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i 1 j i
Ol'il MAILS.
.10:30 A. M.
2:M p. M.
12;S0 p.m.
4:UI p. M.
vi:n.-, 1'. M.
N. i -""
So. 4 " -.o.ti
Jfu. I l-cavc
. a "
1 0.4 "i i. in
8.2.) a. in
1 l.i7 II . III.
12.K a.m.
7.25 p. in.
:i mill 4 run ilnilv. .m.
tiM""tTvXUK, A,,,.
A lirst-cluss lmnicss liorso fur sale by
C'nrter Uro.
.Services at Trinity Church ncxtSun
(ny morning ftiul night.
Prof A. Jourdiui has two hits fur
sale and iv liouso to rent. Ann!)' .soon
- n
Good seed vrheut, nnd a cnr-lond of
fertilizcre to bow with it, at Carter V
Several coniniunicutions crowded nut
lliia week. They will nppvnr in our
jicxt issue.
Tle Wiuehester Literary Society
Vil meet at tlio residence of .M r M.
U. Williams next Friday night at 8
Mr. Fred. Ilcep, of Texas, who has
Ki'ii visiting friends in this vicinity, left
Jlmulay for Louisville, Ky. He will
visit Ins friends here again Lefurc re
turuing to his home.
Tlitf Concert ly the Coleninn Boyu
last .Saturday night was well patronized,
and tlio boys acquitted iheniselves
liaudittiiiiely. The receipts amounted to
over 6-J ' The buys gave mi entertain
ment at Tracy City Monday night.
J. Wm Jones writes to one of
nur citizens that Ho I Capers does not
now, nnr did he whrii here, represent
the (Southern I IiHtorical .Society. He
I uu I ban discharged, and had no au
thority to represent the Society.
Tin! Prohibition Club is called to
meet in Temperance Hall (basement of
1' I' Til 1 1 1 j. Ill V- liiirllt Sil.nl
1!!ih, 7J p. ill. This is no secret society.
All temperance people are invited to be
(irc.-oiit. linportnnt mailers will be
cuiisiuered J. A. Cauxi:!!, Ch'nin.
Mrs. Martha Moscley, aged about 80
vihi's died at the residence ol her son-in-law,
(Mr. C. A. Coleman,) in this
place, last Friday. She was aoud ivo
iimn. I'Yr years before she became af
Hided, she v.as noted for her kindness
in uaiiing upon the sick.
The IJ'uird of Mayor and Aldermen
kre made arrangements with S'ucril!'
Oakley to take care of violators ol the
eirrmratiou laws one room in the
wanty jail to be used for that purpose.
Messrs. J. L. Hiuigh and I. C. (luriier
are cnipuwered to sell the calaboose
Mr. V. M. Loonev.of Jackson coun
ty, Aln., accompanied by his wife and
tliiM, al'K.T spending several weeks with
friends nnd relatives in Winchester and
ncmity, returned home to-day 1 ties
. Air. Looney is a son-in-law of our
Mecmed friend, Air John L. 1J Wil
liams. NOTICE.
AM i:irtics indebted to Filzpa'.rick it (ircfj-
"7a e hereby untitled to conic forw ard mill
tillf iinincdialclv, as llic bminexs'of the firm
Jll-.t li t I'lnyml 1 'ill. -UK bi.l I li.iiii.iily II n ,11 III!..
'Wclaiiuii will lie put in (lie hand of an olli-
titur enl lection. J. 1. UKM.oin .
Stpl . 1 1 , ( !ii Surviving partner.
Mrs C. C. (iuilford, ( wife ofl'rof. C.
'! (iiiill'ord, fonnerly a good citizen of
"'irtown, and w ho had charge of the
ll.t.v . . ff L.I
'luteal iJepnrtineni ai Aiary nnarp
I.'ii!Ii"c. ) di.id iii ISoston recentlv. A
t of friends in Wimdiester decnlv
viiiniit lizo with l'rol. (fuilloril in lus
Wc direct, attention to the announce-
"ifiit made hyllmi. Hichard Warner in
""r paper this week that be will address
iW'tienple nt Winchester on the 1st
Monday in next mouth. Mr. Warner
ifi IS n (liiv.ito.l fri.iii.l hi Ida fi.in.it i I llenlK
1il"l Ills liersomil worth ns n friend
Sought to cull forth a large hearing as to
Our good Im)y friend, Mrs. Martha
mini, was t ir iirst ncrson to nnv lax-
:f" Wi, so our County Trustee, U.
' Smith infiirnia llu Mr. Klllilll
msilntW T i " .i.. ".i ...
