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V.I. J..SL.VTTKK, Km mm
Wednesday, July 4, 1883.
Cheapest Wookly Newspaper
in the South.
Juno Cth, 1883.
From this .laic the hu Wrijti.. prire
of the wiNcii::sTi;it iiomi: jouk-
NAL will he
7" a kr one yr-ir,
-10 ci nts f r fix nwntli.s,
2") cent fr tlircc niotit!:.
We nre aware that thin v.ill hartly
pay ct of paper, hut wo menu nil we
any, ntjil may hhortly uilar;,": ll.e
pajc-r to 32 columns. Our reason for
thin ;;reat reduction it ii unnecessary to
HtntP. Twenty five yoaii, or more, in
the nowsj ajxT busmen ivAii l be a
puanmtec tliat wc know what c arc
about, nii'I v.e J:.ive come subscriber..! in
Franklin county who have stood by us
diiri'nj,' all tljc-nc yearn, just as tee have
ever flood by the county and its inter
cut, with our jfijff me oiirpmbl.
We would Mute that all who nro in
arrears to the amount of two dollar, ' r
more, if thry will ;.ny up lit fore the 1st
of Au'U't next, and save us trouble of
coMeetirij.', shall have the Home Journal
one year free of cost or charge.
Wm. J. .t'i..m n:.
Franklin County.
I have noticed several article in the
paper of late on I'nmklin cotnity- it
toporaphy, j.'." I u'V . climate, fertility
olVdl. heu!ihfu!n.'-,iVc.,-ull of which
were very instructive and entertaining.
I onlpmpo-e ojvili;; you a few- lims
in regard to itf progress
To"jiid-e of the progress of the conn
y by compariii;,' it present om.liti n
rt'ith what it wa.i at the tlo.-se f the war
li m t exactly the j-r.'j.f r way I) arrive
at C'.rnct r"iicli.-'"HH !i the siibj ot,
f.r tiic war had d-'.r ycd rvcrythin-
t.j t'.c .-.'.-'.i ra ..I .v'leiiuiirc
Description of Our County.
The fdlr.vi!. wai printed in the
Nashville American several days since,
and that pajcr.-ays it wa' written by a
:;i:tv el.
Man years
of a;:c :
To Slie Aim rii-m :
Fimkkmx Cnrsry. .Tune 2 1 ' '.
Franklin county i-.-itua;. d in the south
eastern part of .Mid lie Tunn-sce. J;
h rutin e, (.a I .emT'.ti iv
Alabama, on tl.e
a-t hv Marii.n and Grundy, "ii tl.e
North " hv i' ii'.e. and en '.!: v,..-t by
Lincoln and M,,ie. It i- a the -"h
K. iiiciM:;i:i o
el l:t!iiu.:
ii i
,, -it l, ..
t time; and that ,,..,'". 'v;lI.;,'
ex;.-!:::;' I t ' i ' to th:
... ri...'.-t'- ch'S'J-. f-thl-War-JUf 'I- I I ViUfV
' u : i rai:.- o! i:s nu
oft!,. Am
I:, hei-ht
') f.'l
1 ei'O ;, .
U' -!
.ilh A
mori. T'-'t ri--M:U the condition oi
country iti iiiitchclliim times than it
d',e that " to-dav. lV.it to compare the
p;-ere.-i of th'j e-.untry one
another- ti.i- year v. 'th the
last ' ith the. ell" b.f'-re it i
v.hkh .-.re on".!,
n rii:.'.-e, and
( 'titnlierl.it.il mouiitaui-,
ii tin; extern
lift t!ie; ii rth' rn
In v
...I.. 1.... .... i . t .):.r ..
,1 . ....... I t'oVvrcl Willi vaiuiioie i.niDei 11 ua.''i
. t . i . .1 ...
to arrive a', tin trnt.i. .juohi- mv.
nt kiia!-, incluilit. cclar, pine, wal
nut i.oi.hir i. n . cherrv. imili c. c ic-l-
C'-untrv in that v.av the CoiicIumoii i.-lllit A "number of mi!!.
easily reached that v.e are n.akin,' r ah are now engaged in '-ttiir,' out tlds
procresH. I-vervv.h. re better fence.-' lumbf r .
' , i , l ,. ea and ir.n are oiind at varioii.
arehe,n built, better barns '""1 '"l ,.iut in the m mntain in this county,
house-, Utter (Iwellii.jMJou-c.-, ami un . . i ...v. tv-ton furnnct w
in operation at ''owan. These bed.' of
coal and iron Lave trreat preini.-cai.d sue
hi .'Minitijr to he devi loped.
ee i ....!.,. i . i .. .... , r .1 ......
, . , , . .1,' J lie1 iiei:'"in .- Uiio 'i.i.eau ! um; v inn-
the old ( onle.h rate the vM,',UvA utU, rbundant vv
of the.-c arc very j.ipular .Mimiiier re-,
.i rts. ' , I
'llicre are ol,"" uens of land in:
t. ... . i.A,ltllilli
t ranklin county, vatiieiiai f iji.'""
t'this land loirdid m-rct is improved,
l'lie county Li eiitirely five fim ih. lit
and h:H some money in the treasury.
Tax' ', b .t!i S:ate;ui'l county, are li-ht.
