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i f
'ubli led wee kly lit $2 per hiiihiiii. Whi n
tlit; paper is .-ti nt mil oi tin: county,-.! .-'.
VM. J.SLATTEIl, Eniiok.
Wednasday, Mny 23, IBC3.
The quarrel in reunl to " IV'
Trnl!," " J'i.t: lion," und u " larih1
br K'Ventio Only," Mill jroci on in the
iJcinocratii! party, nin! in proportion a
il wax' s jii-oinini'i't iihove all other mat
tens, in tin: mil": prop"! lion are the
chance", lessened for Democratic 8tl'"!-i-in
tht! next Presidential election.
The trial of iTTi'l'liiJ. 1!. Thompson
' for killin;,' Uuvis, the seducr -This
wife, took place, at Ilaiioil. hiii', Ivy.,
nnl ri'.-nlii'il in lii acquittal. When
the vcnlict of the jury v. a almoin,'-'-'!
then: was a shout, and men ru.ihi -'1 for
ward lo congratulate. Mr. Thomson
During the confusion tin; voii:; of Mr.
Th'-tnp-on was heard Having, "1'lianl:
(J.mI, Kenluiky's wives e.m now be pro
tected "
U'i. vl. l.l iniir-h of our li-K'': this ek
j .- . . - - ,
l i two letters - one from U;i: I. 'lur
iiry ntnl lla; 'illica from I'ioI'it-oi (ian.l
ni r, the latter having been called forth
Lv H'lini! per itial allusion in tho former,
They hold are the result of the "bosh'
(in lo tho removal of Mary Hiarp Col
lege from our town, ami wo are satisI'd
that any ill feeling apparent will he 'lis-
i-M:i!fl iiDoii il dear understanding of
the matter .' Mo.
From tin- N;ii-!i villc Wurlil, 12th in-l
Tho Removal of Mary Sharp
To (la- World.)
J.( Ksnx. Tkn.v.. May 7 - Dear Sir :
I see Lv this newspapers of Na.-hvill
that some of the citi.cns of Nushvillc
are. .rni-uifr to remove Mary Hiiirj
Colli : from Winchester to Nashville,
1 do not believe that nny coiiniderubh
number of your business men will favor
Kiieh it proposition for a moment. Tin
town of Winchester and the county of
Franklin do ton much business anil lay
out too much money in Nashville for
the people of the latter place to lie wi
i 1 1 (' In wake such mi issue, nnil Iherehy
i nn Ihi! risk of cnlranj,'infj our business
men from your market, ami, hendes
this, I do not hi lievn lhat the people of
jN.ishville have eonelinleil thiit N'a.-iivi!li
is the Slate of Teiiuesnee, ami that tin
other towns ami counties nru Irihul.'iries
to the growth llll'l ileVeoiment of their
t:il.y, at whatever co'-taml saerihces such
jfrowtli ami (levelo)iiienl may be to such
towns ami counties.
I ile.-.ire lo not ice the nasi lis set f.rlh
by the meuioiial for the removal:
First, thai ilMftiuicut says il has bren
reiri'si'iiteil " that owing to serious anil
vexations litig:ilion ahout the j.iopcrtv
lit Winchester," etc., " the Faculty
have conic In (he eonche ion that the
i . .... , , i i
Iilllire pros pi eis oi I i,i: seliool, ( le., in-
lumnli'il a removal." This Mnti iuenl
naturallv siii'i'i'sls the iiiquiry, Whalis
that '' serious anil vexatious litit'aliiai Y
ll is siuiily thi.i : Some lime ago tin
Hehool hiciime iinlelileil In I r naves,
il.s I'rrsiileiil, ill il irelly consiilerahk
sum ol money, ami I lie ijuesliou was,
Im iv sliouM the (It lit hi! I'anl I Mr.
Walmsley, n man of means ami a ineui-
Ia'I' of ihe liourtl of Trustees, llgleeil o
jmy lr (iravosa v r.'ioii of bin ih hi,
ami be ami l)r. (i raven ngrecil lo lake
the management of ihe collide, jmy Ihe
teachers anil iiii'oiriale the iueolue
of the college to ihe payment of llieir
(lebtH. This was sellleil ujion ami Mr.
Walmsley naiil Or iravi s the amount
H(iiulaleil lor. This nriangeineiit was
to rur,, as I now remember, for the ie
riml of four yearH. Tbu Trustees liiive
to Mr. Walmsley lliletil to the property
to lake ell'eet ill the expiration of Ihe
tour years il run ami ( iiaveWelilH were
not piuil Walmsley ilieil alter Ihe ex
pi in I ion of the lime, lie hail bee
guarilian for bis ibiUL'hlcr, ami lis seen
rity hail assigned to her ihe "mortgage
(so he lerins it in (In; assignment . ) At'
ler bis ilealli, (he daughter, through In
hnslmml, (leinaniled possession of (lie
college jirojierly, which was refused,
anil suit wiih drought.
The liiMtnrv of tho execution of Ihe
mortgage to Waliiisley in thin : I was
directed by tho Hoard of Trusletis lo
jieiaro the deed and did ho. The
Mird met and I had tbu deed ready.
