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Nashville bag twenty-one hotels.
Tennessee has but nine daily paper.
Saloon license costs $1,600 a year at
Meridian, Miss.
l'ensacola will won begin the con
struction of a street railway.
Hie new three-cent per-mile railroad
law bns gone into effect in Texas,
Fort Valley, Ga., fwill erect a beautis
ful and costly Confederate monument.
Tike county, Ala., has a fourteen-
ear-old joy who weighs 38.r pounds.
Ark iin?ns is shipping immense quanta
tics of black walnut timber to England.
Last year Texas imported corn, but
this year will have f.0,000,000 bushels
to sell.
Mississippi has organized several live
utock insurance companies a new de
parture. A million dollars fworth of improve
ments are being added to Birmingham,
Five miles from Fort Smith, Ark., a
vein of coal five feet in thickness hag
li?cn struck.
Griffin, cue ef the most enterprising
little cities in Georgia, is to have the
electric light.
The wooden plate 'factory at New
lierne, K C, turns out (500,000 of the
plates each week.
f Atlanta, which last year handled 1 20,
0T0 bales of cotton, expects to handle
PiO.OOO bales this year.
One hundred and twenty-four varie
lies of cotton roods are turned out by
the Mississippi mills.
Athens, Ala., has a population of 8,
(00 and a valuation of $S,00,000 that
1", $1,000 to every inhabitant.
The coal measures of the Warren.
Ala., coal field arc 4.000 feet in thick
ness. The seams number forty-two as
far as developed.
Mrs. I'.utler, of Marion county, (!a.,
who has reached the aire of 11 2 . years,
was baptised hist Sunday as a member of
the Primitive Paptist church.
l'riisncola parties have sent to Ger
many for 200 Fcrvnnt girls, to be held
under a years contract, with privilege,
to employers, of two years.
A shark was killed in Mobile bay a
few days ago which measured fifteen
feet from tip to tip, and of that variety
known to sailors as the tiger shark.
Columbus, Ga has ten 'cotton and
wooUn mills. Sixteen thousand nine
hundred and forty-eight bales of cotton
were used in manufacturing last year.
D. It. McCurry, of Floyd county, Ga.,
has succeeded in making a fine article of
syrup of watermelon juice. It is rich
and thick, and has the taste of hgney.
Mattresses made of needles from South
Carolina pine boughs are said to cure
pulmonary and rheumatic ailments, and
an active trade in them has been estab
lished. A $7,000 diamond was found recently
in the bed of a creek near Danbury, N.
C. As it was in the rough and other
large ones have been found in the State,
the charge of salting will not hold.
Perhaps the best apologyjor Mormon
polygamy that has been nfhdo is by a
wit on a Pacific coast newspaper. He
says that at least the system does not
throw the burden of supporting a hus
band on one woman.
Louisiana's salt mine, which is in
Iberia parish, covers an area of 140 acres
aud is a solid deposit of remarkable pur
ity and excellence. The rock is very
solid and is without fissure or seams.
Over 1,200 sacks h the present daily
output. ,
A weed far superior to oakum, lias
been discovered in Putnam county.Flor
ida. which, after being put through a
process, proved the above assertion. A
"tock company is Joeing formed for the
purpoie of utilizing it. The weed is
, found in abundance.
The oldest stove probably in the
United States is the one that warms the
hall of Virginia's capitol in Richmond.
It was made in England and cent to
Richmond in 1770, and warded the
House of Burgesses for sixty years Be
fore it was removed to its present loca
cation, where it has remained for thirty
"Is tho Turkish civil fervice system,"
aked a traveler in theorientof a pasbn,
"like ours? Are there retiring allow
ances and pensions, for instance?" "My
illustrious friend and joy of my liver,"
replied the pasha, "Allah is great, and
it.. . t . . .
me puD. tunc, who stands in need of a
retiring allowance when his term of of
fice expires is an ass ! I have spoken."
the Hebrew Aid Society, of New
York, is sending back to Russia the
pauper, diseased and infirm Jews sent
over to this country by the London
committee. This 1b very 'sensible, as
the Hebrew Aid Society has enoueh to
do looking after the able bodied refugees
ana getting them work iu this country.
A Jewish agricultural colony baa been
established in Colorado, which is said to
he doing well.
Wbftt is said to be the largest flag
stone in America is soon to be laid in
front of the stoop of R. L. Stuart's
house, at Fifth avenue and Sixty eighth
street, New York. The atone measures
2G feet 0 inches by 15 feet (i inches, is 9
inches thick, and weighs nearly 00,000
pounds. It was cut in Sulivan county,
at the same quarry from which came
Mr. Vanderhilt's great flagstone. It was
drawn by 18 horses to its destination.