There has been coiisiderablo imiiii
ration to thi county, irincijally
v.isK. I'r 'n:'!i and stem men All
tlie.-e v, ho have trhd have been success
I'u', and they have l un very kindly re
! ived by uur people ; but let the ap-p'-ti
1 ! letter .-jieal; for it-eil'.
Franklin county, pos.e-i.in.' a soil
uh'.-h yiehN up abundant irui-ures
v. hen rijrhtly tilled, mid a climate whose
iicaii is oT0, where the thermometer
rarely d; seen 1- to zero and never reach
i s a hundred. " it!i a peeplc whutaml
with ipen l.ei'.its tlin
w 'Mlu ' to befotne citizi ns,
. rare indiieetuenti to thc'SC deiriu
cure a piaccful homo and to d ,e!l
mid t of plenty.
fill! Wllllllill lllllllilL
ra.lv to nc.'iec
Where mi ow sons and daughters ?
oiti:i:s snM'.iMui: aia'anta':! in
Latin and German,
History and Literature,
Music and Art,
Natural Science,
Primary Studies,
noil fihoWH better tiling' ; and I doubt'
not the annual products of the county
are increasiii''. To this end all ela-.e' .
are liilmt in
, , , , i . i i- i a ...i
reileral, mm tnc i reeomiin. , 1 1 1 ri'
what in better than all, the animosities ' (;,kt
hpi d Threshing
lincheye Mower, Table Itake, (eoinbiu
bim'd Ueaper. i Dn pper, New Can
ton (Hiiole wheel; I'..nperand
Self Hinder, manufactured by
0. Aultman & Co., Canton, 0.
I iiV N w M."!el Vilirnti.r :n.l Svi ep.-ta!:c
i 'l-i ' . . . i .i . . .. it . i;....:.,.
... , i in . . r n n i fie i i o ,.,ii i or i .11:11.
i nromice. at t .e lowest imssiiile outlay I , i... .1 ...
I , - I HI I 11' I- illl'l ill!.'. It'll to. NIUI.ll
f labor and monev. I .on this s;ime , .,. ,, l)lt. . llt K. STAl.l'KK.
!at(;iu tin; vine, fruit-i and vc''ctabi Im IviiIi re, T. mi.
f.r nil kimls i stock from the
f Al.nl to the la.t of October.
of the at have disappeared forever, Hnv are found almost l.onndhi-s .-in ep
aud it may truly be said the sword has, !. "here mutton and wool can , be
' i rent floods in western rivers last
week destroyed millions of dollars worth
of property.
The new rales of conimis -i n to be
charged for money orders took rlliet on
the 1st instant.
A fall ill the juice of wlnathist week
caused aural heavy speculators in
Chien,'o to "jo under."
The Chatlanoiioii Tiim-M says a com
pany of northern capitalists contemplate
erecting a larop paper mill at Chatta
iioojra soon.
- mm
The "(ieor'iii Major," a humorom'
iaper started in Atlanta, On., n few
monthrt since, by Sam Small, has: : 1 1 ! 1 1
into the bands of I be sheril!'.
The I)etnocraev of Ohio nominated
.liidoe Iloailby as their caml'nlate for
(lovirnor. The contest in this State
promises. In be one of the j;n ate-,t po
litical battles ever fought.
- -
Sam. 1'. Ivins, editor of ihe Allien?
1'osl, is 72 years old. and, in Ihhs lime,
lie says, he ban had but, four mouths'
.ickncs.4. lie iillrihiiti K bis rood hcallli
to the practice of teliiperancc, solniety
and virtue.
The Clerk of the Chancery Court at
Nnsdivilln ncenily sold f ,".,liilt,000 in
Coiifcdcrali! war bondrt bi loii'riii; to the
Hank of Tennessee, f.r fll.OOO. Tiny
were purchased by a Niishville banker,
for foreign speculators.
('has. P, Kcddicli, who assaulted n
respectable married lady on llm streetH
ot JSasliville ceveral weekH no, war
tiled recently. He wnsi found J!"''')'"
ami It in puiiihbmeut amoiintH to two
years in jail and filoO fine.
ot everv kind ltow in L'reat perfection. I .
W hi e l r.iul. iu coiintv is upon tnc!.. . .
1 ... i-i. In .ii ti.l-i t-v , .t' tl.i. irn...i'r.i Our '
been turned into a plow. -hare
C" ...... i..!.!... 1 1... fi1.....rt inv r.i-t.v lu.Vi' 1
fallen Upon the letter of Tims. !
Kvans. of Indiana, who was ic-re only 'soiitl.er
three or four w eksii-o. region, vet ot ev( ry kiml rn.w
... . , (..:, ;n, i line v lioin the miiidow to tlie iierpeti.al
It does seem hard, ll not impm-MMo, - ..... . ' , i
1 . I ptft'ire. With moderate care a catch
for a Northern man to come down l"''f";rcljVl.r u ,.,,,.,!, Mlci, js t(..
