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lr.i W. TcrnHl , tH preach til
Goshen ut It a- n- Vteiit S.iuluy.
lgs ore scarce iu this market. Wc
suppose they are being saved up for the
Christmas holidays.
A woem f " Thoughts of Lone Aeo")
hy u most estiiuablo ludv of Winchester
will uiipettr in our next issue.
An nrticlo written for the Journal
headed " Waste of Time," was crowded
out. Will give ii n tiuce next nine
rtnv Com shelters frt.ni 1'atfcr &.
I'r,, . mid brinir thum them your corn
mid gct cns" '
lliiii. Nuckles, n colored muii who
lived oii,tho lot in the rear of Mr. J. A
Utiinen' storehouse died Inet Thursday
We arc chid to learn that the public
muds throughout the county arc in n
better condition than for several yearn
lm,t' ....
Happy Mike lMumloe, a pnpulni
vnuinr merchant of nrtrnce, piiul
ilying v's'1 tu u'8 1'nrcutij here since our
lust usuc.
A larger acienue of wbrut has liccn
hjwii iu this county this full than usual,
mid wc learn that it was put in with
mure enre than heretofore.
Mr. Jus. L Scott, of Nashville, the
iiiuft popular and successful cnuiiin'rciul
tourist in the Smith, visited relatives
aud friends here since our hint.
We bavo been doing an unusual
nnioiint of Job printing bitely, and still
arc crowded with orders. We do (he
best work at the lowest prices.
Tiiere is n growing deposition on the
jurtof sows people herealMiiits to attend
mora to the faults of their neighbors
than to their own inicrfeetioiis.
Tliiinksojvine; services at the C. P.
('lunch next Thursday at 11 a in. Iu
aiMition to a sermon, some excellent
muse has been prepared for the occa
sion. Notwithstanding the incleuiont
Mather our streets were crowded with
'Hid country people the staininii of
tlic land Monday. As fur as our ob
servation extended, fair order prevailed.
At the liallurd House, in this place,
last Monday, Mr J. M. llrcwcr was
united in uiatriiuuiiy to Miss Nannie II.
Jlrown. Mayor Jno. A lowing per
furu.cd the ceremony.
In addition to the mcnilicrs of the
church, quite a number of our citiens
of other d(niniiialiins attended (Vntir
nmtioii and Mass services at the Catho
lic Church last Sunday.
Tin we of our young ladies who, on
account of not being blessed with rich
parents or guardians, wear calico dress
es, should not envy those who dress iu
uttin, for calico dresses arc satin, too
We notice in the last issue of the
Dresden Era that Mr. V ('. Tutom.j
who was to accept n position in the
Franklin County News otiiec, has con
eluded to remain iu Dresden and con
tinue the publication of the Era.
mimi -
There is a movement on foot to or
ganize a book and ladder company, and
it should succeed. IYoprrty-owners
should not he backward in contributing
money for this purpose, for it might be
t o menus of saving their property from
destruction by lire some time.
Dr. Lewis Metcalfe returned, several
days ago, from Nashville, where he hud
been for some time under official ap
p liniment. We welcome him home,
lor he is a man we never separate from
without having learned something to
our advantage mentally, if not other
wise. Mauhiki). Nov. 221, 1883, at the
resideneo of the bride's father, (Mr.
Jus. Hardin,) in the 8th civil distriel
of this enuntv. hv Itev. W. It. Walter-
son, Mr. J. T. Hedges-til ofC'owaii, to
Miss Marv Dardis.
Mr. Iledgcnelli is ono of Franklin
county's best citizens, and there is no
nobler ludy than his bride. Iloth have
done well, and may Heaven smile upon
t hem graciously.
Tramp to Anti-Tramp, Cow
an, Tenn.
