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. 10,1 (!
. 1(I,UI
red inltpl
fts, A
ndric, t'i-Medicii.i-l
i.Uv c"
. taif "I d
in nib
..io:nn A.
- 2:;tU 1'.
12:30 p. it.
Mouth 4:0 P. M
l.KE L. AYIillS, 1'. M.
n aTluo a itmie" f A BLE.
No. 2 Iavcs -
Nn.l "
N...0 "
.. .1.4.1 it. in
-10.4. ji. ill
- H.H'i a. lu
No. 1 Leaves
N...:t "
11 .f7 a. in
So. J
i p. in.
Norn. Nos, 1, 2, S and 4 run duilv.
fi uml 0 do not run bunilavs,
h. V. PAKK, Agent.
Mayor John A. Lawing.
Aldermen M. M. Henderson, (i. (i. I'liil
li'M, J. I.. I!uii'h and 1. C. darner.
'.Marshal John ii. Itra.clton, Jr.
t'.)rior:ilion Magistrate J. U. Ashley.
" ohj uts.
Hoii.Johu W. llurton, Chancellor.
('apt. CU'in Arledge, Clerk n lit 1 Mauler.
J,.lm Arhdgc, Depulv.
SesJoiis, fourth Monday in January nixl
nnaxr corn".
Hon. J. J. Willimiii", Judge.
A. I!. Wooilanl, Attorney (cuiriil.
Nalluin Krancis, Clerk.
Session, fourth Monday in March, July
anil Xoviinlier.
corxTY coi irr.
John W. Williams, Judge.
Win. K. Taylor, Clerk. Hop. T.Taylor,
J. Ji. Aslilrv, lli-gistcr.
j. (i.Sinilfi, Trustee.
H. V. Oi.kl.y,.Sheri(r.
W. L.CIierry, County Siipciintcndcnt.
J.ilm I'. Wuldington, Coroner.
J. W. Syler, Surveyor.
Win. M. liifxey, liangt r.
J. J. Martin, Notary Public.
1 1 !. 't 1
Straight ns n die whisky.
Now 'a the time to mtciiie your wife.
Read tlic advertisement of the Uni
versity of the South
0-jr Chancery Clerk has ii
new lion.
resilient notice in thin issue.
Tlioot the straw-hut, the duster, nml
the Aiollicr lluhliard dress.
Mr. Henry Haio'li's law enrd npucars
in tin's issue. Wc lee ix-uk for him lots
A letter IVniii " I'raiiii)" was received
It'Hiliite fir this issue. It will itimcnr
in our next.
llij.'h st reel boasts of tho most hish
mil Hi town. hero there's n Will
lire's u way.
The Winchester Literary Koeivtv will
Kvtiit the residence of Mr.il. Phil.
i next Friday night.
Tiio Fninkliu County Farmers' Asso
ttioii w ill meet nt the Courthouse next
itiinlay at 1(1 o'clock n. m.
A largo niimher of country people
re in town Monday in fact, more
hi at any other tune this year. Peace
I harmony prevailed.
Oiir young friend, Matt Whitaker,
!w had been lookinf wan and mohin-
M? for soma time, eft last Saturday
another Courting ex)editioii.
I Mr. D. A. K. Farmer will leave this
'A mi a visit to his old homo in Cum-
Riml county. East Tennessee. He
'1 lie absent two or three weeks.
A protruded meeiiug will ho com-
iced at the J!a)tist Church in this
enext oundav. J lie nnstor, ucv.
' Hiandon. will bo assisted hv Iiev.
l'.Por:or, of Lchnnon.
' w
K J. T. Curry received a telegram
I Sunday evening informing him that
I"rMior, wiio lives nt llcnryvillc, in
tciiee county, was danjierously sick.
t. lelt lor llenryvillo Alouday
h Cmntv Trustee. Mr. R. ().
I ih, visited his old home in Cannon
Ny last week, to sec his mother, who
npirously sick. lie returned home
iJlay, leavinir his mother in a critical
inker 11. M. Ilahh u wi lives near
wd, has our thanks for a lot of
'mitli sweet potatoes and a hnsket
Indies Mr. H. and family will
fur Indiana Thursdav nioniino.
