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Ed y
Charlotte, N. C, pays four dollars
per thousand fat for its gas,
A Bultimore capitalist intends estab
lishing a vegetable canning factory in
One mile from Monroe, (in., 'lands a
log culiin tluit was onrc the home of
Guv. Lumpkin.
A foosc farm with .r00 birds linn been
ttUllidi'd in Tulladcgs, county, Ala.
Three hundred dollars nn acre was
paid for fifteen acre of land in Volutin
county, Fla., the other day.
A f l.l.OOO htock of poods in the prize
nf nlioting mutch at Meridian, Miss.,
the chances I cing held at $1P0 a shot.
The Board of Health of Cedar Key,
Fla., linn prohibited the pale- of oysters
from now until tho cloco of the warm
Tliere are faid to be 2,200 convict In
the Texan (icnitcntiary. Of thin iium
Wr tlinc-fittliH are negroes and Mex
icans. jjince the railroad linn been compu ted
to Aimistnn. cllbrts are being ni.ido to
develop the gold and copper mines of
Cithurnc county, Ala.
An arrangement in cn foot in Augus
ta, (hi., to burn cooking taught in the
public Hiliooli". Much trouble is cxpiri
cured with the domestic servants.
Anew entcprite, the " Eolith Uenr
gia Heal Estate Guide," is now pub
hdied at AnierieiiH, ia. ' It in pnbli-hed
by W. J. Dibble, who in trying to in
duce immigration.
Many of the Northern tourists on
their way home from Florida cany with
them jet alligator. At the Charleston
Hold a waiter is detailed especially to
lied and water the aligutors.
An English company have purchased
iO.OCO acre iron lands in Knst Tenuis
we. They mpply a capital of fl.'.OO,.
COO, and will erect furnaces at once,
giving employment to BOO men,
The ppst lemon in Jacksonville, Fla.,
though rather short, has been the most
prosperous in the city's history. A
careful invcMipution how that -11,1117
tourist have visited the city during the
past winter.
Gen. Levi Lawlor, of Mobile, and
others are forming n company with
$200,0(10 capital, to establish at an early
day a pig iron furnace of CO tons daily
capacity, at Alpine, on the Selma, l!ome
& Pa! ton railrond.
Truck farmers of Smith (leorgi i are
iaid to bo hipping cabbage and re d
izing from live to icvtn cents a pound,
they make from $7!) to $100 per aere.on
them. The teed were sown last sum
mer and tho plants set out in the fall.
The killing of fbeep by dogs is dbtrcs
inply on the increase throughout Ten
lOTtee, where (legs nio protected by law
ami thcbloodtliirity sheep are permitted
to roam nt pleasure. Tennewe will
preHoutly be contesting with Georgia
for the prize mad-dog.
Albany, (Ga.) sp.-cia' : Several Tex
n have been buying up cattle in tho
wire-grass region around here for several
wcekj for shipment to Fort Worth, Tex.
It is said they have thus far rreeurcd
about 4,000 head at an average of 7..'i0
per hcaJ. The rates of shipping will be
t0 per car load.
Tho Drinks or all Nations.
" Drinks of AH Nations" wan the Fuh
Mnf President Cotton's lecture before a
Boston temperance mooting. "Britons,"
ho said, "spend nlinuully iMit.ntKI.Oilt)
in drink, an nverogo of $1!) each. This
does not include tho sum paid for im
ported French winoH. 1 have learned
that America, is now exporting largo
quantities of whisky tu England. Jf
w, God help Euglmid. In liussia Hie
eiMimion people driuk enormous ipum
lities of Btrong beer. Tho nobility eon
"imfl a great amount of brandy. Tho
uovernment lias recently appointed a
commission to deviso a Bciiemo of iii'tion
1 reformation. Uut ono dram shop is
to bo allowed in each village, und where
'to villages nro in eloso proximity ono
"hop must do for both. At present
8,000,01)0 gallons of wino and brandy nro
annually oonsumed in Russia. Holland
era driilk gin and beer. Germans uso
bwr and wino as beverages. In 1R78
oflidul reports show that thero were
H,800 brewcrii's in tho German speak
ing countries, turning out 8i(5,OIK),000
imperial gallons of boor. In Copen
hagen the authorities have decided to
fednce tho 1,350 beer shops to eight. No
Pretty barmaids nro to bo allowed to
jcrvo liquor, and tho drunken man must
be carried homo in a call nt the expense
Jjf tho hwt man who sold him beer. Tim
lurks are tho only temperate race of all
civilized nations. No good Mobnmmo
touches distilled or malt liquors."
Jefpehsos said: "I would rather live
" a country with newspapers and no
government, than in a country with a
government ami no liowsnnDcrs." This
kindly criticism was probably the result
n9 .,, , . .1. . i T.,
numu rural newspaper saying win live
ferson left tho lnrcest snuash of tho sea
'on at the oflico, and that his daughter
'M the finest wnltzer at the Branch, and
that ho was snch on honest politician
'hat he ought to be tho candidate of nU
we parties. luck.
uiis a colored man gita tor be so
ell educated dat ho doanv beliovo in du
"il'lo, ho has lost his identity as a nig
R but yet ain't flttert ter bo classed
yni de white Wk,Arkanww Traveler.