and return home without in some way ! ,nu:ity that many farmers, have fields in
misreires( titin thn country and it- clover which have been sown but once
ik.oi.1c. After having complimented thirty years. One old farmer f.f the
, , . , coiintv who has ltowii rich, when a
our schools, and savim,' a l'o.mI many ; . . '. , . .. , ,
' , . - volllli.' mail seeded everv one ot Ills flelils
nice thmr "bout us, he has to disclose U1(, j,,,,,,, 1,)W ,) ,.,
the ignorance and injit.-tice so common jv-ocdi.,! but two liehb during the
in his re'i ,u about this country. He; lime. His system has been wheat upon
....... '"ii ,,... I,,,. ... . if., si...!!! clover sod, then corn, followed by oats
.', ,. ... ; then clover for two years followed bv
ever, resume ms urn nine, pn-spr...,. , r.ltrll; uM !lt I,,,,.!,.,:
Now, that is a cmfc-sion that this ; ..j,, ,.,. jtatoes -Irish and' sweet
nninlry Ii kI mi hl timr yonsyii i i'y. ' nre 'lown with uul'ailin success upon
Countries are mt apt to be prosperous j the lands, in almost every portion of the
- in ..Id times or new - unle.-s its inhab- Ciinty. As the nau,r:d pastuiv.i suj.-
port siock oi everv ailin nunu seven
uionlhs of the year, while winter has-
siicn, in mm, as, tun so
of this country ' top am
Self Illllllp
mid Ailv;ie.ee
I fsrsr firry
itauts are inli liient, indu.-trious, ener
(jetie and "'ori .-sive
the old time people
lie uwh ii'min: "The old folks ,ro
In have lo.-t energy
illie tfiiis.;, oreliai.l eras.., reil
t'ne tall mend i, j'lassis will
iply the remainder of the year, it
costs inn little to rear stock oinll kunl-,
flltli. I,,,,-., , 1 I,, ...J ,.!.. ll
and Ihe you-itr ones ,l(.t(, ,1.ii,;,(,nro .v..-kaldv healthy.
l ie striving to e. t iducali ills so as to Franklin county is at the doorway
o wet or east ire iv tliftci'ntl habits j of the cotton bell , il has a certain home
,..,;" Tl ,,. , ,, ..UfnlL j I,.,,-,. I,,, t niiirl;. I for it.i mules, boi'scs and ho''s,
energy, however il may have senm-d t.
him, is not true. And that the wnfiV
Wapn and Carriage
We have (.iem d :i Wii'nti ami ( ':i nh.ee Slm
at Kiianiiei'K ol'l 1 : 1 1 1 t in Wim liesti r
iiml i.toiioM' to do nil kiml' of uork in
our line a- iii-iii I v uii'l rln ;i! ;i. can he ihaie
ihivwImti.. Si ri i-l ;illititi.n will l,..ivcn to
r I :i f r i ll Wehiivii lii.t-ebisi l.l.u k.in
who, in ail.litinii to other Hoik, will make it
si ' ialty of hore-li'ii-ini;.
All kin. Is uf iiiaehiiieiy r. jiainil in best
Hlvle, elleiip.
.1. KK-I.1NH Vi it. sTnuci:.
.Ian. .'il, IMS.!.
Theory and Practice of Teaching.
IV-his Amm-t 7, (Tumluvl The eiilleek for the fiitme U full nf 1 1
i.e? Tin i iirolliniiit v. -is. 17 lln pn-t yt nr. The ttn.wtli tV in the liirl hie Inn
ri.-ii.ly ami b.-allhy, and to-ilay the Normal l the laryst s- heel e( lis nte in
Of tiirm-st, i Xi. riiiieiil, am) siii'i e.sful te;n hers me i mph yub Ite.liles ihe n v
i ii ri !,'iihir teaeliers, hcvitiiI iissirtnnts, lull "f viji.r ami cnlhiiriuriii, n mler al-ilal.k-
Ir. Ju.i ph Ilid.lwin, nuthur nf Seliuul Manual iim lit, says nf the I'lidihnt, J.
V. Terrill : " As a teacher anil insim'pr, he liin. U njUiil.. His m Iii i 1 lit
ll'llll-ville iinpresseil me as the hist 1 hail i v r vi-iteil."
l'r. W. It. Kothwell, of William Jew. lH iilhaie, Mo., say: " I'm ini tii.f his
line in .Iissntiri,iir the West, have won unit HHlaiiutl a higher r. i iitalieii i.s a
sneee..(iil, practical tern hi r iinil ( 'olle'e I'rc.iiluit than .Mr. Terrill."
l'rof, W. 1'. Nason, l'risiihiit of North Missouri N'oiii.iil, : "He u i'ti
i .Incalor of the very first rank ; that as a pri-iilin ullieer ami teiieln r he him
Vi rv ii w eiiials."
I'kok. It. A. Ci.auk is a native of Ti inn rse ami a eln i.-tinii iri nlh man of the
hielu-.t t;. '. Iff Ion stuilinlanil tai.;ht fur twelvi yi nrs in the town 1 1 Win
chester, si ii 1 hi work ami nieces in ihccla.s-riioiii show him ln-tlay i in-1, the
most :iLi-omi.li.iiil tiaihi-rs in Tennessee. While he is a sclf-lniiile liil ll mnl
tviiciier, and ijniiluiik, yet nntie of our colli iic-bri il ti sit-In is will ih'n oiies
timi or test his uhility ami skill hy compi tin, er eniupni inu n suits, v. ith him'.
