnd mad Mint you wish you bad
married some other girl you used to go
If you havo hud a hard day's work in
Iho store or ollice, go homo and let out
your gall 011 this poor woman, who has
baked nnd ironed, and mended, nnd
tended children since sunrise. Don't try
to hold yoiirpeevish disposition in check,
(irowl 11ml fuss mill fame nnd Hnd fun It
with tho littlo parent woman whoso rosy
cheeks you 0110 time kissed, und sworo
by nil that's good that you would lovo
and cherish her throtigh'lifo and denth.
Tho thing is about ns long as broud,
brethren. Jluvktaml Courier.
Loro Making In 1S91.
Wben women ahall haro obtained their IU;hta.
Edwin " lieliovo mo, donrent "
Angelina " Pardon 1110, Edwin, but is
that tho best adjective you can iiko?
Tho word " dearest" implies that I have
cost you a groat deal havo boon very
expensive. Now, when 1 prepared our
settlements with my iiolioitor, I"
Kxpluins tho Law of Ileal nnd Per
sonal Property.
Edwin "Thanks, dnrling, your lecture
has been l li;;lit fill. Hut hoc, the moon
light tinges tho trees without
Angelina " Moonlight? I am glad
you have memtioiied the. moon. Do you
know Mint our plunotury system is '
Exhaustively cnnviisscs tho wholo
system of modern astronomy.
Edwin " Wonderful I I!ut tho night
ingale has begun her sweet singing "
Angelina "lleiilly I That reminds
1110, you told 1110 tho other day that you
knew little or nothing of natural history.
I hnvo nn excellent memory, nnd will re
cite a few chapters of White's ' Sol
hnrno ' to you. Does so.
Edwin, (awaking from his slumber)
"Ah, indeed I 15ut coino, my own
Angelinas " Helovod one, ns nccurney
is to be moroeHtoenied than affection, do
not call 1110 thine. Until I am married
I um 11 fnninn title, nud oven when we
nro united the tendency of modern legis
lation in to separate tho parties. It wns
not bo iu tho past "
(lives a history of tho world from tho
earliest nges.
Edwin (yawning) "Chnrmingl Most
interestitig Sweet Angelina, you speak
ho well, that I should liko to hear your
voice mocking that nightingale. Sing,
darling, sing I
Angelina "I would rather tell you
what I know of thorough bass. Hut
first let me correct you. I can scarcely
rival tho nightingale. Tho human frame
differs materially from tho frames of
birds and animals."
Lectures upon nuntomy in nil its
Edwin (in his sleep) " Cl rand I Very
good I (Waking.) Ah I I must be off I
Farewell, Angelina, tho hours will seem
years when I nni nwny from you."
Angolinn "Thou they should not.
There noed bo uo confusion of timo in
your case, as you nro not about to travel
round the world. Certainly, if you
were, you would ilnd your watch losing
us you moved southward. In connection
with tho Hiibjeet I may eny a littlo about
' time.' You must know, then, that"
Kupidly sketches tho diflerenco of tho
real nnd occlesiaBtical equinox, tho
I Clregonan reform, oto., etc
Edwin (tearing himself away) "Fnro-
, well, dourest I should say own 0110, or
rather femmo sole. Good-by until 1 see
theo ngain."
I Exit to attempt to cscnpo to Amoriea,
to avoid damages for a breach of prom-
iso of niitrriugo.l
i Angelina " Fortunately I have taken
my mouicnl aogreo, nud can road bis
mind liko an open book 1 "
" Exit to her solicitor to ros train him 1
WomonNj Rights Among tlio Holtentols.
Women's rights appeal to bo well as
eertainod and jealously guarded among
tho Khoikhoi. "In their houses tho
woman, or turns, is tho supremo ruler
,l. i , , ; .. . I-'" ' i
JLT r , niuinn at all to say.
nhh,iUo mo tllk? tl10 Proml"
uent. rart ttt lon0 they have not BO
mucu power even as totukoa mouthful
of sour milk out of tho tub without tho
wife's permission. If a man oven should
try to do it Ins nearest fonialo relations
would put a fine on him, consisting in
8owb and sheep, which is to bo added to
tho wife's stock."
A mattko of choice j whether to suffer, un
interruptedly with a cough or to Invent 25 cents
for Dr. Ball's Cough Byrup and ear it .
How Chinamen, Bargain for Wires.
An Australian Chinaman, when anx
ious to have a wifo of his own nation,
Bends a letter to an agent in Hong Kong,
The following is a condensed translation
ot the epistlo :
" I want a wife. She must be a
maiden under twenty years of age, and
must not have loft her father's house.
She must have never read a book, and
her eye-lashes must be half an inch in
length. Her teeth must be as sparkling
as tho pearls of Ceylon. Her breath
must be like unto tho scents of the mag
nificent odor groves of Java, and her
uttiro must be from the silken weavers
of the Ku Li-Ching, which are on tho
banks of the greatest river in the world
tho ever-flowing Yanktse-Kiang,"
The price of a Chmose woman deliv
ered in Sidney is $38, but two Chinese
women only cost ; therefore, the
heathen Chinese import women in
couples. The importer nover sees his
women before they arrive, and then ho
gonerally selects tho best-looking one.
Tho other is shown around to a number
of well-to-do Chinamen, and, after thoy
have inspected her, she is submitted to
what may be called publio auction. At
a recent sale at Sydney a young girl
aged about nineteen was offered, and,
after somo spirited bidding, she was
purchased by wealthy Chinese store,
keeper, whoso place of business is in
one of tho leading towns of New South
Wules, for$12(). Tho melaffcholy aspect
of tho Celestial girl, as she went away
in compuny with tho man who purchased
her, was deplorable to tho lust degree.