There was but one other lawyer present
in tho Hoard. My tiuiou was tiuit the
deed wan, at the lust, but a mortgage, a
need in trust, ho llnnkinir 1 calluri the
oilier lawyer iiaido and told him what
thought of the deed, imd that I did not
w ant Mr. Walmsley to take it under the
Deliel that ho could at nny tune afli
maturity and non-payment of his debt
enter and chum the properly. Mv view
of ihe caso was fully concurred in y my
i.rii-i iMiunirj. no leiurnen
Hoard, The deed was read and
tn Ihe
I told
Mr. Walmsley thnt tho deed was only
ft mortgage, a ),.,.( of trust, and that if
no acceiiied it and advanced tho money
iiu count nor, in delimit of payment,
ta!te possession ,f the property, but
would have to resort ton ootirt of chan
cery lo enloice Ins mortgage, a deed of
trust, by a fuIg of tho property, to all
which he replied he was willing to ac
cept it ns a .feed of trust, and he did so
K.'V Bw,HM..''- Graves admils
o has been paid in full, and the cvi
detiees by Im receipts and tho testimnnv
Mr W.l7 'il0' ",,0inP 111,11
Mr. Walmsley has been over piiuf.
wis aiuunierol the Hoard, and
connected with the transaction. While
i was a member of the Hoard the niat-
ici-H weresumniiied lo lion. A. K. (;(.
Mir in d invself for an ooioimi W'.. I .... i
unhesitatingly mive the oiuuion ihm
, , V , I - . 'mi 11
i hero was notiiing in tho lawsuit for tho
iillegc property, and ho announced to
liie whole Jionrd ol J rupees mid to sey
r ial huiidred persons at the cIoki'iil' cx-
( iiiNNKiu uii annual exnmiiiiiiion, Mr.
(iWyar voluntarily pledging to defend,
:j; witttout fee, which I suppose he is do-
ml ii'K- i nuve given tne suiJBtnnce ot the
I i i i .i .....
! - in u i rciuciiioer mem. it i tuive
in unythiiii; mislakcn. the caso (he
'V record iu. the Chancery Curt at Win-
cnesier win correct me.
' The suit in nut i,i r.,,.,.1..,,, i
, a deed of trust, but to recover the prop
- , " " v.nir. u null IL OC,
city in kii.il. Il is t a sua nitnst
ilic college, r iin Trustees, Liit against
t lie teachers, who were in occupation us
The Irus!" "and corporation
not in imy si mm; Vl'mo the court by
hill, tthirli il 'ih mill nnik"" n "m.-
riom mi
1 WXSltHillK llll0'llt:"ll. Jt in
simply UN action
ll CJ.TtllielH III lilt)
ih-imI upon n in'rt-
Chitiic i v ' oiirt
ago, a deed of trust, when the ih hi sc
cured bud len overpaid long bt lore the
omnii neeineiit o llie action. II I am
ri 'ht the faeU make a "v xatious," but
r ..... i,
not a ".-crious liiiaiioii.
This is (he "mtioim and vexntioiM til
igatioii" allii'l' il l' Mr. 'olyar thought
two Mars ago when the facts w'T- !'f'-h
. . .. .i .e:..,. :.. il...
ill III" III' OIOIY HU M- "ilS lli'lllliv "'
,M-e ; I think still What change-
inn v i.nve Mciiii'd iii Mr. t.olyars
views I of course caniiot underlako lo
-a v. I have ci rtainly l!.r ti;;ht to . fi r
to Jim piili.n: ami most conlnKin ex
ju' rri iii of opinion under the ciicuin
fctaueei uii.iitioneil.
In I' ohin over liie :it iik s of Ihe me
inorialeH, I can point tout lea1-! "tie
who will say that to be located in Na-b-villc
is not i'.laayn n sure guarantee and
proteeti' ii a:';iinst "wri'iiis and vexa
tious litigation." 1 thinli I aii mid' r
take lhat h'J would say that Nashville
h:Iioo!s have not only "serious and vex
atious litiga'ioii," but a!-o litigation
with ad resnhs.
I ill I , leii'ing all fir" il.-ide, I n.-k by
what utiLe iity may ihe Tiu.leeH re-
move tlie Marv Sharp from Winelu -ti rl
Is it a portiihie in.-li'iition lo be iiickeil
. ' . '! . . . .
up 11 1 1 1
one el-i
carrieil away as i rusiees, nrmii
, niav (h -ire 7 I aicwer, not ai
all. 'I he charier of liie iiiMitntion ice
oi'iii.c it us "e.-talili-li'''l at W niches-
ler." Iow tb'ii can Tiitcs, whoi" At the meeting of some of the eiticlis
hold a pu rely l' h gated iiiilhoriiy to ai t I,, fXiinhville at the Hajitist church, on
for an iii-litutioii "at Wi:iehe-ter,"aiid 1 Suinmer street, the lsl instant, after nil
not el.-ewhere, ri move ttiiit ii:wtiuilii)ti t,(. hj((.tkTH Iiml finished, I woo called
to Nashville ? '1 he college is the cren- ,, t w,y Huinething. Your reporter
tion of the charier. The Ti n tees are t xtm,, h,rt hmul, hut, a.s I Hiippose,
creatures of lhat chart' r Can these
creatures grow above their civator, and
change it? The bare statement id the
proposition answers it The power ol
the Trustees are il' lilied, and are "full
power and uulhoiily to collect and ie
ceiveall funds that have in any way
been contributed or pledged for the es
tablishment, enlargement, maintenance
or keuelil of said institution, or for any
of its purposes, and to apply the same,
and to give, grant , bargain, sell orotlu r-
wise dispose ol all or any real, personal
or mixed elate as to lliein may seem
best for the interest of the institution ;
provided, that no portion of ihem shall
fie expended, Vested, used or appropria
ted iu other manner than in strict ac
cordance with the will mid direction ol'
the iloiior, provided uch will or iliree
lioii is consistent wiih the constitution
and laws of Ihe Slate "
Notice Ihe language II. refers alone
lo the "institution of learning establish
ed at Wiuchi sler."