I' have mir best wishes.
f-Pkiifo Willinms, of Forrest City, I
'W visitimr hih fill her. .Tndon .Tolin
I Williams. Rufe left Winchester
vn years ago, and is now ono of,
I'wming lawyers in Arkansas, and
I'fVMi foUr j.wir8 ju tie .Senate of
Call frdtvliil Ktl.nitlnn f,t 1)..
piwsnilvcrtisement of tho Acme
'H Harrow and Clod Crusher.
machine is reeommended liv lend-
h'fieulturists to be the best harrow
r market. Call on the Doctor for
lcaftl that Tr. A. S. Knilirev
(I noilt fouiflonnn nn flip Pnr-
JfPK'itc Cnpt. P! u mice's. It will
rut to order for Mr Ilolnv u 1m
PP'M tho Walmsley Houso, and
PI Sept roccuPauuy uythelst
jntctnled to give tho proceedings
,!u"ty Uoiirt in this issue, but a
ns vonrt. ml l,.,l. ...
. .uiiii nun
i ""-an lieu,,-,; ,t I8 our excuse for
.6 0. At llin limn nf plouinnr
orm.T , " " V"
.o , ueS(IUV torenooti the
"U 111 scsm.ii
"WI flm .., ..r i i .i .
- --"in ui tuxes one me
on -"Run couniv inr i no
Q w $3,487.48, and the law
I ' lt,t 8ettlenu.nl ...:.i.
"P'follorim ... .t. .1.- r...,i.
fpteiaberofujigye Our
l j oio ins geitiement
rcroil'! I"8 the State Treas
'"Vint in f..n .i
rn ih ' "" 1 me nmouni.
1 "'nt ta ,,,i .u ,
'f him uluccr ana we nre
At i
. umiriiiiii low
i , . loijj ior
" """" "J rent. Apply 800D
Mountain Council No. fi(U. a. :
-Kiot. of Honor.
I N 11 1. V UlgM, U(;ti
",.":! , ''ll'a, Vur,T llIWl
uuMiuer oi our citizens Monday
V O worn t-ni.tr Ki.n.. I.. .1 -
sy in tiif office and
did not hear him
. Rev. Dr. Tensdulc. of k'imvvilin
I" town, and will assist in the protract
ed meeting which commences at the
"oj.ubi. iiurcn next Sunday.
.nson, ot West Tennessee, who
ms a daughter attending Mary K,r
College, has purchased Cnpt. T. II
., 'co on i,,gi, Hired, and
'""ums iiinuiy Here next January.
Cigars! CigarTi
The hfst and cheapest oipnr for the iimncv
, ,i niiKjiiB! ueen neeiveil. Call
a lino on the Hontli ni.le of ihu Square-.
Our Postninster informs us that all
Nashville mail denosited in tin. I.t.
ollieo by 7 o'clock a. m. will liU;..
ed Nashville the snmn ilnu nt 1 ... o
P. in. this is a L'leat eonvroiioiu-n i..
our business men.
XA11 subscribers w ho see a cross
ninrk on the margin their pa
per tins week will plca.t understand
mat, it means that we are in need of
money, unci Unit, their tune is "out and
and over," am) they mujhl to come up
and pay up.
W. S. Cmbroy it Son's Now
Last Monday Messrs. W. S. End
A Son were vinited by Iiuik1ic(1h of pou-
pie, mosiiy irom tiio country, at their
now store building on the coi ner of the
Square and Jelh rson street Many of
these were in search of goods, and all
admired tho new building, which is cer
tainly mi ornament to our town. It is
two stories high, and the brick work
nnd interim) arrangements are splendid.
