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J V-
JACKSONVILLE, Tlx, l' to I 0 lighted
by electricity by a Pitlshuvgh company,
jliNY Mississippi planters .. eel
their ou molasses this year.
Over li.OOa.OM.O.lO feet f loiif--le.f
oinu are now standing in North Caro-
APAFATCincor-A, Florida, is goon to
bare aa oyster canning houso iu opera
lion. I.? Selma, Alabama, forty-iix lending
bmiucM hoiiSM, during tho pant year,
did a business of I'll 811.850.
; A sisor.E pumpkin vino cn the (arm
of I'r. W. M. Clink, nix miles Routh of
Nashville, boro Bixtjf-iiino pn aikitia.
TnEricoerop pint hrr.-cstcd is report
e.l to be tko larcs over made iu tho
parii'i of Jefferson, Louisiana.
'fits er p of hoa-vy for ths present
ressm nt New SJmyra, Fla., HmouiituJ to
luO baircls.
EmnriiKX thousand and eighty-nix
b aut'stead.slinvo heonenk-red inFlutids
during the year.
Ex-Go v. Dnow, of Gaorgia u to pet
$23,000 por year ns President of the
Florida ship canal.
A riUNKMScoiuily(Teim.) farmer re-
alitod the past season $8,000 from eighty
seres of st re wherries
Lv tlifl Mississippi overflow of hui
year, liuisiana claims to have becu
damped lotbo extent of 1)0,000,000.
An bapoennhiis oM lady of Augusta,
C.,bte subsvribed S t. mission wwk,
and expects to cam ibe money by wash
i:ig clutbus.
New Ont.tuvs is preparing o'lergeti
eally f, r lbs worlds fair, lo be bold in
that city from December, 18S1, to tbe
end of May, 1885.
The last census of Alabama, shows
au aggregate gain of (5,021 while, 5,:j'Ji
colareJ voters in t'.ie last dcoado that
cannot read or writ.'.
W.J. Bw.ow, of Live Oak, Fla,. is
102 years old. His father lived 1 1 the
Se of 10;;, and his grandfather, it is
aid, was 2C, years obi when bn died.
Tub whole umiii,.r of pusteflieeH in
tho United State, at the end cf June
hit. w?s 47.8GJ; increase, during tho
year, 1,032.
It is Bnid Hint a thousand Mormon con
verts will leavo Chnttiinorgn next month,
for Utah. They are from different points
of tho south1
Tim total cost of transporting the
mails, by all methods, for tho pint year,
was S 10,.11,81)3, nn inereaso over the
proscding year of $2j3,817.
The Chinese aro swarming into Pan
Francisco and other points aloiij t'e Ta
eonr.t, upon "trailers' certificates" issued
to them by tho Chinese government.
CruMnntis county, A'n., lias a brag
club of cdtt'ii pickers, which in one day
lately bad a I cavy game, sluing nn
arorago of 300 pounds to each picker.
AoitEtunr.E to an ordieanco passed in
Montgomery, Aia., tho chief of pdiec
Las notified newsdenlera that no htcr.v
turoofnn obsccuu character can bo sold
in that c ty.
TiirtHE years ago, a dozen bong sand
asmal. frame depot building coiislitutod
Hig Lick illation, fifty miles southwest of
Lynchburg, Va. To-day the same placo
Las 5,000 inhabitants.
Five hundred Catholic children at
Lercdo, Texas, nrenbout to bo deprived
of educational ndvnnlages beeauso the
Catholio clergy wilt not allow tbcui ti
attend tho nublic schools.
Tui: schooner Alfred Wilson gathered
wo hundred and eighty bund'es of
ponges, nt tho mouth of tho Osella
ivcr, Florida, last wetk. Hor cargo
IlKNnr Fuek'ks, of rennsylvnnia, is
looking for a toa farm in the South. Le
Dhc has said that tea will flourish in Al
bania and Georgia, and the experiment
to bo made at au early day.
The ship Silvertown, from London, a
ael of 3,721 tons not, and 4,013 tons
ftoss, whose length is 338 feet, beam 5."j
fat.and depth of hold 34 feet, has
lately passed tho jetties and landed at
the docks at New Orleans.
TnE manufacture of starch is about
tobco me a considerable industry in the
'icitity of Seneca Luke, Fin. A starch
factory is to by started there, and sevo -1
parties aro prepaping for nn extentive
'ultivatiou of casMavn,
Next month the peoplo of New York
o' for or against tho proposition to
abolish convict labor in tho Stato pri
,oni. Last yoar tho entire cost of main
fining the State prisons was paid by tho
Work of the convict. The amount wai
415,660. '
Tuk New Orleans ricayvtne says that
"Ik culture has rapidly dovelnped in
Louisiana, along tho Gulf coast, within
o.past eighteen mouths, and that tho
Product of the region around Tbibo
jWxvillo commands tbe highest price
the narket ;.
In New Orleans, there la now on f xhi-
"monabalfof raw silk from cocoons
powu in Loumnna, and reeled at tho
wuisiina silk spinning mill, Which is
worth S7 per pound. The bale weieb,
ten pound, eight ounce.,, and comprise.
