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JI, rantcur, the Parisian sciontist, has re
(om'il to Inoculate human beings with the rood
Hid virus, to bo used m a safeguard against
hydrophobia, until ha has completed hii expe
riment! upon anlmali.
CpitilUU on the ftciflo eoaut aro tndeav
criug to form company to construct a railway
to the extremity of Alaska, where can could ba
' ferried forty-fire miles across to Behring etruit
to tho Russian railway.
During the last twenty-live years 8,000,000 of
human bedies have boen buried within the
luuiti of the London postal circle, and the peo-
i..n!nf. IliAir tninilM rAirsrritncr firrmiL-
pic are ciih'"i D
tioo, regarding it with Increased favor.
Xln mouth ii tho frankest feature of the
L.m fice. It cannot in the lcaat conceal ita
leading and characteriilio sensations. We can
neither hide ill temper with It, nor conceal a
good dipoiltion. Wo may affect what wo
pltue, bat affectation will not help us,
A company baa recently been formed in San
frncicof with a capital of $25,000, having for
iU object the collection aud aalo of curioa from
tbc petrified foreata of Arizona. The region iu
question la rli-h in chalcedony, amethysts, Jus
pir, cornelian, agate, and other atones, and
abounds in rare geological sjieciinons and Indian
At thii season of tho year a lemon i worth
-il,l nnl.l a. bpslth nresorvor. Tlio war to
Uii.u.u r
get the bettor of a bilious ayatem without bluo
pilli or quinine ia to take the Juico of two or
three lemons in Juat cuengh water to make it
pleasant to drink without sugar, lforo going
to bed. In the morning, before breakfast,
repeat the dote.
Ann E. Leak, an armless woman, was mar
t.A Wini tun vcara neo to Wm. Thompson, a
iteamsbip engineer. Tho couple went to Aus
trilia, and mado a great deal of money in ivn.
section with the ehow business. Mm. Thump
ion can crochet, knit, sow and write, using her
feet a! well aa moat people who perform sui-h
work with their hands.
noitic acio.
Becent npcrimcnts in London have demon
strated the antiseptic propcrlioa of boric n-id
inamot astonishing manner. A sheep ex
perimented upon with boric acid was eaten by
anrtnf wntlemen two months after it waa
- r i o
killed, and tho flavor was found to bo that o
pure, tender mutton. Not the slightest tracs
of putrescence was observed.
We find the following In the Scots Magaaine,
March, 1755; "Thcro was lately presented to
the empress of Russia a lalioriug man whc. had
two wives, the first of whom brought him four
times four children at a birth, seven times
three, and ten times two. Tho second wife
once brought forth three children, and the
other six times two. Tho whole number of
Children by the two wives amount to soventy.
Mr. Geo. Btrvker. of IIMiUml
r.nmrrn find Middle Mntc
A nnrtrn used In pumnfnp; nn oil well
But or, Penn., exploded, killing Hi,.
Walker, fnlnllv i .,-i i,i ... i i
. , W ftHKHlNllil VWnUBIll)
ooar Defiance, O., wont to the dam fuming a
few days alnco, and while there olmerved a pe
culiar looking object floating in shallow water.
Approaching it cautiously ho scooped it np in
hi hat, and fuund to his horror that ho had an
Ugly looking lisli or nuiinul, with a body like a
llivpof vnr. i.mil u I I nil W,. iil.ii-l n,l """"" i.uii. I iwwv in A
, ... i , i , , I U1 two hud a long eunfeieiici., iHvsuiniihlv
largo eyes. Ita tail was diamond shaped, and regarding the most eireciive i.luii of condii. t.
from lis hodv llt-ob-idi-il bn tl'ntili'l. .nor fi'lllitra lllg tllO UUlUDUil-'ll.
...v , . - - " - -f
which woro covered with sin kers. Tho longest
' w ' , .:' "" kuhhr uiriinin
Walker, fnlully injuring his son, mid d.iiwl-
ithllll' l'Vi.rvll,;.,rr ,.. il,
I Ct J "(, " ' ' lllll.,
Rkxatoii John A. I.nnv v.
Bliiiim nt his resi.lem-0 in Augusui. Mo., inul
tentuclo was ten Inches long. Tlio wholo fish
wns about LlTflvf. ini'ltrs in booth Mr. Htrv
ker kept the Ash several days and thin took it
to Defiance, where many persons havo viewed
It. It was pronounced to bo a veritable devil
In the summer of 1810 A. R. Warner, of
Guilford, found in tho Uumlilla Valley a largo
turtle. The shell showed tho marks where in
itials had been cut in, but the initials of only
one person ami uie onto couiu do inane out
"K. It. J., 183.ri." Sir. Warner cut "A. It. W.,
1H10," ia the shell, uud released the turtle. In
lHHOtliu turtlo was discovered in tho same lo
cality by some boys. Tho "H. It. J., 1835," and
A. It. W., 1810," wero still distinrt. In addi
tion woro "II. J. n., 1S70," "E. It., 1S75," and
"S. II., 1880." Tlio tnrlln was again turned
loose. A few duys ago it was found agaiu in
the Held where it was seen in 1810 by Mr. Yar-
... Vn n.lilil imml pnt-viiu'M W.IB fitl tlif. hIii'II.
J'he turtle was no larger than it was forty years
no, showing that it innsi liavo iieen luuy
grown at that time.
big tlio cumpuiu.
onrvErfAr. B. F. Bi'Tr.rn tins written n lonu
in tho delta of tiie Mississippi.
'Hie taxes on railroads and other corpora-
tions in New Jersey pay the entire expenses of
the Htatu coveruuicut and leave a surplus in !
tlio treasury. 1
Tho en tiro business part of the town of
l'inos Altos, Mexico, was destroyed by lire uu
mi 'r ... iu I o no. mi iiifturnnre. u.kf....iih- nt..'
t.t. ..w v, , . i ,i .,: ii,,., f .,. lll..,vIiMlin:itiiii
-The gamble of Dallas, lexas, are lcav- , v . . . s, .,. .n,,,.,,,!,,,, ,m
ing the town rather than pay the heavy fees IHWtm,.n ,..., i.nj,,,, ,i w, re iiwstc.J
d.iuanikd uy tlie auu.omieaior carry.uK un . .T,, ,',,, (,;n
tho iiefanous business. ' . . , ,
Mr. numb, from tho inminitt. on ii'pn
printions, relKirtoltlieMrmyiiiipi'oiirintioiiliit
bi the ih'nnto. Asnr('l uni by tli" inim
niitUic the bill nppropriat.n i;i..VKi.ri, '.a-iu
an iiinvnn- over llm Hon1 bill of ',".i.'i.iho,
mid u iIii'Iviihi from t lit Mtiumb"i ol ' V.'.."'1.
