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. Mountain Council No C94, American
T.ni,.M o Honor. meet to-moirow
(Thursday) night.
Our futility Tniflce, Mr. It. 0
Kmilli. informs 111 tlltlt, Upon settlement
i will be poiiuro with the Hluto anil
county taxes lor 1882.
(imttd Lecturer Jolm 1 Irion will
visit Cowan Loilo No. 5! 7, F. A. M.,
Juno ('i and will lecture nt 2 and 7A
o'clock I". HI- All 111 VttUtloIt ISUXU'llU
Ci! to all Masons in good Btunding.
iimlcisliitid llmttlia public school
iii this nlace will be tatieht by rrof J
V. Bylcr and Miss Maggie March, both
of whom are cxikmiciiccu icticncrs.
erciscs will begin during the present
1 lie ludy members of the Good Tern-
tilur Lodge at JJeclicru Imve the gruti
tudc of our warm heart for a large,
Mi"nr-eoatcd cuke, ana we defy any
artistic buker in the world to niuiiufac-
turo u better ouo. Heaven bless you
mid your eiiu.se, dear ladies I
Ice-cream Festival.
The ludies of the Methodist Church
will give on Ice cream Festival iu the
Courthouse to-morrow night, June 7th
Proceeds for the benefit of the church
We hope they will bo liberally patron
ized A clever friend and subscriber, of
lluutlaud Mr L.,- sends us a boqtiet
of ripe raspberries and strawberries,
mid we arc much obliged, more so than
if it had been a borjiiet of flowers; lie
cause, like the little bug that makes its
bud at dowey eve iu the corolla of a
(lower ami gets up in the morning and
devours its bod-elothcs of petals, pistils,
Ac, so wo and our "little ones" have
done by the boquet of luscious berries,
with mingled thanks.
Death of an Octogenarian.
Mr. Josiah Swain died at his resi
dence in Winchester last .Saturday, at
the advanced age of eighty years.
"Judge" iSwaiu, as ho was familiarly
culled, was partially paralyzed about
one year ago, since which time he has
lieei) in feeble health. He was a mem
ber of the Methodist Church, ami very
exemplary in his conduct. He ab
stained all his life from the use of inlox
ientiu,' drinks; in fact, we have heard
liim say he never tasted a drop of whis
ky in his life. He leaves u w idow and
ecvcrul children.
Mrs. W. .1. Klatterleft hist week oil a
visit to relatives nt Hickman, Ky.
Mr. VV. 13. Crisman, of Mcrhiihlf., is
Visiting rvlalives and friends here.
Mr. John T. .Slutter, of Chattanooga,
is visiting friends and relatives here.
5Ir; Uibson and wife, of Wiuh
hatchie, Texas, arc visiting our towll.
Mr Terry Henderson, of Nashville
is visiting his relatives ttlnl friends here!
Mr. W. J. Thomas
Tracy City, arc attending the examina
tion exercises,
Miss Muttie L. Williams left for I'm
laskl last 'lliuminv on a visit i n.i...
lives and friends.
Charlie Williams, who I
jourmng at South Pittsburg about two
mouths, is with us again.
Please give heed to the new adver
tisement o Embroy, I'ros. & Co., who
certainly have, and alwavs keep, a
splendid line of goods to suit the tastes
iif ii r pnp!c. While all the incni
Ws coni posing this firm are line busi
ness men, the senior memlier, Mr Wiley
iS. Kuibnsy, is, wo opine, second to no
nnc in the mercantile line as to. good
judgment iu all the details of merchan
dise needed by his niany customers, lle
nides, we cannot refrain from throwing
in our commendation of him as one of
the most enterprising, liberal-hearted
ami worthy citizens wo have. He de
serves nil I hs success which has attend
ed his efforts, and the high esteem in
which he is universally held.