Pittsburgh Telegraph : It is a mistake
to suppose that Maine passed the first
prohibitory liquor law in America. An
old act passed by the Trustees of Ogle
thorpe's colony 'has been unearthed
which "enacted that the drink of rum
in Georgia be absolutely prohibited.and
that, all which shall lie brought there
shall be staved." This historical record
has considerable interest in these days,
the act having been passed in 1733, or
forty-three years befnre the Declaration
of Independence was signed.
While the foundation or pillars for
the railroad bridge across Flint rive', at
Montezuma, Ga., was being constructed,
one of tfie workmen placed a toad in the
crevice of a rock and fitted another rock
over the crevice, and then made the
abode of the toad air tight by means of
morter. Sixteen years rolled by, when
it became necessary to repair the pillar,
which was done by the same workman
that placed the toad in the pillar when
it was first built. Tie rememliered the
circumstance, and, upon examination,
found the toad still alive.
Mrs. Sykes on theEiryptinn war: "Is
it not, strange to reflect upon, that all
these mighty engines of war, these splen
did armaments, these wonderful equip
ments, this pomp and circumstance, are
directed upon a distracted enemy by the
mere penstrokes rf two gentle old-hid y
ish persons The Queen, to wit, an! Mr.
Gladstone? I am sure the Queen-mother
would not person ill v harm a dove,
and as for the people's William, no
loubl Uncle Toby, who freed a captive
fly, was a bloodthirsty creature beside
him. Yet by the irony 'of fate it is
these two who are thrown into positions
which force them to be the arbiters of
war and death, of cannonading, famine,
bodily aneuish and every manner of
mortal sufl'cring I"
Rhode Island is the State that has the
largest population in proportion to its
area, the extreme sinal)nes of the latter
living it an exceptional density of hab
itation. This State, with its 2r,ri per
sons to the square mile, being excepted.
Massachusetts thcu becomes very re
markable with its 222 to the square
mile. No other is near it ; but New
Jersey is next conspicuous with its 1 .12,
and Connecticut with 129. New York's
cities bring her fifth on the list, with
10S persons, in spite of her great extent.
Five States only have a population be
tween 100 and 50 to the square mile,
these being Pennsylvania and Maryland,
with about 95 each ; Ohio with 78, In
diana and Illinois with 55. At the oth
er end of the scale of States is Oregon,
with not quite two to the square mile,
while even California and Nebraska
have not quite 6. The territories are
all, of course, very 'thinly peopled in
proportion to their areas, except the
District of Columbia, if indeed this can
be classified among them. The District
naturally is far more densely populated
than any of the States, having 2,9f0 to
tho square mile ; but obviously it is to
be compared in this respect rather with
cities or counties containing cities.
These various densities are based on the
census of 1880; in all cases they are
now greater, as the populations have
since then increased, while the areas
have remained the same.
Boy Wanted
There, is a gospel tent at tho corner
of Miuh'tran avenuo and Fourth street,
unci of a Sunday evening there is n con
sidcrable passing in ami out on the part
of podestnan. l,asi Miminy evening a
boy of fourteen who had just le', the tout
encountered a stranger, who stopped
him and inquired:
" Say, bub, what sort of a perform
pace is going on in there?"
. . ? . ,t. ......1..
" rurty goou iiimg, ;is i-.-Til
kinder liko to see the fat woman
and the living skeleton and tho Albino
children onco more, but I'm purty nar
stropped. Is there any way I km pit in f
" Us boys crawl under tho canvas."
"Anvbody around to knock you still'?"
" NeVer saw anybody. I'll show you
where to go under."
" liy hoTiOy, I'll try it! It's no wo to
throw away a quarter when you kin
beat aside-show."
Tho boy took hiin around behind the
tent and saw him sa'c under, and then
crossed tho street and sat down. Iln
waited iust exactly llireo minutes, and
then the stranger cr.me out of tho tout
by tho door, lie looheu up aim mmr.
tl.n street,. closelv scanned every young
ster about him, and Anally said to a
"Hub. I'm looking: for a youth about
two heads taller than you peaked noso
brown straw hat hair cut short ! I
nrnnt tn sen him so awful bad for about
a rainuto that I'll givo you half a dollar
if you can find him arouna iicie. vo
trail Free Press.
Apostle, oi
i, S It Lake City by purchasing- fam-
with babies in their mum, - - ,
headed Tgiils and seveuty-nyw freckled
Illinois farmers are focdiug tboii
hogs rye, as being cheapor than corn auc
more fattening.
It keeps the postal authorities busy in
Eiiglaud watching for dynamite iu mai.'
tuuttcr.froni America.