iVi3....TIip Sciiiito ilcbiitiil, without netioii,
Up a tribntary of tho Ten I d'Oretilc river on
which is situated Thompson's Falls, in a
Frenchman named Bnptiste Dnchanip. lie is
103 yeass of age, and first saw a railway car
Wt full when a train crossed the Coriacan de
file, over which is tho highest wooden bridge
In tlm world. This man has a half-blood
daughter at Corvillo 70 years old, of whom ho
always speaks as "my baby." Ducharne was a
member of Col. Ashley's expedition in 180i,
and trapped for the company an tnai season.
linn irappcii ior wm cuu.imi.i ..... '""""j; 1 . ,, .V i iV
Aft,, that be trapped and sold Mrs to both tho w" t.
lluibioii IlaV and Amoricau Fur Companiea
Ho ascended the Yellowstone in 1804, and saw
the ui vscrn. but liUo tlio other trappers who
saw portion of tho wonderful scenery of tho
park, he was moro interested in furs than in
scenery, and never told any capable writer of
what lie faw.
A most remarkable show waa recently held in
Austria. It was an exhibition of noses. Eighty
persons competed for tho prize off orod for the
Dost extraordinary nasai promocranou m
nzo and color. The Jury deeided that only
throe out of the whole could be admitted as
mr.iMtors for the prize. It was finally ad-
uilgcd to a competitor from Vienna, who is
the proud and happy possessor ol what is said
lobe a glgantlo noso ol uccp vioici oiuo.
The bill reducing the rate of postage on tran
lient newspapers when sent by others than
ilia nuMlilinrs. la one cent for each four oun-
en or fractional part thoreof, has becomo a
law. This reduction Is equal to one-half, as
the law heretofore exacted one cent for two
ounces. It Is not a cUffionlt matter to discern
tk flnnri nf the blanket sheet nublishcrs in
ftli matter, as one ecnt will now pay the post
age on a nowspaper "big as a bed quilt." For
sign poitage remains unchanged.
Among tho sojourners at the Grand Hotol
Victoria, Mentone, in th year 1871, was the
Archduchess Marie Rfgnler, who. dtiring,tho
tliree months stay tli"i'o, took such a liking to
the proprietor's handsome dog Flctrinn that
he begged it of him, and carried her prize
nth her to Vienna, in less than a fortnight
tfii.i. nnM,i.... ......;..! Pintrino was bick in
IU old quarters again, having traveled 800
miles across strange countries, over mountains,
""rough towns and viil igcs, only to die at hi"
master's feet live duvs after his coming homo.
It is an astonishing fact that tho south
adopted baked beans and codlMi balls lieforo
alio took tho nitnblo penny into her good
graces. The latter st ill remains under the ban,
and is not likely to bo regarded with favor for
some time to come. New Orleans is making an
effort to get tho penny started In circulation in
time for tlio exposition. While tlio south con
tinues to resist tho introduction of a smallor
coin than tho nickel there is an Increasing de
mand at tho north for tho coinage of half
eents. Nearly every country but eurs has a
smaller coinage Tho French centime is only
one-fifth of ono cent, tlio Portuguese rel only
one-tenth, and tho Chinese cash or sen, even
of Ichb value. Many small articles in tins coun
try arc sold at the rato of two or moro for a
.nt but when a customer does not want as
much as a cent's worth he feels the inconveul-
enco nnd injustice of being compelled to buy
more than he wants stmpiy uecauso me gov
ernment has failed to providn us with small
coins. There is room for reform in this Uiroo
"on" .
J. T. Norris, of Springfield, O., tho detect
ive, docs a trick that probably no other man in
the country can Imitate. Ho takes a sllvor
coin, usually a dollar, and places it on his
Imltirnnn slid tri tVi With liift ton cue be
strikes it against his teeth with tho sound of a
telegraphing instrument, the opening and
closing of the circuit being exactly imitated.
Norris used to bo an operator, and by means of
Iho coin can telegraph words so diitlnotly that
my telegrapher can easily road the message,
n this manner he telegraphed fifty words a
minute A Republican reporter wrote ont
- ratnt.n nninti Minns, ana uuu-
niennnHU v m ,iv-.. .
cd it to the dcteotlve. Tho two operatives In
charg' at the Southern took down tin words as
fast as Norris produced them with the coin.
Mr. Xorrls can stand up beforo a telephone,
and In this novel manner telegraph a message
which anv telegrapher can read with facility.
But tho most wonderful thing is to soo him tele-
i. !.i. i.;. ollils. Tho dots and dashes
ftbo telcgraphio alphabet he indicatos by
more or less rapid opening or shutting of the
eyelids. In this manner uo can cuu.u. "
an expert without uttering a word.
letbT from Huston, neeciiting the nomination
for l'resii lent tendered him by llm National
uroenlmck Ijibor convention at liiiliiiiuislis.
lie says the iiicstions presented by that con.
volition nro "limber mill exaiidcr than nnv
mere political measure;" praises the lliuiii. ini
system which sprang up during the war ami
ennorsus llicplatloi'inot the Uivciibuck party
At the Maine Deinis iatie Stati nventioii
in Hnngor delegates were pivsent. Mayor
..in. i iiiuii...... ..r i. n'i. ii. .......
nnted for govorno'r.
The British brig (1. P. Hlicnvisnl, bound
for Halifax, mils wrecked oil' tin. Calies of
Delaware, and all but one of the ten men on
board were drowned. Tho survivor was
picke t up in a small bout by a pu-iii vessel
fiml Ijiken t.i New Vorlr
TnB Vermont Heiuiblicans. at their Main
un i.. 11....1 :..7.t...t .. ...o
VUllVI'llllOU 111 illll OllnO'l'i ii'miiiiiiik u n lllll
ticki't, heoiliHl by Kauiucl K, I'ingree fur gov
AT the New York Deinis'iaticStnte ei inven
tion, held in iSnrntoim. J mines Aiidivtvs ami
Kapallu Were renoiiiinateiiror tlm court oi up-
als nearly uuaiiiiuou-.l v, mid ir i. li nt nil
cleebun for each of the thirty lour districts
were apK)intl. with Oswald! Mlemlorlei' ami
William I'uivell or electors at largo at I be
head. C'oiilestiiigdelegations I ruin New York
city were plnenUxl by the admission of lliirty
onu County Democracy delegates, tbirtv-ono
'e..... b.u i ..... ..r ii... 11..11 r...
i uiiiiiiuuj inw i.ii'i w;ii oi .iw.iiiii, iimi iiv.-UolL
PiiAiti.i.'ii FiiAN'fm Aiiamm. .lit.. wiiKchoscn
president of tho Union 1'iicill.; railroad at a
meeting of directors in New York, Sidney
Dillon having n-signed tho ollice.
