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b ti night Is drear and lonely, and it ocm to
i:i.vi r end,
JU onward Inward an ntil:iiun f a, my weary
sle'S 1 1 mil ;
- And I would full IjckMo tlio nay, it Menu so
vnjr Inrg,
I.' 'lucre n.it for tli haiinlintt aOuins ot a
dc!ii:lvc unit;.
S tern In a ci ucl Siren ever rint;iiif; II u to mo,
Id' u l;ii;lit and liii.jvy future, and of tliin;s
tliul an' to he,
J ml hi r st-nira they niccneliaulihj,', asheiieath
a pallid imi'iii,
(lio chm.H uf Umiilfuiis harvests and a
t;nlileii-fri i;;td "1 June, '
lid hie linn kiiiij; tlnnfl n uy, tumo through
nil tlio vri my yi urn;
lid I liuve viiielnd nnd waited Jung In
)p ful, Dililit tears
watcliinif and aiuiil.HK f"l' llio liapjiy things
lo In',
3 hat (Ms cruel, ciiiil, J-'iuii tliit;njciii'it.iiilly
tu me.
J ut atill Ilia ni;;lit prows darker, and tlio
lllO.UI in II, rt till llio HUUC,
1 i o'er my r..n;;h and dreary way atill falls that
iiiiii KiiiK strain,
ndillll I rfriifi'.'a onward toward a distant,
uiiKii'iUii m a,
il:ilc tills deceitful Hiicn siii;a of lliinH (lint
mo to le.
'I'm -man It. I'ouu,
It v iih u very I'fMtrly fiinnsliiMl kxhu
In msdtspi ln'iiii'; n pinall cottujjn, mhs
1 1 iniiiir, nil (1111111, menu and ni-nntily
J irul.he.l, ninl tlio "hands" Jived tliero,
Vlii-toiin u.iH Jli rj. ;iii'h coltsto, mill it
its Jack ."Morfiin liiuitiflf uikI his siMer
).i.l,rii who who .'culed lit liri-iiJifiixt,
Inferin', in tvus j-'ililo oiilv (Hi Kiiii'
r .y iiioriiiiiL'. SI' was A lull, well
J nix'il, sliikinily liunl.xiiiMO girl (if J 'J,
fihlioutt li.ritii; h r hrulhcr, who wits
r iiiu livo j ri.irt oiilcr ; nii.1 n on ln-r
i co iviim mi 'iifcr, IrniiUlril hsik, whilu
J ii wnit sul'in mill ilowiii'nst, Ychiik
I i lhcy v.( n', tin y lunl seen bettor diiysj
1 . i n t'dncnti il iij) to llirco yciiiH .ru
tinus to Hint June iimriiiiifs, nml thin
ecu tlirowu hii lili iily timm their own
j. sou rem.
Jack fnii'dit hit wuv, Biillfii nnd ro
''liUul, mnlunp; h w li lends nml ki'( kniK
1 ono. Madiru vii t thu lirnvcr ol tlio
1 wo, liiroliiiH tbitir revuiHH with (iniel
touisi'c, nnd liriiii'.ini; i'uuro;y, Inn t mid
hfjcrllilctHS to (ho iu mi C"il.i!'i) home.
vust mio vo'k lnul e In 'Hi 'd idncu mi
unt, from vlunn tln j ncvi-r hopi'd (nr
lid, lilid left thi'lii I'aili ii hiindrid
JxiiiiiiIh, in id ilrtck hud KKolvcd In try
i'h forliinu ju C.iiiiiiln, uliilu i"I.ul(-;u imt
J. on) miido fur n rain y tiny.
"1'Jl Hlny lioro nniil you nni intra f
Hicceiw, Jack," hliuiutiif, wIiijii liu rj;i'i
I nr tojniii liim, "and Jtcop n lnuno for
J 'in in eiwo that you need oim."
"Do you call t'hiM lioln n lionio?-' lio
t k(d liitlcrly, mid idio ouly siuiled mid
"A oliclli r, then."
llnl hIio w.ih not umilini; wlicn i1hi xat
lil llio Hilliila.v I'lvnl.fiihl, tiitiiii; lillln,
l.riKHliiig tiadly, until hiiddaily hIkj
i lied:
".K'k, wo Mii.ll (l')Hoiii(il)iiii;. Thiuk
Vhat wo owo Tom King."
"Own him! I liclinvn wo linva mid
.Vim every fiulhiii;;," Hnid Jack, hlmrply,
"Wo I'nid liim dm money, I know;
Imt wo cull nev'-r 1'iiy hiiu what wo fit ill
vm him."
"Huh I Don't lienciiliinciilal, Miidc."
"Coumioii riililiidn ia not w iitiinciit
I'll mo, Jack. Jack," tdio rrpciilcd,
'can you furi'id. who caiuo to iih in that
h iro need, paid dixitor nnd Imlohcr and,
ilicn liiiricd our mother hvitido futlier in'
"And do you forR: t," licr hrolhor ro
I'licd, iilmoNt an;;i ily, "how wo worki'd
nnd puvcil, Hlinvcd and icrinlicil, until
vory HhilliiiK uf llni moiiny wiih in Tom
JCinn'H jiockt'l iigiiin'r"
"I know I I know liiit think how
.ind lio win how ho lii'lii'd you mid
MO lo gi t our HituuliouH in tho liiilln,
mid how dclicidc'ly ho nnulo tlio huttm of
lnoiicy. And now, uh, .lack, I niiiHt do
"Wlmt can you do? If Tom King
i'Iioho hi hi"o hix money in Hiiucnliiting,
litiw im yon ivHiHJiiMihlti?"
"I am not; Imt, Jack, (heroin Aunt
JuiIo'h money."
"All yon havu in tho world ?"
"No, hIio iiniiwered, "I havo lay
"A nohlo foiluno. Don't bo a fool,
nut Maifo tviw torn in tho tonnn no
nieiiiil. All tln"H;li llio inoriiiiiK, wlillo
him put llm hmiHo in order, while hIio
ilrcM-cd in her iiiie inoiiriiiiiK for church,
i veil llirou'-di Iht' Mirvii'o there, hIiii wan
lliinKiiiK of what hIki owed Tom Jv i (if r.