North China llerahl.
It's very provoking when the editor
writes it "Meeting of the masses," and
tho compositor, when sotting it up, puts
a space 111 tho wrong place and mukos it
read " Meeting of them asses," A'en
turku Slate Journal
Ita Mar Mill Aamndlnp;.
. In a recont call upon Mr. W. n. Mc
Allister, HUG Front streot, goucrnl ngeut
for tho salo of the Shir Chewing Tobncco,
ho thus Hjioko to one of our reportors :
"I wns tortured with pain from ncuto
rheumatism, and enrod not whether I
livriil ni Aiiul T ti,'n.l T...J..
just two applications of which entirely
cured mo." Aim Frunritn, t(!,il
Vnor. Moos, of neidolberg, found, in
ten nnd a half years, that twenty out of
eighty railroad engineers applied to him
for treatment of affoctions of tho ear.
Ho thinks tho hearing of engineers
should bo tested as carefully as their
Ex-Sanitary Com. Lupus K. Hirhmav,
of Now Orlcnns, was cured of a eevere
attnek of rheiimutism by St. Jacobs Oil,
so wo hco by nn item in tho Columbus
(Gu.) J-.'ii'jitirer-Sun.
An agricultural writer says: "Howi
seldom pay expenses after thoy nro 3
years old." When they are 3, and be
fore lo; ing their teeth, thoy should be
converted into spring chickens and sold
to Homo tough restaurant-keeper.
7 ''way uttn.
Trip. World's Pinpuimary and Invalids' Hotel,
at Isiirfalo, N. Y., destroyed by tiro a yoar ago,
h rolnillt and full of intnmtn. For "Invalid's
O.udo llnok," (,'ivmg particulars aadtnrmaof
In iitiu' iit, addniHH, with two Htainpn, Wom.n'a
N. Y.
Romp, poet says "holy minds in
liealthy bodies live." Yes, oh, yes ; now
ivo know what makes tho lusty Sitting
Hull, who never hnd nn ncho nor a pniu
in bis life, nnd sucli a meek and lowly
minded skin full of holiness! That's
In; t about ns much ns the poet's know
ibout sucli things. Jluw.cyc.
'onll HnrUljr Klnnd on Ilfr I'eot.
It. Y. l'ii:noE(M.D.,Biifralo,N.Y.! Dear Sir
I must toll yon what your modicum ban dono
fur iuh. Jloforo taking your " Favorite Pro
scription 1 coma nanny stand ou my root, but,
by following your advieo, I am perfectly cured.
The "Favorito Prescription" is a wonderful
medicine for debilitated and norvoua females.
I cannot oxpress how thankful I am to you for
your auvioe. lours only,
Mas. ConsKi.iA Allison, Foosta, la.
Most of tho ndvocates of cremation
nro people over whom it would be Use
less to erect a monument, and their ashes
may possibly do somo littlo good in tho
"Thplr viiiiltnn Unite."
It. V. Pinion, M.I)., Buffalo, N.Y.i IwaHat
t ickod with contention of the hlngs, soreness
over 1110 11 ver, auvcru pam 111 tho joints, a burning
fevur, ami general giving away of tho wholo sys
tem, raiting in mm rimer 111 romeinea prescribed.
I tried your "(ioldon Medical Discovery." It
elleeted my ontire euro. Your niodioines have
only to lie lined to lio appreciated. If overy
fuiuily would gve them a trial, nhio-toiiths of
1110 doctors would, idle t) lie!lo, timl llieir ocoa
nation gone. Yuan, t.inv.
h. IS. McMillan, M. 1)., Brecsport, N. t.
Op papkb mills tho United States has
nearly 50 per cent, mnro limn nmr !,.
country iu tho world, and what is more
we eoiiHtimo about ai muoh pnpor as tho
UllllS lUll&U.
Free onre more.
Iticiisiosn. Va.. Jan. 81. 1RR1
II. II. WAnxKit A Co.: ,S'ii- For five years I
siilTo'-oJ from kidney affections. Your Hafo
money win uvor uuro flood me from pain,
.u.-w.t.u ".j uuou uuu murouguiy cured me.
F. B. MoCoe.
Tiihf.r peoplo can keop a secret when
two ot them are Ucau.
HnrFmiRRH from Constipation Bhould make
one uiai 01 lYicauy-wort aud be cured.
A i."i i.e. ct Jiueilliuuq UHll OHiy 1)6 110-
ciueii ny ineir conduct.
Kidney Dlaraac.
Pain. Irritation. Retention. Innnnll
I Deposits, Gravel, etc.. cured by" Buchupaiba,"
ii. .iuiiu tui iiauipiuub to rj. o. WKLL8, Jersey
Fo dyspepsia, lndigostlcn, depression of
awrits and general debility, in their varinn.
forma j also aa a preventative against fever and
ague and other intermittent fevors, the "Ferro
l'hosphorated Elixir of Calisava," mado by
Onswoll, Hazard A Co., New York, and sold by
all Druggists, ii the beat tonio ; and for pationli
recovering from farer or other sickness, it has
B"5!K6;,;i fCo.-- i Cl il.il '.,h I..