A RTATrB in honor or 1111am A. isuck
Ingliain, Connis'ticut's "War llovenior," was
unveiltsl at llai tlord hi presenco of a largo
llism M attii bw Si m l'S in, the well km iwn
Melbi "list divine, ditsl in l'liila.eiliia, aged
7;l vein's. He wax Isirn in (Ihio, mid was
rlei-UsI and onlaiiie.1 liishop at ltoston in ISVJ.
... . ... .. 11 .1...- . A 11....
droit Years of Met hodism," "laei ia'i iiii'i-s
on rrencliing," nnd was tho editor nf tho
"Cyclopaedia of Methodism." In s7 ho was
selected to nirer tlm oiicning praver lit the
1.' ..1.0. II.. ...... II
uenieninai cxiiion n" "i-s "'- ...-..w
noted orator in tlio Slntlnslist Kpi copul
Kontli nnd Went.
A OANO Of counterfi'iteri which has been
operating extensively in Michigan linslieeu
broken up by the arrest, of the in iiicinul mem
bers an old man mimed Daniels, nt f lint, and
Asa Davis and wife, nt ( 'orunua. I inniels was
sentonced to ten years' iiuprisonnienl.
r, . !. U....ll,....w( i.i.lientn Unit
llEnnon iiuiii in" u"iii'T -,,
..ni.ila ilrivn thin Kenton will Im emtallv ns
lnm. if not creator than that of lss:(. L'nro-
ful estinial put tho nuinls-r of cnttlo b be
fulion from Texas alono nt loO.IKaj head.
. ..-n lu,li..AitM n f'niiv ledifin
l uini-uir. oew " , ..
and a cowbov at 1'ort Mdrsl, Northwi-stcni
Territory. The latter shot Iho Indian, who,
In tho throes of death, raised himself and shot
, , .;.u .....lvnr lli.l'orn ilvinir llm
nis siajcr nun i - , P
cowlwy put live more shots into tho Indians
Deny. ,
A TUO-BOAT near Now Orleans sank sml
ilenlv. earrviim down a pilot und two en
Coi.ONF.i.F,nWARi) H. l'l.ATT.I'nltiHl States
nrmv, adjutant .-general of tho department of
tlio 'Missouri, died at Fort Leavenworth,
. r..ll,itu In Vow Timlnn fVin
w.ii,.ut. iiniliiii. bin w-ifn niifsitliful. killed her
oil Monday uiglit with ail ax.
I.uko I'hipps was hanged at handwicii,
Out., for tho murder of his wife.
llaldwin, tho clothier, failed In New York
:ity, Willi 0110 inHHwi dullars in liabiiilies
l'l..nn ll.r...a.,.l fimnlnM.. nf lllA WnFMtr1
lllllV lie.linoin. ...,..j.. ... .....
nil is 111 iirnoioiu iuiip pi 1 11. n 1,. 1 ..h.. . , -.
. .1 1 1 .1
liriilt msoroiT iKTi lli reu, biiu uu .iimu."
the mills were smashed by the strikers. The
stom masons in Unulfbrd have also struck.
- Several members nf tho "Dlack Hand"
have Is en c xeeiitnl in Spain.
The marriage of the Princess Klirabetli, of
Hesse, and thellranil Duke Sergius, ot llusnis,
tisik place at St. Petersburg.
- A fire in lliildeford Mc, destroyed a hotel
Slid several other buildings.
-Frost has greatly damaged the growing
crop in N Fiigliind.
- It is r.C'i lrd that Texas will send over
IIHI,Iiiii be. Ws to market this yi ur.
--A violent wind storm in !" wcasioiied
ronsiili table daiuii;;e to pruieily.
'ilm Muvor id Omaha and bis matsbal
have l hi imbeted for bribery and perjury.
was hll'tller di bated.
A.. .......... .utl ,..-..rti' LviLi lil:i.'i Ih'I Tisf.fl
Senator Hrown. of tl.sirgia, and Siurilor I
lngalls, of Kansas, during which bolli wero
called to onler by the chair. The 1 rouble
grew out of Senator lngalls charging Senator I
Drown wilh having iulerHilalsl a sentence
In the prinbsl riH'onls 111 souie remarks iiinde
bv the latter derogatory to llm for r. .Mr. I
Drown replied to Mr. lngalls' reinnrksof tho
nrevii.iis ilnv I'oiiii.riiiii i Mr. llrowirsrevisi.nl
of his "isii li us it iiiH':ireil in the iVcoi 7.
lie said Mr. IngallsV lingtinge was 11 ilclil r.
Blely planni'd insult. There was 11 sharp
pIVfnnuMr. lngalls, who insistisl Dial Ibo
AVeon was intended to Is an exact verliaiiui
reirt. and bbould iu t Is-ehaiig'sl.
Consideration of the I bill lull was resimnsl.
Various aiiiinluieiiis were prnisisl nnd dis
luitetl, sonic of which were adopted ami s "nn
ri-jissL Deliate was partieipabsl in by
Misni. Havanl, ViM, lngalls, Ibsir,
His-k, Cull.' Slater, Dolpli, Uih-mi.
MmeV, ljipiinm and ibd'hcr-oii. A
the iimenduiiyitx oH'enil w is one by .Mr.
llonrtnstrikoouttliccliiusc abolislnn woiii.111
siitt'rngi- ill I 'tali, which wasreji'it.sl In n votn
of Ii veils lo.'ll 1111 vs. All anieiiilim nis b-iii '
dis.sslof, the bill war read a ll, ml lim I
passed by 11 Mile ol SI cn- to l'i nnys.
1 ii.. r. .inul. iitise 1 inns 10 iiii-ieiii in
vc In. 11 imbeted bir laibi ry and perjury. rn u ,,..,,!.,, ,t., 1 I inle I t.n.-and
l'.in .,t ns nlm wi re working 011 the info of ; J,, ,min, . inU of I ml.-1 Slater n.nal
..ink in II. iniiiignin, Vl., wi re liigliliind . jeadeiny pradiiates The Mexican p nsi. il
,iy b Odd Fellows on tin ir way home. I (,,11 ulls eoiisideii'd fin lle r w itln.iil 11'tiini.
rnr.sinrNT AiiTin ii bos been honored by
rrincoton colle-e with tlv d.-i I 1. 1.. IV;
I he same degree wn ills mfem-d ill m biv-
ernor Abbett. of New .liT.-s-y. inul .I11.11 !
llailan, of tlm I'nilisl Slates supi co'irl
A IUSK III tlte I'io tilllllile has llissled si'V-
eral Isnder towns and eini-l iniu h il'imnge..
The Nntioinl Huni 'iiiia'liie convention met
in annual session nt liii r I'ark, Md.