Montoomkry, Alabama, has quaran.
tinod against Ponsacolu, Florida, where
yellow fever is reported.
Tug census of 1880 will ruako thirty
volumes of 18,000 pages. They will be
quartos, tho size of tho Cvnyrwsioiiul
Aram, whoso name is just now on
every lip, is pronounced A-ra-bi, the
accent on tho second sylhiblo with the
long sound of "a."
Tur. Jesuits of Quebec aro again agi-
tating for tho restoration to them of all
their property confiscated during Houry
tho Fourth's reign.
Attkntios is called to the fuel that tho
latest official returns show that tho ratio
of the insane to tho siiuo has doublod
during tho last ten years.
Oscar Yir,in is still in tin's country.
Ho is at Saratoga. (It is just possihlo
that wo owe our readers an apology fur
permitting this paragraph to be printed.)
It mat yet be a question whether
England will have to whip Egypt, Do-
Lesseps or Turkey. DcLcsscps, how
ever, thinks he is ouo sizo larger than
C'riuons tourists aro not flocking to
Egypt iu as great numbers just now a
they did in former times. Tho stiango
scenes of that couutry have lo.st their
Cadet Wi?ittakek has dropped from
the public gazo. He has given up lec
turing end returned to bis South Caro
lina homo whero ho will o.trn a living at
hard work.
Tub Baltimoro Aineririn cites two
classes of professional tramps: Ouo is
the wealthy idler who will not toil; the
other is tho impecunious idler who will
Dot toil. This is a distinction without a
Tub postal authorities of the United
States bavo asked tho British officials
for an explanation of their action in in
terdicting tho delivery of Amerioau mail
matter suspected of containing seditious
articles as information.
AuorsT 13 Profosaor Vcnnor wrote to
tho Boston rod : " No moro hot wavo,
aud tho straw hat season is over."
Straw hats will bo worn, however, until
enough money cau bo scraped together
to purchase another sort.
Cincinnati is making cxtensivo prep
arations for the forthcoming Exposition,
which occurs September Gtli to Ootobor
7th inclusive. Tho industrial parade on
the opening day is expected to bo tho
largest ever witnessed in tlie West,
An old landlord says that not more
than half of the summer hotels will es
cape, loss this seasou, nor moro than one
in live yield a profit. Persons who bavo
been subjected to extortion at these fash
onablo hostelries may extract some com
fort from this statement.
The npproaohing school days loads
us to remark the fact that now-a-days all
school books are pretty good, anil, as
far as merit is concerned, very much
alike. Tho pressure of competition
makes it so. Aud changes of text-books
should be made very rarely.
Tins Treasury Department lias decid
ed that Custom officers may detaiu re
prints of American copyrighted books,
aud notify the owners of tho copyrights,
to the end that tho latter may take such.
measures for tho forfeiture of tho books
as circumstances may warrauU
The Washington female kickers,
mown as tho J-cma o aocioty ior mo
Prevention of Unsympathetic Congress.
aien, huvo arranged what they call a
ilack-liht, it being their purpose to do-
lefeat the future political aspirations of
these whoso names nro npon it.
Corka, the couutry now attracting
some uttentiou owing to me rovou oi
her poopio, is a mountainous peninsula
lying between tho Yollow aud Japanese
eas. It is a kingdom, whoso sovereign
is nominally a vassal of China. It con
tains about 80,000 square milos, or a Ut
ile moio tiiau twice the aroa of Ohio.
Tub result of a Southern duel, says
tlie Pittsburg Dispatch, depends a great
leal upon the locality, it would appear.
n Virginia, as a general tiling, uie win
oatauto return from tho field of honor to
twine supper. That .isn't the way in
Kentucky. Thoro nom mu k'j
return full of buckshot, aud with no ap
petite to speak of.
The first senteuco under the new
whipping-post law in Maryland was pw
nounced on a negro wife-beater the
other day, the sentence being that tne
3ffendor receive thirty lashos. "Fore
ie Lord, Judge," pleaded the criminal,
"give me seven years in jail. A mo
tion for a new trial, which was made,
will stay the execution of tho sontonoe
for several days.
Ih approving of the course of tho Kb
diT, the Loriw Zhtf W W
should have tho credit of being the in
stigator. Thi' Khedive married a grand
daughter of Abbas Pasha. She is beau
tiful ami strong minded, aud Tewllk is
entirely under her influence. This mod
ern ( liopatra is very rich, and when
money has been wanted to bribe tho
Turks, she has, greatly to her dislike,
been obliged to provide it.
