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Published weekly at S'i per iitiniitii.
the paper is Kent mil Ml the county,?
WM. J. KLATTEIt, KiM-nm.
Wedncsdayi May 2, 1803,
Tho tt'irm which pnssed over this
vicinity on the 221 u!l., v.us very (Ins
tructive to lifts und jiropcrty in other
sections. 'liattttiunifjii nuffi-red to tin
amount of $10,000 ; Gcorg-iu comes in
for a loss of Ht bust 81,000,000 in the
wny of dnmagrrrf, ami u rcut many pen-
ue.ro killed or wounded. The severest
mrt of the Htorm m viwt to Imvc passed
through Mississippi, death and destruc
tion fiilliiuinir in its until. The town of
...... 0 ,
Jifiiure'iird, in Copiah county, contain
io 11 pup''"'' of ubout 000, win,
swept aay not u house lift Miiiidiup;
,u, ,1 on i.isionB were killed ai-d W
wounded. Wesson, in the slime conn
ty, lost 21 houses, and 22 person were
killed and HI wounded. A pine forest
juht beyond this town was blown out of
f,VWtl'lll'l ll ('.' Innate ol tho loss to
propcity can yet Ih- miulc.
Tl.o Nashville. Chattaiiooira it St.
Loui.i Jhiilwnv have determined to mill;
n summer excursion to Texan during the
time of holding the .Southern linptist
Convention at Waco, Texitn. TlieCon-
ventioii meetM tho 'Mi of May. .ualc of
round trip ticket. ooiiiincncul ywler-d.-iy,
aii'l will continiK; until the 7th
in.-it., influ.-ivc, at the following ratcH:
From Cowan to Waco and return,
811.00; from Dechcrd to Waco and
return, ? 10.8O. tickets are a Im sold
ut all other Million on the r".vl. Ar
raliemenl.H will nlno hts made dmilij,'
the Convention for an excursion into
Mexico for those who may .il( biro it.
The Supreme Court of .Mi.-si.-xippi, in
the eiifo. of Chalnier.s vs. Secretary of
Slate, reveirtid the deeii-ion of Judie
Wharton, of the Circuit Court, and en
tered judnieiit di.-iini.-.-in (.'halinei' !-
titioii fir mandamus. lis conclusion is
that the Secretary of State having de
clared Manning elected, and the Cov
enior having issued him a ct rliicale of
election, (he casein put lxyond the juris,
diction of the courts anil in such a. shape
that CongrcM ahiie can set tie it
l.x-tiovernor .lames I). J nrler, wno
is now in New York, in speaking of the
Ttnnes.-eu bond ipiosliuii to a reporter
for the XcW' York Mail and Mx press,
haid : "The (pu: lion is .Mill tin open
one. The liill passed by I he I,cgi.-la-
tare at its last sessimi has not settled
the matter, for the bondholders have
taken no action, ie,r signified, in any
way, whether they will accept the pro
visions of the ael."
The penitentiary pii mcrs of Ten
nessee are distributed as follows: To
the main prison at Nashville, lifCi ; at
tic Coal Cntk mimH.liO; althcK'nox-
viJIo it Ohio railroad tunnel, 2,S ; Tracy
City coal mines, 'i2.'i ; liisley firm, .'f l.
'J'hcru are 2U.S married and if 1,008 (jin
gle ; 7") well educated ; 277 limited,
ami !)K thai have no education.
Timothy Marooncy, id' New Orleans,
visited Commissioner McWhirlor re
cently to make iuipiii ies of the lands in
Tennessee. lie desires to purchase sev
eral thousand acres of laud in this State
for the purpose of colonizing nbout fifty
families of Irish.
. m
At the silting of tlie Kcileral Court in
Nashville, through fear of email pox,
nearly every juror and witness wore a
piece of a.-safoetida suspended from his
neck, and the odor in the Court room
was said to be more decided than agree
A candidato who evidently believes
that "the early bird gets the worm, "an
nounces himself in the Lawrencchurg
I'rcss, a camliilalc for Trustee in the
election of August, 18fl
Tlie ease id' M. T. 1'idk, Tennessee's
defaulting Treasurer, is set for tho 'i.'tlli
of June. Tlio chargen preferred ngniuut
him arc embculcmvnt mid graiul lar
ceny. Chattanooga w ill have n big Fourth
ut' July celebration this year.
A long and costly war is anticipate
bclwcen China and France.
The small-pox is (in the decrease in
Niish ville.
Legal Ways of Fishing;.
From he .Nashville Ainericiui, 27lli nil.
In giving ils construction of the fish
law amendments a few days since, the
American was misled by an error in the
oflieiul copy ()f tll0 amendments as fur
nislicd for publication. As printed it
read : '
" That it shall not be lawful fr miy
iK-rwin to eateb. kill, destrnv or i..l,..
fish in or from any of tho waters of il.e
Ktato, whether a running slreiim or lakes
nr ponds having milieu iio riiimiiur
Hlrciiinc, in high or low water, by mrnim
ofimy seine, trap, net, or to iiho lisb-berrii.-g,
Jime or giant wowder, dynainile,
gunpowder or any other explosive sub.
stance for tJio destruction of lish in any
ofcaiu waters", or by Any other iiicuiih
.i i... ir ...f.i. f .i i ,.
limn iy iiiigniig nun hook mm lino,
and without linr, ynj, spike, ijim, yrab
hook or enakh-hovk, etc.
