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0 fr.r, .? "
The public schoid ut this iiltico opeu
,.,1 Monday- -
Wliut lius become of .tlia Ice -cream
j.'lival biiHincwT
Show ua tho mini who has not said :
, 'is this hot enough for you."
Ouulidalcs are putting in their po
work tw ihcyicmthi' linne-sircc h.
(Jivl 11 'H"w 's imttHinill v nl tractive
ft fishermen this ywir. Why is ii
iIiiihT jbim
'IVo School Dinrl. ire for this di.-lrie
n. to lie elected llt """'"a August
VatcrnH'l"i, nt Vnmlorbilt prices.
..vwle thflir anponr.tncc in our
niti rktt. J3M
The renl estate transfers I'm- tlie nionlli
',Itine, s reported to mir Register, tig
titcd Sr-'.TIilV
County Cuiirt tn c t nnil transacted its
liiisiitess Monday. We will gi-c appro
linn next week.
Our County Court Clerk issued, dm
rinr the month of June, 10 marriage
Jirtiiwt-'t 7 whiten :uni .'5 colored.
m mm-
" Things n,'L' l'i'l'l"'"'"-" 'I''1'"
time it if JOl-poiind gill aL Mr. Jus.
T. Sunder' house, in Owl Hollow.
' mm m
f vmi want to arouse the ire of one
of the hri.'!id(! of writem lor tlie News, .
my Koinethiiif,' aliout 11 dead pitf
C'liiincellor Hancock has dissolved the
injunction in the Cowan election case,
uml wo suppose the election will lie
Diek Taylor, jr., Deputy County
I'mirt Clerk, furuii-hed us the the tahu
Inlfil tux li-l for for which we re
turn tl anks.
Cuinheiland Lodye No. LA F. and
A. M., did not have a meeting last Sat
uri'iiy niglit, owin to the small nnmher
,,l I,-, ilnvii m-esent.
- I
Tliree colored www IV11111 Yirniira 1
lave purchaK.,1 one of the Siriekler ;
liir,s, a few mihs north of Wiuehe,ler, '
juiyin- fur the sain,' ?.,.",,000 in t!,.-h. j
Il is su'e-ted that the old wt tiers
licreahouts hftdd a nieeliii' in the near
future. Il would lie inien siin ami
iiVii.-ant to tl cm In meet and retrospect.
Sornn dumphnol, 111 wiilin;,' f,r the
News, hewails tho loss of the little ho'
fliis; hat his love f ,r them we will ex
cuse, as we all know the taste of ymin
The Fourth of .July was not celehia-
)rl Ih i-;'. O ir citizens linked tho
i-iiade, mi.i tlie country people the
ii.'imi"!! of the land snenl tlie dav in i-
tl.cir v hi a. fie'ds
,, ., . , i- i- ,.,i .
,.r. 1' .cut.:, who lives near Lstill
r'I'i'ilie.s, cut his Icjr with an ax, at Corn
iV filler's mill, on Klk river, some two
weks a,oo, and the wotiml is now on-lril,Pl ,,v I ,.mMTtiti newspaper.-, nml ki,.,s- was coniimlled l.v Ids Milmies... of
,i. ;,, . i ,j l;r. I ' , n i i v"e' to call Mnj. I.u: hiir. sou in the
.l,tt,.-e,.n,' Ins Isiatesnten. Now. .he Home .lountal ,.,.,,;,,,, )ilt 10 M;(.
nev.i: n MeNeii, of.iaei;s.4e.sliirr,i,1(i;u,si,:,:lis ,;,r tl"!n;:,",moi?': ."' i''r
itissee tin old Franklin coinily nian-
j ;,i 1 1 ..:.: .,r,.,
m " 11 1, ii.i on ii rii'.i i. itt. 1 , 11 " 11 1 1..11. ii .
yi'tirs' nhsence. Ho will spend a lev
.l.iys... iVinehester Springs.
1, f ... .,.1 ,1, i.l,,,,,,,,, 1
, '. 1 V Sr 1
returned last Sal unlay. J'-nler-
iinments, durin- the week, were ivn
j'lhe hoys in Lincoln, (lilcs and Mar-
'Iiull counties, with fair success.
The article signed " Island," in re
ly to " C. C. C.," h too h.n;; for our
iliuiins. We uro nlwtivs willing to
. . . ft .1 I II 1 . ,
;ive" Until snies a iieaini.' in ourcoi-
iniiw, hut don't propose to let either!
vlo n.tmoi.:,liZC our space. I -
At Sherwood, in this county, on the
'.tii iiist., Ksqr. Jno. M. Kellcy, candi-
I, , . .. ,
tilti lor lteprcsentative, was united 111
liiilrinit,ny to Miss Faiinie C. Sinitli,
Itiiv. J. A. Curjjilo performing the cern-
lmy. "John ami his nrnle lias I he
I iiat wishes of tlie Home .lourmil.
Death of Alexander S. Em-
We lost a prominent citizen in the
''ink of Mr. A. S Kmhrcy on the
'mmytr of the 7th instant, nt his resi-
viii'c in Winchester As a meiiiherof
!ie Methodist Church, as a Mason, mid
'ti man, he was nhovc reproach, lie
!s prompt and exact in business, and
hlun example of promptness and luui-
i!J' in leturn. 11c was sober, thought
"I, indiistrious, puhlic-spiritcd, and
I nfill in all he essayed to undertake nr
'ftlcr.'n. The dcuili of such n timn is
I l Jl'On t lima lft ., n.,ftft,,;i,.
C .... ,..Cg ,W Vlll I.I.III, 1(1, llll J .
f.vphoid fever was tho prominent
of his untimely death, but ho had
''Mr nllhctiotia of the body. Only a
.put constitution could have borne for
h-lays the draft upon it, mid his death
w""t n surprise to those who knew
''"iitinlion for weeks previous.