I' r.e from the restraints of the old co11i.ts he has readily neeiptnl niiluinl, or
Normal, methods. f
Mi..s Mattie K-till pmlimtcil in MaryShuip Cnlli.'e in IST'i, mid that in.li
tntion honored her with 11 position ns teacher, lin ing to hi r work 11ml scholar
ship much praise. Since I lieu she has spent luu y in the Nininiil pn urini;
herself for the srsi iitl work uf tcachinir. She is 11 lady of line uhility, ami 1111 in
d -fatiahle stniKnt and worker. Her line social uualili, : , her loiiu- trail. iia in
Theory and Art nf tcachinir, her scholarship, uml her expi rii nee in actual u rk
of the school-room, iilitnii.binc to iniikc In r a wry sn 1 rior tcai hi r. JK r lit
ihsj, hutli naturid and acipiirid, ill he ailtnitlul hy those who wiiiurslur
Mrs. Colie Terrill, Principal of l'teparatoty l vpartn ciil, has had an xji
rietiee of twelve vcars in teiichin' priniarv I. ranches and little 1 hildri 11. I lily
ufter years of nnliioiis study and truinini; did she t nli r upon this w ork. Since
H7ti -he h:is taunht in Winch.. tcr; mnl it will he admittnl hy nil that she has
lifted Primary Teaching to a hiirhcr iilaue nf exci Ih lice, thus conlcrriiiK lasting
be lie I'm on our youth and schools. In Primary Work she is without a pur, lint
only in Winchester, hut, we In lieve, in this pnriimi of the State
Mi-s llc.-sie lleliucliainp, of Texas, takes the place vacated hy Prof. Win.
Mi.Ilheran. She has several years' ex pcriciicc as a ti aelicr. Wc assure cur
patrnnsimd students that nu mistake has hecii made in her selection. She was
I ir years a xtu.lt nt nf President Terrill V in Mis-nuri.
Mi-s I.illie lihdsne hastaii'.-hl the Mu-ic the pa.-t two years, anil h.r-iiece-s
lias warranted the l'aculty in pun hasinir ii' iii-lriui.i nt 1 1 . r. . 1 1 j-1 1 1 . 1 1 1 fur her
Work in future. In this IVpartimnt she will 1 ompi'iv fau.rahly wilh te:u In is
(if iithlTSclliinls,
Mi.s Mamie I'rench takes clnrj-e of an Art School in the Noimal. This is a
new' and valuable feature to which 'M eiilic.pi cial alti mioti. She is well ipmli
lied, and eolnes tu make periuaueiit ami siieees.-l'ul this llcparliui.iit nl the
.Miss Maud Terrill, well known to the stud, nts am! frit mis nl the Normal, w ill
teach half her ti.ue in the Variim. I . partmcht-, a. may he 11. edid.
Uii" Send for catalogue to
JAMi;s W. THRU I Mi,
July 21th, lss2 Whiehi-ter, Tim.
The l'uhllo
lice Ha new and n,h,.,,..i J!lm,
haivii Monthly. J (fc,
Proportion. C!
Louisia:.a State
e no iit rci.v cert iv it...
the arrangements for nil t),c T1' '"!'
Semi-iinnual dri.wini;.! f t1(. t '
hotterv ''onipiinv,aml jn ul,".i
control the drawiV-thcni .elvi
.aim; are conducted with Uuif
and 111 (rood faith toward all l;
aiilhoiize the (.'(.mpaiiv to iisl ih;
with fiie-similesof our'iii(!tiat.ir,-'!?a;
its advertisements." fa '
Iiieoriioraled iii 1 ;s f,,r.i-JV,
U-Kislature for Kducati.,,,,,! ' 'J? '
piirposes-wiilt a capital f
which a reserve fund (, , . "
since been iiddtd.
Ity an ovcrwhelinii- ;,puh,r V(t. ,
close was inahea part ,, the
I .oiistitiitn.il lelnpti d )cc ", in,
HrA.Thu only I.nttcrv' ever '
endorsed hy the people of any Kij,
11 wx'-r "t w ""tm
Its Crand Single rV
Drawings tako place Monti
July 10, I883-I58th
Capital Prize) S75.0CO
ioo,ooo..Tickcts atS5ca
J ractious, in Kiit),,, j,,
I.Ist ii' I'MtA.
1 CAPITAL PlilZK.... f
1 ii.. ,1
1 do (o . "";
piiizhs of $i;,n(j(.
:ii 10
001 1
of our yolin' folk;; ill slliviti;.' to el i d
ncalioiis is to ero when! dilli n nt habits
ireva'd is cei iaiiily it misn pn sent.itioii.
That inanv
At l.uke Kt lh y'sOld Sland,
!Pl'I;l.ll'SiiI'l:K, : : WINi lTi:!t,
- Have fr Kile th. -
of nlll' vouiil' men " ill t"
is true hut ihi'V wi
'o with ibe
while its cattle uml sheep o,, north ol'
south, 11 i tlie varying seiisoiis shift. Ihei
ileiiiitml, tiy niean.i ol tne .a-divil!
tv 1 .liattanoooii r:iili'o;ii M1icl1 o,.s
throtiidi the tu i 1 1 . 1 It of the count v. with I
ihe two feeders, ibi: Tracv t'iiv Mad Piirp.Kf. "Rnr.t finr! fllrlpstt T.ifinnrs
to bo iound in any Saloon.