Tl.o italicised portion should read :
"And with trot-jiue, gig, ppike, gun,
grnb-linok or snatch hook." Thin, wc
j are sorry to say, lets in ull the coiitri-
vnnces mentioned nfler "angling with
! book and line," mid they can now be
lawfully used in fishing.
The citizens ol Nashville me in car-1
"nut iu trying to secure the removal if
llin Mary Sharp College to Misliville.
The American of last Sunday, in tin ed
itorial making note of thy remarkable
advuwo which Nashville has tuudeMnec
the close of the nar, and the beginning
of the new era, m the numljer ol its
whotils and colleges, mid in educational
inti reslfl generally, says:
Quite recently there has been broach
ed a project to establish ill this city an
other school tor the higher training o!'
girls and young ladies, or, to speak
more accuratelv, il is proposed to trans
,,iit t this tit v a school which was
i-,, , ,!,,! nearlv or 'iui!e tlurty year-ago;
.. I : I. ..... ., i ..iivni Hi re I ai o I
'. ," I, .1 c i .. ,.v,...l.
iroueli an me .iniiii'ie.i. im .,....
I .'...ii. lie Ii if I l.i! lorollliliness oi
i.i.i , .tics ol
lis raining and for the high slamhud of
scho!uii:ip niaiiilained, and which to
day can justly claim to possess a faculty
which is probably not surpassed in point
of ability by any n:hool in uny part of
the country. 'I he school referred to is
ihe Mary Sharp College, lociited ut Win-che.-ler,
Ti mi.
I'pon the principle of letting the light
shine, some of the long-time friends of
.i . : .:. I I...,., .i,,.. foiiviiiceil
lli:s liisiiiouoii nun- in.. -
lli.il il it were located at the capital ol
the .Slate, wliere H would nc iiioi.giu
more pro
those who
ne-s wool
..:..,! .. ni ,.r I ! notice d
i ravel In. in home, its useful -
increased immensely, and
a very much larger number of the gir
and young ladies of the .Southwestern
Siiiies would become sharers in ils bene
ficlions. Also, if it were generally ac
cepted as true, that Nashville, together
wilh all ils other recommendations, could
furnisi cdwniioiial a.lvaiilages unsur
passed any m here, tliere would be less
sending o'f .laughters to points so very
far from home, involviugstich increased
i .......I..
expense ami iiiip'ssioiiuj o. si.
turns home under su.i.ien emergencies
There- is to be a meeting of citizens
interested in this mutter, and in the ad
vancement of Na.-hvilie generally, on
Tuesday night of this week, at the J'.ap
list church on Summer street, to talk
over Ibis (iieslioii of the removal of the
M irv Sharp College fo Nashville. A
number of lending citizens who are fa
miliar with all the fads pertinent to the
mliieet. will be i.i. -eiit. to make brief
ad.insses and furnish any information
which may be ti-ki 1 for. It is to be
hoped, l'or l!.e credit of our city, that
Ilit: meeting will be both large and cn-
l Ii iir-in-t i.
'I he Nasi. vil li Ain.riean savs letters
ire rec. ived daily in huge number
from the holders of Teiiliessi e bonds ill-
.piiring when the funding will coin,
liieiiee. Some of llieni, says the Amer
ican, have an idea that the till-.'l I 0
are to be returned and the old boiidsex-
cliailgeil lor Hie propose., n.- imini;..
, ... .. i l.i.
From the Imie of the h ll.rs there ...this
lo be a gem nil di.-pe.-itioii lo fund.
The hist census classifies tin; employes
engaged iu the iliU'erelit occupations iu
Tennessee as follows :
Lawyers l"(t'
Clergymen t x.'jS
Physicians and surgeons 'JOXS
lleiilisls 2IS
Tt achi i s - - !! I s
.loiirnalists K0
Public ollieials- 2u::i
Siilriiiu keel.ers 0li!l
Ilailroad emiilovecs. ll.V
l.'molm ees ol'Fxnrcss comiiiiliics. . 2H"
j - j i i t
" tclirranli couiiianics . 21!'
lilacksiiiiihs -In?
I'oot and shoemakers 1 Is.'!
Hrick mid stoiieiiiasons .-1700
Cnniiiilers and joiners .207
Coiton, silk and woolen mill opera-
lives l.i l
Iron ami steel works operatives 1 1 17
Millers --17 10
Miners -- 1 10
1'rinterH Or.7
Saw-mill operative l"'o7
Milliners, lailors anil iircssuiuKers-:i..i
Clerks and salesmen iu stores !!!H7
Error in tho Revenue Law.
The follow ing circular has been issued
from Ihe Comptroller's nlicc, under
dale of April 2.'illi:
To Cniinl v ( 'tan I Clerks.