JIr. hinhrev wus iihout ")1 years ol
I'S6' Only a year or so since he lost his
"e. t.) whom ho was devoted. He
,!4,w a host of relai ivcH father.
l''''Hllira eiutniM nmiluiwa iiiinnu find
lulil, (Mr. Tom. Km'hrcy) of the
r-urin of Marks &GreL'orv."
ceased wns buried in the Winches-
rrM,ntery funeral services by Kev.
I ' vurry and the nttcndiiuee was
Franklin County and luir Taxes
f.,l,ier0ll0Wi"Si8a M '''iM '-'TV in F.niikli.i icunlv fci r.ml tlio an-.M;iit of
nixes fiKscsHocl thereon :
Aer - !
of i
Land. !
' is : i Vulup.
1- oHI 1!2,4!I0
7!.-im 1
."o,:;ii! !
m:,.")2ii ;
11 iic.o !
ri i.r.in '
72, loii
22,viiO j
::i;,i:io ,
::::,s2" :
14 4."i' i
7oD;i lS,Sl!
7,.o: :iii:)!)o'
Ii 2 10 40
'. Cim'm;
' 4
: r, .
h 17(i:;:i;
I; i).,-',:
1 11,72!' I W,
!: 12211::
4,'J!)0 ; 7ti2N;
II nni
70(n up,::
2.7 1--
1 1,1121)
Li' ' H. f2? ' .:)r W')Mj ? U I n.7:7ii
CongreecioriCl Convention.
1'y order i, f the Democratic Exeeu- We lake profum,! pleaii!e in ihank
live Coinniiltee i,f the Filth ('omrr,. in'the Home JimmmiI f. r ilie notice it.
simial Distriel nf Tenliecfoe, I heiehv
eall a convention to ii.-eml.le at Tulla-
lii.nia, Tenn., on Tiiesdav, August 12iii,
at 12 o'cloik 111., for die pnrpn.,. f
iiominatiiio a caudidale for C'oii.'iv.-s,
.'"id an Klcctor f,,r thi-. Coiij,'re-.-ioinil
.M.'inl.i rs of wiid I'xeiMilivo Cominii-
tef will nee that deleal.'.s to said Cull-!
venlioii are sihcted in their respective'
counties. Tikw. D. (iin.iamv, '
K. Ii:mh:i:m,n, Sre'y.
County Convention.
'I'o tin- K 11,11,1:11V of l'raiil.lin t'niiiilv :
On the l.-l Mondav in August next.
a Convention of the Democracy of
,, , ,. ,
lra,,U" ,Mll.V Wl11 ,M! lu'M 111
hesler. lellll, lo appoint ileleiites to
the Coii' ies.-ional Convention wliicli is
,,, ,,..., ;., ''. .! ,, i, i-.,!, ,,f
Al , iS.SJ , wmimU. u .....Mi.lal..
;,. ,,,, , ,,;, n!1 ,.;,,,.
f,. Kinii C,.ii:rcssi.iii:i District. Il
is d.-ircd that rwrv Democrat of the!
County he present.
All districts that 1. refer il, can hold
primary 1 hclioiis.
I' H. .M.l.I.v,
Meiuher of the Kx Committee.
(!en. I'm njaini.i F. liiiller, with an
e-eort, reached Chica;"i the other day
and received quite an ovation. Having
received the ( reilihaekers' uoniiiiatioii
l'"r I'lesident, he now hopes in capture
the Democratic nomination, somewhat,
, , ,., , ...
trace (.rechy lul wlicn tioniiimtctl
In. I n.li.e.nttili.iilti nnil I Jon, i il'l':, t s.
I"., .
ami he r sil l u unc i, I seems io us,
IIUj,Ul ,,t. n w.u.lilll? t Democ.aey to
ilV(1j( c-1 1 1 : i jr 1 1 1 1 alliauci's And the
,,( m, ,t..- U -eriiiiislv atlvo-
I'i UIU V-IIH-llJiU V till vruu'MJt
::ver !nn un:l that r.cast I'mtler would
, . . . . j . , i .
11,! 1 nil iiiiiiiti'ii; tii.i.i i.t "' ' ftii.i.iiiiftin,
or in 11 at all " W onuers never cease,
and it docs appear that he will make 110
, . .. . .. 1 ..: 1
met II Flliiwni'' lis u. vines. .1 ,,,e,,n
! - ! 'I-' i' - would sup-
l'"rt 15,",,'r- l,""""u''' '"'''
lilin wc W'oulil hinv 10 consiiiei- oeiore ;,, ,,,, ,,f tl0 v,,,.y I,,.. . iiinienla
ve could o-iven reply that it wits a rians 4'ennessee ctm Imnst of, Maj. l!ieli-
CIMIIII pvc II ,roy nun .1. nut- 11 rums I I 1 1 1 1 1 SSI l l i, II l,i'.,lo, .Kill. 11
hittercudtochewupoii. Now, if liiit-'ardson takes hi-h rank us one of
ler should he thonominee we will Klvc!'t nWe lawyers of MurlVeesl.oro, ,
to try to swallow him. hut the morse!
would return too often for our health,
. . , ...11.. .1 1 ....
I ftft Ift III. 111. ft 111.1. K 11.11 llillltl.. ...ft. I '" 11 ft .
' ' " .' I
1 r,,l i, in. nil, tl. .r.,sl,- iniee 11 our
. . ,.
. r , . n.,,.,.,, ,1.,,
stomach strong cnouoli to inasecrale the
' " ', " ,,. ,
moreI for ili-'cstnm. We rather iiiinu
in lieu of Duller, that Oinnt, or Sher-
man, should he nnininalid. Or, iiomi -
. !..:.. 1 ..1 .... .r,i ilin ivliolc
I, lllll JJOIIOI-, ill., I HI I.-- .,-'
. ., .. .,,;.
ai ue
liuilcr f.'.r l're.-idcnl!!!
not i, !, ,i-le is of "nice defend 11
is no fool, hut a man can he a knave for
' . , ,,, , -
nil that, If he Ml he the nominee
then let us haven luneriil over i no iuu.i :
body of the Democratic party.
