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One vear,.. cents.
Hx iIioiiiIm, cent.
- Three months, M cents.
WIhmi sent out of the county, the posing
(25 cent per annum,) in adili.il to ulmve rates.
Cur Judiciary.
F.om Estill Springs.
We extract the following timely re- jTo the Home Journal :
Wednesday, May 28, 1884
County Convention.
The Democrat of Fiitiikliii county,
irrespective of any 11Ht'Iicoh of niiiiiui
that may have Ifrnju.rarily divided
thorn in the inst, are earnestly request
ed U meet at the (Joiirthonw in Win
chester on the
to appoint ilclciK- to the Suite Demo
cratic Convention which meet in Nash
ville the 1 Mth of June, ami transact
such oilier WineM! n may come before
Lei every Democrat, especially those
living in the country, he sure to attend.
I'huiriuiin (Enmity K. Committee.
The Republican National Convention
-Mill meet next J uiwluy.
It in liintal that there wilt lie a dead
lock in Cuiigrtwa over the appropriation
The Kentucky Ucima-nits, in their
Slate Convention, recommended Car
lisle for President.
mark from the able mldres delivered
hv Col. A. K. Colyur at the Winchester
Normal, on the liiili iiwt.:
We have in ihi country men and
newspapers whose most artful and
studied production are made up in
ix.ii, linir to indicia! inlirinitie, aoine-
tiin.-H even ioiDiitrniiiL' the motive of i
the Judge. K hulher these unkind at
tack are against the State, or Federal
Judges deK:nds upon the letiniug of the
vieiou critic. Sometimes they are the
prompting of n.alice engendere.l liy un-
Biiecessiui lltipuioii.
There is p i haps no mindly lor tins
en at wronu to orgulil.eii ttocieiv, e
cept ill public seiiim.eni I me 0111-
xnokeii condemnation of an enlightened
t . ... ...
people, o greater eiiewv ki wwi;
has appeared before the puhlie than the
Vleloll ami lliaiil'loiiM cnuu 01 inc
The man or nettHpajier that ahsuila a
Court or Judges before the public, and
has either no fuels to gi .-c or no euurnge
to impeach, fends along with a lila-l the
implication of cowardice. The belief
ami faith in an honed judiciary i al
iinttl an necer'.-ary a purity itself ; and
until facts can be tit vt-u it is a crime to
prejudice the public mind against our
Hr. John H. James, the Atlanta
linnker, has failed. Liabilities, g4'J.r.
(100. Assetts, $1H0,(HK).
Kx-President Jellirsoti Duvis lab-ly
remarked tn a newspaper coriepondcut
that Tihleu and Heudrieks would U-the
atrongest ticket for the Democrats to
I sfe from reading tho Journal of the
21tist. that the editor of that paper
and conductor Tucker got things in a
considerable twist in trying to make a
statement in regard to what occurred,
and whatjwa said, and what wa seen
at Kwtill Springs DeMt at ft certain
lime, when conductor Uurliam nan
stopped at naid rdace after Iwinc out ou
a "fishing gpree." The fad in the
case are simply these : Mr. Durham
had been out here fishing ; had caught
a fish Weighing 8 pounds, a he told
Tucker nnrsiatter. They both saw the
(ish. Durham simply said, "The fish
weigh 8 hounds " Stutter repirts Dur
ham as having said that he caught a
trout weiuThiiii! 8 tsiuiid. Jiut tlie mis
take in easily uccounted for. In the
first place it may have been on account
of Stutter' condition, a we judge that
he was on hi way to tho Prohibition
Convention. ISut without taking this
fact into coucideratioii, it is an easy
matter to account for the mistake. The
fact is simply this ; Skitter didn't know
a kul from a trout
Hlatter further say that "they ay
that Durham had no tackle or min
nows." We just want to remind Skit
ter that it wont do to listen to
that old fellow. Tlicil Sail. Hob Oliver
I should lend tiieir aid to bridge. Nash-
vine Diiuner.
Sir R. L. C. White, M. D . Ph. D.,
M. A , 8. It , O. K. K. 8.. O. T. and
H 11. with the G. E., evolved the above
from his own fertilised brain, aided by '
Col. Gimtav Euloe, end man for
farmers' assuciations, w ho hail from the
land of magnolia and the mockingbird.