"Commencement," or, examination
exercises, began at the Winchester
Normal last Monday morning. We
arrived nt the building about nine of
the clock and found the recitation hall
literally crowded, and to procure a seat
involved more puh on our part than
was agreeable to either desire or the
feeble condition of our health. The
general interest manifested in the exer
cises was intense, and it is safe to assert
that it will increase until they are over.
Asoitr paper must go to press hy lues
lav atone o'clock, we must forego fur
ther mention than to say these will be,
ierlinp?, morp interesting than any
previous exercises of this kind at this
fldeitdid institution, and the Home
Journal congratulates the President and
Mlicr teachers upon the fluttering evi
ilcuces of popular appreciation iu their
Another Card from Captain
Mr. W. R. Uussell and wife. .former.
Iv Miss Jessie Houghton,) of Athens,
AIu . arc visiting here.
Mr. II. F. Williams. Superintendent
,. p..i.i; u..i i,. r.. i i.. .......
... u. in, i n Hums iiir JJIIICOlll CUUIIIV.
is visiting our schools
Mrs. Frizzell and dainhlor.
Maud, of Nashville, are on a visit hero
the guest of Mrs. W. W. Camer.
Profs. G. W. Rowers nndWm. Mcll-
heranand 8. M. Miller. 8r.. of Cowan.
are attending the Normal exercises.
Mr. Chan. Rradshaw and sister. Miss
Annie, of South Pittsburg, are visitiin?
their sister, Mrs. Wcssenhcrg, ,f ur
Miss Mollie Thompson has returned
mine here to spend the summer. She
has been teachini: school at Cowan sev
eral months.
Mr. Will McKnmlit. of Tracv Citv.
who has been with us two or three
weeks, says he will remain here durinir
the hot months.
Miss Ella Wilkinson, who has been
teaching school at Ihllbuckle for sev
eral months, returned to her home here
several days since.
Miss Nannie Curmaek, who has Wii
teaching school nt Union City for sev
eral mouths, came home last Thursday
to spend the summer.
Profs. Charlie and Joseph Estill, the
former of Lynchburg ami the latter of
Manchester, (both Winchester lmvs,
and good ones, too,) arc attending the
Normal examination exercises.
Mr. Hugh Kmbroy, who litis been en
gaged in the mercantile business at
Nas'iville for the past year or two, is
with us again, ns gay and lively as
ever. It is likely that he will engage
iu business here soon w ith his father.
There are so many visitors to our
town that it would fill a whole page to
give their names. They aro lrom ev
ery nook ami corner of this and adjoin
ing eotinlies ; also from other portions
of Tennessee and ollur States. We
hope their visit w ill prove pleasant ami
Kdllor Home Journal:
My only purpose iu troubling the
public with the question of the removal
f the Mary Sharp College was to do all
in my power to protect and sustain the
illegc in the high reputation it has
reached, nml by doing away with any
attempt to injure it in any way, nud to
mtaiii its reputation and its benefits to
the community which had built it up
wl to which it belongs. To remove it,
wirding to the opinion of the best le
pil talent we have, is nil impossibility,
ai tlie attempt to do so is nothing
mure nor less than an attempt
" practice a first-ehiM fraud upon the
f"Wnimiity mid the institution by those
who oriiruintcd tho idea. As to who
are I can't sav definitely, because I
lwve been umiblo to learn, notwithstand-
"'g much hns been said,
hi reply to Dr. Hnrrett's request,
Ill'Wt cmiilmtieiillv snv No. I Will not
"ndertako to lug Prof. Bledsoe in this
controversy by asking him to make a
public statement or any other statement
"".to what was said. Such would cer
ly bo a " third da ahurditii" when
,,ero I'M been no issue (denial) made
my 'statement. Were 1 to commence
lllnt I should most certainly call
u.l"'i other goutlcmcn nlso, to whom
"Hilar Statement,! irn miwlrt
. be effort to remove the college, I am
"Tpy to say, is now dead, and it is no
""Rer importnnt for tho public to know
"tiner l)r. Rnrrott was "for or against
10 '"ill dam," as his past opinion is of
y ""'wquence now to tho public.
there were nnmn intimations in Dr,
irrett's last enrd which I thought unfit
lilt hi.ltl' . . . . .
uuiic notice, but demanded that
"'""in cull his attention specially there.