IVion her iniillier, oriiNliuiI ly tho dcalli
uf Jut Jilisliaiiil, llliuhlo to meet tho
lialico from ooiiifort to jiovorly, sank
tlown jiroslialiil; wIihii Jack, unalilo to
k, w.ih ciiihIii? fot'luno, Tom King
i iiiiiH, uh their fulhor'H friend, nnd kepi
lliem fiom Klnrvaliou. Mii.l;o'n heart
flowed iw i.lin rciiicnilii'iinl how thoU;ht
(ill he win nlieiil (,':iriii; her ti'onlilo ill
fvery way. Ift u:.n foii'.idcriilily oldor
llian hIik, uh. 1 ii !iue, r. nerved man,
vhniii hlin remirdod with llio nlleotioliilto
reBpeet nho wouid huvo k'voii lior fulLtur,
I nit willi llml. Hiimo revcrenuo hho loved
liim deeply. And when tho wlnihi town
Miew that 'l'i'iu Knn lay in tho Now
town hoapital, Hick and ponnili.'Hrt, tho
,vholo tiolde, grateful heart ot Mivilo
IMori'im went out to him. Many Htorica
veiiclicd her. fl hud mndo a forluno
and If I; ho had invcHled ill niinoH, nnd
the iiiiin'M hud failed nnd ruined him; ho
Jiild lu en t'iifia;;ed, iicuoiiliii( to Ihrt
I'Vfflowu ,'oHnipH, in n tloi'.en dilleronl
fK'eiilaliiiiiM, winniiij,' viwt miniH only lo
J.jho Diem. Jlut ouo broii'l, judiHplilil
1'Jti fact ri'inaine.l, if all (ho rest wore
f.-iJwi; Jio was lyinx In fho liospital sick
trora (ho exi'iti'uienl f Jut t Lad jmt tlio
J. ltd Hlroko upon hia ii luck.
Piniicr over, Wudco put on Lcr bun-
not nmun,
"I'm Eoin over to tho lianpitu),
Jack," who fiaid.
Only u gniut aiiKwered her, but Hiiu
ould not bo put oil' by Jack's sour
lookH, nnd wont on her errnud.
Here, upon a low, iron cut-bed, palo
, nnd eniacintod, but evidently ou tho
Mnd to recovery, Tom King lay, when
Miitlgn jrornn camoiip to the ward
Vith k unrno, her faco bo grnvo nnd ten
dor that the strong will and patiout en
tlnrnnoo of ita nmiul cxprosHion woro lost
. in tho puro wownuly Bympothy thnt
onUsl thoro.
"My friend I" sho nnid, tuklng tlio
Guided hand rxtended to her, nnd Tom
Killer wondered if ever two words hold
to much iih II omd two.
"Why, IW.tdeo I" ho nniil, proBeutly,
J'Hikiiifr iulo Jier even luiuty with tonrB,
"do not foci ho budly. I'm Ruiniim
t very day. TJitj dcictor Buys ho will
Jmvo nio on my feet in a week, nnd I'm
fjoilifr ii broad nfjnin." .
"Apuin. Wlicn you lmvo boon bo un
forfiinalo lliero '"
"Iih ? Oil, 1 boo 1" ho Biiid, with nn
iid look iii bin eyes; "you've boen road
jnj? tho iiiperK, Unlneky, wanu't 1 ?"
"lei. Unt, Totii-I came to tell yon
f" t)iO VWJif enwo BlowIy"J lift??
xomo monny that - that Ih of no iibo tc
mo. It will Hturt you nguin. I "
"You want to luko it ?"
"You cnu Iwrrow it," nnxioim not to
hurt bin prido, "and hodio du.v when
you are rich you enn return it."
"Yen I I Bee I Ilnvo yon got it with
you ?"
"I thnnglit I would britia it with me,"
hIio Haiti, her face ihinhcd with pleustiro,
"and liero it in."
Ho opened tlio envelojie and took it
nut, ono note, putt an tlio lawyer hud
tent it to her. Tom King laid it on tho
broad palm of bin baud and stroked it
"All your wealth, kludge ?" bo nuked.
"Not while I lmvo thene," nnd blio
held up her Imiiiln. "1 urn so glad,
tliouph, tlntt I huvo it."
Ho lay very quiet, looking ntendily nl
tho note for nomo minuti?H; then ho "no
gun to Kpeak, bin rym Htill fixed ou tho
money, liii voice i.leady but rnonoto
noua, a if bo woro reading n atory
"When I wont nwny, lienrly Ihreo
yenra iZni" I"' sidd, "J went In wo if 1
lioilld not hhukii Myself fren from n
dream Iliad. T dre'iiied that 1 could
win the love of it child, a mere Flip of it
girl, wlio w:et foiei d into premature wo
mnnliood by trouble. Sho wan utterly
uneomicioiis of my love, but I knew 1
could imt hide it if 1 htaved boidn her.
Out of lier Bight, far from thn Found of
her voice, the tin am, in; ten. I of fading,
bec'iniii clearer, more vivid. Day and
night I ilreaim (1, hut I worked ni well.
1 put what money I hud into invent
nienlB that proiiiied well but there, I
will not Bjicall of thai. lVovido'iee tv.ut
mcrcifi.l, 1 mn ulivo, lit h int " he
pan.ted there, but u low, bweet voice
took up the Mtory.
"And llio (In am will beeomn n real
ity," tlio voice haid. "'J'ho child-woman
did not rend her own heurt, nor Tinner
Bland why nothing in her life met or
tilled tlio longing there. Not until j
Bharp Borrow eiiuie, and hint heald uf
him hhe loved lying ill and in poverty
and pain, did bIio nmlcrntini.1 that he
. Nik all tho love hliu could ever know
away with liim."
"And now, M idge?"
"Jt hb.ill bj at yi n hay. I love you. I
am young and iti ie,;, and 1 think I
can be a le-lp uinl not a bind, u to you."
"Will you lie my wile, MadeV"
"Wht uevi r y.ii will."
"Sludge, did you think, lev dear, Unit
I wim ruined? iii cait u 1 win nieit nnd
Clime here In I n lillised, people jillnp"'!
al the f'oiu'liiiioii that I lost everylhing.
