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Gold I'M ,)je,n discovered iu Alachua
oouy, Fla.
jllrhmond, Va., now clninn to have u
population of 71,000.
"Blighted Hope" u the niggestive
namo of a saloon at Mai vein, Ark.
A large mine of Plumbago has been
oiwDvered on the f.irm of James &low,
in StaSord county, Va.
An artesian well four hundred feet
deep, ' Parnasii, Va , list lecn fiiii-hed
and afford excellent water.
The Aiknn;n Legislature has passed
I bill prohibiting the sale of 1'nju .ir
within two miles of any church.
Arlaman bus doubled her population
within the lust le i yours, and is Milled
tt tbe fourth cotton Slate in the T'nion.
The Florida coast : lo have three
new light homes at Mciepiilo Inlet, at
Cape t?nn Bins and one fiuther down
the coast
Over 40,000 acre of tinder land will
tesuld in I'anelolph ci tin'y, Ark., lh!
month under the pn vinii of tiie ovei-
due tax law.
A awect potato put to lrf.il on the
atove of a lady in Nulchoz, Mi-iH, ex
ploded with tenillic force, nearly killing
tbe lady.
Florida fruit growers intend cultiva
ting the CJraj c in an entensive seatc.
They claim that they can he an Micces.-:-full;
grown an iu California.
A gold vein hnsleeti h( i ik It at Gain;
ville, Fl:i.. by men lij.'piir an artesian
well. It in bfleved that it will assay
f500 to 1,000 r ton of ore.
Tbe grange cu-orerativc stoie at Me
ridian, Mi-s., which started business iu
1670 n'iih a rapilnl of .r 0, sold last
month fStiO worth of goods.
A capitalist tonliniphitts (ho.esfil
lislinieiit of a larger bucket and broom
faeturyun the Island near the railroad
bridge at Chattanooediec, Flu.
It is said that the Jacksonville Da.,
liijuiir dealers have robed a fur d of 12,
0 0 with which to pay law yen to contest
the validity of the new ljiu,r law.
After a protracted suspension, it is
(aid the Ki on iron-woiks, at Clmlt. noo
gawill resume operations this week,
furniihing employment to many iieotde.
Some valuable phosphate "beds have
been discovered in Florida, which will
kefuro long bo brought to public atten
tion anil fully developed by Georgia
The University of Georgia has nl last
ictrptcd the SfCO.OOO given il on certain
conditions. The Trustees voted thir
Uen lo one on the pioposition, i!oh
Toombs voting in tho negative.
The peach farm of Mr. l'nrnell, broth
er of Charles Slcwart l'armll, the Iridi
agitator, six miles below West Point,
Ga.. ccnlnir.s 7u0 acres, and haa lilo.nOO
peaidi and a number of other trees.
There is a determined ell'ort on the
part of sonic of the p. oplc of Florida to
diride the State into two pnrts, to be
known us North and South l'loiida. It
i aaid tbe interests of the dillercnt pnrts
are not idintieu'.
iV movement is on foot in Savanna'i
meeting with great encouragement to
urbanize a company to commence man
ufacturing riro ihU seasin. U is be
lieved tliat it will prove a profitsh.'e
business here as elsewhere.
An ngel gentleman at Griflin, (in.,
haa buried live wives, and by the side of
cachwifo is tiuried a little child, tho
offspring of the mother by which it re.-K
Some women never learn niylhing, even
with tho aid of a d'agiiitr.
There are fifteen out of eighty chil
hen in the State Mind Asylum at Ma
ton, Ga,whoie s'ght can bo partially
or fully restore d bv an operation. Ir.
Calhoun, of Atlanta, generously oilers ,
to operate on theso -children free of
charge, aud they will be sent to Atlanta
tor thnt purpose.
A movement ii on foot to hilnd
guild reunion of tho army of Northern
Virginia, on tho field of tho second bat
tle uf Manassas, during the coming suni
nier' All the eurvivois of that army
fill be lavited, and it is proposed to ask
Gu Fiiis, l,eo to order tho Virginia
Volunteer fore a to have their summer
encampment there.
Mr. Matt. Hunt, of the Mobile and
Montgomery rnihond, says that the coal
boom hai passed awa bevond rlenres,
od that ahinmcnts from Warrior, l'rntt
nd New Castle and other iniiies along
the South and Nnith rend to culf norts
absolutely Btupendous. Arranee
jwnto are being mado bv which Ala
wniacoal will bs ahippsu from New
Orleans, Mobil and Tensicola to all
Nts of Europe. Mr. Hunt, who has
tudied this question, believes there is
nough caal in Alabama to supply 10,
WO.OOD of people for 100 yearn to come,
Albany, ((.Ja ) special : Capt. John P.
Frt, of Macon, the pioneer ' ol artesian
'olUha Southwest Georgia, is cxperi
ni'niij i,u oaky Wood plantation,
flialnlng oft" tho ponds and slushei thero
oaiyljotlog dpw, through throud
letting the Miirraie water oil' through the'
underground streams known to exi-t all
through this metion. 'His will rive
him hundreds or acres of the most fer
tile lauds for cultivation, and of its me
cess there can bo no dubt. Several
lareo, sickness-breeding ponds have thus
been drained oil" within the corporate
limits of Albany within a few vtars
Vlcliiil ol Hie Trrrllilo l)l-.eur Now lit
Init III .Hiisnni'liiini'llii.