In Toronto, Cunada, the street cars
do not run on Sunday, the bootblack
boys aro not ou duty, aud all tho tele
graph offices are closed except the cen
tral ouo, where one mau remains all day
to attend to important messages. Tho
cab stands aro deserted, aud anybody
who wants a vehicle and team must Co
to a livery stable. Tho drug stores are
open at certain hours, and that ouly for
tho sale of medicines. The liquor shops
close at 7 ou Saturday evening, aud re
main closed till 5 ou Monday nioruiug.
Is as article on the death of Senator
Hili, of Georgia, the Cincinnati Commer
cial (Republican) says !
His character is too widely understood
to require ii word of comment, His ithili
ties sliiiio forth like stars from tlie niht
of contemporary mediocrity. Perhaps no
man of his time could both speak nod
write tlie laiplish laiiilitno with such
(one mid elegance is belonged to his
tutifrue nml pen. Morn especially was lie
a thorough orator. The worthy successor of
Webster, of Clay, and of Calhoun, his un
timely death is not hit loss a Nation's.
Above all, bis loss will be most severely
felt by tho Southern peoplo, who recog
uized iu him a fearless, unyielding pat
riot and statesman,
ConiiA, whoso King aud Queen have
been assassinated because they effected
a treaty of commerce with tho United
States and England, regards tho world
at large us barbarians and want nothing
t do with it. Confucianism mixed with
lo.al superstition is their religion, Tor
ture is inflicted as a part of their judicial
proceedings. Sometimes a prisoner's
bones are bent or pulled out of joint;
sometimes bis calves nro bcatcu iuto
rags by blows from a heavy plank ; his
thighs may bo sawed by a heavy cord,
or he may bu hung up by the arms until
bo faints or dies. The filial step is to
cut olfthe victim's head.
A liAiidR, new clock lias been con
structed for the United States Signal
Servico in Washington, I). C. Tho caso
is made, of brass, of suflicieut height to
allow tho swing of tho pendulum one
muter in length, which weighs about
throe hundred pounds. Tho caso is
made air tight, so Hint tho air cau bo
xhausted from it and tho clock move
ment runs in a vacuum, iu order that
tho variation caused by atmospheric
lianges will bo slightly felt. A very in
genious attachment has boon nflixed to
the niovemont, whereby tho clock winds
itself as it runs, so as to overcome the
lillieulty which might arise from tho
tliflerenco in tho power of tho spring
when fully wound and when partly
spent. The way this is accomplished is
by alternately breaking and closing an
electric circuit, and nsiug tho motion
thus obtained, and tho power of tho
lectricity in rewinding tho spring by
means of a worm cud aud other mechan
ism, which is so graduated as to motion
that the winding keeps exact paco with
the running.
A Prolonged Fast Ends In Death.
Mrs. Hester A. Fryer, Crozerville,
Delaware County, abstained from food
for fifty-two days. Her period of starv
ation was ended by her death last Mon
day. Yesterday slio was buried. For
two years the ladv had licnn an invalid.
Previous to her illness Mrs. Fryer was a
largo woman, weirhinj about iioO
pounds, and seemed to havo a very
strong constitution. About two yours
ago she began to bo troubled with hys
teria, and gradually bceanio so ill that
she was confined to tho house. Sho
wasted away slowly, and finally becamo
unable to take any food except milk and
weak tea, upon which sho subsisted fur !
nearly a year. Even this became un- !
pleasant and irritating to her stomach, ,
and about two months ago she deter-
mined to attempt a eompleto fast, with :
the idea that by absolute rest her stom- j
acli miirht become moro vigorous. Fif-'
tv-six days ao sho commenced tier long
. . 7 . . i .1 ,i i.-
fast, and no loon OI any kuiu immwu iu;i
mouth for forty-five days, although sho
occasionally drank water. She said that
sho felt better every aay mat mo jomi ,
continued, and really appeared to rally i
and pick up in spirit and hopefulness if ,
not in flesh. She was no moro troubled
with dyspepsia, and although horphysi-.
cian? protested against her course, she .
persisted. Her friends and tho doctors
watched the case with great solicitude,
and the latter with great curiosity. Ono
day, about two weeks ago, she for the
first time in a year oomplained that she
was really hungry, and called for some
thing to oat. Solid food was at first
given to her, but this would not stay
upon her stomach, and the old diut of
tea and milk was resorted to, but this
was also rejected. In short, it was dis
covered that hor long fast had so com
pletely worn out her stomach that it
could not work, and every effort to feed
her failed. Her husband and friends
and the doctors wero, therefore, com
pelled to watch her slowly but surely
starve to death, without being ablo to
help hor. The physicians who attended
her propose to give a history of the case.
Philadelphia Record.