Your alteiiti.ui is called In an error in
ihe revenue laws of March .'!, IS.S.'J, ns
piiiilcd iu pamphlets sent you from this
ofllec. The clause referring to sample
selling should read, "each pers.ci sell
ing goods by sample to consumers," $10
per annum. llrummcrs selling goods
to merchants to be sold again are not
linlile to tlie tax. cry rcspoellully,
1. 1. lll'KAltl),
The following important decision wa.-
cliped from the Trenton (ilobe:
The Supreme Court recently decided
at .lacksou, in the ease of Haines vs.
l Uiibsoii county, that holders of county
warrants, after having presented them
to the Tru.-tee and deiiiai'.lcd payment,
lire cnliilcd to interest fnun and after
such demand of payment. I'nder ibis
decision holders of any considerable
amount of wnifanlH w ill not ho eager
ii. w to present ( fii-iii for payment, in or
der that ihey may begin drawing in
terest. J'v tho census of 1KM) the workers of
Tennessee- (counting all oecupnlions)
numbered 417,1)70 persons, of whom
21)1,1,1.' persons, or about two-thirds,
were engaged in agriculture, 1)4,107
were engaged in professional or person
al services, 2:1,(128 were engaged in
trade and transportation, and .'10,02
w'oro engaged in manufacturing, me
chanical and mining occuHitluim,
i. , .
H is estimated that there nro IMO.OCO
or 400,000 bushels of corn in Nashville
the lurgest amount ever held there at
any una time before.
Tcnuessoo bonds nro quoted in Nash
ville ut '.IX cents.
The Indies; ofNashvilleare organizing
si "H'orkiiigw'onicn's Home.'' Ifthev
succeed it will prove u great boon to
those women who are without home!'
nnd compelled to earn support.
A Felony to Dispose of Morf
gaged Property.
An Act to uciLe ii :i (, lny toili-p'iw: of prop-
l-tv tli.ll i- llli'l. r II liii,l1.'W er ileed or
lili'-l, iiilli !!" purjMw ! j.rivinvr ttic
liiin lt':' ', Il 'ii-tve, nr :in;. I,wiel:ciai v of the
SMIIIC I f il- ;, rvcls, IlllJ Jilllllsjl lllC Sllllll'.
Section 1. Wj it enacted by the Gen
eral Assembly of the State of'I'eliiics
u. Tliiit il' liic imikerof any registered
mortgage or deed of trust, or any other
person, shall dispose of lo'j property
cniivcved iii or covered by such convey
ance, "with the purpose of depriving the
morlg.igee, trustee or uny beneficiary of.
the wiuie, or any part thereof, i r its
proceeds, Mich person so disposing of
such properly shall he gunly
..fa fcl
ollciidiug had
IV. W e l ie 1 ii; Oldll '
1 ...iui.,.lv ..r tl. i,i.,.iu'riv at the time or
....,..,, --
out. iiroMiIci . I nit l ie act simo mi. n
l.lv t
inortga'.'eu or deeds of trust ur
real cslali'.
S..V lie it further enacted, Hint
anv person violating the first section of
this ael, upon conviction, Miall lie im
prisoned in the pcnilelitiary, not less
than three nor more than fen years,
when the value of the property so dis-
... i . I 1 1...
I ".' " ... ,. i i' i . .
i,si'i ol excec. s iiui ..e m
value of t1e prop, rtyso.i,s,,re, o.oiKSj
1 - ... . ,i . ,i ....
llol CJ.ere.1 c.e- sin " ,r., r...... ....
..i.h.i ii clou iui tin.i
pnsoiieil III .la K.n.ieiiua ... .es.- i i , ,
; "iiu ic ,
: ail wnere llie iro s riy o uis hisi-m
j does not exci ed tvio in value, the court
or jury fiall have the p., wit to cone
. "... :i... : : .. ... .;-,..,.., I1
...., ...e s.,,, ...j . .... .. -
in the county jail f-r any period less
than one v. ar ... t Heir d,s. rel...,.
Sec. Ii. J!e it urlhcr inacted, Unit
,. . ... , , ii , ! ,
nothing in this act shall iiil. rlere willii
the oiosecution ol olhiisis I.eretolurei
.I I .. .1' (I,,.
committed, under any statute ol the
lllie. i.i.i. i.s... im ti
. I . n;......., .,... i. .( , ,n .
ted shall he punished under existing
See. I. licit further enacted. That
nee. I. It' 11 III l l.it r ciiiiuitu,
.. o c .! . .. ,,.,..
the person disposing of the propert)
shall pav ll.edi-hl lo secure wlicl, the
,le,l of trust or mortgage was executed ;
. , . r . ... ...;..i i. ..I...II
ociore lie .- ariaigiieii ior nun, im n....
; held liable under this act.
... M , c .., IV,..,,
1 his act shall lake cliect Iroin
and alter lis piis.-a;
ge, the public welfare
a l
reoiiiring it.
J'asscd March 23, 13.
W. L. I.i:im.i:kwim)),
Speaker of House of Ilcpreseiitutivcs,
15. F. Ai.i;xAM.i:i:,
Speaker of the Senate
Approved Marcli 2.
W.m. 11. Uati;, (iovt rnor.
I, I). A Niinn, Secretary i.f the Mate
. i- T :r.. .1...1 ,1... I. .... ., .... it ,r i
oi . t'liin-.-.--,-, t .:i in mat m. s,"'"h
. t i . ..o , ,1 1... il...
is a tint! copy of au act passed liv the
i; ..i.. i. :.. i . ...i .... .. I.K. ,. il...
I'orly llnrd iieneral Assemiiiy ol tne;
Slate of Tennessee.
1). A. Ni-nx,
Seen lary of State
The 0,ro Prcbiem.
I 'roin I Im- I'.
a K:.f-le.