We deny the allegation from eend to
eeiul from the orthography of Mussel
Shoal to the insinuation that the team
named are approaching theJordon to
take water in their'u. It' not rich
enough for them. What Blatter and
McCord hick hi companionship here will
be made up in the beatihe bourne,
where we hoK) to teach hiui, by the evi
dence of thing won, the thing he de
nies now. The author above ha al
ready filled the chasm with hi cheek,
and ' the subject of hi impertinence
will flud it more difficult to shake hands
over the jagged promontories of up
heaved impudence. Pulaski Citixeu.
Tin is your own fight, gentlemen
We'll take no hand in it.
... --. . i i iimi "i (viiimm m n -I -
Judges. The Mate courts ami tlie r ei H(tt(.g ,iUl (ie wa j,, Cl)n,,ny wjtl, Mr.
eral eourts are alike dear to every well )llrmnl Hl t1iat he (Durham) had
organwd mind. The coirimiioii ol (l(:kt,( ,illl(jWM, Ac, and actually
either, or the loss of confidence ' rnnht a cnt which weighed 8 pounds,
s.illw.i lliilllil I ti M ('II i:i III I 1 .
ruin 1 1 j
At New Orleans In December
TheCovernmentto be Repre
sented by Interesting
fn fliirfv-fivA velll-s' linictifC. ill both
Federal and Slate courts, I call hear
testimony (hut, in my opinion, 1 have
never known a corrupt judgment given
hv a Judge. Judges are but men;
they make mistakes ; sometimes griev
ous mistakes; hut we have not yet
reached the point of corruption in the
We mentioned, a week or two since,
Ihat I!ev. W. II. Darnell, former pas
tor of the C. P. Church at Chattanoo
ga, had become deranged. A para
tfrimh to the same effect was also print
ed in nuite a numlicr of our exchanges.
e have been requested to Mate ttiai
it is an error, and also, by request, we
from the Knoxville
The C ity Omit of Urun.lv county "'J l!,c. Wl''B '
tias ordered an election by the iieople lol Uir,",,c,e
Is Headquarters for
Dry Goods,
Boots, Shoes,
SggfZvigler Bros' AVnrrantetl
Shoos n spccialtji
Sewing Machines,
Trunks, etc.
by the iieople
ascertain if they wanted the county seat
transferred to some other IhiiiiI
than Altamout. Election ordered for
12th of June.
TheC P. Jeucinl Asseniblv, which
Jiict in McKeesport, Pa , recently, elect
m! John Friitzcll, of Nashville, (former
ly of WinehesU-r,) Moderator. Mr.
Friutcll was a lay delegate. This is the
first time a lay delegate wax elected to
preside over the Assembly.
Tho New England editors, who were
recently in Tennessee, visited New Or
leans, and on their return stopped at
Iteauvoir, Miss., to see Hon Jcllcrsnn
Davis. They were received with true
Southern hospitality, and parted with
u U tter opinion of Mr. Davia '.hail they
ever had before.
In a letter to Congressman Dibrell,
Judge D. M Key says: "as there no
hope lor the repeal ol tlie internal rev
euue laws? In this Suite these laws
have Ih'Coiik! the means by which a very
large mini Iter of disreputable people
live, by making themselves spies, wit
nesses, guaids, Ac., at the public ex
pense. Men loo lazy to work manage
to live at the expense of tlie govern
ment." Rov. Dr. C. W. Criffln.
This distinguished scholar and divine,
pastor ol (he Jlurd Hnplist t liurcli,
this city, Iiiih consented to deliver the
literary address to the graduating class
ol MarV Sharp Collet'e, Winchester.
Teuu. Dr. (irillin is one of the eh ar
est thinkers and most forcible speakers
in the South, and the great institution
esteem itself most fortunate in having
secured so distinguished tin orator.
1N uhIi v illo World.
Senator Voorhees says : " I think the
aituatioii bolter now limn it was a few
veeks ago. I am elad to see old Vir
ginia coining upon the tiiril'ijiieslion
nil right. V'oti will seo Indiana coino
upright, too. I think the chance for
the election of a President by tho Dem
ocrats better now than it lias licen for
year. I think by the lime the conven
tion meet this little hud feeling engen
dered by the defeat of the Morrison tar
iff hill will bo over, and wo will all come
together on one common understanding,
and when the convention meet will all
be in full harmony as to the nominee."