. personal interview, which was
.J' o, and if the Doctor is satisfied ns to
cnnTi I certainly have no cause for
1,111 now, until the necessity ngain
V, i,. (l w,,at I on to Bave the
f'rJ nimrp fj(1iic;,c to W ii.clcter and
h,(i" nn't,,i"g ueing done which may
yuect 1)1)011 it
til is I mnwu ui aiuuuitr
di. J. SJ ,iir 118 1 ni" concerned.
assc.. Tom Giikooky.
.V vnltlulilu liiiil-e nml lot on Ilijji Hired,
nrnr the Wiiiclustcr Nnrmiil. Ternis, eiihli.
Apply to T. II. 1LNCII.
Jiiiivti, I ss:i.
Decherd Items.
Iu my last to the Journal, which did
not arrive in time forpublicalion, owing
to the forgetfulness of n kind fiiend, I
gave you n short sketch of my trip to
iNnshville during the drill week, and
h.)W I took in tho drill and got took in
myself, us did several thousand others,
and how tho traps were set to "gobble
up the peoples money. IJtit in this 1
propose to give a sketch of a trip to the
top of Cumberland mountain, faraway
from the scenes of the dashing military,
and the booming of artillery, and tho
sharp reports of musketry, and the clat
ter of drums, and tho sounds of bands
of music, and the jams, and tramp,
tramp of thousands upon thousands of
Hy invitation, and in company with
(piitc a number of the Masonic fraterni
ty, on last Friday morning we boarded
the train at Cowan bound for Tracy
City. The occasion was tho laying of
the" comer stone and dedication of the
new Masonic Hall receutly constructed
at that place. Upon arrival at Tracy
City we were cordially received by a
committee of tho brethren, who, by pre
vious arrangement, bad been ap;
to receive visiting brethren and consign
them to their respective places of abode
during their brief stay in the city. It
was our gooit tortune 10 inn nuo me
hands of our clever and esteemed friend,
Mr. John A. Law, and we assure you
that tho hospitality of himself and his
excellent lady cannot bo excelled any
corner stone took place at about three
'clock, leu neighboring lodges were
reproseutcd, and one hundred and thir
ty iMasollS wore 111 procession "'
marched from the old lodge-room to the
new hall to take part in and witness the
.... . , i t . .i
ceremony, me iirami master oi me
State, Judge N. W. McConnell, with
other officers of the Grand Lodge, per
formed the ceremonies, which were very
inspiring. An organ had been pro
cured, and some excellent music was
had After the ceremony Uinnd .Mus
ter McConnell delivered a most excel
lent address, which was listened to with
tun I'kPl 1 nl tout ion.
The dedication ceremonies took place
at night, and were grand and imposing
indred. After a brief address by the
Grand Masteu. followed by ono or two
.Our Colored School.
lulitor ltoulo journal:
Please allow me a small epaco in yoUr
valuable paper to say a few Words iu
behalf of our colored school of Winches
ter under management of Prof. V. A.
ToWnscnd, who is laboring so ent'luAtly
for the promotion nnd education of our
pcoiile, and whose services they cannot
,v"lj nt present dispense with.
Thr.?n munition exercises Commenced
on the oUHli ultimo, and closed in the
afternoon of Friday", June the 1st. The
students ncquitled themselves in a very
scholarly manner, which plainly showed
mai they Had tint been Idling nway
their time, nud that Prof. Towiiscnd
hnd discharged his duties iu a way that
en I led forth the plaudits of his patrons.
And, judging from the interest mani
fested by the patrons, it was plain that
they were not unconscious of the great
benefit be bail been to them iu educating
their children. The classes all did ex
ceedingly well. The musical depart
ment, under the control of Mrs. K A.