.hlato r. i L....I....I 'iv. r. '
i,.," v"uiiiv anil ociiooi in tor
The total ntnoiint of the bonds is
lJ'iO(,0. Tim following uro bis bonds-
i1; JesseMcClure, Simeon West, W.
fieynolds, I). S. Reynolds, John
James Sisk, I. N. Martin nnd E.
Mr .
"ednesdav. thn lost., is the
f'y losiguniud ,y our town authorities
I Cleail lll tlio .niiinlii'V' iifnimilu It
"Patlier is nut uniliiMi. Ilm unrL-
"uu mi me nexi ouv. ins
?tncly hoped that all who have rela-
. . uureel in tlio cemetery will lend a
The condi-
m iL,t .i.. ,
- me grounds nre
in now docs
'tsnpnb . 11 """ U every IOWU Ull oer lllO noim
t,,r tbegood immeof ourlllgt mvc Sl,mctliing to do. Women
i, , , - "wo uu cunnoi
'"II. I ...I... . .. .
go in person
, 11 "'"J a hand. ornVtriliotn iihuipv
t Thursdav
a coming to town with his sistcr
nw and !,.. ..i.-.i.i i i i
Irinlii V ' ins norso nccumc
,o'"ciicd nenr Mr. l,.i.t il iurid' I'Aul-
'e"cci and madn n dci i... it;.. i ..i
tri1'ul.ll.ll Pities out. Mr Kich-
l. ""'" n il I O . ..!.!.. I
N M ii- i '""-r-iii-iuw , i who oi
i'H"" on, a conductor on the
imiTi.. 1Hllr'.'"d,) were badly though
oil,.. Pr"!!? y The child was
' Tin
Huh t..A i
rfcTMe8e( nnd are do
"WI. Aln l .. ..i. i , .
"iiouviir Ii "'V,m,"s,""s niisoami
,nJ ..n. "U me liavott io nee , cut.
"111 reiiinin hnfil i.t
u..ui uu, who receivers.
Sunday Thoughts, Sept. 9th.
Every uow nnd then wo feel impelled,
by mmihpif), to inflict a few Sunday
thoughts upon the readers of the Jour
nal, and whether they read these
thoughts or not wc little euro, because
our pleasure ceases as sunn e cease
to write. In this rcsnect wo. nm liLn
.,.,(, i i ... , ..
, ltlm 'vgarc.iess ol
consequences, nd the,, ,V.cnt ,, rfi.
peiiiiwice conies too jute. In order toir""c to those who listen :aticnuy io
enjoy a little hurried delight they email
upon themselves lives of quiet grief, if
not undying misery. Oh ! how many
ttuiti .1 i . I
...vi. nun women, u mey could read i
mini we nave already uttered, would
call to mind some
iiiomciitu.'v pleasure
which has coft them vears of i .iin nm
anxiety 1 How many arc to-dav in
prison and disgraced j how many wo
men are outcasts on account of Vmcl
verdicts of public opinion all because 'bio tattle, unchristiou judgments all
they chose some hurried delight, some H of this kind that afliict the persons
short path to present gratification ! J tt''0 pray by night mid steal your char
They did not Hop t ) reason that flowers jiieter from you by day would all these
wither Hooii, but seeds bring forth for- could be put down by the seedmen as
ever. And public opinion is a soil well
fertilized, wherein the weeds of scundal
and tattle do grow most luxuriantly,
without cultivation
J5ut our Sunday Thoughts, which wc
have so often ushered into print, and
which our Mr. Diiliu calls "mental vn-
gurus," have sometimes met with kind-! respect for the devil this ugly day. All
ly comment. One thing wc nre lirmlv the sin that is committed is laid on the
persuaded to the aflirmaiive of if we I devil. A good man of the church, not
said aught in confliet with religion;! ilon- long since in W inchester, said ho was
mas, or piirilanisin in uny shape; if we hasty in saying something to us that
said aught to displease the tyranny nf it )van the vwk uf the dv ril and not the
public opinion, or the vr.nilv'nf men or;""'''1' "f Murfrr that actuated him.
women whose "little learning" tuadej Well, wo thought afterwards id' how
them quick to suspicion that wo Iiad j ,llll'b w I'dil upon the devil how
lowered ourself enough to think id' fieiw mucli the devil had to bear for the
while writing in a nobler s.'rain; we meanness ol 'men. lieally, the church
were sure to find it out. And sineel ' putting too much on the devil. II
(bids of this kind can be mollified with ' bad uur way wc would say to Chris
foolish explanations, w e never found it j 'i"" : Vim shall not atleinpt to
diflicnlt (n prevent n duel. If wc said i "shoulder oil'" your sins on the devil,
something meritorious, perchance some! The devil has enough to bear, and ynu
good friend, .w ho was competent to ap- ,1i",t cmne strictly up to the law of the
predate, would tell us so, nnd w e al- church. If you have been forgiven you
ways bad sense enough to feel momenta-' will do right under all circumstances, as
ril v L'ood over it. Sometimes ilcsi-ruiii!' Christ did, and not nllow yourself to be
men, or women, do try in this world to influenced by the dovil, for that is nd
.. . . 1 J . .. .... .i . .i i . -i i ..
find wrong where no wrong was intend
ed, and it is fearful to think how often
they succeed History tells us that
ureal effect have followed slieht cniiscs.
