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T f7 -
tkmmh or eintunsi.Mi.
Q'i Inrh mkr n &iits.
One Shiiiiio7T 1 i i I i i I i
Two Wqiuircs, : i i i i i : t
'l'iiri' aq ii ii res, t ; : i i i i
Ono-I'niiriliuoluiuii, I i i i i
, One-half column, i i i i i i
Oiioeoliiinii, i : ; t i i
$1&0II1U0 15 OU
iu uu, lit uu. u ou
IS 00 111) 00 S.'iOU
uo uui i;u uu o oq
40 on tiu mi ki no
till Olll UU Oil! KT, IO
No. 2 Leaves...... 0.15 p.m.
No. 4 " 10.-l.r ii.n.
Xo.O " W.KJu.ni.
No. 1 1.fftVtu.,
No, 3 "
No. 6 "
Niirii Xns. 1, a, :t juiH 4 run daily
0 nun u do nut roil Siinilavs,
L. Y. I'AKK, Agent.
I-1 1 1' .J;-."' .'i , .' .
-.11.fi7 a.m.
.... l.'JO n. in.
7.110 p. in.
Iitmt Cormier Wcil(liiigtoii'n election
liolice, '
Miirriiige in honorable, mys uu old
proverb, but it bringn lots of trouble.
'flio llev. Dr. Howard will preach at
Trinity Clinch Thursday evening next
ut 8 oVlock.
M. C. Forbes, spceiul commissioner,
ndvertiHCH valtiablu lands for mile, f
11 r ml ,..., t "
Cowan Items.
Prof. I5ennic Marshal, who has been
(caching music for the pant year or two
in Tcxarkana, Texas, litis been witli us
for several days.
Jlii-s Mary Finney Scott, of Now Or
loans, is spending (lie Hiinuner in our
town, the guest of her cousins, Mr. tun
Mrs. W. J. Slatler.
Fol'.M). Last Friday night, on High
street, by Prof. A. Jourdan, a gold
bracelet, which the owner can get by
describing it and pitying for this notice
Mr. John ftiininoii has nearly recov
ered his hcullh. He has been out bug
gy riding several times lately. Xo bel
ter man than John Simmons ever lived,
and, while ho is already o;ic of our
nblosl lawyers, if he Keeps his health
he will soon rank second to none in the
Uot mid dry. f Iwrmomcter high up
I ii Ol I u
Foundation of tho nmv school build
ing luid, and work progressing.
Winn iiiipiurcnienii) going on in
. . . ...
warned At the residence of the
inues lather, in Uniiidy county, by U
h. oiniirt, im., j.ir. U. W. l'cnnwn, of
cowan, to AIiss Maltic Kunley. Wu
wish tho happy collide all the lia'pnincss
Huh life nflbrds.
Miirr'ied-At the Christian Church,
in this place, 22,1 inst., hv lie v. Mr.
1-ipscoinli, Mr. George Shook, of Truev
City, to Miss Mary Gilliam, of Scwnnee.
Ihey boarded the first twin for Tracy
City. it '
June 24, 1S82.
7 ...
The change in the Winchester Wool.
en Mills advertisement will be made iu
Mine for our next issue. Mr, Yates, tU
new partner, who is a stirring man, is
overhauling the old machinery and put
ting in new looms.
Fruit Cans !
All kinds, cheap, at J. F. Vuuglmn's
Take I1 BLACK-DRAUGHT" 11ml von will
llcVcr liu biliollH.
At J. M.IIiiti-liins' oi-O.ti. I'liiiliiw.
Fx-(i,iv. Marks was. bevond all
question, the choice of u mainril v of tin!
legates to the late Democratic Con
vention, 'jut he positively declined the
honor, yet raid ho would' work for the
nominee of the Convention. Thntnom
ineo is the gaJlunt Win. 15. Hate.
Land In Franklin County.
According to the lust ar-scssment there
are 3-13,072 acres of land in Franklin
county, divided m follows :
Dist. Mm
1 '
3 """"
n....;.. - "
Dschercl Items.
The platform may not bu nil iMit.
but the candidate is. We accent the
andidato on first principles nnd the
platform as the best we can do.
Miss Ada Pennington, daughter of
Mr. Graves I'eniiington, who had been
nick for several weeks, died last Satur
day morning, and her remains were in
terred Sunday morning. She was a
most estimable young lady. Her pa-j
rents and brothers and sifters have our
Will Burkes, a negro boy, about 10
years of age, burglarized Mr. 11. C.
Handlcy's store last week, nnd carried
oll'a watch nnd chain. Ho traded the
chain to a votinar man in town. Mr. I
Graham Bro.'s nlasteivrs'
sale by G.G. 1'hillii.s.
laths for
From the 17th District.
Wheat harvest is about liver, and the
fanners arc well pleased with the turn
out. Oats lire looking fine, r.nd will be
ready to cut in about ten days.