Cut I CHino lu re iilmply because 1 would
have the ht tt of c.ii", and lue uiKi with
all my wi ullli I could not purcliuso halt
Ibo iliHiitcrct led kiiidiitha that 1 gi t
here. 1 eouhlu'l go to oil, juil know,
Alndgo. Don't believe nil you hear or
read, my dour IW.ulgti; 1 inn a rich tieui
1 ill richer than I ever was but I
IiK.'Uil to keep tl:i" and bin hand eltwed
over llio until, "Von hhall never lmvo
it iwiin, Madge."
"1 am content," t.ho aiuiwered.
And even Jack wan Butislied, Hnr io
thing of hia Hilllen temiHT being loat
w hen ho once morn found hiuiKelf ou
tin) road (o Prosperity.
Uisllliilhin ATter MiiiiyYeiiiH, '
A commercial travuler told n giMul
Mtory ii few dayH hinee: Ho Hiiid that a
prominent merchant wlumo wayn were
at liincH "(iilito peculiar," nnd whore.
Bided nut a thousand liiilea from the
"City of Halt," walked into the carpet
room of Ida uxIciimvo i.!ro one day and
found olio of Inn eleiku e.hllilling nuliii!
ingrain cai M In to an nged country
eoiiplo who had hli.iye.l Into the hI'Ti
'J'lie merchant looked Hhurp at the old
people for II I.I 'III' lit, llllil tliellBiiid to
tho clerk, "iShow them Bome boiler
oarpetti oino of our bent Hrimelu."
At tho clerk began to throw down roll
lifter roll, tho woman idopped him nn.l
Hiiid; "Wo can't all' 'id tlicm Kind of
carpeta and we won't havo 'em." "Hold
on, aunt lo, replied tlio iiicreiiaut.
"Now wliicli oim of these would you
liko beat ?" To which tho old lady ro
plied: "1 tell you I enn't nll'ord 'em
but this ono in pint lovely." "What in
tho size of your room ?" imkcd the iner
eliuiit. lu uiiHwer to this tho old man
pr.nluced from n eapacioim poek(d un
old cnvelopo upon which wore tho llg.
lireH giving tho (bmeiiHioim of tho room
nnd hiiuded it to tho merchant. After
glancing nt it ho gave it to bin clerk
with iiiBtriictioiiH In huvo tho particular
carpet which hud pleiwcd tho old lady
bo liiiic'u mado up at ouco, in time for
tlio Iruin upon which tho old people
were lo leavo town that iiNeruoon, at
tlio hiiiiio linn) telling them tliat it
ahould not cont them a cent. Heeing
tho blank look of nutoiii.shmcnt which
ovciHpread their faeeH, tho merchant
naked: "Ain't your uunioR o mid o ?"
"Ych," they replied. "Didn't you keep
ii tavern ut aucii n timo nnd nt such n
plaeoV" To which (hoy replied in tho
nlllimativo. "And didn't you lmvo n
boy at ono time ininied ?"
"Yea, yen, nnd wo havo often wondered
whatever become of (ho littlo ciih;i,"
"Well," nnid tho merchant, "I am that
boy, nnd when I tended bar for you I
Htiile money enough from you to carpet
your whole Louw. Tuko tho carpet and
way nothing more about it." They took
tho carpet, and huvo often told tho
Btory ol tho way in which it was ob
tained. llliara JournnL
ltravB Sum Houston In Alabama.
Tho Ore of tho IudiaiiH was deadly,
nnd Hi iih, muzle to runralo, the citmhat
inged for homo lime, llonnton'it Major,
L. P. Montgomery, wan tho limtmuii on
top of tho worku, where ho win inutaut
l.v killed. Young Hoimtoil, who hud n
hliorl linio before been promoted to en
Bi'gn, Betn'ng bin Major full, apriing ut
once to the spot and reeeived n Imrbed
arrow in lii.s thigh. With tho nrrow
Ktill in tho quivering flciih, tho young
eniiign, calling on bin men to follow
linn, leaped down info tho maim of lu
diana, nnd by his vigoroiw strokes hoop
had a Bpaco cleared around him.
Tho works were soon carried, tho In
dians lleeing before tho troops into tlio
nndcrhriudi. HoiiHtou now but down,
called ono of bis lieutenants to him, nml
told him to pull tho arrow from tho
wound. Two at roup jerks failed, when
Uoiirttou exclaimed in an agony of puiu
and impntieuoo: "Try again, and if you
fail this time, I will strike you to tho
ground." Throwing bis entire weight
against the arrow, tho lieutenant drew
it forth, but with fearful hioeraliou nnd
loss ol blood. While tho wound was
being dressed by tho Biirgouu, General
Jackson rodo up and spoke words of
praiso to LiH young friend, giving him
an order not to eutiir tho battle again,
which Houston begged him to recall;
but tho geutirid only repeated it more
peremptorily, and Jrotlo ou. lu a few
niinuUis Houston was ouoo moro iu the
thick ol tho hand-to-hnnd slrngglo,
which closed only with tho fall of nieht
Ccnturi. b
Eam uvuakks-TIiO perceptible earth
quakes of the civilized world are esti
mated to nverago Ju number J1Q per
flow It In Miiip.iird o (Iprralo I" Hobiii
I'lirm ol tliu 1'ur W'l '"'tl
I lmvo always had a horror of oiiiates
of ull kinds. Tliey aro so seductive and
so still in lhcir operations. They steal
through tho blood liko a wolf on tho
trail, and they Beize upon (he heart at
last with their white lngs till it is still
Up tho Laramio thoro Is a cluster of
ranches nt tho bao of tho Medicine
How, near tho north end of Kheep Moun
tain and in sight of tho glittering, eter
nal frost nf the snowy range. Theso
ranches aro tho homes of young men
from MaKBachuBetts, Pennsylvania nnd
Ohio, nnd now there uro several
"younger sons" of Old Kngluud, with
herds of horses, stecra nnd sheep, worth
millions of dollars. Theno young men
are not tho kind of whom the metropoli
tan ass writes, Baying, "youlirjeherlife,"
nnd culling everybody "pardiier." There
are many of them college graduates,
who can brand a wild Maverick or fur
liiidi the tusy gestures for a HtratfS
They wear human clothes, talk in tho
United Htut-i language and havo a bank
account. Thin bpnng they may be
weiiiing ohapuraj wand swinging a quirt
through the thin nir, and iu July they
may In' at Long IhaueU or coloring a
meeiMehiiuni pipe among (ho Alps.
