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lit il
VVM. J. SLATTKK, F.iitor.
FUIl IT.il'I'NT,
UK JC1V.V Vnnli,
FOII VlCE-l'lliyil'KNT,
J. P. 0. Atkins, of ll.nrv.
Kohert L. Taylor, of Wai-fti iitfii
run UMiiHT i:i.K'rn!.
1. Kohert Iiinrow, of Carter.
i. 8. (I. Heiskcll, of Knox.
4. M.S. Klkin.of Siimn-r.
h. F.rnct rillnw.nf Marshall.
l. J. W. Judd, f li ilirrlM.n.
7. I,. I', Padgett,, if Maurv.
8. K. 1'. Cole, of 11. in v.
10. J.IlarvcV Mallus, of Shi 11. v
Ot:s. Wji. Ii. IJa'i i:, of liavid
Fll AM.ItOA CO.W.:-H'.M:'.-,
JoIiii II. Savngp, i'i Wiirrin.
(. W. (ionlon, of Hiii lliv.
J. A.TuiKy, of MeMiii'n.
rou cosoiii:-s,
J ts. Ii. i:iciini'-.,v.
Tho Home Journal ha.-, not jji'cn,
mid will not give, ptililieily to the dirty i
scandals in repaid to the iVinocraiie '
and Kepublicuu candidal) s fir i'l'-i-dcut.
They tire tnu indecent. They'
aro invasions of the nrivnte lives of
these gentlemen, und have naulit to do
With the fitness for the great -l!ic l
wbicb their reiipectivc parties wish tbem ;
eleeted. We cannot help, however, 1
coni!i atutatiu;; Mr. Cleveland urou the'
manner in which he disposed of tl.e l.e
jiiiblican charge as to him. He mm ly
said: Investigate and tell tho truth.
And the investigation establish) J his
innocence. Mr lilainu sues the news
paper editor for gfiO.OOO danui.!c to his
character, and be knows the case will
not be decided until after the election in
November, if ever. We do not say lit
is guilty, nor do we care. Nor would
we bo menu enough to use it n;;::!iet
him in order to Hecure u single vote. f,,r
Cleveland, who will, we bonestlv be-
iievo, muko us ono of, if not lln l.e. t ii-1' siate, he, ,-h they si, all lie liable
Fiemdents we ever had. Our opinion is '" " r-'"1"' l""''1"';"'. i" hi.-h the
, , ,, . . ... peiudl v lo he iidbcled si. all lie one bun
based upon the i.iflex.ble will and -lis-; J,,,.,, .-.p. hl, r ,.vi.rv ,llU..
regard of public ubimc with which he ipient olii nsc the penally shall be in
law performed his duties as Mavor of en ased liliy dollars over and above the
liull'alo mid (iovernor of New York. I lilsl penally."
Hm vetoes of as., res that Were un- MTl,IH " ,!"-'" U,'lV
. , . . lie presented it to tin? I.e-'islatuie, look
consi.itut.onul evinced his determ.i.at .. n,,,,,., ur its (...j,,., tUM, V(ll(;(1
to do right regardless of parties or ci it-1 for il. Tho bill became a law, and was
ieism. He reminds us of Jackson, of a part of the law of Illinois till IMio,
Andirw Johnson nnd of nil m.oi uli i ,M'll it was lei.iah d. 'I he Rcolds of
.... i i .... . i i . . ..i
tiro un rn reai, unci our neari ueais W illi
thankfulness that the Democratic Con
venlion ut Chicago was wise enough to
nominate him. We look upon his can
diilacy as a chance for tho United Stales
to leap, as il were, n half ecu tin y ahead
in the way of prosperity and honor
I'ersonal scandals ought to have nothing
to do in the campaign. It is the polili
cal record of the men wo are lookini;
Ai'ler, and the records of
lire such that every honest Democrat
und honest Republican could well walk
up to ihu ballot-box and cast his vote
for them.
Tim political record of Mr. Iilainehas
tattooed him terribly Not a single
partisan of 'Mr. l'.lnine, if honest, eau
deny (it seems to us) that his Mulligan
letters are facts, and if they do not
ilainp him as unworthy of ofliciul trust,
then indeed has the (asto of our people
been ho far vitiated by jobbery and cor
ruption as lo luntlo rascality a passport
to lavors. No wonder Bomo of the leiul-
lug lights iu tho Republican party refuse
' to support lilaiue.
Ah to Logan, the Republican cande
date for Vieo-Frcsidunt, we will reserve
remarks fornn ilher arlicle.