Mr W. S. Enihrey, by personally su
pervising tho whole from tho com-
niennceinent, can congratulate himself
upon having the most desirable busines
house in the county. It is 120 by ."()
feet, and admirably lighted. The up
per story is exclusively for the storn-'e
and exhibition of rendy-mado clothing,
of which the firm have a slock unequal
led as to quantity and quality, and we
suppose they will give bargains in this
line as they propose to do in all articles
of the he.-.vy stock they have iust re
We advise the ladies of our town and
county to make a visit to Enihrey &
Son and see the elegance of the build
ing and the quantity and quality of the
iresn aim attractive gooiis storeil there
in, whether they purchase or not.
Dcchctd items.
CictliiiK in their wheat crops is now
the order of the day with the farmers
Sonic have their crops in, and quite a
number are pretty well ndvanced, and
i goodly mini bur who nre October sow
ers will commence this week J hero
ins lieen quite n demand for wheat
lrills, and n coocl number have been
sold here this season. The minority of
farmers around here have learned from
experience that there is but littlo pay in
hall doing nnytlung, therelorc they have
prepared their lands for the coming
w heat crop better than usual, and ev
ery farmer that can is putting his wheat
in wit:i the drill.
Mr. Eil. Birchenourrb, who owned
and run n saw mill here, has moved
with his mill to Birmingham, Ala. Mr.
r Larson, late Irom Indiana, form
ed a partnership with Mr. Birchcnough
mid went with him. His family will
soon follow.
Some more of our good citi.ens have
caught the Birmingham fever nnd will
soon leave us. Mr, Ii. T. Miller and
family will he off pretty soon.
JUdor 11. ill. liahh, who came nero
some eight or ten months ago from In
diana, and purchased n farm near here,
has exchanged his larm for hotel iiron-
crty in Kenton, Indiana, nnd will leave
us this week.
There is some sickness in our town,
nnd wc had one death last week. Mr.
Silas Mallard lost a child about a year
Dr. Cherrv lias a child some four or
five years old lying very low with fever,
Sir. J. W. AJusou, who had a spell
of fever nnd got about again, is now
confined with flux.
Mr. John F. Blair, an aged and good
citizen, died last Thursday at the resi
dence ot Ins brother, Mr. . L. ).
lilnir. He hnd been con lined to his
bed about eight weeks with fever. He
was eighty-six years old.
Rev. Mr. Woods, pastor, will fill his
regular appointment at the Presbyte
rian Church here next Saturday even
ing nnd Sunday. Tho services will be
(Juito n lively scene took place the
other day in the neighborhood above
here. A woman named Mary J. Sabcl
was visiting nt the house of Noah Tar
wnrter, and whilo there Mrs. Turwater
thought she saw signs of too much in
timacy between the aforesaid Ma ry and
her husband: so she became enraged
and took n bound and bonrded her oll'l
tho place. The assaulted party swore
out n State warrant against Mrs. T.,
and had her arrested and brought before
a Magistrate. Upon the day of trial
tho prosecutrix did not put hi an ap
pearance, am) Mrs T. was discharged
and went on her way rejoicing, while
the aforesaid Mary
now roams about
with n black eye.
Oct. 1st, 1883.
All parties iniU-btid to Filzpatriek & f ircR-
orya'e lieri'ov noiiiien 10 eonn- iuim
settle iiiimidiiilelv, as the lniMiiess of the firm
mast lie closed. Vnless settlements are made
the claims will he put in the hands of an olh
eer for eolleelion. T. I. (iKM.OKY,
Sept. 11, 'So. Con Surviving partner.
Our prices for Job Work
and advertising nre as low as
office ill the
i a vtivoo v ""'r
State. Try us.
Real Estate Transfers
ring the month of
. Arinnna Cunningham to Lee Cun
ningham, 15 acres of laud in 11th dis
trict 81,0.
Robert W Donaldson to Marv Sim
mons, interest in laud in 5th district
Sam Powers and wife to School Di
rectors, 1 acre in l)th districtgift.
D C Cowling to Stephen Carter, Go
acres in lOih district 84i
A C Knott to Snnford and Matilda
Mann, 175 acres in 7th district $1800.
Arledge lhow n to W E Brown, 130
acres in 14th district- f l.V).