Subscription Notice.
iioni st purposes. DnriiiL' his two terms,
llerafter we propose to do a "!,ne lls Sp. uki r of tho ildi-e of Kcprc
business, and no name will be entered ycntulives, the other as a State Senator,
upon our subscription list until the; his sliaioht-forward course of aeiion and
money is paid. Furthermore, we iH ; til.iliiy as n statesman won for hi,,, the
, -, ., .. respect iiml conlnlciice ol nil w ho knew
drop tlie names ol subscribers when
their timo expires. We thank the puh-j Kiehard.-oii has been u success
lie for a liberal pntroutiLtn, and hope till, in every department of life, and we
will renew promptly. ' i 'l!!lt,.i' ' '? ' '. ess
, r, ,i,, -,t, ,r TK. ; nun this district he will net in such u
On mid after the th ''f ''l'l ml1 1 !1H t,, rcllcet. l,.,,,or, hill, on h.tn-
subseription price will he increased l"jw,i'nd his coiistilueiicy, as well as ns-
ONK DOLLAR per milium
We have been very lenient with
thoso who are in arrears, nml would he
thankful if they would conio forward
and settle, up.
Juno 25th, l.W.
The dispatches in the. America n an.
noiincc the confirmation, by the Senate,
of ti Mr. llramlett as postmaster at tins
place. Mr. Avers, our present post
master, has ever been uccom modal nig
and obliging Mr. Itiamlett is a Bed
ford county mill', and is, or has been
for some time, a Winchester Normal
p.ipil It is said that the office will be
returned to rhiliip' drug store-
iVllllll! nf
! IVrnnn.il Total value
Slate lax.
I l'opcily
8::in:,4.v j .121
mi.si:. ! 11:.!
i::o.ii2o! Vj,
liH.::iiil ! 2:!7
xt;.s2i i liii,
:: 1.21(1, .vi
:'.2,ii:.n! en
i;2.n.".o 114
1l.'i.ooi! iK2j
2 1. .".o
tl I'll
;i:.,2 1.". 1
R0.4D,-, j
L':!,0:i(i 1
WW l H 1 .7:!5,x.t; 2: m jT.ii.C'.,;
Card of Thanks.
'"" "f the A. M J). ( 'lnin li's ( lein-
plated improvement!!, in i. i.-ne of
.'une 1 , c.-pecinlly the denrc that the
syinpalhy and lihi rnlity of this "eiieronn
peoi,,. mny move them to conlnl.iile
eheerfully. "The l.or.l loveth c heei l'iil
i'iied in liehaH'of the Church.
Very icspectl'iilly,
W. Ii. Oi.i.i.tun.
Vroug,ht fron Range Co.
I he iiLient of the al.ovp companv is
now canvasr-in this conniv with the fa
mous II e Comfort liane. This 111, led
household is last ":;kiii:f the olace ol'lhe
cook.-tove. It i
... , 1 , .
l'1'' ei'tiivly of inalh alde and w roe-hl
Hon, lineil will, aslie-lis which remleis
il iuileslrnclilile. Il uill laheone.hnlf
ihc ful, do the hnkilio; inic-li ipiieki r,
uml a iM-rfeci sileiv ii.tiiust lire. Mr
O. L. - in 1 1 It will call ti the eitieiisj.l
"f ndvie all to
1 " '",iU,..M.
t -r l-i:pp,yol l.l I lUIH k,
I'ATIKIINS j,t ,,.eive, at J. A.
Oaine.-'. Call nii ;cl a I'a-hion 1'lale
and select In suit yourself. Also, 011
Hand, pure l.iiien Law lis, ami varioiis
other artichs u.-iiidly kept ill a (irsl-
ctas.-ft si. ire
r.loj. Jas. D. Richardson.
1 'iiiiiii.ii ( : 1 1 i. i'.
.I, ic . - , ,
I lie very clltcii tit iitanner in !u J.
.M.i. Iilclianls in pre.-nleil over tltc re-
cent Sinti Ilenifticrattc ( 'oiivenlioii.
, ,, , , , . ., .
when the ileleoales, in their excitement
,, ,,,!,,,,, it v icporls, inaile ll.e nicti.'
Mich a perh'ct o ikIi-iik ni inn of disorder
that the iiermaiieiit i-liiiirman, Mr. Ad-
iiM- intuii-. mm iiii." n' .-Hirini .11 uu-
Slate us a parliamentarian.
When he rose in tin; convention as
, . , , ,
cliairmun, in, mailer Imw
j it'll t was I he
1l.,,.,.i (-,. ljlis (- , iiv-l and a
very few comiiinn. Is of "order," "order,"
. '.. 1.1... ; :..i.i. 1 1 ii... 1
i,". .o y i .-1..1.
I-';" !.;. ".J -as dis-
italcheil rapidlv and the speakers I real oil
win, fairness and jt.s.iee. Ilcsidcs he-
1,111, .,1'llwi liinwl i.le.li'.lii.'iileil id 11 oiftiil iiti
d!iz(,lsi),' li,,,!,,,, !;,,,!, Lis native. county,
j Mnj. lliehardsoit is "sound as a silver
'.i . 11.,.'." .... ..11 ,,,,J,;..., ,..,ii,
I. ' ' I .ft . II. I III. i.ifl. ..,... I'I ..'ft,,, I. ... ..l.ft'l.
oinv, mi'i e.-,ccian
omv.tind esiicciallv so roimrilmtr tlittlol
the tarilf, which is theiviil ipicstion of
Ih' .n;seni ctinpai,
11 : : , j , 1 ;., .1 .
pies laid down l,y ll.e State Demociaey
in their pla I form adopted al Na-hville
1 10,1.
' ''Hoe 1, '10.