Salem, Muss., in in consternation r.voi
a case of leprosy. Tho victim is Charles
Pciby, who contracted the disease in
the Ilawaiiiiu i-damls. KvohuVd l'l'ouj
the coiuitrv, lie went to Sun FruneiKco,
anil finally to Salt in. His Hint knwi
iMl;rc of lh" tnct that ho was a leper cimw
with tlio iliscovt ryof a blotch of crhiipa
111- size of ii ten cent picco ou bis h it
t lnph. iSlowly, but mill ly, bus hi),
case iiiwu worse, until now tbeieiiii
.icalo on either sido of tho i.oa ,
tthicli vrr'im is much enliued by tie'
ilisenKc, wliilo Hie enrs mo swollen, oiu
foot i i badly infected about tlio toes, ainl
one hand lias been attacked. yunill
liibeiclea uih ar on ilillet'ent parts of
tlio luce. in nibbing his bands to
irether as olio would do in washing a r
I' el .shower of white particles (.ills in i,o
lloi'l'. His Voice is hnursi) nud his lliiuit
;niv, One eve U ill a frightful ci ndi
t it-ii, and tlieotln i-, fiem wlii.-h flic vis
ion 1ms not entirely lied, i.- fast following
tli imse of its (toiiip.iuioii. And y, t
be Millers no pain. The liilluhiic.'.s l,.i r
ii.'ti ristic of lejaosv liohls peife!l,v in
his case as in every tin r. Tlinn.t a pin,
a iiecilht or a sharp knil'e into his lu:ni:i,
f 'ct or face niul be feels il not. liven bi
I Ve eMUsi; billl lio ilU i'liVeHiellee, RilVe
liie boiiilil.' thought conslanllv in h:
mind that tlio lij'.bt of day wid to bim
yei v sHin be sbllt out foieVer. He c;.t:i
nil hinds of food with a relish, hIci (.-.
soundly and well, moves uboul with cmii
..ir;itiv ly lit Hu ineo:iveiiieiiee, but! i s
and to some extent takes cave of his dis
eased limbs without on ido help. (Ilvnl
caic is uscd.bv bis ntt lala'.t to nee tli:il
none of tho utensils or clotbini? used by
the h per are bandied by other persons,
as iiKsMihitiem might 'occur, in which
ease the jiavty or Jmi'tit s no inoculated
would inevitably beeonio victims of the
fiiblful disease. Asido from methods
SUell US tliese, till Te is lboUO,bt by :i
Ihoiitics oil tho snbj. et to be no danger
of u communication of tha disen-e rem
one person lo another. In fact, at Hon
olulu, where the sentences of bani b.
inentnrotio surely aud so impart iaily
carried out, thero acems to be i.o In sila
tion on tin1 pint of anyone to conveia'
v.itha leper, as loti lis cure is tuken not
to come in contact with Hie person olltm
iinforttmato. UauWiinent lu coinis nec
essary from the fact that v hatever the
h per uses or bandies is liable to convey
tho contagion thvoiinh an abrasion of the
shin or otherwise to the next pnity hand
ling tho article. Coiisi;.iiently, if it ii
iliM'idulli' Keep this Salem l-pcr iu tlii't
city, ii i rsfill ill bo ci:f;ii;!eil for the
special purpose of 1umh car i of Ueiby
and of everythiutf that Im uses. IVvhaio
an ellbvl will be mnde, liowevi r, to se
cure his lulniissioii to a colony of lepers
in New lii'imswieli, where lc could ro
ceivo bctte r attention than almost any
where else.
In Prison.
Kx-Wurden Havies. in his 'TieinreB
of Prison Life." cives the followiiifr inci
elenl iu i!oniie!ction with the work on tho
eiilariremiint of the old Massachusetts
I'euitentinrv. It affords a Htranue e'X
ninoleof tl'm wav thft tender and the
terriblo nro KomeliineM associated iu
criniiniil'H nersoniil hiMorv.
Tt was necessary to employ aoinn ol
ilm iii isonein ontsido the walls, and I sev
iccted a man for that purpose- who bad
always behaved well, and who bad but a
short limn to ivniaiu. Wry much to my
Kiirprisc, he objected lo going ontsido to
This was so uiiu-ual IhatTinoiiired (he
ciiise. Ho hesitated n moment, bill ft
nally told me. lie had n wife and Iwo
cbil'divn, who wei-o ignorant of his being
in prison. In the small yellow house, he
said, directly opposite his Cell-window
mid near where ho would have to work,
should hi) o outside, they were then
He had watched his children all through
the suuiiii'T, playing in n vacant lot ol
land belonging 'lo tho prison, directly
under bis window, mid so ni arb.in that
hei'oiild hear the voices; and bo could
hih his wito passing in aud out of tho
house, or sitting nl her window, little
dreaming thai he bad been so near them
for almost two years.
This man's crime was (le ft, lie had
left his familv in Boston and ,'oiio to the
western part of Hie (Slate to oiuaiii worn,
but failing iu that, and without money
to return, ho look a watch whose owm r
had left it bunging in bis oltiee, into
which this convict had stepped for
a moment lo make hapi'iues.
In tho meantime, his wife, not boa r
ingfroni him, hud come to Chnrlcstowil
to live, and taking Ibis b n went in plain
aight, nnd within a few rods of his cell.
His feelings were, ivgarded, and ho
was allowed lo servo eait bis sentence
il hunt being discovered.