Tim minim! meeting of the slock hold
i'rs of (Im Nashville, Chattanooga and
t. Louis Kailivny will bo held at the
office of tho company in Nashville, on
Wednesday, Sept. 10i, for thopurpose
of electing fifteen directors to servo for
the ensuing year, and the transaction of
of any other business that may be
brought before the meeting. Bona lide
stockholder.?, upon presentation of their
- certificates of Block, will bo passed ti
Nashville on train No. 2 of tho Oth and
No. (J of tho 10tb, and returned on
trains Nn. 5 und 3 of the 10th und No.
1 of tho 11th..
Thomas Ewing, living near Nash villo,
iie night recently, thought a burglar
wm trying to enter lug house. He got
his shot-gun and wailed until the door
was opened ami lie shot with both bur
rels of buckshot, and getting a light lie
found he had blown out tho brains 0
bis littlo eiglit-yeur-old daughter, who
bad gone out of the door while bo was
It is said that Cleveland has never
leeu in Washington City. But he'll
go there next March.
To the Colored People.
We wish we knew all tlie colored peo
pie in Franklin county wlio will vole for
Jus. (. Blaine uuil Gen. J no. A. Ijognn
llio Ivcpublicnn candidates for
di nt and Vice-President. If we did we
luss we would nearly know them ull.
Nor would wo try to elmugo them.
That has been tried tn.i ofu-n er iIiim.
They will not only vnfc fur Blaine und
Jjojjnn, bat will vote for Juil;,'c Frank
T. K'tid. He is nn able man. IIo wit
one of the bravest ('oiifedcrtilcs. He
wanted to enlist tor !!) year in the Con
federate army. It is said, and not hern
disputed, that he belonged to the Ku-1
k I u x . You will vote for him asyoiidid
for Hrownlow, who went nil the way to
Philadelphia to iriK:I;.i:ii ic'iiinst Ilcv.
Dr. riyno that slavery was right ami
I.,..-nl, i i,. 1.,. t,",..,lf,.rl.;,l,lii,.f
- - i n
any slave-owner lo free his slaves, und
that wu ought to send to Africa and col
onize the whole race us slaves. Ami
you will vote for Logan for Vice I'rcsi
dent, und just to show you how far your
i . I .'.I . ...I !... . . . I . C . .1
""" lM ' ' ' "
me eojoe mm fci-
taxed to give you u chnnee to educate
yoi.r elnUlren we will give you u wee
hit of Logan's history, and will give yo-.
liliy dollars each if you can disprove it:
In 11S, in Illinois, as a young man
lailv in (lie political lie-Id, lie Voted tor
In constitutional proviMoii prohibiting
anv ne.io or muiatto lr'in selihng in
t j Mate of Illinois, lie also voted
ii'ain.-t giving negroes the light of suf
Iriigo or to hold oliici;. In Jo.VJ John
A. I.o-an wai-a member of the Illinois
Legislature, und us a member of the
.io.hciniy Committee reported the fol
lowing bill and labored for its passage :
" It a iiigro or mulatto, bond or free,
sl.ali hereafter come iulo tin's Hlale and
remain leu days wilh the evident inten
tion of residing in the same, every such
liei'ru or mulatto idwiil be deeuieil guilty
of a uiisoi nn mior, and for the fisi
e shall be lined the sum of lii'u
ars. If sach negro or luuiatlo shall
I I .mllv .mil llil. 1: 1 1 ! ivi.w.:j. I I...
.'(l iWrthwilli to the Justice of the
l,.m.i. ,Anu whom the proceedings
were bad, it shall he the duly of said
Justin: to commit said negro r mulatto
; to loc cnsiody ol the iiu. nll, or other-wi-e
k i p him, In r, or them, in custo
dy ; und said Ju-ike shall forthwith ad-
; vertisi! said negro or mulatto, ami on
iln-ilay, ainl ul the time and place ien
lioneil in said adverti-eiiieni, the said
Jaslice shall, nt public auction, pi-ueccd
to sell said negro or mulatto to auv per
son or pel-ions w ho will pay sucfi line
and c -Ms lor tlie shortest time ; and
-aid purchaser shall have (he right to
' coinpi l siul ncro or mulatto to work
for nnd serve out, said Irnn. If said
m i'io or iiiiiliitto shall not within ten
I days alii r I he expiration of his, her or
ihrir lime of .ici-vice, us nf resaid, leave
, -'"in
ois prove these fai'ls.
In another issue of tlie Homo, Journal
we will give you more of Logan's re
eoid, wherein he came laaiiy in inr a
Coiii'edertite s Mii-r iu in. Iinr.-i ol
t la- eoloii d i ace.
i'or iSj'.'o;'.