To the Itouie journal :
Brother Anti-Trainn. I mil mien.
learn that the "Ohio cvclone" which
swopi your rroiubitiou ship out t tie
oceun.aud foundered it with mui-lv
320,000 I'robibilioniHts on board, ban
ueer uccii neurti irom since, uml it is
very doubtful if it ever will bo It wus
enough to make you Hick, and make
you hide out J but by the aid of good
nursing and skillful physicians, you at
tempted another letter in lust week's
You nro coinphiining almut my "wan
toll calumny " You remind me, sir,
17th District.
very iniicli ot ile thief in New York
who snatches u mm,' wntch and chain
from his vest, starts oil' in u run, shout
ing, ".Stop thief I sl:.p thief I" and Un
people lake up the civ. and in the
crowd the thief disappears. You cry
tonic, "Culumr.y, calumny," and all
the time you nre shooting oil" your iter
sonal slurs.
lour figuring on tbu Kansas vote of
IW2 is simply ridiculous. Why, sir,
liefore making statements don't you
know you must have some proof. Please
tell me why there nro from 20 to SO
towns and cities in Kansas which never
have stopped retailing intoxicating
liquors ami, Prohibition is the law in
Kansas. Don't get out of my question
by saying it in not so, for I have been
at some trouble to write and dud out,
and it is so.
You say in your last letter if Prohi
bition was the law in Tennessee, and I
was Mayor of Dcehcrd, ' Uncle Irb."
would uot bavo to close his business.
Thank you, I am us much a law-abiding
citizen as you, and if Prohibition was
the law I would want, and would do my
elin re as an humble citizen, to see it en
forced. You, Mr. Anti-Tramp," nre like
some oilier correspondents,. You would
try to iiudnimlc through your letters
that I am some old toper, or something
o: inai sort anything to make your
point. ell, sir, we deny the charge.
Our friends, our opponents, and our
hoiioralile enemies, would not cav so,
and what others say wc care not. They
have our cordial contempt.
We cxK-et to follow theeven tenor of
our way. We have always been u tern-
iterate man always been a friend to
temperance hut wc are not a 1'rohi
unionist, and no honorable man can
think any the less of us for uot being
one. Nether do we ride on the fence,
To the Home Journal :
After n few davs of nlensant wealher
we are now having some rain, which
causes a diversity of ouinioiis as to
whether or not it is liest to huvo rain
just at this time. Some of our farmers
are uot done sowing w heat and gather
ing corn, and you may guess that they
are not praying for much ram. Uthers, )
like your humble servant, are done
seeding and hnrvesting for the present
and, being a little scarce ol water,
too, don't cure if it does rain We have
longuince found out that it doesn't ruin
just to suit the convenience ol any indi
vidual. "It rains on the unjust as
well as the just," so we might as well
exclaim, "Just let it ruin."
W e have some new comers in our
district, Mr. Smith, from Wisconsin,
ami Mr. Moore, from Ohio, have pur
chased farms aud located hcicon Elk
Dr. Howe llyroin is now a citizen of
our district. We arc glad to have him
as a iieiehbor, and would be elud to
have him as a physician if we were
Mix .Mary Poguc, of Virginia, is via
tintr her brother. Mr. J. C. Poetic, of
Estill SjiringH.
3Ir. Oeorge Colyar, of Tracy City,
was down last Friday to lake a little
recreation iu the way of bird-hunting.
He and Hob. "fotch 'em in."
Well, ves, we have had one wedding
in our district since my last, and if 1
hail iioeu present ou the occasion 1
would have reported it ; but, not being
present, I can only sav that on Thurs
day night, Nov. 22d, at thu residence of
the brides lather, (Mr. ueubin Curl,)
.Miss ljmc Lurl uml Mr. Charlie Clay
were united in marriage by Esq. W. 11.
(lossnge. Who will be next? I could
guess, hut it 1 should, W illie would gel
mail, and lor that reason 1 II not guess.
Bacon clenr sides, 8Ja0c,
Hams Sugar-cured, 15.1c.
Lard Snow Hake, iu keirs.
Country lard, OfcirHe.
Dned rruit Apples, 4c. Evnnora
ted apples, 8o.
Eggs From first hands, 24c
Feathers Prime geese, olle ; mixed,
including ouck, ioq ,j(ie.
Uitiseng, n.a0(.il.40.
Pugs, $1.7f) per 100 Ihg.
Cokii, shelled, 50c.
Wheat, pluni'i, i0fl !)(): drv red
plump, !)0c(Sl ; dry Mediterranean.
81 ("1.02.
Coin meal, per bushel, 57('"i(i0e.
Oats, in bulk, 350 ; iu fcn.u! Intu, 21
(fe advance
live, new, from wagon, 00c.
Hay, $lo('?14 per ton.
Hogs, 225aol0 lbs. average, RI10.
Cattle, extra good shipping, ?:l.25(;i
I will call intuition of the TUAMXli
I'l'ULIC lo our
Urp Stock of Fall
U III! I to I
er y
Chancery Sales,
Fop Dcci-mbcr lUth, lSSIi.