There is to he a grand pie-'nic and 4th
of July celebration on the (hit at Cha
lybeate Springs. 1- ree to all.
J lie summer sojourners are repairing
their cabins, preparatory to their occu
pancy this summer.
This js about the time of year they
generally make n big blow about build
ing a mammoth hotel, which alwavs
withers and dies at the touch of the first
I frost, only to spring alive again when
tlie mercury ranges about 'Mr.
ft Styx.
1-Vtill Spring, Tenn., June 21, Ws-.
It is just, as necessary when you in-
jstirc your property to be certain you se-
1 leet A food enmnnitv. it t-a t. I,.. w.,..
Sin, Venable saw the chain, and told ; tlli, m, not c j. n ,
the wearer it was very much like one nion Wll slaMer l,,)1.owllts thfi
111 iiiuii a.iiivi-cii.u iiij unt 111 10
.1 1 ir 1 .1 .i I
vuiiiuiu iiiciii, iiini uiKcovei en inai Hie
chain and 11 watcli were missing. The
negro was arrested, nnd the watch re
covered. A trial was had before Esip
Forbes, and Will was sent' down to
111 10 .l(iniviiMr.u v.iii L.l....t.l I..
I .t.... 111 .-ii. 1111 iii.-miiu III,
board at Hotel d'Arledge until Circcuit
Court, when ho will, 110 doubt, be. or
dered to represent Franklin county in
the Tracy City coal mines for a few-years.
Capt. I'ryor N. Harris and wile, of
Galveston, Texas, spent a few days in
our town sineo our last, the guests of
Capt. A. C. riunilce, who is first cousin
to tho Captain, (-apt. Harris is a son
of tho great humorist of by -gone days,
Ccorgc W. Jlari'is, (better known as
Sut Lovengood,) of Knoxville, Tenn.
In the late war he commanded a com
pany in Stnrncs' regiment of cavalry,
and was. known to the members of that
command as Capt Sut Harris. At the
close of tho war he was in command of
McBrido's cavalry, and not being satis
fied with tho terms of surrender between
Lee and Grant, they made their way iu
tD Mexico and joined Maxaniilian's ar
my, where they remained until his
defeat ami (overthrow, when they return
ed to Texas nud settled. Cupt. Harris
and wile will speud tho summer in the
Northern Lake region perhaps in Wisconsin.
Tho Home Journal wishes to employ
someone to write obituitry notices, mar
riage notices; and notices of school ex
aminations. Wo will give such persons
n little help in the lust-uamcd effort. We
will tell hint to reproduce what has
been said for tho last twenty years or
more that "every piece 011 tho pro
gramme was well done, and of each and
nil it might be truthfully said that they
evinced tho most careful nnd conscien
tious tniiding and tho most thorough
teaching." Then a littlo about the
Latin Salutatory, the French Address,
and a lot of stuff to make an outsider
bd ievo the student really knows some
thing of her or his own tongue, and all
will bo well. The graduate ' will go
forth with a diploma and yet not bo
able to cpmpeto with a smart newsboy
of Gvc years' experience.
As to obituary notices, wo must fall
back upon necessity. We cannot afford
to print them unless paid for them just
as the undertaker is paid for his work
In this case we will not care how many
virtues your pen may allow to tho de
parted one. The pay you give us will
make tig oblivious to whether you tell
the truth or not.
As to mnrriaee notices, excuse us if
'ou- add any purloined poetry. Five
lines gratie, unless a large amount of
cako is sent.' :.
HWIWE OF CARDUrmak(m rosy check
fi'l clear coioolexioiiH.
J. yi. iiiiu-hiiia' or ti.u. runup'.
Stated meeting of Cumberland Lodge
No. 158, F. nnd A. M., next Saturday
night, July 1st, 1882.
! Important business. A full attend
ance requested.
liy order of the W. M.
H. II. Drux, S?e,vltrij.
of Uartfiinl;
of Ilailinril;
of Knoxville, Tenn.
Three better Fire Insurance Companies
cannot be found.
v.)ircsi.ntiil hv
Policies issued nt once on nil ordinary
For Congress.
We nrc iinllioiizi il to mmoiioei' A. I.. I.nn
dis,Sr., of Il'jdford coimly, 11s a emiiliilntu for
Congress from this (tliv oth) ('onnsKioinil
Oistriet, composed of the ('.unities of Cannon,
CoU'ee, Kriiiililin, Lincoln, Moore, .Marsloill,
IVsllVinl and ltiitliiTl'oril. Klrctiuit, Tuesday,
Nov. 7th.
We are ntithomid to aniionnee Hun. Ivicli
iird Warner as 11 candidate for re-election to
Congress from thin, the otli, CoiiKiessiuiial
1 have this day closed out my entire inti r
est with the firm of lMichan liros. to hrother
Joe, who will continue the buincss in his own
name. All Who lire indebted to the old linn
will please call and settle at once. Thanking
the public for favors shown us, I am, respeet
fullv, Ac., I'bTKK I.F.N Ell AN.