T 11 Finch, special commissioner, to
I ! ' IH !lll. ...!.. A l.l . O
oi lumps, inicrciH in ackicii opruigs
property in loth district Jft.lU
G O "Phillips to ,1 F & Isaac Miller,
1 acres in llilh district $!)10.
T W Holt and wife to E A Bryant,
DC acres in 15th district $500.
R Ruvh to Randall and Rush, steam
mill and fixture in 5th district 81 100.
R Ii Powell and wife to S C Mc.Ma
him, 40 acres in Nth district $!)00
W T League to S C McMahan, lot
at Estill Springs $90.
Uelilah Miepard to Lewis Morris, fi,
acres in Dili district 8500.
Rico tV. Sells to Wm Chammon. 7
acres and 1 rood in 13th district $73
It n Montgomery to W B Gossanc.
10 acres, more or less, at Estill Springs
in 1 7th district 82 14 20.
Lew is Hull nnd wife to C Aminaeher.
82 acres in Sd district $700.
T J Caldwell ,ui, wile toOTMar-
crom, laud in 2d district 8.'!.1
R F Oakley, sherilf, to II C Robert
son, 174J acres in 5th district 8(120.
W R French to Tullahomn Woolen
Mills, 42 acres in 7th district $50.
A Brnzeltnti to Geo Bentrem, 2S
acres in 3d district.
John Bultcrworth to Maude Terrill
and others, house and lot in Winches
ter, 82,500.
R F Oakley, sheriir, todnndbar,
White & Co., land in illh district
- mm
Marriage Licenses Issued in
Jas T lhomasto Fnnnie Hoskins.
W W 'fribble to M C Holt.
II Fergerson to Mary J Holt,
ti A Wright to Eliza .Moore.
S H Trigg to Nannie J Sisk.
Jas II .Martin to Ollic M Keith.
Win C Wiikcrson to Mary A McKin
ney. J F Motlow to J F Larkin.
J E Davis to Mary Edens.
W II (iuflie to Dealy Williman.
Samuel Dotson to Martha (icorgo.
W B Pettus to A A Pickup.
J W Ford to Marv A Ivov.
W E DeWitt toMattieMcNaiighlon.
Wm Hunt to Nancy J Johnson.'
!eo E Sims to C I arris.
II Ii Crownover to M J Cherry.
B Cook to E Hughes.
From Alto.
A few nights since the Oak drove
Mutual Aid Society met at Natural
Hall, the grandest nnd most delightful
of all halls. The building was lighted
by glowing Luna, assisted by the friend
ly Kiln, with her sparkling eyes and
warm heart; and everythinyr was calcu
lated to preserve harmony except, alas!
ono wayward member who, by her ter
rible good looks, spoiled our fun. Much
business was transacted by the Society.
Many topics of interest were discussed,
and lengthy siceches were made (So o)
for the edifying of the Society. These
arc happy meetings, nnd may your read
ers all be as happy, just once, as wc
were that night.
As for the outside world, wo know
but little. Farmers very busy, conse
quently there is not much to irathcr.
A Sabbath School mass meeting was
held nt i cllinm, tirundy county, recent
ly, which proved to be quite interesting
Speeches were made by Messrs. J. F.
Laxson, Lane nnd West, Esqr. Parks
Kev. (J. I) Goinn nnd B. A. Cherry.
Tho speaking, for the most part, was
very interesting, especially tho plain,
practical nnd lorciblc talk ' of Mr. Lax
son. Why don't our friends write about
their Sabbath Schools? Is it not n fact
that the Sabbath School is essential to
our future well belugas apeoplo? Is
it not worthy the attention af the man
of talent? Why not do nway with
mud-slinging, and think and write in
the interest id' schools, Sabbath schools,
churches, turnpikes, etc.? Why do tal
ented men wnste so much time trying to
find fault with their neighbors? Ought
not a wise man to remove first the beam
from his own eye ?
V,.-1 ; .... ..1 1 1 J
Surely it would be
more profitable. Cauoi,.
Alto, Teim., Sept. 'J'.), lSSIl.
From Cowan.