If there be anv one m w 'piper in the
United Stales which the Home J..ui mil
has relished more than any otln r, it has
bei-n the New York Sun, edited, if not
largely owned, by C'has. A. Dana. It
bus always been independent, therefore
father Drmocralii!. lis eild ii.!s have
ulwavs hi ell terse, incifive, ami free
i . i .... .
iroiu vcrinage. In trutli, toe iloine
Jolirna!, iu wars iigoiie, would repro-
luce I lie imh-ndid eil'rls of Mr. Hana
and feel as if it was so laivr:-Iv in debt
to Mr. J), lha! nothing hut bankruptcy
could result if Mr. D. I'irv. to sue li.r
wluit we owed him. So highly were we
impressed wilh t lnn i itings of Mr. Dana
that we llioiiht what he said was c.r
cutlmlm and there mnld be no change.
His paper tlie "Snu" ha-l and has
the largest circulation of any daily. Its
power was such tlmt the highest ollieials
in tbo lun. I, especially in Washington,
feared its opposition. Iu fact, it wus
like unto Earl Warwick the " Kin-
Maker." Tho Ful e!ia:i:.'' l his views
and met wit h success. !.t e,... I.
thought the independent Sun would
clinuge. Liitln men like our-" might I
change as to Ihe Dog Law and ihcTarill'i
in Tennessee, hut we had no idea the
Sun could change. It now suimor.s II
i 1, ., .. .. .,
i. Jinllei- for 1 resident-supports a
man who is the very quintessence of all
that should ma!;e honest men of all onr-
tics revolt and swear to die bvallaniF
liny means rather than by their sulliiige
ilaco such a stigma uon the tarnished
re)Utntion of onr eoinnion country. .Mr.
Dana, bo neeonijili.shed, so vigonius as a
writer, so powerful wilh his well -mined
...... I. . ll j' . ' d"o u. inva. luimi
pui, in actually, lrom some ieHonalj.Siutu must vote un n unit,
silicon or u,rchiiM, 8iii)oriing j; uler. ' ISiiould liie election of 1881 be thrown
Uut can he reconcile that Biiimri wilh !'",'" l'lu House, the voles of 20 Htates
what lie said in the Sun, .luiiu 2Gth J wi" bc rwlui''l'd mimo Mr. .Arthur's
ol. t)...i ..
The life and career of Hen Hutlcr
fltl.. III. . . i. I
fitly llllislriltes iJiiUto.i'H iii'iv, i,. A..'
ducitv. morn i,wi.: :..i" :WWB",! ticKui alter thw laslii.m
tv.' Wlmt,.v,.r or ;,!.. ::" ' T'"Vor I Wideul. Honest Government :H
, . " W'HOVI HUUtU'
i. i ... . i'.
ne iniH, or oi iiii"stiiinuh u success h.. "ir
may have altained, can be traced to i hut !
one governing rule of his uonduct.l
Without it be would be lost iu tin.
crowd of trading demagogues nnd in
Knaves to which lie wortnuv hclon
With it Ue hn ln-onie n power in the
party whicli, while ulleciing to despise it
Ilia vulvar 'practices, yet abjectly nc
cepm hiii leadership and humbly bows
before his power, Hated by mine, con
temned by many, nnd distrusted by ull,
this bud man with hi crooked ways,
foul methods, distorted iniudunJ nicked
hetirt, glories in these inorul deformities,
ilaunlK (hi'in coiiatanlly before I lie pub
lic eye nnd tratlic in them a political
merchandise. 'Jho notoriety which de
cency shrinks from us u 'Icnuhttioii he
seeks nt mi v mcrilice. Hi; treats the re-
proueli w Inch billows such exhibitions
us so tiiueh capital udded to the stock of
ill Tamo that had already made his mum;
odiously conspicuous in and nut of Con
gress, iiijoieiiii; in liirt owu shame an I
coining money Ir nn open veniilily, dis
eanliiifr any pielense of principle, bound
''J' mi ties of bonor, sc.fline; m p li-ui
nuiKm" holitics a trade. despotic u hen
clothed with authority, cowardly by mi
lure, mercenary irom luihil, ami ilosti
lute of one emu'ltling quality for manly
nurnr.iie.s io n;i turn up aiiove tne.se
Wl,'';l' 'l characteristics, he is lo-dav
the leading candidate lor the h'mhest
honor in enlightened and moral Massa
chusetts. To tills complexion have we
cuiiie nt last."
Tree Speech.