Well, u young mau wnoni wo will call
Curtis livid ut one of theso ranches
years ago, and though a quiet, uiind-yoiir-owu-biii.iiuss
lcllow, who had ab
solutely no enemies among his com
panions, be hail tho misfortuno to incur
tho wrath of a tramp sheep-herder, who
waylaid Otitis ono afternoon ami shot
him dead as ho sat in his buggy. Cur
tis wiu-.ii t armed. Ho tli'ln t dream ot
trouble till bo drove home from town,
and as lio pulsed through tho gate of a
corral biiw the hairy face ( I the herder
and at the same moiic-nt the Hash of a
Wiuehi Bier l itle. That was nil.
A rancher cumo into town and tele
graphed to Curlw's father, and then a
hall down citizens went out lo help cap
ture tlio herder, who hud lied to tho
Btif'c brush of the foot-bills.
They uidii t gel buck till toward day
break,' but thi y brought tho herder with
them. 1 saw him iu the gray of llio
morning lying iu n coarse gray blanket
ou the Hour of tho enginc-houso. Ho
was dead.
1 asked, us a reporter, bow ho eamo to
his death, ami tlit-y told me opium 1 I
said, "Did 1 understand you to Buy
'ropiiiin V " Tin y said no, it was opium.
The murderer had taken poiHon when
he found that escupo wan impossible.
1 was present ut tho inquest so that I
could report the ease. There was very
Jilt 1 o testimony, but all tho evidence
pec nn d lo point to the fact that life was
extinct, and a verdict ol death by his
own bund was reudeied.
It was tho first opium work 1 bail
ever seen, and it moused my ciirionily.
Death by opium, it seems, lea veil a dark
purple ring urniind the neck. 1 did not
know this before. People who die by
opium ul.'.o tie their hands together be
fore they die. This is one of tho eccen
tricities of opium poisoning that I havo
never seen laid down in the books.
bequeath it lo nieili.'iil science. When
ever I run up ug liest a new scientific
discovery 1 just bund it right over to
the public without fust.
I'.ver since the above incident I have
been very apprehensive about people
w ho seem lo lie likely to form the opium
habit. It is one of the moid deadly of
na'voties, especially in a new country.
High up in the punt uioiiiitaiu at Unis
phere this man could not secure enough
air to prolong life and ho expired. In a
laud where clear, crisp air and delight
ful seeiicrv are abundant ho turned liii
buck upon (hem both mid pas cd away.
Is it not sad lo olileUiplate?
The Wonderful Phinchetlo,
In (bo year lSl!8 a gentleman named
Kiiby.who is now living in Kansas (Jity,
invented n contrivance which ho called
"phinehetto." It was an ordinary board
of walnut, shaped liko nn easel and sup
ported by four Biuall rollers. It was iu
ise about as lare as a worn ill's Gains
b irough hat. The planchetto would bo
placed on a table over a sheet of Vir
ginia while fools-cap. A man would bo
told to shut both of his eyes and think
of something he held dear. His fingers
would rest on the easel and ho was to
forget all about them nnd atioiit it. In
a few minutes he would be iu a sort ol
reverie. The thoughts in his mind
would gradually beeomn absorbed ou
one point. Iu another minute the plan
ehetto Would begin to movo mechani
cally on its rollers. And then, without
any apparent volition on his pnrt, tho
pencil which was held by llio easel would
slowly traeo over the foolscap tho namo
of a sweetheart, or the date of sumo en
gagement, or whatever thought was up
permost iu his mind.
This revelation of a latont power was
thought nt first to bo most surprising.
Put after somo 10,001) phmehettes bad
been sold for one dollar eaoh it. ceased to
bo so much of a wonder, nnd Mr. Kirby
retired in 1870 to the West. At tho
sumo timo tho discussion to which tlio
plnnehetto guvo riso for crazo it was
established two or throo things. The
llrst was that somo temperaments pos
sessed the elcctrio force to a much,
greater extent than others I The
second was that, as a general rule, wo.
nieu were moro largely endowed with it
than men. The secret of tho plnnehetto
was that tho electricity which tho mind
could generate could bo exercised
through the hands. Tho Boeret of Miss
Huml'M "inexplieablo power" is that
magnetism in a strong, robust but not
intellectual person may ndhero iu tho
hands themselves and thus bo used
Jn Mexico.
jfi '-g in Mexico, until Americans or
other uut.siileis came, was carried on in
tho most primitive fashion. A recent
traveler siys that all hoisting was dona
on the backs of tho native miners. Tho
shafts aro almost perpendicular, with
notched poles set zigzig, their lower
ends resting ou shelves out in tho rock.
Tho notches aro barely largo ouougU to
let tho foot iu, with tlio toes of (ho
Bhoes cut away. With 200 pounds or
more i f oro in a anck fastened upou
their baekB by a sirup that also pusses
over tlio forehead, ruon toiled up theso
poles from mines hundreds of feet deep,
depending upon tho precarious dutch of
foot and hand in these notches. -A mo
mend's dizzier si or a failure to roaoli the
notch with hands or loot would bo cer
tain dentil. Kveu bo simple a oontriv
unco as a hand windlass amazed them,
nnd McxionnB came long distances to
Bee one set up by a miner from Califor
nia. It was sorgo timo hiIoxq anv ong
flurod to ubo it, ' ''
VANMtmiiir's household cxrViBC8 ore
$250,000 a year.
Camkoiinia produces figs eight inches
iu ciruumferenco.
Tun most fashionable Indies now weai
scarcely any jewelry.
The famoiw Dark Day of New Eng.
lundwas May 10, 1780.'
Hukwhk ut llio Delaware VTator Gup
is a very beautiful sight,
Tiik Claimant is to hn released on a
ticket of leave ou Oct. 2 1.
Tutiul savings banks of Maine now
have 8U2,27"),7irj on dejHisit.
Tun rents of French Hats are ou the
diminuendo scale in Now York.
A Noitrrt Caiiomna Postmaster re
ceives a yearly salary of 0 cents.
TiliiiiK art l;!8.l)liii masouio lodges iu
tho world, with 11,100,01:1 members.
Niiiv Youic marketmen Buy tho crop of
s)taloes will bo very short this year.