Had a ni(!0 rain yesterday morning
l-'armcrs busy sowing wheat. About
same area will be sown this season as
Married, on eve of 2d ult.,at the res
idence of tho bride s father, at Steven
son, Aln., by Kev. A. J. Curgilo, Mr.
E. Ii. Hampton to Miss Puttie Hoji-
kins. 1N0 attendants.
Dr. Bogle, of Nashville, has been in
our sectiou on professional business and
returned nome Saturday.
The postofllee here changed hands to
day. II.
Oct. 1st, 1883.
A special to (he American says anoth
er nttempl was made Inst Thursday
night, near Anderson, in this county, to
wreck n passenger train. "Four forge
timbers were placed upright in a cattle
guard at a point w hero the rond makes
a sharp curve. They were not discov
ered until tho train was within a few
feet of them, nnd every possible effort
was mnde to stop tho train, but too late
to miss the obstruction. Still tho speed
had been checked suflicicutly to prevent
tho impending catastrophe, and only
the forward trucks of the engine left the
track. It wns replaced in two hours.
The rond is on a high embankment at
this jMiint, nnd if the sccd had not
been checked a dreadful accident would
have occurred."
This is tho fourth attempt within a
week to wreck thenccommodutinn train,
All persons should have ono of II
O; Tunison's Mnps. They nre tho most
full and complete mnps sold. They nre
sold by W. 1'. Recdor iu this cuuuty.
. Mule for Sale.
A good work mulo for salt.. AmOV
at mill. Boci.t: & Tiv,V
Remember that w hen the Heme Jour
nal is sontont of the county the nosia-e
is added, to-wit : r
a monitis, p-mtaL-e prepaid,
C " "
Our Agents.
The following nnmed ,.,, n).0 .
tl.orized to receive un.l receipt for sub
seiiptions to iiouie Journal :
John II Miiriin, Winchester.
Conrgo E. Banks, Dedieid
D. S. liong, Hrckciville.
j. II. Siirtain, Cnwiin.
W'. B (lossago, Estill Springs.
I. N Martin, Maxwell.
O. I'. Jtiiice, Ilunihiiid.
C. W. Bowling, Maxwell.
Jiiicou clear sides, (I (Ti )?,(.. Bulk
meats ch ar sides, K jc; clear rib sides,
7? : all packed.
Hams Sugar-cured,
Lard Snow flake,
Country lard, Ofo lOc.
in kegs, 11 Jets
Dried Fruit Apples, 5:Jc. Evapora
ted tipples. 12 jo.
Eggs From first hands, hens', 17p
18c. V
l eathers Prime geese, 53c ; mixed,
including duck, l.(;ii)e.
(iiiiseng, 81,(il)(. 1.
Rags, $1.75 cr :0l I he.
Corn, shelled, bio.
Wheat, plum;), K0(i)0e
plump, OOeOjSl ; dry Me,
; dry red
M('i I.UL'j.
Com meal, per bushel, .ri7i(f'(!l!.
Oats, in bulk, 33c ; in small lots, 2
t'5i! advance
Bye, new. from wagon, COc.
Hay, $14f..'?15per ton.
Hoj.s, 225 lbs. average, $4.f0" J.75.
Cattle, extra good shipping, 83.25(o.
The University of the South
is locate,! ,.t S i:V.NKI'., TKN.V, upon the
(' li'Tlaml Hateau, L'.IMH) feel above the
"ill level. tins Sellout, under the special
patronaj,e of tin- Ui,l,ops of the l'r slaul
Kpiscopal Cinirel, in tK. Soulli and Si, ml,.
wi--l, oilers the hcallhic.-t residence and llie
Ih-sI advnnlat;es, liolli moral and educational,
in Us (Jraiuinar Schools and its Collegiate
and Theological I parlnu nls. i'or llie
special elaii I this ('iiiversity for patron-
ae, apply for docuini nls to thi- Kev. TI'X
N.WIt llOlKiSON, ll. I)., Vice lluiiieellor,
Sewance.Teiin. oclo-ly
Cheap Rea Estate !