The World snv (it-.n. Duke, Col. J
y, Mxiu or some one else is IlllVllif:
I supplements struck oll'or distribution
iiy Hie wechiy press "louiieii t the
uni..le with such ammuiiitiou as rail
roads tiirnisli
Well, what or it
Siivnge, (iord'Ui A Co. have fir two
H-ars been junketing over ihe State on
railroad pa-ses endeavoring to urruy the
people against the railroeds. und the
licad ol Hie commission, lavage, is now
eiigagi d' in denouncing railroads from
eve ry stump
The World ha attacked (Jen. Duke
for daring to e une to the Statu to reas
on with the people iu a digniiied man
lier upon this question, and now it
would deny Ihe right of speaking
through tin: pnss. Have railroad peo
ple no right lo speak ; no right to he
heard J
We haei; seen n copy of the supple
ment. We know not by whom it was
prepared or where printed. It contains
evcrsil columns of matter highly eulo
L'Htic of Cleveland, Hendricks and I Jute,
rim railroad matter, so-ealled, is noth
ing more nor less than comments from
the democratic mid independent press of
the Mate, with ono or two letters which
appeared in democratic papers.
It the railroad people have really had
a hand in getting up this supplement
they art! lo be commended for it. Ilis
due to (in- people as well as the railroads
that both sides of this important ques
tion should be heard.
The objection urged by the World is
probably prompted by iis reluctance to
have the people of the State informed
of the real sentiment of the democratic
press on ihe subject of the commission,
for the majority of the democratic
newspaper oppose the commission, and
'ive co-ent reasons for their ojijioMtioti.
-- Nilsh villi,- lloiiner.
A Worci to the Girls.
i -
No woman who has care for her rep
utation or position will be seen on the
si i Is or in ptihliu places in any garb,
or conduciiiig herself in any manner
thai will make her conspicuous or snb
j"cl her lo comment or jeering remarks,
deserved or imt. No one who cares for
such things will, if she will stop to re
lleet, or will realize the meaning, allow
herself to become the subject of remarks
to strangers or passers-by. Ifouryoung
women or their mothers could but once
hear the snecrini; coni'in-nls uml know
I ihe ideas produced bv appearing nil ihe
j. reels in "Moiher Hubbard.-" or simi-
ii i- iimlress, the experiment woulil nev
er he repeated ; u r would I hey ever
; ern.it any one to clinch their arm like
i policeman "running in a prisoner.''
No true woman ever allows that ; she
lakes the arm of her esc ii t and doesn'l
submit hers to a clutch. These are lit
tle things, hut is made up oi little
thiiies, Hildas the bloom of ihe peach or
II,.. ,!., il. I'.,,!!,.,!!.. , :
.I V V"V K'""-.''i X,lV. Ilh.
: ..,- ,. ,,., u ,.!! ,,. innate, in-
uesciiiiie ilelicacy ainl shl'llll.lilg in ides
IV ol Wolniiu.
?.0'.v a Posidant is Elsctctl.
Strange as it may apptai, many
thousaiiils of voters iu the l;uiicdSmics
li.ive but vague and often erroiieiiii.s
ideas in relation to the niaiiiicr iu Which
the highest ofliee in the gift of the peo
ple is tilled I'nder thu provision of
the Federal Constitution we do not vote
direct lv for II l're.iidelit and Vice-I'i'i-si-
dent, but for an immediate body of!
1 . J . J
'"""o, 01 Hineo e.ieu oi lie is e 11 en
t- as many as it has members iu both
ll'iil.-es of Congress.
Them being ut present o25 Ueiire-
sentatives in Congress and 7ti Senators,
uiu l'.leetoi'.il l.iille'.'e eolisists of Ull
1. ! .. 1 .....
iiu-iii. iei., 01 uioiii ui constiiiiie a ma
jority. The electoral nominees ImvioT the
I.;,,!,, ., 1 . . , "
hlg.iest iiii'ul,, r ,,f votes in each Slato. !
11. 1 -1 . 1 . 1 1 in
1 inai nuuiDer is not a nm-
I Ml II V ill 'ill ll.i. ii..l,.o ..... I I II.. I
;t.U, - ,,l 1, (11v ,1 V I Z " ,h , . V. .
electoral voto.s'of n Slate inav be di.
''h-l betivocn two or more nominees,
''''is' '"'"'"W. H very rare occur-
',." '. . " ,n . !' '" "0,r.
-1'ccini; nnues, una i.ieir vote, iiuiy
ecrlilied. is forwured to W.ishoi.ri,.,,
where liie formal vole takes place iu
pieseneeoi noin tirancliis ol Coiii'ic-s.
Siiould any I'rcsidentiul nominee ob
tain n iiiujoriiy of the electoral vole, he
is ileclnred duly elected. Otherwise
devolve, upon tho House of lleiueseut
lives Li choose a I'rcsident from unionir
t.ie three cnndidaies having the lurgesl
number of elcctorul votes. Wheu nn
lllleriiMliui) nf il.lu 0....1 .,..:.., n,..