Now Rtady for Inspection,
CoiiMnlinir of l.adiu.' hrin' (IcikIh, Ca-li-
imii'i', mill oilur ttiicih n 1 i t iiu ils Shawl,
i'loiikx, 1oIiiiiiiim; cIok -litlii't; Walkinn
.lili kelh lifjhl iohI In uvy Wi ijihtH; IInoiU;
h iuliiiK colors of Wlvil -. We iov in Mvipl
of n l.oe tocli of tlo'i' K''"'l f'.nii Ivirtcrn
loio ki'tK. Also, a lull line of Notions, l.ailim'
mill lientr' I'mli i-wiiii, Ac. A l iiifc stock ol
(iints' I'lotkinjr, Siiiils, Z.iidcr A l!ro' eeh-bnih-il
Shoes umllloots ; we also carry otlu r
factory lioots unci Slims that He guarantee.
Ituvs line lloott. anil Siloes
Tho Most Delicate of all Our
Members is tho Eye.
At nlionl lllvcarsof n(ieil e:;l!s (or help
in the form of Sl'W T.U I.I.S. ( all on me
ami I will scUd lass lhal w ill NOT IX-
I have fin i.t inanv vears in the utiulv of
my Holei-Mi'ii, an. I c.mi lielpyoii.
1 have lie I'mii -l iie ireini no- fur testing the
eye, ami M.VKK .MAKK Mls'i'AKKS.'
Itcim inlii r, your i vis arc very precious,
ami ymi cannot all'oril lo W iluir ruin hy
the use of imperii el nheres,
A vi-rv laree stoi k i f the Imp! in lltcwnrhl
Ilenllh of the pccplc of our Section is ; now r. a.ly ; m!hi, Ci ipiilhs, riuokid anil hiuc,
T. J. Cashion et. als. vs. .Samuel Stiles
a ml others
In ohedleiiee to n ilecree of the Chancery
t'oiirl of Franklin county, Tenn., in uhuvi
eaiiH1, 1 will, on
Monday, Dceemhcr 10th, 1883,
at the (.nnrthniiHC door m n Ineliesli r, linn.
sell to the highest hiihh r, on u credit of one
I mid two Veiiin. except 10 tier 'i ol. to U- pniil
incasli on il.iv olsali , '.lie IdIIowiiii; ilesern.o
tract of land siluaied in I' rankliii county,
Tenn., civil distriel Xo. 2, to-wit:
ll. eiiininK at u w hile ou'i V. 1 l'oliins'
corner and runssoclli :i.'icn.-t w ith Kolnus'
line 11H pules in u red onk; tin nee south lo"
east 4S (Miles lo 11 i.ns-ufr:is his corner ;
thence si in ill li'.'J0 west 14 poles ton doKood
-K l Uohiin' and ', II Munrll V coiiu r, or.
tl.cMilc ol lilt roiiil; tlieiiee liortli ill wesl
II poles to a hiekorv stniiui : I hence south
M3J wsl :KI ioles hy the fence i thence smith
ili west i poles lo n t-tiike in .Murrell s line ;
thence north 'i poleH lo the spiini; palh, and
w ith (he same mirth ti" eust pules lo a
lo). wood ; thence north H"iaft :il iiuIch ton
Hciiinvni.il, uiirlli It74 poles to II w hite oak and
lil.uk walnut; tin nre imrili 'Jlu wist 100J
piihs to thu he)jiiiiiing -cuntaiuing 1H acres,
more or Icms.
VJXm Notes with ood and npproved
WlllCllChll I ,1'tMlllCHMtl ,
Dealer in and Manufacturer of
IRONWARE. The Queen.
ii u
mil a lien will he retained on the land until
all of ihc ptirchiii-c money is paid.
i iii nv. to, is-;i.
ci.KM. Ar.i.i:iir,c.& M.
Ilovl l-lds
et. ids. Vs. J. II . Os
'i'he well-tried llomestii: and Sigwidl SiiiL'ereiiiiiieit will he noiiired of Ihc piin huMr,
A larue utock of Staple (lomls, I )il Carpel
iiiK, ilillerenl kinds of Window Curtains
mm SI. udi s, Hats, Caps, Ac.,and inanv arti
cles too tnanv to ininlioii, alt of which will
le sold
Cheap for Cash cr Country
All kinds of School liisiks and Stathiiu ry
tdY" Ucnicinlii r, we move soon, titul
will do V"ii t-'oi d if von will Irv us.