Remember tlie convention on the 2d
of June, and don't fail t attend. The
friends of various aspiriuitB will proba
Mv make an effort to have some one
nominated for tho Slate Senale. This
is what "other business" mean in the
committee's call Franklin County
jvew. -
Exactly, wo aipixwio. Ab Chairman
we made tno call in thu usual form
' Nothing njt jtitcudcJ (o Ui kept secret
And we want to see a heavy attendance
of Democrats, and if thev desire to nom
inate a candidate for the Semite and one
for tin? Lower House, they will do so,
" A report has la-en circulated to the
effect that Uev. W. II. Darnall. a tal
ented Presbyterian minister of Memphis,
who recently declined a call to tlie nee-
oud Church in this city, had become
mentally deranged. A letter was re-
A . i. ii.
ceived Jrom Jtev. ir. I'aruail yesieruay
by Uev. Dr. Park, of this eilv, which
satisfies the friends of the former gen
tleman that the report is without fouu-
1'itioii in fact. Dr. Darnall refers in
the letter to the mental condition of his
brother-in-law, which has caused him
much solicitude. His iclative, it is
said, following the peculiarly character
islic of the insane, has circulated the
report that Dr. Darnall was mentally
deranged ; and thus the rumor became
Cov. Bate and tho
He First Turned Hot
Then Cold.
And now cornea the drawing of the
capital prieof 825,000 in Tho Louisiana
. State Lottery Company, on April 8th,
drawing at New Orleans, of which Isidor
of M'K',!Ht"i l'B teen awarded
5,000, Mr. Isaacs was in Kan Fran
cisco yesterday, and snid that there was
ajwculiar circumstance in relntiou to
in necuring me lucky ticket. In the
urai place," saul he. "I sent K..
Francisco for a ticket io The Louisiana
Htate Lottery. I received no answer to
iiiy letter, and so wrote ngain, requost
him to send another or refund niv
money. He sent the t,VI;et Xo. 58.2U8
lor April Mtli driwing the lucky one
for it was only a little w hile before I ro-
ceiveil a dispatch that I had won a f),-
nww prize, well, 1 guess I felt about
as any poxir man does who suddenly
wine into possession of money like
that. I first turned hot and then cold."
We have always iiiitiiitaineil thai (he
ueero's la'st friend is the while, man of
the South; and that the Democratic
party, being a party of principles, (and
not of spoils and expediency), is the on
ly political organization to which he can
look lor that civil protection and ad
vaiieement which his location ami pecu
liar condition require.
This patent truth has been forcihlv
illustrated by thu present Democratic
administration in fenuchgeu, and n
would seem now willful stultification
and blind fanaticism for I Ik-col, n il pc.,
pie longer to refuse lo r-cc ami appre
ciate this fact.
A law was enacted hv the lasl Legis
la i ore appropriating ?'!,'!!() to consti
tute a separate fund to be used to de
fray thu expenses of two colored pupils
from each nenatoriiil disiriel in aii
proved institutions of haniiing under
llie aulhorily of the Stale Hoard of Ed
ucation. This is a most generous nicas
tire, wise and state-manlike in its
leaches, as it will ere long provide first
class teachers, trained in approved nor
mal methods, fur the colored schools.
Again, Gov. Itatc, in his message to
the Legislature, recommended that an
assistant State Superintendent, who
might be a properly qualified colored
man, should be appointed to attend to
the colored schools exclusively, to be
under the direction and control of the
State Superintendent Acting upon
this suggestion a bill was prepared by
the House Committee on Education,
which upon final vote was supported al
most unanimously by Democratic mem
bers, but was defeated by the Republicans.
Roderick Random Butler and hi fol
lowers voted solidly auainst it Now.
was the measure wise and proper? Tho
(Sovernor said it was, and a majority of
tho Democratic members agreed with
Colored teachers are employed gen
erally over the Mate, lhev are but
partially qualified, a a rule, for their
work. The Stale Superintendent'slime
is almost exclusively taken uji with vis
itation and attention to the while
sclitiols. It is impossible for him to go
much to tho colored schools, or to mix
with and instruct their teachers.
It was thought that a colored nmn
acting under the State Superintendent
could liest tierform tho task, ami that
the same being the fish which Slut ter
and Tucker thought was a trout. No,
gentlemen, it was not a trout, a you
thoiiirbt. but a cat.