This story of mortified alleclioii is
simply told, 'but its situations and sug
gihtions of suppressed fooling might
teinot a dramatic writer. A man cnaua
l,w mm itis"iaeo and continually lau
talizcd with tho sight of bis Is'ltcr daya
iu a subject worthy ol Greets uagciiy.
Os Duty. Tho fireman detailed for
duty 'Hi the stage of a Sm 1'iauciseo
llicalro had not been told that a ciula
evationwasoneof tile scuu s of a new
idav. When be saw the Hash ol tho
I that the hoii i wal
lliiiu- , , I ,.
.... ii, . si .,, iii. au us. lr: chopii. d doAll
HUH". .j-.-r, ---- - -
,i lie; picco of tho hciicry betoi
uhl be sloppi d.
Excited. Most of tho troops who
fought ou cither
wuret veterans, mm yo ""
SulSiy ti ffl
MuuDEiiiJts iu France, if they have
money, nro compelled uuder tho now
law to pay a large sum to the family of
their victim.
GuNBiiAti FjTZnt:aii I.RKis maki'mr ar
rangements to hold a reunion of the sur
vivors of tho Army of Northern Vii-
flijiia at Mauasaan m xt summer.
Tin; practice of cremation is inakina
rat h progress in Japan that it is said
bout y,ii :iU bo:iicH aru anuiinlly diapojtd
of in this manner.
F.mieii W. P. Sni.vi ros, ouo of tho
it known pioneers of t.'inciiiiinti, who
lied ii fow days ago, marri d in that city
moitj than two thoumiud couples.
FiiKNL'ii policemen iu Paris arc paid
rcwanU ef from ouo lo livo dollar for
making uncsls and capturing ofl'cndeis,
iud tho Minister of Justico has decided
t'j iucrcaso thuso by ouo third.
A oui'i.E of ohtrichci in at'alif rnia
zoo nt into v, tight recently, duriuji
which they knocked tho fence down, ami
rau over a crowd of school children, in
juring several of thcui severely,
Fin Di.'ttiCTC Dotmt. vss ij sexm to niariy
young woman, who i described ius
"nearly white." Mr. Poui'luss ia sixty-
yoard oKl, ana rcccivos Ir.rgo :ccs ns
ilecordcrof tho l i'c.trict of CoJ'.mbia.
Gk.nrrat, Lkk'h inonumi- .at Lexing
ton, u., wilr bo unve' d on June 5.
Jcll'e-iHoQ Davis wil' rcsido, General
Joseph K. JohiiMon ,1 be chief marshal
aud Major John V. itmiul uratur.
Mai, a i:i k affects bypreforeuco low ami
moist localities. As such localities- are
tie natural abodo of niosepiitoos, a goi
culifu gcinlcmau asserts thai malariiil
disentioa urc produced by tin) bites ol
these insects.
Mu. Tad hi, tho ouo montli Senator,
Siiid to a reporter .tlja other day: "1
never saw -the like of some of these
newspaper men tilling how much n
Diau lnvii for his night-shirts aud all
that sort of thing."
Ji'imi: Daviu 1)a'is projiosis to turn
"Hurley Hall," tho principal hoiw-j ot
niuust'iuenl at Bloomiugton, III., into n
business plaeo and to build iu the same
town a theatre that Mull surpass any
thing of tho kind in Illinois.
Ovnit 12,000 persons waited iu the
thiuliiig rain to have a last look at the
face of l'elcr C'xiper as he lay dead iu
his collin. Among tho procession was
an old gentleman who had walked with
Mr. Cooper nt the funeral of Washing
ton. Fill si ins ill this cliumto who grumble
bcciuse of harmless insect biteis ought to
led comforted when informed that ns
many as 20,'ii)0 deaths occur nimu i'.ly iu
ludi:i lroai snake bites, und since 187U
from l.Mi.yutl to liun.O'O pcr.-ona have
perisiuvl iu this way.
M.vtiiikw AiiNonii insists that in re
vising tho Old Testament, beauty an l
powor .-hall uot bo destroyed, cvc.'i to
obtain a morn correct rendering, and
that over where tho meaning M not id
all clear, the charm and music ot the old
words shall remain.
T?Aeusa in Paris has becomn a specii
of fasbiiiiiidilo madness. With tho niul
tiidicition of Buburban raeo courses,
horse racing has bccemiu n colossal
swindle, liko thimbloaiggiug and card
sharping, I'arriod on by associations of
tliiovos and blacklegs of all cat 'gories.
A nkw way of stopping horso cars has
i)een introduced on tho Sixth Avenuo
11'iilro.id in New York. Strapi hang
igainst e;(di window sub, and when tho
nc'.nonger who wishes lo a'ight jiiills
nio of tin so, a whistle) is Mown. J lie;
ondue'.or then nulls the strap, which
runa along the loof of the car, and the
II sounds to slop the "ar,
Til ". Pr.dety fr tlio rvescrvathm ol
tho liish l.ai.gu.igo bus mado a report
which shows that id tho beginning
the present century thero wcro not more
than Ion persons who could read and
writo Irish, while nt present Drill, 1)00
p.ak tho old language. This umrly
cipi.tts tiio Kiuubir of Welsh speaking
A nkw eiitt rprii o in illustrated jour
nnli. m has been ii'ideiiakcn by the
l'irt,riul World of L'Jndon. for whose
proprietors Capt. Morton, tho aeronaut,
has just built a baboon. They intend to
send experienced artists into tho upper
air in chnrgo of experienced aeronauts,
ami tho results of their work ami a do-
tailed account of each voyage willappcar
in tho I'Morlal W'mhl. 1 hey nnvo ais.,
arranged for iv soiies of experiments in
balloon photography.