I.-.,. ... I.. .. ,i.K.,....y ulnl.. Hint nil Aridi bas Mr
l ived at Koro-1,0 who claims to be ilie sole sur
vivor nf the ll rln r gan ison. He says Im was
pn si nt when tli" rebels attack) d lierbrr on
M.iv'Jil. The giiriison di fendiil the town for
two hours of i-evere liuditing. but the rebels
were too strong for them, ami fnrcid their way
into the citv. where they immediately wassa
cri il the l.AiKl men of the garrison and 2,1)00
of the male m iilntion. The women and
eb liln 11 i re spared. This story is believed
bv .Major Kitclii in r and the sou of Hussein
I'aeliu hiiuiiiii, llovenior 01 is iner.
l'.IMididi is inurcbiug toward Dongola wilh
:;."i.nli) troops.
Tb! iiassaL'e of the l'itz John I'orler bill
tluniiidi the llmi-e of Hi reienlHlivcs, wilh
the Semite auieinliin nt eonciirreu 111, cmi..-. an
cniisideiiilion of tbis ipiestion except that to
be given to it by the 1'iesideut, to whom the
bill goes Tor signature, as inn ini umniii-,
Purler is, bv ils enaetim lit, pinged of all the
chargis which were made against him Is-forc
tt.o 01 iginnl court inaitial winch tried aud con
victed him. It restores nun 10 um mini 01
. ..1 1 ;.. 11, v....,,lr nrmi nml relieves bis
lUII'lllllll ii: i-r,.i".
character ' 'he slima which has ntlaclied to
il diiriiig twcniy one veins 01 piiiu-iinu iii.
s'lnply witlile.lds Imiu biiu iineained back pay
Im those years.
Two American and twelve Mexican la
L.Tiiswcri! killed by the prematura explosion
of a blast on the Toinpieo luilroad in Mexico,
rl... .a1i.in uliilne of (len. ltolivar.
pn sented to tho city nf New York by tho (lov-
,.1'iiiiiein ill 1 eiii'.iieio. miivnv
Al,.l.,,iiit., fleremoliies.
General William McCandless, at one time
commander of tho Pennsylvania llucktails,
died in Philadelphia.
n... . lnnl, ,.l,.un ami bloodv flcdlt one
horse thief was killed and lour captured 111
v... V...I..J ..Lin., im In llm irtVniit ttint
the British iron ship Svria, from Oaleutta for
Fijia, having "n IhisiiI'IsO eisilies, recently ran
on 1110 KHSIl If 'II. ncirini 1, .ii. "
.lronel All t in crew but tnrce aro missing
A Tckke Tiirkimian attempte l to strike
On. KoinorolJ wilh a sword while lieing ear
ned to prison. Tlio Turkoman's own brother
nil. him down.
Advices from Greenland state that the
DaniHh brig F.i' iia has Wen crushed in tho ico
...a ilmt ten ot l.ereriw wcreiliowncd.
Tho French Chamber nf Deputies has re
jected bv a vote of 2S.I to 11H an aniondmont
to the Three Years' Military Service bill grant
ing immunity to the pupils in tho State
."Wil. 'llm L'ovemniciit supported the
11 niiniiai si'sse'ii in i-"i -
. . . - I nin, .in niellt
hrS.1 It is said a. the War
tin foiling f IV.,.,-seniis,s tliestruetur.. I., ington tl.ai in 1 nc e. ye. -i -,
AnAmcriraii correspondent writes that "self
tniili' nun" am about ns common In England
m they arc in this country. Many great Kn.
!Mi merchants and liiannfivtiu-ors rose from
the vcrv Inimbli st walks of life, and they arc
heiiiinily to bo found in parliament, and
una .times in the. cabinet. It is not an uncoin
on Iking U beara famous meiiiberof parlia
"ifiil lill hi i eom;liliii iils of flic day" when ho
h a laborer working iu llm mines at twenty
hillings a week, (if eoiirsi! it is easier for a
Bin to rind in tlio United States than in F.iig
M but in every country under the sun flist
wal'iiity and pluck will win their way.
The increasing demand for land in this
SakmI... 1 ; 1 . ll.lllu In com-
""uiij nas inuuceii many cnini"n
ioe for the purnoso of reclaiming the large
" which have been under water foragce
!' At present nn effort is being made on a
An Bnsdlsli Tovrn Hlml.cn I f by an Kaplo
ton on Jlomlny .U.irnliiir.
tii. et.izrn. of Greenwich, England, were
ablc Blass'in tho im.m ,ll.t i In tho
force of police were soon on t he po . in ino
building they for.t.,1 a man it uaml
blown oil and otherwise badly 1 nj 1. ,
The wounded man was I alien to the osp ai.
wlulo engageu in i...."i. - , . M.
1, 1 . el The nolice proless to have macie an
subject. 1 be p i"- n,t tho man
"'ThVv -am'ZtH muel on .he premises
' ,nr r f the lat er article which had
nlo ion saved Lomlon from a w;orso outrage
fhan any that has jet boon perpetrated.
A Hntlrond Acclitenl.
, a.u.lai mnrnlnff.
At five minutes r r ,Z
...... . .... i-l- 11. f i nU'll I O I' ll II' III
Tho cngliio. siuolung-car, duy cjucu and
Hooper wero enmpletelv wMvUod. A'mut
thirtv liei-sons wero iiilinol. sevcrnl f.ilallv.
Train wruekci-s wero nt Ihn isi'toni of tlm ac
cident. Tnr.Iiiili.nri Heimblicuii Slnle convention
at lndinnnpolis nominated a tn-kot headed by
Cnivr-xsinan William 11. Calkins for gover
nor Cniisidernble fis'ling "-as expressed by
U of tho delegates at t' Im irfusab of ho con
vention to iiis.it 11 prohibition plnnkintln
pint form. . , , .
Ftl'iM Scnm-a, Oil., enmo thn p:irtleular
of ono of tho nit coninlicntcd trijRn.1 cs tlm'
p'lTiift 1 S'itt
VAcniv-ivu n"'i" " -- -; , -,-wooil.
widow nf a promm-nt nwyor. In ti e
f icennd luvasL vvlt'i n il .ubli-bir vlcl shot
run Her son Otis ran alter H:illa;hor nnd
h'.i ..-1 t biiu w-llhoiit cirn-t. lwb
' . 1 .losnnvl mis Cirecn-
en vvnison , n, .1 I - , .
1 The latter tinned on ntson nnd sh t
him twice in the neck nn 1 luck. nlmm tell,
. n-.., .... ..tiimisl llnl on tuvell-
wcksI, but tlr inter es -fipe.1. (lall-igher and
Orceiivvood woro both nnestod. Min. Ureen-
1 ... j w.i.nn .Iimi Tlm tmsodv Ir the
r.oll. of a ilisnuto nbnit Wilsons running
water across Hrwuivno I s iniuiiM claim
l nsb'liutoil.