At a reoent stenographic, exhibition in
Peris a postal cud was exhibited whioli
buro 41,000 words,
Tiif green thrco cent stamp will have
been in uso thirteou years, when thouow
rato goes into cff,:ct next October.
A srurtnKnnrt, wlio was hangcil by a
mob nt Jacksonville, Id., sonio timo
ago, turns out to lmvo boon a Bon of
Quautrell, tho Missouri guerrilla.
A story CDinuH from Canton, Cbitm.of
a woman who, to punish a female sbivo
who had stolen somo fo.id, cut a slice
from tho girl's thigh uu l mado her cook
and eat it.
Uswn a law making vaceinntion com
pillory, there has been very littlo small
pox in Jbissacbusetts. Tor this and
other reasons tho Lrgihlntnro does uot
dud it expedient to rep ; al the law.
A Mih.sishiim'I man has discovered
that an excellent ijiniily of sugar ean
bo mado from sweet po'atoes. It this
proves trim a new uso has been found
for ono of tho best and most prolific of
Amoricau products.
At JHiiling, (i a disease siniilur to
tho pink-eye muong horses has broken
out among the people. It temporarily
destroys tlin eyo-siglit, and tho troublo
lasts ubont t(-n diys. No permuneiit in
jury fullows the attack.
In every toli.icio factory ut Key West
thero is u "reader." Cubans can not
talk without gesticulation, and in or
der to keep them from t ilkiug a per
son is employed to read aloud to the
"hands" during working hours.
A Wasiusoton, I). C, man
King, has invented a suicido
They aro the slj of a capuilo, nud are
tliivor. d tu mit any ta te. When swal
lowed by the victim tiii iii ii.tiirc of tho
st iinac)i cn.ines them to explode, and
the man is blown to cti.i;n.
HrATi.-n'UJM of crimo in reven of the
)avgc.4 cities of t!.e Unite.l State, and
based upon population, show that Sin
Fr.mcisi:o leads in the nuinb.'r of homi
cides, followed ij tho order of mention
by Cineiuuiiti, Baltimore, New York,
Philadelphia, Chicago and Boston.
James LtcK left $150,000 to establish
and maintain frev baths in Sin Francis
Co. Ono of tie) trustees, J)r. SMIIuiuu,
Uow propones to iuercaso tho fuud by
popular sul'.icription to f:!."'l,ii00, nnd to
erect snlt water baths larg.j enough tor
tho ttccomuiodatinn of the wliolo city.
A M vc:.ie.NT is on foot in New York
nod elsewhere to raiso a fund for tho
erection of a monument over tho grave
of Charlotte C;ishumn, t! J actress, at
Mount Auburn, lint.m. Tho grave is
in a lot ne'e-led and pud f ir by Mhs
Casianiiii only a lew nio.itlu Ixfoio lier
Tit:: pre it"st ipiaiitity of Rtamjis ever
sent fn.m Washiiiglnu at one timo were
shipped on the 2.'ld of April by tho Inter
nal Kovonno Bureau, They wcro the
rebate tobacco shimpi for tno after My
1. They weiglied lifteon tons, and rep
represented a great many hundred
thousands of dollars in vmIiic.
An uudeiUker in i'loUdolphia re
cently advertised for a full bearded mn
of middle nge and of good address, nnd
explained that he wanted him to visit
familirs which death had outered to
take instructions regarding tho funeral,
ere., and that thre is something about a
bearded man that inspires respect aud
A rirrsnunoH. clergyman thinks that
Shukspearo was a great man hut over
rated. Ho contends that the prinoipal
characters of "Macbeth" aro.to be found
in tho Book of Kings in the Bible, and
remarks that Dr. llalscy. in his lectura
on "Shaktqicaru" at Princeton College
stated that Shakspearo's regular pr.io
tico was to study tho Bible seven hours
a day.
Col. KockweiiT, is engage 1 in the task
of editing and compiling the speeches
delivered by Gen. Garticlcl (luring we
lut year or so of his lite, including ins
utterances at tho Chicago Convention,
his resiionscs to tho numerous delega-
W, viditort him nt Mentor, and
others delivered nt tho Williams Cmlego
Alumni meeting at Cincinnati, and on
other occasions utter his inauguration.