V y See our now blvle Cloaks and
Jackets when yott visit our town.
About 7 o'clock on Tuesday night of
lust week a stable in the rcurot Lapt
11. Duliuld's lot was discovered on lire.
In a few oiiuutcs aller tho alarm was
sounded people coiiL'reuated, and by
hard work the surrounding buildings
were saved, nlthoui'h it seemed impossi
hie almost ut ono time to prevent the
lire from cutchuiff Days' livery stable
in which case not only the stable but
nullum' drui: store building, and prob
tililv the whole south-east side of the
Niuare. would been destroyed. The
stulilo and contents, a snmll lot of hay
were entirely consumed. We suppose
tio would cover tho loss.
We have often said, and say it again
Unit the citizens of Winchester, young
niul old, white-and. black, cau "bunt the
wrld"' fighting fire.
Circuit Court.
neither will we go to the ditch , but ne
will be where tens of thousands (if
good, .'rue and honored citizens nre on
good conservative ground, middle
ground, moderate ground ground on
which the ablest writers, ou all subjects
in the hnglisb language, have stooi
upon and given to the world work:
which will never be surpassed, iind
niimlicrs ol those works were written
while "siiiiL! wine and smokin; to
bacco "
You, Mr. Anti-Tramp, would try and
make us believe that none but "total
abstainers" and Prohibitionists arc res
pectable. According to the vote of
Ohio there must be nearly 400,01)0 peo
ple iu that State who nre not respecta
ble. Let tho majority rule ; but it's
bad for Ohio that she is not ruled by
respectablu people Nevertheless, she
prospers. She educates her sons and
daughters, and her people will compare
with and other people iu thu world.
As a citizen of the Stale of Tennessee
devoted to her inlcrests and desiring
her welfare 1 am not willing to vole for
for Prohibition. It would, in addition
to thu crimes and misery growing out of
intemperance, bear an army ol in-
formers, law-breakers ami liypoc.ilcs.
I may be wronir, but I think I am not.
(nve us intelligent legislation zeal
ous for the good of society, at the same
tune etiimliuir with due care the n'hts
of citizens, and we can successfully ami
wholesomely regulate the liquor trafhc;
but we can never cflectually suppress it.
It is a wrong idea lo suppose that
I wll I. I
iroiiiniiory laws wouiu suppress anna
iiiir tun iioesunv man oi menus care
for prohibitory laws 7 lie ran semi oil
aud buy his drink in quantities. II
can obtain it from the druggists
Ihc Circuit Court Judge ut lsrowns-
villo has decided that a doctor can give
prescriptions fur whisky and it is not a
violation of tho law. While we know
our own doctors would not do this, un
less really necessary, there are numbers
of doctors who would do so.
Thankiiii! the Journal for publishing
my letters, and wishing it success, I am,
. ... i. t.' i
most rcspecuuiiy, vj. r dasm,
Nflf 1 HA MP.
Dcehcrd, Tenn., Nov. 24.
Wheat is looking fine.
Our New Chancellor.
(Iov. Hate has appointed Hon. K
I) Hancock, of Murfreesboro, to the
olficc of Chancellor, made vacant in this
Chancery Division by the death of
Judge ilurton, Mcsttrs. W. II. Uran
iiuii and J. K. Ilcasley were applicants
from Winchester, uml it is natural that
our people should have desired a mem
ber of our lhir. U.it the Governor has,
no doubt, made a good and proper se
lection. The Nashville World says, iu
this connection :
j for Weak and surecyes.
A l.AlMii-: STOCK OF
The Latest Styles of Jewelry
and Silvciwar,
OF T11F F1XKST lit'Al.lTY.
IHtf" Watches and Jeweliy repaired ill the
best manner.
Optician and Jeweler,
At l)i-U; Sluiv of J. M. lliitehins,
Jul have the cxchi.-ivc right fur the loantt
iacluri' and sale, fur the counticMif FianMiij,
Lincoln, MiMire, liedford anil Coll'ie,of thu.
best Cullee l'ot in eVi.-.ti lu c. Trv one.
WiW now on band a large aiwortuiinlu!
I H ll
Ghas. Turman & Co.
Nashvi'le, Tenn.