. .. . ',,.1. . ..
lie is Ift.r a tartll It.r revenue, just snl-
liciciit. to the ccouomieal lidiiiiuislralioii
of the ove.'timeul iind no i,imvt hut if
I . i ,.''. I 1
"inenlental 1in,tecti1. to our industres
is then possilile, icillnnl mi iiiciv;,? f
,""' "J" ' '.'v"r J" V'iS " !
1 iiudcr no (itlicr eii'cuuisttv.icf.j. .
, A. .,, j, jf laeliaidso,, is ht a
mini, 1"; tins been elected twice
to represent his county in the LooMa
Ini'e l,,y his fcllow-ci.untaiiiH, by whom
lie is highly esteetneil ns a fjot.il citi.en
and an honorahle, straight-forward
statesman with protiotinced views and
sist in sccurini: the passiitro of such
measures as will beiielit the people of
this district, ns well as tho entire
country, and promote and develope the
many vast and vital inlerests and re
sources of this great, public.
We are most empliniiially mid turn
ipiivocally for Major James I). Kiehaitl
son for Congress, hut shall heartily sup
port the no,, lime of the Congressional
Convention whoever be may
There is always n deimind in our
town for chicheii.', bi.t i.e ".-i. . u.'i.ly oh
joe," to having chickens pn f upon the
market hoi'. Ie they nr.! weaned; be
sides, il is cruel to liens to thus depiiie
them of their broods.
(.'utility tax. Sehool t:i. Total tux.
,ixii.:;(H ?l,2iiii.iii.', $i,7xk.,sii s -t 47 vi- 1
2i:i).o:i'i 2DH.2S'. ..-, 2(i 1 ",(; (i '
:!!w.7(i" 42"i.:.r (.21 117 i'no-m'
4(12111,: .V.2.II-.,; S7!.:!2, l.!Hii -,:,
2011.41'. 2:i. jc. 4H.f;7 (vis ;.
I112.1::! 117 :: 1!i:i. s. 41:;. in',
fs..." 1 '::". i'.M.'S2' i:i-;.n:.".
lxs.", 217.::.". I :!i,.2.-s.21. 7i;iHi2',
olo.iiii :':'o.-,i)! (;:;( ( 0" i,:!i;,-,.;,,,"
8n.",.i;."i ss:: ;i,i 1, :::!. I7;. :;!n2ii.72-.
llW.il!) 10 00 : L"-'7.1.V tllo.l.'Ji
2I'..22 270.22 4.',i:.o:i IWI..V."
7.I..V1 . K-j.:;i 1 i:::i.C(i.' 2n7..v:.'.
112.71 120 71 i'l'.vllVV -i-VH l.il
J'io.7:U' I27.2::1.' 2:50..s.-)v! 4o:; s-jf
4:1.211": .V...-.4" 111.70'.; 2IH..VO.
21121'. 207.10' 412.00(1 !2l.-'Wv
7o.Mi" io.-.c,'' 2o0.4:..i: 4:12. on.'.
5o,70l 1 o.dfs inj 2'i,0'!.!!,
vor ti;c Lojtslatiire.
Weniv nielii-ru i! lo ion, oftii'e Join, M.
I C li-v, I ;.., of I l,e r.!: Ii civil li 1 iel. Il eilll-'oiil-.li
lift .',,!! IVinlilin ,-oi.niv in tin
I. iv. ' r ! "i' On1 i,m 1 ictn ril .-ft ml,! v
ll"', llilft - . . Il I jl 1 1 1 . , ' , ', I nt i' II. JJil-
lion, N,,v. I1I1.
W. until ftl-ii. .1 l. :if....t W. V.
i. mli -a 1 .:u..!i. Mi.' i .'ft 1 ii el I V in'. I n
.'.nun ini!,, I no r Ii li e 1.1 .In- m 1 ii 11-
e.'lli .'1 . eliil' V e!' 'I'. Mil. ,-i e.
Tor St:to Sct.utor.
W'ftft Mle Ill 11.., .1 l.l :il,iftft,II.IV 1 1.1 uif
Mi le.iU. ;, 1 lOi.inl.ii, ft,- Mn;, null. I I
in ;
liu iciii nt' l-'r.,ii!,.ii!. 0. ill i-.l nn.i Mi.ii-.
1,1 ilie ell-lli'.i' N iVi h,l'. I 1 iei lion.
Foi Shei T7.
Wi :,n- :o,.!i",'i.'ft .1 I., iiiiiii'inii-c ( . A. M i-j'.r-
;i eioiiliiliiii lot' Sin ,'itl of I'i'iinlilin -,, n-
t . 111. el ion 1 I 'I i.ll,--,i:iy il, A III', I - I. I " I.
V.' are nil lie !;'. it . iitilioimce II. 1'. :ik-
ley n e oniiiliiii for re ! ciimi lo tlie ml'ii- ..f
Sin nil' i.l' I'raiiiftiin coiiniv, al lliei n-i.iiii: j
An,;.. : . !.cii..ii.
For County Tii;stoc.
We are miiliei'l. .1 in iiinieiine A.. I 'Si. i.
llioi'e n eninliilnle !'. r Trii-li i- of j-'r:-.nlli
coiity, ;.l till' . II llillu- All:;ll t el' 1 ii. n.
We nil illllllftftl 'ift .1 I lllll. .' il. I
Sioiiii n enii'liitiiie lor i'e-eift 1 ,i..ii t.. tin' 1 tin
i.fT. l-iei oj 1 I'.'llKlill e..lill!;. I l.l- . , 'lie
1 It ,:iii.
For Chaticcilor.
W. ;,l - :tl,t!:i.t .1 to nllnolll
I . 1 i :i ii. i -i -i. . nf M iii ir. i lioi'o, n .' .tiniei.::i
l'..r I leu..-. 1 1..,' nf tin- 1 ' , -1 1 1-i 1 1 I 'n ii 1 ii 't i i .i-vi-ii'll,
e. iliil't "Mil ''I ilie eelllitii - nl Will i. Ii.
