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r 4
Itootl-working is ilieorderof the day.
Opt. Clem Arlcdge will won remove
to bis form near town.-
JI'i Myra, daughter of Mr. Jno. F
Vnugl"lli,,uite8ick with Vl),loiJfe-
ri.n Murv Sharp CollnL'fl oiieiied with
abuom Monday, ilio iminesol 145 jnpia
king enroiimi.
We have hud tut one little fnll of
mill in this Bcctioii Htnue the 3d day of
Our streets wore thronged with good
, .,.,!rv Delude Mondiiy. The host
order jirevailud.
JJsqr. Mac Crabtreo, of the lClh dis
trict, is quite aick not expected to live
with heart ditcuse.
: Mr. Thomas A. Emorey and wife are
sniiine the health and plousure-scokerH
. at Cascade Springs.
Prof. A. Jonrduii is anxious to buy
s copy of the Life of Lafayette, mid a
cony of Marseilles Ilynin.
Miuinlaiii Council No. (51)4, American
Lfginii of Honor, meets to-morrow
' Thursday night, Sept. 4.
It is predicted by some that unless
our streets and alleys are cleaned up we
will have consideiuble sickness this fall.
, Mr. Albert D. Marks, of our town,
left last Saturday for Lebanon, where
lie will take a course in the Law School.
Mr. G. C. (Pony) Logan lias rented
and moved into the house of the late
Uis. Mallio Simmons, on High street.
We learn that Shadow's Sons & Co.,
of Cedar (irove Nurseries, near town,
have nearly 7,000 orders on their books.
The ugent of Johu I) Dorris' Great
Inter-Ocean Show was bore hist week
and made arrangements to have the
bill-hoards put up.
The candidates for Senator and Hep
rcxntittive will soon commence mixing
with the "deur people." See list of ap
pointments ia this issue.
Mr. John Arlcdge is again (juito sick
with typhoid fever. No was recovering
i'ruiii the fever, but ventured out too
(una and relapsed.
. Miss Virginia Jackson left last Fri
day to accept a position as teacher in
a nourishing Female CVIIcgc nt Col
lierville, Tcnn.
The Candidates for Covernor
Their Speeches Last Friday.
We purpose to be impartial in a brief
nonce oi tne political exercise last F,i
uay between Uo
Frank T. Reid.
uay between Gov. Win. Date and .1 .i,
... . h"
f t! I10DG Olir in,! inn
will not bo affected by the fact that wo
are a Democrat, and not from partisan
purposes or hopes, but from faith fouud
ed upon close reading and careful ob
servation. '-. .
We cannot give-for our space does
not allowa ruume of what each one
said. Nor will we notice any bitterness,
or episodes of a personal nature. They
are unworthy f consideration wher.
grave matters of Slate are pending.
All, who read, know that both the as
pirants are gentlemen of cotiruirc and
of worth. Rut all of nt cannot under
stand bow it is that Judge Reid (for
whom ve have the highest personal
respect,) can (iud it iu bis heart to an
tagonize such a mini as Gen. Rate.
Roth of them were Confederate soldiers,
and both have a record that neither can
I e aslinmeil of. As to Gov. Rate, he is
n man before whom we could almost
bend the knee. Politically wo are not
in entire accord with the Democratic
platform so ably defended by Governor
Rate, but our diflbreneo is uoti-tssoiiiiiil.
We do despise the foolish extravagance
of the Useless Railroad Commission, not
lor uic
.-Uii-'ULi- ' " ii i
Our Roads.
We have been notified (and very
properly, too,) that we must work the
road, or furnish a band, or puy the
penalty of one dollar a day. W hen we
say the road, wo mcun a go-called tiling
of gullies running from Winchester to
the river near Mr. Dardis', where there
is a bridge It is known as the Bridge
road. Travel it once and you will not
travel it again, presuming, of course,
tliut you do not lose your life in the
first travel The long hill that leads
down to the bridge is enough to bring a
sigh to a pedestrian, even. It is so
narrow the road is that two vehicles
could not pass, nor one, as for that.
And we warn all who Ko that terrible
way to first send a forerunner to find
out if any one is coming from the other
side. A collision would ueccssarily re
sult iu one or the other going over into
a gulch some 75 or 100 feet precipitous.