It tells ns that a basin of water spilt mi ! ""'' benrt was dead, ami our thoughts
Mrs. Masham's gown deprived the Duke ' 'ar, what good ? Wc have looked sad
id' Malboroiigh of his command and led ')' "l"'" faint premonition of Nature
to the inglorious peace of Utrecht ; that "'at suinnier is past nnd we should "In v
one of the most desolating wars ensued i ond mid coal. The little ycl
beeausfl a minister of Louis XIV was low leaves that flutter awhile in the
nettled at his finding fault with a w in- C'hl breeze and lhen go zigzagging to
dow; that Helen lostTrov; that Lu.'earili sweet messengers they tell us
cretin was the cause of the expulsion of j tllllt wo must prepare for winter. '1 hoy
llio'l'iirniiiiw rn.rn.wl piiiisp. Imii-i.tnrV ledl us of death, also. Hut wc do not
thai an insulted husband led the
(iauls to Clusium nnd thence to Koine,
1 v- p - . . . I
and so on, nnd so on. An order to
make Cromwell disembark from the
ship in which he intended to sail for
this country resulted in the loss of
Charles' head nnd the brilliant reign of
the Protector. And it seems to us that
everybody wants to be n Cromwell, but
Nature did not give them sense enough.
They want to make mountains out of
molehills, but they engage in tuttle,
which proves them at once to be fools,
for no man or woman has ever yet
uaineil, in the long run, by tattling or
roonting, even, tho tattle of those poor
creatures who are to he pitied for having
no more sense than is gained from such
novels as Ouida's, or the "Seaside Libra
ry," both of which ought to be sup
pressed under a law captioned : "Men's
humanity to Women.'
Hut this is the Dili of September,
1H.S:. It is Sunday. Up to this hour,
2 p. in., il has been n gloomy day, but
. ... ,i . ! I r. ... .1 i-
uow me sun is making a. iciiii snow oi
his elfulgi nee, ns if he wanted to pnrt
very soon in peace. Ke'nlly, wo have
had a foretaste of winter. The whole
forenoon has been distinguished by cool
ness ami absence of sunshine, nnd we
cannot help being depressed by n gloomy
sky nnd damp atmosphere Sonic pro
fessedly pious people covet days of this
kind as an excuse to remain at home
ami not go to church. If some of these
same (ids had a chance to go in car
riages to church, and there flaunt their
fine apparel and jewelry, and the gold
clasps (so-called) upon their prayer
looks, they would do so, and then, it
they tbougfit worthy of notice, would
upbraid as for staying at home, where
we sit now nnd gaze ever and anon up
on the blue Cumberland mountain that
curves so gracefully in the distance
around Winchester, while the high in
tervening hills seem to beckon us up to
seethe works oftiod the untold mil
lions of years gone by. Oh, it is most
delightfid to live in such a country ns
this. Il is a glorious climate at nil
sensons of tho yen r. We saw nothing
to equal it in our late trip to Mexico.
Tho people here nre poor, but no one
is starving Wealth is generally scat
tered, nnd the little "style" put on, by
those who nre uble, is not taken ns evi
deuce that they arc any better morally
"' liueliccinaiiy, or inai euey lire iuok
it . ii . .. it . .. il..
We put it all down to "good
luck, since the results ot the war
brought an upheaval in social matters
and merit just as greiu convulsions in
Nature have forced strains into posi
tions where the geologist can discover
very soon their value and normal posi
tion. Society will soon regulate itself,
excent as to the swinmng of the pendu
1 ti tn from one extreme, to another, ns we
have it hero in Winchester nnd nil
"well-reirulated" towns. We nre con
dcinned one day we nre praised the
next. Sonio local question divides us,
and bitter worda are said, but soon all
conic silently to know they nre fools,
und all am-ee to unite. It is the same
n pverv town all over tue worm iuon
" .. .i , i t
must ML It notlung else concerns
them of a public nnture they will in
dulge in ncttv scnndal, nnd we are glad
of it. Wo do not want to see their
minds stagnate, for it mny be they w ill
have a change of heart after awhile and
do better, and just then they will need
energy. Unfortunately, however, most
uf them lose energy just about tho time
they nre no longer lit to do good for
Well, it is a glo'"y 11 lins
., .u,.. fin- the rrons in the great
CIMIIV t"' O"-'" ,1 - pi
v..Mi.w wliero there is ft prospect et
.i . i r.. nnituiiu. iii in
- 'thinU of the corn cn. .""