I he editor goes on lurtlier with the
roofs iu regard to the truthfulness of
us statement, lie says, "We all know
that there is no trout iu all this country
of streams that weighs over 4 pound "
1 crimp this is the best information that
he or Tucker Iiiih ever been able to
gather, for I am satisfied that with all
their skill a fishermen they never
caught one that weighed as much as 2
isiunds ISotliwiihstaiiding all tins, 1
don't think that Slatter nnd Tucker
have any right to call Durham by such
hard names, just la-cause they happen
ed not to know a cat from a trout, and
because Durham was more successful in
hi attempts than was Mr House (if
Stutter's statement in regard to House
lie true). I say that they have no right
to call him an old "Cum grano salis"
simply because lie taught a larger (ish
than they ever caught, und that too
without the use of dvuamite. JSow, il
House actually used 'dynamite, and did
as much iaiun''c as Matter savs tie tid,
he would be justifiable iu calling him
"Cum grauo salis."
ISow, Mr. hlatter, wo want you to
explain to us what Ibis Latin, French,
ierinau Italian, or whatever it is, phrase
means. We are Durham s friend, and
don't like for him to he called by such
names. It may be possible that you
can fix this thing up wiih Abe Durham
by giving him the significance id this
term, l erhaps it is not so bad as Abe
and his friends think.
Say: What iu tho d I does "cum
grano salis mean, anyhow ?
The Snore of a Statesman.
" The Halchet," published at Wash
ington, D. C, is responsible foi the fol
lowing :
would ho instrumental not only in
elevating and improving tho colored
schools, hut that he could so arouse the
adult ce-lored population as to induce
mem to pay more promptly their poll
tax for the support of th'eso fcIumjI.
nuitiie negro's preteuded frieuds, the
Kenublieaii9, sa'uf no.
mow we ask the colored voters of
lennessco ou which side they will lie
found in the oomiug election? Will
they vote for the gallant Bntc.alwny
fauhrul always true; or will they i'K.
nore all these thing and follow after
the rebel turncoat, K. K. Ueid?
Colored men, under which King?
I' ranklin Ueviow and Journal.
Ike Haines, an encinoer on thn
phis & Charleston Railroad, drew fifteen
thousaud dollar io the last drawimr of
.1.. T r ..... .
Congressman Warner, of Tennessee,
is a fine constitutional lawyer, and also,
occasionally, is a fine slumberer. Last
session it was hi custom, when weary,
to put his feet upon the desk, swing
himself back iu his chair, and nod off in
to the happy land id' dreams One day
while indulging iu hi favorite habit h"
began to snore.
Congressman Warner' snore is a fine,
large, ahlc-lmdicd snore. It is cxuiisite
iu its resonant music, and it breaks off
in its sweetest places tutu a delicious
snort, it pursues its avocation in a
hum-drum sort of a way when Mr.
Warner is ensconced in the privacy of
in heiiroom, but ou tin occasion the
snore saw that it was iu distinguished
company, and it hunicd itself for the
irreatest effort of its life. It soared up
to nigh ami then it sank down to low
U. It indulired iu a profusion of irrace
notes, mil then it wailed like the (lute
that the amateur tackles iu the stilly
hours id' night. Pretty soon tho snore
began to make itself felt, also heard.
and the Members forgot themselves un
der the witching influence of its melody.
The snore noticed this nnd redoubled its
elforts, and, as it increased In volume,
it caught the .Speakers ear. Mr. heifer
rapK'd wild the gavel and said ;
"lhc gentleman from leimcssce is
out of order, and to be recognized he
must oner his resolution to adjourn
while standing."
Congressman Dibrell. one of Mr.
VariHT colleagues, taking in the situa
tion, shook the snoring statcsmau and
said :
"Dick, what in the world are you
doing? You havo gotten the house in
terrible confusion, and Keifer thinks
you have made a motion lo adjourn."
"What?" ejaculated Mr. Warner,
rubbing his eyes. " Why. I was onlv
studying the Constitution
And the snore tickled itself under its
ninth rib and went off iuto a comatose
condition instnnter.
Close the Chasm.