" Judge Hancock is highly esteemed
hy the citizens of Murfreesboro, his
home, and they supported his claims,
both the lawyers and the city, with
flattering uuaiiiiniiy. It seems equita
ble that the former Chancellor's remo
val hv a dispensation of Providence
should suggest that the unexpired term
should be filled by a citizen ol Kutbcr-
lonl; ami in addition to this, Judge
Hancock, uu his own iiersomd merits,
is the peer of the many honorable mimes
recommended to the Governor for ap
pointment." mm
Our Agents.
The following named persons are au
thorized to receive nud receipt for sub
scriptions to Home Journal :
John II Martin, Winchester.
George K. Hanks, Deeherd
I). S. Long, Hockeiville.
L. K. Sartain, Cowan.
W. IS Gossagc, Kstill Springs.
I. N Martiu, Maxwell.
O. 1. lirucc, Hunthind.
G. W. Howling, Maxwell.
Successor to Petty & Garner.
Having purehiiM'd the entire interest of
W. W. tinnier and wife in the Tannery prop
erly known as "roller's Tanyiird," loKi llu r
with-stoek of all kinds leather and manu
factured noods-1 w ill cniiliiniK the liilsim ss
of tanni'ii!. aud also ni:iiiai.ielnrii'"( Ualln r
oods, such as
We take pleasure in announcini; lo our
readers that our old friend. Mr. W. I'. M
did. w ho is well and favorably know n in thi
enuntv. haslatelv relumed to his old stand
at Chas. Thurm.in Ail'o.'s, the popub.r
Nashville Clothing House,
where he will heulnil lo si'c and wait upon
in- I in nils tiniii Iraiiklin county.
Tins boo has one of ihc larnc-l and hi st
selected sloekf III tllei'l'. v, colli IM I-llii;, anion);
ither thin", a rare assnrliiieiil of Freiu li,
Knuli-li and Seutch Suitings, in Casiiucres,
Che vinls and V. orsteads.
Xo more desei-vedlv popular house can I
loiind auvw hers. Thcv have on hliud over
4,000 Varieties of Cloths
W. M. Osborne
I!v virtue nl a decree ol the ( hmiccrv
'nun of Franklin county, Tenn., pronounced
it Us Octolxr Adjourned lerin, l.S.S:i, III
.ihove eaiw, I will, on
M lay, December 10th, 188.'!,
at the Courthouse door iu the town i f Wm-
hester, Tenn.. idler for sale to life highest
bidder, on a credit of one and two veais, ex-
lit ten per cent, lo be paid ill cah, the fol-
Iiiwiiil' oi .enlieil lanils
Ine tract cut oil hv r.lk river Irom the
hoiuestead, eoutaiuiuK '.".I acres and IIS poles.
Hie Island tract, coiitaiinnu .1 liens, .1
roods mid '1 pules.
The tract known as part of the Ilutlcnrnrtli
tract, coutauuii); acres.
A'so, ihc remainder interist in the home-
sleail ami iloner.
aid land issitnatcd at and just below the
mouth of llin Hurricane, on Klk river, iu dis-
InelH N.w. I) and 1 1 ol said countv.
Nutis, with kooU and sul ventsei lint u s
will be renuircd of the iurebasT for the
credit payineiils, uml a lien lelaimd until I
all I lie piireiiasi' inomv is limn.
This Nov. 111. ISSIl.
ci.km. aui.f.ih;f.,c.&m.
Ilovl l-lds
DookiagaalHeatingStcvEs, 11
w hich lie proposes to sell
Cheap, exclusively for CASH.
lias also a folla'sortmcnt ofjapannid nud
Pressed Ware on hand, beside
Pumps and Pump-Tubing.
txlf It iidiuK niul (iiittering iluue to oidtr,
ill the moht approved stvle.
Jan. ll.lHT'.l-tl
If You Are
nrtSu'r, vs. Jas. C,
Beets, Shoos,
Annual Meeting.
fr. mi which to
w hieh thcv maki
M'lecl Ciistiim-madc
a sp' eialiv.
Jos. L. l'lantoii,
l'laiitoti et. uls.
Hv virtue of n ilccni- of the Chancery
Coiirl of Franklin couniv, Tenn,, prououniiil
at its October Adjourned Term, IS.'!, in
above cause, I will, as C. M. and Special
Coiiiiuishiiiuer, on
Monday, December 10th, 188,1,
at the Courthouse door in the town of W in-
hcsH r, Tenn., idler for sale to the luhist
bidder, the remainder intt rest iu holm Mead
and dower in Mint caiiM'.