CJJ skoms, making 1,200,000 yards,
The growth ol Texas ig n.arvelo.
Uio increase in her taxable property last
year was f 130,000,000. New counties to
tho number of sixty-eiht wers crgau
i.ed, giving two hundred iu all. Bo-ides
this, tlwo is a territory twice ns largo as
Georgia not yet divided into counties.
A Woolen-milMo cost $100,000 in in
ennrso of erection in Ilabcrsham county,
Ga. Tho water comes tumbling down
in a cataract and furnishes tho power
without a dollar's artificial aid. I, ig
said that tho at ream, without artificial
aid, will turn J 100,000,000 worth of ma
chinery. Tun Louisville nnd N, sbvillo railroad
?ompany offered to present their Alabamu
exhibit, now nt tho exposition iu Louis
ville, 1 1 the city of liirminjjbam, pro
vided the board of trade will erect a suit
able Imi dng and n ako a permanent
display of the exhibit, and tho proposi
lion has been accepted.
It is unusual for a loiilhorn planter to
make n half million I;- farming. Mr. L.
f. Hill, of Wilkes county Georgia, ling
just died. Ho made seven hundred
Ihmsird d bars by fanning. In tho
lame county, General Tiomba and his
lr,thor Gabriel are each Worth a half
million, nearly all of which baa been
Hani-oiii) (l la.). Journal : Tho contract
fori!) ale of tlio crop on the old Sneer
grove, a mile and a iiarter from Han
ford, has thin week been (signed up and
tho forfeit deposited. Thegrovo embra
ces (ioO trees, coverhg hix acres, and tho
estimated crop is 0011,000 oraugi s. Two
dollars and a iiart r per box, on tho
tiers, is the price piid At 1 50 per box,
fi00,ill!0 oranges will aggregate 4,000
boxe s, which, nt f'2 25 per box, will
yield $0,000 We loam that tho e: pei.so
of tho prove this year will not exceed
$500. Gen Joseph Finnegan, who has a
grove near here ami one down the viver,
has sold tho crop cn both groves at $-3
per box, delivered nt the railroad station
near Lis home place, mid at the warf nt
his river placo. I ho estimated yield of
both groves is 1,000 boxes, which at
13 per box, would amount to $1,200.
TIiE first arrival of new granulated
sugar nt New Orleans from the pariidi of
Ascension, is pronounced by competent
judges to be tho finest nud L.innsoinrst
ever brought to that mnrket, and tho
equal, in every respect, to tho best pro
duct of tbe largest E, intern refinery. It
wan in two lots, nndone lost sold nt nine
cents and tho other at eight and seven
oigbtbs. The funds collected for the erection of
a monument to General Leo, in Rich
mond, new amounts to about $35,000.
It is suggested that tho comer-stone
should be laid next October, and that
tho cereinoninl shouid bo rendered mem
orable by a reunion of tho Army of
Northern Virginia and by a ball nt which
the mon should wenr tho Confederate
uniform and tho women dresses appro
priato to the sentiment of the occasion.
The stock for tho first ostrich farm in
tho United States has been shipped to
Florida. It consists of three pairs tbr.o-years-old
ostriges. Tho destination of
thebirds was Sylvan Lake, Orange coun
ty, Fla ; the modo of conveyance, tho
Midlory lino Meanier Western Texas.
The birds shipped weighed from 150 to
200 pounds, and stood about seven feet
high without nny stockings. They aro
nntivos of Nubia, in Upper Africa, and
they were captured while very young by
the ngonts of Messrs Charles Iteicho &
Brother, of New York and llobokon,
who aro proprietors of tho projected os-
strich farm.
Clay sraiN'o, twelvo miles from Or
lando and three miles from Apopka, Fla.,
is one of the largest mineral springB in
the United Slates. Tho spring is situ
ated at tho foot of a high bluff or hill.
Tho pool where tho water comes up ig
seven ty-fivo to ono Hundred feet across,
in the center of which the wntcr con
stantly boils and bubbles. Enough water
comes out of the ground to form a river,
and steamboat have run up from St.
John nnd tied up directly over tho open
ing, where tgo water comes from tho bow
els of tho earth. The water is strong y
impregnated with sulphur, and probably
with other minerals. The spot is a fa
vorito resort for camping parties, who go
tnevo to bathe in and drink the waters.
Tun report of the naval advisory
board as to tho number and class of ves
sels which should bo commenced at onco,
in order to carry forward tho work of re
constructing tho unarmored fleet, recom-
menls one vessel similar to the Chicago,
oauthrized Inst winter and now under
construction, to cost 1,295,000; ono sim
ilarj to the Boston and the Atlanta, au
thorized last winter, to cost $936,000; ono
to cost $482,000; two costing $51(3,000
each; two light draught gunliorrfs to cost
$2(19,000 each. The total estimate for
the seven vessels, $ 1 2a3,000. The board
also recommends tho completion of the
; !.,. Puritan. Anmhitriio, Terror,
and Manadnock. "ost. respectively,
of $785,000, $797,000, $871,000, and $1,-141.000,
Tub loss by fire in this country aud
Canada is rising to startling proportions.