TI,., PI.SI...1..1..1.:.. ...i i . .i.
" .iii.iueiw.nii iniies reiiu.l inc.
. .' . !
en II..M...I i niiHAio
,,v' ' ..
u: i, ..... ..I
v ice-rresniciit, llistorie Justice
police ut Matloon, III., nro or-
"cred to mrost anv woman on the streets
n Mother Hubbard dress.
Cholera still exists m Kurope, though
dues not uprend rapii 1.
Mr. Hendricks Writes a Lot
ter on the Situation. ...
The following Jetier was written by
Guv. Hendricks, to a citizen of Du
buqiic, la., in answer to an inquiry con
ccrning rumors affecting a change of
the .National Democratic ticket consc-J
quent upon reports published against
(.Jo v. Cleveland :
IxwA.v.m.us, Aug. 22. 1881. 1
have vour letter of i,e Iflih inst I can
not consider with favor your suggestions
of a change in the National lickei.
The action of the Convention cant:ot
now be reconsidered. It must f land,
ami I think it ought to slum). I do not
agree with you in respect lo the proba
ble result. I think the probabilities are
lueorabie to a miecesS of our ticket.!
The Cleveland scandal will not have
weight wilh people, und ought uoi to
have. It is unworthy ol Naliomil coo
lest. Three times Governor Cle- -bi.nl
has stood the test of popular eanviiss,
mice for tlie ofliee of Aayor of his own
city, and each time he received the en
dorsement of his neighbors by a vote
largely above his party strength. What
ever liieie may have been of tlie scandal
existing before, it is not just either to
him or the people now to revive it The
public welfare requires that he be judg
ed by his public record, and by his ca
pability and Illness for the discharge of
tiie responsible and important public
duties, and not by old und exploded
private slanders.
Very respectfully yours, etc.,
T. A.' I Ji:.n'1ii:h ks
The Greenback State Executive Com
mil tee will meet in Nashville next Sat
urday the llth for the purpose of
completing the organization by the se
lection of an electoral ticket.
The shock of an earthquake was felt
at Kii"X.-ille and other points in East
Tennessee recently.
Counterfeit ten dollar bills on the
Third National Raul; of Cincinnati arc
iu circulation.
Ow ing to dry weather, the late torn
crop throughout the State bus been cut
down at least one-half.
packed. i
Hucon elear sides, 12c,
llams- C. V. C,
Lard Snowflake, in kegs
, llels
( oiintry lard, 10c
KitL's l'roin first Imnds, 10c.
l'eaihers l'riuie geese, 48c ; mixed,
including duck, lo( :0e.
Itags, ilM per 100 lbs.
Corn, shelled, 'iOe.
Wheat New, dry and in milling
condition, 7"a80e.
Corn meal, per bushel, 70(Jr75c.
Ilye, new, from xvngon, UOc.
Hay, ?i:;f. ?l l per ton.
Hogs, averaging 22.) pounds and up
ward, f..j.2oa5. oO.
('at lie, extra good shipping $-1.00(T,,
I 2o.
Our Asnt3.
Thi! following named persons are au
thori.'."d to receive and rceeipt for tub
seriptions lo Home Journal :
John II .Martin, Winchester.
(teorge K. Ihinks, Decherd
I). S. Long, llockeiville.
L. It. Smiain, Cowan.
W. It (iossatre, Kstill Springs.
I. N .Martin, Maxwell.
O. T. Itruee, Iluntland.
(i. W. liowling, Maxwell.
(i W I'.yi'om, Await.
For tho Legislature.
We 11 iv million, d lo iiiuiouiiei' Jidui M.
I. I ley, ICmj., ol' the I'.'th eivil district, n ciiu
iliiluielo represent I'nuiklin coi.nly in the
Lower Ibiilse of the next ( !elit-rnl Asseinhly
..I"1 leiiiiissee - Milii.et to a l niiventi Llee-
We me ..ulh.ui., ,1 to iiimoliiiie W. W.
j doidoii :i eandi.lale lo renn sent IViinklin
county in the lower house ol the next ( ien
."ul Asfl'inhiy of TeuiiesMt'
He nr.- auilioiiAd to innioiiuee Mr. I'lovil
1 . ' 1 1 1.1. . . 1.
r.-.in 11 eiiniiiniiie 10 ri U'i ki iii I' rankliii
eoiinly in the lo.vi r hnoieli nf lln next (ii ll
el'nl Asfi'inhlv.
W I , .
ii e .ire iiiiiiioruiii 10 iiiiiliiiniee In-. Lew is
.M. leillle II ail.lld.lle lor Suite Senator fnilll
Ihe comities nf Franklin, lle.lford ami .Moore,
ill me cii.-iiiiij,' .Noveiiilier eleelioii.