;SdfjW ,"I'N. iia.Tl!llriimi
lr. NIonlc'K I'nunln
Cure" nil Female PiseuseslCiilnrged S
l ie. j ne ueai r cmiue nil in Hie world.
in per nox. I will nlio sendmv Ch
l.l vtr I'm I vni.li ll I ti..
Viirr:iiilcl to cure chills in lifteen minute
- - , ,,j stum, jimmBn
! tsTOl'TR, Oxford, Miss. .
I lima I liif It oil A Hilmiiin Im
PPSSPlM iipnovr.n moot nF.rn.
a ? ?V 8!4"'- I'M1" """ 0 lallaiuofi
! t?iliU99 4lii-lnii..wtiA,U.nn.. iharklln.ltn.
ir-in b.ra Auk Timr druKKOt. or iini bt mall
. f . IlinD.?, 4H D. Vtla, AT., I'DiUUt.
By 1. M. WOOLI.BT, Al
1- IU!lhl !'
iltfc glvaa, a rtftrcnot
laatir.lBttUauaad rhfa
KIui.Sm ttt bank M
Taa ! ItoOa".
tAmwen a co., p. a box 1867, Denver, colo.
' l" Siimm 4 c... rarllanJ,
an fr
That nature tares fur und entertains her
own bus become nn it lublislii'd hat to u
i obtervers. Wl a dues not love the sound ol
tno brigiitly scniniiniuig "
hiililng from t'iO iliiiboreH,'cnt
M ii.us tliey brenk against the rocks
ill the fiiniiuernlgbl until Nuturu
hcelf, wini y of (be operation,
turns Iho hiniiiiHiig Kiirf inwards
llio oi.pi,stte hlinre, iciiviiik
Urnmliil soinelmilly-iniitllntcil
mull, which wanders solemnly
on, lSolii in Inn fili-
ion llli all Its
worldly fctorc ii ii
1t Imi'lf. (Ill the
11 'ii.ff&ZJ'' ,,wwh may !
"u1M, '"""d "iir crusts-
'S5' 'VH!r (viiii cdlllo-thn
-1jS m cmb-wbofe cblel
CyfOfJ'h t:u,ivy for exist-
InK nt nil fei'ins lo
to be Its liMlllv to
fiirnlslnuli'li clnblo
lneiil to rortiituili)
bipods. Tho crnbtielni! covered wllh n bnnl, lui
pnieiriil.il shell, It is nut easy to niolnst or muke
lilin iilriild; then-lore lie wukcs virlii his wiitcry
world niieeiisliiKiy when once iittiicked. Althoiixh
llnv, l,e iv aunt be said to be devoid of underslnnd
In;;, hiivln ten les ton islst his locomotion; Ihls,
however, iivull'i blin Utile, for, whc:i conipicred,
he nicer Imiii.. bis buck to bis eni-tny, stitrlinir
Into ii bold riui.b'il.likeiiiiii.v pollilcliuiK during
eleelliin time, allp.4 nil' sldi vvnys. 'rhcfecnincsii
time In the life of this piimiiudoiisfi-lliiW win u Hie
yean brim; lilin more bnne iitnl niihrlc ll:nti he
eiiu di-i'i-c of with mnil'ict, und be I'md-i him
self in ii verv IWit i!iii c; Ills fli'i"s plueli him
nnd be b.'i.'ius In f-hIIxo the prneileiil.ility ol' iii
iilylni; In 1 1. line .Suture I' .r inure room or u Ihhim)
Iu 'iMiin! .u lo b!s increiisiui; size. .Nuturo
slowly riv p'l ids to the enll; but In her own c,oud
lime pr.ivbie.; a new In nic, h tl'nt the cnti p
l.risiii',- little i .-eiitine iloes nut wuuder iilmtit
leiiiiele-M, but Is pnvided for nii'.t'.blv, us wus the
old siiilur, wl.o iroipci Mm rlicinmitlm iinrl
erabbeilnesn when be implied the limit Herman
Hetneily, M. Jai'oih Oil.. This lust, however,
limy koiiihI nitberllsliy to llio slnptlcid reader,
nnd losiieli we would reply In hiiiunncetoo plnin
1 1 be mlsiiiiilerntuiid In wonts lllii-lnillni; fuels
Pint even Hie waves n' time ciiiinol wu-h nwny
or seuly enliliels iilleet. St. .Iai oiis (ill. to duv
bus n nilereil the live nnd homes of niyrlinls of
Mi'lerers liri'.'liter tliuii ever the electric liu'lit cnn.
which people p:i use to iiihiii re ii Inni; (he wn y. Sllll
Inure 1 upiilly serrnl IIiiiii the old hiilnr wns nn
hiViilid, who wrote Ihusioiiicrniiig bis cute:
Accept a tnoii nnd Ihiinks for that 'golden
remedy." I MiH'ered for iiinny yenrs wllh rlit-u-imi'.ic
;:iin hi my llnibs. My b i;s were dnuni
liwlber, nnd people culled inc " Crooked lliier-
tel,' 1 ii-eil Sr. .Iai oiis (in. iiml vus roreil, mid
iww feel mi will Unit I think I i .,uM ilmiee. us In
my yolim; iliiy.s. John IIaiu.TI.I. inmnul, ill.