Seven or eight valuable lots in Win
chester, six of which are well improved
and suitable for residences, ran be hud
at much less than cost. Apply at the
Homo Journal ofiiee, or, to
W. J. Sl.A'rTKK.
For Sale, Cheap.
One Korly-hor-e power Kiujiiie and Isiiler
K'hmI as new Will cxclian-rc for lumber.
ln;llTY ',
septl2-tf .Murfleeshoro, 'i'enu.
A. Bargain!
About 30 acres of land, half cleared
and halt' well-timbered, only a mile from
Winchester. Apply to
Non-Rosidont Notice.
J. C. Looney nnd wife et. als. vs Bunks
Ciover et. nls.
It appeal-in;; to the satisfaction oftheClerk
el Master from the allegations and allidavit
1 niplainants' Kill in above cause, thati
defendants, lianks (lover, Jeremiah (lover,
John Stewart, Hubert Stewart, liovvman
and wife Polly Ann, baae Hannah and wife ,
Sarah, Alls-it Harnett ami wife Pauline'
Jane, - Hannah and wife Elizabeth, and I
the heir of John Stewart, dee'd, name nil-'
known, are noii-resideiitH of the Slate of
Tennessee, so that the ordinary process of
law cannot be served upon tlieni.
It in therefore ordered thai publication ho
made for four coiiseciilivo weeks iu (he Home
Journal, published in Winchester, Teiin., re-
lluro'K non-resnlentili tenihoiis to p.
mil ,,,,. ll(,fl.nw .,, '
lore tie fill I, .Monday iu October next,
before the Chancery Court at Winchester,
Franklin county, Ti nn., or tin- same will he
taken for confessed and set for hearing ex
parte asloilicm.
Witness my hand, at office iu Winchester
lelin., this Sept. 27, ISSH.
Cl.KM. AIU.EIMIK, ('. ,v. M.
liv John Arledge, Dep. V.& M.
im lh'" Harrow
If you want the hut and most durable
Harrow, buy tho "ACM K." Made of steel
and iron, lioes heller work than any Tooth
Harrow preparing w heat and corn land, liet
ter than any implement made. Come and
see it. Try it and you will lmv it. For sale
octH Winchester, Twin.
Will praetiec in the Courts of Franklin
and adjoining cnnntiis ; also, in the Supreme
Court at Nashville.
Promt atk-ntinn jfiven to eolleetions.
fir OHieo over .Mrs. ICmmii llruzcltrtn's
Millinery Store. oell
- 4
I will cull attention of the THAMXti
I'L III.lC to our
Large Stock o! Fal!
an;! Winter Goods
Now -Kcady for Inspection,
Collsislinir of Ladies' Dress Goods, ( 11.-.I1-meies,
and oilier woohn llress t loiaU; Shawls,
Cloaks, IMmans; elosc-littinu Walking
JaiketK li(iht and heavy v-iil' ' ; llooils;
h adinj; colors i f Velvets. We me in rireipt
ol a lai'Ke stock of these iroods from K;w. ni
markets. Also, a lull line of Notions, bailies'
anil Gents' I uilmvcar, Ac. A lar;;e stock of
lulils' I lolknijr, Slnrls, Zeinler iV, liros'eelc
hialed Shoes ami limits also can v 01 In r
l''aelory 1 loots nnd Shoes that we K'laranlcc.
Itovs' nice Itools and SIiih s.
The well-lried llonicslie aiulSi(wall Singer
A law stock of Stanle Goods. Oil Caiis l
bur, ilill'ereiit kinds of Window Curlains
anil SUole-', Hals, ( aps, eaiul nianv mli
eles loo many to imnlion, ail of which wil
he sold
Cheap for Cash or Country
All kinds of School Hooks and Stationery
t'i'" 1'enieniher, we move soon, and
will do you good if you will try its.
Im)"" N-e our new style Cloaks and
Jackets when you visit our town.
111M J. L. AUCH.