... ... ... . - oi . .... i.iil.lle binds has
llin lionse ci'liinnins' " i" - - -
directed llcpivwnitnlivo Piiymn to nrt fn-
voi-Hbiy a mil niipropiiiiuiiK c"
I B'tllO'l UpOll "I pinvim'-
iioiiitiiient nf Pavmasb r (leneral ltochestor
I,.. irnM 1 Tii i-iisVii i if iliinlieat inns flf payac-
1 i... ,.n...rU I., ilm m-tiiv. In Oio nasi
two vcara there wero but aliotit a doxen of
B.,.,1 U..II
(.'oiniiiissinnor Evans has addressed a letter
to Senator Allison, chairman 01 me aiaw ap-
priipnauon iuinniiivoo, im wi .
(bictinn of internal revenue districts ana
objecting to me iiouso iipproprumn i
because its prnvininns c.nnot b carried ot"
without crippling tho service.
1 Ik.".)... ..I II... I.II-..I-OI iill':iii-s eitllllllit-
bs, iulrodiH'i-d ii bill lo preveiil and pimi-li
the pi-oseelllioll, under the pri'li -tl"ll nf tlio
1 'iiit.il States, of fraudulent claims icainst
foreign goveriiinentK. 'I'll, bill provides n
Is'lialtV of line mid unpi i-nmneiil siiinl o to
bat pr--i-lii-d for milking or presenting
frill lulcnt i-lniins ncainsl Ibe I'nitel Slate.i
....Mr. Ij.vvrv. hum llm i-i.inniilli- niieli.-.
siil.inille.l ii ren..'1 on III Illeeil
elis tioii eiisi. of Cauipls-ll iigniiisl Moii-y. do-
larinii the " leslnnl ciilillnl Iniiie "at
Laid nver lor Inliiii-aeli'iu.
'I I... M.'iec aein d to I be 11 illtelelice 11' sir
on the l'it,i'ibn Porter l-ill. strikiii-.'outnl tlm
bill Ibe vvoiil-'-t.elli-r wiiii an i ik"i,
lill-s, mid priv ilcei-." tiiid iuseri inc. llm
words i.r.iviilisl that tlm said l-njomi
Porter sbi'll receive im pay. coinpeiisa-
tioii, or n low alien wlmts.s mi- prun i
Ins apiHiinhueiit miller thii net, in
steal of tlm following wordi ill the bill:
"Hut this net shall b" must rued as ail-
thniiing pav. inmp-iisntinii, or iiunwa in
. ... i.:.. i .....I iiinler il." lllll
in ii ir oi in- ii'-.. v
deficiency appi'o.ii:i1ioii bid was pissisl.ail
alllelldllielll nv all. l.aiionn iinii"i
...i:.:. ...I .........'i.iu Ij.iii" ill etl oil . . . . .11 r.
'A IJ II.... il .1.1 II II. Sill llllll 1IIO
n . i . ii' ''"i I" - -' ' - , f .
..t iii.u. ,.n urns and ineaiciiu lavo-- ol llni
I.,,.,. .ee inlo ellisl I be new near. Willi
Siexien. .
Mi. Un i.i n of l ennsv vaiiiii. oiiercu, ns
i ,.r ..rit .i...... n i-e-tiinn ii ill oi it lou
.1 nuns It I 'Im liners enlilled to the W ilt fl all
the Second district of Mississippi. Mr.
Tli..iiiiis.,ii nf k.'iiinck v. raised tlm on-siioii
nr .u..,ui.l..e..ii..n n.i. I Hii. House refll i'd tit coll
Sider it now. Yeas. -. iiiivh. Mi '. m-' nn
pnnlixtnl nhi-tioll case of t 'nnipls'll n-. ainst
t .. I... .... .... .u1 ii. I l.'Sll'ill II C'Hl
...I....AU,... ivm ralsisl llV M '. 'I II". Ill's ill, nf
keiitnekv. and tho llmis'- n'-i leiu-s-.l to cm
si'" i i. ... , ,
lie llin.li ia frolil be conilllllle -1 11 l.n'l
ii.. .... .1... i.i ll (,, i, i-, .till lit llm inn
. 1 t .. I ..Ii.... ,.".1.1.
pmi iiiiui, - : s. , ,
ft'nti.ici i.i im'I- orin iiiihii . it in.i o mi
law ful to enter into nn ngreeinent or conir.-iet
with nny foreigner or nlien to i loi iii lalmr
y e.'i-viei. of miV kind in tlm Tinted Slates, or
i.. .,r..i.iiv llm linnsTKirlntion or ill nnv way
....I .i ilm iniiuirt.'i'i iii or mi ri'.-l
..-ssisi l'i i-ii' s," " ...-i
ll.m of nnv n i-ll or lorellllier llllili r coini.i .
... .'...I ....win .. L.b.eill1 Ll CTIll-.-SS Or
111 ie,-.ll, , .l-.- r, - -, -
Implied. H dei lnres all such contracts void
and ot no oins-t, ii iiihri-s " i'""
lslmbln w ith lino and iiiiprisoninent for any
..i.i.. i i,,... i ci.eli iilieiiu or fnr-
nm.sn'r ui u snip oi - - - -
aiiriu.ni. mi under contract, in any t'nitcci
. 'I'l.n n.-l l.:ii,,t l.illlill V tl Clin
traclri for skilled workmen in any new iudiis-
trv not nt pn-s'iit est.iiiiisiiiM imie, pn i
that skilled labor for that iiii-hiso eniiiiot Isj
otherwise obtained; nor piufwisionnl actors,
U.mn or nineers. Mr. Jones, of Iscoll-
ollereil an ninciiiliiviit, which was
adopted, providing that nothing in this act
i.i i... birm,,l nm t'l-nbibiiiiie: nnv indt
.llllll im ."in....... , - , .
viibial froiii assisting any luciuber of his
family or nny iidutivo 10 iiiigm'c nin i i oy
foi-i-iirn country tc tho Uiiitnl Slates. Ihc bill
T, I ...ill...... rliviui.tn
W aS I'Ull pM.- r....-wv '
It Fa.nre
the L'nltet males
ai present an cllort IB rcing mauo uu
Seiealo to redeem a large tract of land in the seven L.ih , special excursion
taiiv..... t . -. . i. i .v.. I At antic City colliuio. won . i .