V WARP PPHFIrr1 s,st'W5:wassK
1 UliinU VykatyylsJlj Maimfiu filer and .l.i.hr in
and the Favelli-ville road, conneetin''at
I)ei betil sind ('.man ; in fact all the
irahh' portion of the county, with the
miles ol the niilmnil lio;'s coiilmue
I 1 fallen on clover from the middle ol
Ajn il till the last of October, mid then,
if turned upon the slock pea, which
wm to perfection without cultivation
mine motives that influence Northern .exception of one corner, is within live' i,.,,,,
yoimj? men o j.01, that is, to iiml a conn
try of .'renter oppoiluiiilic.i for youni'
men without capital.
lie savs further : " The a''ricullural
Cigars, Snail', dv.-ltrs, on
The he, t of Wllle, liver lllli
liiarill tf
inlercsla of Ihe Soiilh, where evt ry iX- after phintini', ihev lciuire hut litll
erlion coiiltl he profilahly nw.l, in sorely " 111 I" prepare ihem for market. A;
,1 itti iioiiiniiini u hi iiiit i.e iioiinecu,
'"j '.mill' 1 ; 1 1 , ....... . ..i
. isiicuinii 01: iinereii 111 ii iriuiiie; eost,
ncjdected, ami 110 hopes of
unlil a mn.r ucltiv )m;,lr inn ... ma-ci,, so ,'eneroiiH is the soil and e.liinati
i7 llm mil." that manure curried from the 'a 11 am!
. . n .. -. 1 . ...I .... I.. .1... CM .... I '.. - I 1 '
i.ioil torever save lis. irolil I lie cons, o sjot a 1 111 tne 11111 nini spring ic seeil.s 1
tlie laml to clover and otner grasses.
The Slate Superintendent of TuhhV
Instruction Iiiim apjiointcd Tiiesihty,
A Delist 2Isf, nl Tiilliihoinn, at which
time the examination of applicants: in
tlie ! if tli Conrci'isional District for J'cn
liody scholarships; in the Slate .N'ornml
CVllcgo will take jdace.
The President Inst week issued the
order for the changes, in the Internal
Kcvcnue collection districts. The num
ber in cut down from I'Jfi to K'2, thus
turnini; tint 41 collectors'. Two il'm.
irietH arc coiihoiiuuiciI in lelinessee
Collector Hughes is retained at Nash
Il is e.c(nliiij.dy gratifying to know
that many jctm iih in the county of
franklin are un'mg their inlluencc in hi
hull ol the Homo Journal. Wo could
mi nit! a niiinhir who Jmvo conic, volun
4.. ..ri.. . . it.
1. 11 hv, in ns iiiki mid .- it e mive laKen
flic Jfoino JotinmJ for niany )earn
some for lucnly live ycarHninl vu
would nut give it up if you had increas
ed its subscription price instead of red 11
m'ncj it. Ii has stood hy us for hi Iihii,'
u time that we think yott were foolish to
reduce it t R0 i,lW n rnlt! Wu jinvi,
thin to say to 0,,r good frien.U the
Homo Journal willyi,,,.,-;,. tit it present
price. Wo mean all we say. (let up
cluhH, ami help int i maintain the posi
tion wc have won hy long faUhfnl
mi vice. Jt ih vtTy cucnii raging tons
lo 1 c aide to my that in n few weeks wc
wi.'l usioinVh y ou l y puMihliin the new
.. I ii..' . .... ! ...
ioiiiiiioiih to our jisi. i e can iianic sev
nal ieroiis tvjjo Jmvtf Hibserilicd for
three, four, and even six copies nend-
of a tiiiideivd' hcdueateil and untravelled
Northern man I
I can't bold my peace and boa.' my
people depreeialed. I have mc. de
preciated Northern people I never de-
: 1 1 . r .. . . . ...
jiik mem 1,0 iiiriiiiH nun reiativcK in
other Sln(es. A largo mini her have
mum umir unioijtciiiicss but rcfusml to
iwcrpt our projiosition in S(.n,l t,(. j,,,,,,.).
.ne your tree of 'hare, sayiiiej they
Mould not tiihc it unless iln-y Wl;ru ,,.
Jowul to iy for it. Andit'J this foicw
tiB to the conclum'on that the IJome
Jouruul has a host offi iendi.
(l ived a Northern man about ibis conn
try. Northern people have generally
taken fin's country upon tliri'rowii judg
ment. .Moreover, I have alwavs tried
to cultivate kindly ami friendly rela
tions wilh the Northern people among
us. Therefore I can with more pro
priety speak out in defence of Southern
people, 1 don t claim that noutliern
people arc better or smarter than other
people; but I do claim that they nro the
eijuals of any other. I do claim that
the people of Franklin county, Tetin.,
are as intelligent, as bravo, manly, en
ergetic, ami as capable, of great things
as any other people on the face of the
earth. True there arc some sorry peo
ple in this country; hut all the men
who cnine down here from the North
were not above criticism.
People and countries are just what
(iod made them to be. lie made, (he
Northern summers short and the win
ters long. The people up there have to
work hard ami run like the very devil
was tiller tficiu all the summer to gel up
provisions for tho coming winter, while
down here tho summers are longer and
tho winters nro idmrlcr, and tho same
object can bo accomplisheil without s
much hurry and hustle.
Hut tho beauty of the thing is, that
tliosovery Northern people, with their
iiKuuung iiKc movements and their con
ceited superiority, come down hero ami
in u few years subside into otdimim
.....V.J M '
'- lennesseeans I Therefor,, tl.,.
ilio- full U't.ll it,., 1 .1... 1 .
' " m w hi mihI arc 1
Miprcii', mid that only a few von.-, will
n - .