S ?- " K
15 2
2 7
n E.
c w 1 '
Hr! l-q
o" 2
- -I:
- Ci
c o
e:b 15
i CO
- CD
c r ,
o o
o o
; o o
i, o o
r o o
Flips, Sottsrf g L
Ss.2i Jt 20 CulIrS(! Sinol,
Plain and Jamnncd Stamped
Maniles am. Urates,
Ice-Gream Freezers,
Of the most improved pattern,
Send us your orders. They sha
have prompt unit hnnrnt nttnithm. When
visiting tho city call and sec ns.
Remember the phicc :
Nos. 24 & 26 College Street,
Nashville, Tenn.
.Wm. Tliot. L. MunhM, Mm. IF. !
10 North Summer Street.
Nashville. : : : Tennessee.
This Hotel has recently been entirely rc.
urnished, and is now ready to entertain Iran
ient as well as permanent boarders, i'rar.
ient, i?l.r,0pcr.lay. mny4-tt
1.-4 I CMDIlY.
10H fin Slrrrt, ClnrlUHHll, Ohio,
The type on whlnh Oil. Pl ' prlnled I from
Uio auve FuunUry.'l.
f'iirm-r T'liioii nilfl ' IiiTry fctn..
ii . ... i ii.. i . ..
And Other Farmers.
Have on hand a big stock of the cele
brated Keller Rubber-feed Grain Drills
The Willcughby Rubber-feed
Drills, '
Cheap for CASH or (JOOI) XOTI5.
Will also furnish Metal-feed Drills,
hut do not consider them near so good.
Ask us our reason.
Agents for Franklin county for the
National Fertilizer Coinpnnvs Fertili
zers, from a cheap Composting up to n
l I M....1 1 1 " 1
1 tn c j.oiie uc.ni.
A good stock of the Remington Clip
per, Oliver Chilled and Avery Plows
constantly on hand. Wo also have a
few South P.end, Advance, and Chatta
nooga Chilled Plows, w hich wc will sell
from S7..')() to SH OO.
If you want u good Sorghum Mill
ami I'Aaporator, come to see us.
If you want to clean or grade your
wheat, get one of mil- Separators only
$-'.". 00 or ''.") bushels of choice wheat
Hi-' stock of Wairnn nnd llu-m-v ni.-itn.
rial, Heavy nnd Shelf Hardware. Car
penters tools, lllm-ksniiths Tools,
Miocmiikers Jools, anil all kinds ol
Hard w are
(nod stock of Orocorics nnd Queens-wan-.
P. S. Agents for Fish Bros , Mitch
ell, Tennessee 'nml Old Hickory Wag
ons, nnd White Sewing Sewing Ma
chines. Fngines from 62-10.00 up.
Victor Clover H tillers nnd other ma-
101 Union St., Nashville.
Diamonds, Silver Ware, Etc.
In fact, evervthiim found in a first-class
Jewel rv S'ore.
Fine Bold & Silver Waiohe
Also Manufacturer of PLAIN (iOLI)
KINtiS, which are made to order at short,""1
notice, and bi(,'best quality (uaiiinU'ed. (.'all
and be eonviured at
101 I'liion St., bet. College and Market,
amjli-.'-ly It. II. STUCK.
Public Sale !
Mrs. Catherine linker ct nls vs
J. G.
l!y virtue of a decree of the (.'haiieerv
Court of Franklin comity, Tenn., pronounced
at its June lerm, ISM, in above cause, 1
will, on
Monday, October 22ud, 1883,
at the Courthouse door in Winchester, Tenn.
sell loilieliij-best Imliler, for CASH, tlic fol-
loiviuj; tract o laiiil.lo-wit : Situated in civil
dislriet No. 1 of said county, one mile north
of lleelierd, and adjoining V. W. Martin,
James Wapmer and the Oakley old lauds,
eie eontuininji loll ai-re", more or less.
Will lie sold to tatisfy a judgment that A.
S. Marks, Colyar ii Curtis and T. II. Finch
recovered against Mrs. J,(l, Slewarl on the
2!lth dav of June, ISKK, for $54-1.72, with in
terest ami cost o) sale.