Tin- donations were all made with the
express iiiiilerslaiiiling and agreeineiil
lhat I In y were to be used for ihe benelil
of the institution at inchesfi r. Ihe
grounds upon which the college build
ings slalul were bought, and conveyed
to the TriHlees for the beiu 111 of tin
school at Winchester. Iu that way ev
er) thing that has been done was for the
promotion of "Mary Sharp College,"
"estah'i-hed nt Willcliei-tcr."
I will venture to niggt si lo persons
dio:cd to inter into Ihe project of re
moving "Mary Phurp College" to Nash-
where, la study well its
charier before investing much money.
We have it established by law amongst
US, and We propose to keep it. Before
Ihe liicinoriali.-ls or any others remove!
it thev will harii something about "se
rious and vexatious litigation."
The Trustees liuiv exercise (hi
ie pow
Thev ers given them by the eharli
are restricted to such express powers ;
they may exercise none other. There
is no power given l' remove llie college
from the jilace at which tho hi'v estah-
hcil it.
I will presume tin Trustees will com
seienlioiislv discharge, their duties, and
apprehend Unit no man will tor a mo
ment alter reading the charter think
thai the Trustees can or w ill remove the
But suppose they may
conclude I hey can ami will remove,
there is still an interest behind that must
he overcome. It is this: Many of the
people of Winchester and Franklin
. . . i -
county freely gave llieir money to build,
support mid maintain the college eslah
lisied at Winchester. Now when il
hall transpire (ii' it can he possible)
lhat (he Trustees undertake to remove,
Ihen we will have the claims of tho do
nors or their heirs asserted, the claim
ants relying upon the charter for the
usteiiance ol their chiiins. I wonder if
the nioiiiorialisls will think these things
lo not prospect "n serious and vexa
tious litigation."
If Nashville has no manv iidvnn'.iiiron
and holds out so many inducements to
and for tho educator, whv should ii
want to interfere with other localities?
II it has what is claimed in the memo,
rial why not establish its school and
make its own reputation? With alfthat
!.. ..!..! I I. . !. -.1. !. . ... i .
in emiineil mr ll, n un l'H population Ol
more than fifty thousand." it eerluinlv
is not driven to the necessity of attempt
ing to roil a village ol twelve or tilteen
hundred people of its advantages.
Wo think wo know our rights, and
will try to maintain them even at the
risk of "serious and vexatious litiga
tion," ami Nashville cannot get "Marv
Miarp without money aud without
The second reason is that it was rei
resented at the lueetintr at the Bantisl
.uiurcn unit llie people ut Winchesti
I I . t . . .... .
lid not appreciate the Mary Sharp Col-
ge. Mich was tho reported declara
tion of 1W. Cinrdner. This slatcnient
of Frnf. Ciardner is absolutely and un
qualifiedly unirtie. If, as be stated, he
was authori.e( to say for the Faculty,
uie and all, that it desired a removnl
o. I.101HJ- necessary to remind them that
hey are employed only to teach, and
..... n governors or adv
n.scrs to and for
Uio 1 iuhUmm. ! 1 1,., I
t Kf.ii i ... i
ni.lv f.,,,1... : ..V,"l" "l ,")u"
rf ..... jvur, uiui it mey. csiru to
;-""ve they will be free fronf their con
tracts in about one month from this
date, and can remove if t1(y An
Ihere wi bo n "sor.ous and vexatious
litigation fo interfere with Ihem,
Sim liking for myself. I would
fully and sorrowfully see soiuo ninnd..,
ol the J acuity leave us. As to other
some I would most cheerfully bar them
an nirnest, an honest "Fare thee well.
and if forever, still forever lure I lice
well.'' I would do so know ing from a
thirty three years' ex jifi ioncc that their
places could and would be readily sup
plied, mid wben they are gone I will re
member the maxim, "Damnum absque
injuria," and Bleep wt-U.
1 don't know whether the "professor"
bad the authority he claimed or not.
Taking his entire sKileiiient, I might
dismiwi liini under the rulo "falsum in
uno falsum in omnibus "
There are other provisions in the
charter to w.hieh I might mil attention,
but I Lave already drawn this letter too
lonir. It siici'iHl mi examination of
-n - - - -nn
that pupcr upon which we plant our
selves, mid we will not readily and
without resistance yield to the wishes ol
the tneeling at the Haptist church in
Nashville, nor lo the re'iiestn of the
mi fiioi inlisls. liiith strike us an rather
cool, ii not verv pre.iumtituoiis.
I have Hiihmitled the oiiestioll to
Hon. 15 J. Lea, Attornev tienerul,
who fully concurs in my conclusions of
law, Jicspcctlully,
I.' 'f L'KNKY.
: ,tii tho Na-liville U'orlil, 1")lli in-l.
of Prof. Cardnor
Judge Turncy
'' the World.