In the flint tlx months of this year tliero
wore 0,175 reported fires, invclving a loss
ot noarly 818,000,000.
Gehmasy has five hundred mills for
tho mannfaetnro of wood pulp, Such a
degree of perfection Las been attained
in the trcntmout that oven for tho the
bettor qualities of paper tho wood pulf
is substituted for pulp made from rags.
II conititutea soveuty-fivo per cent, cl
t!io paper stock used throughout Ger
many. Turs far lids season tho representa
tives of tho Dwyer Brothers' r.lablo liav
wnu foily-eigbt laces and $132,300 ii
money, Of this amount Misi Woo Jfrc
ban won 52,083; George Kinney, $39,
015; Barnes, $17,915; Bootjack, 59,010
Ihirton, $7,775; Wandering, $2,380; Eo
nador, $1,389; Hartford, fJll'W; Kinj
Fan, $175; Cniley B., S175, fcud Green
buub, $100.
The South Carolina railway h tin
most remarkable railway in Ilia Uniloi
f!tat?s. It is tho fust railway built ii
ILc south, if not iu tho United Stales
its mileaf o hns not been added to or ro
dueod since ita cjmplo ion; it hea nevo
passed out of the bands or mauagenion
of ill s'oi'kb'ildnrs; nnd has always bcei
s'lcccgsfiilnnd profit 'kldo. From Charles
ton, Hoiilh Carolina, to Augusta, Georgia
and fn.m Charleston lo Columbia aro ill
The Southern immigration society, or
franized in LouiBvillo, lust month, pro
p ises to build immigrants' rceeplioi
Louses nt snu'hern porta, and brinj
Switzorsand Germnnt over direct. The'
iiislnnoo a Swilzsr who sold bia forty j
nine nT0 farm in Switzerland, on wbicl .
Lo wna eking out an oxiutcuce, for enongl I
money to buy ono hundred cud fiftj j
(teres in America, pay Liri wny over hero '
atotk Lis farm and run it ono year. Tha'
xras a good fwnp.
is ancluded parts of Mt. Olivet Ccme-
tory, Washington, but far apart, are tin 'itty-six, married for Ids third wifo,
graves of Mary E. Surratt and Wins, the Kll,1(' -' ft ln,'t1' B(,vvi"S Eirl "' twenty
keejior of tho Amlcrsouville prison.; '"'somower ks before the weddinL-, Katie,
Wirz is buried under a tall hickory treo, who bad bd n my patient, came to a-1;
in which squirrels chatter and gambol, my advice about her marriat'e, though,
Tall, rank weeds and niikompt grass sur- as she afterward ennfessed, she was ub
round the spot, and tho nimplc word nrJ;,?T1i lyyninsl
' ,, , , , , 1 ,, "'e match, spoke of the Jleacoii s daiigh-
Wirz, on a small block of marble nl t,. older than herself, and urged bis
tho head of the rave, is the only thinji well-known pennriimsnou. But Katie
to denote his realing place. A sma'l ' : wns poor; the Deacon was rich, bad a
plain headsbwe has simply tho iiamo'1 o liouso Ui-t.t n enrri:.;.-. aii.l was the
nar.. ir ti r. .... 1 1 "lost cotinderalile iiersoli 111 the neitih-
Mis. Mary h. SuiTatt." IhwIioo.1. Tbev wvro marri. d. The
IT is claimed Umt tbo cotton picket ,a''eThbors congratulated her. .
. , . , , , . 11 About two years nftcr the wedding,
just invented by Mr. Neason, of Sump. Knie ,,,1 ;, j,, a mu,, ,., t() Pun(
tor, South Carolina, differs from all pro- and mentioned that she wished to see
vious inventions of the kind in tho very' m" confidentially. Sbo was not very
points where they were deficient. Tho V''V h" wn"U'a m:k "1? ttl1vil"u
,.,, ... J ,. , her troubles.
teeth of the new machine nro to sensi- Wih much sobbinrr she told me that
tiveJy sot.it is said, that they will not nfler being very kind for a few months,
clutch anything about a stalk of cotton ' 1,10 Deacon bad joined bis dauphters
but the open boll. A stalk with a dozen ' Kajnst b. r. I tried to ; comfort be
l,nll ...it.. , 1 "fRUip that ill every position in hfo there
,', n",11 "ly r'le can bo W(!r0 hirkh o ninut bear with
robbed of its ready cotton and left unin. 1 Christian patience,
jnreft. Exporimcuts Lavo been made ! 'But," said she, "I need elothinrr. nnd
wilh the machine, aud farmers who saw
it work say it will do
TnE American consul nt Crefeld, Mr.
"otter, has busied himself iu tracing out
ho sequel to thirty-ono marriages be
tween Amcrioau girls nnd titled Germans.