Aud we have most kindly, but foolish
ly, we fear, supposed that you got to
the bill. To got there you must have a
very gentle horse, one that is not afraid
to put his foot right into the spaces be
tween rails thrown into a gully as a sub
stitute for a plank crossway that would
not cost over two dollars. This is the
- Miss Lula Kcrk, of Normandy
ed relatives here last week.
A great many stale watermelons
promoters of sickness are sold in this
Mr. 'J. T- Silverlnntli, ho is engaged
in the mi r untile hiisiiuH at Marlde
Hill, Mouie county, isiied us yesterday.
A cross mark after your name menus' u ' ':- and pledged himself to abide
that your time is out ; two cross murks
Tullahoma special to the American,
Aug 30: Hon. Richard Warner was in
Tullahoma to-day, en route home from
the springs ' In reply to the question
whether he would make 1he race for
Congress, ho ropiiM in substair-e most
emphatically "No " That while he had
every assurance of supjmrt from warm
friends, and felt ennfi leu i of his election
lutein.- p- no before the convention in
means tliat you are ut arrears and we
vant you to pay up;
Mr. Rob. ()li-cr, of Kii! Springs,
lefi yesterday lor Wichita Falls, Texas,
to engage in the mercantile liusinc.-.
He has our best wishes for success.
Our new Sherilf, Mr. C A. Majors,
moved bis family to the enmity jail yes
terday, and will Le his ov. u jailer. Kx
Sherilf Oakley moved to iiirs. Rra.e!
tou's house, near the creek.
Mrs. Sarah L Hunt, of Alliens, Ala
bama, who has been visiting her daugh
terMrs. Jno. A. Liitting inour low n
for several weeks, was tummnucd, by
telegram, to Birmingham yesterday on
i account ot the serious sickness oi
another daughter.
2r A good supply olT.l'TTF.UK'K'K
PATIKRNS just received at J. A.
Gaines'. Call and get a Fashion Plate
road we hare to work, and we propose and select to suit yourself. Also, on
lo do our part. W e have uo cornora-! muul, pure .Linen Lawns, anil various
money wasted, but because of tin., n,,u ,..........,.: I,,tl n-ii,.!.... ..,,,,ii ti.i ;,, .. t:,
, I .-I, ' . ,. . . n. v.i I'witlliuil tiui'lt LU WV. "'.""''l 1"
ii? pts:iia?fc KorjiSs I y- t,
turn da i. .. i it i t i- ,utu in u h Hititu uriir mir iimnp. ntui 1
CSS Come early if you want goods
cheap. Wo are closing out the remain
der of our stock-at prices that will a
tuiiish even the closest hover.
W. 11. Wilson & Co.
Mr. James M. Baker, while hunting
on the mountain last Thursday, killed
eleven rattlesnakes. 'They were real
snakes, wo know, because Mr. Hump.
Hij.s he saw them, and of courso Hani)
knows Ral snakes when be sees them.
can party has nominated men for Com
inissioiiers, and vet JiiiIl'o IMci con
demns the law as wicked, thereby show
ingnn inconsistency which cuunot bo
said of Guv. Rate, who stands by his
plat form.
In their speeches here wo honestly
think that Judge Reid lost. He is nil
uhlo man, but his youthful passion lod
him astray and gave gain to the bold,
conservative and noble remarks of Gov.
Rate. Thinking men could but think
that such an honest man as Rate a
man who went to Mexico to fight for the
United States ; a man who rose from
private to Major-Generalship in the
Confederate army ; a man who enmo
home bankrupt financially ; and a man
who has Facrilieed financial gain in be
half of his party, and in behalf of the
State ; they could but think that such
a iiohlo Roman should not be displaced
to sati-fy the denmudsof the Republican
party who have selected a brilliant but
eriutic Confederate soldier to champion
their detestable cause. Aud wo feel
sure that Judgo Reid will have to sub
mit to n bigger defeat than Hawkins had
in his lilt with J'ale.
No genuine Democrat will vote
u"ainsl Rate.
or ure killed uear our home, and
this we do regardless of no law. Rut
our expenses are not so great, and, us
we ure getting too infirm and too obese
to work, we have to economize Cuu-
J.'is. Mary Jarrett, daughter of Mr.