WiNtiiK-Ti;is, Ti:nn., May 12.
much has been written about the remo
val of Murv Shurii College from Win-
v' t -if .1 . I , I . ..
chester to Nashvilh-, that I regret hav
i j,,,, ti nay anything about it at all, but
.V "..... .... I
(l heroines u neeessity lor me to place
vself right before some w ho are inter
ted in the question, and I ask space in
V(Mlr .,.. r (r (his statement
writing up from notes, w bilo liol mis-
representing but giving only the sub -
stance of what was said, iiunle liie ap-l
pear in a wrong
of Winchester.
light with the people
I wish to sav plainly s imethiiiL' of
what I remember to have said, and
tun reporter can confirm what I say 1
hope be will do ho. ,
A nillll I. limb . tun niiuv I,, nin.,,,.
I L..t...i ll. nt I .it. ..... ii'tin. ... ii.t,ii
the. nieeliiiir to renresent tho Fiicullv of
Mrv Sharp Colletce: thati wiintedDrs
(j,..lV(.H Jju,.r(.tt r JuhnHton to be there.
1 hey were men who could speak As
for myself, if I had any strength it was
in my band, as I was a painter, and not
in my words. That wben I had asked
Unit another he sent in my place, 1 was
told by tho Facility to go to Nashville
myself. They did uot want to take an
active part in the meeting. On the
other hund they did not want to slight
tin! invitation for them to be present.
1 .said, further, that the Faculty told
me to go and say nothing, unless to
answer (piestious which might be nsked
me, but to keep my ears and eyes open
ami see what was done that I might re
turn mid tell Ihem.
If I remember correctly, this is about
what I said, as autlioried by the Facul
ty of Mnry Sharp Ci 11 -ge. The re
mainder I gave us a mailer of opinion
inn! upon my own authority.
I did not ex peel to ho lionized w hen 1
returned to Winche.-tcr because of what
I said. 1 expected that some men would
blame me, hut I certainly did not ex
peel that one of the principal men of
the place, mie occupying a place of hon
or iu tin; State, fchould, because I slated
that the people of Winchester did not
seem I.) appreciate the Mary Sharp Col
lege, denounce the statement as "un-
ojuulitieilly false." I refer to the letter
published to-day iu the World from
Jackson, Teiin., and signed " I Tar-,
Should Judge Turncy meet mo to-day
any u here away from Winchester, I do
not lni' vi he would know me. (if my
tin nit and character ho certainly knows
nothing more- than that I taught in the
college here. Ho has heretofore mani
fested no dislike to me, aud why he
should throw tho whole weight of his
word and name against my characteras
a truthful man, in ono of the leading
papers of the Slate, on so small a prov
ocalioii, I cannot, imagine I thought
such an net beneath his dignity. I can
not conceive of a motive worthy of such
a man which would prompt linn, after
toiling to reach such an eminence as he
has gained, to burl stones below upon
his fellow toilers.
I am a native of tho State of Tennes
see. My lorelathers wcreot the pioneers
of the Slate, and moved to Nashville
when it was a village. I certainly have
a right to try to rise within her borders.
My character is as precious to mo and
mine as bis can possibly be to himself.
I cannot afford to be silent when any
man thus speaks of me.
I have eiuno to Tennessee, afler seek
ing abroad for information which 1
could not get at home, to livo among
her people. I wish to make my home
in your city, and I do not want the peo
ple who may know mo there to know
mo ns being capable of telling a false
hood. What I slated in the meeting as my
opinion is tho opinion of many of your
readers, and I leave the matter to be set
tled in their minds whether a mere, ex
pression of such an opinion when called
upon warrants the strong language used
by Judge Turney iu reference to myself.
K M. Ci.UiPNKlt
Tbu reporter w ho took Prof. Gard
ners remarks is not employed on the
World now, and we havo no means of
verifying his statements. Judge Tur
ney's letter was not intended, we opine,
as an atiacK upon the rrolessor, hut up
on the movement to remove an institu
tion to which ho was very much at
tached, f'roni the town, and, with the
thoroughness for which he is celebrated.
li' 'wvd down everything before him
If JVof. (iardiu r was nnsouoted it wai
out fault and not Judge Turney's,
Jay Cioitld, it is reported, will goon
retire from active business life and take
a tour around tho World. He hag a
tori u no ol $100,000,000 nil mado in
less than a.-, yrs. Iu 1850 Mr. Gould
was clerk in a country ftoro at n salary
u' 1,r per ith. That any man
c'uiUl Hart (-,., (.j,,,), a Wl. fl1(I r(j
l u iurttine of 8100,000,000 'in 25 years
seems ainoi.g tho impossibilities. A for
" "f ';J0.000 will yield an in
" ycaV This is;
. T r '. '"-"'lb, 125,000 a
..vkior nearly 18,C00 day, Sundays
A Perpetual Weather Table.
The following tablo was constructed
by the celebrated Dr. Ilcrschell upon a
ilnlosophic conmderatiou ol the attrac
tion of the sun and moon. It is con
firmed bv the experience of niauv ycara'
obscrvath'ii, and will Huggcet to the ob
server what kind of weather will proba
bly follow the moon's entrance into any
of her riiarters. Asa general rule it
will he lound wonderfully correct:
If the moon changes at 12 o'clock,
noon, the weather immediately follow
ing will be verv rainy, if in summer: if
in winter, snow or rain.
If between 2 and 3 p. in. changeable;
luirainl mild iu winter.