M. Mnybridge, who has been so
successful in photographing the horso
in motion, says there is no such thing
as a "dead heat" in horso racos. Ho
predicts that in tho near feature no race
. , .:n l.- I ...... ,
Oi tiny iiopurutncu win uo uiiueiiunua
without tho assistance of photography
to determine tho winner of what might
-'erwise be wled " ded hU"
Unfurling the Holy Flag.
So much is heard nowadays of the
possibility of a union of islam and u
holy war, that it may not bo without in
terest briefly to look into tho subject as
it is presented both in history end iu
popular belief two very 'different
things, It hardly need bo said. An ap
parently competent writer iu the bn
don Tiun:i, when writing of it last year,
insisted that it was praetieally impossi
ble for the idea of a ji hml, or war of ex
termination against tho Infidel, to bo
carried out. Islam tho word sinilies
full submission t; (iod, ami is used by
Mohammedans to designate their faitii
nml tho whole body of believer in it
had its rise among the Arab of the
desert who inhabited the sterile ranirc
on tho eastern coasts of tho lted Sea and
the almost equally barren district of
the Nejd, who, 'like u!l nonud ami
seini-savago tribes, relied for their live
lihood chiefly upon plundering their
richer neighbors, and a often raided
each other s territories w it Ii equal vigor.
Thoso raids were and aro called '(:,
and ono who take part in 'honi -Mj't'r.i.
"All the expeditions and petty vuriaro
by which Mohammed eitahlMud hi
power in tho Hejan are K:nken of," we
read, "as ijhn?.atrtil, and it was only when
more ambitious attack were made no
on the Roman and IVr-ian borders and
the cry of 'There i no god but Allah,
and Mohammed is hi prophet,' In. I be
come the watchword of vietory, that a
yhiui came to be synonviiuni with 'ono
who llu'hts for the faith.' This title .ex
pressed in full, (jhn.u fl !in, was ni'icli
affected by later Mohitiiiiid:iu piinee
of other than Arab blood; but few, if
any, of the conquering Persian, Turk or
Tartar notables ever even understood
the term in its original sen-e, or ever
fought merely to propagate tho mono
theistic creed. Mohammed wa tho
first to make a ijlm: i ou :i large scale,
and the first to preach to his Arab com
patriots the duty of it Iff I -that is, of
'mutual strenuous elTm t' f -r the attain
ment of their common aim." Tho
pronhet. kuowiui: that the tribes never
could become a power whi'e I li"y waited
their energies in internecine warfare,
and at the same time tli it they e n;l 1
not be uni'fd under any master, sought
to bring about national unity by bind
ing 1 lit-iii by that "t-oiimion religious
feeling" which really meant, as it. so
often doe, common interests, custom,
and superstition.
At Mecca were all tho (lenient of
centralization the kaabah, ooiilaining
all the god ef I lie dilieri'iit, tribe and
tho locale of all t la r and gathering
at which the historical ami religion-traditions
of the race were circulated and
kept alive. The Persian I'-nvuie wa
weak and the Uolnun l'.miiiie win (In
clining, and their otiliiii ns b lul ling
upon Arabia fell an easy prey to tho
bands now for the liri lime acting iu
concert. " The long series of eoiiq'iets
that followed in quick succession Were,"
says thu writer already alluded to, "of
course attributed to the potency of tho
profession of faith which formed their
battle-cry, anil the'r religion enthusi
asm grew stronger wi'h each triumph.
The Arabs had at last found the all
powerful name of which the eluUbeu of
Shem have ever dreamed, I'v mean of
which Solomon controlled i demons
and the clement, was waf el through
the air on hi tingle carpet, or se.-rcd
up the refractory genie in a hoille at
the b ittoni of the sea. Henceforward
the conquered intidel weio oll'.'ivd but,
one alternative-to acknowledge, the
liiiniu of Allah and hi prophet, or to
perish by the sword ; wlole the formula,
'Iu the name of Allah, the mere 'ful, I he
compassionate,' wa ever after placed at
the head or every Moslem writing. The
conquest of a country wa first tica nl
by these lledouin raider like that, of an
encampment or desert village; all tho
portable property that, could be laid
hands on was seized and shared among
the soldiery, and a poll-tax wa imposed
on all who chose to mivo tliein ielve
from masya'To by the profession of tho
Mohammedan fi.illi. But, this primitive
system soon became unmanageable us
their dominion extended, and a more
settled and elaborate government was
requited. The only way in which this
could be secured wii by leaving the ml-niini-tratioii
practicit'y iu the hand of
native officers and holding the country
by a military occupation, which consti
tuted a perpetual sla'e of siege.