, : !.,. x,,rn nli'padv
however, timsc woo ,.-
' 1,. .. Ill mil io ( Oil 10 11 nil "-h
'i' ... .....
OUC to
price so long as i" vu "-j
starve, but, takiug our belief that corn
will be valuable, will gmtly prens for all
lici tan gel.
And these arc Sunday Thoughts. We
look from our wind.iw upon pear, peach,
plum, apple mid other trees. 'I he pear
tree, ,,w Illmiy ..t)mv ,.llV0li Te
wild-goose plum shows red ones. We
observe that summer is past. The
trees say so. Tliev nre onlv whispering
and nh ! if' we would only listen
, and heed the whispers of vice when
it whispers in the Ml-lhr it is fall all the
such vli!ieriiigs We sec the decay ol
nature already that is, we see the de
cay of the flummery, the fashion, the
Imiigs nnd .Mother tliilmards, the muck
. . . . i
up styles, in the decay oi i lie annual
haves hcautihd in death, lliey were
lyrrni lielorc, and death gives them res
pect. ould to (jod that all the inler-
nai hvpoensies, blind luillis, false perse
culious, ridiculous superstitious, unjii-t
eoniments, ignorant surmises, contempt
M . ..... 1 !.!...: .. !.. I . I
Oh I we ought to have gone tochnrch
to-day. 15ut, "Cui Uunol" Mr. Cur
rey, what good ? Wc are so glad that
we have churches nnd preachers, and
a devil. If wc had no devil, your nccu-
I lull Inn uniilil ho irnnn. YVi fei.l miiiu
initting thnt the devil has more power
than t.iod.
ell, wc ought to have gone to
church to-day, but if we, had gone and
. . .i t i
want to think id (lealh The majority
of men aic slow to do wi. We do no'
want to go to the dark valley, not even
if it should lead to Paradise. As Pren
tice said : "We do not want to go down
in the ehimp graves, even with princes
for bed-fellows." And Prentice alluded
to tho beautiful dream of Ion, and that
hope ol immortality so eloquently ut
tered by the dotith devoted Creek.'"
w hen about to yield his life as a sacrifice
to iii te, and said iu reply to Cleniaiithe
as to whether they should meet again:
" I have asked that question of the hills
that look eternal ; of tho clear streams
that flow forever ; of tho stars among
whose fields of azure my raised spirits
have walked iu glorv; all are dumb
Hut as I gaze on thy loving face I feel
that there is something in love that
mantles through its beauty that cannot
wholly perish. We shall meet again.
This was beautifully said by Pren
tice, but we sit here this Sunday and
wonder if Prentice the gifted poet
wasn t writu e in ni fodi and not tx
rinite. However, grief brings out our
noblest virtues, just ns the fragrant
arbor vitio yields Us virtue to cruel
.prof sure. Just so it wos that the cruel
ty of persecution of the Christian sect
made hiimnnily relent in their favor,
which redounded to the glorv of (Jod
and tho establishment of His accredited
sou, Jesus Christ, all over this land.
And sitting here, lonely, this Sabbath
day, with malice towards none, wchope
our erratic Sunday Thoughts may nol
unproiiiauty me space iney uoiniins
week's Home Journal, for we nre sick
and weary, nnd could not goto Church.
And yet, tins dismal day wc aro put
to thinking of the host of follies and sins
we have to nnswer for ns many almost
ns Dr. White, of the L( banou Herald
but we would wipe away all tears
from nil eyes and fill every henrt with
sunshine and happiness. Such a fecl-
injr must surely possess the nosom ol ev
ery one who is irniy a Ltiristian, cise
prolessiuiis ol Christianity aro talse ami
utterly sintul
Tho Event Will Occur Again
on Oct. Oth.
There was excitement through the
land over the l-llliol August (the J0!)th
Monthly) Drawing of The Louisiana
Slate Lottery, lien Is u. 1. Uetiure
gard, of La, and Julml A. Early, of
Va . both of them used to hot weather.
found it warm. Ah the Wheel of For
tune revolved, il evolved this result
Ticket No. 94,177 drew the first prize
of $75,000, and placed with others
aiiioi)!r the huppv purchasers of fifths ut
SI each were Kev. Moses Zerovieh, of
No. 548', South Cnnnl si., Chicago, III.,
and W. T. Muse, of Rocky Mount, N.
C. No. Gl, 880 drew the second prize
of 2o.0U0 so d in filths also nt 81
each, to Samuel Selig and Dr. J. M.