Towiiscnd, udded much to the occasion.
I noticed a few of our white friends
in attendance, which pleased me much.
n. h. s.
28 West side Pub. Square, Nashville, TetD.,
Mechanics' Tools, Mill Furnishing Goods,
Gum and Leather Belting, Bolting Cloths,
II. Diss! on tfc Sons' Circular Saws, Howe's Slock,
Aii 25.3m. IMuKoriii and Counter Scales.
Great Reduction
Prices, of DyCx(W&
I'lain Window Holland, hy the yard, Tic.
" " " .Shades, complete, Cn
Fancy " " " " 7'ctn$l.
Turkey Ked Damask, f.Cc, 7c, !0c.
Blenched Damask, tioc, Toe, !)2e.
IitKini Dice Tahle Linen, 25c, .'J5e, 45e, Title.
All-Linen Towels, extra har-iains, ldc, ll'e, 'JOe, 25c, in Damask.
Liny Linen, Linen Drill, ami Irish Linen, verv low.
Special prices in Hrown Cotton 4-4 heavy lirown, fi jc; Ken Is
land lSrown, OJe to 12c.
Dotted Swiss and I'lain laeonet.
('heck Nainsook Muslin, llc worth 15. Anextra harain.
LaH, StrijKs l'Kjue, Figured and Black Sattines, very nice and
Neckties, Collars for Ladies ami Men, very cheap. Cull and see
All-wool lilling Alpneeus and Figured, 12ic worth 15e to lSe in
nnv market.
Lawns worth flc for fie.
Iiwns worth 10c for 7Jc.
Lawns worth 15c to 17c reduced to Vile.
tJinghanis that we have hceii selling for 15 to 17c reduced to 121c
(iiiighnnis worth 12J to loe, now selling for 10c.
An extra lot of new llainhnrgs, Swiss LMgings and Insertings, and
Laces our third purchase this season- from 21c up. They arc extra
bargains you will admit.
We have fans from 2cts, to the nicest feather very cheap. Para
sols, Dress Trimming and Buttons, very nice.
Hosierv for Men, Ladies and Children, from fic up to the hest reg
ular goods in white, fancy stripes ami solid colors.
A great variety of Fancy Notions too numerous to mention, w hich
have to he seen to he appreciated.
llibbons at half their value. See and price them. A lot of Lace,
very low; examine and be convinced of their cheapness.
Ladies' Fancy Bordered, Hemstitched and I'lain Linen Handker
chiefs, cheaper than tho cheapest. Also, a superb lot fur Men, Boys
and Children, in Linen, Silk and Cotton.
Ladies' ready-made Calico Suits nt 81.15, worth more money to
make up than we sell them for, to say uothing of the goods.
A special bargain in Bleached Muslin, file to Jljc worth 20 per
cent, more monev.
Victory liiiwn', Persinit Lawn, Indian Linen and Linen Lawns,
very hie. Sec them.
l'BINTS IN ABUNDANCE. Wo have reduced tho price on
some lines 4Jc.j on some choice standards to oc worth CI in any
market. If you expect to purchase this season do not miss this
chance. When they arc out you will not get any more for the price.
Men's, Youths and Children's Clothing reduced from 50c to $2.50
on suits ranging in price from $3 to 825.
We have reduced Straw Hats 50 to 75c ou the dollar. Do not fail
to get one, or more.
. Call soon and get what you want, if it suits you. This may lie
your last chance at them.
We keep a good lot of Groceries, Qncenswarc nnd Jewelry on hand
at LOW ruitm
BARTER or CASH taken in exchange for goods.
New Firm !