' v.u.v.-.scc.ius 1 inerclort
uth can always uH'.inl to we
Northern people into .r borders, 1
no necessary fo make them j;ood Smith
ern jienple.
Such in my philosophy. However, it
is jxwiljdt. (hat I may he mistaken tift(.r
all, mid that J'aruin was right. In that
event, as JWr. J' vans was horn in the
'01. th, wo may admit, that he was only
a met xev tl.iit bad wemlcil bis wav up
Franklin is one i f the best watered
counties in the Stale. In all it has
about ii dozen watercourses of sufficient
size to run mills, etc. The larirest of
those, f.lk river, has a lull of KM) lectin
six miles, uml it is evident a river of
such descent must furnish magnificent
water power. There are a great many
grist mills situated on tiiesi- water
courses; also several factories, both
woolen ami cotton, At Winchester
I here is a line brick building situated on
Moiling l'..rk, which is now vacant. It
only 11 waits the capital to establish there
a paying null, either wool or cotton.
.Most ol tlie small fruits, such as the
strawberry, raspberry and blackberry,
grow spontaneously, and yield most
iiounteouslv when cultivated. ee-cta-
bles of all kinds ejrow to perfection, and
inaturu as early as ut any point in Ten
nessee, and from tho facilities of trans
portation which wc possess can bo put in
the Northern markets in thirty-live
hours at most. This condition of af
fairs renders the increase of truck fum
ing certain. Tho apple is grown with
average success, while the peach is un
surpassed in eailiness, size and flavor.
The grapu is an unfailing crop, free
from disease, ami tlicijuabtv of the fruit
is very superior. Agreatdeul ofexeel
lent who is made every year, and sold
at gootl prices.
Our educational advantages are un
surpassed. In addition to 1111 excellent
system of public schools, we have a uni
versity ami two colleges, ktmwu in oven-Southern
Stale tho I'nivcrsity of
the South, Episcopal, at Sewanee ; "Ma
ry Sharp, (Huptist,) and Normal, ho'h
at Winchester, the coiintv seat. These
three schools bring into the count v t'.UO
foreign students each year, ami furnish
a good hmne market for vegetables, etc.
In addition to these nro Tracv Cilv, a
milling town, and Mont Fag!e, where
the Southern Sunday Solum! Assembly
is held, and Cowan, an iron manufactu
ring town, nil of which nro reached hy
.... :i 1 1 ...... 1 .1 '
IIK.MiV ll.it oil. To.M. KMIIliKV
WiM iiiti:k, Ti.xn.
Will practice in Ihe Court., of Franklin
ind adjoiiiiuir c.iinlits; also, in the Siiih. me
oiirt at .Nasliviilc.
Prompt attention iriveli to collections,
fch! I-X't
I Si ii'iroin I 1.-. ts.i,.
'itim-oii ... j. 11 v .sieituij
Winchester, Tcnn.,
Isready to attend to nil calls In town or
i' nnt . "
I.'hvsioitiii ' SmM'con,
Oilers his professional services to the citi
zens of Winchester anil surr.iiiti.liiii; country,
JJ-J)" Olliee In the huildinir nt eiiiit d hy
Indite .1. W. Williams, west side of Sipiare.
Kcsidt iicc- The Cochran house, near ( apt.
Tom. l Ircnory's. june '!'., 'IV.
mil mimm & Gregory,
A-tiovnoys at Law')
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in theCnurtsof franklin and
luC Kuaaii .,...J t. tab Ha,u
At Winchester, : : : Tcnn.,
a location
tiiistirpiissed lor variety ami hciinty nf scene
ry, and entirely exempt from all inalarial am!
1 )iiilclnic diseases.
'I'MK Ml-.TlIdDS 01 INSTIH'tTloX
in mis iii.iiiuiion arc such 11. common .case
and the wisdom j.' iimil f..m loin.' cxin ri. lie.
have ih nion.trateil to he most t Iii ctiic.
No.plaii is accepted nr rcji ctt tl hicai;... it j,
"new " or ".," hut if proved '.,, 1:0 stimuli
is placed upon it huau.-e it b n .t the hiith of
in this ('..Ih ;,-!. is fully up to the pr.r. s-ivc
demiindsof the present, lioth the instruction
and example such that even the 1 u--.:'i,-li and
imliller. nl soon hccnmi.. intciv.-ti tl, and studv
hteiunes a positive pleasure.
Timn'Y Yi:.i:s
the Mary Sharp has stood (inn amid the des
olation of war ami the per. tcuiions of t nvv
and jcalnusy, and tliisloii)! record oi faiihtul
and successi'ul toil should c a si.ilait nt .-ten-,
antic for the future. 0
occupyint; positions of honor thrniicdn. nl the
land, and who, by llieeiliieiitii.it hcicneeiv
eil, are made hlcssinjjs tothoiisamls of "Soiuh
.111 hollies," ami to the eoiuminiitii s in w hit h
they reside, nrvln 111, vitiuw i.f thcthoroiieh
work done at the Mary Sharp in cducatiii;;
mind ami heart.
of dress is insured hy a m at ami imxpui.-ivo
Looks nit'l stationcrv ciin lie lioiieht at
Nashville prices. N" eomhinations formed
iy which any te:n lu r is to receive a nrolit in
nioni.s 'pint fur pti.ils.
Approxii 1 ill ion I'x'uet,
!l Approximation j.ri., s .,f JT30..
! do do 'm.
do iii. iXi..
