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"'' flon't tn Mingy Wlih ibe Wife.
t Although wives are often unreasonable and
mlt-noding and dissatisfied, yot they cannot
be censured for wishing some slight degree of
Jnincial Independence. Husband ought to
ondentand this feeling, and sympathize with
It, If they will set asido fur a wifo a certain
pun per month, no matter how small, and let
It be her very own, subject to her own wishes,
they will find that In every respect it Is tho
best investment they ever made. . .
Chewing gum 1 ma'lo fro chicle, a gum
which exudes from a Mexican tree, the fruit
of which is called napodilla. Tho fruit in
about tho size of an apple and as delicious in
jsvor. The gum is collected by tapping tho
trees, runs out freely, 1 molded In tho sand
Into citkes, baidening in tho sun, and Is
brought to tho market on pack mules, each
Binle carrying about 300 pounds. When tho
natives start out on a long Journey they nl
ways provide themselves with chblo in order
to allay tho pangs of thicst, for by chewing
Ibe pun t lie mouth and throat aro kept uioUt
and the desiro for water diminished.
A Wonderful Hiirglrnl I'rnt.
I Trof. Sabine, of tho (,'ollcgo of l'hysics and
Burgeons, tho leading rhliioplastia or skin
grafting surgoon of the world, has dismissed
U cured, from B.'lltvuo Hospital, Thoniaa
Colt, a scrofulous patient. Threo months ago
tho discaso ato away most of Cult's nose, com
pletely d stroying tho bono and leaving only
portions of tho nostrils. Dr. Sabino cut away
tho diseased portions and grafted upon tho
face tho middlo finger of tho patient's left
hand, making a nns. Tho operation waa suc
cessful, tho patient gaining a noso and losing
twojulutsof ono finger. Medical men pro
nounce Dr. Sahines's feat the moat wouderfnl
In the records of rhinoplnstio surgery.
A Knlirr Second Thoiitlit.
Tho railroads of Tennessee, at hast nine
tenths of them, are struggling desperately to
pay the interest on their Imndcd debt and keep
out of tho hauils of reeelvors. It is not only
so now, but has been for several years. They
need all tho help tho peoplo can give tin in.
Nolkiug would bo mora hurtful to tho material
interests of the State than to havoour railroads
In receivers' bauds, I'oliticians, if they aro
observing men (and they ought to be), can seo
tliii, but t'i'ro seems still to bo a few reckless
men who lmpo to rido into ofllco upon tho
railroad hobby. Let thctii bo very careful;
sober second thought has tnken hold of tho
people, who aro unwilling to further encour
age the attempt to oripplo our roads by plac
ing them at tho mercy of apolitical machine
called a Commission, with power to barrass or
inflict injury upon them.
Tho Ptimelitrr ortlio Snlnm.
BoutherncrB aru nut likely to suffer from a
further Invasion of Mormons. The application
of the shotguu policy to the Cane Creek colony
of Later Day Saints, in Tennessee, is a warn
ing against Mormon migration to tho South
which is likely to bo effectual. The slaughter
of several Mormon ciders by a party of masked
men was a horribla affair, but far less horrible
than the Mountain Meadow massacre, which is
said to havo hud tho sanction of Brigham
loung. The murder of Mormons is to bo
sevorely condemned, however regardless of hu
man life tholr church may have been lu the
accomplishment of its purposes hut the
slaughter in TcnnesBeo is significant ns show
ing tho abhorrenco with which, the Mormon
social system la regarded. The expression of
the focllng was very wrong, bnt the feeling
itself was right, and when it is ss lutenso
throughout the wholo Union as it appears to
be in Tennessee, tho abohtlon of the Mormon
Infamy will be at hand.
A C'nt Her Own Burgeon.
' A Now York cat displayed marvelous intelli
gence roccntly. She belongs to a surgeon and
his actually acquired the capacity uf distin
guishing between tho different surgical terniB.