Q l;l.t-i.(,lta
i rim
Tim (i-cKt itij emnnLitetl, niir.'rloi( rrom lyi''p'i
mlfp'stiaii In miy form, ore n'lvmcl, for the nnUn of ihei I
own lolily an'l iiicntal oomfnil, to try HuMftifi' Stns.
rh Uiti. if . Lxdios of Hit' moil ilell. aU ci)titutii tt
tifv In ill )iariiih?Dr(ivsi ntiU lis ic-tt-irnlvo piufwtii-
I'liVKlrinii ffciynlur , d'fjpinti-ii wllh lha avl'iU'trFin
lil'nrs of coruiiKircf, toicub ll u tlx lafwit utiJ tauti
mlinbUof ill ttt oi nielli!.
lot i:te l nil firniHli au4 Ienli
WBdr If j..tl Liilurix.l irx.tuticn. Ou'i1
bft'U or to THSi kr.V S I Hl.Va I II l,N ti J
Til llirtt Bpt,ish ilia rf "Inch ! I
F.ULMI. Hfi..lUNI.Y MX CaCNl" lo Hr.
VlliOll 1 t ll II ".III in,hff 1JU t I h
IM., tlJt .til l, Uo4l, Hut, of
"rm i"'"ni iiiiiMim um hum nmn iyn
i A SM M l M A vvw. j
f finr.ii Ait hum i'urc i.rr faV to y.v im- j
ww..:v rwtiV in tarn worn vibm, nunrM omiorv
m fla. J I
ml, Minn.
0 i t . (1 a.l fm, jUn ftp i ni il Stnii:'i t
fl iir'roK Ha R HiJHI.tTMA.'l, Hi
cAespMl. Illna
'iraudnricllal baa. TUt AUU'UAN ATAVLOK UU..aUnau.ld.U.
Prv (rrk can ba niada In any iochiiit.
(u'fil tiiiln.tliniK t-tituelr n.w for ampuls. S-1
..in 1U ii... J. tV.INUKAII.ln it Co ,I1"-imi,M
A Treatise nn llieir
lirritvrurnNr.N T l'l'.lili. Im. J.l).
HoirUA.N.r.O.IioI lM,'-bli-''i:u,Jll.
New Edition, 118,000 Words,
( 11000 more tlmn nnyoilier Enellxb Dictionary,)
Tour Pages Colored Plates, M00O
Engravings, (nearly throe time the number
In any other l'ict'y,) nlso contains n BiORrnph"
leal Dictionary pivinp brief iinporinnt luetu
concerninn over 9700 noted portions.
Reenrnmended by Smte Hupt's of Ivliieution Id
36 Slates, nnd by '50 ('olleRO I'residonis.
O.&C. MERRIAM 4 CO., Pub'rs. SprinKQeld. Moss.
Hen'tb, T'lousure, Comfort.
Ho for the M mntnina of Viruiuin. Prices
o suit the limes. I-'iue Mo tieiual Waters.
For I'irculiirs iddrets
Jtosnrk', Va.
Jli'.n. nn'1'l'J. or IMioimilp Ktaiirlhand.
in,..,"",' ""'"V" ,'' "'!'' '''"'"d'aphio al.,l,,,i ud
D. R. (!. Wiut'i Naara ins Baail TmiatTr- a
aiiM'ina lor lljaterla, Duiln.u, Conrulaloni, K.reoui
llciiilad,,, Moiiial Imiiroaalon, bo of ll.moiy, IToma.
nir. old Ar, canned
.ijr oe.r-ei.rtlon, wbich Uaila ta
lieu i. cutilalna on. month', tt.atmeol. On. dollar
... n hi inn.. ior nf. aooara; i.ul oj mall prepaid oa
m-aljil of iirlc. W. iiinranta. ili boa., lo cur. am
oia. lili Bch onlor recelred by ua for .Ii hmea, a
mmipanM wllh D. dollnra, w will Mud tin pur
nil hit our wrlll.n iii.rante. lo r.turn tha monei If the
lienliiiiMit do. not Slol a cur.. Ouaranlae. laiued onlt
"J . J. I.UII.. d lmrlnion, . C Ord.ra b,
nail promptly att.nded lo. '
2 1 U I .' "".V? a. T.rauul i .,,t(n
Alt) Irao. Add u. . liutTT 0., r.rllui.l
il ' 'ri!"-loi u die world; t-annj.i ,.
I Addnaa Jut Br.n..n, pi-troll. il,h.
lal'lu. oriliui.r,
Cataloeu.aud aainpleirrii. &
a. W. H. FAT, Oamdaa, H J. S
Atlnnl.i, (lu, One of fio best nnctirii
1vna In tlio .jnti v. v:ir- utirj in,,.lit iHitt
,!t i-'i .-. '-V-.'-'y -I
An KuillJO V.nrlntry Buruon ami l 'lirniul, n"
. i.i. Mimirt ,tn iimi mosv or i nn UUri. ii
rf.V.T" J. "A". . ",j ,:;. ... .nhl.il trull. H nil
v.ii r"w,.i" i, n j ... .K.nl.il.l tun
md lmm.ii.i-lr Mluabla. Notlilii on .arlh will mk
beui 1st lika tfh.rldan'a Coiidilion Poii.. Imm, "'
l,,,,,,,,,;,;,.! to on. .iul of food. Sold
win bj mail for S Uliar tfmfn. I. S. JOUNaON A to.,
.. . ' .1 ..i. it. ........ M..
UIMlllD, M., luiui.n
P!iiiir. hoallhy arp'llta, Hood dljullon, R"J',,'f."
llm bnwels. A rsKi'iooi oof to l.SLlcTa ri.,
eiotlui.ii iidbnirlii;!lliinrniJlem. and nil nor
,J It 1. In e.n i lib., ol III. b..ly. iold by 1WJU.
Fi.r I'liiiM.lilels aildrm I'. 0. Bol SM, N, V. dir.