The following is the outline of the im
portant exhibits to be made by the Gov
ernment at Ue World' Fair iu New
The Department of Slate w ill exhibit
sum pies ol cotton, wool and Cosmos fi
bres, aud of fabrics made from them iu
ull parts of the world, with the statistics
of markets, ruling prices aud demand.
llie lioan Department will exhibit
models illustrating various works of the
Engineer Bureau, such ns torpedoes for
protecting channel and harbors, mod
els of methods of submarine mining, and
all outfits and appurtenances of military
ciiL'ine field service.
The Ordinance Bureau exhibit will
include every variety of artillery aud
small urms, of fuses and projectile from
those in use before the revolution to
the lutest improvement of the present
d.iy. The manufacture of guus aud
inuiul c car, ridges will be illustrated by
machinery in oiieration
The Sioiml Office work in war and
pence w ill be illustrated by all apparatus
of the field service and by the exhibits
of the methods of the war bureau.
Tie Navy Department will exhibit
every variety of ordinance aud small
arms used in service, and those that
have been tupjrseded. It display of
artillery and machine guns will illus
trate tlie successive stage of progress
made during the iciitury. All torpe
does used in naval! wartare, with every
kind of projectile, will be shown. Also
Farmer's dynamo electric machine for
firing, models of war vessels, ancient
and modern, and things belongiug to
tlie htipply Department, will be exhibited.
The Postofficc Department will place
ii handsomely equipped, office in practi
cal oiieration at theExposition, and will
exhibit a postal railway car, aud all ap
pliances of mail service. It will also
have machinery in motion making en
veloiies and stamps.
The Department of the Interior will
exhibit a great variety of object co
lected by agent of the Indian Bureau
illustrative of the uborigiual life aud
customs and of the cradiiiil progress
the red men from barbarism towards
Tho Patent Office display will consist
of group of models takeu from it cases
showing chronological udvances
steam engineering in cotton spinulug
to tl
he luge
A full line of School Books.
All kind of Barter taken iu ex
hange for g'ods.
I - I'M jjijfr "
T r SftmlV
For sole by J. M. Hutchins, Winchester; Tatty & Shook, Cowan; P.S.Moley, ni;nil,,j
nml (ieo. ('. Hass. Uclienl. ' aiirl(M
For Everything that goes to make a
Desirable Gun, the
s i
i nnrnpiiu
A bnillUbllvwil
fire arms for Hunting
281 & 283 BROADWAY,
Lovers id goisl stork should not fail to see
this celebrated combined Huddle and HiirneM
llure. His saddle nnd hnrueis nualitit-s arc
excelled by none, and equalled bv few. He
is easy and stylish under me unuuie, sou a
nwdel harness horse. His Korl" nre natural
anil easy, fast or slow. You onlv hnve to we
to Ailinire him. U.t.t.l ih a nnra nny, ioj
hundf hiith, nnd dark iKdnnd, and very
henvv. He la 11 Venn old. He wn aired by
Hnltirook ! hebv Clipiier. Fleet' dam wan
hv liie lHland Klnckhawk : he by David
Croekett, llie la'Kt Canadian hone in Ken
tuekv. lilni'khawk dam wan a Yt in p.
. ..' ... . V.ll ...
Meet can Iwneen al anv lime ai cik mver
Mlllx,3 niilwi north of Wlnchcxter; alito, at
Wineheiitertlie tirnl Monday in March and
April. Fleet's record a preniiani borne Ih
equalled br few. He ha gradated nnd juled
ou'nt nevcrul piiim. Hm eoltKare nHuveew-
f ii I an he i. Kverv one ahould aeo rleet bc-
fon- ifoinir eWwhere.
uii lAiUum by mmirance ; seamn, beven
Feb. 20, 1881. J. B. DAVIS.
I reopeclfullr announce to the public that
I have moved niy Ntovk ol Leather Uooda,
such a
J. Boo cashed the check for the lucky I 'I'0 Louisiana Lottory.
man, who left the city for Mdcto In
high glee. Mr. Ibane is a clothing
ure Keeper in Modesto, and ha sceu
iiiie pretty hard etruggles fSan I-Vau
cisco (Val.) Chronicle, April 20.
The Democrats of Maino hare declar
ed iu fuvor of Samuel J. Tihleu as lirnt
choice for President alive, nnd second
J choice (lend.