Thewrilernm.le Ihe iic.Miainlanco of
a gem lemaii n im onoe'i ii i.t.jt.- nt.iti
.1 1 1 .. I.
plantation in soullicrn Louisiana, tins
man u.-u Imrn in ln.slon, grailuated ; in m)0 cimii,;,,,, fr sowing spring
Com Ihe Columbia College School of ( w1(.nt, ,lm ,I11IC, 0f tho work is nl
Mines, and had lived iu Chicago. U ready done. The prophets of a short
was thoroughly imbued wnh northern crp'have been revising their estimates
ideas, and was the incarnation ol vim- wi i,i a month, and instead of a short-
Keu perseverance aim eniei pi i. e. "e
-tory lie told ol ins long light, against
11 ncroachinents and oveiilow ot the1
1 . I H I I .1 1 .1 . . If L
miner oi waters nan uie eieaienis oi me
hero:e all lliroiigii :t, and was worthy ol
me ,i, seripiion oi me muni, itiniosi, nun
penned the second part ol 1 aiist lien
he locale! Ml Louisiana lie l.ad lo lace
the .pi..-iion..f labor, lie tried lo solve
it as he would have .lone at the north.
,s. fs"""
juiiit.-.s, a st 1 1. h ,i - ii. , use nun .t ''i.t'.;ir..i)auiy soinetfiing more.
a church and u preacher, and aimed at
the acquisition of good laborers by lirst
making his employees comfortable and
denied. lie tried both hiring and
Ihe shares system. When the writer
lulktil- with iiim he had four years of
experience, lie had had the plnlan-
thiopy all drowned out til him. lie re
garded the negro as incorrigible, lie
was hc.y, worthless, immoral, lapsing
into barbarism and voii.looism iu spite
of all bis employer could do. While
emotional and easily responding Id the
rude eloi.uei.ct of the preacher, he was
apparently uillioiit any
real moral;
sen.te, oi euoiigu io ne improved on
i'e was beastly immoral ; he would
sical ; ne wouiii wori; only so Ihiilt as lo
supply his aiipelite, ami not then if he
ciuilil supply Ins liine'iT will) tliclt.
This -einli iniiii, well read in all (lie phi
losopliies, saw no hope br the neerii.
He could not he helped, because he
Would not help himself.
Curious Matrimonial Mixture
From the Chicago Herald.
Ono of I In isn curious family compli
cations w-hich arc liable to arise in any
community has just been brought to
n'iii in .Miciiipm through the tuurruigc
of a widower with three sons to ii widow
with tlrrec danohters. Wero this mnr
riaoe the only one thnt. bud taken place
bclwcen ilit! members of the now united
families the task of poiiitiii!; out tho re
lationship existing between the different
people, concerned would not bu it severe
one. l.ut Ihe three suns have had the
temerity to fall in love ami become mat-
riinonially attached to the three daugh
ters. Just what relationship ilu; buys
and girls bear to each other mid to tlie
old people, und just what kinship the
i ii ...... 1
inn people nave acouireti ior I lie vonim-
cr ones of the household, is sonicthinL'
that reipiircs considerable thought. The
youii'' men are certainly brothers-in-law
to tlicmselves ami the firbj nro just un
certainly sisters-in-law to each oilier,
Kach buy is a son in luw to his own
father, und each mrl is a dauLditer-fn
law to her own mot her, Tho old mini
has he. nine husband tn tho mother-in
law of his own son, and naturally, his
wife Iii'Iiil; still n. the flesh, must bo n
biotunisf. ro,.tho old lady in tit be
a lugnniist, she beiiifr tho wilu ol her
soii-in-luw's father. Now, if tho old la
tly idioiild have u child, what relation
would he or thu bear to the possible
child of one of the J'ouiig couples ? Wc
pause for a reply.
It claimed that onu of tho best puv
in' papers poiith of the Ohio river is the
Atlanta (Gu.) (Anisli'ttitimi, Jt is val
ued nt (J250.000, and Its profiU last
year were 818,200.
The Ohi,, prohibitionists will hold ft
eonventiou til C'.,luil,.m .1 ...,. t.'t
the purpose i.oi.iiinuiii cundidtitcs for
Mute oflieers.
Advices from Over 300 Cen
tera Promise at Least an
Avorago Yield.
The New York Tribune publishes two
pugcH of detailed report from the entire
wheat-growing districts of the entire
West and ISoHhwest, representing tlie
opinions ot observers in thirteen gram
producing centers in Dakota, thirty-five
in 1 Union, twentyvsix in Jmliiiua, ecV'
eiiteen in Iowa, ceventy-sevcu in Kan
sas, fifteen in Kentucky, ccventeeii ill
Minnesota, fifiy in Missouri, twenty-six
in Chin, and from various points in Ne
braska, Wisconsin and California Ohio
alone shows poor prospects, and the de
cision from the whole of nearly 300 lo
ealifies is that the crop will be quite up
to even it it does not cxceeU tnc aver
are, although it will probubly not reach
the L-reat viehl of last vear of 410,000,-
0110. bushels, which was, with the exceji-
tion of the wonderful y eld of oUU.OUU,.
000 bushels in 10. the largest the
country ha ever ueen. Tho following
is the outline of the verdict from tlie
severa i istri
several district, condensed jw briefly as
an idea of the
. ,. . .