Kinbre'i. lull and anlli.oUo accouul. of ") ii.li.it
af suci.iil and modem llm.., and ineluduia a hlalorr m
tli. ria. and (all ol Ih. Oik and Roman Emplraa, Hit
uddl. , Ih. eruaad.a, Hi. f.udal a'al.in, lb. t.furma,
liou, III. diaouf.rf aud ..lll.m.tit ol tba Hw World,
Iiooiiiliu7 s hlilorlosl .nra?ln. a.d UIM
Bioat coinpl.l. Illilor J of lb. World ar.r publlabtd. S.ad
for .naoimen tiayaa ami .lira l.rina lo As.nU.
Adlr.aa XaTiosal. I'P.i.naia. Co., Allanlt, Oa.
Will Rot valiinlils information 1 HICK
1 teuding far circular to K. lutliuti:, Huron, AUi.
I aaafk n..t warl I. Hi. v. K he (h. aay
5lWeBIS I AIlUIAtiKCO., la'll.
Hajhfo. l.rriwr uoes. i.i.u.b. ibi.
To come before the
jmblic with an absolute
euro for drunkenness, or
a specific to remove the
desire for alcoholic stim
ulants, seems to many,
we have no doubt, an
absurdity; such is the
case, nevertheless, and
before offering our medi
cine to the public wc
thoroughly convinced
ourselves by actual ex
periment that it would
do all we claim for it.
I'.riivn's Iron Hittkrs,
a o m U to nonalcoholic
tunic, will not only remove
nli the nervous disorders and
weakness remaining after ex
cessive indulgi'iic: caused by
liquor, but wilt absolutely
kill that desire for artificial
stimulants that every intem
perate man feels driving
him to ruin.
is also a rea lkablc and
rrustwor;- . remedy
(having ti'e confidence
of the mrr'ical profes
sion) for i dyspepsia, In
digestion, and all disor-
ders of the nerves, mus
cles, and digestive or
gans. As a spring tonic
fcv. ladies, children, and
a'l lliatneed ncwlifeand
ri-.-h blood, it is without
an equal. Price $ i .00 a
bottle. Get the genuine.
livriil v-tlv vpihw lii 1 1 ! n.i. Iii..t n.ii'.i. c
:i-.,Mi.r.Mi..i i ii.ii; u-iit lit. ma 11 1 Lit
llios- IiimciIim.i. In ii.niy um ol NiTvoua I'riwlruilnn. Knialn Dlii'iiH'a. I VMii'iir.,i. mill an Im-JiKVe-rl-jluMl
in.rltl,iM of lln- hlinnl, Ilils n-.-rlf:.s rvliu ilv lum. In my hnmla. minlo wnni! iviiniii'inili'liiTI.
' nfs thut Han' ImIIIi'iI sniuo ol 1110. 1 i iiiliimii phvn'li luiis him- vb l'loil lo llil i ;mit -nil Inriiiupar-
ahli' 11 lui ily. I lu-wrllw II In pri'iVr ,. 1,, miy Iron iiii tiioutli.li uiiKti-, In lin t. Hiu-ll n i'oiuK,Uud
lis IJII. ll.ur.KU S HON Tumc Is ii ni ivlly III my pfiullic. ). li'llll.lil t-A.MI'KI.S,
r I'. I.iil'in Mr, v'nv n.:,i, wo 'ilrii U'..kli A.enna.
( firiM ,(,. ) ihrMumlA
litttitml hrnlthftil Inn,- to
Mir if.i.vfi'fi ni'fniM mill I
mrrm'.i stflrm.,,,1,1;;,,,,
it ttplU;,l,l,' to (.'cii,-,.,,,
IMillihi, l.nan of Alir-
titr. VrontrotloH of Vital I
I'owrrx inni linpolmrvj
U "iri. '.VI it.--. : - I tl HIIU W.k I llllVU III H..'.rU. lrjt ...l
"TV llilH4t.
"I ill my 1 1 w ii
m-V.'tT"1 "i Mh.kJmrk!,l,,,i'
I. i. .1 ; .'.. . """'
"lOa lf3H niilkduSEUUD StiadilV. A"1,"110 wlwlakr. minirfii.rai K,..,l,l, m.kii f IKM. anJj
& ,, wmkl'u ll,,, 11,11, m.. " .'!""''' 1".""r """""l "I''O w. caniinl p.il.ll.ll lellera lr'
?; ,, , , V- V. " . r ' . " , K T." '"S "" "'"" "! 'I'" "lne. and nr., liiir ai inpl f many r
" ni ,"...r o I ,. i m I m.r;V i ,!r' ''V'111'''1"''1 New York wrh.!--Ve.t.,Uy I ei-.in-l n very I't
k-'lllltkl' 'IViai'll u ll If l.L-vru U' f i. .1 ' V """.""alUMI wr lllflM II 1 1 WUFR HI I HI llllrlill
'. d .lim'l omnlllli l-T. i l' a',, ,''""',"ll 'tIlwn. ItriilH lAlnll.v pnhllcHl lull. Tit K ll.LI'KTKlTKIi KAJIIl.vllllHJl.ri
, lllnit ' .1 oil ftiiiill v i,iii'j 1,'iiH n lo i' , J "'',10' Tur"'al a four. The Horahl I. ll,u Unreal and m,l elenanlljl
6 r . h ,, ,, ; i h"".M ii JIT ! ; '"' "''""vwaaya anyl l.li.K t" Uu. eonlrarjr Innke. .lalemenl. I are af
l.:.s.,"il 12 lll'OTTiei-i ivi. I.', i-.. .J. il. .7 ..