The UoiiicKtiail lot contains 12 ncrif, '.'
roods aud 7 poles, aud situated in Salem III
aid countv.
The I lower tract is riluated in Ihstriet No.
:l, and adjoinini; the Matlock trai l and the
Franklin Mill tract, emit huh Hi aeris,
rood-and I poles, and i i known as the. Van
taut tract.
Said lands will be sold on a credit of one
on! two vi ars. with ten percent, in cash . ti
dav of sale.
ItfU-T'lic luirchascr will he renin red to (five
Ifood and solvent security, and a In n will he
rilaiucil until all I lie purchase money in pant.
This .Nov. Ill, 1SSX
C l.KM. Ai;i.KI(iK,C. A M.
and Special CniuiuisMniicr.
Ilovl l-'.ds
Your Tickets Read via the
101 Union St., Nashville.
For Franklin County.
The annual meeting of the Franklin
County Auxiliary Bible Society will be
held at the Baptist Church next Sun
day night, Dec. 2.
hvcryboily IS cordially IllVltCil to at- rt.,.t.jvc uil reeiipt for all debls due the miid
tend. -to. . WDiiMiu, , tirm
CorresjitHiding Secretary
I have assumed all liabilitieH of the firm of
1'etlv iS (iarner, and am alone nut homed lo
From Maxwell.
Sale of Lund!
brir Thankinir the ifoide for their
j piitroiiagc to the old lino, 1 will endeav
or to merit incsame iu me iiiiiire.
The insiilveney ol Hie estate ol Jesse
Arledee. dee d. liavim; lieen st'.L'ireMcil, in
the Countv Court of Franklin enuntv, Tenn.,
all persons having claims anaiu said estate
are berebv notified to file tbeiii wilbll. 1'.
Sicwarl.Snecial Comuiissioui r, in the Chan-
eerv Cniirt at Winchester, dulv authenticated
and in the manner oresenhed by law, on or
before the 1st day ol January, I.S.S t.
ThisOet.mh. l.SSi.'l.
II. 1'. STI'.WAKT,
net 10 Special Coiumissioncr.
The First-class and Kuih;rant l'assi ngcM' I
l'nsn, Ayent, Cliattaaooga, Tilin.
iKii.l'ass.&Tkt AKcnt, j
Nashville, Turn.
Ticket A(- nt, Winclici-Ur.Tiiiii.
storr n.vvis.
A-ttoruovs at Lav
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in the Courts of Franklir. niul
and iidjoininnciuintieH. may 25
Circuit Court convened Monduy
'iiilge J. J. Williums iresidi:ig. The
liillowiiiL' i n list of the (Jrniul Jury :
Win. I'aviio, foreman ; Wesley Em
brcv, G. V. YoutiR, J. J. Keavw, W.
ll. 'Purdi.tn, Geo. SI. West, William E.
Holder, Wm. rnrtin, II. L. Jones, G.
W. Wiseman, 15. F. Crnbtrce, Jno. G.
Jlannuh and Ilobcrt Taylor. Geo. A.
Kimbro. ofliecr.
Tho following cases were disposed of
Wntitlny ;
Hinto vs. Phil Tratt. Disturbing
public worshin and obsccnitv. Submit
ted. Fine, 82.50
State vs. J. II. Matthews carrying
pistol. Continued.
Stale vs. George Gipsou disturbing
public worshin. Acnnitted.
Slate vs.s Andrew Gijison and Juste
Yuting disturbing public worship.
Kollo iiroscuiii.
Stuie vs. Jim Blackwood assault
mid battery. Aeiuitted.
State v Asa Graut rcsistiug Slier
H'. Submitted; fine,-$10.
Mate vg Wm. Beunett oVccuity
nmt ussault ami battery. Continued
At the time of closini: our forms
I iii'sday inorniiii; the fidlottinir case
trud : Ktale vs. Jovl Keuley, dd'd-
"ouuii nun buttery.
To the Home Journal:
" Bro Bob " Smith gave his little re
ception here last I uesduv, with an nv
.. i . l' I . P .1 .!!..
erago aiienoaiice. neverunii incooiiiir
family accompanied him buck to Win
chester. The present mad law must lie n very
good one, judging from the condition of
our highways, which are in mo uesi
condition ever known.