Mrs. Ji'ma Wickham toon, who died
in New York City a few days ago, was
nnrn a notablo woman. She was tno
widow of Benjamin Watlcins Idgh, who
United States Senator from ir
iiiin from 1S3" to 1811, and who died
in 1810. She. war, also tho daughter of
.Tolm Wickham. ono of tho counsol for
i.l.n trinl of Aaron Burr
for high treason in 1801, and who lor
many years stood at tho Head ot mo vir
ginia bur. r
A coMpanv is tormiug in tlieStato of
Ohio, known ns tho "Tiuio lelegrnph
n.imoanv." the object of which is 10 put
in business and dwelling houses clocks
ran aud regulated by electricity. It is a
nf il eomnauv in New ork. Ihe
idea U that a subscriber may havo plow d
in bis house, for tlie sum of M per year,
i..ir tloit will need no wiuding or
other attention, but will be connected
ly wire with a contra! oillco, from which
every pendulum in tho grand system of
clocks will bo made to swing wi:h one
common impulse.
Ar,P.xANi)rrt !'. Vir.r.Rits, who died at
Philndolphia a fow duvs nso. left this
odd will, which was dr.iwu no in .Inlv
lut: "My last will and tent anient: I
leavo my boly to thu ITniv.i xii v ,.i
I'eunsylvani.i for dissecting luuooscs
and wish to bd cremated at the same in
utitution. In case I should have any
money or property ut tho time of my
death, I leave tho wholo to the doctor at
tending mo. In ease I urn cremated, I
wish my ashes to bj thrown away and
not given to or viewed hy anybody that
h id been acipuiutcd with me."
AMoNa romo of the il;u lv uitasei of
royalty ia tho lack of privacy accorded to
it, and tho royal personugosnre frequent
ly in tho habit of securiug thm privacy,
whon on a jnnruoy, by traveling inco',;
nito. The King and Q i-en of the Net i-
erlands arc now passing through England
n tins way, und uro said to b i enjoy in"
themselves like two children let out
echool. Though it is ierlcetly well
kuown who they nrc, by a convenient
iictiou this knowledgo is not utilized,
and even Queen Victoria has given no
ollicial recognition of their visit to her
S-iosaftor t!M (J il'iev) lui'a n wits
'ilnhlishcd in its prcsnit quarters at
Washington a beggir ctlU-il on profes
sional business. To his anm.emeut ho
was ushered with cluhwute biwsand
gestures iutn a luxurious room, whero
an attache kindly asked bow l.c might
servo liim. A collection whs then tiiUcu
up for his bouedt among tho lucmheis
of the embassy, and he was invited to
refresh himself with a lunch of deli :ate
confections. As a matter of course his
singular cxpurieuco wa known to every
bejgar in town within twenty-four hours,
and the legation has been besic gd ever
inca ly uuprepossossing visitors.
A fonnr.Ri'ONDP.NT f The .JJoV-m J'' ff,
writing about tho remnants of Indian
tribes surviving in MiissnehnsottH, siiys:
"It is believed by thoao who have an op
portunity tu know, that no Indian of
puro uboi'igihid lilood, is now a resident
in tho commonwealth, they having from
timo to time iutermarrii i with tho
whites and thoso of African descent.
Counting all those who havo Indian
blood in their veins in th i State, in tho
vest iges of ti ib. s remaining, thero nro
to-day not fl.r from 1,0'KI persons, cm
brnci-d in 225 families, nnd it miuit bo
borne in mind that tho numbers con
tained in thoso tribes have been in
creased for over 2(H) years. It is n very
significant fact that no irihn now cxi't-
ing is iiicrea.-ing numerically in tho com-
How lie Was Lnld.
It was in a umi king-cir on the Nud em
river loud. A New Yorker was exhibit
ing nn invention to s( Viral geiilleineii,
when ioi old funiM', with i settle I look
of s'adlless on bis f.t c, Ilea Veil a .-d'jh and
said :
"I never see such a thing without
wanting to weep."
"Nothing iitmiit this iuveiilion (.
we'p over, that I can sec," replied tho
" Wall, it sort o' calls up old recollec
tions. Twenty years ago this fall I
thought I had n fort one in my urasp.
Yes Mr, I believed I had uti'urk the big
gest thing sinco steam was brought into
"What was it?"
"Ono day when tho old woman was
flat down with her lame leg 1 bad to
cook my own dinner. Alter I'd got the
pnncnko lmtter all lixed up l eouion i
find the greased rag the old woman uwd
to rub oor the iqider. Holt o' absent
minded like I picked up a piece of raw tur-
iiiii from the table and used it instead.
It worked to a charm; no smell, no
smoke, no stick."
Jle paused Here to v.ipo nway a tear,
and then continued.
There was the fortune. I figured
that 0,(100,000 greased rags wore used in
this country live months in the year.
Fifty thousand barrels of grease were
used up greasing spider. Over $11)0,000
w listed and gone. One turnip would
make six greasers; 1,0 :0 bushels would
mako enough to supply tho country.
AJ1 that was needed was to cut them up
into fancy style, allix a handle, and go
to supply tho demand at m cents eaen.
" i iiere was money in
"No. there wasn't. I bonght 100
bnshels of turnips, .$" worth of wire,
nnd hired two men to go to work, nnd
then I look Rrcaser ami went over irto
Vermont to see how it, would tnke; they
would not have it. They had something
more simple, and much cheaper.