IVcheril.Tum.. June lit,
M.inniKi). June 22.1, 1882, nt the
residence of the bride's father, near Es
till Springs in this county, by lie v. J.
L. l'ayne, Mr. W. U (Jray to Miss
Dovcy Beaver. Friend Gray ami hh
brido have our best wishes for haniiiness
and prosperity.
Chancery Court is iu session - Judge
Jno. W. llurlon presiding. A number
of prominent lawyers from abroad are
in attendance.
A tribute to the memory of Miss Ada
J -
rellliinton was received too lat fur
this issue. It will appear in our next.
There is an ordinance forbidding the
1 mining nt large of horses nud mules up
on our streets. Why is it not enforced ?
J lie protracted meeting at theC. 1'.
Church is still progressing. We hope
much good will conic from it.
AVe nrc prepared to fill orders for
election tickets with promptness. IW
itively 110 credit.
Uev. W. W. l'inson, former pastor
of the M. E. Chinch here, now station
ed at MoMinnville, is assisting iu the
protruded meeting nt the C. I. Church
Mrs Chan. Coleman and Mrs. James
CamplK ll, of our town, are quite sick,
but we hope they may soon recover.
a no wneat crop 111 tins section is nil
uarvcsteu, ana is now being threshed.
Two I ht'culinra urn .t .
" """on; in litis
ncigiiuorii.Mi. Messrs knights &
Hostick tire running 11 horse-power nml
JSennett, licikens A Co. are running n
steam power. The steam power will
inresn .011 an average about one bushel
tier miniilf! ti. It, ...... ...:o i . .
1 "" "Lion-ii niu nillsli Ills
cr.jji to-uay. wiueh will exceed one
thousand bushels. Wheat, so far a?
threshed, turns out a bout ten biishch
per acre.
l,' 1 .. ..
'. uusy now ntteniJin"
to ineir grain crops.
The weather is exceedingly warm,
and men and stock sailer from 'it
What has become of all the candi
dates '( They must be lie-in;: around in
thecoul places this hot Weather We
have not seen hut ei.e vr two ulimit
Dvckcrd in a v,cek tr so.
Quite a young couple cnlkd upon us
votcrdny, hot as it was, who wished to
be united in wedlock, Ahcr pridueing
tho proper jwjicrs, we jiorfiiriLcd the
coreuiony and sent them on their way
moieni''. ino names of the narl es
Jackson Giinn and Kissiu Iiradt'ord.
J. 10 Democtats here are very much
pleased with the action of the late Con-
veution in the nomination of Gen. Wfn
Ii lhjte 11s our Htaiidani-bearer and can
didate for Governor. X
June 2(ith, 1882.
President Arthur has appointed as
tariff commissioners just such men as
will do the will of the protective monop
olists, nnd there will be 11.) reform of
the tarill'laws.
The widow of the late Capt. James M.
Davis, who was killed near MeMinn
ville a few mouths since, has received
the 614,000 insurance on his life.
Ik Winchester U,
'For Bo Hi Sexes.
All subscribers who see a cross
.1 .... . .....
a xiiinrii on me margin ' ' tiieir
p:r tins week will plcn-i ttinh
Hint motlul in eiliicatiiuiul work. Other
cIiooIm follow, the Normal lends; others
copy, tliu .Normal originates. Many fi iiliirep
can lie lotiml in the hcIno.Ih nnd colleger
ariiiind us borrowed from tln Normal, 'fhc
IiuS.-ted progress of these echcols isstmph
" We manage and tenth very much like tlie
.Normal." l'Acii some old colic en, whose
prn.e heretofore has been their piislii'e, their
age, l!it ir born or experienced tear hers, their
course. e( I.alin mill (uck, show iveintly
great nnxii tv td be thoii;ht "up with the
iiiiies,"tii lie thiiiifil.t in favrr of a more
"practical nluculioii." V.'hat hi'n ciinsi d
Oils great awakening? Whence this new life.
energy and work ? Let tin-truth be sin.kcn-
tnt , -iHof Ihm ntamtnlnt it. We are glad to
note the ndvanee initilc hv our schools, but is
it not I he '-sli-ci-cs: fully "Vor them, while fol
1'iu ing the Normal " alar ofl," In claim ciiutl
itv with her? It is bnth wi,c and mile in
patronize the niMitntioil that lia wroimht in
our iniiNt the ehaiiges of the pa.-t few veurs.
.,,..1 ..1.:.. 1 - ..1.. ' . '
...... , n.i n ii,.i.iiiu,-( s siean progress 111 ine
years lo collie. .Vie A iV tlx I'l Vii-.Vvfri- Aw in, I.