rlm iirti,.,, "l!ii"n-T.n-hm,.i m JIil. ' "IJ'
c.iticnti''i'.-tr iht.ira t.nHiii.i...t t .h .-..i.u.,ir V
r.ni'TriT. i'i1inr..,. i , ; ,M1,::M
iilwHlaoflliii U liriMllllllll elm.in,,. ,.l. .f ,
"f premium elimin.ia, aitirifln eo ,iea of the
ii iii T i id . Ml auhacrliillon Mala. luMniellon. tor wnrkliwln Ilie moat aim-e-!,
fcVio r Im ",, S -V",' ", "I'P'duted by u a. airent. Till. I.rire. exiK.ii.lve Oultil l.(j
culial S,I l " ? "in i I, ,m J ,l ;. ''!"'. ' '. 'Wn""r" nrdi'iinir It, who do Hot mrm, bu.llie... e re.,iir
"...",....''"" ." rUr "" .' nrdeml, whlrh linrely pava for I he i.,.,ki,,,r .,,,1 .,.,..., i n,ii, n.rlf.il!
...... .
,'fiirniKli Ireo. A liirtlier aiifeir nan i w i.,,. IrJ
Z t wZS?!Z See,,1;: "'S.-.""."""
"imiiinvliiHCiiiiuiinn letter ll o hV . ....11V...1 ..J ,e 17 ,'nl"'"roiy, anil It la Heal lo amid annul aoni.j
ftl lie money .ent I ii ' iHmt.m i d o,. Si I TO',. 1"""." any loi ulity than wc need to do Ilie work"
irelim, llieA" "m""1 ",' "ce.and llio Oulllla are olcour.o not aent. We. W
Sail r,.,1'e,'i, or ,n , TlS i " 1n",'V '"'Ti'o v" '""'""'a; Um Oulllr. I. not .iitMed .111, J !
S AuKKTsHusiiucr ti I Si,?.. V, " i . ".' 'f. ..u"J,,",lrll,'J; N". lHllee.ll .re more than ntiaiTed. .HI
A'dimniiK tlio iiuiinmiilli llhi.i . i ., ,. ..; .,.; , " ami roceiveil nu lluttit irooa around from innae lo noan
feluivhur mi Iv i l k -1 ve o'-I'Loo l'l,''"".',t l'""nl";n eliromna; haexplaln. ll.ntlhoa. who mbaerlhe n,.
fi n." Ih.. nu ni ii n "SI 1 1 Tl, ZJl r o " 'I""",1.'"' "ml 12 01 "" thrum... Irec. Then once a week, or a. nllaa
? la r,...,.v,.d "r rw, ,, o '' Li I u "'"'"S'1 K lomnrded to ua; a. n,n a. a 11,1 of anl.rtl.erJ
15 Itlint- lino or her to Ih. inTae r..e li.onV .i "P'ul1 cuniiiioaiorcaon ..il.acr lier, am la ri'0ei.l lor earn.
eoull, rein irly r, r TlK nV, n u " if',""'1'?,' W" ttum '""inienco to .end the paper, to .nl.acrll.cr. al narej
JlntheeuWriher, Co fee h i "on Ih '.''! li n "T", ch'""", dellvew lber
S'nn.l ei.HV. m t , i '.ZL XSZZ lU " ' " 1 ''oetl with tho hil.ineaa l perfeelly rJaiej
0'lillt. fHiMl.nr thnrnKl. Hi" iTt wer.Xra7wir ,,ln.,l"., f l" '" oni"v4- If any thlnir la loat or din!
Jl'Hki,,Ml)niiiiH,,". Sotiiud Zi onrownex.o.e. Ol'll
ftirt, eiu l, one id wli rh la worlji Tc In lii iiu"1 ""' ",,n'"t'l' de.erl,,tlo. t ilu'an U lh.owi,ik.ollily,
6i.i till.-. ll.i,Zffl uiJ u l,1"1tf K,,m to .iiliacrlber.; thmUm wo.ln.ply Vlve ll.elr naiaW
'i'n.winit ihe .Meadow N,vll I'l . i JT-'i'T. """nrj1". "r 'he Mo.uili.ln.. No. 2-The Ll lio tlludent. N H
Si ' I nnd VI I ZZ "'Ko V7t UM H?u il.S.'!!r "SlT11!" "!"" Orlolo. No. 6-The lllue Jay. No. K
rj -r aud Child .V ii-lU ,y I , ,n HrAuiri A"'"U," ?" H"- N'"' ,-TlH' !,a."d
?m i.n.lll. A uoraon can lk ..L. '. '.j ...P"".T " Many people hnvo apare time that they would Ilk. ton mj
Si Hit atone, and 2 Xi.TneM. t'rT.'! "n.?Ji
a khuj aueh iireiit ,v wllhinil Ih. In , J" . . .