Ho Las ascertained that with ono solitary
oxecptiou they havo rosultod in abandon
ment, separation, divorce, or some oilier
conjugal disaster. It would bo interest
ins to know how th other Amefieim girls
who many abroad fare. A writer in tho
Grnphio suggests that if the consular
servics generally would follow tho ex
ample of our representative at Crefeld,
a curious and useful chapter on sociology
might result.
Tim progress of the Tannma canal
should bo a source ot congratulation to
all who tako au interest in permanent
works for the convenience of mankind.
Winn M. do L ssrpB broke ground Lo
Lad 100,000,000 cubio metres of earth lo
r. move. He has already tnkeu out about
2,500,000 cubic mcti'CB, and after the first
day of December ho expects, through an
- .
increased forco of men and machinery,
to excavate 4,000,000 metres a month, I
This would enable him to finish the canal
in 1888. Tho workmen are negroes from
tho West India islands, and nil the pro- J
dictions of disenso and death among
them Lavo boeu negatived. Tho com
pletion of the canal within flvo yc?rs U
well assured. I
Tub errowth of tho South continues to
astonish tho peoplo of the sluggish east- , A length n rosplendont silk appoarod
j -in 1 1.. xim, iti. hi tlio Deaoou s pew. Tho smters woro
ern and middle states. When weal h is Mtonbhod ftml tho ..,,, lm(1
accumulating in the South at tho rato of safely passed, they divided their
$100,000,000 a year ; when tho railroad time between tho shining path to glory
milcaco is keeping race with the increase of which the good man was speaking,
in wcalUvnnd when tho number of spin-1 amUhe shining gown in the Deacons
dies Las been doubled since tbe census ( T1e D()ftC(m Wft3 pn?zl(,d , nro wu
year when they read about such facts ))l0 now dress which ho Lad refused tc.
ss these they begin lo think thnt tho buy. now did sbo get it? Ho was
South Las a future, and to wonder how wluimcd to ask. Katie said nothing.
1,1. 1 1 r ii,;,. .pp. T"o daughters interrogated tho dress-
stub things can be out of their own sec- gai(, th g.k
tion. Then, too, they see that southern nim1() tiie dross; the Deacon's wifo had
cotton mills aro dividing from fifteen to paid her; ebo presumed tho Deneon fur
twenty per cent, on tho capital luvestad, nWi-d tho money; ho cortninly was rich
, V . ., ...!;,, I,,1 enough. 1 ho merchant was tiiiuwd.
when their own mils are struggling lo, wjfo lmd .
keepoutof bankruptcy. Altogether, the
southern side of the country is looking
up. Atlanta Constitution.
fiOF.S DKATll KM) A1.L1
'iff, rlcalli mil nil tlio puny rendu nf man
The fail hiy f.-vi iH an.l the Mi ill f.r kM,
iVl.U-h nmliD life 411111 ui mime holMinihccl
Anil IukIi ko lit I In n hen tho tale in tuM.
Mtn ttrivo a wliilo tucli ciiTiiumiimco to
To meet sonic feehle pnrpone of the heart,
Then near the end tho bkrnd grows thin
and cold,
And then the mm!, grown tired of Time and
Half furina tho wUh that it miht peon depart.
Death cncla the plntfnrni qnilil-llnsi.f llu wiiik
Who only caper to innko umiiliind flare.
Scant iallie mi aniiiK in ttie word they apcuk
More aeant tlicjndnuiit 111 ti e crmU lln-y
Hilt thru, thin land in free an nV nivn nil-,
And men are free to iwdihite l ure KclmoU
To inocli iiMinillly and Klin r ut pi-ner -
To pnch tin iiiselvi K on H-iriitnin lil.4,
And mete out wii,doni-oi' bo simply look.
Death ends all douhliHK, doubt In-luiiH !o
We know no litie of oar own estrte. '
We Rrow impatient close upon our l.ii Hi;
And few tin 10 lie who lomw 'lis well to wait.
Kuril small siic-i-wm-h niui.e the le art t lul",
That we despine the wide, unluinwn h(,kh
Of God's dci p wisdom, IneaKiir, leu .m l
Our pixmy Judcmeiit sees die world atniis.
And chrres to His name -di nth endsall llii' !
But what of man's suMimei- part, (he soul ?
Until it no IohkIiik searoi ly snli.-lii d?
Hoes this life seem to it a mighty whole,
Or but u wave 1 11 the eti 1 nul tide
A atreini so narrow to n i to wide?
Ah ! still lo reason, when life's eliding 111 nrs,
One thought is parainoiint o'er nil lieside -A
wish to rise to more esalled spheres,
And prioress still Oirounh everl istini! years.
Whence eonies this- ui-h? Iid thet ti rnal one
Finnish all things the spirit fairly loin vis
With tiiates fulfilled, and leave the sou! un-1-'
Not so. Toward the sun the leaflet Krows,
While from tbo sun the leaflet's living Hows.
n.us shall tho soul, through death's .lurk
hadows fall,
Find what it craves where'er its es enee i;oes.