We tiike iiK'nsiire in nnnininciiiR to the uli
lie Unit we have cnmmeiired business in tho
Tho ceremonv of lnvine the l'"o formerly oecupieil by Mr. hsuniicl
" ITllfl h,ree K,i.h,IJ..Ini.,B th 1'os.olliee, 7berewe m-
ii.iu In keen on num. lor sine, a umcrui
stciok of aiereliiuiilise, consisting of Dry iooils,
1 touts nnd Sboes, (iroeerivH, Jliiroware aim
Ve will uiwi KWi rni.ni .ui.nu ui
lu.ai i In' t'liiintrr iiHiinls.
VeesH'eiiilly invite our friends to eall nil
us with their Hurler, mr n ine" we iiium
ii., ii... Iiii;liet miirket priee.
We I'ill mil ni'1 "'J any 'i'" "i ""
IIIWWI. , , . ,
A fresh siiily t C'o'ls jus! reecivco.
Monev imiil fiirlmrler.
' 1 Klddorr & WILLIAMS.
Mnvtllli. 1HH.1
niliors. the brethren repaired to a room
, ,
lu.li.w. irrn an exce lent supper nan
n I i
been prepared, and all feasted to their
.miieliti's content.
I.. .... e. i i.
wn mnsr. sav 111111 e niinm m
ki-nMireii and tho L'ood peoplo of Tra iy
City to bo as full of hospitality and
kindness as ai any inieo n. nun c
hnnn our -rood fortune to visit.
Wo tun a sn eudul siiowor ncro ye
terdav, w hich refreshed the gardens and
growing crops very niuci .
Mr. C. T. Ii!"''' preached at the Pres
byterian Church lasinigni , "-"S":
J i.iu Bimprintondcncv of tho Sabbath
School yestcrdav, and will very soon cu
ter the fields of the ministry.
The Uood Templar's lodge at tins
place is in ft flourishing condition. I he
festival last Thursday night was aj.ci
fect success.
IX-chenl.Tenn., Jane 4,188.5.
Chancery Sale
For June 25, 1883.
K. H. Sillshee and M. K. Jennings vs.
Nancy Kstill et. als.
P,v virtue of n il.eree of the Clnineery
Court of I'miiklin eoiuily, Telimwee, xirir
noimeed lit its Jitiiiiury Term, 1SHH, in iihove
eiinse, 1 will, on
Monday, June 25th, 183,
Wiiiehesler. Tillll.,
..ir... ., m,. I., tn tin. hiL'liest luiluer, lor
CASH, the following dcscrilieil Iriietui laml
Ivinu in civil district No. 1 of siiiil county of
i 1. 1 ; I n,l..,l !, fnllnws: Kilst liv the
lands of Mrs Nmiev Iwtill, south ''X 'he la";11"
f ss..tli V II.inL'lilnn. nnd west nnd norm uy
the binds formerlv IxdoiiKinn to theestiiles ol
Jnhn'f Slutter mid Wiillnce Kstill, jr., deed
Said tract contains "5 acres.
Sale in lcgul hours.
This June 4th, 1883.
liv John Arledt(e,l)ep. C.A M.
jinuO-tds ' 8J
County Court Land Sale.
Klijibcth B. Stewart and others vs.
Marshall L Mitchell and others.
liv virtue of a decree of the Cnunlv Court
of l'Vanklin eoiintv, Tennessee, pronounced at
its May Term, 188.5, in uliovo cause, 1 will,
Monday, June 25th, l:j,
otTer for sale, tn the highest bidder, at the
Courthouse dnnr in Winchester, Tenn.,011
credit of one mid two vears, exeeiit the sum
of 10 er cent, to he paid in cash mi day of
sale, a tract ot laml ilesenlieil III tlie pienu-
iiil's. situated in civil district fo. ! 01
Franklin count v, Tenn., nn the dividiiiK ride
lielween Lost ( reck and Hurricane I reek
cnntainiiiK 1"0 acres nnd 2 roods, and lielong
Hi'' to tlie .Mitchell liens.
A plat of said laud will he exhibited on
dnv of sale.