J.,kllttt1jrijiuul 1)rumise f u great
Illinois The condition fair and im
: I. Il 'CI .. I,;,.l, .InrllKr
nioiii.iii - M..s,.v.v.ts, .....v
rf j U(jt d tt,.e growl,li;
, . ,
f v . cL
f, '. ' ......... ,t,..
iMinsis i rosiH-cis oi u uciic-i in.'"
.. ....7... , i.
JMrillllCKJ . llll IUI "llllis.i..
J .i.J.rft,.,l .tereiice. but
- - a
a bright outlook.
Missouri Prospects encouraging.
Nebraska A late season, but un in-
. .:.l. ., ,
creasetl acreage, with a
, . ,r . . 1
" " J' c "P-
ew "k-lhe Uirg
prospect of bet-
est crop ever
. . . , .,. , ,,.
. , .
' i tr.iust inn. i l JltlHIIIILl
, , .. . .
" .'V.'"- .
I Wise,, iisin A tin r liriisnect.
The reports of damage from severe
cold, it seems, have not been well found
ed, in most cases, ami the warm und ge
nial weather has made a gr, at change in
the situation.
From ten States and Tcrritoiies the
estimates are for an average or greater
than an average crop. - Minnesota will
fall off somewhat on account of the in-
i .. .- ... I. ..!..,
creast u line u on i vcu in rtu ..ti nuui:,
" " . '
but the decrease here will bu more than
. . .
ny uiu iiicrensu eise-
where, as in Dakota,
ir instance,
where the. acreage will be double ; Wis
consin, w here il w ill increase twenty per
cent., and Missouri and Kentucky, with
au increase of ten or hfieeii per cent
l.'.ven in Ohio, u l.ern il htck til slum
. : . r . f ,., fl.n ,.,. i. mKi,ect.s are
1 " '-' 11
. Ijrij'litctr.
'p10 ground throughout tho country
i ago of thirty lier cent, thev do not now
c.li11 mor(, tjia, (ivu t() !ilU.011 ,,t.rc(.nl)
w;li(.h wm,, (vc wm. it ,ril(, l,L.
wiicij ollt 1)y ,vcnl.P. The Pcnn
(i).vniua crop is csliniale.l at 30,0(10,000
bushels sumined up. While there are
,.,.. .jnnvbucks which may come to the
.., ilirldin.r niiC.ivi.r.ibl.. uenlhee in
lu inimodiati:' futiiro, mitl chinch bugs
I llll(i lri,iiKl,t furtlicr on, the prospects
. to-day is good lor an average yield and
Barred by Limitation.
IVoin llie Na.-livillc Itiiiini r.
The suit of the United Stales, as
trustee, vs. the Nashville & Chattanoo
ga railway, was argued and derided in
tlie Cniled Mates District Court yester
day by the jury returning a verdict iu
favor of the defendants.
The suit was brought some time ago
to compel the asliville I hattanooga
railway to pay accrued interest on cer
S lain coupon bonds. Koine time previous
( tht uiu the li.itl Kliitix intvern.
incut bought, as trustee for the Chica-
saw Nation, certain coupon Is .mis issued
by the Nashville & Chattanooga rail
way in 1,V)2 and endorsed by the State.
These bonds fell duo iu 1882. The in
terest which accumulated between July
1, 1801, and January 1, 1800, inclusive,
amounting to about"? 150,000 evidenced
by coupons, was not paid during tlie
war nor subsequently, but the bonds
anil all coupons subsequent to January
i, iniiii inn. oereioiore neen paid uyine
railway company. The suit just deci
ded was a suit by the (lovernnicnt,
brought iiiioii the coupons matured be
tween July 1, 1801, and January 1.
1800, and with interest thereon, urn
king a total claim of something over
83110,000. While it was conceded that
the statute of limitation did not run
against the (iovernnient in matters
merely trustee, that it was where it was
the real party in interest it was con
tended w here it was subject to the stat
utes of limitation. Defendant contend
ed that the coupons were but interest,
ami unit (Hiring tl.o war between bellig
eranls interest could not be char"ed
In his charge to the iurv. Judco lin.
ter heltl that tho idea of the shunts ..r
. limitation was a good plea, and while it
- did not apply to the (.overninent w hcii
'l "'d in ils own behalf, it did npply in
'I'0 present cause where it sued us trim.
tee. I pon this chur.'n ib.. i....
e; a verdict in favor of the defendant,
llie counsel fr the plaintiff, however
appealed the case to tho I'nitcd Htiited
Supruiue Court,
TllirTAtKNIX, "
of Hlirtfliril ;
of Harl,ii.l
Till'; KxNOXYUJJi Finn,
of Km.xville, Tenn,
Tbree better Fire Iiwurancc Companies
ciiniiot be founU.
Kepresei.itJ ,
PolleU issued M onco on 1 ordinary
A new tr'.Diniii.ir for innmmi. t.,.n.,ni
consists of large rosettes innilc of narrow
ribbon velvet.
Seeds for the Farmers.