Ii. Templetoii, of our town, died at her
home iu Rutherford county Monday
Jiight. Her remains were brought horn
mid interred yesterday. Deceased grad
uated at Mary Sharp College in 1874
blie was u most estimable lady, and
vc deeply sympathise with her bereaved
husband, children and parents.
If you want bargains iu goods call on
W. II. Wilson & Co. Read their con
spicuous advertisement. Mr. Wilson
and his partner, Mr James Francis,
ro clever and reliable gentlemen to
ileal with, ami it would do us pleasure
tohaeeour people patronize them lib
We call especial attention to the nd-
.- 1 r r l.K, l'.. ;,.
vuriisnnu'iiL 01 a. . VJ I l..illll w. VVJ. iu
this issue, and take pleasure in reeom
mending them to all who may uccd
ativthinir in their line. Mr J. Is
Guest, who has charge of the house, is
an adept in the bakery business, as all
will testify who have patronized him,
sad we hope and believe that bo will
si inn build un a ffood trade. Rut read
tlieir advertisement and govern your
. selves accordingly.
The Coleman Boys.
Next Friday night, at the Mary Sharp
College, there will be a Concert gin-n
by the Coleman Roys, under direction
of Rev. J T. Curry. These boys
Felix, Mabra and Tonimie nro all
blind. Our people know tlieir misfor
tune. Rut they are musicians, and will
entertain any lover of music. We feel
sure the small price of admission will
not prevent them from having a full
ouse. If you cannot go send the price
of admission by some one to Mr. Curry
The following is the programme for the
occasion :
1. Piano Duet Roussell Felix and
2. Cornet Solo Thou ArtsoNenY
3. Piano Solo The Shower of Pearls
4. Piano Solo Lauterbaiieh Felix.
5. A reading.
G. Cornet Holo Flower Dance Fe
7. Piano Solo Stony Brook Mabra
8 Piano Solo Angel's Serenade
0. Duct Vienna Felix and Mabra.
10. Song Good Old Sweet Ham
ii m.
11. Piano Solo Annie Laurie Fe
12. Mocking Rird Mabra.
13. Piauo Duet Bcliu's Waltz Ma
14 Cornet Solo Love's Request
'elix. '
lb. Gallop of Bravura Mabra.
; Mr. Wiley S. Embrcy is having a
large cistern dug on the lot iu the rear
: of this office. Nearly every person who
us seen the work going on hus round
fault. Some say it is too narrow, some
tun broiul. some too larire. some not
liirtre emiuirb. some that it is not loca
ted in the right place, &c, &c. Aud
arain. there are munv who inquire of
the laborers how much they get for their
work, how much they diK per flay,
how lonir beforo they finish, and even
ask how much Mr. Embrcy will be "out
.... . . i. 1
a pocket when the cistern is iinisneu
-, temporal O, mores I
Our newly-elected Sheriff (C. A. Ma
jors) and County TriiBtce (A. J. Skid
"mre) qualified Monday. The follow
ing are the Sherilfs bondsmen, together
with the amouut each is bound for
TB Fanninc. 83.000 : Henry Weaver
. Sl.00O t .TSMefi1i.iv. 84.000: J W
Smith. 8300 : G W Abbott. $2,000
Rice, 812.000 ; M Milk-ap, 11,000
tM Turner, SI, 000.
The Trustee gave hrco ootids one
"r the collection of State tax, one for
County' tax. and one for School tux
The following are the names of the
landsmen the same being on all the
nds: Thos Foster, Sr., $4,000; F
Kiee, 112,000) B F Holder, $1,000 :
&njaniin Sells, $2,000 ; Wm Payne,
tl.500. ,
The candidates for Senator and Rep
resentative will address the people ul1
sequcutlv we are inclined to oiiooee aiiv ' riiiililin county at the loiiowm l iiiic.-
. i . i '...i ..i
euoi i w nave our low n re-enarierea. pnues
lUit we do want a good rood law. And
it is a remarkable thing that the eopc
cannot have an improvement on the
present abominable road law. H our
Legislature would only puss a law tax
ing PROPERTY to keep up good roads,
all would be well. There is uo sense in
making a poor fellow, white or black,
work the road as many days as the fel
low who owns lands and whose teams
traverse it. T-ho poor fellow does not
cure whether the road is good or not,
nor do we blame him. The Home
Journal has for many years tried to
awaken the people to the necessity of
sending some man to the Legislature
who had a little road sense, and we do
hope and pray that our next General
Assembly will give us a good Road law, ' o'cloc
a good Dog law, and a good Fish law.