Tim confectionery trade of thn United
Hlutes amounts to j:!2,000,000 yeurly.
It is said that over Ihreo million trees
were planted iu Great Jirituiu iu 18H3.
FoNOKK dust cloaks uro stylish, lw
coming useful, durable, nnd inexpensive.
Till', wholesale cost of tho oysters con
sumed iu New York yearly is ),OIH),000.
India is threatened with a small wheat
crop iu consequence of a severe drought.
It is proposed to punish German sol
diers who utttmpt suicide with instant
At a free ice-water tank in New York
over 1,200 pounds of ice were Used iu
one day,
VimiiNtA will c'outribnlo l,tc(),()()0
Imshclu (d peanuts tu human happiness
this year.
Tub Assessors of Philadelphia report
that there aro 211,211 qiiulillcd voteis
in the city.
I r is csliinati'd that the wheal crop ol
California this year will amount to 07,
(Hll.tluO bushels.
'I'iiduk are now about 100,0110 miles ol
r.tihd.id iu llio United Mate.). Tho cost
In S'. Louis, says ono of its newspa
pers, foui'-tirths of the inhabitants have
taken to chewing gum.
U.MMKAtitiY cold and rainy went her bus
damaged all crops in Italy, tho vino
having especially imtlered.
Two iii'MHikii bead of cftttlo nnd
horses were killed by a terrific hailstorm
id Jalisco, Mexico, recently.
TU".'TY ONH thousand widows of sol
diers of the war of 1.SI2 are stated to be
still drawing pensions Irom tho Govern
ment. This electric light will bo tried in tho
livening High School of New York next
winter, as being steadier and belter
than gas.
A LivKiiPoon bicyclist who was riding
down a steep hill near that city was shot
through a cottngo window by tlio break
ing of his machine.
A kkw yenrs ago tho women of India
ivcre not allowed lo learn to read. Now
there mo I2r,;ii8 girU attending schools
cdidilished for thclu.
Tim: district mound Galena, Kansas,
is credited w ith luting tho largest nine
producing locality in tho world. Last
year 70,000 tous were mined.
Aiii'i rioNAr, hot springs nro being de
veloped nt Hot .Springs, Ark., by dig
ging in the side of the mouiifuiii, out uf
I mIiicIi the other hot springs issue.
I (i i'.i:v VieroiitA has issued a com
I maud that when the Piinceaud Princess
of Wales dine out iu London, the liuni
; her of guests invited to meet them is
j not to exceed fourteen,
) Texas Iteef.
Tho great reservoir from which hn
been drawn tho bulk of the caltlo which
are now becoming bo abundant in all
our Western Territories in Hut Statu of
Texas. In 1870 oue-ncvciilli of the
horned cattle iu tho United Stales was
found w ithin its borders, and it out-numbered
tho aggregate of those of all the
other States and Territories west of tho
Missouri, California nnd thn Paeille
Coast included. Tiio ratio was slightly
changed by tlio statistics of 180, tho
State representing somewhat less than
one-eighth (if tho whole number, while
it still contained more than nil tho others
mentioned above. From this source ol
supply has been drawn the groat bulk ot
the range rattle) now to be fonnd on the
public lands east of the Pocky Moun
tains an industry which has grown to
huge propoitions, and yet dating buck
in these Stales and Territories a tow
yenrs only. As the evidence of this wo
note that iu 1870 tho number given fur
Montana, Wyoming and Colorado was a
little less than 28(1,(100. Ten years later
Wyoming nlono equalled this, while tho
three together aggregated nearly 800,
0110. We do not doubt that nu nceurato
census taken to-day would more than
double theso figures. To Texas, then,
we must still look for tho supply from
which to draw recruits to further devel
op tlio capabilities of the northern
ranges. Liko tho tide ol immigration
which is daily lauding thousands of for
eigners on tho shores of tho Now World,
more than equalling the relativo birth
increase, so tho annual oattle-drivo
from Texas must yet bo tho base of snp
plies for all tho country uortli, liar
vcr's MafjarJnfl.
The Husband She Dreamed Of.
Said tho hotel keeper: "Thero was a
lady ol lny Bcquaiiilnnce, once, who
nwoko her husband in tho night by the
most extravagant manifestations ol de
lirium. When ho inquired what ailed
her she told him 'to mind his own busi
ness nnd not bother her; sho was think
ing." "At breakfast sho told him sho was
dreaming, oh such a delightful dream.
Kho thought she was .ut un auction
wuero i hey wero selling men. Oh, thero
were such splendid specimens there.
Put they went bo high sho-fenrcd sho
couldn't get one of them. At lust tho
auctioneer took compassion on her nnd
knocked down a glorious fellow to her
uud mid then sho nwoko. , ;
" 'Hut,' pleaded tho nnxioiw husband,
'didn't you bco any thero like mo?'
" 'Like you I' said tho spiteful beauty;
laws, yes. They wero put up iu bun
dles, like celei v, nnd sold for ton cents
a bundle.'" j'itttbwy Tdeyraph,
A Canr feToiir. A story is imported
from Paris about Mr. Vuudorbilt, Hume
canes nttrneUid his attention on a street
stand. They wero common things, but
the wood wus Btrange to ,him and he
stopped to buy one. He is known to a
great many peoplo in Paris and the
amount of his wealth is exaggerated, im
mense bb it is. Tho saleslady smilingly
replied, whon he asked the price ol the
cano he had selected, "Twenty francs,
SirVanderbeelt," Tho prieo ought to have'
been about two Irancs. Tim millionaire
dropped the cano angrily and passed on..
Ho soon eamo to another lot of the same
goods. Here he bought a cane at the
right figure, and went away without the
chiuigo duo out ol a five frauo piece.
Removing the Distressing Effects of Malaria,
Wc Authorize' Dealers to Return tho Money,
If tho mcdieine. is taken according to directions, without, benefiting tho patient.
1 ' ( ' ritEPAKED, BY
OR. J. C. AYEH 4 CO;, Analytical Chemists, LOWELL, MASS.