Tho noss'lhilitv ef a
holy war being
pleached has been discussed repeatedly
!. l.,i v.irj. It, is held that in India
i. i,.tli.ni f Islam has never been
much more than superficial, and thai at
.1... .....,ot,l ilmn no Indian Mo-lelU, 111
llll. Ill v.. v. -- - t
bis observance, and tenets, i hut a I tin
doo in foreign dross. With scarcely an
execution the Uleuias when appealed
to to decide whether or not India was
ij'ir al lmrb, enemy's country
pronounced I'dm-i, in the. negative, an
ooinion e. .nllinied later by tliu assembly
of Meccan doctors, v ho disposed of
tho subiect onco for all. At the same
tune it is pointed out that the Arabs
who migrated to Africa and sot up the
rival caliphate in Spain were not. .sub
ject to the same eslranentu influences
as those under the ealiohatc of Hagdad,
liavilor niiu'd but life with tho na-
li.-nj "nml luLviurr preserved to tho
,.0nn( d:iv their Aral) customs, tradi
tions, and gene; al ogies. "Tlie sanm
i elements of Arab religious fanaticism,
said the writer in 77( Times, "combined
with Arab clan feeling, exist there as
in tho Ilcjaz or Yemen, and should
somo powerful M lem saint and clncl
and thorn are many such in Morocco,
Tunis, and Algiers -prea"h tho ex
termination of tho Kafirs, it would bo
useless to hope that any Mich moderate,
counsels would uruviiil as thoso which
,rorin,l a oimilnr dancer in India. It
might bo strictly a 'run-Islamic' move
incut, to quote iho current iagron of tho
day, but it would bo a univorsal Arab
movement, which would give rise to in
exprossiblo horrors of war and blood
shod in Western Africa it-olf, and it
would attract sufficient sympathy in
other Mohammedan countries to urove
a serious danger to tlie general peace.
Tho "unfurling of tho green flag is a
form frequently used, probably because
the Ha" in question is not green andean
not be unfurled. H would bo refresh
ing, indeed, to find any two authorities
mut agreed uyoa Uwiubjoot ol thi
banner, Mohammed's earliest standard
wa- the white turban which bo captured
ti uiii liorcidc, and ho adopted subse
quently tho black curtain which hung
before the door of his wife, Ayelui,
which paed to Omar, the Abbassides,
Silim 1., and finally to Aniuraih IH..
who took it to F.tiropu. This "black
eagle," which is inscribed with tho
wordsrf "Xasrimi milt Allah" "Tho
Help of (tod" was instituted dit-vn, in
contradistinction to the great white ban
ner of the Korelshitos. Another account
insists that the snnnjuk-i-nlicrif Is a
green flag, brought down from heaven
to the prophet by the angel (labrlcl,
and il Is kept, In fair covering of green
tttffeta, inclosed in a cao of green cloth,
in tliu mos(iii! ot Avotib at Constantino
ple. A third authority recites that It is
catefully prt-erved in'lho seraglio In a
ease built into the wall, "The stand
in d," we read, "i twelve feet high, and
the golden ornament, a closed ball
which surmounts it, hold a copy ot the
Koran written by the caliph, Ostium III.
In times of peace it is guarded in the
hall of (lie Noble Vestment," where are
preserved the prophet's dress and other
relic. Still another authority declares
that it. is "a'l innocent piece of rotten
and faded silk, which used to be covered
v." il Is sacred writing, and which once
was greed !n color. Tho only legible
woid remaining upotl It is Aletn'
world which appears in n secluded fold
near the staff. The Hag i never un
furled -nor', indeed, can it bo from rot-lenne-
but i kept rolled on its staff
ami covered with a green satin cover,
the whole packed away in a gold or
gilded box,"
When the holy standard Is to bo
brought on , it is carried ill Its green
cover through the streets of Constanti
nople, and after the city walls arc passed
ii is "in tho field." It is then stowed
away in the gilded box once moro and
this is carried with the army much as
the .lew used to take the ark of the cov
enant to the wars. When It Is in tho
lie'd every Moslem is in duty bound to
follow iu its train. The usual procla
mation is; " This i the prophet's hau
lier; thi is the standard of the caliph
ate. It is plant! d before you and un
lul led over jour bead., O true beliov
i rs, lo announce to you tint your religion
i threatened, that oitr caliphate is in
pet il, and that your live, your wives,
i ur children and your po-se-ions aro
In danger of becoming a prey to cruel
enemies. Any Alo-lein, therefore, who
ivtn-es to take up arm and follow tliu
holy Hag i an intidel amenable to
death." When tho flag was In ought
out iu ITi'iM, according to Huron Tolt,
the Christians had no difficulty in rent
in" window's and housetops fiom which
lo view tho ccremonv, but when tho
proclamation was made: "Lot no i nil
del dare to profane with his presence;
Hie holy standaid of tho prophet, and
let eve y Mussulman, if ho sees an un
' e icer, instantly miko it known!"
tneir ho-t pushed them over the roof
or d ovi' them out. of the houses to l
hii'clicivd Ii v the soldiers and mob. The
-eeiio was different when a few year
ago, in order to obtain Christians a
volunteer-, "Mags of Ivothorly love"
rt".e paiadcd through the .streets of
f'oiistan'i'ioplo, which biro in white
uiioii a e imson 'round the cross and the
etc. cent. A'. J'. World.
raid a Hill.