.Hcjuung, curliest aud j.nressive men nud
woiiieii, 1110 nmh: Uwhuij a prfrmnt). As a
ruin college professor arc nut elii-eil fortheir
abiliivto teach. Many worthies t.':ic!."rs,
nun long lines aim 10111I diplonta, llnil ruM-se-aUands.ciirchiding-ilaees
in the id J cof.
h'ges. Such seldi.iu n toi ni- their liubits
prevent progress. Torl,nn ;niy U miule, ns
well as born; need lt be sp. eiali-Hs itol only
in what lltev leach, but nm-UiliU in IV ml i.i
tntrhint. Ill the Normal, loo, is I he fresh in ,s
anil vigor imparteiUo tin- work tiv the slu-
ii iil-t.-aclters. . 1 lie fact that any Hindi ut 111:1
oe called onto drill a il. taeltnn nt from 11
enivs, or conduct lite recitation, or even take
101 a limned nine aciass.mves an itispiraiieii
"r., .inn nrings in iin-woika w 1 1 -propelling
inlltusiasiti iiuhiiown In tin. .,1,1
schools. Tiie sliidelltM thus beeomi -wnrk-
ers wan tlie teachers, ami miiliial heliiers of
one niioihi r in tle ir iiivcstiL'aiiotis. 'l'hose
teaehi is whose com-epiion nf the work is I.,
Keen older, a-sli'll k ssolis. i.ml I i- r. nioi,
iioosin tlu-old way, caniiol iiiideistand this.
inecnil ot all te.-u-lnng is to encoiirige and
stimiilale liKelfaeliv'uv. "All hue eiloca.
in i ..hit mill..,. : -r . - , ; l,...,.l m L, L
.... .Mijyu J1"-'1 opeiidl n nice stock ef Staple and Fancv prv floods, DresH Goods, LnwnM
line (.ooils ami I rinuiiii!, new siyhs in N.ckwcar, ilosierv, (Iiiinorted and Iotmitic.)l
aim nearly cvei-vthiiiK in the Notion Line. .
The only p a,-., in Winchester to get K KICI'S HhJns, Collars, Cufls, Tics and Unibrcllns.
J he only iilace in nil-best, i-1,. ..! II 1 1 M I v. ; 1 1 i i-c 1. 1 (v.... .i ui i
.lppelH. ,V slock hist opeii.d. ( hod st-ek of other ii.nL-, s f Slu-s and ltimkino.
llat- troiiia.Stiison or line Mnni'.ln down. Hals in Fur, Wool nnd Straw ull aged.'
.iiood stoi k of J runts, Valises, tyicenswaro and (iroeeries.
New Champion Harvester nnd Cord Iiindcr
(lies bow-or hard knot), and ninny improve
ments In simplicity and durability.
Also, lite latest Improved Champion Reap
ers and Mowers.
(live us your orders early, so an to be fure
to get one. Coatcs' Ixn-k Lever Hay and
( irain Hakes.
Heavy Hardware and Iron. Slulf n-ml-
tvare and Cutlery. Aviiv torn Chilled IMu-
ami l'iitits, (ienuiiie ami linitntioii lirown
Double Shovels mid I'.lndcK, Averv's Hull-
tongue Stocks, J-eul Cutters, Corn Slx-llers,
lfarroHri, Mitchell Wauoiis. Teimessec U'iil-.
oils, Hubs, Spokes, relloes, llims. Saddles.
I...! It . t t . . ,... . .
oitntes, Harness, ami unite rxwinir I n.
litiex. Agent lol Thiishers and nther Mn
!in.iy. April fnli, 1G82.
1 ill- """ c- " it loticaiioii. i a,. 1,1,1 l eliools call
I'litil!1" ,,,lst' their Min'enls as nsMHiani, bccausi
that it melius Hint v.-, i I -.c !""r '''' I" i la. k -UiJI ui,. il ir ..t k vilol-
Ii.nnr.v ..,l.l..l . . ii'-'. 1 1 "'" ' Is and autiiptat.il
lnone , and that their tune is "out nnd methods, Mi v. il , s vou may, ,-re un-
llllll over, and they 0117, to conic lip "l"al lo this y,-, rk. Tlaycanii .t i-py this
mm pay up, ana continue their county
Non-Resident Notice.
Circuit Court of Franklin
helm dterv it lo tin ir
u nrc 01 (uvseliools
own shame.
1 he teacla rs in the Normal pomss iitdivid-
iiaiuy no linn- work m tin tr own wnv.
Methods i-i.iirtaittly change. The baKtl ptiit
eiphs i.f idiii-alion mid t. a.-hing ate axiotnat
ic and eternal but .-i,,,l 1. ..), ,... .1:11.
j cut luelhods, The same teacher has n varielv
of liielhiuls. '1 be leiieh. is iu lite Ni.rnial are
no iw i.ui(ii(ii-s, out discoverers, originators
doscpli M. Ackleil Vs. K. i Acklen ' '"aslers. instead of servile copyt-ts, ot itiilh-
us. u line leiiciu is lu re are In c lis to Ihi
I inelltods they u;c, vet oiiiMiiitiK is nipiired of
1.) llicsalislai-tlon 1 oieui an -j.v i; im.-r wi.ii-, , it ter i in in. ins
and others.