. Hero is ft clear proof. Hho got a swelling in
her side lately and her master said in her pres
ence, "I'll havo to get you lanced, old girl,"
and then left tho room to fetch a young sur
geon. Tho cat evidently knew what lancing
meant, for sho at onco Jumped on tho led, bit
at her sido until tho blood eamo and thus
lanced herself. When her master returned
' with tho young surgeon ho saw what sho had
flono and at onco instructed his friend to
(itch the wound. His friend did so, but as
soon as the cat got frco sho set her teeth to tho
stitchos and toro them open. The strangest
' thing was that tho swelling disappeared in a
few days, and tho cut proved to her master's
satisfaction that In undoing tho stitchts sho
had shown a nioro thorough knowledge of
wrgory thau ho had.
to her shoulders at the earliest posslblo mo
ment, and sho drops it only when old age,
prematura I lit merciful, robs hor of power to
carry It longer I havo seen sweet little girls,
of 12 or 14, stuggoiing down a mountain side,
or along a rough pathway, under tho weight of
bundles of faggots as largo as their bodies,
which they no sooner dropped than thry hur
ried back for others. I havo seen girls of 15
or 16 years, hare-footed and bare-headed, in
tho blistering rays of an August sun, breaking
up the ground by swinging mattocks heavy
enough to tax the strength of an able-bodied
man. And I havo known a young miss no
older thau theso to bo cmployidas a porter for
carrying tho laggngo of tn. .-elcrs up and
down tho steepest mountain path in all tho
region round about. Sho admitted that it was
sometimes very hard to take another step, but
yet sho must do it. And sho carried such an
amount of baggage ! A stout-limbed guido is
protected by tho law, so that he cannot 1h
compelled to carry abivo twenty-llvo pounds,
but tho limit to tho burdens often put upon
girls is their inability to stand up under any
thing more, Hut tho burden increases with
the ago and strength of tho burden-bearers,
till, by the time girls havo couio to woman
hood, there is no sort of menial toil in which
they do not bear a haiid-and qui to commonly
the chief band.
How Cotton I Crowing.
Tho following is tho National Cotton Kx.
change report of growing crops for August!
Tho month of August has proven unfavorable
for tho cotton crop, and tho condition has
deteriorated, it being now SO, as against 87 for
July, 85 for Juno and 81 for May. lit. tho last
report it was said, in tho Atlai.tiu States, Ala.
baniaaud parts of Mississippi tho crop has
grown rapidly, and is very sappy and exposed
to a loss of fiuit from a hot and dry spell,
This fear has been realized, and in South Car
olina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi tho
loss from shedding and rust has been serious,
causing a decliuo in the condition. West of
the Mississippi tho continued drouth in Texas
lias further injured tho crop lu that state,
bringing the condition down quito low, while
Louisiana and Arkansas now need rain, though
tho damage has not yet proved very serious.
These two latt r states, with Tennessee, rank
the highest. Our meteorological table shows a
lower rango of thermometer than last year,
but ruing to execssivo llgures tho last wok.
The rainfall has fallen belo w tho small figures
of last season. Tho growth of the plant has
on tlio nhole been pretty good over most of
the belt excepting Texas, of course, and tho
fruitage fair, but this has been offset by shed
ding. Tho plant is still backward, from two
to threo weeks, and tho crop, therefore, cx
nostd to vicisiiudi from early or even the
avtrago frost. Worms havo done scarcely any
damage, ricking will become, general from
tho 10th to tho 15th of Srpfoiuber, and later iu
the northern part of the belt.
Mnngiri! to nem.
Samuel IToriie. Sc'eil 90 t liDiloninn nn 11, a
Western Maryland rnilroad, was killed m ar
Edgemoiit station, lie went back to the lUg
train and did not return. The fragments of
his body were fuiun, tho largest being one of
his feet. His homo v,is at Meebauicstown,
wheio his remains were taken.
Marshal Itasor. Walker Slid Hi nnett.hroiieht
to C'liattanooea Coan Tabor. (Itenee Tin mr.
John and William Walker, Ijioih, is. an, I Wil
liam Ironic, charged with mouushiiing in
Cumberland countv. Thev were nn sciiit ,1 be.
lore Commissioner Itsrtou and on giving bond
wire released from custody.
Mint Dead.
Burke SpaldinB. of flinelo Island. Oa.. acci
dentally shot himself a tir days ago while out
hunting, and is dead, the cha ge taking ono
euviro two oi uis head, on.
Trnln Wrecliers.