Abolish nearly all the other laws, aud
make it obligatory upon our public
schools to teach the Statutes of Tennes
see, and general good will result.
Good roads, moro sheep, fewer dogs,
more fish, fewer seines, fewer laws,
more knowledge I 'I his is the Homo
Journal's creed.
Hon. Juo R. Bt'.asloy, independent
Grccubuck candidate for Congress in
this district, is the only man iu the dis
trict who is for "Beast Butler for
President. If there arc others for bim
we would bo pleased to have their
names. And "still our wonder crows
that so amiable, intelligent and honora
ble a gentleman as Mr. Beusley could
be such a crank. We believe he would
lo what he believes to be right, though
the Heavens fell. Rut does he not
know that Greenbackism is now a dead
issue? that Butler is rich by means
and actions that honest men shrink
from, and that bis appeals to the labor
ing people aro the appeals of a dirty
magogue, as lie is 7 And does he
not know that Niulhcrn Democrats
could conscientiously support any hon
est soldier of the Federal army, but
could not support such a demagogue as
lJiitlcr a man who deserves theexecra
tinii of men, women and children? Ah,
John I i ou nro too honest, too intelli
gent, too good a man for such.
Yes, you pass it along, whether you
believe it or uot; that one-sided wlii
per ngainst the character of a virtuous
female i ou don't believe it, but you
will use ynur influence to bear up the
false report and pass it on the current,
Strange creatures aro mankind 1 How
many reputations have been lost by sur
mise 1 How many hearts have bled by
whisper I How many lienevolent deeds
have been chilled by the shrug of a
shoulder! How munv chniUo bosoms
have been wrung with grief by a sudden
nod 1 How ninny graves have been dug
by false report 1 Yet you will push the
slander along. You will keep it above
the water by a wag of your tongue
when vou miffht sink it forever. Do'
cimv iIia nation for talc-tellinir, we
""J ' . i .... - . :..
nrnv. Jli'l) UOl a woru uiai. mj m
I . I. l, .tni. of bii.oIipi- Re deter
minpd to listen to no story that is re
pcated to the injury of another, and as
(iirR vou are concerned ino sunnier win
die- But tell it once, and it may go as
on tbo wings of the wind, increasing
K,;t.h em: h breath till it nas circunuen
through the town, and county, and
State, und has brough to the grave one
who might have neen a messing uui ior
your tattling."
DV D ivis' colt show came off Moil
day. Seven of "Fleet's" colts, ranging
from 4 iO 0 months old, were entered
r..H nrom urn J. H. Hesscy, B,
lift i ' ' - . .
Bennett and William Haley acted as
iud'rns. The fir4 premium tiu; was
.-nrdl to Mr. Wilev 8 Embrcy.
ffi.rd nf the 14th district, receiv
ed the second premium-$3. Nathan
n , mm of Fleet's colts . (live
months old) on exhibition, for which he
wasonered 810".
Owl Hollow, Monday, '22,1
Miishhivad, Tuesday, 2-'d.
l'Uiil Springs, Weilue.-day, 2 lib.
Hockerville, Thursday, 25th.
Decherd, Friday, 2(iii.
Cowan, Saturday, 27th.
Snwanee, Monday night, 29th.
Anderson's Springs, Tuesday, IlOth.
ReKidere, Thursday, 2d.
Huntland, Friday, lid
Maxwell, Saturday, lib.
Winchester, Monday, (iih
Centennial, Friday, jllth.
Payne's Chapel, Saturday, 11th.
t-v" Siieukinj' will commence at 1'.
Li:vh Mrjr.u.n:,
11. R. Mount:.
Ciinilidiitcs for S. ieit ir.