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ion. than lll It V. .... .,, ... ...I:.r
ei inaiall llio .noma that are
rlw si. I,, ull
r.. limn I0 It eit, n i,, ... ' ".7, Z V. " "".' coiiaiunr ll a poor day', work wnra
""Id not delay a day f ,r m.w ll'.l . o ' to,I1",l!lnlt .' rf hualne.. a trial. Tho.e who need r"'" 6
I. lor It la likely hat .1 ,Zl"' ? ' P.". "i .d"'?y.1" lo"t' K""1"" ' ' nualn. fr
& in-o win, wnlll ll.u niriroal, ehe.rn.at ami lu... fa...ll .. V ","'"J p'.i.a wniio me Hem la now. n, ---- v
Sure, ever on, will tukitlie 11 ' 3,1 1 'tilt ! el.y. R",llc,'' ln Ainorlca. toretl,.rwllh Ih. Bneal premliim pH'-j
ftln n Idler: Iho... who ,l ... will re 'elve tin, nTmlmn i""" "'" M,,ed on b "r airent .hould .end l no"'
Jlnrly l'r one year nnd three ,' mtt . lomE1"."1 clmm" hy return mall, and will alao receive the paper rep.-,
jSehmmoa and .1 even' n, nher il, ;.eir'' .ml'"r.!t,,,l',l,,?n,M th. aafo dellyoryln rood condition of the pramoui j
tf.o'lr own exptmao.
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ork are l,V.t! , r.""."''t..r"1 llrln"
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thmn ii. n.n " w .
i or
W inlnvur ,.n.ii. 1 1. . - miitv lllllliinifll r Bint v m n Un.ant
l.a,l, no 'worker eon fall in m,
wora, wiiii nn not mako an om.H in,.., .1 J -i,, iiiiiBwni mi una mono Wlmreauililewiinneoui--" .
iwrul men. l,niK, niKkt .the , ,5J S.2 ;7.u."'1 "".'"7.,". "hort-alKhtod. and lack the element, that make
iCn"". :i".tV'i' c"." ""' np their Wn IcSm
and Bir a can work up tr own Ic'lTil..
ilarite m.m of money, for Hmt w k " " .1' ?"?!',''
l'iiih w era. We now SILri m ,u,k"' A "t."
iihiiim (ivor
ftwoaromire have all the aitonla thai we. -Z .miP."y.I" . ner la larre andaure. Now I. the Hn..r'r.
hiolidnet tl.i, ll,e mccMan l
Sr'.W"- A". ent. !,. ,ee,,tV m,..
f.I.rf.vi.f hrvoml ml.inht.
I'onil . donbr. Tlmw, . " : x
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i Hueiiey now can earn In men., n. J ll l.n
to e.. I, . . .'"!m'' pay la alio
fllimikly advlM. Ih. reade? "u wl.S
''jiirencv.t.me., for amm .11 th. leS in., ISljL'i'J
Kioitr. mrllio Held la niilekly filled hr wraona of .n.. .-j L " 'niraKod; auch a chance anthl. never rem"i"ei
rt;i. work (r . ,,, ,',, tSWS!.'iif''f- " take an atrency for the "j
' or what may happen, leader. w,W.hut .K mean, to dn all th.y promla., ,
),l coat, noihiur , ,ry ,h h,ne, there I. noTh2 ClliV "'h.r.ar.dnlnKand what we believe you
t.to AutxTX. and the Inlleit detailed explanation, eo?.!?; . JB ny Wl,h "ph 0a,n aend Pn'"""
Mn Hint nil who go to work will enrr 1" nar mharS? J?indumf Perfaetlr plain every point. We can'J
gnew ...!; r,.,. Prival. term, to aronM , S' nolb. wllllir to wntf our m.mminb,MP,l'i
?P,Mlt ,.. .hereh, ,.,, tlm,."."" n3.y ti,''Aw5 nniT "r the ..ma. but th. be.t way!. If an'?
CUnaeOeCinIIOAWaa. 4 iLLlf A"" Ttnl Co-. Pnbll.hera. Anmata. Mala.,
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s n Ponltlve Cnrn
for oil Iho.c T'.lnOil 1'oiupli.lnt. and Weaken
.ofoiniuou to urbi'.tft-uialeiioBuiMfcta.
It will rum cnllr iy tlio wont form o( Fanailin
plaint., nil orni Ii i troubles, Inflammation and Ci,
tlon. Fni;irK its. HUidMcmrnUi, and tb. nta-.
Bplnal Vra' r.n. and U iinrticulrrly adipUdiri,
Cllflni'n o" .
utr.lll j'r.i'.To and ripcltiimorsfrantliatln.
au efttl ilnpoef development. The tende&eN4
eerous humore tlicro la cliecliod Tery ipetdiiji by Sj
It rerooTi fnlntnemi, flntulonpy, dritroyiall ra
fomtimulanl., nd rcllrvrawcnkwa, oflb.aVit.J
1; e ircr riiwitlpi, Headache", crroui Froxr
:,:V r.' Dtibllil."", Slwiploisncai, DcpnaHoa ut J
r vi!;.l.
flint ftdlnft of Vnrlng dnm, rauslnt pa,t
and haciacho, l iJ-vavi uermaucntly cared b71a
It will nt all IhnJ' Jnd nnilcrallclrcurjnUnoi.MI
harmony Willi t'.a'.awii that rjoirera the Irmaltrnii
For tho euro of KM r CoioiilalnU ot alUar mu
Comnnund Ii iinnuri il.
I.V1)I I- I'lM..!AM'g Vr.GETATIU Mai
I'Ot'NIHa prepared at CJ and tu WirteraAn
Lrnn.MaM. rricetL SlxboUlosfor5. Stntbj
In tho form of nllli, alao in tho form olloatam
rocolpt of price, tl per box for cither. MraPitUa
freelyamweraalllrttoraof Inaulry. Stnillofpn,
let. Address aa above, jurnrion inn iiper,
ho family should bo without LTDIA E. Vimm
1JVLH VIU8. Ihy cure couaUimtlon,
and tomlrtlty of tha lircr. K cent, per box.