We me uuthorifil In iiiuiounee Hon. II.
1 nt
Momiv, of Franklin enmity, as a can
ite for Stale Senator from the counties nf
Franklin, HciH'ord ami .Moure, at the ensuing
Niiveinlier eh etioil.
For Congress.
We are authorized Iu iiuiiiniuee that nu.
.las. 1. Uieharilson.iif ltiulu rl'ord eniintv, is
11 candidate for Cuivress from the Filth ('on
irrcsKional llihliiel ot'Ti iniessi e, coinpoKil of
on- iiiiucs 01 i.eiiieiii, 1 aiiniin, Co ee,
Franklin. Lincoln. M ,.. M,,rJ ,11
uutiierioni eoumies,
niMi.mt in
Standard Patent Medicines,
.,. V l!" o' ' 'l1''1 Viir,,l"hes, Dv-StnnV, Hair A
lo'Uh l.i-iislnv, Toilet Ai-licles, lVrfimierv,
Soups, Slimil.il r liraees, Trusses Spiuw-H
nn.l.ill viiriftii-H of I truists' Siimliies, Ci
fi ir,l'ine Wines ami biijimrs for Jledieimil
(in riiriM'P,
I'iivKiyiiiliH preseripliens enrifi.llv ri in
imunili d, iin.birderninsw.-rul with care und
disputed. ,,.
ffV:?-.?5.i.!WW'Aiiiiiiri. m.
,,i.fi"'Z.'':'V'n "r l-ulenti. Chymu
f',"fci'U:;.","i 'or the IInllertutl.I7S1
i. ii..i..:,-'.'.' iu in j
"o MtKiev ii.. v.ir ,r"yn
"."'""luoirpirouliitwi i.m, ( ""'i"ii"n
Amikican oni. s2rKI'NN CO.. SfULNnno
. . uiwji.tr. new York,
9 Soii.t lx n.uu .,r pn.injf.., ,
H m-vive tree . iiwllv 1. ." to, I mni
j whu h win hulia!l. oi i-lilu-r m.-x.I wm'
I'.' 'rr? '.,.n?r. '. !'.
ifio-p in iiii.h w nriii. for1, i, . t, . , " r,-""f"J
tun it a. vail the worlioni !t,. i.te. , ,en'lwl t- Horse-shoeing a specialty.
A-oi: uid .'iVueACii., Ai'..st.i,Muirm narL'(i-lv .
J, L,
its Headquarters for
D17 Goods,
rZu-lcr Bros' Warranted
Shoes a specialty.
cwing ftinchincs,
Trims, etc.
Bi-Su A full line of School Books.
FT, All kinds of Rarter taken in ex
change for goods.
I ln'Cii mi Iianil nail manufacture to order
alt kimisof Furniture, which I iimiiom-Iosi'II
;il low raics. Also, 11 nice hit ul Pictures.
MMilMiiip, Ac., ultviivs nn I111111I.
All sixes of ('OI'lTXS-Walnut, Itmeunod
ciis'b, (Vie U, Mi-tiilicCiisis, und nil kinds
of Ti'iiiiiiiitin- mid I.iuiiiK" for satin-, kepi
ei'ii-tioolv nn IimihI,.
IVieiiil 11tt111ti1.11 given In t'liilcrlnldiij;.
I ki-ep a lien rse, lor the u.-v of which my
iricei' tire reasomilile.
ri:i:i wi:n(;i;i:,
X.jrthnist side Public .S'iimrc.
If You Are
Your Tickets Read via the
N.,G.&SJL Louis R'y
The First-class nnd Kmigranl Pimsi ngers'
I'uss. Asent, nmltnniHicn, Telin
(ien. Pass. A 'J'kt .Apenl,
Nashville, Tina,
Ticket Ajjent, Wiiu-lirli r.Teiin.
t il I
Agricultural and Mechanical
COl.l uKGK,
Knoxville, : Tennessee.
Next Session begins Kept, -lib, 1884
There nre enures in Agriculture, Science,
KliL'iiicirinc nnd the ('lassie, under il.i,.i.!
l'ri.fessi rs nnd Iiir-lriit ti rs. Two vears of
prcpiiriitorv intiuetieii me provide d
,;. . ,.- ,, , .. -'-
.,'s';'j-liue reHM,nalm and lnii,li,.
...e , uesiorinniai unu ieiiKloustriinuiK.isniull orchards, at , nns and prices within
the Militiiryoiv:im.:ition secures regul.iriiy, llic reach of every me oiuiinun orchard.
...... r..,.. ...... i.mipiiiers iu -.m ineexereisis.