I'.IO" Prizes, elm. 1:111;;:;: t' j.
Application for r: t. s n. cli,l,s JL
made only to the i.lliivt.f tin- ('.
New rlt ans.
l'or fiiriln r iul'oriii.itioii write (lur!:
ini full address. S. ud oniir liy bp
lniTistt nil lettir or .Mom v th.M, at;,-
""!' to M. A. DAUPHIN
1)07 S v. nth .''t., W:i-hiit.,n, li.l
mwt cp m
State Agricultural and i!
chamcal College,
Knoxville, Tennessee.
I'rici low a. the sum. cant, louil.t ii,
Nii-hville. His I'ureiiiite is nil h:..,.i;inle,
and will stand the to. tut any rniM iialh
Usiicc. I'ictcr. s. Cli -i na.s. ,'c., 1;', ;nl I'lauatl.
A lot on haml l'or ;:ile vi iy ,,w. .;' ,.,rts.
Moulding' t'oi sale chi.ip. ' I , u wiint mil.
in yoin t ime chairs, ct me am! 1 ior.'n. i'.
l'iitillt .'l-j.ly N'.neel Mills. AH l.ilai.-oi I'p.j X'Jit SfffWH lnj.li Sjiklliltf M, 1
ii.'.-u , . .. .11 i;e j,n no i; t
( Ol TIN'S niade to 1,1, ... '..,.! r. fell, . . .1, I
of tin 11 it-, si on haml. ol anvsi,, nl I. ).- 1 Its coi;r.-e. inciinle Scieulilic, I.itiW;
thev can he ton "lit for an nil. en . I.. 1 1,. u it: : Miiitarv sindii s inal. r lift.-, a i-n-fisf r-
lelivcrlhi m in a Nl( I! i I.M-' 1.. . inslriie..rs. The stit.U tits fellii 8 titbl
lilllll 1:11
I ail,
el :i 11 i-spi r'.eiii'i't ni
nl Ihcciiiinlv. lie kit 1 s . 11 hu
nscneap, orchuiiir th:m tLt- Mti.t. 1:01 1 class iioi t he lovtars i.hl anil liatr
lioiiclii in Niishvi',1, . 1 1; mm hi! -e ..f Aird.m-iic Kraj l.y,
e 11.1. an Kii.m nt 11111,1,, r lr ki!c. nt the ' elisli ( oiui.inar mat I .S. i:,hinrv
iiiilets in charj
I ant. One year's pn punitory iiiimi
! piovi.lt il. Applicants lor nin.miuii ti
l.,ti... ,,..: 1 .. . 1 .. .
-.-.I-.... . ...... , 11s ne ill's 11 siiw-lnlll ol Ins
own, can mi any onler jt short 1,1 tici
a, a pmzxxw
Winchester, Tenn.,
ni.ii. ku in
of the Iiistitutiim were never better; r. ipiists
for Catiilonues uml iiiformalinii received dai
ly, not only from the Southern States, hut
from points north of the Ohio river.
ofeiliientli.il is hbjh, and rests upon tin- con
viction that every system of liistrui linn should
he estimated hy its success in pnunntinjr the
hiehir education : hv its ahiliiv to in.-ren...
the power tnnl raiH!c'of thiiiieh't. ami 1.1 11..1
Medicines ard Chemicals,
'l l... .itioiiii 11 ..1 ll... 1 "1. i cr-ilv 1. 1,1
Mil, its Hirrcmidin;;s i.rv luauiilul. llf
mate is superior.
Tuition io free to student
appointed by mcmbersoftl
Tennessee Legislature. 1
easts common to all student fur 40 o
from Slo") to 11. 1. Winn tuiti-n is
add Jill.
for filial- trues i in! '"iirth. r iniW't'
dress JiK. 'J III 'MAS W. lUMlo
Pre.-id.nt I'tir.trsl.-fT.vr
june'Jti-l'm Kii"X"la'.
li Mr l Ii ,tr.
I rcscnptioiis . an fully ei.mpiiiiudcd with
accuracy and dispatch h'v coiupetcnt person.,
at nil hours of tin.. ,av ami uiehl.
feh!.')-Vj. Iv "
aili'.inillL- colltlliert. llli.l in .1... l'..il...t SI..I..L,
C..nriK aii.l So or . i',.,,.M . v.wl,..;nl only excite llicmiiult.icxtcml.il seii.niiii.
Tennessee. " ' I research, hut lo join with it that pure moral
, culture hy which alone the true dignity and
Well-in ingol liiiinanitv is insured.
rail. I owan is in the coiintv. the otlic
ones a lew inilce away,
'l'lie limltli of nnr citieim is tiiisnr
passed, ami we are entirely tree from
coiitaimiH iliseit;-es, sueli an yellow fever
ami iliptberin. Hut. wlien the system
iIoch l.fcome inijiaiiiil, nnlure furnishes
imthu remedy, for FranLlin lius iimre
nnncrnl wprini-.i tlmti any county in the
.date. Ainonjf these arc Hurricane
sprinirs, funiis;:uL' uli.!iur v.u'.cr; ('as-
fulpl.ur ull i,1;. ncsia ; l-Ntill.