Between 2 and 6 o'clock p. in., fair in
winter and suinmer.
lietwcen ti and V) o clock p. m , in
summer, fair if tho wind is northwest ;
rainy if the wind is south or southwest ;
in winter fair and frosty if tho wind is
north or northwest; rainy if south or
Between 10 and 12 p. in., rainy in
summer, and fair and frosty in winter.
lietween 12 at night and 2 a. m.,
fair in summer, and fiosty in winter,
unless the wind is from the southwest
Between 2 and I a. in., old am! very
showery in summer, and snow and
storm in winter.
lietween 4 and C a. ra . rainy, both
in w inter and summer.
lietween i and 8 a. in., wind and rain
in summer, and stormy in wii.tcr.
lietween H and 10 u in., showery iu
suinmer and cold in w inter.
Between 10 and 12 a. in., showery i:i
summer, and cold and stormy in win
The Smithvillo Index reduced its sub
scription price to ono dollar per year
and after a few mouths found that it
was u losing business aud raised it to
the standard price 82. In making a
1 nolo of this fact, the Sparta Kxpositor
says: "A county paper cau't be pub
lished at a dollar, unless the publisjie
has plenty of money, or some other bus
if.inessto furnish the money that is re
quired to sink in the paper. Of course
if every voter in the county, or even
I -
,,,., 11.1.1 .
nun ox inem, wouiu lune me pajier, it
might be done, but ns only about one
fourth of them uu an averao take it
it can't be did successfully.''
An old writer very truly says: "Ad
vcr lining und politeness are the main
levers to get customers. Advertising
will draw them, ability to fill their or
ders will satisfy them, and politeness
will induce them to buy."
- m
Tennessee bonds are quoted in Nash
ville at -10 cents.
Our Gash Argument
i iiilrrniir fjir.li system we have, in tlire
moulds, liecli eiiiiipi lli'il to move In u hirer
Hinre-lniuse anil employ extra Inrie in orde
to Inert llie ilemiiiiils nt our tnule.
We iloii'l chiiiu to wMI all t lie L'ooils that
iiresolil here, lint we still is; iw will make
your menus I real you rinht. I'.von mi enemy
isyiiur I'rii ml if he makes vour friend trvul
you rirjit. Thru how fjrrnt n friend iinisi
your friend he wlm treats vnii rkdit without
the m.'ikiiiL'? I i. I vi, ii lot v fur 1 foiutee
pniuidsof cliniee Hiijtiir, ten iiiiiiiiIh nfchnii
collie, or -I -I liillwrinlit ilolneslie at r
lust prints at lie, hefore wu put llieia down
.-suppose you periiiii uarrv to lai In vnnr
smoke -house und lake one of your must choice
liamseverv week how l.int; will it he hefore
you wnlilil have to sell the remauiiler at doll
hie its value lo make unoil your loss? This
suits our eiisvexaetly. Harry comes every
tiny i lucre areqniany Harries. Niiumim'
we load Ii i in iliovii (tint up) with 10 pound
collie ll Mil I I ik.iiiiiI HiiL'ar lor 51. l-orfl
Oh, tin, lint fur Ihe promise ofjl, Ni, sir
ue can t Hlmiil ll, 1ml ihish Iiiiii over to our
iiciejilmrs who take chances i.ii all alike willi
only oiieeonsiihiliiiii that is, if Harry don
nav, Tom ami Pick will.
We don't pretend lo sav all who ask for
credit will mil pay. We admit tlialTom anil
hick will pay, ami that lfnrrv will not
e are always husv. nod In save lis we enn
hiiow uarry iroiii tola anil Hirk. He is lis
i. ..... i . ..; .
Kooil lookiiiL', and more ulih on the toiiL'Uc
Now lotlie point : (ientlemen, Iwii-lhirdsol
you furnish the other one-third all their lux
uries, Ac. I his loss don t fall on Smiili, I.cn
elian.or .Mr. , but the people foot th
whole hill.
We keep n full line of Oolhiiur, Cienls'
Fnriiishiii),' (hauls, Ac., also a (teneriil stock of
merelianitise, ami pay the hiidii'st market
price for harterof all kinds.
I'. & S. I.KXEIIAN",
Successors to ,1m; U'liehan.
I Veherd, Teim., Dec. 20, 1 8H2. tse27-'83
G n ll
Bradfield's Female
Id Special Itemeily for nil discuses pertain
nig to 1 UK WOMH nud any intelliKent wn
iiiiiii can cur,, herself l,y followim; thedint
tlolis. ItisesiMciallv cllieneiiina in .... ..f
Kiiiimumf or p,n't ' MmMniatiim, ihe ll'AiVm
nnil imrdn I I'rnl.mu,. If alfnnli. iimnu.liute
r. ..e,, m-rmiuienllv restons tl. Menslriud
1' unctions. Asa renuilv i Iu, ...... i ,i.
thai critical period known. ns "( hmqr ,,,;. ii
I IIS lllVllIllllh l. lin.i,r.,ll.... 1 1. Ji . ' '
r-.f" .. i nun im rival j
I-auIXESTIMAIlLEItOONtottll child-
""" """'ni, a rem blessing toHufl'eriinr
lemales j a true e
, iiiiirn ami sale i e iverv
eon.rol pan, ,! nl evillll. lt. Q
aKoiinuiiK milUriiiR. Ixvoml il ii.1
iruyiw t' ' ""w ut inn-
Is sure mid stHH.Iy ci,r.for ii,fl(j tw
3 ni norcs, fleers, Tamow, l-'Utula Burns
Corns, Felons, Sore Nipple, CU. u S
are simply marvelous, and it iH tnlneiiS
hie hlessiiiK to all ulliet -,,,1. : lVT
ahove complaiutH. Try 111
tnr For
circulars. t,-i;.,,;i ..... , ,,
mrtieulars, nddrcsn 'fx)u C
laniifuctiircr of tlieso
.108Soi.th-I'ryorSt.,Atlti.ta,lia. '
Mav 9 lv '
hpi d Threshing
Buckeye Mower, Tablo Rake, (combin
biued Reaper,) Dropper, New Can
ton (single wheel) Ueaper and
Self Binder, manufactured by
U, Auitman Ol oo., uamuu, u.