Hit. PicnAt'i.'.lhinks thaltroisiustiwts
do moro harm than good, becauso the
unpedo the circulation of hc air, whilo
Frof. (iovct says that tho evaporation
from their leaves keeps tho surrounding
uir moist and cool, and that thoy nro a
protection against dust; limy absorb the
I e-nrbonui add and semi one, i's' ".
whilo their roots draw up stagnant wan r,
and absorb the orgnnio matter in the
llilth from which the streeas oi a v
: " nnrpr fn nH a disinl,;ctaut.
I ' - , ; .
i THtsyear'aflood on the MissUsippi baa
rivor parishes oT Louisiana and Mississip
pi, iu tlio same nnnncr ns tho overflow of
last year, and cal'do. horsns. and muhis
n re falling before their eleadly attaelts.
Tho Vickshurg yivrW reports thai iu
tho neighborhood f M-und Landing, iu
Bolivar County, Miss., forty-sevon lino
niulei fell victims lo these dreadful posts
on Thursday and Friday of tho first week
in April. Huvcral couuliraabovo Vicks
hurg have been invaded by tho gnats.
LiQron Ktu.i:s in Maino are put to
strangn devices in r,rdcr to conceal their
loiitrabnnd wares. On a recent police
raid in that stntc, in eine houso t lin
tiotllcs were found in (ho well, tightly
forked and with sitrinRH round their
cocks for convenience iu riiiaiug. I .
another the hot 11 's were trailer the cook.
uiR rango in tho ashpit. )ne lnpmr
iller, a woman, ba.l to Hat bottles
hooked to a hilt which she wiro under
her overskirt, and another denier con
cealed ln'a under a trap door beneath a
puo of hoy in a cnek loft. 1
Cut. Hoi.sri'.iN, of the Hanish army,
has invented, for tho nso of infantry sol
diers, a shield, which1, though Weighing
only seven pounds, is bullet proof und
handy. It is of steel, twentyinelies lou;
by eighteen broad. Two t pilo s at the
bottom enable the soldier 1 fx it firmly
iu tho ground, aud a hollow at tho lop
can bo used as a rost for his rifle. The
experiments that were made with the
shield at Copenhagen n short timo ago
were deemed highly satisfactory, but
will be veeatcd ou a larger aealo before
tho Danish Government dccidci as to its
adoption for the army.
Tiir reports from tho great caitle
ranches of the Wi'st and Ron! Invest in
dicato that the cuttle havo wintered we'd
nud arc in fine condition. Alrc.idv laiy.e
numbers of them are bciug gathered tor
ihipmcnt and driving iu Louisiana.
Texas, Kansas, Arkansas and l:ilui'i
Territory. Pi ices arc good and the
ranchmen arc jubilant over the propce'.
of a prosperous year. Tho bii-ii.css is
likely to be Vei'y largely esteialcd iu
Indian Territory, through a eysti ui i f
h using large tiie ti fioni Ihn vaiioiis
1 iil:i-s who uevup.y tied se Ii ill. The
public are waiting uua iisly for tin
liilsii.c-s to incr a e snliicieidly to in
dncc lower r cc i for ; i (.
CiiAiii.vs F, Fiicr.MAS tho r' li. i ai
fanatic of P.ci-s t, M iss., who, iu 1i
kIoiv bis liltlo d.('lg!it"-r as a sa'-iiliiv' t.i
o'd, has h'jii proiioiiuci d s. no, and will
uinv Imvo to ho tri. d )il the 1 enilii u in
.lictiiiciit for murder. H-i now siys t ! t
Ii was iu-tigaled by tho devil, mid hi
elisions belief is cut rely overlurnui
Mrs. Fie' inan, too.basrciiiiU'.iee.H':.-.-;
mil Ad vi n! delusion, and lev I laei'i c.i
ly than docs her husband the h mhlcman
oer ol hi r child's deatli. Too Ationii'y
(ieia r.il aid bring tlio ciiso to some tc t
h incut be'-oro tint Supremo ('unit at
liiircslalile in May. Freeman will prob
ebly be iicipiitted on Da- ground of in
sanity, or be alio. vc.l to go on his o.m
I'i CO"uiz.lllCi!.
A nkw remedy for tho headache hn.
Ii'cn found by l)r. Haley, an Austruliin
physician, who snvs that for sonio yi'ai.
I Hist ho has found miaimum doses o
iodido of potassium of great Kenicc i:
frontal headaeho; that ia, a heavy, did
headache, situated over tho brow, inn
accompanied by languor, chilliness, a:n.l
a feeling of general discomfort, wi I
di lastu for food, which sometimes up
pro: dies to nausea, can bo i-oinpl leh
removed by a two-grain doso iWssolvnl
iu half u wilicghissful of water, ami this
ipiiotly Bippiil, tho whole ipmntity biine
taken in about ton minutes. In many
cases, ho adds, tho effect of these ami!;
doses has been simply wonderful, as, for
instance-, a person who a cpiarler of iu
hour beforo was feeling most mis 'iabb
and refused all food, wishing only fi r
quietness, would now take a, good meal
und resume his wonted edioci fulness. If
this euro of Dr. Hale-y's is in reality a
practical one, he will merit for the die.