J a mi Luiim;!:,
Fi.oyd Emii.i.,
J. M. Ki:m.i:y,
W. W. Ooitiio.v,
Ciiiidiilntes f ir KeprcM nliitive.
iu uui ii:, and us 1 lie eoiiinin tee winch
met here ycMcrday had luliiicd ilicnoiu.
imxii n, ho valued his honor too I.krli to
violate the pledge there gii en. Tiicre
foit !u would not he a cuuilidiite.
Tickets cii!y CI". Chcico
in p.cjortif n.
Louisiana State Lotttry Co.
We ilc Iu ivhv eirulv II. ul we supervise
die arr;in : ipi nts fi r nil the M Mnly otic!
Si'mi-:iiiiiiiiil iliiiw iiif,'" ul die I.'MiMuini Slule
l.ollfi v ( iii;iiiiv, anil in h'hii ii: it iiai- n ml
I'liiilrol.lliiilni" ii':;s I In iiim Ivu', em! tlml ll:i
Mime Uic ooinliieli l with lii'iir-lv, (jinn w
mi. I in iimd fiii III Inward nil ;uli, mill we
;llll!inl'izi lilt- Ci iiioiiiiv In iim ll.ii- I'l rlilieiile,
will) fiie-riiiiilt sol' mir -i j. i , :i I n i r- ura.i l.ui, in
its ' ei'liM'iiu nln."
JTo, l X, Ciillcge ftrfct, Merchunts liloel:,
Nashville, Tcnn.
All K.iodu lint-eln. iino'-fi-ly
Juhher of l-'il'e
!o). (I Nnrtli flurry t-'lrcit,
Nashvillo, : : : Tcnn.
"fherrv "La Africa mi," niul "Cluh
llmw" ("iiriiiM. iiiiir2(i-ly
T. K. Will-tend. R.O. Wiimtenil.
Maxwell House Shoo Store.
Rulers in
A'ziiccs and Vmbvlhi,
Nn. 1.11 Chin i h Slivet, ..b-:ry lil.uk,
ni:u-.:(i-ly NASIIY1LLK, TKNN.
InC'irjinniti i! in lsrx fm-2.1 yenrs l,r (lie
I .(. i h' I u n or Kiltn-ntioiiiil nnd Cliarilalile
jiiirtiov iih n c:iilal of .rl .oon.diHi - in
wliieli it rew-rve fuilil ul nVi r ji"i(HI,"H.O !i ;ir
iliee Im i ii niMi'il.
I'.v an nverwhi liiiii: ;'iin:liir vote ithfinn-elii-e
wus nodie a purl rfilie irfint State
Con-liriilioii :iilniliil Ihe.'J.I, A. I). 17!'.
1!.", The only Loin ry evi r volnl ua niul
I'liiliH'Fi'il liy tlic 1- nf any Stale.
Jl nrt'i rtcttlin or iititJiiu'i'.
Its Grand Single number
Drawings t&ko jj.aco Monthly
, in the Aendi my of Made, NLW OH-
i.i:ans. Tuesday, Sept. 1).
1804 il3t Moinldy 1 iraw injr.
Capital Prize, b75,0C0.
100,000 Tickets at S.-5 each.
I'rui'tioi, in I'il'tliv, in pi! )n. itii n.
Wholi'i nle und lUtait
Baker & Cacdy Manufacturer,
1 .".S I'ninii St., Nn-hviile, T nil,
Si ml lor :i liox.
drill tm for Wei!dii'i;f ntui I'mtieii lVi'iiii'lly
Kiiliil. liniiiL'li ly
f. 1'. N v:vman, J. .1. Vkn.mii.k,
l'ri.pfhttir. ,1iiiniii e.
IST I Z WSl A.jS' s
No. 7 North fherrv Street,
Nashvillo, : : Tcnn.
ftaV" Meals M-rveil up nt all hours.
WliK'IoHtf r i'"oiiiieHH . ,
Dealer in and Maniifiictnrrr of
The Queen.
1 have the cxrlui-ivo ri(jht for the mnnu
faeiiinniiilnale, fnrthe coiintlero! Franklin,
Linenlii, Mnnre, lteilfi.nl and Cnfl'cc,of the
Lent f nflee I'ut in eiiti ni e. Trv one.