I'iddiiiL's to lieuin nl SI ..10 iierncic,
Nules, with two l'ood and solvent securities,
will lie required of the purchaser for the
credit iiavineiits, nnd a lun iitauud until
all the purchase money is paid.
I ins .May as, ISS.f
Nance Cradles
Carter & Bro.'s.
V. K. TAYI.OI!, Clerk.
iiiiiy:t()-tds 8J
Will iiraetiec ill the Courts nf Franklin
nnd iiiljuiiiinp counties; also, in the Supreme
Louri 111 .Misuvnie.
Prompt attention givvn to collections.
other makes nt
Physician, if Surgeon
Offers Ids professional nervices to the eiti
cn of Winchester and surrounding country.
gfcPOn"icc In the building occupied hy
Judge J. W. Williams, west side of Square.
Residence The Cochran house, near ('apt.
Tom. tircgory's. June '211, '711.
Where send our sons ail daughters ?
Natural Science,
Primary Studies,
Latin and German,
History and Literature,
Music and Art,
Theory and Practice of Teaching.
Itegius Aii'U-l '"., (TucMlav) ss-i. The outlook for the future i full of n in
ise. Tin enroll 1111 nt Has II 17 the paM Vi nr. The growth In. 111 the first lun. hit 11
sleudy and heallhy, anil to-day (he Normal is the largcht school ol itx ne in
)i clinical, experienced, and sms-esiil teaehers arc employed, llo-ides the sev
en reuhir tcaelien:, several aUtauts, full of vigor lino eiilhiihiaMii, linderval
lialile help.
llr.Joreph lia1ilwin,siulhorof Sel 1 Managi 1111 nl, snys of the l'liilinl, J.
W.Terrill: "Asa tcuchcr and manager, he has fi w eipials. Jlis hclmol at
llillili-ville hnprem d me a the hot I had ever vii-iteil."
Ir. W. I!. Unth well, of William Jewell Colli ge, Mo., snyn: " l ew nu 11 of his
a''e in Mihsouri.or the We-I, have won nud ni-l;iiin d a liijjii r n 1 utatii 11 us a
Mieeei. I'll, practical leaeher and Colli gc I'rciileiil than Mr. Terrili."
I'rol. V. I', Njmui, I'rci-iili nt of North MiVeiiri N'oimiil, is: "lie i 1111
cilueaior of the very first rank ; that a.- a prci-iding idlici r and teacher he has
verv lew eiUaU."
I'uoK. II. A. Cl.AliK is a native of Ti mic-rc and a clirisliim gi nll iiuni of the
highest tyH He h:i. Mildied and taught for twelve years in the town of Win
chester, and hi work and siieeesH iu the elati-room llow him to-day one of the
most accouipli.-hci! lenehi is in Teiines.-ee. While he is a seil' iuaile man and
teacher, ami mi ynijuiih; yet none of our eolhge-laiil Icaclu rs will ilare olies
tioii or test his a hi I it y and skill hy competing, or 0 inpni irg ri -nil-, u iili him.
Free from the reslrainls of tlicold eolligis lie li:i- naiiily aeci pi. il 101I11K1I, or
Normal, ineiluuls.
Miss Mattie Ksiill gradiiat' d ill Mary Sharp ( 'oli ;:c in ISTo, and tin t in.-ti-tiitioii
houoreil herwith a posiliuii as tun her, giving to her wmk nnd si holar
hhip iinieli praise. Since then she has spent Iimi ieins in the Noi mal pri ill ii;g
liersell f. - th ' grand work of teaching. She is a lady of line aliilllv, anil nil in
lefaligulilc -Unicoi and worker. 1 It r line social iiiialiliis, her long training in
Theory and Ail of leaehing, her scholarship, and her cxcrieiicc in aeiual wmk
of the sehool-romii, 'ill eoiiili'uie tn make her a very Hiin rior teaelu r. Iler hl
ni'4s, hoi 1 1 iialunlaml a.'ip.in d, w ill he admitted by those who wiu.i:slur
Mrs. Colic Terrili, I'rineipiil of I'm punitory l'i parlim nt, has had intNpe
rieiiee of twelve veals in leaching priinarv liiallelu s nud little cliih'n 11. ( lily
afn r years of anliioiis sliuly and training did she 1 uti r 11 pi 11 this woik. Since
1 SVC, she hits taught in Winchisli r; and it w ill he adniilli d hy nil that she has
lilted Primary Teaching to a higher plane ol cxcclli nee, thus coiifi ri ing la-ling
lieuelits 011 our youth nud schools. In primary Work s!ic is without a pu r, uol
only iu Wiuehesler, hut, we Is lieve, ill this porlinu of the Slate.