Littlehnlo of Selmn, Ala., nnd (Justav
lhiuman, of No. 40 W. Monroe st., rare
of tho Preblo Machine Works Co.,
Chicago., III. No. 07,50.1 drew the
third urine of 810,000 sold as a whole
at 85 to Jack Graves, the driver of the
Stockcll Fire Engine Co , of Nashville,
Tenn. Nos. 75.779 nnd 70,119 drew
the fourth two prizes of JO.OOO each,
and were sold in fifths at $1 each, to
Messrs Wm. E. Oaten. C. Willis, A. A.
Prescott and llobt IVne, of Vickshurg,
Miss.; Mr J V Voudorsmith, of 2029
Locust st., Philad'a.auda party in New
Orleans, La., among others so on ad
infinitum. It nil goes over npnin on
tlio 'Jin day ot Wctoiier, ana an uuor
niatinn can be had on upphcation (o M.
A. Dauphin. New Orleans, La.
Several new advertisements
issue Head them.
From Alto.
Wo mo glad that wc have uch ex
cellent county papers. The Home
Journal, for instaiu'c, is occasionally
marked with some of the happy editor's
sparkling humor, and ugiuu with his
unerring logic, a sample of which was
recently brought to bear in the article,
"l'urilniiism Cnpurilied." A friend ol
ours was convicted and happily convert
ed (after a certain order of t'hinos) ,v
this able confutation of u prcvuilin''
nonsense. The party ubove mentioned
is convinced that the mere ohsi i vunce
of the Sabbath, and the meeting id' per
sonal obligations o oik:' rc,.,,:iii
will not supplement that new hinh rec
ommended by our great High l'liest
whiht on rurtii.
Our farmers are just now very busy
preparing wheat laud, saving fodder,
and so f.nth.
A new industry in this section tiuit
of brick-making is engaging a number
of our workmen. Our estimable friend,'
JJock rprnrs, is pushing tins work
very vigorously Wc predict that his
industry will win fur him success
A protracted meeting al l'clhani, near
this place, has resulted in about thirty
Uivc us more of tho whys and where
fores of matrimony. We need encour
agement. We are all bachelors, except
the maids, and there is a probability
that they may bo bachelors themselves
ifyou will do vour whole duly in this
mutter. Oive us more of "preparing
breakfast, for l'lipa," etc , and md too
in mil "John, cover the lire, bring in
the water, put out the dog, bring the
laudanum, get a box n' suull', ludd I lie
baby, cany me to Pa's, go to the mis
chief vmi heartless wretch,'
'etc. "Old
give him a
Caiii t,.
liud" is
jeltuig in earnest
send ol!'.
Aim, Ti
The great earthquake and volcanic
eruption in Jiua, which occurred the
2ith of last yuoiith, and which caused
the loss of uliout 7f,M)i) liven and im
n. ( Use property, appears to he the most
frightful since the destruction of Her
eiihiiieuni and lWpcii. Wc rend that
there U no one of the many volcanic
mountains on the Island of' Java that
does not alibi J sulphur, and from smne
of then: it is obtained without dillicultv
and in such n slate of purity r.s to re-
quire no preparation lor market.
ol llv
Hie-way, the .Muilrecshoro .News of the
7th inst. tells us that a well has been
bored to the depth of scveu.I hundred
feet on the faun of W. Y. Jones in
Iliitherl'ord county, and sulphur water
of powerful strength obtained. Hi re iu
Franklin county wc have innumerable
sulphur springs, and who knows hut
Ullllllt III' I 1 ...Ml il.. .. II.. .....I- I...... .. .....ml
......n. ... ,ni.x uiiir in; iii.i, iiiiu.i;i,.iii
volcanic eruption in this county. .Major.
sparks, C. & M. r.t Murfreesborn, had
better he saving his pinvers. A little
shake of tins kind would make him have
a Worse lit than wedid at Estill Siirinu's.
Fiorn it"ar.vvc;i.
A protracted meeting just closed at.
tho Walnut drove Church. Several
conversions were made.
La-t Saturday the annual protracted i
meeting of the Haptist Church at this
place lieyan Kev. Mr. Lramloii, oft
Winchester, anil Eiders Chick, of Lin-1
coin county, nnd lieeson, of Seottsburo, !
Ala., conducting the services
The new school-house has been ehris-,
tened "Walnut 1 1 iii Institute." Prof j
(jirber, of Cleveland, Ohio, will teach
the school, w hich commences Sept 17.1
An elihrt will be made at the October!
term of the County Cmirl to baveaj
much-needed nnd established from a
point a little south of here to the top of
the mountain, so the valuable, tin titers:
and limning lauds in that section can ,
be utilized. Ciiaiion. !
Oar Agents.