Such men as Gullownv at Mpmnhin
Sam Ivins at Athens, Tom Buyers at
Gallatin, old inau tiates and Don Cum-
eron at Jackson, Nut. Walluco at Fiy
etleville, and gome other who have
been in some unaccountable wav con
nectcd with the press of our Htnte since
about the time lioane mountain was
heaved up, the Mude Shoal were flret
known, aud Kcelfoot Lake was a siuiliug
i . i- . ! i ..
Tineani oi iiiuHcaiiiues, win oe sur
prised ti know that Bill Slatter and
Laps McCord are stramrer to each
other. Wuch a team a Knloe. White.
Wade, Helms, Sluck. Ilomlev. Lewis.
Malhee, and a hundred other who are
becinninir now to rontAinnlatA. no
doubt with sadness, the rapidly tineing
uuTes iu mo forest H tuev Hnnr.mrli tin
Jotdan in their course, have been able
to bring together tlie Winchester Home
Journal nnd the Pulaski Citiicn." The
Hauiicj'Buggeaia that there is a vast and
incalculable clmsni otuewhere iu the
leuiiessce press that lim L....I
suns apart that the entire brotherhood
nnd iu other industries due
nuitv of American inventor
The exhibit of the Geological Survey
will comprise mineral ores aud rocks
lrom every Mate ami territory, and cri
gaiitic aud interesting fossil of extinct
animals and plant discovered iu many
section of the United Mntes.
The Bureau of Ethnology will exhibit
model ol ancient Pueblos and Clitf
dwelling still existing in the Southwest,
with a large collection of relics illustra
ting thb life and condition of the In
dians, nnd a prehistoric of the iuhabit
ant of that section.
The Smithsonian Institution will have
exhibits from several divisions of th
National Museum. Tho first will pre
sent every specie of American food,
fish by life sizo, casts, nnd by specimens
preserved iu alcohol.
The processes employed bv tho United
Stnlc Fish Commission for securing
and hatching eggs and transporting
young fish to the various purls of the
country with all implements, apparatus
ana transport appliances ot this depart
ment win ne shown in detail. Every
variety of fishing tackle used through
out tho world, from the crudest avaie
uevices in tno latest inventions of civili
zation, will be exhibited. Photographs
of fishermen pursuing their calling, of
their homes, of their manifold methods
of preparing their catch for market, of
uieir imiiuh ami hshiiig craft, and of ev
erything connected with their lives and
surroundings, will be displayed, together
wnii nie-size ngures ot tishermen of all
nations, clad iu their peculiar aintumei
Evolution of a ship front primitive
crudity to present perfection will lie il
lust ru ted by a collcctiou of handsome
niiKieis, to wlncu all nations have con
The Albatross, one of tho largest and
best equipped steamers of the Fish Com-
mission, win be anchored at the Expo
sitioti wharf as nn exhibit.
Lost Histoid Mine.
Mr. D. M StrWer nf Ctna..!!!.
a''nrueia "M mine. bu ld it for
i.vuww nir. Airk, who was to place
into tmuituti. . i x. .
...... , wU. lllu iiiiioiiiiicry useu in
iniu.ng ivithin 90 day or forfeit the
land, with tho machinery. Mr. Kirk
bought hi machinery, was about to
pmce ii in position, when he became In
volved with NurtheiD capitalists and
rau away. The 90 day expired aud
ftir. Wringer took possession of hi nrotv
erty and went to ir ..:..i.'
i , -w i. wii. jac ouua,
n0"'" twenty ft-et below water
level aud struck the richest vein of ail
ver me, perhaps, in the Hoiith One
coimeii asHuycd $270 per ton of gold,,
silver nnd lead, and it is said there is an
inoxiiRuiiuie supply (,f ft.
It is 110 (lisiraen 111 I in hit 1,1 o -l.,
the first time, but the econd time it is.
To Whom it May Concerx:
We, the underoiened, Win. M. Cowan, Wui.