Miss llessie lieaiiehiimp, of Texas, lakes the place vacated hy I'rof. Win.
Mi Ilheran. She has several ycar.lcxporiciicc as a teaelu r. W'v assure nur
palronsand students that no mistake has heen made iu her selection. She was
for years n student of President Terrill's in Missouri.
Miss l.illic lileilsoc hns taught I lie Mu-ic the past two years, and ln-r success
has warranted the Faculty in purchasing m n in-li linn ills ihroiighoiil for her
work in future. In this lli parliueiit she will eompiire fnvnrnhly with teai luis
of othersehools.
Miss Mamie French lakes charge of an Art Sehonl iu the Normal. This is a
new and valuable feature to w hich weeallcspecial attention. She is well rpuili-lit-tl,
and comes to make permanent and successful this lK partiiii lit of the '
Miss Maud Terrili, well known to the students and friends of the Normal, will
teach half Iter lime in the various ltcparlmciils, as limy be needed.
W Send f'nr eataloj'iie to
Jnlv 2lih,18S2
Winchester, Ti tin.
1" i ' !iBs! C
On (.'inter & Dro.'s Da renin Counter
w ill he found the balance of their rem-
mint of goods, at
Consisting of
500 yards of Da-ss Goods, .Swisses,
etc., etc.
yards of Silks, Satins, Velvets,
etc , etc.
150 yards of Silk Tissue nnd Hern rrn
Veilinir. 0
250 yards of Ribbons.
and a lot of Frinircs. Fans. Collni-j
Culls, Laces, Ties, Kichucs, Knit goodi ,
Cords, Tuckinjr, Kuching, Huttons,
Cloves, lints. Cups, Shoes, Hosierv.
Ktirekas, IJcll. etc.. to be sacrificed till
all are gone.
lEtfT Come, one and all, ami
gi't tlicin while they are going;.
y The best Com Cultivators (.1
kinds) and Corn Drills on baud.
frif" The Champion Reapers. Mowers
and Harvesters still uhead and unhand.
t" Ciivn us your orders early. Also.
those nautili'' repairs let us know ami
we a ill have them on hand.
W W'c arc constantly addinir to our
stock of Hardware, wagon material.
! roceries, ( jtieftiswiirc, Clover and other
held seeds, tVc.
March 'iS, IHHIt.
Non-Resident Notice.
Dave I-arkin vs Matt. I-nrkin.
tKivorce Hill.
It appearing to the satisfaction of tin Clerk
A Master, from the 11 1 legal inns and allidnvit
in complainant's hill in 11 hove cause,
that the defendant, Matt l.arkiu, is 11 non
resident of the State of Tennessee, so that
I lit- ordinary process of law cannot hcscrvul
upon her.
It is tlierctnre ordered liv me thai publica
tion he made for four successive weeks in the
Home Journal, n newspaper published in Win
Chester, Tenn.. reipiiring her tn appear nud
make in tense to sanl bill, belnre the ( hun-
rv Court at Winchester, Franklin cniintv,
Tenn., 011 or before the I th Monday in June
next, or the same will be (akin for con
fessed and set for hearing c.-parte ns tn lit r.
Witness tn vliiinil, at ulliee ill Winchester,
lYnn., Mav fit, isx:.