( '. ill', . . ( ti n II. .11, il ll'ii'v, Iii i If. ., .! -' i'. nl;! in,
Kiitlii ii. .tl iiml Mi.,. re.
For Cons-rcss,
We lire inillnii ii il In no inn me, If.. a. II. 1'
II -Ml III lei' il , ;, Hi! ill Die I'i 1' 'mil t'ft Ill'lll 1 lit
l-'illll 1 "0 ir. -ft iftftiinl lli.tiitl el 'I, iimi.i
colli, ift.. ,'ftt I I I ttelMOnt i' - of I'h lil.itt. I llllli II.
'..tl e. l'r.iiil.iftii. I i Iii. Mt.r-ltt.lt. M
iin.l Kntii. i",..r.. l-.ii eti. ii N. v. ill,, I:-
, ii- . . ' t . .i . i , ..
1. 1 :. i f :o,i ie , I.' ii I-, i nn. ei nee i.tni iieii.i
.j. ,. v j, , ,,, I ;, i f. ,i j v. i- :, ;i,;;,t,
,',,,. ,,,.,-, f , ,. hi i. t '.. --.i. mil
I 'i-lrift t oi Ti nn - . , e in..ft.-. .1 ..I ; in- ei in n- j
lies of I .. 1 1". . I ft . I'iOIII.'ll. (nli'te, i'lll'ilill.,
I.inet.ln, M...UV. Mar.lii.ll nn.l -Knili. iiftii'ft!.'
I'.leetii 11, Nft. vi lulu r !. I -.-1.
We lire iiillln .i'i. .1 In :t..u -iiin t A. I.. I.nii-,li-,Si',,
a eniiili.hile I. i ( "ir.ot-.- Iroinllie
"ill, C'lllit'' -ift'l'lll I it tii. '...! Ti lines .-i.e. Ml
poseil ol the eiilllitn.- i'f Id .lfi.nl, ( 'nliln. ll,
Coll'ee, I'VmUiii. I.iiiftftftln. Mnr.-hiill, M
nnil llntlift ler.l.
We t.fe niiihnrii-il tftt ninioilitee thnt llni.
.In-. 11. Ki. liui'.l-.n.of Knth ri"r.l .-. nn'y, i
ii i-niiilitlni.i I'm' ( 'mi. r. .-- Iii, n the I'i i'i hi .'ii
Hreioiril 1 i-tiiel ,.( I'.-nne--, e. e.:,iip.i-i .1 of
the iiilies nt I', ''ll'ft r.l, I'lonein. Ci.ll.' i,
I'l'nlikl ill, l.ineoli,, Miioie, M ;,i'-linll, nnl
Itiitli' i'i'.. r.l en until .-.
We :,,'e niillini i '..-.I In nnnoi.nee 1 1 in. W.
I'. 'I'.illt y, of M.ici-e e. nnil y, ns a eninliilnle t',.r
( 'onre.-s from Ihi . ( 'im-re--ionnl ili-ti i. I,
coin lie i il i,f I In- eiilllll ii S of lieillo.'it, ( ':, llll. li.
( "ll--e. i-V:iiil.liii, I, inc. ilii, Moore, Al o-li.ill
nn I K i . i li ii.. nl. lih ciimi, Nov. I. lss. I
We;. re niiiliiii'i- il 0. ni.iii .liiit-i- 1 1 , . Kieli-
I, I'll Will,, e II e.iln'iil.'lle f..- I'r-el, i-t'l.ill t'l
'iillSn-M I'l-nlil lllis ili-lri.-, e.ilniii- il of ilie;
Co. II. tics of I 'ell fur, I, ( 'n III ii in, oilee, I l toil. ! in ;
Lincoln. M;o-li:i!l, Moi'i'e, :, in! I'olh. i i'oi.i.
mrn.Vftmft.ft j
In coinpliuni'e wi
ill.: rlcciii.ii laws of'
I elllll'i't', I u ill, "II
Thursday, tho 7tli day of
August, 1GS4,
open 11111I I, olil III, , r . , ; . . 1 1 nl the ri i;;iinl'
viilii." pliiey-. in. .-n. li eivi! ili ttriet of I'r.inl;-
lill I'olll.'y. ',,f 11,,. , nr., . -eiftl'i 1,1'lill;;
A '. n.tni ell'if for Hie l-'oitrll, Mnnie. ,-y
'..M- "11. e,,li: 1 ,M .1 HI lie collll'.le- nl u 1' I-
1 v f,.. iv;i1il.
I'm. I in. "hi. !.':il i.i 1 1. nl nml Moon
A Sin t ill' I'm' l'Y:,il.lin eon,,!',' ; ':
A 'I ,'O-tee fur 1 rnnlilin county ;
School liireeloiH for the several tli-lrit -t-nf i
I'riinlftlin county ; nl-',, ( 'on -liilile.- ;ilel Mn;; -I
i-trnles v. lu re vnenneii - c i.-l. i
Tin- folltniin 1 1 : 1 1 1 1 I person- inv .-ipi.'.iin-eil
Special llepiitit s to In .1. 1 -iihl eh ''lion innl j
inttke ilnc return-neci. r. Iniv, to law :
I Vinelie.-lel
t si ii;,-t,;"i
. .1 . ,,'lei.'.,'e
. W W .Mill't'inj
Wll Kiik. rl
Joel V.lll.nnt I
III' lllll.-.'
.. 'I lins l'tit-ler, .Ir
1 1, ni v Weaver
.1 M IL. I. Ir
... Hi; l'.... I
. A .1 llin,f
Win Delell
I. 1 1, eher.l
Jil llt.-li let. .
Mil lli-liict .
hi. Ili.-liicl
"till llii-trict
llili I'islricl
T t It lli-ttiet .
Slh I'ti-tiiet
!l,h Ili.-lriet
in, t.
I I 'oh an
t il'l'i lll.i. IV
I III, I )iM riet
t lilll llitl.iel
i.'illi ti-lriet
Mill District
loth lli-tricl .
llith Itinlrict
17lh District
I.St Ii District-
This June !:lil. IMS-I
loli, i 'I'll nr, n an
itililh tinnier
. . M
W K llohli r
.Mieiijah I lull.