I'overy tho gratitude of suffering mil
Hoots and Buyers In Maine.
A fow frosty mornings and a liltlo mini
havo co-operated iu shirting a demand
for cowhide ImmiIs, which have played
such an imtertniiiing rolo in Maino poli
tics for three or four years. Tlio fact, is,
tho shoo dealers ree-oguize no such thing
as a e'owhido boot nowadays. F.very
Ihing is called "kip," wlielher it cninn
front heifer, cow, ox or bull. A boot
which would bo called cowhido in old
fiLshioncd psrlawo sells nt $2. CO to $1
per pair this fall. A good pair of kip
boots, hand-inado, may lit) bought for
Sl.GO a pair. Split-leather boots sell for
$i Tho rural trade demands n hand
made) boot, and tho result is that most
manufacturers Htanip their boots "Sided
bv hand." When a man buys a pair of
kip boots in the fall ho oxiieots to get
something which will "wear hint ti l
after planting iu tho spring and through
tho early plowing next fall. Ho is goner
illv nnv'ioiis tn know whether they nro
and if they nro made "Southern
hides or slaughter hides." To i bnch a
truth) tho dealer has to usually "throw
... , .1 1 .' T 1....1 n.wl
111 11 SCI Ol llCCl IIOIIO. i.iilli'u,U' ii i.im
woodchoppers havo adopted wool boots
and gum-rubber covers, almost exedii
'live I". The boots and rubbers cost $1 a
pair "this year 50 cents advance eif last
year's price. Very few moccasins nro
now used in Now' England. LctvtHlnn
Journal. '
Vt'at i exhilaration like tho conso-
auenoa ot brooking a rurabottlo?
oaust it 0V ,Pirit8'
Tlit Kriiiilaa ol Tit In DliimmiiU Hint Uur
llrlonii!(l iu Wurrcn llimiliius.
Tln-re nro tlio $100,000 twins
biiMight together byi h uice, after more
(ban a ipiurl-or of a century ef sepurnliou,
and never tt leave this country, now
we've got the m."
The spcukor was n ("Senium gentleman,
(ho head of a wholesale diamond iinpoi t
ing house in Maiden Lane. As ho spoke
he tieik a pae-ket of wHccit liissiio paper
from a big snfo behind him and dropped
it upon it counter covered with green
bai.e, at which the reporter seated him
self, A wire pate slammed to and locked
the prisoner tn without wciuing to have
iinprisoiji d le'in, and tic German geii!e
nian began (o op.-n thu ti,.siio p, p r
J)ickc(. Two lu-troiis gems, which
blazed willi u pure Miii: h-v.hite lUo
gl am d side' by side. Kach was nbi at
us big around as a three-cent piece, hut
what was more stiikin;? (him their niz"
whs their identity of, nppearance end
beauty. They tut cut alike, weigh i.hko
(eight and one-hidf carats each), and mo
vcutidd . liiiuuial twins.
''I could nreato a pctiMtilioii and inako
a fortune with them in i'aiis," said tho
diamond merchant. 'J'hoy arc old tu
diaii miun diamonds, uml havo a bialury
that pills tbeni iu Iho catalogue of Hie
famous gciuK of the woii.l. 1 have prool's
Hud e-.-i.d li -b their i.lei-'.il.v. 'i'li. ; ie.u4
have been in the p, s i ssimi of Y;:nii
IL.Kiiic.A wb il he vvaj (loVi i'iiol'-(S.')i-elal
of India. Previously they had been
the jewels of a rajah, niul idler they Jclt
Hai.lings's jewel casliet they were i;-
eiiivu ny a linssian noi.iem.ui itunnr; a
mutiny in India, Ho took them to Ani
steidain, where a skilled I hitch lapidary
I'ecilt them, thereby greatly enhancing
their beauty while only shgl'dly decreas
ing their weight. The liohleinan lost
possession of oiiu of them at the .vh
I'fated paining tablet! J. lUmc, at Mon
aco. At. IcaM, it la HIIipiM-d be In t it
Ruining, for it was only recovered nt the
auction salo of tho cll'i.elsi.f Mine l;!ae.c
tiio v.iiiow in mi) unions puuiiaer in
Pans, it year ago. I secured it thrnngli
nn agent at th" sale.
'I's inatc," continued the jewel r,
"had a lio less eventful career. t foifud
its way to u French j'-wi icr, who sold il
lo thu Duke of Ii, ain.-.w ji-K. who, with
eccentric prodigality, lavished uemcy e;i
precioui; atolic.i, which he h it lo tlic'eilv
of (ieneva. The' hi dory of the lint blue
oiauioiiil was published in Paris wImi I
liouglit It, lull scan
the mete, which lie
had bought, leveah
III till' alien. a
1 fir
Puke of !niii,wii l.
: the fact that il had
"Vn humd it two limn'
how. do ou think? .'hv
s agi
lnv 1
ot'ii r
t of a
ilv be-
saw it sparkling in tbe shut
be s
Chicago merchant. 11.: coal,
lrve it. But by a :-w.d ig. in
the moans of en!iiii'.li:ig the
proved l heir idi ntd v to hi- :
The merchant said bo bail
i in a:id
I oil: lit the
stone, i.i Kngland from a .leuish diamond
merchant ot London. He was iiaha d
to purl with it at a luiud-ome fejiiie.