A Detroit lawyer tool; in a new bnv
the other day, and as he h id suf
iticd to some extent from the dcprcdi-
lion of the loriuer one, ho decided to
trv the new lad's hone-ty at once. He
therefore placed lilleen dollars In bills
under a weight on his dek and walked
out without a word. Upon hi return,
half un hour later, the bills were gone
and seventy-live cents iu silver had taken
their place.
"Hoy! when I stepped out to got a
draft on London I left fifteen dollars un
der thi weight!"
" Ye, sir."
"And now I find only scvcnty-fivo
" Ye, sir, but you sco you hadn't
iieeti gone live minutes when a man
came in with a bill against you of $11.26,
and I paid it. I guess the change, is
" You you paid a bill?"
" Yes. f'ir thero it. Is, all receipted.
The man said it had slipped your mind
for the last four years, and so"
He didn't get any further before bo
was rushed for the stairs, and ho isn't in
the law business any moro. Detroit
I'rce I'res.
Western Meanness.
"Don't you go thero!" he said as ho
turned around on Iho passenger who
announced Unit ho was 'going through
to Idaho. "They aro the most seliish
set of people you ever saw."
"Well, tako my caso; I ran a wildcat
under a school-houso and discovered a
silver mine, and yet they wouldn t lot
mo do anv blasting under there durim?
M'l.ool hour for tear of disturb ng tho
ciiii.hon. Had to work nights alto
tot her. and thoy even ehargod mo thirty
tent. for breaking a window.
Ittilnml "
"And in another caao whoro I staked
out a claim and three men jumped it,
the Governor refused to issuo ammuni
tion or to let the Sheriff move; and do
Mm know what I had to do? I had to
dig a canal from a river throo miles
nwjte a ml lei tho water in to drive tho
iiooo. i s out. and oven thon tho Coroner
who sat on tho bodies made mo pay tor
the coffins and charged mo $u for a
funeral sermon only soven minutes
i,, Don't ini bevond Colorado if vou
want to bo used well!" Wall Street
A gentleman admires a charming
ivoman over whose head the swarms of
sovoiitecn-ycar locusts have passed at
loast thrice. "Hut, I say," says one of
his friends, "she's very charming, I
know ; still, you must admit that she Is
wrinkled." "Wrinkled!" echoes the
chivalrous lover. "No, sir I There may
bo the indoliblo Impression of a smile
upon her face bore and there, buf that If
tXLV'-fYomtbtfrtno, ......
Tho capacity of the ice-housei
along the Hudson River is more than
1,000,000 tons.
Tho tonnago transported on all tha
railroads in tho United States in 1881
amounted to 3.10,0:10,01)0 tons, which
Poor's linilroad Manual estimates, at
the too low average of fc.M a tou, would
bo worth $18,000,000,000.
It is estimated that tho South has
this season paid to tho North SOO.OUO.
( 00 for wheat. ijCiO.OoO.OOO for corn,
$72,000,(iuo for moats, and about $2j,
000,000 for hay, butter, cheese, oats, ap
ples, potatoes, etc. Cliicngo Times.
It is pretty well settled that a
healthy man who lives to bo 70 years of
ago, in his life cats 7.S00 pounds of
meat, 72 barrels of Hour, 1,600 pounds
of butter, SM7 dozen eggs, 8i0 pounds
of cheese, 111.') bushels of potatoes, and
1,700 pounds of lard.
Sineo the first oil well was openod
in lSoitthe product of tho wells has added
$1,600,000,000 to tho wealth of tho
United States in the value of the crudo
oil and its products. To-day the prod
uct ot these wells lights the cathedrals
of F.urope, tho mosques of Asia, the pa
godas of Japan, and oven the huts on
Africa's sunny soi!. Its exports aro
over 1,000,000 gallons a Aay.Uustm
The great cattlo range of Wyoming
under tho military protection of Fort
McKinuey is about 800 miles square.