The following named persons are no
thoriz'id to receive mid receipt fur sub
scriptions to Home Journal :
John II Martin, Winchester.
Ooorgo E. Hanks, Deehenl.
D. S. Long, Hockeiville.
L. . Snrtain, Cowan.
W. 1 (iussnge, Estill Springs.
I. X. Martin, Maxwell.
O. P. P.ruee, Huntland.
G. W. Howling, Maxwell.
Masonic. Stated meetiii'' of Cum
berland Lodge No. MS, next Saturday
night, Sept. 15th, l.SN.'i. It is earn
estly requested that there bo a full at
tendance. J'iV order ol thu N.iM.
II. II. Dn.ix, Secy.
Mr. S. C. McMahan, 'of Wisconsin,!
has purchased u farm from Esq 11. 11. j
Powell in thu 'Mil district, and will take
possession this week. Wc welcome him
o our county.
Puhlic speaking !
Mchilier of CoiireHr fmin this Ilistriet,
Will address the people at Winchester
en the 1st Monday in October.
For Safe'rcfieap,
One l'urlv-linive imwcr laiuinc mid Hoilei'i
((mmI us new, Will vxeliHiiRc for liuulivr.
IXJUillTY Ml'li. CO.,
seill2-tf Miirfrecsliiirn, Tenn.
Non-Resident Notice.
R. F. Drake vs. Williams tfc Peters.
It DiiiH'iiriiitt tn tlie sutisftietioli (if IlieClerk
& Master from tlic ulleiiiitions mill nllidiivil
in com)) o inn it I V Kill in ubovc cniisc, Unit
did nilii ills, WillinniK nnd l'fters, lire
non-residents of the Stulu of .Tennessee, so
thnt tlie ordinary prucrs of law fiinnot lie
served upon thein.
It is llu n fort' ordered thnt pnlilicntion he
nimlc for four cniiMcutivc weeks in thu Home
Journal, puhlWuil in WineluFter, Ti nil., re
quiring su'ul lloii-resiileiit defelidi nis to HP
penr ami iniike ilcfi nso tosiiid liiil.uu orlte
ture the fifth Moiidny in Oetolier next,
hefnri' (he Cliuiicery (.'aurt nt Wiiicliester,
Krtinklin comity, Tenn., or the smuu will be
I ii kill fur roiifiw'td and set fur Inuring tx
iart(i as to them.
Witness niv Innd, nt oflice in Winchester
Tenn., this Si'pl.H, 18K.
Ol.KM. AKLK1X3K, ('. AM.
Ity John Ar'.t Jfe, Dep. C. & M.
Dissolution- and New Firm,'
Iluvint! I'ltrelniird tin" Interest of A. S.
Kinliivy in the slock of (foods of F.mliroy
liros. iV Co., timl huvinu talu'ii IIiikIi II. Kni
lirey in as pnriiier the iirm will lur'al'tir U
Wiley S, KiiihreyA Son.
W lldvY'S. KMUltl'.Y.
II:iviiiK sold my inUri'i-t in the tincl; nf
Kiiiiils of r.inlii'e.V l.ios. &, Co., 1 clieclfiilly
recommend my successors, W'ilev S. ICinliriy
A: Sun, nnd liopciik for them n libera! paireii-
IW, KcslK'Ctl'llllV,
A. S. KMIiliKY.
N. I5.--I have the noli and in iiiiIm nf
I'.nihrey Ilios. .S;t)o. fur collect ion, ami will
ak iroinpt fCllh iiunls A. S. 1,
c itru iiiitkiir' titilioiinl ol'
prices for ti li'W tlny, prepara
tory to removal to our
Any "'ood.s will he sold tit
nlinobt your own price.
Our Mr. AY. S. Emhrey will
start lor rs'ew York and 1 Jos-
ton in a lew days, and we wi
open with
AVe: tlcsiri! iat rcMiM-o, nnd
V 1
try to ik';isc ny iiolile1
:tlt Htlll mid close- pniTS.
Our prices will be tlie lowest
nd our terms STRICTLY
CASH, from which we cannot
deviate, li'i'spccl fully,
Wilsy S. Erabrey & Son,
Attune 'j'.i, iss,:;.
THE Pile E.N IX,
of llai'll'inil ;
ol' llai'lliiril;
of Klioxville, Trim.
Three better Fire Insurance ConiMiiiicsl
cannot be found.
llepn si nted liv
WM. J. SLATi'iat.
Policies issued at once on nil ordinr.rv
3 O
C a
rr. 3
n P
a. 3
3 Z
o ca
- o
d 1-1
-;. cd
S 69
- co
05 s
? o R
o o
t? o o
E, o o
? o o
1,.,. 771.. iV.irff. Mr- "3 MMI
ot o:n!in U0TCI
IO North Summer Street.