tr, V. w Model Vibrator and Sweepstake
Threshers, und the Cuntnn Monitor Kiiiiics.
urmers and 1 liresliernien are iin ni
or call on the ngeiit, r . M AI.nr.n.
ix.iviu.i-ic, xcilll.
5y Tii!' r
Self Dump
and Advance
IfllV Kukes.
Have von seen him? The best combined
saddle und harness horse tluit was ever 111
l-'ranklin roiintv. Is the favorite utevery
how. Jluisthe ilarluiK uniier llie siiuuie,
and the Captain in harness. Can pace or trot
a mile in less than three minutes. lie is IU
years old, full 1"J hands high, dark liuy,
black pointed and verv heavy. Fleet was
sired hy 1 1 a 1 1 Took ; he hv Clipper. Fleets
lam washy buig Island Illack Hawk; he by
Davie Crockett, tne lust ( unailiail horse In
Kentucky. His style is excelled hy none.
Stands nt Kile Kiver Mills,3 miles north of
Winchester. Only $10 hv insurance. Come
and see. I'riiiL' your urindini;, una see the
the finest horse in tne eoantrY. His rnltsijo,
"you het. ' Doll t miss this chance; will per
haps tie the last, tin premiuiii up.
April 11-2111 J. li. JM If.
3 1
v: a-
.. O
E3 ?
3 S
5 zn
S 1
tt t-l
? w
i w
c ga
9 k-
11. ns
rV CXl
5 2.
9 o o
o o
e o o
B, o o
!T O O
Wapn and Carriage
We huvclipened a Wagon and CarriaueShop
lit knnmuii'u i. Iil I W'i I .
and propose to do all kinds of work iu
imiurini n inn niiiiiii iii it iiii-iii'Hiir
our line us neatly and elii uplv ns can lie done
anywhere. Strict attention will be given to
repairing, vteiiavea tirst-class blacksmith.
wlio, in addition to other work, will iimLo
specialty of horse-shoeing.
All kinds of machinery repaired in best
style, chenp.
Jan. 31,188:1.
As SiHi-ial CoiuinisHioiier in lhicnw ,f .1...
scph M Aeklen va.K P Acklen and others, by
derive of the Circuit Court of Frnnklin coun
ty, Tenn., ut March Term, 1883, 1 idler for
""t. for venr 1883, the hinds belonging to C.
Acklcn'i heirs, consisting of four trucls plat
uiui survey in winch I have either for i i
j 1 "I'iih mive eiiuer inr inoii-1"
y or on the usual terms. Tho hind is 3J
miles of Winchester, near Itiurh. Ar lini'lu1
inill,2j miles of Estill Springs, in good ncigh-
iiorniHHi, unit nnnieitiate possession givm. If
soiu, possession for grain sowing to be given
oi me inn, nun ine rental contract to expire
IVcemlicr Will, 1883.
This April 24th, 1883.
Special Commissioner.
I will receive bids privately for all, or ei
ther of the above tracts of land, the bidding
to commence at $o per acre, on one and two
yeata' credit. Kids lobe roiTivt'd ut the Cii
cuit (urt Clerk's office, between nownml the
jui uiuiiuiijr in juiynexi.
Special Commissioner,
April 2.r)th, '83. im
Mn. That. L. Murshall. Mr. Ilunk W. Priixtll
10 North Summer Street.
Nashville, ; ; ; Tenuessee.
This Hotel has recently been entirely re
urnished, and is now ready to entertain tran
ent as well as periniimiit bourdcrs. Trim
lent, $1.50 perduy. mavl-tt
"lie resale University of tte South,"
At Winchester, : : : Tenn.,
unsurpassed for variety and beauty of scene
ry, and entirely exempt from ajl uiularlal ami
epidemic' diseases.
in thisliistitiitjon are such a common sense
and the wisdom Knined from Iouk experience
I....... .I....wi,uti.!iii.il to he most ctleetive.
No plan is accepted or rejected because it is
ii ...... ,.- ".,1,1 " hoi if proved bent, nosliuma
Is placed upon'it because it is not the birth of
in this Col Ickc is fully Hp to the progressive
demands of the present. Doth the iiislructioii
and Mnmrde inich thnt even the sluRKish nnu
. ..... ' , !... ...,l I alll.lv
inuiiureni soon uecouie iniervso-o, uim n....v
becomes a positive pleasure.
il. Marv Rlmrii hns sto'id firm amid the des-
..I,,;,.,, J.I u nr mid the persecutions of envy
and jeulousy, and thisloiiK record of faithful
and suecessliil loll sliolliu ue asnmcum Bu..t
antee fortlie future.