"Thus they came together," said the
owner, us he rcw nipped the npurks of
mineral lire with tender care, "nud thus
they slay. They'll never bo separated
again if wo can help it."
A Drunken Hcnilsuimi.
All Denmark, wiys Iho Copenhagen
correspondent o! the ,V. Jmin n's ii:i itf,
was thrilled by a m'liernl feeling of hor-
lor when the papers brought tho details
of the execution of u cliniinid in it pro
vincial place tho previous day details
which painfully remind one of the di .
gram fill maimer in which Sofia 1'ito'Ws-
l.ava was executed last Year at ht. ! tei s-
buiL'. Accordim: to tho Panish law
criiiiinul.-i condeiuii" I t" b itl It MillV-r tl
last penally of the luw by d capdaln'ii
bv m mis of an ux, the block lu in
placed nl Home coiispieuoiis Jihicc us near
IIS possible to the pUee will To the murder
was eoinmitli d. A man comb lnncd to
death wiis to bo oxet n! al ouo morning
lately, and, as usual, n largo (unwd
of pisiplo from (ho .sui-roiuiding districts
had assembled round the spot, only one
constable being present to keep order.
When Hie usual formalities worn gout!
through, tho criminal laid bis head on
the block; but the eye and the) band of
the executioner, who had been drinking
Inavilyoii tho previous day, were un
certain, and the slroke fell over both
shoulder, the criminal uttering a sino'.h
crul cry cf pain. Tim excciil inner
wrenched the ax emt of thu vv I'llid,
wielded it again, mid struck the mininal
high up on thu buck of the) le ad; again
he wrenched thu ux out of tho wound,
anil Kiieeoided at last in cutting the. head
off. The crowd malted to tho lie.idl ss
trunk, some to try t catch some dr ip ,
of blood, which tho peasants think has
soino kind of magical effect to cur.) oer
I tin discuses: others lo satisfy their mor
bid ciifiosit v. Iu fact, a horrible und
disgusting sccuti took phico, several men
and women fainting. J'.very one agrees
that Hiich a disgraceful spcclaclo must
never liiol'i) bike place in Pennmik, and
tho Minister of Justice 1ms already, with
tiraiseworth aimed, declared bis inten
tion (o bring in n short bill providing for
execution by mouiisof Iho guillotine und
within the precincts of a prison.
A (ii:Ni:it.Ui Swindm:. Tlio
en fire
stall' of tho Lanaiia company,
owns the Hue stenimrs tliat
1111 on liaiie
('unto, laivo for
vears past oeen
robbing their employers.
I'.vei-v cinnlovct'
of tho coinpany, lioin
it.......:..., I. I ill I'll lilt I'OVS, IS 1111-
SiVuTmV had formed themselves
!, it fraternity; U'kct.s W ! ;
books falsified, mid n,,,," ',, I!,"'rtiVi
association met ovcr.v- month t. n.; i .
tbeir accounts and divide the spoil, ibo
fonipanv remained in igiioranco o tuese
d . , vdations until they were mfon.ied
I v 11 dismissed nteward, xvhoso silence
his confederates had refused to purebao
yen, finning to allow him a share of the
pfuudc'" Nearly " " 1WS M0
in custody.
..Tom Thumb and his
much tnat tncy uiu
who unve g.o , . -lV ,lnvn opened
nolongcrcur.os. ua, ,
a nmseiim iu ' ,, " u ollfv.ti1i1,1
attractions a pair vi
of their own sizo.
Tlio Sluii
Wliii Cnrrlcil Ibo
Moiifjr lor
I'llrlc Sillll.
Very few people know the inside his-
lorv of Bi istow's light with tho express
companies when ho was Hecrolary of (he
ireasliry, says a iishington letter. 1 ho
x press companies mado wuat Jlr. isns-
low thought were exorbitant ediarges for
i rviug currency to the grout distribut
ing point of the New York Sub-Tn usury.
lie told tho companies that it lower raio
must b,i conceded or ho would lake thu
business away from Hum. Tho com
panies were delimit.
This is the way tho express companies
were circumvented. lho Secretary so-
leehd it trusty speei d agent of tho
Tiec.-urv, who simply put. tlio enrrcney
in a valise and went over to ev lorlt n:t
an ordii.ury piss nger on the night train.
I liomas C.iv munch, tlio Deputy rscr-
gt aul-a(-.A' nn uutler tho gallant Colonel
Ho lo r in thu House, wan Iho special
ag a:t selected for this work. He is it
I: !i, broad-shonldcn.il, tlcep chesled,
l.i.iidv-looking i iieciincn of hiuuaiiitv,
square, resolute, silll-bvowncd face
is act t ntuatc'l l v a crisp, curling mons-
taeh", coiiiph tcly biding bis mouth.
His straight nose, clear blue e yi s, anil
S'lii.u'c j.iw ; stand out iu a face remarka
ble for its combination of good nature
and iiott )-i : l ition. Mr. Cnvuiiaugh
n-.i .1 to t.i t cut lioin lh;; i Mice t, (ho
S'-er. niry of lh' Tiv.i.-iirv after night
wi:h a Villi jo sirip'y slull'ed with govern
ment cm rcliey.