The Commissioner of Agriculture for
Tennessee has ordered from the Depart-
WnshiiiL'ton. D. C. for distri
bution among the Tennessee correspond
ents of the Hurcau the following vane-
I !. of n'CtLs :
Iv'vntinn com, pearl millet, upland
V.-i. T.l ... fno.,a
rice, 4'i.ns ihiiiu, uuiiuBuu wt i,"ti
grass, Texas blue grass, squasli ot all
varieties, ljima ociuis oi ruru vunuuen,
alfalfa, stock peas of all varieties, cu
imihcrs ofnickle varieties, rare vnric-
t o. f rasnDcrries, waiermeioiis, uesi
" , . .. .. - . , .... ..
varieties, Turk's cup and green citron,
riiiiteloiipes, sorghum, assorted vuric-
Cunt. McWhirter wrote Cuiiimiion-
er Iioring that he had prepared a farm
ers' roster, containing at least the name
of one good farmer iu each civil district
of the State, and there being ninety
seven counties averagiug eighteen civil
districts, makes a grand total of 1,740
correspondents, every one of whom
wanted and would expect one package
of each variety of seed ordered for expe
rimental purposes. World.
French Language.
I'rof. A. Jiiiiribin is iirepnred to give
French lessons to a few more pupils. lessons
1,'iven ut n'mlil only, n he is oilier ise engiig
c.l iu tlie iliiy-tiine.
Kiikkiikni'ks. Cluv. Marks timl bulvj I)r.
Mnrn-ll uii.l lit.lv: .1.1,. linllL'll mill lailv : V
J. Sinner ami lady; M. 1. I'ully an. I latly;
lt.S. ll. iiili rsoii ii'iiil luilv : lr. Iliiirtl anil la
dy; Messrs. Kwlirey nnil Sons; Mrs, Wvsseil-
livr anil sun ; .Miss Macule .Marcli.
The tenth census shows that of the
u-.iiikmi i.f iliij coimtrv 2.4.12 are nhvsi-
ciiins, 2,001 artists, 1,820 actresses, 320
authors, 28 journalists, and lit com.
inercuil travelers. In only one voca
tion, that of teaching, do they outnum
ber the sterner scit, there being engaged
in that pursuit 154,375 v.'oinen to 73,
33.3 men.
Tki.ki'iioxi: Okkke at I'hiu.ii's,
Dkio Stoki:. Direct communication
w ith railroad, telegraph and express of
fices at depot. 5 cents per message.
Carter, Days & Co., Managers.
ft ; a p K
r. :
M )-q
s W
3 w
o; - O
" R
o o
Wapn and Carriage
Wc have opened u Wagon anil Carri ape Shop
ut K nipper's old staiiil in Winchester,
and propose to do nil kinds of work in
our line us neatly and cheaply as can be dune
anywhere. Strict attention will be given to
repairing. We have n first-class blacksmith,
who, in addition to other work, will make a
specialty of horse-shoeing.
All kinds of inneliinery repaired in best
stvle, cheap,
Jan. 31, 1SSX
As Siecial Coniniissioner in Iheease of Jo
seph M Acklen vs. E 1' Acklcn and others, by
tleeree of the Circuil Court i.f Franklin point.
Iv, Tenn., at March Term. lKH.'l, 1 nirer for
rem, ior venr the liintls iH'l.inging to C.
Acklen's heirs, eonsistinv of four tracts iiiul
and survey of which I have either for mon
ey or on me usual terms. I lie laml is aj
miles of Winchester, near Uogle & Davis
nill,2J miles of Fjttill Springs, In iiootl neigh-
borliooil, nptl immediate possession given. If
sold, possewlun for grnlti sowing to be given
in the fall, and tho rental contract o expire
lH'eeniber2')lh,lKS:l. '
This April 24th, 188.1.
Sjiecial Coniiiisioner.
J will receive bids privately for' nil, or ei
ther of the above tracts of land, the biddings
to commence pt -r per acre, on one nnd two
years' credit. Hlds to be received at the Cir
cuit Court Clerk's office, between now and the
4th Monday in Julv next.
Special Coiniiiissitmcr
April 2.p.tl.,'83. 4w
'The Fexale UniTersUj of the South'
At Winchester, : : : Tenn.,
i i... nn.1 U-mitv of necne-
llllSlirp.tSSL'tl ll'l ..".-- - , .
rv, nail euiirtlv exempt from all nnilurial ami
epiilenile diseases.
in tliisliislitiiti.it. lire such as cum men sense
and the wisdom (,'iiinetl from long exjs-Tience
liiivutleiiionstriitetUo he most etlcetive.
N iilnn is uocciiletl or rejectfd heeliUse It is
" new " or "M," but if proved bent, no sliKinii
is pliit t il upon it because it is not the birth of
Tin: ti:a('Jiino
in tins College is fully Hp lo the progressive
tleiiiiinilsof Ihe present, lioth the uistriiclion
anil example sueli tliiit even lliesiiigKisi. u. t.
. .. . ...... ..i it.. i
iiiuillervut HiMin iKeoiiie iniervsivu, n....v
becuiuvs u positive pleasure.
the Mnry Sharp bus sIohI firm uniid tlie ues
t.Iiiti.uiof wur iiiul the MMcttiliii.H of envy
ami jiuloiisv, and tins long rteorti oi iinuum
mitl siicress'f ill toil sliouhl he BHiilhcic.it guar
antee fir the future-.
ocuiipviiig posilioiis of honor tliroii,'lioiit the
i ...I... I... il... ..ilur'iitt.iii here receiv-
II.IIIl, unit , .' -
...I ..... ......I., l,l,.u. IllU ll.l lOIIHlllllls iif'Silllll
lliv ,.....v " , , , ...
em Imines," uii.l to llie coiiiiiiumlies in wine i
tltev rt-sitle. lire in'ii'i iViicw of the thorough
work done at the Mary (sharp in educating
initiil ami heart.
of tlress is insured by a neat and inexpensive
hooks and stationery can be bought at
Nashville prices. No foiiihiniitions funned
by whirl, any teacher is to receive a profit iu
monies KjK-.it for pupils.