Miteh Cowun, T. L. Juekmm, Win. P. liurnei,
and Xewton Keith, all of whoui nre legal
voter and freeholder, raiding within the
bounduriea hereinafter dexcribed, give notice
that they will, on the ninth day of June, 1884,
make Application to the Clerk ol the County
Court of Franklin county, Tenn., for
Charter of Incorporation
for the purpose of incorporating the follow
ing territory, under tho corporate name of
COWAN,iiitunted in the 10th civil district of
rraukhn countv, lean., and bounded a lol
low, to-wit: lleginning on the northeast cor
nerof f. 8. l'attif's lot in Cowan. Tenn.. run
ning south east 44 poles to northwest cor
ner of Jus Kiirgenl's lot ; thence aouth 58j
east 48 pole to northwest corner of the
Itarne tract ot land ; thence south 07s east
'Mi poles to the northeust corner of the
linrnca land ; thence south 86s west 140 pole
to a small hickory; thence south 12 west 2C
poll to a stake in south line of liarnes land ;
thence south i:east 126 poles to a white oak
stump with black haw pointers; thence south
12 west (iO pole to a cednr in Hugh Caper
ton's field ; thence south 83 west 34 poles to a
stake in the corner of C'Hperton's field; thence
north 64 west 247 pules to a stone, tlie corner
of W. Miteh, S. P. nnd Bob Cowan's land;
thence north lj west 42J poles to W. Mitch
Cowan's northwest corner; thence N 88j east
37 poles to a red oak Prince' southwest
corner; thence north 4" west 701 poles to the
northwest corner of Prince's fund ; theiee
north 24J west 24 pole to the northeast cor
ner of Ihjitist Chiiri'h lot; thence north 0
west dt tMjle to a dead sycamore tree;
thence north .1 west 50 poles to a Make in
W. M. Cowan's livid ; thence east H0 poles to
a snme in me center ot tno Keitn Love road ;
thence south C enst 40 poles to W. A. Shook's
southwest corner ; thence east 43 ale to said
Shook's southeast comer; thence north 0s
wcsimh poles to said hhook's northwest cor
ner ; thence north 83 enst 38 poles to tliecor
ner of tlie old Methodist Church lot ; thence
north 30)east 32 siles to astake in the street
opposite lr. Williams' northeast corner;
llienec north 551 west 221 Doles ton stake In
Owen Panic's lot; thenee north 35" east 42
pole to a st nke in Wni. 1', Humes' lot;
thence south 54J east 21 pofesto the beginning-
containing 455 acres, more or less.
(Said tietitioners fnrtherstatethntthev have
caused an accurate census to be taken of the
voting iHipulntton of said territory, which
census exhibits the names of every legal voter
mi-fvMi, vermeil b required dv mw. oalU list
wnshledon the 29th day of April, 1884, be
fore A. J. Mines, a Justice of the Peace of
Franklin county, Tenn., in hi office at the
Furnace near Cowan. Tenn.. where the same
may be found.
This' April the 20th, 1884.
111 !
I keep on hand and manufacture to order
all kinds of Furniture, which I propose to nel I
at low rates. Also, a nice lot of Picture.
MoiildiiiL's. Ac. iilwnv mi huml
Allsuc ofCOFFiS-8-Walnut, Koiewnml
cases, Casket. Mctnlic (,'um. mwl nil Itim).
of Trimmings and Liuingi for name, kept'
viflinimiiiv uailfl.
Especial attention given to Undertaking.
I keep henrse, for the u-e of which my
Northeast aide Public Souare
Boots, Shoes, &c.
and other goods kept in my line, to the old
stand formerly occupied by'j. L. Kaiigh,enst
comer of Public Square. Also will keep on
hand nt store n stock ot
Upper and Sole-Leather.
I also have, in the name building, a
For the nbove good.
A.Hides nnd Tallow wanted at the nbove
t& Will continue the Tannine bus
incss at tho old (Porter) Tanyard, as
usuol Kespecttully,
The University of the South
i located at SEWANEE, TENN., iiHn tlie
Cuuilierland Plateau, 2,000 feet above the
sea level. This School, under the seci:il
pntrnnaae of the ltishoNi of the Prolestnnt
hpiseopnl Church in tlie (South and ttotilli
west, oilers the healthiest residence a nil the
best advantages, both moral and educational,
in it (iraniniar Schools and its Collegiate
and Theological Department. For the
special claims of this University tor patron
age, npply for doryments to the Kev. TEL
FAIR HOIXiSON, I. D., Vice Chancellor,
Sewunee,Tenn. foctS-ly
lew Surhcr; 8ftop
101 Union St., Nashville.
Diamonds, Silver Ware, Etc.
In fart, everything found in i fint-clm
Jewelry Store.