A dastardly utti nipt was innilo on Frldsv
evening, seven mill s from this city, to wreck a
train on the Hut Ppriiigs, Ail... llitilroad. A
rail was placed across the track, but it was dis
covered by llio engineer in nine to ii event a
disaster. There is no clew to the perpetrators.
l-'lre hi .tTt-iilitd.
W. N. Wilkcrson ,V i'o.'s uhiibsahi ding
hoii'c, Memphis. Tenn., u.i I, in mil. I.usi mi
stock ami property .Vii.iiuti, parity insured.
I.nmrniiildc I'l-ritr.
Mrs. William White, ol' Warrior. Ala., gave
her two children niorplum- in iin.uk for tpii
unit). The sited mis fund.
rnMrrn nnil middle States.
1'iiKsiDKXT AitTiii'ii whs present nt ngnind
hall given by "the crciuu uf society" lu New
port, It. I.
A r. Mm i: parade of workinguum took place
the other duy in New York. Sourly nil the
truth1 Mere represented iu tho procession.
M aiitin Wkiniikiuskii, a Hungarian, wus
banned tit l'ittsburg, l'eim., fur tho murder
of II peddler, it friend nnd trnToling compan
ion, two veal's ago. Tim sTHistent cll'tiris of
the Hungarian imthoritii'H itt hum,- ami
nbroiid tu wive Wi inls'igcr from tho galluws
miide Hi" i ns mure t him ordinarily prominent
mid caused the lung d dny ill the execution.
Not W iTiisTAXIilxil Ida let lor of declination
(lovcrnur Wnllcr was renominated by necla
lualioii at He, ('nines I irut lieiuis ratii' Slat"
convention iu Hartford. Most of the pres
ent Slate olllceiM were rciioiniiiiitisl. an clei -
! nil ticket was plii'.Hil in the Held, uud a
platlorut adopted.
At the New llaoir-liiri I'o'piibliran State
SuVon Close of a Loup; Illness
Sketch of His Life.
PnHiire of rnvne, Vlti-v ,V Co., tif f.nnl.TlIt,
The well-kiioua firni of I'aiiie, Vihj V i' .
eolloii fsctuis and C"mni-Nin lu-'V,'- nnt?
hsve ts.incd. TI.e esii of tl.r Ciilioe a
hnekiee in values. 'i'l:e ll.tl'i'i: ;c and ,ism-I
tie n Liiuivn, TI:o Ced.tois tie U,u lue'i,
rmilns Itnlr on Tbnbrr.
A lumber war, wliieli start' d a few days nco
hrjeXas, has iiuiv reached fever heal, ti n
linns are interested in tiie light. Cut aftct
cut hh-, 1'teii lilHilf, and "lie uf tlif parllt
made a drop of fit! a thoiiKind on die.. I
toiigiied and groov, d lumber. Three ,, ih
firins r, pri s, nt millions uf fe- t of si- ,, .o
interested ill the largest mills in th- S a:c
sro beaiiy backed ,y Chicago cnpitl.;
They all slit that it is'war to Ih knife. 'II
trouble to igiiiatcd iu rile culling by a lien
bcr of a pool coinpoacd of t ly tit lnutS.
Kx-SrKKKIl SAMI'KI, .T. Haxoai.t,
lii'tit lioiniiinleil ill i'liilmloliihia for
twelfth li'ini in I'ongivss.
William Wai.tkk 1'iiKi.rs, Mr. Maim
flow friend, lias boon nominated for (.'onrevi
in tho Seventh New Jersey district,
IllKiu: wus a gioat tatl.orhrg of dis
tinguisliisl ceiin ists nt th" oiening of the
Ihirlj -ihird niinual sission'of tho Aiiioricnu
Assis iuti'iii for the Advancement of Science
iu l'liilndelphln. (iovernor I'nttisondelivcroil
nil wl In'ss uf W'eli'i line, and various paHiNuf
sclent itic interest were read nnd discussol.
I.ATKlt rctiinis put the Heptdilican niajurily
In Veniiont nt about !il,7HH. Tho houso of
ri'prcscntntivin stands ns follows: Itejiubli
rnn, KW; IK niucintie, ft; Iiulepeiidclit, 3: no
ehoiee iu one town: Iioth Hepubliiiiu cimdi
dales f'r Congress were ehs.tcil.