Sale within lawful hours.
ThisKept. 15lh, lSS:t.
CI.KM. AllMClKiK, C. &M.
IlvJohn Arledge, IVputv V. & M.
Sept. l!)-tds
To. a Lar'O nnd Select Stock of
Canned Goods, &c,
J. A. Gaines,
At Iowe &Teiiipleloii'Holdtttnd,
(Ransom's Jllock,)
Has a splendid assortment of Hoots and
Shoes, Dry Goods, Confectioneries, &c.
B0i Cull and sco how low they will
be sold.
I nnv cash for goods, snd sellslrietly for
cash, Positively nogoods eliargeil.
of Hartford ;
of Hartford;
of Knoxville, Tenn.
Three bettor Fire IiiHiirnnce Comianies
cannot bo found,
lteprcsented by
WM. J. siiter.
Policies isnued at once on nil ordinary
WincVcstoi .Tennessee,
Healer in and Manufacturer of
The Queen.
I have the exclusive riKht for tho manu
facture and sale, for the counties of Franklin,
Lincoln, Moore, liedford and CoflV-c.of tho
hesl Codec lt in existence. Try one.
Has now 011 hand a larne assortimnto!
I I II ll
w hich he proposes to sell
Cheap, exclusively for CASH.
I fan also a full a-isortmmt of J
Pumps and Pump-Tubing.
fciTIViofinR and (iiitter'uif; donctooriUr,
in the niost apiroved at vie,
Jan. ll,lS7!l-tf
If You Are
Your Tickets Read via the
; Cooking andHsatia? Stoves,
Tilt' I'lrnt'l'llldH llllil rcoiivrtlltt Pnuiioiiimrj' ''.
l'ass. Agent, Chnttanooua, Tinn.
Xashviile, Turn...
Tieki t Ai nt, M'ineheti t;TeiiUi ,
!eorr n.vvis. jso. 11. mahtin
Vttornev fit Law,
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in the Coiirli of- Franklin and
and adjoining-counties. may'J5
P. R. Hl'l.lt-
A.ttornev at TjaMr
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice In the comitiesnf Franklin
Cod'ce and Moore; also in Supreme Court at
Nashville. Prompt attention given to col
lections. novH
OlHciMoiitL-Biif Isitleof Publii.Siiuarf.
Floyd Estill.
Matt. N. Wjiitakeii
ittorneys at Law,
Winchester, Tenn.
Will praetiec in the Courts of Franklin
and tuljoiniiiK counties and in the Snpruue
Court til Nashville. janl7-'83.
Winchester, Tenn.
New anil elepant Top and No-Top Rupgit,
and tirst-elass llamess and Saddle Horses.
Horses hoarded by the year, month onlay,
very low, and well attended to by faithful
I lacks run night and day from Winchester
to iJechcrd. 1'asseugers called for in any part
of town, and bugiracc checked.
a,,rl-lf KfJ.ISPAVP,
Physician Surcroon,
Oilers bis iirofessionnl services to the citi-
...ns nf U'ini-iii-sler ami surroiindinij country.
pif Olliee In Ihe huihling occupied by
Judge J. W. Williams, west side of Square.
Residence The Cochran house, near Capt.
Tom. (iregory's. june 23, '7U.
Surgeon Plivsician,
Winchester, Tenn.,
Isready to atletid to all culls in town or
The place to get tho hc I"";! nt t
Whi-ki's. and pure, flneoM An :
at No. 10 N. .S,.!n..K-r .j
Uouorj and SajM -
Attorneys at Lavy
Winchester, Tenn,
itrill .....;. . In ll.r. f',,orl nf Knlllklil and
1 111 iuviv v - - ,- -
adjoininK counties, iul in the l iuuil Malv
Courts aud Supreme Courts l Nrl.ille
Teiincssef . .
ti 9
t it ! . :Fy
.' i.v' V-.s
-i ill
- iM
,!f. i
Si !
-it a
.nil m
1 ;.' f
1 ii
ir. i
-1 i "
ki !

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