THE ruospEcrs
i.f die Institution were never hitler; requests
for Catalogues anil niforiiiiitii.il received dul
ly, not only from tlie Southern Suites, but
from points north ol tlieuniu river.
of i.iliie.ttinn is Itiuh. ami rests iiiioii the coll-
vi,.iii,n 1 1. ut ..vi rvsv.li in of liiHti'llcliiin sliouhl
beesliiiiiiletl by ils success in promoting llie
higher education; by its ability to increase
the power and range of thought, anil to not
only excite the mind to extended seienlilie
research, hut to join will, it that pure moral
culture by which alone the true dignity ami
well-being of humanity is insured.
consirt of Ir. Z. C. Oiavhrs, lirst and only
Presideiil, assi.-li.! by a full able and expe
rienced corps of Professors.
lr .V.-nti.
Tuition inCiiIhgiale Deparlineiit
" " lnteriiutlintf "
" " Primary "
" " Music, (Piano) vtilh use of
iiisiriiiMt.il .
I Vocal I'smiiis
" " Painting (not including ma
terial) " " Drawing ...
" " (iernimi anil French, each..
Boiii.l, ineliiding washing, fail and
lights i- l." "i0
Paymeiils to be nntde, one-half in advance
lor each half session of Iwenlv weeks
For ('iitaliigiief.nr iiil'iiiaiialioii.addr.sfihe
1'resi.lcnl, or Professors (i. W. Johnston mid
A. T. Barrett.
B!l. The next sessit u begins llie 2d Wed-
nesilay in Septeinlier.
II VYDl'A' M UK'ir
' Presi.l,.t lioartl of Trustees.
Julv 1 I.1MS0.
Winchester, Tenn.,
Medicines and Chemicals,
Syn.iyis, y.'iiisiis, l'tijumriy, tlr.
Prescriptions cart fully compounded w ith
accuracy anil dispatch by cnmieteiit persons,
at all hours of the tlav and night.
febl.-j-VJ. Iv
Elk River Mills.
Headquarters for the Milling
Public of Franklin and
Adjoining Counties.
These Mills (known as Hinton Mills,) are
.ill i.it.,.l .... l.'ll. rii... tl..... . I. ..f
.......... .. .... ..... ..it., ...... r ....ill,
Winchi'sler, anil lliree miles west of lVelirnl
Thev are given up lo have Ihe liEST MA
CHINERY of tinv Custom Mills in Ihecoiir,.
Irv ll .vi.... .. ....... ll.l... ..i.. t; i
w m.Ul.. I,ll- mi,l lvli, lU
wheat anil one on corn, enables us to alwavs
be up with our work, wilh plenty of water to
spare. You always get your grinding no
wailing until to-morrow. Our iiceoninioila
thum are equaled bv no Mills in the cmintrv.
With Mr. Win. M. Taft as miller, our Mills
turn out Flour and Meal excelled by none.
Our merchant work is eipu.l to tliiu'of anv
Mill. Orders for Eloiir and Meal promptly
filled. We thank Ihe public for a liberal
patronage since starting, anil lioie to be able
io merit a more iiiieral one as we tin Hie work.
liOUI.E t!fc KAYIS.
Corner Union nnd CherrySts.,
Non-Resident Notice.
Thou. Core vs. Jno. D. Lipscomb nnd
It niiDenriiiL' tu the Kulif:n.i,.n ,.f .1...
Clerk anil Master, from the nlliduvit in cmn-
iniinuni s liill Ii. uliove cause, that the de
endiint. John 1). Lipscomb, is a ntinresi
lent uf tho State of TcmipsHiw. u,. tl
ordinary process of law cannot be served up-
It is therefore ordered by me that publication
be nintle for four successive weeks in the Home
Journal, a newspaper published in Winches
ter, Tenn., requiring said non-resident defend,
ant to appear on nr before the fourth Montlav
in June next, before the Clinneery Court at
Winchester, Franklin county, Tenn., and
make defense to said liill, or the same will
bo taken for confessed and set for hearing
ex-pnrtv as to him.
Witness my hand, at office i
ill Winchester
leilil., this April St, 188,'t.
CI.EM. Altl.EDGE, (.'. M
liv John Arledge, Dt p. C. & M.
To myjriends.
I nni now receiving n nice line of "
Millinery Goods
such ns Bonnets, lints, FJowcrs, Rib
bons, siitins nnd Lueos.
k n MRS. N. E. DAYS.
April 2ot!i, 1883.