A HrMi.MllAX who stalilK'd his dnughter-in-l.'iH-,
near Hneltoti, l'eiui., was banged to
n tree by n masked party nt liis eoiiiitryinen
A statk eunvention ot the Mnssnctiusvttg
(Ireciihnokcrs, held iu Iloston, indui-sed th
Indianapolis convention platform, nnd tho
nominees of that, conveiiiuiii, junior anil
Afest. A resolulion to ('midline! with tho
iit'wtv-stnrtcd lVoph 's party in niaUingup n
State ami electoral ticket was also adopted.
At a (Iriiiul Army reunion in Fremont,
Neb., tho grand stand, tilled w ith over 'J,IK
iieuplo, sii.l.lenly eollapsisl. Forty or fifty
ls'1-sons were injured.
Canada proposes to hiyn thorough em
bargo on I'nitcd States rattle to prevent tho
n 1 vii II ' O uf pieiiro piieiiiiioiiiil into her tern
Twkxtv lives were lust by ilro in n sulphur
mine nt. N'ieusin. Sicily.
A ('inii.KitA panic provnils in Italy, nml
nenpleiiro leaving infocteil places by thou
sands, truth' is depressed, nud ninny village
havo established n cordon of nrmisl guards to
prevent strangers entering.
A Mormon l'liter Krijillirnril Hi Hcnili.
Advices from Lewis county, Tenn., where
the two Mormon elders Were recently killnl,
stato that It. It. Church, oi f the must prom
inent Mormon pros, lyti s, died from a nervous
shuck caused by Ibe iiiurdi r of the. elders anil
the reception of notes (lidding him to leave
the State. All tho ciders have left Lewis
Important Wvnvury.
Trof. L. C. Johnson, of the I'nltrd States
geological surviy, in making researches, m ar
Macon, Ms., in behalf uf tho World's l-lnpo-pitioli,
has ilircovcrtd uti the rnilroad, valu
able sandstone suitable for building pinpos.s.
It underlies tho lhplty group, which is gener
ally pho-phatic. It lias In l ctofol'e hoi u sup
posed that the lime rock stratum underlying
this part uf Mississippi, ami known us ioit, ii
linic stune, was th" only rii ty lo re. This
di"cuvery will probably If of iiuiiit use bem tit
to this section. Specimens uf the ruck and the
phusph ite in connection arc hung pu pared
tor the Imposition.
Wild Wit
T.lvlnu After firnth.
At length it is beginning to lie recognized iu
France that tho brain of a decapitated crim
inal lives and consciousness is maintained for
an appreciable time, which to the victim may
seem an airo after death an opinion wo
expressed sovoral years ago. This ghastly fact
as we have no doubt it is-being pereoived,
it Is beginning to bo felt that executions can
sot any longer be carried out by the guillotine.
. riussio acid is now proposed. If instantauc
; ous death be desired, this is clearly admissible
The period takon to torminato lifo by poison of
any kind must needs vary greatly with tho in
dividual. Iii not a hiuall proportion of instan-
cei we fancy death by prusBio acid would bo
' considerably protracted, and although long
' dying is not so horriblo as living after death
' o to say-yet it is strongly opposed to tho
i Interests of humanity to protract the aony of
fellow creature dvitm by the hand of justice.
Electricity is another agent suggested. We
doubt the possibility of applying this agent so
' as to destroy lifo instantly. We confess that,
' looking at tho nu t cr all round, wo incline to
" think that hanging, when properly performed,
. destroys conBcioubncss more rapidly, and pro
vents Its return more effectually, than any
t other mode of death which Justice can employ.
It is against tho bungling way of hanging wo
: protest not against the method of executing
. itself. This is, on tho whole, the best, we aro
Mil. Vcnr'ii ANtoiilliliisrr",a',-''T,,e
l.iirgfvu K' i'roaiiccu.
u w Tnlbiuidire. of Milwaukee, presents
t following llguros ns tho llnal estimato of
,, I ,..., of t 10 UttlWU OMWl
1119 miu.i v.-,-
r.. iss.i Tho flcuivs nro based on 0IU-,
rial reiHU'ts uindo -.ihiu n few Wjf
State ngrieultnralrtoiw ""uri
airents 111 uie uuifimi. i...