One Mghl iic had ill his bag $7"0,000
iu ;;i -eiil a. 'h i. F.vciy dollar ever cil-tru-1,
d to him was safely carried. Not
a p iiuv wa.". ever lo-.t. (lis pay from tho
Treic ury was his regular one, per day
and 1 1 is 'travel! a,; i xp Ufli s. He gave 110
b.eals for this vmik, ns tho law reeog-
!.: - no Mich way of earning such
Tho S eretary bad absnlutely no pro
teclioli b yniid CivaliKUgb's individual
ho:e r. Ii he had run away with an mid
million at my time, ho could not have
1. .si pics cutcd for more than a breach
ol trust. In the carrying of this money
C iv inaugh cairi.-d more than his life iu
his haiiii-.. If i! ware even susjicclcd
thai In- was earning such sums ovit ill a
section i i i: New Voi'k si a p. r, as nu or
iiieary pass, nger, bo woiihl ccitainly
bail' been alla"ked. If ho laid been
i-i bli.il, nothing but histl ath in defend
ing hh li :: c, uhl have saved him fn uil
lh. vvi.il.il of h' ie.r ela-s.'d by iniiliy as
a gu'ity p.irlicip'tiii iu the robbery. To
v.. id tie- las! ( 'avaiuuigh became very
in i v . i 1! na si tii start out with bis
i. y in in" hand and a revolver in an-
i- ie r, hiiM :i in the in c!.i t of his great-
i f se e oupe l.s.k him down the nvc
e. In the s!c ping-car, toward tho
t, lc ijept but ltd'. Seme one was
, a reaching' acros i his gashed throat
I'. r th l.ionev pi.ic. d in his trust, it
win a gc el !' f f when Ibis dreadful re-
pon- 'i ilii came to an end and be was
i' lc t.i g.i back to his ordinary duties.
'fodav Cavaiiangh is again carrviug
( iovei niiiciil moin y. Hi; is the ollieial
who (:)'. h lroin tho Treasury the money
ii '. 1 1- .1 in the bitsine: a otlieo of the Ser
g, ant-at-Ai nn' (.Hlicc, whi lo the mcm
Iicin are paid.
Hank ca.-hiera and men in high Inist
could lind much to f arn in the rugged,
U'lasstiiuing inli grily of Thouias Cava
i.atigh. An Aiiicriciiii Lord,
Mr. William L. Winans, who was do
iVated the oth. i' day in Loudon in his
great biw.oiit against his landlord, Maiv
!eiii.ie, is a 1 1 n ml 0 v of the liallimor
family of that laonc, but ho lnus long
lived ill the I'ritish ciipilal uml w ill proli
aflv sp ml the I'' iiiaiuder ol his life
lh- re, in he has a horror of crossing tho
ocean, and has, been heard to say that
he would not do so again for a million
dollars. II.-has rented 11 dcer-luniting
i'ango aixly miles long, extending clear
at toss Scotland, It was to compel 0110
if lh' owners In evict all either teimnlH
of Hie properly that he brought (he suit
which bo has just lost. Mr. Winiins'a
ein rnious wealth i.i principally invested
11 Loudon real estate, and he lives 111 one
f the finest private houses in that city,
ii 10 ol his great passions is to attend
he circus. IL is related that twice A
Haiti circus manager tried to play
upon tins louiiiiesii ny enlarging jttr.
Winans and his companion extortionate
iric a for scats. Tho millionaire nidig
lautlv icktd if tho othir wanted bim to
iv for every sent m tuo tent. "That ft
pi-1 w Hal l no warn, you to no, repiiett
Kiiiglit 01 llio r.iiwuusi. -very wen,
ji -.1.. o;, "I'll .,!,..
Still en. llinao.i, v...... . .jt . .....
nit nobody except myself and a friend t
mi going to bring shall enter, ami you
.... I.wnv.. IU I'VI'I'l I llllll Oil till' lllll
have bought the whole performance, and
1m uu to have it. lino to his word,
ou tho appointed night Mr. Winans am!
a solitary friend appeared and hud tha
whoh) circus to themselves, Mr. Winnni
..iicfullv btiidving up tho luiud-bills to
see I hat l.'olhing was left out.
Prolecllng his ( liarnctcr.
(he shop of his tailor
other day, he said:
"Sir, I owe you sixty ilollars.
"Vcs, sir, you do."
"And I havo owed it for ayoiu,
"Von havo." , , '
"And this is the fifth postal card you
have sent 1110 regarding tho debt?"
'l think it is tho fifth.'
"ow, sir, whilo I cannot pay tho debt
,, perhaps another year, I propose) to
protect my character as far as possible.
Icr j are twelve two-cent stamps. ou
can nso them in Hiding mo twdvo
monthly statemonts of nccount ami can
thus save your postal envds and my Icel
ings at tin) sumo ti: "
it is said that tho tailor has credited
tweiitv-four cents on account, and
a. els that 'ho has Bccnred moro of the
debt lliau ho had auy rensou to hopofor.
Vu-.v Yoiik citv has ivlopted tho Brush
system of electric lights for illuminating
il, nirenls. There is Biiftlcient evidence,
iiimewr. to iustifv ouo in tho belief (hat
tho idea of adopting n similar nyBteni for
cb. lining tho streets hint never enteriK
,TU r,f tho authorities ot thai
1 city. Yonkera Statesman,
A Fox who was gamboling about had
t he ill-luck to fall over n cliff, nud n he
lay on the ground, unable to rise aud
mill'ei'ing grout jni in, along came a Hare.