In this area ate now grazing 1)00,000
head of cattle, worth -'7 per head.
amounting to $1:1,600,000, to which can
bo added tho value of tho horses and
ranches of tho cattle men ana tho
farmers, and the stock of the grangers,
making at least SI5.00O.ooo oi property
under tho protection of tho post. X
J. 7iT.lW.
In thi country, with a population
of 60.O00.0Oii, thero arc l,20l,.'l(i-' per
sons above the ago of twonty-ono years
who cannot write. Of this number
'.',o.i0,4ii;l are whites, l,747.!)u0 negroes,
about M)0,oo0 Indians and 100,000 Asi
atics. It is estimated mat in aimosi
every State in tho Union, and in tho
country as n whole, the balance of po
litical power, so laras nimiuer nro con
cerned, is or can be in the hands of tha
illiterate voter. A. 1. Nm.
Arizona covers an area of 72,009,-
000 acres of land, four-tenths of wlucU
is m neral-bcaring. It is larger limn
New York, reiinvivan'a, isew jersey
and Delawaro combined Since 181'.)
there has been etta tod from seven
States and Territor es tho sum of $2,
1011,0(0,000, i.ir which California Is
credited $1.1 18,a07.7:il; Nevada, $409,
12.V.M.1; Idaho, $71.6IV.iid; Oregon
and Washington Teri'pory, $l8,0;!7,2."il;
Utah. $.M,M8,8:il. and Arizona, $17,
UliO, 176. Chkaqo Tim s.
"Assassination by Silence."
Assassination by silcneo" Is the
latest (5 illicism. It was the vordlct of
the medical men and of society in the
C'iso of a Frenchwoman recently de
ceased; and a coroner's jury would
probably havo rendered the siuno ver
dict if the ca-e had not been kept frDra
the coroner. Noble by birth, sue was,
and very rich; hut. she was hopelessly
plain, ugly of feature and hump-backed.
Her husband, a Duke, married her for
her money and hated her for her ugli
ness. A fortnight aftor hor wedding
her martyrdom bogan, but not as other
conjugal martyrdoms havo dono. Tho
Duke lavished attentions on hor in
public; ho was affiiolionato before tho
servants; it was "darling" and "bo
loved," and "mv lit' lo cat" when any
one was present ; but in privato changed,
and onlv one old nuno was in tho se
cret. Ho pretended to bo jealous of
her, and so played the Othello. Ho
had the binges of all tho doors so care
fully oilod that they could be openod
without a oreak, tho domestics were
trained to movo about noiselessly, snares
wero sot in the vast gardens of their ho
tel so that novor tho chirp of the spar
row was hoard. Tho poor woman was
forced to live in the midst of silence, and
when they wont together into society ho
scowled so fearfully at every one who
approached his wifo to speak to her that
little by little peoplo ceased to make tha
effort. And then after thoy had re
turned, and sho had gono to bed, bo
would enter with list shoes on his feet,
so as not to announce bis coming, and
would ainnceilii a scene of ioalousv.
That Is to say, be would paco up mid.
down liko one In a fury who Is about to
burst into reproaches; wonts ot anger
. . ' .i ..I! t..
would seem on mo point oi issuing mnu
his mouth; then bo would stop by tha
bedside and raise his hand in threat; but
ho never struck, he nover spoke, and,
resuming his walk, would go through
tho saiuH sccno over aud over ngain,
until, overcome by fatigue and horror,
the Duchess swooned. Every night for
ten years his victim watched for menaces
which ho seemed about to proffer, but
to which he never gave vent. Tho doo
toi wen summoned at lastj but the
ur,:ost they could say was that ther
viore In tho presence of some horrible
ti.rstery wliioh oould not be fatlioniea
without killing the husband. And when
tho poor woman diod and the old nurse
told her story they rendered tho vordlct
abovo recorded. Iklroit free IVeas.
A Dakota girl has earned her tight
t the eudiaritig title oi "(iuck.
While crossing the river near vaiicy
City her canoe upset. She tied tho ca-
- , ,1 1 w- ..1..1M
uoo to lier anaio auu bwiuu u'"i
Another young woman of the same Ter
ritory has advoitised for a husband as
foilows: "1 mean iiusiucbs. xi vuno
is nny voting man in this county that has
as much sand in him as a pound of plug
tobacco I want to bear from him. I have
a freo claim at d homestead, am a good
cook mid not afraid to work, and willing
to do mv trnrt. If anv man with a liko
amount ot land, aud decent faoe and carj
cass, wants a good wife, I can till the bUL
-Jones Is a timid man. He li'0
town, and out of town he ins remaiaed
for a month. C
for the train, gel. nearly illllton
railroad, sees tt o i nJorin(r now
,d returns honward. .,
! 7 I
1 J

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