Nashville, Tennessee.
l'hi Hotel has recently been entirely rc
ninislied, ni'd i now ready to entertain tran
ient a" well us peraiiuieiit boarders. Tran
ient, SlaiOperday. iiiiiy4-ll
Acd Other Farmers.
Carter & Ilro.
Have on hand a big slock of the ce'e
bra led
Keller Rubbcr-fer d Grain Drills
The Willcughb; Rubber-fccd
Drills, !
Cheap for CASH or (i()OI) NOTF.
Will also furuih Metal-feed Drills,
but do nol consider them near so good.
sk us our reason.
Agents for Franklin county for the
National Fertilizer Company s Fertili
zers, from a cheap Composting up to a
l ure ISoiie Muul.
A good stock of the Iiumiiigton Clip
per, Haver l lulled and Avery riows
constantly on hand. We also ha vn a
few South 1'ieiid, Advance, and 'hatla
noogn Chilled Flows, which we will sell
from i'T.ol) toi?.S 00.
If von want a good Sorghum Mill
and Lvaporator, come to sec us.
If you want lo clean or grade your
wheat, get one of our Separators only
S2".U0 or '2'i bushels of choice wheat.
I'ig stock of Wagon and l'uggy mate
rial, Heavy and Shelf Hardware, Car
penters' Tools, Blacksmiths' Tools,
Tools, and all kinds oi
(hind stock of Orocorics nnd Queens
ware. Kespectfully,
S.- Agenls fi.r Pish liros., Milch
Tennessee ami Old Hickory Wag
and White Sewing Sewing Mn-
Engines from $240.00 up.
Victor Clover Hullcrs and other ma
chinery. Chancery Sales,
For October 1st, 1 ;.'".
. J. Cushion et. als,
ami others.
vs. Samuel Siiles
I'v virtue of n dime nf the Chancery
Cniirlol l'raiilJiii eiiiiniy, T iin., iiriainiiiietdj
al iii .lime 'J'rrin, ISS.'I, in i.liove cause,
1 will, on
Monday, Oct. 1st, 1S8.1,
at the CotirlhoiiK1 dorr ill Winchester, Tcim.,
1.1 1 1 HI III, llllll.'l I't'lllll, "il ... ....i ;
.. n ... . i. .. i. :..i.... . I. :.t.i.. .....Ili i.f
and two vniis, eM'ipt 10 pir cent, to he panl
in ca.di on (I.t v i if miIi , the follow 'iiii; dtwnlK'il
tract nf laitil silmileil in r ratiKim ceiinly,
Tenn.. civil ilislnet Xe. 'J. i n the Imn i ol
ll ll!l,,IWI llirilH t .11 ,
Klk river, lnriimin al the for i of I'.lk l iver, i
iti.-t uliiivt' the mniitli of hw Creek, iiiiiiiini;'
with the mad as it ran in is'ittiiii lurtie'
stoiiuinir white oak t'oimrlo V. l Unman A '
inysellj tln'iiee in a straiKUl nneio awuue
imk and walnut slmi'liii!! near llie nnrlheafl
enrner of the ohl lLillnw ny u'm Iioiim
tn a miiirwiMiilstiiiiiliniroii llieniullieii!-! of the
fiirllieriiii.st stable oi'lhesiiiil llolloway (11.111
iheliniiM'; tin nee willi said path Io within
llirif mds of tliespriiiK ; Iheiiee soulh In the
line of said llnlluway and. II Murrell's north
bniinilary line; tin iiee with Klk river to the
hcKimiiujr, ami eniilaiiiiiif,' acres, niniv or
Null's Willi two or nunc K"od and solvent,
securities will be ieitu'reil ol the lirehnscr,
mid a lull will be retaiiieil oil the lait.l until
all of the purchase money is paid.
Tliii-Spt. M, 1.S.VI.
ci.i:.i. ai:i.i:i !!:,('. & M.
I!y John Atlnb.'c, D. p. C.AM.
W Ihinsom vs. W. M. O.-bornc et als
Hv virtue of a deetve of the Chancery
Cniirl of Franklin eniinly, 1 eniKTsee, pro-.
noimeed al its .lime Ti-rm, 1SS1I, III tilinve
cause, 1 will, on
Monday, Oct. 1st, IfvS:.,
at the Ciiinthmisc door in Winehestir, Tenn.,
oiler inr sail, io die iuucm imhiu-i, mi
I ' l lil I ll... Ip.l..t i.f lllllfl LtllllVII IIM llm On.
... t .. I .. .1... I. !..!... l.t.l.l.... ....I
borne land, siluated in cm i ilislnci .No. 2 ot ,
util i'miiiii,' ni.iit' t In ( Kvl lliiltiiw tn satisfy u1
jiulumtni tlini W. KaiiMitn, obtained ntuiiHt .