L t i SI. L
1) III ir.u
Ahead of all Competitors
Business Men, Tmirisis,
Emigrants, Fainilit-ii,
THE BEST 110UTE t UuWie i-
nail, liKtiahiipolis, Chieac,, u.,u ,)' v c'-
is via .iiHhville. """i
West I via Mckenzie. " l
HIE BEST Itol Tlv to West Tcnnw,,,
Keiitiiekv, Mississippi, Ark!UisaiiUJxe,
yititna " in iLvtiiiiVi
Don't Porget xt
By tliis Line you secure the
of Speed, Safety, CnU
AT the
of Expense, Anxiety,
Fatigue. '
Be sure to buy your TickctH over tie
N., 0. & St. L. Railway,
The Inixpc.it net tl Traveler need hot,.
amiss; lew eliiingts are ntitssnrv, jnj w.:l
as are unavoidable are made m Uuitm
Atlanta and Nashville, Atlanta a ml St. J,,,,;,
Atlanta and Louisville, Nashville n,H is,'
Iiliis via Colinnblis, Nashville ami
ville. Nashville uutl Memphis, Martin mils.
Louis, I'nioirt'ity and St. Louis, Mi-Keniie
and Little Hock, where euiiiieetiuu in oiadt
with through Sleepers to all Texas jminij,
Cull on or address
A. B. WKENN.Trav. A., Atlanta, (it
J. H. PEEBLES, T. A., ( liatliiiio.,K,Ttn
W. T. W i Kl.S. P. A., Clii.ttaiioiiLa,Ttti.'
W. L. DAN LEY, ti. P. A; T. A.,
Ni.sl.vlHi', Tumi.
!i:.u.i:n is
Standard Patent Medicines,
ne, minis, (ills, aini.-lits, Live-Null,, Haiti
;; (in 1 loolli 1, rushes, Joint Ar.iclts, 1 rfiimtry,
00 Soaps, Sliiiiil.lt r Bunts, Trusses, Sin.iifw,
mid all vaiii lits ol I rurgisi,.' Similrim, ti
Ii ltd gars, Pure Winisaiid l.iiai is for Jlttlitir.al
Ii (1(1 : purposes.
n scriotii as eurefiillr on,.
oil poiinditl, aiiiloMkis aii.wi-red nidi fine iui,
, - ,() ilinpntch. inais
00 ,.
M.iiiul'aeturer and d ialer in
I Prices as low lis the same ran be lmil.t in
Nashville. His Furniture is all liiiiiil-n.ailr,
jainl will slimd the ttst of miy rei.n,nil,l(
i usage. Pi. liiris.Clir. n.i s.tVc, l.'talh lo.iwil.
1 : '"! ''l:'"1 ''i'' '"1lIt V"-V A" M,"Mil
. .lntiimui i r-;ti fiit'.'n, n vnu y.imi hjiis
I in yoiireiiiie eliairs, ci me mul gtt (iariliu r
Palenl ."-ply Vein ( r seals. All kini'suf l'i-
, holslei v, Ac., ii m promptly.
( Ol'l- INS ina.le lo ..r.it r.'an.l a fully : lv
1 of the nil est on lianil. .,f any size, at li'f tl.nn.
I they can be bought for uny n hen the. Iltnill
l deliver them iu a NICE liEAI.'SE tu any .art
of Iheeouulv. He ket ps en lii'inl nil Urn r-
. iii-i.i of METALLIC CACES,
; as clieiip, or chii.pt r than the sunn run 1
' liouglit in Na-hvi!le.
I He has all kiudsof liiniliei for sale, nt lit
( lowest price ; and, as lie has a saw-mill t,f
juwn, can till anv oriltral shell neliie.
iu:ai.i:ii is
iFirst-dass Furriita
A N II M.NfK.CHIll:l! OF
All Kinds cf Mattresses,
No.!) North Colhge Street,
: Tennessee.
I.cc Moms anil Sum 1). Nh 1ml, Saluiiur.
1 -i
All goods paekt
I ami delivcrid al liniln fl
free ol charge.
Al the house lately occiiiitd by Fiiimiug &
Son, i'ublie Sipiare,
winch i ;st ei: , t en n.,
rroposesto furnish, t in an for ciisli. :iml''f
1111 "esi nriintis a-nl tpialily,
Cigars, Tobaccos and Snuff.
His liar will be niiit riuli ntltil by Mr.
Tom. Arlttlge, and he guarantee that
iff ufVufum-t oly will be sold. Hot ihiiiM
lor inter, anil cool elms tor Siiuiiuer. un'
him a trial,
Winchester, Tenn.
New ami elegant Top ar.tl Nn-Tnii liiifrsa'N
and lirst-class Harness antl Saddle Ilerns.
Horses boarded by the year, month "f ,'l!-v
very low, and well attended to by fait''"'
Hacks run night and tlav from "Yinehesttr
to Deeherd. Passeiigt rs ciillt d for in any pail
of town, iiiul baggage ehcektd.
aprl-tf EI.I.IS DAY?.
JOHN SIM.M0XS . P. R. I'l'lllH
Attorneys nt Ijav
Winchester, Tenn.
Will iiracliei' in il. foniiii.nof Franlhii,
(ofVeeaiiilMonre; also in Supreme t'eurt nt
Aasuviuo. iTolnpt attention given '
leeiious. iiiiw-
(Jllice stniili-nnKtsideof 1'iiblit Sninire.
Mrt. 77.es. ,. MrlMll. itr. IIn;h II'. J'''1'-'-"
IO North Summer Street.
Nashville, : : : TenneEEee-
This Hotel has recently hern entirely re
furnished, nnd is now re.itfv tn entertain lr
Hie.it ns well ns per.uanciil boarders,
nielit, SUOperday. t'll,.v4'"

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