ubH bushels, and
IjH W I It'll l. Ill I - . " . .i
s ring wheal 1M.(KW,0.H). This nmkns no
t il yield ot tho country fully &,U"J,0W
'.' ' ,.iVU.,,n.n than over Ix'foro pro-
nioro tntin
than lust
iliiccit, J" t. tn0 av.
ycnr Top,n.io : e Tll9 ,1c
Swiss ClrU. -'
No sooner are the clrls largo enough to po'
ku tho rpnniaitu nhv.icul atrcnirth than they
set to the moat scrvilo work thft land af-
,' . ..i. mt t vii veara.
eragoeropi. t,.u r , ,, lmliiv
s"'., . V.i.1.1 ,o,m. thnn nietthPircnlenla-
ZIX ThisaiiDlies w'inllyto the spring
- -. t ii.i ntn rnnrnjtKa.
...i....it- uift n s iti i.
Miniifsotauna wwranwi.
Admiral nntirbot linn ordon to attnek Can-
. ii r iritu-ui tilifitild ritfiiHHturcopi'n
ni.gt.tiiitioiis. Tho Extreme Leftof the K.m..h
Chiiinber threatened toappoalto thoconiitiy
on tho subject oi mo war. ,
ni.ioi,in In a nccch at Edinburgh,
, , .i..,.r,,,iiii r1 to stand bv his political
though conmct nntbo
LordB should end his political career.
-The resnlt of tho raid of Caccrcs npoii
Limits that tho government has determined
to disarm the ciuzlds, "
. will, rncm-QS.
-Tho details of the Gordon relief force aro
.Tl.?... A.lnnel Kitclioner baa received a
Cssage fiom General Gordon saying that lie
i t.s.. tntnTM are well.
' . . .... .11 l' I, V.1,
-The n,inm have. ...or ".-rrvj.
Bcwr Ilriinan'lek, New Jersey,
rrcsident Malilon Itunyan cut Ida throat in
the water closet of tho National bank with a
small knifo Monday morning. Ho was impli
cated in the thievery with Cashier Hill. There
is great cxcllrini lit here. J no exciicuiciu
over tho double suicide has 1 eomo lulclise.
Tho statement furnished by these nflicials in
June of the current vcarshowid the pnnl up
capital to Iw Ji'iO.nisi ; surplus I jri.ouo, ami
Undivided pmlits tTS.lHO. Tin re has been
IlOllllllg HI I IK' pillllie II1SIUIT OI IMC oioiRnoue
that tfiito to cause anv uneasiness to the stock
holders. The suicide of l'n sident luinvan,
whilo streiigtbening a testimony of giant
frauds ill the iiianaeeiiii lit, caused UUUoimicii
astonishment to the public.
Bank Kxnniiner Shelly has discovered de
ficit of over $l,(KHI,niKl in surplus cash aim
securities. The town is wild. Men rush fran-
lieallv to the doors uf the National nanii only
to latold that the business of th institution
is suspended for tho present. Ira Voorhees
estate is partially ruin d. Cashier Hill was
left as the custodian of Ibis estate uf launls
and securities. He nude ay Willi iiii iu an.
Over ti'.t.ooil was tnken hue. Of CI. II. Ad-
iliian's estate over ruyilio is gone, niaiuun
Itunyan, who committed suicide, bad tiin.Oii;)
in c'.veriuiient hoiitls. He had negotiated for
the sale oi lnefe, ami euiisimiiimieo .fin
davs before his d-nth. Human knew nothing
of Hill's doings, trusting him implicitly. The
crash in Wall street, iu May last, look tho
bulk of Hills stealings, iiiiiivnii, siiiiiiiix"
nuite popular, was ignorant oi uie inisuiess.
Ho was a willing tool ill tho hands of the de
signing cashier, who had the mu of the iwsti-
- j
4 lioleril 'nii' ri MiimH'H'-.irineii
I onium In Mill res.
A Koine dispatch siiystlmf'acliulcra pnnic
.. .... . .1 .....I.. l'....l.t.ei.wllll.-illT
ofi'Vin stl ruucuuill lllllt. J-tl- "i -... o
lin'iisures of protection rcgnnlli'ss of the goV
ei iiiiient. Some post guards so as to proveni,
travelers from entering their precincts until
lifter H ipmrniitine of lifteeu or twenty day
Many havo closed thmr gntes to every ono.