"What could it liavo neon t
"They Bpit on tho spider I" replied
man. ns a V-M mado n break
down his nose and was swallowed np in
n,n ,int on tho floor. au v;-c
Buried Alive in a Tunnel.
The Atlanta Cuniniution says: An
old man named Stephen Shell, living in
Cimplicll County, becamo impressed with
ii.., ;.in (hnt avich deiiosit of gold ex-
isted on his place. So strongly did this
impression seize him that he became a
thfl Bulncct. Lately,
ns he was dij'fring W search of tho
ff mul had delved some
!.... r,. .,ii. vnnln under ahill. whon
lllUiCU n.liK.'j J ,11'
a lurgo rock fell and effectually closed his
passage. After vainly attempting to dig
himself out of his precarious position,
i,; f.,mii w-im lm.l become anxious on
nnnt.f li i nmlfiiiffnu abHeuco. wont
try tAamli r.1 llim 111(1. dlHCOVCnUff 11H
exertion extricated
him. The : -cident has had the effect of
caring hia I., ilncination.
A Hrcne In Writrrn Town anil WUnt ('umi
ol II.
A Western pajMT tells of a sccno that
took place in a Texas frontier town, as
follows : As Dusenbcry walked int(Cid
lahnu's lletrcat, tho habitues saw at a
glance that something was about to hn
pen, and something did happen ; for in
about half a minute there entered four ol
tho most ferocioifs-looking rullians who
had ever been seen in Fort Worth. They
came with clanking spurs nud tierce
beards, two revolvers to each mull and a
large bowio knife for lugniiippe, and they
sat down to a table and called for whisky
nil around. A tremor nut through tho
assembly. Fort Worth's best citizens
wcro for a moment staggered. But
Duseiiberv never quailed. On tho con
trary ho almost snorted with joy as lie
saw his opportunity to make a reputation
for courage. TIicno men wcro strangers,
ho was backed by a large number of Fort
Worths Hharp-ihooters ; yea, ho would
pick a fuss with them, and henceforth lie
known ns a terror, lie had not long to
wait. ThestraiiL'erscnipticdthoir irhisses,
called for more, und then, glancing ma
lignantly around, tliey liiuncluxf forth in
furious abuse of Texas and T'exaus, their
language being garnished with that pro
fusion and ornamentation of profanity
peculiar to tho guileless cattle-drover.
As they ceased, Lhisciibcry.havirg taken
in the situation at a glance, arose and
advanced toward tho strangers. The
Fort Worth men put up their pistols aud
sank back in breathless uma.emeut as
Dusenbcry inarched up to tho table at
which tho strangers sat. His Hashing
eyes, his heaving breast, bis live feet of
towering form reduced tho spectators to
sp echlchsncsB. Even the strangers
paused and seemed impressed.
'Gentlemen," said Ihisonhory, diving
into his trousers and bringing up nu
ancient silver wntoh, "you have wounded
the finest feelings of my nature in your
remarks about Texas, and you must re
tract them, or but never mind. I give
you live minutes to retract it. Five min
iiles to socuro vour safe return to home
and friends. Vivo, minutes to avoid a
grave upon tho louesoino plains. Five
minutes I"
An awful silence fell upon the crowd.
The blood curdled in the vein of every
Fort Worthian present. What ! had they
b i treating Ibis lire-eating Terror with
m-anvly veiled contempt V Dad they
been ab-olulely courting death for years?
Hut just then ono of the strangers re
c . iv red his power of speech and ini l :
"Why, stranger, if you feel that wny
about ii, of course we'll cut it Hbort. We
didn't mean il for you or any of your
friends, but was just talking on loose
And with that they all four got up and
slunk out, their six-shooters (lopping
feebly against their hips, and their spurs
looking drooped and weedy as they went.
Wrh the closing of the door. Dusenbcry 's
i ve reeled ill its Docket. Tho excitement
which had thus far held him up gave
way, and he collapsed, a llabby liMle
heap upon the tloor. The assembled
citizens crowded round him, eager to
oiler attention to the hero of the hour,
and at la:-t he was rehabilitated sulliei
ently to admit of his King sent homo in
charge of a special and confidential friend.
"Whv, Doozey, my boy, you took u-i
oil by surprise. 'Wo never thought you
were a hVhtor."
'Didn't you?"
"N". Why, don't you know those are
four of the wont men' in tho cattle busi
ness? And we expected every minute to
see them go to shooting. Wire you
nrmcd V"
"Well, I had a pistol for show, but I
don't believe it was loaded, mid 1 couldn't
have iired it, anyhow."
"(lent heavens, man, suppose they had
refused to retract, what on earth would
von have done ?"
Dusenbcry stopped, looked all around
to so- if any one were passing, pulled bis
friend's ear eloso down to his lips, and
whispered :
"I'd have extended tho timo." -Vrui
Orleans Time.
Silver-dray Foxes.
A communication in the Ibitland (Vr.)