-v nisran xne manor tMX
anEngUBtt company, wwn ii aia jut. CmmkU andAtiinuc
vi o tingimn company, wiwi ""i"""
'Tv,uwu, nuiUO Ul IHO JllBA'lllllva j
Cportcdfrom England, and when the land is
"claimed it is understood that alargeEuio
tw colony will be located there. The re
""""ws of modern-engineering will be utilized
1,1 ""ell a way as to revolutionize the physical
vnpifhj of the south in the coumo or 'ne
!ew jer I
Ashland sta 10 n, mrA gu(1 OT.
wSnlurSttr eseoftho
disaster was struck nj . . wreck in
agagea in - -
il ninu-opi-ii
. - ,n
tun-so ns io - " " ,., pern
i " , .r" r ,d i wiom
r,::t" for such .inul I' I-. "Snlnst
ivbe right' to llm Iniel decisions en.
V" . . h .1.. it..:....i ui.,i.u e..iii-t 011 n.-enllllt
nercil nv 11m i nil"" ""- -1 , - ., ,
of the priority of the grant to llm railroad
Miif,. llm iiomilintious ot
Illaine and l.gi.u, held' in front, nf llm court
bouso at the aiiniuu wan uuuiovi.
. ... .1 Tii.wlev. l'rve and Mahoim,
)!ep,vs'nli.1iv-,'i Pbcl.'s. Unviionml ""ITi
Cucrnoi- liingiey, nf Maine.
-oi: ininl e'.uilllis.ioll to ,-iit.iiii:" f';r th
r,.,., , . i,p..,theco,..letio..oltl.-. ash
, 1 , in , i-i.n ill. oivini.-.ed by elci-uni!
I .,- . .- 1. .h.ibiiinn. A
I ' 1 in- 'I Se .ilor Mnn-ill. Cnngcwtiuiri
ennsirllnv. " r. i ., ,
l e , c inL i 'v work ol the commission.
n i .! mi! i.1!' w ill l".oi l b the eoiiitnission
he commi -h. v dl 1 , lhB
in tlm ceieiiionies.
foreign. .1
. . . i lb,, winder Chief-
Tiiiu-f, iiniiiK i-i' e-s'-'h ; ,,,u.,,a.st
tain while ''Mi" ..' -' p- . f ".n Ibe ves
ol liiTs-nlnnd l '""" !" ',, 1 ' ,,,, vv-i-sol
mid were h ut. l'll"-"
three bouts.
ir.111 KrrvrKri, lord lieutenant of Ire lam ,
fast. Tii" large crow. nt
cesriion was silent all nmng ' ' ,.,, with
nmtovvn hall Kail S'""r was irii-et- -1
niinUlnl ClllOI H IIUO Ulinuia.
The Utah bill was passed br the nnH
Stales Bcnate. It proviues mat ' "- "
husband or wife may be oompelled to testify In
prosecutions for bigamy, poW.amy or unlaw.
fill coliaimauon. jiiukuwi.. J .,
commenced witliin live yi-.
tlm commission of tlio ouonso. jve.,
"arriago . ceremony in atjy eri.to-7 m
tho l nitc. nia.es T, " , i "?A
which writing snail siaiu mo inn .........
persons taking part in the ceromen y '
be signed liy mem, ami .iuui .7 ....
n est so lemmamg ino mi..h -with
and recorded in the rrubato Court.
Suoli oertiiicale shall bo prima faoie ct
Idenoo of the facts stated in it. Any
violation of this provision Is pivnl.U.4 by
a fine of not more than tl.OOO or taP
mentfor not moro than two years, or both.
Every such certificate and rooord shall be at aU
reasonablo times opon to Inspection of the
ofUcen of ?n stien o the Uniteii Btatcs, under
like penalty for refusal to exhibit for inspec-
'"'women shall not bo entitled to vote in Utah.
... :i. ll. nnnalt.V for inO
Tlie Dill presoiinio i-.. v - -
crime of adultery to be imprisonment in the
ponitontiary for not exceeding three years.
. . . uk. a .mIii.
A rropo.iii.n nr. --
In tho U. 8. lionse, when the consideration
of the Deficiency bill In Comm. tee of he
Wholo had been concluded, Mr. ""
(Dem.), or rcnnsyivania, ii.v.r- --
ttonal section, a pmiHisitU asaln.t political
assessments, making Hnn awlui wr anj rie...
Si ....Pliijc. of the government or any con
traotor with the government to contribute, di
rectly or indircotly, for any political object
Mr? Ca'nnon (Rep.), of 111, made the point
that the amendment was not 111 order under
this rule.
iiKcirnocm n niuiEAu.vMK.
Ilrln I'oll 'nulls. Mnn HhnnM Have
t'onalilernllun for Others f nulls.
"Hour yo one anothor'i bu0n" ns
applied to fault was the them. 0f Mr.
Kifchrr'n Hmiiliiy morning serniuj. He
took his U'xt from Oulntinns vi. .
Homo ol the tUoiights ntU'red l)Mr.
Beecucr in the eourso of the Buruu
li'IM.a lnn r P.ltvint 1. tlm Inw nf md.
-....I I..a .....1 llml vnniiirn. avfim mnn
Vi rniw iii.o, win. .." .......
1.1 . !i...Hain,l in nv.tvtf mnn nmt iii bin
III 1)13 lliu-icnivu u. v.... j "
diflicultira to be in symimthy with him."
.... ! in,'.lulAr.l will.
A ltttlll 1. nilJllii"K i"o"iiDww". ...
tho rule ol love or duty."
"Thero is no creature in God's uni
verse that wo know anything about tlint
is tnxed like mnn that him to ninny
rules nnd regulations that he is b-mud
to observe."
"There is a certniu sort of tough char
ity among people m tho community that
have 110 partieular spiritual sensibilities.
Measure and pain control their idea ol
morality, tie mat ninnes .ih-iumuvj 1
good and ho that makes pain is bad, no
mutter wiini no is.
"Homo faults nro like dnst on gar-
I nienls-a little brushing relieves us of ,
I N"'"'-" . , ,
I "Tlio gooil Samaritan took the mnn
j who had been robbed and wounded to ,
an inn and gave the liuuilow two ccihb 1
to take onre. of him. Oh, that we might (
havi; Orid.lal taverns! Hut civilization 1
lias advanced." '
"To be a Clirislian is to carry out tho
mind nnd spirit of Jesus Christ to all
those around about yon, nnd just in pro
portion rut tney iiuvo umai i""si
wrong and nro suffering."
"A father anil niotner unit nave iimu
reled often go on quarreling in their
children and the child cau't reconcile
thni." , . , ,
"We aro npt to bo tolerant of faults
that injure other folks, especially if wo
don't like those folks, ami wo aro not 1.)
he severe on such us disturb ns nnd our
' Faults iH men that traverse our
plans nroUHo n great deal nf conscience
in ns, nnd wo judge them harshly ; but
fioiliM that leave 11:1 undisturbed w
don't care much nbo.it.