' ci.km. ai:i.i:ih:f, v.& m.
Uy John Arlidge.lH p.C.
Has now on hand a large assort men to!
1 n H
V inchest or .Tennessee,
Dealer iu nml Manufacturer of
The Queen,
I have the exclusive right for the mnnii-
faclurc and sale, for the counties of Franklin,
Lincoln, .Moore, licdford and Codec, of the
best CoH'ee l'ot ill existence. Trv one.
To the Public !
My Woolen Mills, at Ow l Hollow, are now
in operation, turning out Jeans, I.inseys and
llbinkels. Mv CardiliL' Machine is ill g I
order for making wool rolls, nnd the custom
of the public is solicited.
I will pay the highest market price, 111
cash. fur nil wool dclivind at the Mil Is.
Mav flih, iss:i.
Insolvency Notice.
The insolvency of the estate of Milky -gcr,
dee'd, having becnthisday suggested, nnd
notice and authority having been given to me
hv the Clerk of the Comity ( ourt ofl'rnnkliii
,,' tv tnmake publicalion nceordiiiglolaw,
persons indebted to said estate must make
llllm,iialc pav.ncnt, and those having cln.ius
ngninst it must tile them, duly ai.lhe..l.eale.l,
with thcClcrk of the County Coml ol l rank
In) c iiintv, Tenn., at Winchester, 'enn.,on or
before tin'. 1st day of September, ISSIt or be
fore an appropriation of the fnndsof the Ch
ime is made, or I hi y i I he forever barred.
TI'i"M,iy-S,',SKO.I'SON, Ad,,,',
To a Large and Select Stock of
Canned Goods, frc,
J. A. Gaines,
At I .owe A Templetoii's old stand,
(Hansom's Jlloik,)
wti'ieli lie proposes to ncV
Cheap, exclusively for CASH.
Has also n full assort incut of Japanned nnd
Pressed Wareon hand, besides
Pumps and Pump-Tubing.
84T Hoofing nud (Sitttcring done to order,
in the most approved si vie.
Jan. 11, lS71Mf
Brajm&n & Thompioo,
Attorneys at Law,
Winchester, Tenn.
Practice in the Courts of Franklin and tid-
ioiiig counties, ami in me ,-uprcinc vouri ni
Na.-hville. l'rompt ntteiition given to nil
busincsi-cntruslul to thini. iiinyU0,'i0.
lias 11 splendid assortment of Hoots and
Siloes, Jr.V Cooils, Coiifeetioneries, &c.
ma mam i mm,
Attorneys at Law,
Winchester, Tenn.
Will nnicticc iii the Courts of Franklin and
giju Call and see how low they will adjoining counties, and in the Vnitcd Statis
l. ,,l, I Courts unit hiipreine Lourts at iiislivutc
1 pay cash for goods, sud sell strictly Im
ash. l'osi'.ivc
iiogoods charged.
,011 N SIMMONS. P. It. CCtn I
Attorneys at Law
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in the eounticsnf Franklin
Cnfl'ee and Moore: also in Supreme Court at
Nashville, l'rompt attention given to col
lections, inovil
Office soulh-sttstsiileof PuhlicSipinre.
lap m m
IN JULY, 1883,
At the Courthouse door in W"""''
Tenn., I will offer, at public sale, the wl t
tate UdonginK to thedelinquen Max-pa en, o
Frnnklin county, Tenn, nj '
... , Iu aven UIIOII UIV UOUKS
wiiK'n reni esiniev.... - - -
iu niv office. Taxes for isa.
This May 23d, 1883.(j SMIT1I Jrul(U!0,
Attorneys at'Law,
Winchester, Tenn.
Will prsclicein .he O.urUi.1 ';und
ml Hiljoiningoounties. . f'
A ttorncys at Law,
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in the Courts of FranVI'm
and adjoining comities and itt the Supremo
Court at Snshville, IjavlT-'sa,
' !J I1'
n ;
ir 1

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