II. nil, I Hays: "In n recent i-sue I notico
nn item l'etVrring to n silver-gray fox
that has lately been killed in this vicin
ity. It is a general belief that this fox
is a distinct species from tno red fox, but
this belief is wrong, 'llio silver-gray or
ick fox belongs to the ordinary red fox
family, and its color is simply a Ironk of
nature, which, however, occurs inoio
frequently in wooded districts than in
thn so tied nor ions Ol me country, i
have often been informed by Northern
fraiiners that whero the dam or she-lox
was silver-gray or black her offspring
was invariably red m color, and l navo
known but ono instance where moro
thau ono silvcr-grny fox lias been found
ninong a litter of young foxes. Ono of
them was nresentcd to mo by the trap
per who found it. I sent this fox to a
relntivo of niino in Sheldon, where ho
remained until two years of age and was
ono of tho most beautiful unnnals 1 over
fi , i i i
saw. iiewns niierwiuii iiuiciuuv u hy mi
an agent of Lord Eghnglon and if alive is
now iu that nobleman's pnrk iu Scotland,
Where tho ends of the majority of tho
long hairs of this fox nro tipped with
white it is called silver-gray, but if tho
hairs nro tipped with black it is than
known as a black fox. I onoo saw n lot
of several dozen of theso skins mat wcro
of nil shades from nearly while to jot
blade. Mr. E. W. Goer, of Sheldon
somo years ago killed a very fine colored
li ner fo. w men was liiueiuc-cu ov u
Hudson Day nrcent. The more inferior
grades of these colored foxes aro known
us bastard, nnd the noxt grado nbovo,
cross foxes.
He Gracefully Accepted.
" I assure you, gentlemen," said the
convict upon entering tho prison, " that
tho place has sought me, and not I thn
place. My own affairs really demand oil
my timo and nttentiun, and I may truly
Ray that my selection to till this position
was an entire surprise Had I oousultod
my ow n interests, I should have pe
onintorilv declined to serve, but, as
iiniiu tho hands of my friends, I see no
other cuiirse than to submit. And uo
t ubmitted, - . .
Tkc ftprrxt Mrmm by Which Itnllromd Ua
IrrdVM are found Uut.
"The present system of spotting is
pretty clever way of heading off dishon
esty, said tho reporter to a sleeping e:ur
porter w ho was brushing him. "I pre
sume it works like a chum ?"
"Oh, certainly it works liko a charm.
That is, it costs tho company thousands
of dollars wcro it saves tho company
thousands of cents. Wo just sit still
and let these fellows get on to us wo
do," and the sleek mulatto chuckled
audibly us he agiui applied the brush to
the l'oportorhil overcoat. "Every spot
ter is known to us the moment ho sets
his loot upon the platform, and it is sel
dom ono of tho bloodhounds has an op
portunity to do pny spotting. We tum
ble to him in a minute, and if any Meal
ing took placo ordinarily, it would cer
tainly stop short while tho spotter wan
"Do the porters stand iu with the con.
"The porter is the dishonest conduc
tor s best bower. If it wcro not for us
the HjMitter system would bo, to some ex
tent, a success."
"How do yon help the conductor?"
"Why, wo spot tho spotters, so to
speak. We havo a way of jimrking
every mother's son of them, nud that is
how l know that that man I pointed out
to vou is n detective. I shiiicd his boots
awliile ago anil discovered w ho ho was.
I've got his boots in hero now, und if
you w ill coino iu I'll show Vou one of
them and you can easily guess now I
know him to bo a spolh r."
The porter led the way to one of the
apartments of the ear, and picking up
one of tho boots held tho sole upper
most, showing thrco X's cut on the heel
of the boot.
"That's the way we si.u 'em up," said
the porter with a triumphant smile. "II
was u close call, and if I hadn't shim !
his boots he mi;rht have gone thronj li
unobserved. Of eoiirso everything
would havo been all lijdit, anyway, fui
my conductor is a square man, hot I
like tobn onto these fellows who pry
into our business. It s a cold day wlc n j
tbi-v c t ahead of the conductors ai d i
ptr'ters, I can tell yon." I
"What do these three X's cut on Ihe
heel of the boot mean ?"
" Why, that's ju t the point. Tf ii a
private m.. I k by w Inch I ive. ;;i,i.: ,1 I'e. (
man ns a spotter. lb' wa.. proh:.l ly
marked sonic time n;'o, end he h s i . .1 .
wvcrilig these In Kits ill Hi jut the
salii", never ill'' aniiii til it he Mas ;;b i.e;
himself away n;:hl n 1 i r. It could i t ;
be plainer if ho wore u Mar bearing tho '
Wold 'spotter.'"
"How do you Hud out these men to j
Start wilh?"' j
"'1 hat's easy enough. Do you tbii.k
we have no friends at nil to tell us about
tin so things? Well, wo have, in the
company and out sid", too. For instance,
a spoiler gets on at St. Louis, or Chi
cago, or Kansas City, or New Yrrk.