Sltuntlon, liea.tlilul : slirriiiindinrru l...,.ini.
. ' o' i
fu I, el innte.supeiMir.
" , V "I'l'omieu ny
menilKTs ol the Jx-ifis liilnto. and hi- Sou..
(Vanity und Cily Superintendents of '.Schools,
oi ecsMiry expelncnilinul 517(1.
For C-itiiloKues, iVe., tuldnss
junl8 Chairiiian of tin-l'ucullv
on and Carriage Shop.
WiKcumER, Tens.,
Are prepared to do the best. cheni nl
most proinpl work. Wagona and liuggitsi al-
n ni on intiiii
All kinds of BUrkamitldnir
Foiwalcl v J. M. Ilutchlns, Wiiiehi-ctcr ; Patty A Shook, Cowan- P S .
and tiro. ('. Hush, IXflitrd. ' ' ' J,""l,MI..ni1!lri
For Everything that goes to make a
Desirable-Gun, the
unnrr nu $
muuuu ui .
And will comil-tt-ly change tho blood in tho entire systom in thnie tuonlhi. jbr
prmon who will titles 1 I'll! each night from 1 to 14 wevki, may be restored to Mui
lieal Ih, If inch a thing bo potmllile. t or lVmalo Ciimlnlntt theee I'll) 11 have noequl,
I'hyslcUJUl tine them lor the cure of LI Vi;K and KID.UOY dlwustt. Gold f verjirbeTV
or tent by roail for 23c. In ttampt. tlrcnlum frco, I. S. JulI.NSO.I A CO., lioUno, ViuT
'1 W Pf tii hi Cril rV" Ll' i If I'. tf U'" ':V:'- 1 i.,.",'v.t:'.'. '
rt-W'C;-.0N:i f.MODVrt i I lillMT il'iW noiwi.ni. r.l.:ins at ti.o Tot-ii nam.
rs. Ixiktu C.111.I., WV...f L"ii.", i:.n nx li i.-i.'U. linen. tv. i ;.ka ., Ki.lnf. iioUlA ut
Li.Mu.-i of the Sjiiu'j. B.iiii rttrywiwii. i irj-u..i-3 ir ."i. I. h. Je-;.sso:( i c, iuu...i,
' 6.1 PJ LJ t. IJ l.i....Ki..m.jim.i,
itnaKfi.vi,.,-nti!.i' f.-."K.f!!io pi3 K fBTi iSTSyjP B af
nicr.,,l.nulJ l.;.r,"MIili..":..i.. S .1 If: Uf; lJ Pi l-ipS I H If
t.'ylW!'l.-! l-m S..-r.! .it's oi! n J lilj t .. Wl i K PS W
K.wiVrl-. ....,!. :.l.;:i.r.-..l..--.ai.r..l'.'. 1$ t'5 ' ! 'H CW fc if A A E feJW
Ko!Mt. nn r.artli will k- li-s P. 7 g: t M P; ji ?! tW i El S
liiyiim hInTiunri-s-:..in!i'iii.i i-.)v.-- ft c V ; p Z. rs r r. M f.'-n i ff. LibH H
Hi.i i ni. r'r.i
1P m nrr m tt
I reHiiclful!v iiiiiiounet- to tho public linit'fs
Iluive moved my stock of lAiilherliooii.-.i V
, Shoes, H,
I other Komls kept in my line, In the ohl ! ,j,.,.'
nl formerly ciceiipieil Iiy J. b. t!n nti, ,-:it -n, ),J
ner nf Puhlie .Spnire. Aiso will kit pi.nl
liiiml nt store ii stock of
Upper and Sole-Leather.
I ulso have, in the same huihling, n
For ihe above onils.
f?..lIidos mid Tallow wiinted al the
jp. Will enntinuo tlio Ttitiniurr 1ms.
inos nttlicolil (Porter TanvnnK iis'wt ... . ... ,
liespcet fully,
ll. 1 PETTY.
B, Curie
reiunin in Wmcle.si.'r for
nionlhs, nnd will
Tune, or repair, Piancsacd Or
gans at Moderate Rates,
nml guuriinlre his work. I!e is ill so iien
Any one wishin); lo purclinsc enn corrcK
puiiil wilh or call on him, ut Winchester,
lenn fehli-tf
sae nm FROITS
I nm K'.ill nicnl for the Amtrienn Kmim.
tor, the hest nnd cheapest machine in use
eiisilv niiiniiL'eil hv nnt- l.i.lv ... ..i.ti.i
. . .- -. --.' . -.' I ""' . vmni
. ..f, ... iii .i.iu-ii.ni-.i j ran iiir-i e ., - , .