;. BuUlbyBllUrugiiii-ts., IWcMl, lix battles fur $3,
II orlniuitiietmb. Uie tail. Try It E j Vl
- fg A SURTjr7ETIZER.oee'BST T0HICKN0Wnm 3
Sff Will cure qolckly and completely Dyspepsia, Woakneig, vjk 3
j MS Malnrin, Impure Blood, Chills and Fover, YC "J
I jnf If!! Iff vy
H Inasure remedy It strengthens (lis E-l
KS tor dlscmcs of 2( X lj muoles,lonesn.l tik
the Mm r anrt0BBIT V j invliroratBs tm- .v
sieys. sAViu
lirown'H Irou Hitters com
Mues Imn wiUi pure vei;c(alile tonics.
It is compounded on thoroiie'lily sei
rntific nml incdjcinnl principles, nnd
ciiniml Intoxicate.
All ellierpreparnlionscf Iron caiitc
luadaelie, nml produco rrmstiptition.
lirown'H Iron Bitters is the
ONLY Iron medicine that
Is noil ii j ii rlous its iibc docs not
even Blacken tho teeth.
It not only cures the worst cases of.
PyBpepsia, Imt insures a hearty ep
ictito uud good digestion.
A Vurliiimi iitury pnjier slmnii Hiat the total
r. m tu Kii;;lii'l nf the Hu. z ('nnl shares iih
No. 1-10,000.
This is the number actually readied
this week by the Mnson & Hamlin Organ
nnd l'iano compnny in -the regular niim
boring of their world-renowned cabinet
organs. Having commenced business iu.
If5l, the average number of organs pro
duced per annum has been 5,(Miu, which
is 100 per week for tho entiro l,-"i(MI
weeks of their btishiefs career. The'
Alii -on iV: Hamlin organs have been gent
to every civilized country, nnd their sale
never was greater tlmn al tho present
time, averaging from 10,(100 to 13,000
organs per uunuui. L'vslou Juurnttl.
A New York printing prfss innker proniiHes
In irndiiee n irea (hut Mill turnout 000,MiO
cejiies )ii-r hour.
Vtinnntltn !-ltpnd Thla.
Toe Voltaic ITi i.t Co., of Manliall, Mich.,
offer to send IhrircelcliraledKl.scTKo-Voi.TAIi!
Dki.t nnd oilier I'.i.KCTiiie Ai'I'I.iani ks mi trial
for thirty il.ivs, lo nu n (y.M.iiK or old) nfluclcd
Willi nervous il.liilily, loss of vitality and mn ti
ll, uxl, oud all kindled tr.iulil. s. Also for rhell
nmtisui, luuralgia, luualysia, and many other
dim iihi h. Completo restoration to health, vigor
and manhood guai sntcrd. No risk is incurred
an thirty dnvH trial is allntvid. Writo them nt
once for illtistmted piuiiphU t free.
Favorable reports coiuc of crops of all kinda
in North Carolina.
flAY-t'Evrn. I liavn been a great aufTeror
from Hay-Fever for 15 years and have .tried
vai ions tliiiis without doing any good. I read
of (ho many wondroiw rureH of Kly'i Orcum
Unliii nnd thought 1 would try once inure. In
15 minutes niter uio application I was won
derfully lu'lntil. Two ivoi U ago I cunimeneed
lining it and now I feel rnlirrli enrol. It is
Hie greatest dim-irvery ever known or heard nf.
- l'niAMi:i. t'LAiuc, Fanner, bee, ilmn. Price
B ceiita.
Artrainn wrlls were knotvn at Thebes 2,000
yearn before the Chi istiuu era.
Htreet Unm nnd Mullein.
Very few realize that in tlio exudation thf j
ace clinging to (he awect gum tree there ia a
puwerfnl atimulntiag expectorant principle,
ami hi the old Held mullein a mucilaginous one
that is very healing to the lungs. Theso two
principles presents in Taylor's Cherokee Rem
edyof Htveet Gum and Mullein a pleasant and
effective cure for Croup, Whooping-Cough,
Colds and Consumption. Bold by all druggistl
at 25c and 1.00 a butllo.
A new flO.fKK) hotel will soon be built at
rine Bluff, Ark.
The I'oiiMrt
I'tweon dlsoiso and health Is often brief
and fat iL It is hotter to to provided with
ih"ttpandfiuip!o remedio.) for such common
di'ordersns eoii;;hs, colib, etc., thnn to run
the risk of ooiiti-n"t ing a faM diseaso through
ne;;l s t. Dr. Wm. HnU'sHalsam is i sure und
sale reme dy fur all disi-a ws of tlio lungs and
i best. If taken in soaon it is rertnin to cure,
nnd may wive you from that terrible disease,
roiiMimptlnn. ft his been known nnil iisoi
fur many yenrt, nn I it is no exn.-gerntlnn to
sv Hint it isthe lsit remedy in the world for
roughs', etc.
The plains of Texas covert an area of 151,000
acres. ,
Prcny Woiiwii.. ;
Ladies who would retain freshness and vivac
ity. Tiy "Wells' Health lteuewer."
, t ' i
The Cnidiidi governiiieiit claims the condi
tion i, .l.o people of Ireland is improving in
everyway. . .
"Hongs on Itrh.w '
''Hough on Itch" cures humors, enintiona,
ring-worin, Utter, Halt rheum, chilblains, . 7
W. D. Howells, the autlipr, is spending the
summer iu his slu.ly at Uoston.
Life Preaervera
I'-nlJ iro 'osing yonr grip on life, try "Wells'
Health lwuiiiiviir.'V.Cioca direct to weak spot.
' A white deer wos killed in Florida one day
last week. 1 " in-- -i i . . ,
FreneliOrapcBrnndy, dWIltod Extract of
Water Pepiwr 0r Smart-Weed, Jamaica Uin-
fer and Cimipbor Water, as combined in I)r.
'ien-e's CnmKunl Extract of Hinnrt-Weed,
the bot poi-ihlci lX'i'uedy lor cohe, cliolera
nun-bus, diarrhea, dysentary or bloody-tlux:
ills i, to break uj colds, fovors, and inllnmma
lOi'y t;ifi kl. fiU e(.s, ' Kwp it on hand. Oood
for nuiu Or fieVt " ' i
A Nrw JunsEr strawberry farm hw
protluced on the average 200 bushels a
day during the season, and the nnmper
of pickers has becu sometimes 300,
lirowii's Iron Hitlers Ih tlio
Iicst Liver ltog-iilator rc
nftivc.H bile, clears tlio skin,
diirests tlio food, CUKKS
Ilelcbing, Heartburn, Heut
in llio Stoinatdi, etc.