Somebody goes to tho conductor nnd
says 'You've gut a spotter on board !
night, watch out for him.' A descrip
tion is furnished and I go in, and in
blacking his boots mark one of the liol s
wilh my three X's. That ends his use
fulness ns II detective until he buys a lie'.V
pair of lnioti4 or sho. s. That is one way
to get on to (hem, but there are others.
A conductor sometimes rcceivis a not
something like tlii-: 'A sio't r w ill go
out. wilh you to night. Ho is a tall
man, with sandy moustache and well
dressed. Yours, . I .' The writer ia
roinetimes nn cuipl'iy "1 tic company,
and stands in willi the men. This is not
Hen the ease, but, at any r..h we tloii t
havo much troublo in tumbling to tho
tcctives." Jutnw Vili i'iiiuh.
I)KIM( Oil l'K.'HT.
An Aiu'rilnli' nliunt Old Hull.
GniiifT dow-ii tho Mississippi, Olo Hull
met on the steamboat a pitrtv of half-
savage men, colonists from the far West,
While reading his newspaper he wiw no
posted by one of the men, who had lieeil
sent ns a spokesman by his companions,
with the reipii'Kt that tho liddicr wouni
take n drink with them, offering him n
whisky flask nt the same time.
"I thank you," said Olo Bull, "but t
never drink whisky."
With a nurse the fellow asked him U
he was a toe-totalcr.
"No, but whisky is like poison to mo.
"If yon can't drink, come nnd fight
The man's comrades bad gathered
round him meant inn', ami they nil cried:
If you won't drink, you must light.
You look darn strong; show us what you
are good for.
"A Norseman ean tight ns well as any
body when his blood is up. but I can't
light When my Dlomi is com, uuu i,
should I?"
"You look bko a Htrong fellow, ana
darn it, yon shall fight."
Seeing no way of escape, Olo Bull
quietly said: "Since you insist on testing
mv strength, nnd in re h no reason mi
fighting, I will tell you what I will do.
In.t any ono of you tnko hold of mo m
any way ho likes, nnd I'll wager that in
half a minute ho shall lio on his back at
'" A Mr fellow was chosen, who stepped
forward and grasped tho violinist round
tho waist, but wiis instantly thrown o i l
his head bv a sudden wrench and lay
.Henselessimtho (leek. Olo Hull now
felt himself in a very iinoo.ulorlnhlo
position, for he saw our, rl the nuns
comrades draw a bowio km e, bill was re
lieved when it was used only to open a
A ,wwl I ISO Ol US cuim-lim
poured down his throat soon revivei
1 tho
fainting man, and ins quesuou .
"How tho deueo was I thrown down
hero?" was answered by a snout of
humbler from his companions m wlucu
o himself joined. Uo sprang to his
feet and after vainly trying to persuade
Oh 'Bull to show him howie had thrown
hiiito"hb knife homo with you; you
fight darn weU; you areas quick as hght-
'"Tni'iirtiat heard of tho samo fellow
later as having gono to au editor to call
bim to an account for an tulvomo criti
cism on his playing,, ready to fight for
for "the strongest tldillor he hail over
seen, anyhow."
The Ftrat Apiirnritiim ol lbs NnlubU la.
vemluuM nl llio Country.
Envelopes were Orst used in 1S39.
Ameslhi sin was discovered in 1HH.
The fust steel pell was made in Ik: 10.
The first air pump was made iu lii.M.
The lirst Inciter match was uiudo in
.Mohammed was bom at Mecca about
Tho first iron steamship was built iu
Tho flrat balloon ascent was mado in
Coaches wcro first used in England in
Tho first steel plate was discovered iu
Tim first horso railroad was built in
1k!i; J7.
The Franciscans arrived in England in
The first steamboat plied the Hudson
in 107.
The entuo Hebrew Uiblo was printed
iu Mss.
Ships were first " copper bottomed" In
ITH t.
Gold was first discovered in California
iu 1H1X.
The firat telescope was Used in England
in liHW.
Christianity was introduced into Japan
in 1.-.I0.
The lirf wafohes were made at Xuron
Kin in 1 177.
First saw maker's anvil brought to
America in Is p. I.
First iilmaeiie printed by Geo. Yon
Fur! inch in I Hit).
The 1'nv.t iiewspipor advertisement ap
peared in llio-.
J'i reiisMon arms Were used iu tho U.
S. Arniv in 1m;! .
The fust U' o of a locomotive iu this
country was iu lSJ'.l.
OmiiihiiscH wcro lir.it introduced in
N. w York in 11').
he roseiio was first incd for lighting
, purposes ill lS.li.
! Tic first cupper cent was coined hi
i N'.-w Hnvc'i iu Jti7.
i The lir-t glass f telory in the United
I SI ih s was built in IT1-:',
i T!c lir..t printing press iu the United
I -Voii s was worki d iu liViil.
j lilaM windows Were first introduced
i.:o I'.ic'lai.d ill the i i:'hth century,
The lir t steaw i ie iue oil I Ins conti-
e.,( w .is broii, hi Ir I T r i ! : 1 1 1 . 1 in 1 7--1.