Johnnie llutchiiis is a gooil chemist,
lll.l ,l l.j.M.n - 1! 1 1.... I Ml
uu 11 m.111 1 ill. in m:iir nveii, Olll lie II ,
never succeed as a tooth-doctor. esnec-!S. 1
In this, eause it app. ai in
of the Court from the
mil, which is sworn to,
bill of
! Mrs. K. 1'. Aekl
llltll tl'.c ijelenil.'lllh:
- Jlagwell an. I wife
that ivid.
that tln'M-
nee geiililily and si.-lndarslup, nor
ami liilily-laiiileil Alma Mateis
VI r 1 Ill-Ill 11 1 ll'l 1(1 Ct i til' :,'i. is enfi
liagwell, J. O, Aekhn, A. Aekkti, ' here si cure to i.-.-njn rs pnsitimi mid charae
Ackleil, K. J. Acklen. Mel-.ldt, tli ! let-. T.whtiA ill the AVu-mn nw,t r.rn.hnv iv.'j
nillv if he talks to all his patients ns he ! ' f ' "i . M . Acklen, ! lea.-iicrs i,..v i.- l oin, but succ.-s is v. i-i,nKl,t.
,. ," .11, i "r,: non-rcnilentsol the Mate of Twincssi e, so ' A"""" wiio.h A.r t'Uihrg tuic twcr.-ittl lw
(lid to US tho other (lay. j ihal the ordinary proees of law e.iniiot be ' 'twin,, it. ' J '
.... ; served upon Iheiu. I
Minnie Doty, the beautiful littlei J' is tii. refute ordend by nn-thai liuhliea- tu a I o fip o r f-r 1 n v
niece of Mrs C 1' 15-iird died l-.st F.-i iV,un ln' ,","lol'"r f",,r 'oncmivew,,Lsi. he . , w ""w . ,
II net. 01 iHS V. I ij.lllil, (lied l.l.-t 1 11- .,.,. ..,.,..., I 1,.:;i.i :,. u- 1.. ..... ! is extensive. HcmI. e am nract en . Sindnits
day. Her remains were taken to Iowa' T im., reoiiiiiiiL' said noii-resid-nt d. leiniintm i:ul i"r" hat sln-v ii,-u, i.nt mu-t d
(her mother's former home,)
for inter- !! "TTr. tl ','
(d 1 he Circuit
Court for l-'ratikliii ciini.lv. :a iln- fiiint-
hoie . in AViii.-hesli-r.Tenii., on lhc lib Mon
day ill July. IhS-'. mid iiinke il.-l'inse I.,
VM ouneriY In., lessees oli'al;I m '"' in- taken h.ri
.... , , i C'liil".--.. d lo l,n
-co penitentiary, have been '.,,,,, h.
Villi, t- 111 v
, 1.
. 1 p .
me lennessee peinieiiiiary, nave been
awarded a contract for GOO wagons for,
the use of the Indian I'lireau. I
il'.U M't
for hearing ex- arte
this June
tliorouvhlr what they attempt. Schools
should l'u for u.-el'ulins- foreilizi n-h',p. Tin
old plan- l-'rcr.huin.n, Suphnniore, junior and
Senior, with live or six studies: for slow nnd
ijilicl; iu the same lime ilo.s not nnet Jhe
demand of the times. Those 'ehmds that i.d
hire to ibis plan eauii. 1 live. '1'hi v may
hoa-'t l ien- h 11 im 1 rt 1 i.l .iimIi.,,1 ,,,..1 '.
Lode's a(f (jaitkmi n :
'Tin with rccrret that I have to idvc Pete up,
but his health demands it, and 1 will continue
the business 111 my own name.
Ion will alwavs hint mc on baud with n.
first-class stock oi Staple lry t lnods, Hard
ware, (iroceries, &ka Ladies' Misses, Chil
dren's and Infants' Shoes and Hosiery, Gent'
Clothing, (all styles-?1.50 to ?30 suits) Hat.
(nobby, straw, Icll, soil all colors; nam
Hats (large nml small sines), Neckwear 2
stvles. all of lx-st make, (tenth1 Alexander
Kids, Keep's Collars, Cull's nml Silk l.'mbrcl-
las, Jewelry good enough lor any may, ana
an excellent line for gentlemen.
Asrcnt for the ChattanooL'a Chilled Plow ;
also, forthe "yuecn Codec l'ot," and Zeigler
Uro.'s celebrated Itoots and Shoes.
My terms will continue the mime CASH.
Thanking you for past favors, with contin
uance of sume I am ever, faithfullv, cie.
.Peohcrd, June. Mlh, 1881!.
Forty years' trial hal proved "BLACK
DRAUGHT" tho best liver niediciuu in
the world.
At J. M. Hutchint,' or G. G. Phillips'. .