IIni" now on hand a lurgc BMortmrntof
I I M l I
n i If! it Hi
i.ir or pjdzi
1 ( Al'lTAI. I'KI.i:
1 do do
l id. do
J IMMKS nf Se.lllin
.1 llo -.'.lillll
10 l!'. 1,000
'0 ill. ..I'll .
I no do Jim
:iod do loo.....
.100 ill. ."ill
III! 10 llo 'Jl
amplo Room,
:!0 Xurth Chirr if filrrrt,
(l ii;in.-ite Medavoek lllmk,)
Nasiiviilc, : : Tennessee.
LiiiiniH niul
. of V.'lue
was on liniiil.
Cinin id
I fell III
which he jirojioFrn to noil
Cheap, exclusively for CASH.
If.-o. ii hm ii f nil rmortiiniiit of Japanned and
1'riwed Ware on IihiiiI, lieniilen
Pumps and Pump-TubiDg.
tkTlti.iiliiii; niul Cnttering done to order,
In tlie most iiiroveiUiyle.
Jan. ll.lM.U-lt
A'iroxini.'ilii.i I'rii .ji.
A jrx i i.iiitii n .i!ii f 7"n
do il.i ..mi
i.i lio L''iU
'.'.1,1 H Ml I
1 1 1,1 II III I
In.uiiu !
1 0.l 'I III
'Jl l,ol in
ii,7 .in
L',".0-J !
s ;
o- '
c .
l!'o" l'ri-'.'-s, file iiiiiiiif: tn
A..iii'a'i"ii fur
In rn ! - oiilv to tlie
N.-v i Vli an.
I' ll tni'lliei iiii'oni::il!i i
in- full ii.I.Iivk-. Mid;.
,. T ;.,,v;,l,,.:m. !.:.nf 1
Ni-:V ti:;i.l'.Nr N.'
There having been complaint innilc
by Hon. Richard Warner's friends in
Mnrnlin.Il county that Hon., J:is. T).
Uicluirdson was not fairly uoiuinntcd,
the Congressional committee met at
Tulluhonia lust Friday to examine into
the matter, nnd declared that the nom
ination was legal and proper. 1 here
was but one dissenting voice, and that
was given by the member from Mar
shall. The committee also adopted a
resolution to the effect that in making
appointments for discissions only the
regular nominees of the Democratic and
Republican parties should be recog
The balance of our oods,
Left from tb Firs
Have been removed to the
liellc House,
Next door to our our old stand, where
we arc oflcring them at
sl'im.-ioo ;
rale In I'll. I idn eld Ii'1 i
'lin e of the t'oniiialiv ill '
wr"'c elei'rly, jriv j
1'. O. Money or- j
I. :;!-!, red I. Iti'l'Htn!
! loN Al. HANK, I
New l-'.e:tiir . I. a.
I'osTAL NoTKS ami or.linarv liil. i ly I
Mi.il or K:;irern lall Mine, of live dnl!ar and
npw.inU liv 1',ni'i at mir i xiH n-el to
Wl. A. DAi HifJ,
N'i W 'I'll iO. i .a.,
or m. A. IiATI'lIlN.
(ii'7 Si'Vi nth Si.,Va-liiii;;!i'ii, !'.('.
r3 a
... z.. c
t I
W rflj 1
'J tTJ E
Flouring Mills,
Located iu Owl Hollow, five miles west
it f Wiiichceler,
Are in fiM-dafti repair, and any amount of
iileinliil .leans and Nun i line J-'lonr on hand
and will lie wild ImleKilc or retail.
Al liiHHlnreiii Wineluvter, where Mr. K. K
Marlin will he found ready to wait upon rim
tinners, lie keep ii wleet line of 1 ry (JikhIh,
(irocerien, liootH and KIuhi, IlimUnn,
vjneeiware, ('niifeetiulis, Tuhueeo, Cntlerv,
I'ali paid for Wind delivered either at
the .Store or Mill. Void Ki.IIh curded, and
deliver."! nt eitlierilaeo. my'JK-ly
Si -i
Executor's Notice.