, Yh-- fir.d on, pi ! s win . icaitiii was
I M ,1 by I'Y: . II .v , iu lsli.
I b. ! X'i'M ly 1 T Hi l'i'i,i:i lion of
l hi U.iii Keowl. ii;' - W..H or ,!. '.d ill
1 he lir.-it utS
in tiiit country
::ipl to i-.i ; i :i i if e1 oro pins
was made soon niter tho
...ir ..t I 1-'.
'i h.' firs! prayer hook of Edward VI.
radio into us.- by aulho.ity of Parliament
nn hit Sunday, l.M'.l.
'l'h" first temp ranee I'ociety in this
! : uuitrv w.isoii'aiii.' d inSarntoga County,
New York, iu March. I him.
The first conch in Scotland was brought
! thither in bllil, when lueeii Miry eiunli
i .Min France. It h longed to Alexander
I .or I S atoii.
The lit .) daily new-paper appeared iu
1 7i ij. Tic first new.ip ipi r printed iu tint
I'iMd 1 Stal' Was pll!'h.,hed iu llosloll r.u
r-. j 1. : 17 'i'.
The ina'iiif.if till" of p 'l'd -lain wan In
troiliicd into the piovioic of lley.in,
lap:ni. f oni Chii n iu 1.M:l, ulid lleziil
are still In ar.s ( 'liiia inarliS.
j Tli.. first society for Ihe , elu-ive pur
' ,.,si of c'leul.itiiig the llibl.i w as ornn
l ied in IhiCi, in il r tho num.! of liio
j lo-iti.-h and For-'ign l'oble 'ooi'i' ly.
i To' fust h-legriipliii! in- Iruii.eiit was
I i iiecsifllily op -rah il by S. F. IS. Moi'i-e,
I tin-invi'iitor, in lH:ti, tlioii'.li its utility
was not demonstrated t the wi ild until
IS Ci.
The first Union Hag was unfurled on
the I t of Jaiinaiy, 17711. ov. r thee unpi'.t
( ai.ibrid;,'!'. it had third i n strip s of
while nnd red, and l'i tained tho Englu.ll
cn ss in one corner.
When ('apt. Cook first visited Tahiti,
tho unlives were using nails of wood,
boil", shell, nnd stone. AVheii they saw
iron nails tliev fancied tlienj to be shoots
of iioino very Imrd wood, and desirous of
semiring such a valuable commodity,
they planted them iu their gardens.
How Some Women Sleep.
"ITow do vou sleep?" linked tho doc
tor of my friend.
"Splendidly," sho replied; "nine ot
ten hour wiliioulndre.ini', but when I
iiwaV :' I leave a (hi iuUiiI beadaebe."
"What, is vour bedroom like?
I hud seen this prettiest of imaginable
hosts, and 1 chipped m wi'U n uescri
tion of it, Nullum.' muni bo wnnij!
about the ventilation, I declared, for thu
windows were Inch lied br.'iul, nnd were
1,-tt open over night. The b dsteiul was
cawed all over in solid rosewood; tho
mattrom was filled wiih freshly-curled
lmir and rested oil springs; tho linen
was of the whitest and finest; llio blank
ets were n gift from California, whero
the softest and wainii st arc made. Tho
recollection of the ilowii pillows threw
mo into nipt iiroiispr.iise ol uie unuicsw u
Bilk of w hich their eoveriiijjs welVliiadi',
nnd their elaborate embroidery.
"jlold on I" interrupted tho doe or;
'you aro not. writing a fashionable Jotter
just now. Havo you ever seen Laura
nslecp in this wonderfully beautiful
bed?" , .
"Yes, only yost-rday morning.
"Where was her nose?'1
'Let ma s Oh, '; lt "mll'r
tho blankets." ,1T
"1 abvavs sleep that way, said Laura.
I'Temvi'iiivlicad liheii I get mto bed,
and it sti'.vs so all night."
"Probably tha causes all your
trouble," said the doctor. "You manage
to ventilate your room properly, and
then niauago to breathe vitiated uir for
ei'ht or ten hours every night, Stop it.
Sh op wilh your head uncovered for n
week, and then lot mo know how you
Sho followed his ndviec,and at tho end
of tho wock felt lirst-rato.
It's rather embarrassing for a shop
keeper to be obliged to bluff a tax assiB
sor on the valuation of his slock, and on
being burned out that night havo to face
this samo man ns chairman of au under
writers' committee ou valuation.
Coser.iiNisri tho cause of London fogs.
it is uow suggested that they are hugely
doe to tho burning of sulphur, 200 tons
of this substance being daily burned in
Ir has been found necessary to begin
Ihe formation of anew entrance to the
Mount Cenis Tunnel on tho French side.
Thu former entrance showed dangerous
'ligusof sinking.
M. Hofciirr has found that tho juice
of the lig tree coolniiiH a powerful fer
ment, capable of digesting albuminoid
matters as they are digested by the juices
of the stomach.