W. M. O.dinrne et ain, ill this Court on ihcl
. . . . . ....... .... . -ii i..
'Till diiv nf .lime. IS,S;l. The i-aiiie will lie
mid willi therijdit of two vears' redemption
This. Unjust 'JiUli, lSSil.
CI. KM. AHI.l'.IHil'-, "
llyjidni Arledfti',IA'l. CAM.
101 Union St., Nashville.
Diamonds, Silver Ware, Etc.
In fact, fvervthiiiij found in a lirst-elam
Jewelry Store.
Also Manufacturer nf PLAIN (101,1)
UINCiS, which are made to order at ahnrt
notice, and hiirhest nualitv ciiiirimUvd. t'H
and be convinced ut
101 Union St., bet. College nnd MarM-
11. II. STIKF.
.7T.:.L n..rr..i 110 Hl'KUCB
ViiiclicH!cr,Teiuie'Sst ,
Dealer in mid M.iniifuetim r of
The Queen. )
1 lone ihr cxulu-ive- riyht for tlic I. anu
fact uro mill side, fertile coiinticF nf l'rio klin,
Lincoln, Monro, Bedford und Cnfl'cc,n( tho
lies! I 'i ill'ee Put i n c x i.-tciice . Trr one .
Hits now on html a larnc awnrtim n to!
i lie proposes to sell
Cheap, exclusively for CASE.
Ihis also n full :i-sirliiiuiit nfjiii:i lined and
I'lvsM-d Ware on hand, lusidcs
Pumps and Pamp-TubiDg.
t&f' U ioliiiK ami (iiUtering dune to ordi r,
in l lie miwl upproved ylvlc.
Jan. 11.187lMf
If You Axe
Your Tickets Read via the
NM G. & St. Louis Py
Tlio l'ir.-t- his and laniirraitt Psweagers'
l'nss. Agatt, ('hiittiuiio!ii, Ti mi.
(icii. lVs.&Tkt Agent,
Xi'slivll't', Tenn.
Ticket A'eiit, Wim-liestcr, Tviin.
. , .
x. HOI It UyS ill JjUWj
Winchester, Tenn.
Will nriii'liee ill tlie Cmii'tr of I'l iiliklin nnd
-- I , ,
nnd iiiljiiiiiinKCinil.ties. iiio25
' . . '
TOM. EM llli FY.
Will practice in the Courts of Franklin
and ailjoiiiinL' eoiiiities; also, in the Supriiiw
Court nt NiiHhvilli'.
; Prompt attention given tn collections,
j lebH-'M
Attorneys at Law
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in the roimtitxif Franklin
Coflee and Mmrej also in Supreme Court at
Nashville, rrompt iillciition given to eol
leetioiw. novH
()llie(Miiiiili.siists'iU(iI VuWuSiiunre.
Fi.ovn F.svii.i.. Matt. N.Whitakik
Ittorncys at Law,
I s
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in the Courts of Franklin
und iiiliniiiini; counties and in the ftiprrnie
. . . w. i...:ii.. n.... ik.
Court at Nashville
Winchester, Tenn.
New and eh Rani Top ami No-Top liuggi. S,
nnd llrst-chiss Jianii'SH itiut Niiuuc jiorscs.
Iliiiws Imiinled ov me year, nioinn nr unv,
" ". i ri ..1...1 ... I... :il,f,.l
Vl'rv low, '"( ni'li iiiiuiiiiu in
Hacks run nitht and day ironi i inelicstcr
in Dee bei il. l'asseuiji re culled for in any pnrt
if town. and lia;.0tl!;i'clieil;id.
iiprl-tf Kl.I.tS l)..
Physiciim Surecon,
Oilers hiK urofessior.al wrvteea to tlie citi
zens of Winciiester nud surrounding country.
IrtJ Olhce In the buililtnc oocuvii'd Ly
Judge .1 . W. Williams, west side of Square.
Kealiteliet' I lie l-dcnrtiil noose, near !
Tom.OriRoryV. June S3, 7.
Silicon Phvsicio",
Winchester, Tmmy-
grM..y.on(U,.dt ..l ca.la-iu.p-. -.
cinlntry. ' ' JL--. '
Tl iibiec to git the Wnt bran.li of Old
Whiskiee, Bii'l pure, hue old Amde rnd,w
at No. 40 S. Suniuier t., near I nun. I limer
luiuors and CiBars YrtM
,,n innd. J VM1 KI1.1.K1.V.A,
....-, NasliviHc.liim,
4 !!
Mr: 1 .1
i,i: ,'t
"!' n
(! i
in i
I'll 1
' i
' I: k
1 .
1 !!."
I" -
i ...

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