Good plasterers' luths for sale by G
G. Phillips.
In compliance with the election laws of
Tennessee, I w ill, on Thursday, the lid day of
August, 1HS2, open and hold iin election at the
regular voting places in each civil district ol
l'l-aiiklin county, for the purpose of electing a
Sherifl, Trustee, County Court Clerk, Circuit
Court Clerk, Kegister, Justices of the Pence
nnd Conslables, and School Director for the
soveraiuiHiriets; nlso to lake the vole upon
1110 fpleslion 01 calling a toilslitutional Con
vent ion.
The following named p.-rsons lire apimint
ed Special Deintiesto hold said election and
nialce due returns nccording to law :
juniUs Iw
I!y 1'iMiik Uuber, 1. C.
1st district 1
f Winchester T.N. Aileihr,.
t Dceher l G. K. Hanks
l!d District.. ;... H.Taylor
!ld District J(e Vnncu'ndl
lib District V. J. Woods
old District J.S. Counts
fall District Hack Gregory
7th District licrrv Kiiuhro
8th District VV T Hart
!lth District George Gibson
101I. Ti:.,i,.:.! Cowan. II. II. Cowan
Kill, D.slnct j (Jrtellh:lw.Kl,0X champion
11th District V..I. Skidmorc
ll!th District.. Win. Gibson, Ksql
i:!'.h District Jaiu.s'esi
I lib District- J. A. Silvertooth
l.'.th District Henry llevil
lfilh Distiiet Linn Crabtree
17th District V. D. Joms
lSth District . - - 15. J. Gillespie
This June iMith, Wi.
jun'-'S-tde Coi-oiier Pranklin Co.
11 1.
100 cords of 4-foot wood at the 'Woolen
Sept. Otli, 1880.; t
Public Sale.
Clem. Arled'e, tidm'r of the eslate of
Jesse Arledoe.dec'd, vs. J. S Counts
and wife, T. X. Arlcdgc et. nls.
Itv virtue of a decree of the County Court
of l-'ranklin enmity, Tenn., pronounced at its
.Mav lenn, lBSa, ill tlie above eause, I
will, ns Special Commissioner, on
Mondny, July 24th, 1882,
nt the Courthouse door in 'Winchester, sell (0
the highest bidder, on a credit of one, two nnd
three years, (except the "sum of ten per cent,
in cash to be paid on day of sale,) the follow
ing described tracts of land, to-wit :
Tract No. 1, known as the Owl Hollow Mill
Tract, situated in civil district No. 1 of said
countv, containing 1J00 acres. The bidding
on this tract to begin ntS'-H.yHJ per acre.
Tract No. 2, being a part of tlie Owl I follow
tract, situated in the same district, containing
l!32 neres, '2 roods and 33 poles. Hidding to
begin at $1.S0 per ac.ro.
Tract No. 3, being apart of the Owl Hollow
tract, situated in same district, containine 113
ncres and S pon s, limiting to ti((,:n at jl.oo
1 ... . . ... ... 1 ... ,
Tract ivo. 4, neuig a pari i owi jiuunw
tract, situated in same district, containing 1C0
acres mid 10-t poles, induing to oegin a.i
SI .50 ncr acre.
Tract No. o, Known as the Asli i.amp 1101
low tract, situated in district No. 10, contain
ing 400 acres and poles, liulding to begin ut
S.UX) per acre.
Trnet iNo. (!, situated near l-arns t iiureti
and ndioininir the lands of Thomas Holt, Ii.
('risman et nls. in district No. 15, containing
179 neres, more or less. ' The bidding on this
tract to begin nt SI. 00 per acre.
A plat, giving boundaries anil full deperip-
tion of CHcii tract, will be exhibited on day of
Two or more good and sufficient securities
will be required of purchaser, and 'u lien re
tained uutd tho'puridiase money Is paid.
Sale within lawful lours.
, : ; M. C. FOKUKS,
.- ' - Special Commissioner.'
Administratoi's Notice.
All paitiisin.h lil. il to the (state of J. W.
Hays, (h e'd, are ivipi . lul 10 pay the same to
mc immediately ; and having claims niralnst
said est :di must iresi nt Ih.-s une to me forth
with. G. A. MAYIIKW, Adm'r,
with w ill 1111m xnl.
Sewance.Tenn., June 21, 1SS2. 4v
Executor's Notice.
All parties indebted to the eslate of Lewis
Anderson, dee'd, hiust make m ttlriin-nt witli
tin undersigned ; and those having claims
.iii.uNsi uieesiiue niiist present the same t. us
lor settlement.
June 21, 1SS2. lru
JULY, im,
At ihe Courthouse door in Winchester,
Tina., I will oiler, at uublic sale, the real es
late In-longing totliedcliniiuint tax-pavers of
1: 1.1: 'V 1 ... .1 t 1
1- t'-oiiiiin eoioiiT, a eiiu., it oesei ijuioil Ol WHICH
real estate can be seen upon 111 v books in mv
ollice. Taxes for 1SS1.