"A man will think, for instance, if ho
doesn't say, 'There's Mnpleson nnd (lye
having all' sorts of trouble nbont these
musical people. Hut what do I cure
.1 n.eir minrrel? Thev may cat
each other up if they like. Hut if any
man interfercH m my immey ...i.v...n,
"McatinesH is tlio ono uniorgiviioio
sin. 1 lliink oven 1110 oevn mi.nn .,
with contempt: certainly .onn miiiour
devil does. There is nothing meaner in
this world Hum oiisequioiimiinr, ..........
thoso that aro up and in power, and the
contrary conduct uiwaru iimu ":
thev aro down, un, !.......".
those miserable worms ! the streets are
full of them ; H you go iisiiiiig jim .
havo any troublo getting plenty of bucIi
bait" . .
"I think Gen. (trnnt ono 01 1110 uio-i
mnRiianiuious men we Have ever nmi 11
publio life, and 1 was very much struck
... . . ..1 WTb.,11 IV-iiiklinrr
Wltll an 1I1HIIII1L-0 in n.
precipitated himself from tho Senate it
was very much against Gen. Grants
. . 1 . .. 1. ... ...... nn.1 vol
itiilgmeut, anil uini wim nnunu, j--he
attempted in every way to befrlond
Mr. Conkling and shield him, to such an
extent, inueeu, m c.oi..v o
he was ou Conkling's side. A man ex
postulated with him, saying:
' 'Gen. Grant, you don t believe that
ho did right ?'
A10, nil , a ."..
'Well, how is it. then, that yon aro
. . .1 AI
on his BUio now r
"The reply ib wortuy 10 uo wiuwu u
.11 f 1.1
loners 01 Bu.. ....
" 'When is tlio timo lor mu . nm.r.
i,im.oii friondlv if it be not when a
friend has mado a mistake? It is not
the time to leavo a mau wncu uo u.
mado a hluudor.' Applause.
"I don t wonder you oinp.
'It is best when folks areoonrtlng
.. . .1. u...i nni fnolta lieforeliand.
llini luoy H111.1 --- - ... 1
When you marry as sinners you will be
much more ap to live as
When you marry ns nnmm i -saints.
. i.i
"Every friouilsiup snoniu ou i.muu..
on the doctrine of "! dcpravity-and
that's the only use I know of for total
. f AsuatlarlM Till
depravity, inen evrj "
veiled is just so much more than jou
mpposcd, and every good quality deveb
.... 1 l r",ieb elnnr train.
.ii.;n iimi ia onod lor any
Till! IIU.IIOItOt M l-Al'laili.
"Ton will have to order some more
woolcu stockings," said a Now York
drv irooda clerk to his emnloTcr.
"Whv what's tlm matter'? Wo had
S overstock a day or two ago."
'I know it, but wo haven't any loft.
I so.j ti,e iat pujj ouly a few momenta
strnngo," said tho projirietor,
"that thei- ,iU)ll(i l)0 B tt,mmj for
1.... ulUllf l. ....
woolen niA.. .lllg (loason. 1011
nro sure you nave nomlHtllko ?-
"Yes, I am sure, x , nft,,i0On Wall
street is the cause 01 ir. . , ,0 m(
them in iho place of banks. ' ,.'vrning
"What is the matter with Jim Har
mon ?" asked a grain merchant ol a
countryman who had just "got in with
Home crn. , ,
"He's got himself into trouble, was
tho reply. , ., ,
"So I hear. But what was tho mat-
tor ?"
' "Well, Jeems got too pros'prous."
TIow can a man bo too prosperous ?
1 "Well, Jeems wnru't saiiKtled with
I raising tho best co'n an oats, nn the
I best horses, an' cattle; he ha' lo raise
1 notes. That's whero tho troublo began.
' I tell yon, unless a man's in politics, be
wants to draw ute 11110 " n"
Tilt? BOO 18 IS.
A I-arnnrd m-iu who was reproached
bv his wife for his inhospitable disposi
tion, promised to amend.
"Well, how will you go about it? slid
"I will put n uolieo on tho front door,
lie replied, "whero all the neighbors can
see it." . , . , - .
Tho matter was allowed h drop at
Ihispoiut. The next day, ns the good
lady of the house was goinp; out to mako
some calls, she found tlio following
placard pusled conspicuously en tho front
door : ... . 1
"Notice I Tho latch string is out, but
the dog is in." IUii-Umjlm Fire Frcm.
O rot Is all dis rarthly bliss,
Anil vnt is nian's sikkwsb ?
And vnt is various odcr dinRS,
And what is happiness?
Wn mako ilnpoaita In a pank,
Rtraiuhtway tho pank is preaki
Wn fall and smash our outsidos in,
Vera ws a den sdriko mako.
Ulna IlllEITMAN,
nis BAFK,
"My boy," ho said to the young man
who was about starting out in lifo,
"when you hear a man telling about a
backward spring, too much rain, cold
,...,. nil Mint, remember flint he is
trying to bull tho wheat market."
"1 seo.
ul.,.1 !,,. n vnn bnnr nliolbpr llUl'mll-
nuu " .', . j -- -
ing over an opposite Htnto of nfTnim yon
can set him down for a bear who wants
to smash prices and rip up things.
Trust neither, but strike a medium.
"Exactly, sir -that's just what I havo
done," replied tho young man. "I've
iw put an my nimn-j n b,uu '"
" ii'r.;; xi AVi
nis riue. ... .... 1 a irieuonuiii nn.v r"-- - , ,1
Mr. Kasson Op ), of Iowa, arKno, that the mnRt 1)0 ti .riendship
anii'iKinicni wasunjiuu"""" . . ... ., .i... i,., rrinii witn an nin iaui
iiiK auainst the rule, but as lie-inn a!a.i.si uoini viini nine
Imucy. 11 an wn. .......... ,
mshcls of nats to an army commissary
A MASSAOHuswrs man by the name
of Darling, who has been marr.
tSUShi canTfoTthelifeof him
?eH w. ,11. means "ducky" or
while enk-aueu 1i..,
the afternoon ana .1 "'1' his wife means "ducky"
An old friend is bettor than two new nJmm
Knvnai-a of llm Krasl.
lb-ports from various parts of New England
statu that tho heavy, frost of Saturday night
caused coiisidcrablo dsmago to Krowing orois.
Tho Ciil'o Cod district reports Ihat the cran-
Is -nv crop is entirely ruined. l'ta and
,1,111 nnd vim s of all kinds worn also seriously
iilTi cUd. Much nf tho com will have to bo rc
pliinlrd, and nwiiiR to tho lateness of the
iensoi. a! short crop will bo the result. In Nor
folk countv, .Mass., entire erops of vegetables
wero destroyed. In nearly all Bootions the
cnroth nf the crops was retarded, and it is sn
ticinated that the frost will result in putting
Inch prices on all garden products. In New
Ilainpshire beans and squashes suffered the
must severoly.