William Majors
... I. D I'lir-ons
...W II (lo.-snne
J lilillllll
J. 1'. WKDDlN'liToX,
jun-ft'i Colonel' I'l'iiuklin Connly
SCOTT ll.WIS J(. I. M A Hi I.N
iVttoriiov.s !i t Tjoav,
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice ill the Court,, of Frank lie and
niiiliiiljoliinii-'coiinlics. may I'ii
lliv.sici;in r,o. Htirooii.
Oilers his p,',,fcssioi:l serviect. to tlie citi
.ens of Winciiestel anil stii'rnninlinj, comitry.
If'-'iY" I llliec - In the liiiihliiiK oeenpieil hy
Jniicc .1. W. Willi. 0 ns. went siilc of Sijunre.
I.'csiil' liei - The Cochran In'tise, lu nr Cnpt .
Tom. I ireejorj 's. .jiuu '7U.
CAPITA'.. iRlZE, $70,OCO
Tickets only 65. Scares
In proportion.
Lcuisiaia Slate Lottivy Go.
"We ilo In ri ly ecll! v lint wv l-vin
t lit- im imri liu ntri I'. f : tin- Mi i,ii:!y nil'i
Si ii ;iiuii,;il ilnnvinijf t4 liu l.i.ni
l.'.tti ry ( j 1 ti 11 v . ium in 1. , mi,
i', 1111, i I In i!:-;in. ii.jL (In 11. -i hir.i.liii ll-l I In
-liii.:' fll'C eoliillK'iul Willi lii... v, l'.ii.,n
:in. I in .4111.1I Iniili I. w:,nl mi.i -. :i 1 . I tn
:i 11' 'ii.,i.i' ill,' I '1 I"; -ii 11 v I" n-v 1 1. U c. 1 '. ill :n Ii..
I wild 1 :tr-- iit.iii M'l ..Mr tiiilin 1- ; li.u i., i , in
I lis :, ' 1 :'t!. nit UN.''
or 9-. j:'--
Iui'i.r.i,i-:ii..l in l-:r-i for yviii's 1i- (In
1.. i;i.-l.i:nii for. Miiin-iii i..m, I i.ini I i.:ir:!:il.u
iiirft,,s, with" i, e.'ii!:il of .l;ei.i.ii ,
vliieli ;i re... rvi fnnil i I i vi r ?" iiti,.'.. n In:
-inee l,et n mlili il.
Ily mi ,ivi i w licliniiii: ;mi;l;ir vote it. f,-:,ii-eliie
W;w innlie ii .u,l oil In- .r -i nt -'.'.nl,
I oii-liliilinn inli l'leil Hi e. "Jil, A. 1 1. 1 .', '...
''.'. Tin.' only I.hOiiv ever vote. lei, :,ml
elKl..'.-ei In tin' i.vl.lc i'.f nny Stnle.
il. l'ft C .-a-.iis oc hmmokv.
Its Cratui Einj;!e f'ttmbor
Drawings take place Monthly
Ini Kill CHAM. I'llAWlMl, I I.A.'-s
C, io i i.e Ae.ni. my i I' .hi,;, , Nt.W ( il;.
i.i.ANs. Ttiofc:av, ..'uly
1C04 -?Ofil M.-mlilv l-rimir
Capital Piizc, Jir-.CCO.
IOO, OOO Tickciii at 5.3 each.
I'l.'iiiie,, in 1 "i ii 1 l in i.. ..iii, .
l.l - T CI' I'lMl.s.
I Al'ITAI. n.'iXl-..
i it.,
1 1, i
I' . i
1 , . ... , . .
. ' .0
I, I
: loo
; :'.i.,
' I'leil
l li i 1 1 It
! A j .i'.i . i inn I i. .ii lip. ei
!' iln io
' t! ill,
I ...m i 1
I m.7 I'
I l.l
'lllll OIL', to . .
A I ! iiti ' ii n I'..!- mi,, I,, , li.l -hniil,! I
IlliOI. ..illy lo tiie i I.;, e i.l ll.e I
.e' I l le'lil.-.
lo) iiliv III
I'.f I H it Ie r i:, form mil n i el, ilv, iv
in . fiiii ii i.l,', Mi i,, .. , ;,,i':l i
.;. ,'.:.:i!'l. .iii.l iei .Ir. 1! : i ; i,, !.,u, ,-t,.
ni.w D!;i..;:A...- :hnai i,nk,
N. I Ii . I :-.
I'H.-'l'A i. Nu'i !.-: i.n.l ..i.t r y I. Ilei- I.t
M 'ii or -:.i.-. -inn-el iii, .!..,! i . nn.i
lll''..:.lii- l.l l!:.r. - ill ,,lil . :;, ;, , , ,,,
"ivi. a. :!ji- nm,
Nft V, I 'I'le.ll.,. l.l,.,
r M. . I'M l'lil.
I.O. .-el. , III S., . .
.( '
Iki (Is
i- i
v;!.cHi:rrr:, -tr.i
"i.l I.N f X
i'i 1: 0 Sr-
mi: .Vi-r
1 til. V i:.
i riihiiiii j.,!,.'
i' r.
Ill en!ti:i', .in! : e
l i in.". A. :-.
I '.v I i" i l lll it ft
iiln l.l ft-'i ' 1 h 1 in llii- em en
II.. N. A. S. l tt. i .
" "i II'' Ill iillftiii I, fi l' It. Ml 1,
hO'liip i I tin' I'lUftlniili e. i. e
-.; of l. i"ift'i'.,:i. - ,-i !
c. i . .' i:m w. l i. i
".'III ei I'. eiiV. Si'lilh t ft II
tl -
i v'
. '
of till' Very hi-l ( '"ilee- of, ,11' ih.