This Mav 31st, 1H.-.2.
It. G. SMITH, Trustee.
Hid r:li
nates, bin these in ihe business of life have
I. .:ini(d thai llair Alma M iter lacks modem
ideas nml does not nuel llio.l' 111 necessities.
II. -uei; III. se representatives fail to send hack
palroiiage, though tin- i:i-tilnli..i be heeuin
j pileously Ion xi-U nce. Such arc living wil
nesses thai tlie lu-hir education of the old
I colli ges is wholly discount ctc.l from the v,oi
01 11, e, aim mat (lie education i-hmvuI in
: l.li.m is a total failure, 'ihey m.w see thai
i lln-"hi(.hi r education" without the foiiiula-
! I ions Wei I laid is indeed a "castle in Ihe air.'
I'l'iioy have learned in Ihe "ileal-school of ex
I inrieinv' Hint to (five one-hall or llirce-
lourllisofnnes H-hool lile to"I.atin iin-l Greek
is a gnat ((luealional waste and mistake;
, iin-y nave learueii inal Head languages are no
loii;;erthe Inundation ol learning; they have
learned to (Win-prwv Ihe stronj; nn,' iiol.le
living laniruages, so l it ii and so full of the
trnihsof seiinee, biisiui ss, govcrninenl anil
reliL'lon, nnd rien ls are eoiislanllv hi aid
from their liis Ihal they spmt so luut hef lift-
in the dead past lo the neglect ol the liviut
knowledge of ihe present. Many st-mihh
men cveiiooiiin me praelicalnlity ol sending
11 nay 10 cto lege, so many and so talal have
Oeen the mistakes of these schools. Often do
we hear it said, "1 he colleges ruin more than
nicy in lor liusiness 1.-." 11 1 .
scheme of iilo.lv. 1 lie i.l.l o.,,, I,,,r ...l I.l. 1,
conceit the old cIiifs-i-ooiu methods nnd their
ei,imiiiuiK processes, the results cannot be
coiiimeiisiiiide with 1 Im wants ef our age
cannot be sati.-fnclory.
1 he course of Hlmlv in the Normal is mod
ern, hut complete and thorough.
has hreu steady and healthv. The followim?
exhibit will show this :
The attendance for 1S7.S-'7(.1 222
" 187'J-';-0 2U.
" " ISSO-'KI 2S3
" 1S.S1-V2 313
will begin Tl'l'.SDAY, Al'Gl'ST 2I, 18S
All -Indents who think of entering then should
scud fur catalogue to get terms, tScc.
Ja.mk.s W. Tr.iiiiiLi.,
S B h
1 1
1 H
5 rt
r- r-n
5 W
rr -i
- cm
r-s CXl
? o o
o o
to o
B o o
(J) II SI.OCK (II .lUOljl.MVl ,r .. ..
( llf1MiJ .1...I 1: -I II -l
4i owuu mm ciiiiuia 1.111 iiti.
II vw I'lvii.i; liiu iiiiidi, liinuu- T
jlRfl ! I !... .1 . . L
ti.ii ioiib, uuu hi, n ieeu iimi .,.;
n initipfitinn
n ' J " J - -Ll
IS!' Ladien' Hats and lionuets fji?
-latest Htvle. iC
g I ecs and t lowers.
Klegant Ilosierv and Kid (iloves.
All the Intent nnd most (Wimble nrti-ch-8
in the Millinery lino.. They ree-
nectfllllv ilivitn thn nttoutinn rf tho ln.
dies of Winchester and vicinity to their
1 1
tock ana pnoosi.
0i l ine Xtra t, Vliirlnitatt, Okla.
' Th tvpft oitji-lilph this iv.urr j rrtntiitl I. '.ftiiii-
V inch est ci-, T'ii nesscc ,
Dealer in and Manufacturer of .
The Queen.
.!- . Tho,. I,. UmnlHiU. Mm. Uuijh II'. Friurll.
IO North Summer Street. .
Nashville, : : : Tennessee.
l'hi Hotel lias reeinllv been entirely re
furnished, nnd is now ren.lv to entt rtnin tran
sient ns well ns permanent boarders. Tran
sient, $l ..10 per day. mayl-tl
Blacksmithing acd Repairing
In theVhop tormer'.v oretiptcd by A. l-"arf-nacht,on
llihst., Vinchester, Tt nn., is pre-,
pared to do nil manner of I'lacksmitliiiu; mid
repairing of mnchini ry. J'lows nindc or
pointed, and horses shod promptly, nnd ier
feet satisfaclion gitiirai.leed. Kijjh teen years'
experience iu the largest cities in the" "old
country." dec"-ly
Winchester, Tenn.
New and elegant Top and No-Top Hupgics,
and iiist-class Harness and Saddle Horses.