Villages have established armed cordons. Tho
result is Hint iu ninny parts ot the penlnsiilu
lu-ncti.iilnniurhv prevails, nnd Havel ntvi
I ... ' inloi'l'ltflteil. T llB
inline nre si mi V , .
Italian pipers imneiii in
disorder, mid cull um inn K;ve.
t, end it TlieolUoinl returns of the iiuii.Ih'I'
of cases nnd deaths urn contused nnd utiivli-
able Aeeoriling io uiu uinf . r"
Naples there l.ad been niuet.y-seven rresh
casi'snnd fnrty-thrw Jw"" '' V.":
twvntv-f'iui' iioiiih. J" i "V7""' i"
1 il.wl fn.ni La Si'.iii. I'.vl.lein ot the
nt . " , i , i..i ,.
nin e I'oiitinuo io iiiiuui'.j.
tnveutioii In 1 1 ;u I 'uui'ttril, Missly Currici'
was uuiiiinaiisi i,,r governor, pri'suleiiti tl
lectins wile sclited and II plllttol'lll was
VkiiMiiXT Has the lirst of the Noltlltlll
Slates to have mi election this year. Theiua-
.jorily for I'ingi , Ibe Itepiililicau eiiinliilat.i
for governor, according to tils.!- returns, was
vnrioie.lv estiiunl.il ut from :.ii.ii tu '-M.issi.
'i be lil.s ntiaek vote wus light. Ill ll the
It.'l l . 1 t . ; i . . i aiiditlnte for governor had a m.i-
joiiiv of .i,(i-.1, met iu Is"'.' n majority of
IlllVI IIVoll l'ATTIIX. uf l't llllsvlVMIlill
foriilllli opened til" I lil"rtlllt iolllll I'llectric.ll
exhibition iii riiil.idt luliiii. Manv iiiurvel
OUS lle'jees wioiedll tlirttllgll the I OVVef of
electricity are on exhibition.
A II KM MIKAIII.l: sll "utile' llccillellt CH-elllre I
:l lew davs since ill l'.utun. Mis. .Mehiinl
l.ixl li-r. a vuiiiu nun Tied worn in. while bu.y
in her uilclieii was sliin g livn luillel that
came I'l ii diing Ihe, ,u.;!i I ho iMiidow , and in a
ft w iieaiioaNoxuiretl. Iiivi'sligalntu shunnl
that Hie s!e,i had Is-eii lii' tl lv .luhu I '. Mm
lav. II lll.lllllf oil tint ,' lit the I hlll'IcsloUII
1 1 1 . v n ii ril, e. mile awav. Miirrnv Inel tired
er tiie he.'c I ot a river piraLt' wlio was steal
iug hihhI.u ii wni'iiiiig. nnd was jistonMnsI
to Icani his shot had kilie la uoiiiiui so tar
A r the lleiiiin ratic national coiivculiuii a
i iiiiiiilit .' was iiiiint.'il to ilei lit I.. Sinn
ii .I .1. Til leu iv dot mm of regret that be
li lt it no.fssarv to tits-line the noiiiiuulioii of
the pai'lv. A lew days sine this ciiiiuiitlis',
headed l.v (Iovernor Abbctl, of New Jersey,
nml II. II. Henry, of .Mis.-i-sippi. proceeded to
lircviti'iii'. Mr. Til'len's eoiiulrv residence on
lite llllil-otl, inel plcselltisl the resolutions.
Tin. Ma-si hii-etls Kopiililicaii and heino-
t ill if .'Slate cillVCIltlolls Wcru held oil the
nine i'iiv the former at ltoslon and the In'
lor nl orct sk r. The K.-publi. uns reu nni
rat. d Ih" cut ire pi nt Stale ticket by ae
i l ima' ion. and .lectors at large were also
elio-cii. The li ihoernN iioiiiinntc'l William
t '. Kmlicott for gov. rnor. logi'tht r with n full
ticket and .'lectors ul l uge.
IIS Sl'KXKKH Sllll I'l. J. ItANIlAl.l. bas
I ,. . 1 1 iioininatcd iii riiihidclphiii for his
Iwt lltli term in Congress.