, 4ajf- Mold by all Prussian, -St
IIK(ii;'S IMIMIOYK!) liftl t Un SAW Mllli
ilh niilver.nl I4C
Jli-oil. I)i,:il,le ;
Heml fur
l ll!l-lll inn ciilir r rricuoa
61 ":C2l rnd.
Aa It is for all dispones of tho KlOKEYI'
It eleanics tlia nvvtcm of tlia a--tA tvH
tun caiu"S tllO OTQldAil BulTerinff
only tho Tiotims of lUioumatisin cau nsUidi
ot fha worst form, nt .!. .mivOIa A
(have been quickly roliovod, la a auon
t'mrt, i. LiijnooR duv, hold ut uutafji
.auioacniU7maiu Blirlitlriton, VI
D,JA Wn. Il
Our iH-is:rl
F.lvpwof 0'" 3vm
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dun i'Mn
',Vi'4l,ui;ii:iir.to tl.o ki.lin,;. Ilie be
rv-j .i:n;i alter ii.,itii, lis nfe. 1
Mm.iiiiircii iK'iii 111 outlawry, tlic Ft
Iwho 111.nl.' tlipi rfiii.T.:ti mIvj 1'iilj1".
.Ti'".tviiu ol r.uv. CritLfiHl. n. Ait
llMMKtr. Hf il.irs If-. ni.fiii-W-M
I In . tl.-: nniv tnie h, story, llfwirt
IV'iiini if H'l Vjf. Si-t 111c rnlj W
Hfnt. lnrir.-ai lA-itl Cht'HnrtiL
1'IM1..VU1 I'l imu., So. 13.1 toa 41,1 M ,i,iiuiiiiti,0
J?nMla.Hrn Tnirm. Atlnnf. On Twptity-Tlirw.-
Ph..nn Purif ll PIlW makn Net lid
Blond, ami will conipletelr ohauna th. blood la
apur. .vatem in tnrca mopinf. aqt penmn
will taknosa pill each mint Iroml to lnweeiamari
rMtoi.il to aound health. If mob a thing I poeaal
Bold eeon-where or aent bj mall for Inter ataon
I. K. JOIINMON Ai. CO., Ilo.t.n, nana,
rMrtriirir llai'ciri Me.
fA combination of frfl
toxiilrof Iron, fcriirloa)
Ititrkomt l'hoithiti'H1n
11 pnlillnhlf form. J'x
onifi prriHlrotioH oflrtrn
Ititnt will not liliirkrii Uui
I trcthfHo rliitrovtrrhtitof
olhrr iron iirrparrtliont.
iir lu 111 - (iiin'ilrii. itml in nn cxiii'imni'e of
1 ...... 1 1.1 .. . ... 1.1.... .1 ....ii. in, iiiiiTk w'a
- i. ' V..
r.ra1l." A Uilv HL'Hiit nt work In llm Stale nf Mi
"Tlit. llrnt t.-n I.vk I WB ,'tlt," I nuiuu over tw. 1 sw -j
riliyrM fur nir mpr. I iwiir h miIiH'-wt W
"""'iifi'ti uru coiiMiHiniy voiniiitc to im. All wtuM'iicup-
iiii oier lloroioliire llliillirllt o Ollti one mill laranr
"..T".. '; K.cl, of.1,,1.0 chn I.aorlh
'" ''' woritniH in trimn,lhcHc ipiiiiok ar mri "T.,
mn ati.'
Xieruil to nt any liualiieHM. liu Aiiimn i"-n
! ' m l""'.m u HIT! nia iiy niiyj.i i,lini"-. 0
liernld a
,,,.,,, H mr..e Plr ,r ,.X B ,i uir ii iliuii n al'oi" in':
V"" ", I"'1Pl"'l'"iR and potw uloiie; 111 III! Il-eirm
unien, hu (iiioit to aouil u a copv IU tlm lolinmi'KA
Itiitliliilly pnuulae nud neaiimyiiu that 1 orilertli,.
""S t V" iA " fre h- rVl 'l ll 'C
- i" Vf"1"""? l'l.v aaa -IW d.arit.K tre Hti.e. OidoJ
" llm"- "nKAT 1 In "o fine of hilalneaa re "r'
"," " ' Rt for tho Herald. At preaenl Una maj la
"""' an mo nine coiialdur It a iioorday'a work wlu'ii o'".
needed will :... h. i...lmu"
l"r' "phal and rreat tranaaetlon. iv..nyone.. ,0
ordinary labor. Thoso who aecuro airenclos will "nil thai :
"niiimrr iniiur. Thoso w in iieciiro
"? loa. anylhlnr In any event, while, on th. '
bnalueaa. TlierKH no n"
".h?"' 21 ?n'?". "P"I?L"" m.' M.I
ln th hnaln... a trial ITyon wlah to quickly
energy put forth In the rlrht direction will often erW.A.
JTA"".' WntaauppllMwItnaji--.,
kof "'"M to condnet. The fact that nr ona "Tl
eMahlialiml bevond f . jht Wa rlai4
i.i.ui nnn .now It that I. a fact that la eal.i.ii"w .
th.l'nlted Hl.te. and Dnmlnlon of C.nad..j"
Pmllabl. bnalnea. ever pntbefore hlm.lo """V"I
gtwtM'.anUy g-UKM 1H0.X W OllaH, 8.U51I, It
i VArni'wwi! 11, nni .I'l'iaau 1

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