I.lnbllllT ol HtoeUlioldera.
Washington B. Williams, rcocivor of the de
fun. t CUV iank or New Jersey, sued the stock
1 oTd rs of that concern to wover amonnts re-
iw. bv them as dividend, from January ,
iwn 111 til tho failure of the bank, such div.
u .'.I. having been paid while Iho bank was
I "t. . Tho dc.en.l.u.ts tiled a domnrrer
1 e , K tbttbodlreob.rnd ..ot ho s o.k
,, ,h s wore the parties liable, iho Chati
e , . over, tiled the demurrer, and bis opinion
t that tho stockholder who has received
a t of the capital by way of.djwtond, with
Cislativo authority, has no right to do it as
TwSonHhwSllrid to pay th. debt, of
i 1J10 corporation.
hundred. I
...... hn 1
DUsticis 01 iiaw 10 """j ,7: ,..
of tickets. A memlier -f Oong-ess desiring
?M otionwmrtd not be pernnttc. to spend
Io? hi. own money lor the ordinary ptir
pole, of his election, while hi. eomnct. or
(not being a moniber) might exiicnd any
amount he chose. . ,
The chairman, expressing ins ..
such a wholcsomo proimsitioii and one so con
dnoive to public morals was out of onler, felt
restrained to sustain the point of order, ino
pmposition was therefore not aduiittod.
A llnnuer Family tVui.ded Wlihonl An
parent t.uuse.
William II. Cooper, a"lrealtl,y ami 1 promi
nent citiJten, was shot by Joseph Jlrinker. a
lwcnliar character, of MontroBC, la.
'I'lii wis no ca nso for tlio deed eieopt that
Ilri kerwa. not sane at the time, .as no 0111
nosl. "ld l't-veen them, linkers
r'K J. L"1 5?h5 nosscssed of erniskler-
JMles for a Itrcasiwerlt.
ab 0 nroneriy mcir "-"---. .-,,
in ease knd without ' e-
wounded. H
A Cwiaul Fired AI.
A balloon ascension at Bordeaux, France
A nai.wu - throng nf people iu the
aimed his pisioi ui " . ... ii0HC.v.. H's
ft? Su-JS 1. "1 nicked hi.n
hat' Ti,. wounded man pointed out Iho sol-
Ter" 1 the shot, but the latter, with
dier who fired the w , ... .,,,..
!nril PtKt the awTldler mistook
ment. ll is wipi . civd an's dress.
the eoBsui ior .u v.- al Dn.
drd ad Inquiry to U w
U jniiU ivji uiu viw"""" ,
McCulloneh, haviug about 8,0(10 men in
his commatm, (tmcovcrcu imn uinin"."
Bond was held by a Federal force of loss
than 1,500, a part of whom were negro
' . 1 i 1 j I m.MiIa tin
tl'OOpS, lie moved lorwniu w e
tho prize. His first ttnck wM on Sat
urday, and he was repulsed, after a 1 hot
ficht lasting several hours. ur8
Baturday nifht .Federal gun-bt enme
to the riscne of the post, h"
pai-Koii .. . .i(k 1,0 know
pits and wawu
must come.
, . I. . iA .Jdbiim nn
When wouuiiocn cauio i """.-r
on the works ho discovered that his hues
would bo swept by a terrible fire before
they could got near ououk" - y-
... J. .. P. moved no.
To sliolter tne men "J
ho brought out ' ,M)nmnlrM7
formed them iu line. The
a soldier to advance alongside of each
mule, making the living
cover him. Kveiythiug worked all right
at the start, but as soon as the mules
,in n ni rnnv iiiLnii uiuukiuk
nnd kiokiug, and raised such a row that
i-i..r.4vnta i.hph wfiro uncovered.
.. s. ii.a n,i n..!1,.AV. mner hftd
more than ho could stand, and there-
!Ta ad! It. lrillnrl
treat was sounuea. no
wounded and prisoners, ever 600 men,
together with a field battery and many
0 .. 1-1 .1.- T.I.. .1. 1u.a it.
small arms, wuue uj iii ...
killed and wounded, waa nearly as many.
McOullooh was the first general in either
army who attempted to moke a breast
work out ol a living mule, and, as far as
known, he was, also, the last. His men
found the heels ol the terrified animals
I about a dangerous, as tho federal bul
1 leto, Qcap.
inn rF.DPiiF.ns.
An elder in one ol tho churches was
last week tnnkiug up a club of subscril)
crs for a Sunday school paper. In his
rounds ho called at a house whore bo
found a httlo girl ol seven at home. Ho
explained his errnnd to her, hoping to
get her name on the list, and she re-
liTtrii Tn oatir mntw. nnd I'm ouite
sure she'll give me tho money, for she
says we must patroiiizn mo pinin
oome along or they will be driven to stea'
He hasn't gone back to see il she suo
ceeded. Detroit Free Press.
Mrs. Finks "Do you remember Mr.
flllnks?" .
Mr. Finks "rerieotiy."
"Well. he wont to Europo becanso he
wished to avoid a probable leapyear
vm-" . .
"Well, wnat 01 ur ,
HTT onk nmio-Ut in OUO Ol the KCOUt
disasters and was lost. Just think what
a fool he was. 11 no nan marneii no
couldn't havo been worso off than ho ia
now. eonldhe?"
"Well, my dear, that depends on
which plaoo he went to." Philadelphia
Call, .
Elizabeth is a Buffalo girl abonl eight
thew wre shor'red skirts and a sort o
tOTinoket laced iu front and behind
$Uh puffed sleeves. I don't just remem
her ;hat kind of stock tag. hey wesr,
tat I think they rL
aro the AlpSi onimr " T '.
m the artless response, "It doesu t
say anything about that."-Jri-Jf'o
Cnmmeroxai. .
AS t-NlT.orlriUt.K I'.ItKINKSH.
W..II bow's trade. J" asked olio Oill-
cinnnli ll"rl-t of another.
' lXa.1, was the reply; 1 uaveu 1
sohl 11 boini'ii t in a week."
"Nor I," recpondod the other. "Aud
hero there are thirty or Imty uiurdewrs
in jail. Tins mob business is. a terrible
thing." .
Drooiuteh in an Inrtant.-ju
Pnteraon N. J.. Deoorutiou W I"?; "
dreW school girls JfBTto
carrying a flag and a bornin-
cemeteries w 0, aoiitier s
floral Jj-ibnte rw70, . cannon all .
?heVgr i3t de00t-nobutaw

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