And throne,!) the teui -clou Is that siuround the
Behold this IrRoml death does not end all.
W'lI.I.IAM I.VI.K fit oWusfer L'ninn.
PY rrn. DtO LEWIS,
Deacon M.. n rich, resp.-ctable man of
! 'mvo "un (il,,,'u'n ' Lut ho always
,,"? me " w "ni "ie Apostle says almiit
oranieu uair, ami goto, anil ie:uis, itu.i
costly array."
Fearing a bitter quarrel, perhaps a
separation, and thinking I mipjit assist
in preventing it, I encouraged Kalio to
confide in ni", nnd begged her to keep
her troubles from nil tho world besides.
Bbo remained "sick" a week, Hint she
night have some ono to talk lo and cry
;o. She (lnnlly said: "I suppose even
Init think I am too fond of drcs-s, mid
Unit tbe Deacon is right when ho lectures
mo against tlio vanities of Ibis world.
When I was married I bad only three
good dresses. Our Irish servant has 11
better wardrobe than I ever bad "
Katie's mind dwelt so much upon
dress, that 1 thought it best to learn the
facts. She ut length convinced mo that
the Deacon's refusal was a picco of bis
ebaraeterislio mealiness. After a good
deal of thought, I reached tbe conclusion
for tbo thousandth lime, that a wifo has
rights which tbo husband is bound to
respect. I advised a plain, frank talk
with the Deacon. Tbo next day she
told mo that bo bad s;iid bIio had b"t
ter wait till be bad paid tho doctor's bill
before she talked about dress.
It was clear that between tho father
and the daughters this poor child was
I . ...ii 1 . 1... ... 1 i
pre' ry sure 10 1 . erusneu,
At length a plan of escapo occurred to
me. Jvutio could run a sowing machine.
I took good Mrs. (. into my confidence,
and then said lo Katie;
"Earn money with your sowing ma
chine, and buy a dress. Mrs. G. is my
friend. She is a prudent woman, aud
will furnish tho Bowing."
Having a motive for getting well,
Katio was up the liext day. I dropped
in several times and found my patient
gotting on famously.
j Mil trimmings. That was all Iu
knew. Thcro were only throe of us win
knew where the money came from. Tin.
Deacon and his daughters were not liku
lv to find nut about it until we clio.su to
Iu another month a pretty hat wa'i
added to the young wife's wardrobe,
while llio gori-'eous silk shone 011 iu all
its glory, mocking alike tlio curiosity of
her family aud tlio ambition of tho sis
terhood. "And now fur pity's sake, where did
tbe vain, silly thing g.-t that ridiculous
bat ? I wonder if she has forgotten that
she is a do icou's wife ?"
Various articles of clothing appeared
from time b time, and wo were develop,
iug our "litllo game." Katio knew noth
ing of our ulterior 1n1riKi.se. We did not
dare to give In r the leant bint of it; it
would have frightened her. Sbo went
on for months earning money with In r
l ewing machine, ami buying coveted ar
ticles of dress and ornament. Of course
it was very silly, but the poor child w is
Hot a bit of a ileiicnncss. Sho bad joined
In r hushatid'H church, but the work of
prace did not go deep enough to touch
the love of French llowcrs.
After a time Mrs, (I. whispered to 11
gossipinrr neigbbi-r. F.vorvbo.lv in low 11,
except tbe Deacon nnd Ins daughter
Anew the whole affair within twenty-four
bourn. Soon tho ll.-acoii received an
niioiivnioiis Idler, saving:
"You aro ilisgrai-eil. Your wife is
sew iug to earn money to buy clothe.
The w hole neighborhood iM sneering nt
The Deacon went straight at his youno
vile. "Where did yon get tho money to buy
your new clothes?"
"I earned it by Rowing !"
"Wlio have ymi been sewing for?"
"1 cannot ti ll you I"
"Hut must know, and I will know 1"
"If you ever find it out, it will be
through somebody besides me. 1
Wouldn't toll to save my life 1"
"lint do you l.nw what you are
doing? Does not tbo i tl .lo command
wives to obey their husbands? You w ill
be sorry for this."
"That is p'wsiblc; but my mind is
made up."
"lint, my dear Katie, if you wanted
money to buy clothes, why did you not
como lo inn? You know if yon need
money, nil you have to do is to come
right to me. I would not have bad you
done litis thing for ten tlnur'aud dollars,
Tho world's peoplo will iu vet slop talk
ing about it."
"1 nm surprised," said Katie. "You
can't have forgotten that I have in-I.e.l
you again nnd again for money to buy
clothing, nnd yon have not given mo a
dollar sineo we were married."
With mingled anger and shame, the
Dcaeoii exclaimed:
"fin 11 why won't you set npnrt what
tvir you think is necessity for my
clothing If you will give me an allow",
ii'iiv, i-s you do the girls, I will be very
tlianl.fnl You know what you give
them. If you want e to dr.-ss as well
us I h ii do, and you will allow me the
same, it shall not be Wasted !"