Also Maninnciurcr ol j'l.AIA
KINtiS, whiih are iiinde to order at shirt
notice, nnd highest quality gunruntud, till
and be convinced at
101 Tnion St., bet. College and Markrt.
mm! m mmm
Standard Patent Mcdicinci,
Vn ints, Oi Is, Yarn ishes, I v-St tiffs, Ilit I
Tooth Brushes, Toilet Anieles, IVrfimieir,
Soups, Shoiihh r Brni es, TrusN-s, Spmpi,
and nil varieties of l)ruvgists' Sundries, tl
gars, Pure Wines und Liquors fur Mrdiciul
Physicians' prescriptions can hilly en
pounded, nudurdersnnrwi n.! with rntrini
dispatch. u"i
For Sale, Cr.ecp.
One Forty-horst' mcr Eucine mid ftriltf
good as new. Will exritanp f. r Ici.tUt.
IKlUGHTY .MKtl. (t)..
septl2-tf Murfnedw.Tinii.
Hh attained a standard of excellence Mlih
I atlmiu of no superior.
I . ..i . s.nmnt that lnventn
Formerly of Xashville. has oneael a firet- 'tiiiu.ikill and money cau produce.
tfilnua Itnpluiv Mli. in In I.a n.il... KI....1. mw.A 1
.-. ......n. .i,, ,1, ...v. grille, n ui,n.K, Ptnu
win uii an Kinos oi worn pertaining io liiei
prniession in llie very oest style.
Hair cutting a specialty.
Lndie wanting their hair trimmed will be
waited upon at their residences. niarl9
D. S. Curie
Will remain in Winchester for neveral
months, and will
Tune, or repair, Pianos and On
gans at Moderate Kates,
and guarantee hi work,
He i also agen
Any one wishing to purchase can corres
pond with or call on him, at Winchester,
lenn. ieliH-tl
Marks, Gregory & Embrey,
Attorneys at Law.
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in the Courts of Frnnklinnnd
adjoining counties, and in the United Stale.
uiurts ami supreme Courts at aslivilli
Manufacturers of
Sash, Doors, Winds, Glazed
" Windows,
Dealer in Paint, OUa.Olajw, Vanishes, Ac
o. Caarefc naavt, ab College,
Corner Union and Cherry Sts.,
I am still gciu for the American Evapora
tor, the best anil n lemw.t ,i,;.... i- .', .
eaniljr managid by any lady, man or child
i u "i ""acnine.) 1 can fur
nish Ave different iitH ...ltA t- I
amnll orchards, t term and prices within
tne reach of every one owning an orchard,
tanbe paid for easily in 20 or 30 dawith
he producu of machine If ran according to
instruction accompanying every machine,
ror Information or ctnloiriie cnll' nn niA it ml
give year order in time for tho berry crop.
n. uvuuiinwi. Agent.
Winchester, Tenn.
in L M.
f BR,
Tli cm xcellent Organs are eelebralKl J
Volume, quality of tone, qnlck rcspoMC, wJ
Of combination, artistic dwlgn. beauty In IW
perfect oanatracUoii, Diaking Hum tin
ttnctlTe, ornamental and dot! ruble 'V"'
iMuaea, achoola, cburchca, lodges, wcletles, m
Instruction Books & Piano Stoob
Catalogue Wee IJsta. a application, n
The Chicago Cottage Organ IV
Caratr Randolph en Aa ttrtttl. ' . :
The estate of Mary Stewart, dec'''.
been suggested insolvent; by onlir
Clerk upon me, notice is hutliy B'.,I?B JJL
pereon having claims iigninst sidi .
m.. Iw,(,. w V Tnvlnr. Clerk
County Court for Franklin county, Ten,r
file the name, authenticated in the
prescrilied by law, on or before the"0?
of October, 1884.
May 2d, 1884. my7-4w '
Lareeat and clieaiHst honse In the '
Instrument sold on monthly o'""?"
payments, Write him betore ptirn-
aprao-iy .
Nakhviixe, Trnr.,'
r I :.. ....
Cilnw-dSash, Vnrnishes,Oils, pT,
Kru-hes, Corks, Artists' woihw,
Glass all sixes, Htencil inks, w;
nn4 Paper Klower mat rinl. '
Agent Knilre-'l tjolors- l"j

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