oi.ciiiiviiiL'pnsilioiis of honor throughout th
land, und w ho, by the educiilioii here rteeiv
ttA (irn (iiiwli. Itli'Snilll'M lo thousands of "South
ern homes," and to the comiuiinitii s in which
ihcv reside, are liiinii xritiieiM of the tliornilL'h
work (lone at the Mary Sharp in educating
mind and heart.
of dress is insured by a neul and inexpensive
Hooks and stationery can he Imuplit n
Nashville prices. No combinations formed
by which any teacher is to receive a profil in
monies spent for pupils.
of the Institution were never better; requests
for Cutiiloiics and information received dai
ly, not only from the Southern Stales, but
from points north of the Ohio river.
of education is hiyh, and rests upon the con
viction that evervsvstcni of Instruction should
he estimated by its success in pmmntini.' the
higher education j by its ability to increase
the power nnil range of Ihoiijtht, and to not
only excite the mind to extended scientific
research, but to join with it that pure moral
culture by which alone the true dignity and
well-being of hiiuinnily is insured.
eopsist of Dr. 7,. C. (iHAvns first mid only
President, assisted by a full able und expe
riciieed corps of Professors.
Jt Monlh.
Tuition in Collegiate Department.-...- S'i UU
" " lnterinediatc " 3 00
" " Primary " 'J 00
" " Music, (Piano) with use uf
instrument 00
" " Special Vocal Jassoiis 0 00:
" " Painting (not including luu-
leriult - -I 00'
" " Drawing 2 SO
" " (icrman and French, enc'n.. 1 00
liourd, iiicliidiug washing, fuel ami
lights l.'l oil.
Payments to he made, one-half in advance
tor each half session of twenty weeks.
For Catalogues, or information, address the
President, or Professors (i. W. Johnston and
A. T. Harrelt.
RM The next session begins the 2d Wed
nesday in Scptcinlicr.
President Jlourd of Trustees.
July M.1RS0.
Winchester, Tenn ,
Medicines and CLcmical?,
Sjmmjf, Jliuflim, l'tijKiutnj, tf. j
Prescriptions carefully eoinioiimlcd with;
accuracy and dispatch by cnniictciit jursoiis,1
at all hours of the (lav and night. ,
febl.VW. lv '
Elk River Mill
Headquarters for tho Milling
Public of Franklin and
Adjoining Counties.
These Mills (known as Hiutoii Mills,) are
situated on Elk river, three miles m.rih of
Winchester, and three miles west of iKcherd.
Thev are given up to have the IS EST MA
CHINEHY of any Custom Mills in Ihecoiir,.
trv. Having everything newly littiil up from
wheels to Isdts, and having three runs en
wli..!,l tut.l ...i..,t ....-, ...!. I ... ..1.
, (-Mi,ii-i. un in always , . .... 11 ' , ...
he up with our work, with plenty of water to , ""''J wl"
spare. Yon always get vour grinding no " llll.i r. and cool on
waiting until to-morrow." Our nccoininoda-' " ". I''",'1
tions are eiiunled by no Mills in the country. I l:l" 1 1"t
With Mr. Wm. M. Taft ns miller, our Mills I i
turn out Flour und Mi.nl ,.ri.,.ll..,l , i .
Our nierchnnt work is cipial to that"of anv
Mill. Orders for Flour ami Meal promptl'y
Itllcil. We thank the public font liberal
iatronage since starting, and hope to he able
to merit a re 'liberal one ns wedo the work.
Corner Union and CierrySts.,
Non-Resident Notice.
Thou. Gore vs. J no. D. Lipscomb anil
It appearing tn the sniisfnnti.m ,.f i...
Clerk ami Muster, from the affidavit in eom-
iiiiiiiamsllill In alinve cause, thnt tho .hv.
ndnnl, John I). Lipscomb. IH A noilpnn!-
"" . i.ipsronio, is n nonresi-
''"' f the State of Tennessee, so that the
.. - .mviwv, no mill, ine
ordinary process of law cannot be served up-
Ills therefore ordered by me that publication
ho made for four successive weeks iu the Home
Journal, a newspaper published iu Winches
ter, Tenn., rcipiiriugaid non-resident defend
ant to nppeitr on or before the fourth Manila v
III June next, More the Chancery Court at
Winchester, Franklin county, Tenn., und
make defense to said I'.itl it. ...:n
. r . . . s K ni
" wm' r eoniesseii. und set I
or heuring
ex-pnrte as to lulu.
Itncss mv bund, nt i,m,.o I., wi....i....
Tenn., this April 23, 1883
Apr25-4w ' ,,A''!,,lK,'',,,,-U&M
To my Friends.
I am now recei ving a nice line pf
Millinery Gocid
such as Bon nets, lints, Flowers, Rib-
"ouo, oiiuiis ami taiees.
April 25th, 1883,
1 1
7 "iiij,,i
. ;i i
Ahead of all Competitors.
Iiiisiness Mill, Tourists,
Emigrants, Familiis,
THE r.EST KOl'TK to Lmisviiie, (;,.
mill I till I flllll 9 in 1 1 M (In,. ..I .1 . 't
is via Nushvil
J-""1 and t,e
THE I'. EST KuL'TE to St
West is via. McKeime.