Jnishfivo diirerent sizes, Fiiitnl to law ,ir oftl,wn-nml I'liKfjiii-i checked
lii.coniiiiK " size ni inncliinc.) I can fur
Kim lie pain lor eaoilv iu 1) or .'0 -lavs with
Iho nrntiu'i. ..f 1. : .... - .-
. ' .ii... nn. i- i- run iiecoiiiinir in
instructioiiH tim-inem- ... .......hino
Jormiiiriinitioiioi ...tiihiL-uecall on me and
give year nrrlirs i.i time fur the herrvcrop.
y v in 11 v'iitmv :
I.. ...I v. O I 1 1 .t .'luClll.
Winchester, Tenn.
For Sale, Cheap,
One Fnrty-horsc power KnKine and Boiler
good as new. Will cuciihiirc for lumber.
, , DOUUHTV Ml-'d. ((.,
"CP"-'' M urfreeshorn, Tenn.
Surjrpon Vlivsioinn
Winchester, Tenn.,
Jrarty to attend to a!) callsin town or
SHOT gu;;s.
FinEAFlMSfor HUNTikn
VAJ. 281 & 283 BROADWAY.
n. Lsmotnrun a. vw., NEW VftB '
- VI
Croup, AMhma, Vrunrhltli, ?funl.
Hot ChsI'Vt, .:o. EoHvorywliMe,fti)ttTanllfiiil!.i
I. m. ('"-r'.ii.hrii in !.:: .viM i.'..! 0"; liyfflill.tlA
a. irl.fc3 1 Lit,
101 Union St., Nashville.
a- vf Sy rr9 0t,
Oias-.ionds, Silver Ware, Etc.
In fact, everything found in n fimt-clw
Jewelry Sinre.
Also Miuiufiieturer ol I I A IX Mil)
'ItlNliS, which lire r.cil. ti, . n:,r il ilirt
nnd lilj-hel ijiniiily j.ui.nilileKl. I'M
convinced i;l
KM t'ninn St.. h t. C.,:i, ,:V i.w; J'iuUl.
I , ' - - mm nuiuiifq n ii a lira oi exccuuico wcu
admits of no suiwrior.
It rontnlm overy lni)irovimpnl tltnt Invcutlvo
(tcnlu.i, el.ill and nionuy can piuUiKO.
These exrollenl Or;iin nro cclclimlfd ft'
Voluiiii-, quality of tone, quick r. t'i'.i'. vancif
cf coniblniitliin, artistic rtiii, heuuly In
perfect cunstruotion, ninkiiiR thom tlio
fltraetlvo, oniamcntiil nnd ilealraMB onroiu '"'
nouie-8, iiehools, churclics, IoUkih. uci.Urn, e
l'EQl'AU:l FA IM TU N. ,
rnMniNWi, hake this
Instruction Books & Piano Stools
Catalogues & Price LInu, ou application, nu '
il ill.: n . x nUM.M in
ins iiiuuagu uuuuge uigcin uu.
Corner Randolph and Ann Streets,
Winchester, Tenn.
New nml elcciint Tup and Nn-Tnp Tuffai
and first-i'lass llarness nnd Saddle Jlornf.
llnrscv boarded by the year, nuuitli or day
very low, and ivifl iitteii'ded to hy failW"'
Hacks run niglil iinil dnv from Winlil(J
to Decherd. lVseiigi n called for in ayPlll',
Physicinn .v Srir-ceon
Ofl'ercliis lirofesviornl servicrii tnthecih
zens of 'Wineliester nnd surriiiiudinp conr-tp-JfiT
Oliice In the huildir.e orciiiufa uj
Jiuhje J. W. Willinms, west side of Snrf
liesidi'iicp Thi f ',. . in m hnute. Ill ' T'-
Tom. ( irepory 's. junc .o, .
The University cf tie Scuth
is locntid nt PKWAN-EK. TKXK, l"nn 'j10
Ciimhi rlnnd VlnteHii, 2,0CO feet ulovc H
sen level. This School, lir.der the
pntroniit,e of tlie JhVlir.ps of the I'rottfi"'"
Kpiscojuil tliureh in the fit-uih mid toiiln
wist, oilers the healthiest residence oml uie
best advnntapf s, lioih mi nil ond cduciiticnai.
in it Gwmroar Schools nnd its Oillit""
and Thrnlofcicn! IV-imrtniertc rot
liceial rlnimnol this I mvi-rity ir
utre. nptuv tor ilocumeiiis to tne i
FA IK H'ontiSON, D. I.)., Vice I'h"".1'0''.
SiS 01511
mmm m
Btwiinee.Tt'iin. fm-w-i7- ,
V -

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