"Would it not be better, Kiitie, to
look upon our purse us belonging to both
of us alike, and wliein veryoii want any
thing you go to it the same as I do. I
am sine a man's vifo has just as pio 1
rights 11 , the man himself ! Katie, shn'ii't
We leave it jil;;t as it is, and you spend
Vbalev. r you please ?"
"(if c, nin e, 1 ), neon, I shall have to do
just as you th nl; best, l ut I ought to
be honest, ninl tell you that 1 think it
would bo beMcr to arrange a definite
Kiiin, and then I slia'l not be obliged to
lie luvake thinking about it,"
"Well," said the Deacon, "I will ti ll
you what wo will do. 1 will baud you
leu dollars every three months, which
you must use for pin moiicv. and when
you want to buy a dress, or any other
siicn largo tiling, come right to me.
Katie made ono more ellort. "Denoon,
f am sorry vou can't see it ns I do. J
shall use nil the money ymi may give me
in n very prudent way," but if there is
le:-s limn I need, I shall earn it with my
own bauds. 1 will not beg again ns
"Well, now I want you to understand
bat if yon need any money you must
come right to inc. This scandal, which
is sure to nprcad all over town, isa burn
ing shaiue. 1 can't see what you were
thinking about. Jt will be an eternal
disgrace to ns all. The girls won't euro
h.'ld up their heads. My wife taking in
sewing! I'retly story ! I bad rather
have given you a satin dress every day
in the year, than to have bad ymi done
this thing ! Why in tho world didn't
you tell mo you wanted some money?
I would have given you a thousand dol
lars any dav."
"Why, Deneon, what makes yon say
Unit? Don't, you remember that day
when tbe dressmaker was hero making
dresses for tlio girls, I begged for a
dress, and at last was foolish enough to
cry about it, unil ymi pushed 1110 away,
and said you didn't think vou bad mar
ried 11 erv-baby? That is tho last time
I ever asked yon for money. I fear I
am net us useful ns vou expected, and 1
don't see w hy I may not earn the little
money I need. 1 11111 sure 1 don't want
to be a burden lo von."
"Katio, don't talk in that way. Why,
the world's people will never stop poking
at me. My wifo taking ill sewing!
Don t that sound nico.
long as I live." This was exactly what
she bad promised to say.
"Well," angrily interrupted the Den
con, "as I am dealing with a Jew, I
must come down. Madam, what nro
your terms ?"
"I have no terms; I only want a small
amount of monevto buy a few garment.
will not humiliate myself by begging
for it. If vou will arrange to furnish
mo with it, I shall be griitiful, and give
yoti in return all there is of mo. If you
ilo not give nm llio money when I need
it, I shall work for it. If there is any
extra work in vonr family which I can
do for pav, 1 shall prefer to work for
you; but 'if not, I shall, with cvory pro
tuition to save your feelings, ask for
work 011 wide."
"Madam, will yon bo kind enough lo
mention your terms?"
"If you will give two hundred dollars
1 year, nnd will bo kind enough to let
mil havo n quarter of it every three
months, I will make it pay for my cloth
ing. Yon give each of your daughters
ihreo bundled, but I vill make two
i.n.wh-H.1 dollars do. aud 1 will never usk
(or more. If yoq will be so good as to
nllow me this sum, it will relievo mo of a
great trouble."
"Let it bo so," angrily exclaimed Ihe
As be went out, ho muttered tc him
se'f, "My wifo taking iu sewing 1 The
world's peoplo will never stop sneiring
at 1110. Taking in sewing! Pretty story I
N. ver can tell what a woman will do !
Most unreasonable creatures in the
world! Taking iu sewing! Wouldn't
bad it happen for ten thousand dollars !
The world's people will in verstoj. laugh
ing nhiint it."
With persons in comfortable circum
stances thin is a good and wise 1 vpedient.
Mont happily I have known it to work
in a number of cases. It has many ad
vantages; it is honest, convincing nud
etleclive. It challenges tho respect of
the husband, and if done iu a gondii
dpiril awakens bis sympathy nud sense
of justice. With n little patience I think
it will prove uniformly successful.
Most husbands will indignantly de
nounce all such inteif, rence with the
management of their families. If a
husband goes astray, nine men in ten are
furious at tbe tale-bearer who communi
cates with the wife; but let the wife go
astray, bow full of sympathy aud help
for the wronged husband these snmo
nine men are.
(lelltlenitli, fellow-husbands, has Hot
Ibis animal, brutal se!!i-hiiess gone
11 boll I far enough ? Ibis not the time
conic, in the race of life, to removo ail
obstacles from the pathway of those
w bom we call "the weaker vessels ?" If
eilherof us must bo hunilioapecl, which
do you, brave men, say it shall be?
I)in Li win's Mimllily.
A Hlrnnsr NIrIiI Nrrnln n Hninll SUitmrbnii
'I'll w II.