All pernios are hereby unfilled to present
tl.t-ir eluiniH naii-Mt the estate of Mm. lleleu
(.'nley, late of i-n'd eniinty, deeeamid, within
the lime prererilud liylaw, either by uiuil i.r
in perK.ui to (ieo. U. Kuirhaiikn, one of the
KxiH-iitnrH nf Miid Chtate, at Mvwanee, Frank
lin eniintv, Teiiu., or in default thereof this
not li e will !h- ileitiled ti(!ti int the mine. And
ill p.'Mni indeliUil In wdd estate ore notified
lo ui ikestttleineiit llien'ol In the mud ieo. K.
l anl.aiikH. V. (.'. WILLIAMS,
(I.K. KAltt HANKS,
Kx'rs of the rstale of Helen C'ulev, dee'd.
Atllf. 4, .4t
z. ai Ch
It GoilogB-
?tf. T'
05 w
Tut: ri::::-:.T Vi:.m: Tit:: .'o.r Vr.n.
The Kepiiblicans of this ('pngression
al district will meet 111 convention at
Shelby villc on the 9th inst., to nomi
nate a candidate for Congress.
New Store !
New Goods !
Have iimt opened a first-cluck llakerv and
Confeetionery on the northeiint mile of the
Sdiiarv next door to Fred Wi'iiBcr Knrui-
... . .1 ... 11 . 1 .-......
turc Miop wnere nicy win iiiwiijm Keep on
hand a eboiee stock of Lt,'htlirenil, Orahnin
Hr.-a.!, Kc Ilivad, Kiiih, lb.lb, lti!-!;.-, A;-.;
also, a fine line of CAUuSof cvivv kunl.
A eboiee lot nf Con feet iotiH, ant! a choice
lot of Rnnily ti.iieerieH, l.igars,. l iganltes,
Kureii'i. a niri)iiiiitlie Krniti. &:
We will rim a IiKLlVKKY WAGON, ami
deliver, free of charm1, in any portioned town,
iri.iiilB iiiireliancd at .nr House. ."ice, 111,1
rolln delivered daily.
Having had a number nl years' experience
in the ISukery lliidnoKs, we feel that we can
tii'it 1'i.lir,, ifitit'aelioli.
We pay the-lii'h-st market y -ii-i fur Uulli r
and Kitt'H. JirinK tlieui lo un aim gei uie eiisn
for lliein.
Jy" Cull nnd Hf uh.
JJijT' You can save from 25
to 50 per cent, by calling on lis
before making your purchase
W. H. WILSON & 00.
Sept. 3d, 188-1.
vet: Tin: Wai:.
Deri. in::s tif I'a.in.nl
'aeiilv, in enllnre and abilitv, si conil In
'.-tiovei n il' 1. 1' Tenia .see.
It iswillionl a parallel in this ei.nntrv.
IHiN. A. S. t t)l. YAK.
a .... c
r" .. ..
'1' cj
? ,. .. 1-
I cr.
I " " E
; OO
e o o
o o
(htm 7,
I know of no In liuilii ii for women where
the wliolarsliip of the iji adiiatrs can eonipam "'
with that of the erailnati-K nf Mary Sharp -r-v -r-t a m TTTTTTCITV
CllcRe. ti. W, .IAU.MAN, I.L.K., IJDJllOJL VVXliOXX
('hairnian ol laenlly Niiitli- e-ti nil m-,
, , . I The nlaee tn in t the bcul hraiidn of Obi
One of tlie very Ih-s.1 i,olleue ir wn.iie ., ,. . li,-,i ,.,,, i.r..n,lv.i.
near I num. I ; mice 1'" n..u.w,
Tnhiicco eoivtnntly
NonRosidcnt Notice.
In County Court of Frankliu County,
H V. Chntnnion ct. als. vs. Jtuiics
Yeats et uls.
In thii eiitiHe. it nptiMirlni; to the under
Kilned, Clerk of wild Court, flom eoinplain-
imls lull, which ik sworn lo, that Janus ana
lane Yeats, and the lu'iin at law of Solomon
Sparks and wife Cynthia, are nou-iviidciitn
nt the State of Tennessee, no that the ordi
nary process of law cannot be nerved Upon
t hi'in.
it is therefore ordered that pill il lent lell be
nude for four consecutive weeks In the Home
Journal, a newspaper published at Wineheri
ter,TiMin., rennirinnsaid nnii-reiileiit defend
ants to appear nn or before the 20th day ol
September, 18S4, before the Conuty Court of
Franklin cotintv, Tenn., at WineheHter, and
plead, answer, ilcnniror otherwise make tie.
fense to said hill, or the panic will be ta
ken fur confessed and sel for hearing ex-parte
as In tliein. .