Tun inquiries of Professor Colin, of
I'reslaii, indicate that short-sightc'dueia
is tardy or never born with thoso sub
ject to it, ami that it is almost always the
result of strains sustained by tho eyo
during study in curly youth.
Tun force exerted by tho dischnrgo
f heavy guns is something tremendous.
In some experiments at Woolwich lt was
estimated that tho pressure upon thu
base of tho gun at the moment of tho
explosion was more thau sixty tons per
nqiiiire inch.
M. Doiiiin is stated toliave intrixliiccil
the telephone III connection Willi his sci
entific explorations of the bed of the Hay
i NhiiIc.m. Jiv this means the diver and
the b, ml men overhead are nblo to com
municate with each other as quickly and
intelligently as can bo wished.
Anoiiii.ii scare isto follow that in re
gard to color blindness. Statistics havo
1 n published by tl learned lleiticu era;
professor to prove that engineers on
railways are peculiarly subject, to ntTec
t ..ns of tho uir, which might compro
mise the safety of passengers.
It is asserted that if a person exposes
himself to the electric light for somo
I inn- ill a eloso inspection of the same,
his minds and checks w ill show if lie lw
of fair complexion all tho simploins of
"sunburn," even iu midwinter, and ho
will develop freckles on his coiiliteiiaiieo
ns qnieklv as when ho goes about unpro
tected by nsuu umbrella in niidsum
m r.
IOst Bnhles.
A reporter in a New York paper thnt
hi-., t I'io s ono of his encounters with the
lillle burden-bearing children who go
wandering ill the streets of tho great
eiiiis. The incident occurred last Sc
I luber, but if September incidents of
the sorrows of poverty out of doors nro
sad eiiou;;ii, winter tiino adds anguish to
the traced v.:
At tho foot of thn lamp-post nt tho
junction of Park Bow and Broadway sat
a wan, despondent group. A pule littlo ,
girl, not more than seven, held in her
ragged lap a baby on whoso pallid brow
the seal of death seemed set. Justus tho
n-xirtcr reached them a policeman cnino
along, and looking sharply- at the group,
"(lit onto' that I"
"Hold on. lillle one. Officer, yon can
git' yourself. Who are you, little girl?"
"Me name's Mary Koppinger, and I
live in Jnv street, sir."
"Y' s, sir. Me mudder's sick, and I
coino over wilh tho baby und I've lost
me way."
"How did you cross the ferry?"
"I dodged 'em, sir."
Ib ro the habv, ragged, dirty, Wnn
to cry. The little j-irl cuddled lt to her
breast and cbirp' d awhile.
"llaby Hi ems sick."
"Yes, sir."
"Can you find thn wny homoV'
"No, sir."
Now, no Binge-driver would stop for
tho "likes of them," and it was rather
embarrassing. To call a coupe Vas uli
siird; so, taking the littlo child by tho
shoulder both her amis wcro full of
baby the repm tor look her to tho cor
ner 'of Bcckuuui street and put licriua
bobtail car.
With two peaches hi her oekct nud
muter in her grip the littlo matron
almost smiled ns she said "good-by,"
but her sick nnd feeble charge cuddled
closer as shn slept, and off they wmil
toward Ihe City ol Churches.
Of Ihe milium left, many, very many,
are Mary Koppingers. Sick and in trou
ble, pcniiilesH und lost, they roam ins
Mivcts, hungry and tiled, until--weU,
The Grain Crops of 1882.
By the latest figuring of tho Agnelli.
tnrnl Bureau nt Washington it is re
ported the corn crop of 1882 is placed
ut 1.0:15,0111,000 bushels, and tho yield
of wheat at OlO.OOO.OuO bushels. These
estimates may be accepted as probably
not far from thn amounts which will be
shown by tho official nnd final returns,
nnd tho results nro highly encouraging.
Considering tho fears which wore freeJjr
expressed for Uie corn crop in the erfr
part of Just .iiuimer it nj.j from tJie
country (which occurred in that year)
was 1,617,001,000 bnshels. Last years
crop by the ulmve estimate, exceeds that
of 187i) bv 87,000,000 bushels, aud falls
only about 207,000,000 under the crop ol
lfW). It fully justifies the prediction
which tho ih riild mado as early as
August 2 that the estimates then mado
of tho probable yield of the crop would
have " to bo revised and enlarged." The
latest oflleinl estimate ot that years
wheat crop places it at about 80,000,000
bushels m .re than that ot 1878, 60,000,000
more thau that of 1879 nnd OO.UUU.uuvi
nioro than that of 1880. The past year
will, therefore, be memorable in the
agricultural annuls of tho country as one
of fruitful seasons, filling not only our
own land but others with food and Glad
ness. While tho P'lS
with some severe
west thorecentnduhayelx.c.
EZZZLZi of hardwintfr, suen
w which on I-
tVthTCafi cold of fUty-nin,
ho now yoar.-A' York IVai
t i

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