Standard Patent Medicines,
Paints, Oils, Yai'iiishcs, Ivr-StuH's, Hair ,v
Tooth llnish.s, Toilet Articles, lVrl'iunerv,
N.iips, Shoiiltlcr Unices, Tnissts, Siiom-.'s
Old all varietiis of I 'racists' Sundrii Ci-
;r l',.s.. M i I 1 1 I .. .. '. .
i ., .ne. nun ..njiiors lor .Meiliciita
purpi .sis.
I'hysiciiitis' prescriptions canfidlv cum
poilinhd, iiiiilorilti'saiinuiiiil with cine -on
dispatch. m..s
.'oi'si.-t of Dr. 7.. ('. (in.ivw, Hist and (lnv
President, assisted hy a full able ami e.xpc
ricut ei! eorj.s of Professors.
IW Mum!,.
Tuition in f'olhiate Department S(l 00
: on
2 (10
- ..four in:, i eiiaiyiieatc; incbesier.
t he sn tin, I ti-.. I i . . i
I it.) I Ini.sli lilom illld llllil ( l'oi(f( ; into a llti kr. n.-,. K'..til. ll:... '..' . "
lur ymt. i j. (, ,UAI,U;J, i (,:!in, XKr IS
To n Larejc am Select Stock of
Canned Goods, &c,
J.A. Gaines,
At Isove .y, TeinphtoitV old stand,
(Hansom's Jilmk,)
Has a splendid assortment of Moots and
Mioes, Dry Coo.ls, ( 'onf, etioneries, Ac.
t,'-:. Call ami see !uiv low they will
be sold.
I pv.- cash tory Is, H .l sell strictlv for
cash. 1 o-i'.ively m ous eharfa'ul.
n 00
(I (10
1 no
' ol)
1 (10
Iutt rmt tlintc
" Primary "
" .Music, ( Pimm) with use (,f
" Siu eial Vocal Lessons
" " Painlinj; (not including ma-
" " LrawiitK
" " (iernian and I'rench, each.,
n i :...i.. o . .. .
...no, iiuiiioinK wiiMiin', tint mnl
'Kills-. i;) r,0
Payiiii nts to he niade, one-half in advance
tor each half scssi if twenty wulis.
l'or Catalot'iicf, or informiitinii, adtlrcss the
President, or Proftssors (i. W. Johnston and
A. T. liarrctt.
BMit. The nextwisii,ii lupin tlie 2d Wed-
uesday in Septeinhcr.
President Jioitrt! nf Trustees.
Julv 1 I.1SS0
At lite house lately iiecnpitd hv l'minni; A
Son, Public S,p:arcj
Proposes to furnish, ch. no f,,r t
the best hraiids id ipiality, ' '
Cigars, Tobaccos and Snuff.
His liar will ho superintended hv Mr.
ii.ni. xrieiice, ami he nuiirnntK- that the
oei m hi,iif, uh, will he sold. Hot drinks
hir Winler.aiid eoolniiis for Summer. Hive
i a til. il.
pill 1 1 -t f
Pliss, hkl I
A Viiluahle lionso ami t (,n Hili street
mar the Winchester Xorinal. Terms, cash
.ippiy in x. II. I'LNCII
Jmiel!, lSSIl.
Elk River Mills.
Headquartors for the Milling
ruwuu j t rranKiin and
Adjoining Counties .
To the Public !
My Woolen Mills, at Owl Hollow, nre nim
bi operation, itiminir ,,ut Jeans, I.insi vs mnl
lilank.-t. My Ciirdinj; Machine i in tfi
order lor inakiiiifw.,,,1 rolls, and tin, custom
ol the 1. 1 1 1.1 if is solicited,
I will pay the l.i.'ti. -t nmiL.
cadi, for all-wool dcliit n ,1 at ih,. Mill- '
it , . , W- ItAXSO.M
Mav lull, ISs.'i.
iiice .Mills (known as Ilintmi MillK,) arc
s i,..., ii iak river, t nre- miles north of
Winchester, ami thnemilcs west of Heehcrd.
! "7 " Kiveii up to have the ItKST .MA
(1II.MK of any Cust, JliH i theeour.
imvniL' everythmuaewlv fitttd up from
wheels to holts, uml havin tltree runs on
w heat mid one on corn, enables us to always
he up with our work, with plentv of wnter 'to
s..iit inu aiwnys Ry-t your (frindinK no
wattintf until to-morrow. Our iiceoniinnila-
nons are ( ipialeil liv no Mills in the country
Wilh Mr. Win. M.'Taft' im miller, mir Mills
turn nut IT.iurnml Meal cTcell, I hv t.r.
Our increhant work is eipial to thal'of any
Mill. Orders for l'lniir ami Meal promptly
lilled. We thanl; the public for a lihera!
m , palioli:!i.'c since starlim;, and hop,, to he able
io merit n more libera I one a wi ilo the work
Plain and Janmned Stamp:.
Mantles a Grate
Ice-Gream Freezers
Of the most improved pattirn,
.Send us your onler.". V.
have prompt and hmiett ulkvt'un- 'u
visitintr the citv cull nnd fee its-
jaS- Ilemetnlicr the place:
Nos. 24 & 26 College Street.
Nashville, Tcnn.
Corner Union mid flurry
The nlaee to set tho best hrnn; ,
Whiskies, and mire, line old Apple i,r";.
nt No. In N.Suuiinei st.. m-ar i ...nti;
l.iijimrs uml t iuiirs nnu . . i v I KA
on haml. JA.MJVM .
netM iislivua,
A .1 IL t. V UOOU9 Uliv. .

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