It is tho best-known remedy for
fciualo iiifinuities.
The genuine lias above trade mark
and crossed red lines cn wrapper.
Take no other. Mado only by
Brown. Chemical Co.,
Ilaltiraorc, JId,
"I do not liko then, Dr. Fell,
The reason w hy 1 eimnnt tc-lt.'
K. has often Iss-n wondered nt, thn bad
odor this of i -quilted doctor was in. 'Twas
probably Ikk-uiiso b -, living una of tho old
school do -tors, made up pills as large as bui
lds, which nothing but an ostrich could Imlt
without imuseit. Ifenet (hedisliks. lir.lt.
V. Pierce's Tlcasant l'urgativo Pellets'1 un
sugarnvnted nud no larger than bird-shot,
nnd lire quick to do their work. For nil do
raiigenieiitsot tlio liver, bowvU nnd stomaeh
they are speeilio
A Freneti physician bus written a long article
to prove (he Is in lieiid results of eating water
(Irrrn . Apple!
Eaten in Hie apring time, or any other season,
is liable to give one n bowel trouble, which can
l-o speedily cheeked by the tin,- of Dr. lli--gers'
vM!.VvrJt':'r'l-VI1' 'illl:V1' HOCTIIF.liN
IlbMI-.DY, that willeertninly cure Cramp ( 'nj,
hiarih.en, Jlym nlexy mid retoro the littlo ono
gradually wosling awny from (ho ,.nwta
teething, lor sale by all druggists at 00 cents
a bottle.
( rcnuition has Ih'cii adopted bv aulhnritv at
I.islKin. Portugal. In tho linio of epi.leinie it
is inmle compulsory.
That wonderful catliolicon known aa I.ydia
T. Finkhaiu's Vegetable Compound has given
tho lady a world-wide reputation for doing
gooil. It is living spring of health aud
It is repnrted that King Thcban has mur
dered 475 of his relatives sinco ho ascended the
Rupture, pile tumors, fistulas
nnd all dlsoisea of lower liowol (except can
cel!, radically cured. Address, World's Dis
IKMiniry Medli nl Association, Hulinlo. N. Y..
und eiiclijBu two tict.) sluniM for hook.
Newest of gastmuomicid wrinkles is to aorro
chiekeii salad inside n divided hard-boiled egg
with Hie shell removed.
''Hough on Toothache."
fnstant relief for neuralgia, toothache, face
ache. Ask for "Hough on loolbacho." 154 250.
I.lent. Greeley will probably bo promoted to
the rank of colonel in the Signal Corps.
Thousands, yes, millions, of bottles of Car-
ltnlitm liftvn b.iti n-.l.l nn.l ll.n Dnln a,;ll
on. If thoro wore no 'morit in this great jmt-
uini nuir renewer uo you suppnso that (no peo
plo would still buy, aa they eoiitumo to doV
Fullman cara aro to bo used on railroada In
Tf a cough disturbs your sleep, one dose of
rise's Cure will givo you a night s rest.
It is said that SlisB Ellen Torry'a vaccination
has cost her quito a financial loss.
XTDU E. riSKniH'8
wipcsmvicui -
For Female Complnlnts onsl
iM'rnknrssre so common to
, - - , uui ucb. lumato popaiauon.
. It will earo enttrnlj ths worst form of Femaltt Con.
iNKuiu, .a uTinu troablM, InnAmm.Uoii and Ulcer.
Son, Fiilltni .tid rtuplnecmi-ntii, .nil tho comMuimt
Jpitisl VlcnkneM, uil 1. puUculally adapUd to ih
uinnRoor Llfo.
It will dlMolrj nd pel tumoni from tan ntenn tu aa
ai 'J .ftKi nf ni-Tiilopn.eiit. Tlio ton drnry t- caucaroui
an mors 111 cm U cboeluU vurjr spoeililj b lu uao.
It romnTii falntnora, llntiiknT, doiti-OTi .11 rrartra
.prstlmultot., and r-'ll.vu wutknoMof tho itom.ili,
. nrra lllmttuir, n-wluh". Serroni 1'ro.tr.tiiiil.
ilomirl Dobllliv, Sli-cpliiwni'Ki, IVpronilim nrt lndlicr
' . V VaHc.lliigof betrlnir down, r.ulnfr pain, wmaUl
''ki"''.",;,,, 1' p-nniniiitly cilri d by Its mo,
It wiu t all times and tiniltr all clrcumnlan.-Mi act la
uarraouj with tlio law. tlmt govern tb. Fcmalo sjilem,
ror the onreof KMn.r CompWnts of flther sot, Oiti
Dompousd la unaurpaaKd. Frio. ai.00. Hit botUoafor jjO,
Ko family should 1 wlllioat LTDU B. PHTZlTAirt
UVJCB PILLS. They euro constipation, bUlotunna aa4
torpidity o( tbo llror. K cents a box at all drugg-tita.
AaaH -M wm ELY'S
yniMHHnnnitiif nuu
fAMBNVCanscgjio Tain.
V"TT. Iril n.ii..
JlC.lll'1 Bl
Onco. Thorough
Treatment -will
Cure. Kot a Liq
uid or Snuff. Ap
ply with Finger.
HAY-F.EVERfilire " Trial.
J cmin nt nninrwta. so o.nta by mail rglstr(l.
Biuipl. mile, l,y ni.il 1(1 cl.
EL VJ 1(0 1 UKRS. Dro,lta, Qwao. W. T. ,
VARICflCFLF ''"'m "t. r. soon (r-
nniuuvcur. c,,i, i,, lJoful(uu sli(Mi r
Advertising' Cheats!!!
It has become so cominon-to htitiii . .
clo in an elegnnt, IiiWIhk tfy
"J lien nm it into some aUiuJuwn,,,,,,
we nvoldull such, w,u"Wracnt tlm
"And simply call nttcntlon to th 'r,
Illiitwrsiuas pli,hoat
"'lo illducii ionplo .-.
"To give the,,, Mal whl h
their vuluu, that theywll, JjJJ-
r.eugioiu aim secular, Is
ara to iiiiIiihIiIk inmw, ........ .1... ' ".T11
Did Sho IMo!