In tho littlotown of Westerly, R. I.,
there has been annually occurring for
sen rid years past a peculiar phenome
non of grout int. rest. The phenomenon
consists 111 the fact that millions of swal
lows nnd other birds nro accustomed
during each summer season to emigre
gate every night in a certain grove in
the town of Westerly, making tho trees
their roosting place, and their move
ments as they come and go about this
resort afford n basis for much comment
aud speculation. When we first reached
the scene we noticed several swallows
Iblling here nud there in tho air, but
about seven o'clock their number seemed
'gioti. One could think of nothing but
stunr storm with large black Hakes.
From tbe plainest outlines of tbe lowest
Hying birds to the merest black specks
of the most aspiring wanderers, the pic
ture waB that of.'oustanlly moving, inter
mingling millions of lit t lo w inged eren
tu rea.
It was a sight never tube forgotten.
At times no two birds seemed to bn lly.
iug iu the r.111110 direction, though, as a
whole, the vast company would BWay
from sido to side above (lie grove.
Again, a group of hundreds would tako
a common direction, circling around the
inner circumference of (he general com
pany, now descending toward the tree-
ps with 11 symmetrical swoop, then
rising in tho air till almost 1. st to view.
Then they would return lo the common
crowd and resume t lo ir separate courses
In fore. The individual livers would
tilt an.l joust with each oilier, or play at
cross-tug iu the air. It was a constantly
moving kaleidoscope. All the while
new comers were still streaming in from
all quarters, and at 7:15 o'clock tho
miillituibi bad become dense. About
this time there was h sudden cessation of
the various lligbls, and a general circu
lar motion of the whole company was
apparent. Bound and round in a broad
sweeping circle over tbe grovo they Hew
for several minutes, until all had joined
iu the common direction. Then they
began to draw closer and closer together
111 a constantly inn rowing circle, and llio
ceiilr.i of the mass was observed grad
ually to- sink in funnel shape toward
llio trio tops. Suddenly with almost
the rapidity of thought, the whole host
vanished, circling in the tree lops with a
whirring of wings ilisliuctly heard, aud
soon tho air was almost slill, broken only
by the greeting chirps of tho now late
comers, who were still straggling in m
small groups ami singly. Those bust
arrivals did not pause to circle about in
the air, but How iu toward the glove as
Iraight as nil arrow ami vanished among
(heir settled brothers with lightning-like
rapidity. As we. now drew still nearer
tbo edeo of the grove the rustling and
chirping of the. birds among tbe leaves
and branches, as they settled tbeinselveg
in comfort for tliu night could be dig
lincly beard.
To say that the cubic space occupied
by the birds in this nightly living to ami
fro, .after nil have gathered, docs not
exceed 500 feet dimensions each wuy.
and that, compressed into this spneo in
their close li ght, the birds would not
exceed twenty-five in each l.OdO cubio
feet of space (ten feet each wny) is to
make estimates which nil who have seen
tho birds will most certainly call wi li-
in bounds; nnd yet (licso estimate
would give a total of at least 3,120,000
Miss Pnomit CorzixH, who was in Iho
vi.iii.iiv of thn Minnesota cyclone, was
roportod among tho lost. Sbo writes
that she is safe. It appeals that when
11... evnlolio iltu.rdlicllinff sllO
D.1.1 ... - --- o
commenced to deliver 0110 of her wo
men's rights speeches, when ino nesom
. 1 i.'n.i n.lili.nlv turned on its
.'I u.-n.i no..".. j ,,
heel and went bowling liowlfully over
the ralrirs in anoiuer iiirccvou. iuj.
tinluwn itaau
What would you do if rou were I,
nnd I wero vou ?" tenderly inquired a
young swell of his lady friend, as he es
corted her from chirm. "Well," sho
said, "if I wero you 1 would throw away
that vilo eigareite, cut up niy cane lor
firewood, wear my watch-chain under
neath my coat, and stay at home nightB
and pray for brains I"
Otui Foukhts, -Professor ltolhrook,
of Philadelphia, Pa., says that at the
present rato ot destroying American for
ests tho country will be without woo
lands thirty years henoe.
in .0 i.rnve D.iys of Old.
A correspondent of the Chicago Infer
Ocran, writing from the ancient townoi
Yarmouth, Me., snya: There are some
good stories told about thd old meeting
house, of which nothing remains now
but the vane, which some cnthiisiaatio
nntiquarmiis have placed upon "the
ledgo" one of the bills of tho town. It
was tho first church built in Maine. In
thoso days every man carried bia musket
to church with him, and these were
stacked outside tho door, wliilo the sen
tinels kept watch during thosorvico, and
others wero posted at different points)
through tho town. One quiet Babbath',.
while the preacher held forth upon the
ruin of unbelievers, and the congrega- .
tion slumlH-red peacefully in their high
barked iw8, a signal pun was heard'
from tho Prince's Point Station. An-
other sharp report followed, nnd still-an
other. Tho minister did not wait for
t l.o fifthly in his discourse, but dashed
down the pulpit stairs and joined the
excited multitude, outside. From thoir
commanding situation thcysawAstrango
craft sailing up Casco Bay. It enrried
no colors. They could see no men 00
its deck. After a hurried consultation
it was decided to send nn armed depu
tation to Prince's Point to find out the
mission of the mysterious vessel. The
women and children, with a few men for
defence, remained on the hill, wliilo tho
heroic baud marched down to the point
and awaited the arrival of thn stranger.