I i.'.'i i, !i, Ion . ihi'i'.'li'c v i , i i n-.
ft-l.tl I'I- ' ! !- II:. '.. II. I 1 1 ee.
:,::v. 'i.e. .ihn'i-:. d. !
i ! i !... i , i l.iiuh. - ;apv.
j ' ' j i i I" ilill' ci;yl fi . fl-, 1 i;; 1
! ' ,;. '.V. ViKII'MN, l
I Imvv li'v, . -(-, n its -itvii.,r.
I it'KV. "i'lius. c. ti:.siai.i:, it
'. kIV.w nl no I , i -1 , 1 1 1 1 . . . 1 1 thnt -nrpn- i
ninl Ml I elllll -si c. It still ili- I. in . ' il.
lil.V. T. T. i:Ti.N, l. I,
l'lt-h i' Wt, lent St. I 'I. nu ll, .,.ni-ville, Ky
1 ll.e of the llli.i-l ei..ll i Ie : el I- l'i,' ;;il I-
h -ii in:: to heeolne inn,, n of it,'., ivfi... .
S. II. P(l:i, l.l.. I...
I'.iiiii.ri lo iMiiiii ie i . ..-1 1 1 i y ,-i. I., to-.
II- l-ientioii is iiilinii alii, in nnt
lie-illlii. -t : i . I pit n-itnh-t town-, ol the nn.-t
le!ii.ll!lll! iftli'l -lllnlftl'it.ll- piillinl:- , f 'I'i-'
in --ec. lil.V. T. li. .KiM.S.li. t.
., , .
for catalogue or iniormatinu,
Seen tan of I'ncnitv.
l't h. -0, I SS .
w, umm
I'loiirin if Sills,
Located in Owl Hollow, live miles west
ol' Winchester.
. . . , .
Are in lii'-l-cl ;i-s I'epui r, iinil "ny aitiontit
nleiiiiiil .1. nn- nml Sue. i line I' lout' on liiiiul
ami will he -oh I i Inile-nli' or ret ail.
At hi-st, .rein Winehi'st, r, when Mr. N. 1!
Martin ill I"' I". i m 1 itiuly I., unii tipmicns
tonii is, lie l.e. P" ii seh et line of Dry i.uiils,
(iroi erics, K't.'ls nn.l Sl.e. , Ilar,l'are,
'Jnei n- iii.'i t'niifi eliciis, 'IVlinceti, Cutlery,
c Ai- I
Cash pui'l I'"' Wool oi'ltvcritl ether til
the Store i t Mill. Wool Hulls canli il, itinl
ileliv. nil al cilliel place. iiiy'iS-lv
KilIN SIMMONS. I". II. ( li.il
A 1 1 o r it o v h it t Ij 1 1 v
Winchester, Tcr.n.
Will priictue in tin eoiintKMil I rniiklui
(Viili i. innl Monn ; iil.-o in Supit n i Ccini ul
Niishvillo. I'lolllpt llllellti, ,l Kivo, to col
li'ctiotH. 'in, 14
OtliccHotilh-iftUslsiili'of I'uhlii SiinaiT.
T V 7i 37 X? V T. SJ
- a.m-
'1 i. I. .i Aft I J ft
Kashville, Ter r.
jui'i.iT of r-iu'
r f ? a 71 '.rr n ? -r pi
No. 1' Ni.r:!, ( i.t 11;
faf.iiviiic, : :
i cr.n. ;
,1 '.'I.'.1
' li.nv 1. ii-," ' I. :, A n ';.,.;,.'
1 1 ft 1 1 - ft '' I imo-.
T. K. Win-I, :,,!. I..',. Will i, ml.
Maxvrcll Etusic SLcc Store-
!-.! in
r!, . ?.'i' f
yt p -J Vy IPJ Uft 1
tttr.l 1 '."'.' .7 1.
i'.i ( imieii s:i-e. :, i:. :i- i.:
m..i-:i'. -1 1 N siivii.i i:. Tl.N.v.
WlioliMil. nn.l ii. mil
Baker & Cai.tly MaLiiEiclurer,
l.s I nieii Si.. N i Ii. i!!e, Ti tin.
lliMi:-M rNM.'- A ,
s. in I i. , I:. .
I !:.! i- for Wi.l.l'n- mid l';i:
i'i ,;..i.
I.rl A I TV.
ii. - IV. fti-i.'r
I i,,.i,'i'. v
ftbnu.ulftAjift A f
, a, ift.ft.i. n..iw
I'. Ni.w ma.-, .I. .1. Vi n vni.i
N i:v?.i A N'S
All Sl,eil- I1.!t!i. iin.il'fl-l-
No. 7 N..llll ( In
io.,,.,, Nt-s.'wMlc, : : 1cr.n.
1 1 ', 11 j i'i M ul- -1 1. il 0' nl ..il I.. .or . j
',, ,,, I 111.11 :'.;-! y j
ciiosihwaTiTco., " j
JSamplo goomj
HO (hi ,-ci Sin . I , j
i' Yon-it, M.'i,:ivi.eii r.;.,a.i j
Nas!iillo, : : Tcnr.csccc. i
-I of Wine-, l.i.i. .i-
ell llillltl.
ir r.
ml I i
r.. i
r ...
CM , ...
z i -
' p
- t -.
i-: -"--I !
; trl aa-ji
Co 1
. CJ
t t-
r: bzic
- . rs
I Oil
mm, i
j? 09
: to oi
o o
n; O O
' O o
o o
ri O o
o o
Tlie liliH V t.l !,ct tlie lle-l hl'iinil.-
lllll.. ftftl llll
. ... ,1
Wl.i 1,1. , :t ti'l pure, I'nieo'iil Afple I'liiit. ily.it-
nl .n. io ..iunm, r ,-t.. inn r I men. -limit'
l.i.ni,,,-nn,H'i..i nn.l T..I-...'. -.miM
!tiiilian.l. .lAMKs Kll.i.i i.i;,
Nashville. Ti nn.
jitejjsjt! FitinN en
NASIIVII.I.K, 'I'l'.'NN. .
l.iii'K. -t nnil elicapist In, lis,: ill die Smith.