"Hho llnKcrrsl nnd sulTonvl lonir. rlnln.
nwny nil the time for years," s' TaSs
"'I lie (loclurs doiii her nu f;m . '
"And nt last was eun d liy this llup niy.
the jiaiH'is say so much alKiut."
'Indisill Indeed!"
cini"" lllu"klul WB"ll0ul'llie fa that aea,
A Daushter's .Misery.
"Elnven yenrs our daughU'r loiirwed .
bed of misery,
"Kromu coiiqtlienliiNiof kidney, liver rhau.
Hint if troiilileand Nervous deliillty, '
"1 'udcr the care of Hie )hhI plij sHani,
"Who gave herUiseaso vuriom'iuunw.
"Hut. no relief,
"And now she fs rrstnn4 to u In err
fienlth by ss simple u remedy as Hop BitterT
tlmt we had slnmiiedfgr yoainboforousiagit)
Father I Gcttlii? Well
"My dauhlei's sny:
"How much belter fnth.eris ainee ha nui
Hop Hilters."
"lie is getling well nftor hi long Btifferint
from a disease declared ineurahk."
"And we lire soglad that he usnl your Bit
ters." A Lady o t'tiea, N. Y.
I fT Nniit" Rcniilnn willioutaliimchof grwj
lliuw on the white laliel. Khun all the vile
nuis-iiioiis sluir wilU "Uuu" or "lloin" jj
their uuine.
' ' ' lA-t ,
lliree and four Tmi Scales al gn atlv rtdncpd
prices. Every C-tlon din und I'iimt.'r should
lane a Gnst'iNK Faiiiihsks Hcai.k. Write for
I'tiees. FAIlillAXKS A ('().,
New Oili inn, U.
7T T.. .ll i .ir Cuml-lm-d Sim
..,1.1,-r, w ,,.b II, ., k ,,J
Irutilnc l'nl-1,'. lkt frrM Mil.
1" . Ih-i ii!i., i. I hp M,. SlfMl(
lurK'.li' ul clu-f. 1'rk, llltl
Ii- ffach t t til. l-irrp prodi. I
INHI. Sl..-lBl k.
..... ...iiti tuo'i.M.a iu ue nni,
jKiitinrr l-i. li-it. l:ii. uf -t.,U. hrrtr.
iiir(o;iui.,irni. sit-.tu.S(riSSi,a
MRS. GEN. J. E B. STUART, Principal.
Hi TV-it w-.l., oH-n iv-el. Dili. 1M. wilhifnK
r. r.iHiii-..rii.r T-m-l.. , T,.rm nrn-l'-rao Ii.lii.
ti:.--i ollwd. N'-inil.. i- i-f li-imt.l. Sei-lirlos
cn:li-KiiMhj-ilhi, rrinnpnl.
Q I I luji wt'riiorr pain on nmj.
a I Vlviii faun iieai.NLaa.
( I liii ; ''AK.tNTKKO,
All crimmtiiiii'if iitn trli-tlt tvan.
fil''!tinl. h'.tr immplilvll Aoj
cuftiilcult'i (MJiiri-cd
iUS. l!li.U)FO!!DJ.D.
Jnx'Kt an'! IMiirmciL
F. O. liMtm, l uluiuliiiiG
Aa:''rs nrA.Ti:i rr-.i.-i,ivEs,f
A-'thr.r'fPiI, Aullumic, Iln'rtittl C.-ip- l. If. the ' ini
h,, ,.t, thf Ifiiin" f'rni.ni.n l.-.k ' t"M. Oiilwllftll
Ihusll'lftl. rrj.-t l tlsMUtUIMl In ' . i arh Vol- tiO
T' l.fiO, BO pr ) f l".LTiit. im:r.. tW, 'mpAf
Hi"'. Aki 'il 'rn I.' lnr. X'W ir the tltiK K
lunkf tniiii'f ffit H ti'l far f'ttm fmn. ml onif, In
UAHTI Htl I'l ICLIMti(. (()., HttrlfurO, (mi
I.Tin? ApenH mnl sn.I.nndlfil
tlio Inilh about .Iokkh. I'nl vorrf
lii-l nn I'npcr and aiRii if uU dirts,
$80. 5 TON
HfT.m "Hfit M"Bm rrn.ii
l'piJ. Vn-f Prliv l,it. y.vfTjXitt.
.rSaft mm'tfA DINOUAillOK.W. if.
WATCH FOR $12.50.
FI I.I.V CI'AltANTKKrt. Thin o(T a
afl(t.v..i,ly. (!.MlnMMi by I'lprow (J, O. D.,tuli.lll
tu innHctinn iK-f. re pnrrlin-l.itf.
J. 1'. hTUVK.NN A- CO., Jr-tveler,
Trllilvlt l,'t ' T lniili' flint ln-n.lt of Hi-: tli-liiUUIlt4
ciaoV !"" ii TIIK HKiT! fiatfii Frt-f wtsil; r""
vttri. NT-:I1 tt rina lo llriu: nrilrrli) rtont iiilati:r. 1 alt
l ihc buck ya want. Will .(.nick fr cirtulari. n
f.Oc. I'T in.iT'n. My IMuliif A I.Ktiu t Tt.
Lean, ftirl Hi"' lurvi'I.tii-i ootsrt VmninU t1'"
fcdrtrMi W. N. Thorn pica, i'..t, , 4C4 Arcb SI., Pntlad . n
Crofitrht iiiiniiii,nti ew d
ffird, Nitw'p jrmirtinin tor"Ht
onlrri for our crlot riWl Tci
ml 'ntlrrM.rtml ni'vitm !ibinti
ful Im.UI liftjul ot Mh Ho Wiiirt
IV a S.t nv llfinriaiimn lMC f Uod
Gold Itinrl Merit Rnfe I,iincr .-t, or(tM MoM
Uorrritnd Ti.ilH Sp!, Fit Hill partiwlftm id.lr-M ,
Tin: ;iu:at A.n:inrA tha i'o.v
P. O. Box y-W. U and JJ VtjMf St.. Now oiit. a
Nashvillo. Tenn.
Cioaedlta lttili year tvlib 331 young ladles-
An arlfTe,proKr.R,iv.,nnn-R.ct.iirian arliool. Thouindl
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