THE UrT It'd'TE to West Tei,nefK0.,i
Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkaiisiis uiidTi...
points is via .Mckenzie, "
DDoxi't Forget T .
l!y this Line you secure the
of Speed, Safety, O,,,,
butisfueliua, '
of Expms., Anxiety, Uotl,,
l'-!iti(?ae. 1
lie sure to buy your Tickets over tlie
N., 0. & St. L. Railway, v
The Incxiicritneid Traveler mcd l,otB
umiss; lew clniiigis are necessary. ondni,
as lire unuvoidiiblc are nuide in Union Poo,
Atlanta and Nashville, Allimln nrdHt.Lgj,
Atlimta and Louisville, Nushville nj ft
Louis via (.'olnohiis, Nushville and Louii!
villc.Nusliville und Nit mphis, Martin m,jii
I.onis, Union City und St. Iiais, MiKtnxit
and Little Keek, where roum ction i mnj,
with through Shi pus lo all Tixas points.
Cull on or nddrt ss
A. It. WKENN.Trav. A., Atlnnln,0i.
J. II. I'EEliLES, T. A., Cliiiltiiiiiieea.TiiiiL
W. T. ltlllil- KS. I. A., fliiittnimnga.TtBB
W. L. DAN LEY, O.l'.&T. A., '
Standard Fatcnt Medicines,
l'ainis, Oils, Vumishis, Dy-St nfls, Haiti
Tooth llrlishcs, Toilet Artichs, Pirliimirr
Soaps, Sholihhr llincis, Trussm, Sininpt
and nil vnricliis of I rnfgists' Suudrim, Ci
gars, Pure Wims and Liijuurs for MtJiiiml
l'bysiciaiis' prescriptions ran fully rim.
pounded, niidordin. answirid willi eiirrn.il
ilisputeh. u,ais
Manufaclnrir and dealer in
Prices as low ns the sunn can he bi'iiilit il
Nashville. His Fiirniliirc is all liut.tl-nu.iie,
und will stand llie test of nny n :isi ladle
usage. Picluri s, ( hn mi s.Ac., m ally fn n cd.
A lot on hn ml for sale vi ry low. All mrtnif
Moulding for sale chc.ip. ' If von wiint m.li
in yoiirini!e chairs, ci me ami tit (oirilturV
Pali nl H-ply Vein cr m-nls. All kinds f I'p
holsli ry, Ac, done prt inptly.
( ( )FFINS made to una r,anl a fnllyn: lj
nf the nicest on hand, of any sin, atliotjnn
thev can he bought fi r nny v In n else. Krvill
ileliver thciii in n Nil K liKAKK In any an
nf tin i nn nt v. He keeps i a hai i! un iini rt.
. ns cm np, or clu apt r
than the n.n;i imi U
I Illlllglll III .UsllVlllc.
I He has all kimlsef lumber for sale, nt tlx
lowest price j and, ns he has a paw-mill of kit
'own, can till anv order at short in .tire.
At ihe house lately occupiul by I'annhg
Son, i'ublic S'jiiare,
Proposes to furnish, In up for cash, awl o
the best brands a-nl ijualitv,
Cigars, Tobaccos and Snuff.
His liar will be
siipcnntciMlul y
be gunninti e tint dm
loin. Arledge. ami
e sold. 1 1 ol draiU
ms or Suiiiiiier. (iiv
I LE '
Winchester, Tern.
New and elegant Top and No-Toli linggica,
and first-class Harness and Saddle IIitm.
Horses hoarded bv the year, month i.r day,
very low, und well attended lo by faithful
Hacks run night and duy from Wiiulioslir
to Dec-herd. Passengers called for in any J1"'
of town, and haggngv clucked.
nprl-tf ELLIS DAYS. 1
John Simmons. r. n. ti'inn
WIHIIIIVII4 w wwnii",
Attorneys at Ximv
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in the counties of Franklin
Coflee and Moore; also in Supreme Court t
Nashville. Prompt attention given to ml
lections. novW
OllieesoiMh-tiiislsideof Pliblii S'lliiue.
Non-Roident Notice.
Cause pending in Chancery Court
U J. Gillesnic and othprs vs." Celiua
Koneboro ttud others.
It atiuenrinir tn the ciih.fiii.iinn of the un-
dirsigued, (who him ken apuuinl.vd SKCial
, -"" junsitroy llie ri gllllir v.huio:imif
r.jfrom the allcgutioiiK and affidavit in T"1
I pliiinaiitH Amended Jlillin above cause,lh'
the (IcfindnntH, Mary und .Itettie (iilk'pa'.
two miner ehildit n uf Jamts Hilhsiju', A'"
itiu x. vi-... 1... .1 i .. . .1 . i.t.i
u uruwiei- 01 wm. ll.UlJICSpIC, utcu,.
rp non.rcidi nt gf the State id Teiineweo.'? -
! " "loiiiurv i)n.een ul iuw ti,iuw. -- i
lun.it nMn tl 1 .... - r
It in therefore nr,tnml iYnt ..iiMif nlli ii be
ninde for four successive wnks in tho lit ff
Journal, published in Winchester; Tenn.; w
qairiagaid non-rcaldintih felldnlln!'r''',
un or before the fonrth MemUiV..' iii
next, hefore the - Clinne. r CVmrt
WinehiBter, Franklin cor.ntv, TtrTn.. M
jind mnke defense to Kiiid A minded ijid OriT-. -inal
Bill, or the tame will he takin. forma-,.
fwd and set for hearing ex parte aa to them.
Witness my hand, Mnv 7th, D'M.
RiK-cial Clerk ci Master iu this cause.
Marks, Fit7.pa!riek & Gregory, Solicit' rs.
hi his

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