Horses hoarded by the year, month or day,
Very low, mid well attended to by faithful
Hacks run niehl and dav from inchcstcr
to Decheid. 1'asseiters called for in nnv nnrt
of town, ami Imgiige checktd.
aprl-lf KI.I.IS PAYS.
Brannan,Hun t &Thompson,
aVttoi'noys at Tjnv,
Winchester, Tenn.
l'raelice iu the Courts of Franklin and r.d-
joinj; counties, and in the Supreme Court nt
.Nashville, rmmpt attention pivvn to all
hiiicssentrusted to them. may20,'S0.
(Successor to Atki isson & AVray,)
ll7niii(-niiif rcfiii ifiir 111 nnd Muniifmtmtr of
Lvuirs ni im itstom hade
Boots, Shoes and Gaiters,
No.'.!'.) North Cherry Street, (Between Church
and I men Streets,)
de.a Nashville, Tenn.
1 have the exclusive viftht for the manu
facture nnd sale, for the counties of Vranklin,
Iineolii, Moore, licdi'ord and C'olVee.of the
best Coll'ec l'ot in existence. Trv one.
At the house latclv occupied by l-'auuing &
Son, i'liblic Sipiare,
, Proposes to furnish, cheap for ca.h, and of
the best brands mil (fiialitv,
Cigars, Tobaccos end Snuff.
His 1'nr will be superintended ly Mr.
Tom. Arlcdge, nnd bo guarnntec that the
IkhI 0 itjtioi-d 011(1 will lie sold. Hot Uiiok
lor inter, una cool one lor hummer, uive
him a trial.
Non-Rcsiclent Notice.
V. L. Jones, inlin'r, &ti., nnd J. M.
Diirwiu vs. J. M llrtittouct.nl.
It appeal-inn to the satisfaction of the Clerk
and .Master, troni the allidavit and nlli-yn-tions
in complainants' bsll in above 011 use,
that the defendants, Tliouian Darwin. ISailiiit
I'arwin, I'.aster Jlalley ami Amanda Duller,
(formerly Darwins) imd l'nyton, Atariha,
I'lisser and Sallic Darwin (children of John
Darwin, (lee'd), and William, Mary Jane,
Thomas, Kobt rl, Ktnnerly, Kli.abeth, Nancy
and Parclla Darwin (children of l'owell Dar
win, dee'd), nud tieorne llocketvniiih and wife
Klizabeth lloekirsiuith, and T. J. Darwin, arc
iion-rcsidentHof the State of Tennessee, so thai
the ordinary process of law cannot be served
upon iiiem. a 1
It is therefore, ordered that publication be
made for four successive weeks in the Home
Journal, published iu Winchester, Tenn., re
quiring said non-retidi nl defendants lo appear
ami make defense to said bill, on or before the
fourth Monday of Juno next, before the
Chanccrv Court at Winchester, Franklin
countv, 'fenn., or the same will lie taken for
confessed ami set for heariiij;-cx-par.te as to
Witness mv hnnd, nt office in Wiiicherlcr,
Franklin countv, Tenn., this April li, 18M.
Iirannau, Hunt it Thompson und Simmons
& Curtis, Solicitors forcomplainauts.
Has now on hand n Urge assortmentof
L4 LJ '
whioh he propOMCfl to noil
Cheap, exclusively for CASH.
Has also n full a.wortmvnt of Japanned and
I'resscd arc on lianrl, Desnlcs
Pumps and Pump-Tubing.
JsaS" Hoofing and fluttering done to order,
in the most npproved stvle,
Cnstom-maae uiothing House
J. W. Lindsey & Co.,
72 Church St., llerry Tdoek, Nashville, Tenn.
Make a, spceiallv of Men's, Youths', Jiovs'
and Children's HSKST Cl.UTII IXU.
Our prices arc marked in plain tigures on
the goods.
The citizens of Winchester and vtciuity tiro
invited to call nnd lnsiieet prices.
-pmna is-
Winchester, Tenn.,
Medicines and Chemicals,
"' lonycj, lhuiJm, Irfumery, Ac,
Prescriptions carefully compounded with
accuracy ami dispatch liy competent persons.
uv uu 11011m ui mc nay nun uigni.
leuio-tsa. ly ' ' I '
' ' 1
Attornoy.s at Law,
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in the Conrtt of Kranklln nnd
hi piAKosiKD mm
i VI
Smith Ameficau instruments a upeeiauv.
1 wil rerromntlv nMen.i.i
Carpets, Oil Cloths
No. 31 North Cherry Street,
"l'articnlnr attention Riven lo orders. Toil
tivelv no goods taken buck.. .
dec21 ly ' y. .
l3liysicinn - ir Burr
Oft'eiT his tiroffwioKn) '""''
lens of WiuehcsttT and "
friT Office In the
Tom. (;retrorj''-
1 1 '
Attorneys nt J-tivv,
Winchester, lenn.
Will nraetiee in the Courts ot FranUi t
adjoining counties, nnd iu the Uni" '
finrtinolV" f -..
4 I v
' 1

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