An hourpiusod and they returned. Tbo
bark wns-o schooner from down tbe
coast which had sailed up for tiralier 1
Tbe VhtimMr. tells only tlio bare story,
and with a grain ot faoctiousnesa, ns it
tho humor was evident enough without
any comments. It does not attempt to
account either for the fall of the plaster
in llio samo church at tho very moment
when the parson, a gloomy man with a
sonorous voice nnd pessimistio views of
life, was enlarging 011 the pasangp
"Plow yo tho trumpet f Babylon shall
fall nnd become heaps," but simply says
that "the people thought that the end of
the world had come, and did leave the
nieeting-hoiiso iu great distraction, in
juring a woman seriously by trampling
upon her in their haste to get out of the
Advice To a Young Mam
Ton will perceive, my boy, that every
time man undertakes to manufacture a
little Bible 011 bis own neconnt, be uinkcH
a mortifying failure of it. Ho is caught
nt it, nud in one-tenth the time it took
him to conceive his fraud, in ns many
hours ns it took him mouths lo prepare
it, ho is exposed, nnd bis band mnde ad
dition to the Bible is swept away in tho
other rubbish of other counterfeiters.
You see, my son, tha Bible dxsn't neod
any of those 19th century proofs ot its
truth; it needs tbo word of no man to
establish its genuineness; it has stood by
itself, "nn nnvil that Las worn out many
hammers" through century after cen
tury, unchanged and unchangeable.
Evey time a man manufactures a new
verso or n new chapter, wo know it is
not genuine, wo detect tho counterfeit.
Tbo Bible has no need of the suport
iug prop of a fraudulent ark or a leather
Deuteronomy. There was a complete
Bible centuries before Khapira hap
pened nnd there will bo the same Bible
ages after Kbapirn and bis patent Deu
teronomy havo together crumbled
into indistinguishable dust. The
Bible doesn't need our help, our testi
mony, our indorsement. And if there
had never been discovered in all tho
world, a bit of parchment, a piece of
lottery or a scratched stone tbo Biblu
would bo Just as strong as it is to-day,
and men would believe just ns firmly
nnd trustfully in its truth. Don't you
worry, my boy, because Shapiro's an
cient manuscript was written with Lon
don ink, and don't fret because tho ark
in the glacier turns out to be put to
gether with Pittsburg nails. That all
the frauds on tho Hiblo and its history
nro so quickly aud easily detected,
should only convince yon how imixmsi
bio it is for man to counterfeit the work
of God. Wait until somo man fools us (
with nn artificial moon; and until gome
philosopher stores away tho sunlight in
parlor lamps, before yon believe that
man cm successfully iiuitato what man
never made. Bumettsv
Kovongo is Sweet.
There was a young man of Sing Sing,
says tho New York 2Vfi;in, but per
haps it will bo Is'sl to make a plain prose
statement of this matter, though, the line
runs to metro, in writing of t nnnnco nnd
war. Ho was jealous of his wife, from
whom ho hod been separated after two
days of married life, and when bo asked
her why a oertiwi young man came to
see her so often, ho found himself sud
denly shipped as to his mouth nud kicked
ns to his shins. Thou he determined on
revenge, no did not shoot her or him, '
nor did he tako poison himself. He lay
Li wni( for tho young man, angered him
by Bomo remarks, and whon. tho younff
man wokwliy awore, the iuiabanri haJ
bim arrested, and alood by io Hondisa
exultation wln'Ia tlio Jndge flned him
.l..ll,.r. for nrofauilv. This was a
nnfo and peaoeablo vongonnoo, and way
i.n r.mninniil to husbands of a fiery
aud impetuous disposition, who may be
led, when thoir shins aro kicked, into
some deed of terrible rashness.
For Kicking His Wifo.
II'UUIIIIJ 111!' IV n univ iv uu An,(Tntivnw-
Hrttn Stiito Vrinon at Concord, rotate- an
lUU'ri'HUiig 1 m: hum iv nuiuu uuuij win vj
ii.nliimjl tit liulr utiftn ns illitutrfktivA i9
llVliilUia awi n j7 1 w
tbo fact tlmt Dmno retribution is not
ulwuyn dehiyert in its application until '
il. . I .a 1 i f . in v t.tv.i.l M rvslt TI A
sny: ........
X wits DLmmiiiK lit iuu uiuiu uiui v
gagod in conversation with the fkpttfcr
Ill HinM nti.linn trt lhA main Itnll An..
W Hi t It'll) n uv u A Vt 'iv a - --
vancing through tbo corridor Mho wa
drnggiug his right leg l,?5iJ.,X;
wsfeeUy "jXa&"
mass of lesX I ( r'TA j,, bad
Ins history, and he tM me w
of Ufs." .
7 it
').-' .-
,.' ; .ft-'

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