"Well, aaid the Fox as ho looked up,
"the lablcB arc turned. I am your bit
ter enemy nud havo often pursued you
with intent to murder, but now I am
helpless and yon can take your revenge."
"Do you e-xpeel me to kill you ?"
"Naturally I do; aud I ask tho favor
that you kill me with a club instead ot
slowly torturing nie to death by singing:
' Only a Pansy Blossom.' "
But the Hiiro determined to heap coals
of fire em his head anil prove bur own
forgiving spirit. She therefore brought
him water und food, and nursed him
until ho was cptite able to tidio care of
himself. Tho very next day nfte-r they
separated tho Hare was crossing a field
w hen she found herself pursued by n Fox.
After running a long distance she was
overtaken, mid as sho was knocked over
she recognized in her assailant tho very
Fox w hoso life she had saved.
"Why, you arc the Fox whom I
mused 1" she cried.
"Is that so?"
"Of course it is I How could you fail
to re;cogiiiAi me I"
"Well, fools hKk so much alike that
it is hard (o tell who from who. For
fear of making a mistake I hIuiU eat you
and let the next one go."
One day twoJacltalt were having a hot
dispute as lo the origin ol 4111111, aud were
about to eiimo to blows, when along
came the Lion, aud asked:
"My friends, what seems to te tho
rumpus here?
"1 claim tha. moil origiuutcd from the
ape," exclaimed one.
"And 1 contend that ho descended
from tho fish," added the other.
"Havo either of you auy documents
"Then I shall claim that man ia de
scended from the giriille', and being ablo
(o roar louder (hail both of you together,
shall curry my tioint. Bo oil' with you,
ami ri member that arguments en thonriiM
(est the wind more or as much us they
appeal to tho head." Detroit l'ne
"President Lincoln's Height."
Leonard W. Volk replies, ns follows, ia
the January Onlur to a denial of hit
stateiiii.'iit in regard to Lincoln's height :
1 have) read the coniniunicaliou in Th
Cintiiri for October, und can only reiter
ate that Abraham Lincoln was just six
feet ouo inch when 1 measured him in
April, lHtilt. As before stated, I placed
hint back against the studio wall, and
-jiiido it murk over bis head, as I hud
done iu the ease of Senator Douglas, two
years la-fore. I measured from the floor
up to (be mark swrid (hues, iu order to
be Hiiro I was right, desiring to know thu
exact dilVcrence iu the heights of these
two men, which wits just twelve inches.
I thought Mr. Lincoln fuirly erect when
1 marked ou the wall. Possibly he might
have stretched up an inch or (wo higher,
but at (hut elate it is hardly possible ho
could have expanded three inches in
length! I am now reminded of a story
lohl mo w hile at Springfield, a few yearn
since, of Mr. Lincoln's faculty for stretch
ing himself out in length. I did uot
know eif this, however, at ho timo I
measured him, or I uboitlt have n
1 pics ted him to givo his fullest height.
The following is tho story :
A wager was made 0110 day in Spring
field between some friends of Mr. Lin
coln and of O. M. Hatch, lute secretary
of tho Stitto of Illinois (also it tall, Blender
man), oh to their relative height. Mr.
Hatch was first pieced ugairmt tho wall,
so a mark could bo madu over his head,
Mr. Lincoln remarking, at tho time,
"Now, Hatch, stand fair." When tho
mark was eluly mado, Mr. Lincoln was
duly placed beside it, and at first Mr.
Hatch's frienela declared that they had
won tho wager. "Wait," said Mr. Lin
coln. "The mark is not yet mado for
me." Then ho bewail to strotcdi himuclf
out liko India rubber, and went nearly
two inches above Mr. Ifatch's mark, our-
rviuir oil' tho stakes amidst tho shouts
and laughter eif tho bystundein
Iu tho tin h lei of tiio statue x maun 01
him hi 1878, I represent him six feet
three and a half inches high, which is
over his real life-size.
Mr. Lincoln looked taller than be
really was, owing to his thiu, bony, lank
Sew Year OppnrtuuUtoH.
llcv. Dr. Pullman in his Now"Y;M
seruion argued tho importance of begin
ing well iho new your. To do this they
should imitate the example of the prudent
merchant who balanced his accounts
regularly at tho closo ot each year to
ascertain tho amount of his gains and
losses with tho view of shaping tho
future nianagomont of hia business. No
man could shirk tho responsibilities of
his notions by finding another willuig to
take upon himself the burden of liw
mutt triuisHTesaioiia,- nor was it powuWo
lo repair Wliu.K
Many Demon in
rlifo Tquanefed .way beir youth
.i '.. .,..k .dwiitt the world in (hour
o ago to find some scapegoat upon
whom to fix tbe responsi uhtv. It was
therefore wise to consider low they
houhl enter upon mo now jnii.
pccumtiity " wio . .:, .V
that although it would be like the yctus
that hud passed away so far as the sue-
eessioti 01 me Bennotm inww
would be to each uiumuuai entirely
different from all that had preceded it.
It would involve oacu one 01 ma uonrora
iu n new set ot circumstances and sur
roundings unlike MvytniUR experteuceu
in tho past ana giving uirimoucw uoi
und napa-altons.. 11 was iu euu i-r
very man to shape his own course in the
future, aud nothing was more certain
thivu that men would continue to follow
through, tho now yoar that course in
dicated by the imgle at which they en
tered upou it.
-ent to tho mau-p ""i',, jijuaia.
,ue contraotd the mor farlou 4 MM.

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