Jn-lrioiieiils selil on monthly or Miouleily
pavnn ills, Write him hi lore piiii l.iiMli..'.
Nsiiv,i i.l', Ti.n.v.,
1 lellll r- in
J I ihy.cilSn.-l,. Vtirni:
she.. Oils, or-. 11 mils,
oi ; . , . . . , (. i ...
(ilass till sir.es, Stencil ink-, Wax
nml I'iiper t'l. iivcr inntcrinl.
Atfenls linilrniiil C ,l,,rs. npr'n-ly
M.'imilneliirei-H of
Sasli Doors. ?limls, (Slttcil
Deulers in I'ailils, )ils,( ilass, Viirni.-hes, t' i
No. '.Ill Church street, aliove Colltire,
upr.'10-ly NASlIVll.I.K.TKN.V.
Corner Cnion mill Cherry Sis.,
NASHVILLE. : : : : TliXN.
iMANos ami mm
' ll 11 1 Til P(tV '' '
111 1 W A J j I
Hi E2 I ailJlil
Vischciilcr, Tetc,
liiiHlln- ,i, ileef I'niiiLliii ceiint lo
lilloW l,ih J., !! I f dll
r i t jr. 1 n
uiy yooos, weirmig,
) II HIU I I Jill J C
He liio e, ii ii i : , , il I e-ii.i rS ill Uip .i ',1,1.
I ii-..' n i'ii l'i.r I, I'i . ii ll.ee li .i y. ; f, i ( si il, i r
lo i:ili.-tt A Willi, in-', In ic ei -I, ti ii , nn
Hi-I il No. I iirlii ie i I nn. l-.
I We vill I." t'lnil l',li::l;-il liln I !! I ntrnll- '
u-jc. e nr,' h. 1 1 . 1 1 r. I njiiiil v.
6c.(h are cciiiiig in tfail",
in i.' I ti.it 1 1 M-i-tn my tii i-l troi nrr )- ! ir
"iii, itii.. v.iil I i' Mi'i1, in Wo.ei,,.-'. i :i.
li. no :t,- tin y i nn j,,,, i:,!y i l,i in m.y
.'i:'.i'..i t.
I .!'"' ( iive us a trial.
Mi, ell -ill. IS'.
tV i uclicst i t . IVniies'i i ,
I I. t it, nn.! M'.ccf.ielnri I nf
iro:i WAR :.
i The Queen.
I have :l,i ft'!,i.i',c riidil fin- ll, c Ira, ni
I'lellileaiiil -!,;,-, f, nl. i ei.llliliir v, I'r; l,k lil ,
1. inc. In. M-nie. Ilnlii nl noil f liln.tl ll.e
i ie t t iii e Pel ill e.; i-It ii, c. 'I'll i, if.
1 !)' ( HI IT a. li nF li, HUT ,M it)
lie nn.i e i .- In
Ohenp. exclusively for CAH.
I !1 i ;il u n full ,i.4,ii tiiM.-in i.f .I;ip;tim 1 nvil
i i i t nr i.n li'iinl, lni(,cK
Punipcand Pump-Tubirg.
ty I'o.. I'm:' tin 1 ll.ttleiine ,lo,u. im.rtli r,
in the ii,..-, :.ppr..vi .1 -h ie.
.Inn. I 1 , 1S7!l-tf
! Agricultural and Mechanical
I co i .lk;k,
i V .joxvillo, : Tennessee.
Next So-rimi l,e...ins .Spt. -li'i, 1SSI.
Tl.r. ;ire i'i..ii'-e- it. Auriciiltiin , St ii ncii,
r.ie.'inii'. 'wv' icvlth, l'l.i--ics, mult ' lliirliia
I'i. 'fc-v r- i.fti.l la iriie'.or-. Two wars of
pn I'lii'iitm-v in lineii'in nrc pinviili -I.
i I 'i-eipiine n n-iiii:ihli nml Initlifnl.
I I'in ilit ii - fiii' nn. nil nml rel'uitiiii' f-niii'ii.
j Tlie Military iti'ioii.nii.ii cnie.-i n unliit ity,
i rcci-im, nml pvifttnptnos in ill lliet-M'tei-i
Siin:,r,oii, lienlililnl -, -uri'iiiiiitlint. liitittii-
nit ; 1 1 iiiiati', -u i'i i,
Tniii.ii. i- fne to t-t i . 1 1 1 1 1 - iippoii.tctl l.y
n.i nihi . of Ijic I., j;i.-lulni'c. anil l,r Slate,
'ii uly ami City Siiperiiili ii'lems i f Scl.nols.
Neci uiy lOtpi ll - llholll 170.
l'i.r ('al.tlii';iii-, iVc, Mililrt
1, 'Dill's massii:,
juiilS Cliniitnun of tin Ki.ciOiv.
If You A.re
, WEST .
hie bujrjb:
Your Tickets Kesd via the
N., G. & St, Louis li'y
i TI,el.'i..'il:,ss.,,U:.,.i1,'r.,l,tl's.-en!!ers'
P5 . - i B wr -n
avuki 1 1.
I? eA S--A If
il.1 Mi ,i tin! n l.i t'i; : i r "ttin n 'nf
hew flitt tvwsa itvuu
wm of 'mm
Pass. Ajji nl, Chnltiinoo);:,, 1 nn.
W. L. DAN LEY, y
licit. IW.,5 Tk I
-asliville, Tim,.
i ' : :t
Ticket Aki',,1. IViiicltlt riTi'in.
FH.YI. J'.MUI'. "."V.V1T,i.WIVMH
iUorneys nt Law,
Winchester, Torn.
Will nrni'tiee in the Courts of I'noiklii,
ami iitijoinini' eniuitii s ttiul in the SnpM io
Cnei l al Nil-liviik'. i:,17-'H;it

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