Witness my hand, at office 111 W inchester '
rllL'll.il loth," 1SS4.
W. K. TAYI.OK, Clerk, i
ltavis, Martin ami Taylor, Sojicitors.
Fi.ovn Kmrn.L. Matt. S. WiirnKtn
ittorucys at Law,
Winchester, Tcnn.
Will practice in the Courts of FranklU
and ailjoininw enunt'us and in the Supreme
Court al Nashville. jaul"-'83.
anil. 1 nose wiio nave iia'iirnicrs 11. eiuieaie
eoiild send tin in to nohittir h ee.
It I'.V. T. (I. JOM'.s, 1). I).
l'ator 1st I'.nplist ( linieh, Nashville.
Kipial lo any
ehool, for women, in Anier
li. W. (iLII'l'lN, l. 1.
1 have never seen its superior.
ItKV. T1K IS. C. TKASDAI.K, 1. !.
I know of no Instiliition that siirpasseK it,
anil in Tennessee, it stands. vmi-iWk.
I'ustor Walnut Si. ('linieh, Louisville, Ky
One of the most coiiiph lewhonls for Kirls,
lesirini; to heeoine wninen of hi'jh neVioi'.
S. II. FOKD.LL.!).,.
KilitorCIiristianJUpository, St. Louis.
lis location is admirable in one of the
healthiest and plcasantcrt towns, of the niosl
delightful am' saliihrions jM.rtiiniH of len-
,0. ltl. . 1. . .iw.mvv'. '
catalouuo or iiifoinitition,
fcir For
Secretary of Faculty.
h. 20, 1881.
rn.n AT ;
HOlVKLli ''
.vr.p.lr Ad.rtl.li.K Bureau (III SPKCCII
JOH Vln "''''. t iir"alt, Ohio.
The tpe nn 'vhli'h tl.l. fnpet U ptiuled t bam
Hie kuuve FuuuilrA.-Ki
at No. lO N.Siniinier st.,
l.iiinors and Cinais and
on liaiiil. j..Ui.r mi.i.i.i.I'. ,
uet'J.'i Nashville, Tenn.
pianos if imi
Lar"i st and cheapest house iu the South.
liistrnnuntH sold on nmntlily or iiiarterly
pavmi nts, Write him before piirehiisinK.
N'Asnvii.i.r:, Tknn.,
(UazcdSaeh, VnrnnheH, this, Dnors. lilinus,
lirn-hei., Corks, ArtislK1 tinmls, Window
tjlass id! ien, Stencil inks, Wax
and Paper Flower material.
Aients Kailroail Colors. upr.l0-ly
P. . CUlrtl
Attorneys nt Low...
Winchester, Tenn. ;
Will practice in the conntiesof Franklifl
CofJicand Afoore; also iu SnpirnieCourt
I'rouint attention (irrt lo coi-
Ol'iee oio'l-'am-iidcof lliLlnftqiiar
Attorneys rvt Lnw
Winchester, Tenn.
Will nrnetiet intbe Conrtrof Frank lie and
andndjidninj;eiiiiiitieB. s (.majJti
Manufacturers nf
Sasli Doors, lilinds, Glazed
Dealers in l'nints, Oilslhnis, VarnhheAc.
No. !K Church street, above College,
nr30.1y X ASH VI LI.E, TKNN.
Corner Union and Cherry St,
paplier, niri
Marks, Gregory & Embrey,
Attorneys at. Law,
Winchester, Tenn.
Will practice in theCourtsof Frank""'
adjoining counties, and in the Uiii'J
("onrts and Supreme Court
Tennessee. '
24N.a.crrySN-bvl!!e, IVnn., (3d door
' (north of Maxwell Houw,)
n salc:
The bvSTii
tors,-' Pif ivi-

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