Tho singing alter the Sunday School
at tho Institute, conducted by Uev. J.
Bollcnbachcr, was an exquisitely iutcr
nstiin? feature of the exercises.
Our merchants are carrying n good
trade this fall : and, us they are all
clever and accommodating, they deserve
You can put the majority of us down
n "middle men." who would rather
nomiindn 1)V Kind UCtS tllilll
bv hnll-dozinir.
J . i ti I III! ...
Sir. Geo. 1 1 ill 1 linn soiu ins pnnn-uy
here and will remove to the country.
Mr. llaynes, the efficient conductor
of train No. 2 ou this line, informs us
that there iu ns much or more shipments
of produce and live stock from Maxwell
than any other station between Dcehcrd
nml Fnvctteville. Maxwell is not a
metropolis, but it is "soino pumpkins."
'I lie cliurcll uneciory lorinis commu
nity runs thus : first Sunday in each
. . i t.. i.... i...f..-.. ..
niOlllll, lliiii CUllllAIuy li"H novvom
Wnliiut Grove M. K. Church; Satur-
i ... i... r.. nud 'Al Sunilav. nreachiiiir
IIUV lie.i'i., - . p
ut Bean's Creek Church uy e.
le Woods, ami at rmicm i-arwwn
Church ; fourth Sunday, and Saturday
before, services here at me imi..
Church, by Uev. A. J. Brandon.
' ClIAItoN.
;. F Holder, Executor, vs J. M. Hol
der and others.
Hv virtue of n decree of the Chancery
Court of rranklin county, 1 ennessee, pro
nounced at Its OcIoIht Adjourned lino,
ISSIl, in above cause, I w ill, as the Kxeeiitor
of the last will and testament of Mitchell
Holder, dee'll, nil
Monday, December 17, 1883,
at the Courthouse door in Winchester, Tenn.,
nfl'cr for sale, to the highest bidder, on
A credit of twelve and twenty-four months,
(except the sum of ten jicr cent, in cash on
day of sale) ihc following described real es
tate, to-wit :
The Shook tract of land, contmninK forty
acres, imuiuicu on tile norm aim went nv
hinds of lteujamin Sells, ou the south by Wil
lis lloliler.anil mi the east liy J. 11. llowers.
1 he two -Ul-acre tracts, inakiiiK Ho acres,
bounded on the north liy UeoiKc iouiir and
.Martin nniic, on Hie west nv j. ii.jiowers
nnl Willis Holder, on the South by Willis
llolilcr, anil on mo east oy Joseph iioiiier.
Said land is situatea In the llln civil dis
trict of Franklin county, Tennessee.
The purchaser will be required lo uive irond
ami wdvent meurily, and a lien will be re
tained until the whole of the purchase money
is paid.
This ovcinicr rjia, inw,
11. V. IIOLDKlt,
nov'Jl-tds Executor, &e.
Oct. 17, ls.sn.
m. r.
8 SF
g c 2-
hog fight uu the Square last San
day m iming attracted quite a crowd.
Non-Resident Notice.
I). S. Reynolds and wifo vs. P. D
Woods ct. als.
Tt nnnearina to the natisfaction of llic
Clerk and Master, from tho nflidnvit in rom
,,iiii,ii.i' bill In nliove cause, which in
sworn to, that Stowerssnd wife Annie,
f,.n,i..rlv Annie IUkIioii. - Miim-sre siul
wife, formerly Mary Ann Nui-klm, ami Joe
Niickles, arc nonrisidcnlH of the Hlnte of
Tennessee, so that the ordinary proci m of
law runnot he served upon lln in.
Ilia therefore ordered by me thai publication
be made for four successive weeks in the Home
Journal, a ncwspner published In Winches.
ter.Tcnn., reipiirinjr said non-resident defend-
rdIn to appear on or miore uie uu .uoimn;
in Junuary next, Ik fore the Chancery Court nt
U'iii..lii..t..'r Krunklin cotiulv. Tenn., and
iimliuili.fi.uiu to siiid Hill, or the same will
be taken for confessed and set for hearing
ex-parti ns to them.
WitnesH mv hand, nt nllicc in Winchester,
Tenn., thi Nov. 22d, 1H:.
liy John Arkdge, lAi.C. & M,
Corner I'liion am! ( lu rry Stf.
Diamonds, Silver Ware, Etc.
in fact, evcrvthiii" found iu a lirst-class
Jewclrv Store.
Also' Manufacturer ol I'l.AIN (iOl.D
KI.N'OS, which are tuinle to order at short
notice, and hiuhest oiialily iruaraulctd. Call
ami be couviiiceil at
lilt I'liion St., bet. College uml Market.
niiK-J'J-lr H. 11. STIKR
iiiiin kimmons. r. it. cum
Attornovs at Law
Winchester, Ter.n.
Will practice in the counties of Franklin
Cotlee and Moore; also ill Siiprum Coiul at
Nashville. I'roiupt titteiilioii given to ml-
leclions. n"Vl,,
OIliceHiiP'.b-sosl.odcol rutin i;uare.
in ii nil
A I I. like Kelley'sOld Stand,
I'l T.I.lCSljrAlir., : : WINCllKSTKU
Have for sale the
Purest, Best and Oldest Liquors
to be found in any Saloon.
Tobaccos, Cigars, SnulV, Oysters, &t., on
T'ic besl of iiie,Iicerund Ale.
HKir21 tf
Rovo Iiniu.. .Vait. X. Whitaklii
Attorneys at Law,
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in the Courts ol franklin ij, (
and iidjoinin eoiintie and in the Sup.rii.u ),5
Court nl Nuslivillo. janl'-'M. ; i ' ,
, i:H
. i vifl P I 1 1
iwnw a bi n r i k mi w. r .it w.n
1 i aLl
C go
Estill Bro.'s.
Have ovcrluiuled tlieir Mills from tlic
garret to tho tail race put iu
C5 CT1
' o o
o o
2, o o
w o o
And Other New Machinery.
They arc now Btartcd up, and are
able to do work
Faster than they Ever Did.
So, come one and all wc can nccuin
niodnte you all.
v.. ovoect to stand where we have
" - --I
til ways stood nt tho
Head of the Milling Interest.
Toprovo this is is only to look at our
huge custom we have always carried.
We sincerely thank the, people
for tlieir liberal patronage, and hope
they will continue.
Nov. 14, 1883.
The University of the South
is located at SKWAXKK, TKXX, "ii the
Cumberland I'latenu, 2,000 feet nliove tlic
sell level. Thin School, under the hccIiiI
patronage of the Jlish.u of llio rnit-Hiii
episcopal Church In Iho .South and hoilth
1 . .lr .i... i..,..lil.ixt rfnideiieo and tlic
Ill IIS Wiaillllliir u. ....." ",,.,l
..ml Theolot'ical I Vpariincius. r..r ...
upccial claims of this University I"""'";
V...u o.i.t ..1. ...nut Ton and Xo-Too r.HL'LH
I n.i..,l.. lli.riu.ua uml Saddle lloms.
llorseboirded bv the year, inontb or dar,
very low, and well attended to by faithful i
grooinsiucn. 1
Hacks run nigbl and day from W inehestrr j.
to IKebcid. l'asseimcrseniicu uir iu -.
of town, and bagKiBcheekerl.
nprl-tf hLUa DAiS,
j. W. CRI9AKO, (
I., f..- . ....iimc
KAIlt lIOlHiSOX, I). 1)., Vice WmiwIW,
Oflemhiii iirofiwioniil services to the citi-'
,lltH f Wineliestcr and s.irri.uiimiiR coumr,. ,
a"i'"ice in ine uiinxi.iK ""'r"" -
r...i T v. V i hams, west Kiile ol rxiunre.
Residence The Coclimn house, neur Cnpt. f
Tom.tiregory's. uimc.., iw.
For Sale, Cheap.
One l'orlv-borsi power Knxine. mid Iloilcrl
good us new, ill excltange lor lumiier.
1SH A.lll 1 JUHl. cv.,
Kept 1 2-tf Mnrfreeslwro, Tenn.
Surgeon zr PhvsicinnJ
Winchester, Tenn.,
Is ready to attend to all calls in town on
country. 1
' of Hartford;
of Hartford;
of Knoxvillf, T'cnn.
Three better Firo Insurance Coimnic8
cauuot bo found.
Represented by
Policies issued nt once ou all ordinary
The pUe. te. h. ",1
WhUki'-, ;;! P'vfl"ct &7 t.i;
Attorneys at Lriw
Will practice In the Court. ;ot tonkin m-J
ad oining counties, and la th I mU;
Coluu and Supndio Court, at St.UH.
Temwa.'i . f

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