William Wai.tku 1'iikli's, Mr. I'.liiine's
closi. iiaenil.has Iss'ii noiiiin.it. si for Congrcs
iu the Seventh New Jersey district.
Tlinti: wus a great giilboring of dis
tingiiishisl sci'li'is:s at. the os'iiing of Hip
ihirlv thud i annual scssiuii uf the Aniericaii
Ass.H'ialio.1 for the Advailiellient uf Scicll.'i.
ill I hila.lt l hia. (iuvcrniii- l'.itti-uii(lcllver.s
an n.Mivss uf wclcoine. nml various paiersof
St'ielltilic illlcl est H en I ea.l and discllsse I.
I. a i I'll returns ut the Hepiibli.'au inajority
in Veniiont, ut nliolll 'Jl.iisl. The bouse of
repr. viilalivs ..tanils as fullows: Itepubli-
Hi-.; Ilelies ratic, .'!: Illdcs'llilcllt, :!; no
I h il. e ill one town: I'.' "Ill Itepllblifllll Cilllili-
ilu'es for Congress were . Ic'lcl.
A Hi NoaIiian who stnlilaslbis daughtiT
in law, near llacltnii, IViiii., wns Imiiged tu
a ir.T by a marked party ul hi eounlryinen
A STTK COIIVelltiutl of the MaMI"llll-ctti
(!lis,nll"licl's, held in Uostoll. indorsed the
Indianapolis convention platform, and tho
nomine s of that convcni ion. Hiillcr nu.l
Wis'. A resolution to combine Willi llm
iicw lv started I'coi.le's oarly iu making up a
Slate an t electoral tiev't "as also ndoptctl.
A lir.Ntilti'.K ncres of laud over a mine near
Wilkesl arri'i'. IVnu., suddenly cavcil ill,
d.iing great ilain.ige. The tinaiicial loss is es
tiniattil at s'iImiui.
I'm ticu'ain of the sudden death of Scrclnry
Folgernt bis homo ill Ceneva, !. Y., aro
given iu dispiitcbcs from that place ns fol.
lows: Sei reliiry Folgerdiol at his home hero
nt 4:0.1 o'ebs'k I. M. Ilisilcuth wnssu sud
letithattb. ro was not time to summon hi
1 1 1 It I iii, uinl neither of thciii was
iere. lho only persons present were Mrs.
Hart, of Auburn, bis ile. i iwd wife's sister;
His. Knapp and Law, associates of his family
physicaii, Hr. A. II. Smith, ami bis colored
servant .limit's. Dr. Siiiilb and I 'aiit ain J
S. Ix'wis bad left him i nlv a short, time
fore bis dentil. Hr. Henry I', sti r, of the
Clifton S .rings sanitarium, who bud been le v.'
two ni threo times us consulting i .1, -i. i:i 1 1.
iv.sl until I: I'. tiaiiinii 1 w.is coineycl to
the Kolger maii-ioii l. Ih'. Smith. Mis.l'rn.t
of I'.utl'iil... the sts retarv's sister, nrrived by
the K-.iuie liain. Just as tin s tlit'is1 cuter. ,1
Ihe ix mm the scirelarv lircinhed hit Inst
and all was over. Secretary I'ob'.cr's to
daughters v -I'tt ill Ihe Aiill'tilldit. 1,'-.
Hie elder being ill Very fcel.lc liMllll.
Ills sou. I'lintiiiu Cliiirl. s W. Fulger,
uns ill Alexandria. Ya. All had teen writ
ten to tocotne toltcneva. The telegraph was
not ie.oi t. il to ear i i' us so sudden a leriiii
nation of the father's iiiahi.lv was not u
pi. Ii lid' .1. The n i I'etnrv I'l lui iie l to I Icnei a
..r Ihe kiM lime 'ednesdn' cxt'inu, the
'.'Mb u l. He I'iillcd bis laniilv phvsiciaii next
The il.s'toi' gives the follow ing diagnosis of
the t n-o : I treat feclileticss of the Icari's in'-
lion: congest ion of the lui.t.ll" I.. I f the
right lung nnd capillary eng. stimi of the
l.l.i.i. hint I ills1.: t..i ...r of the iitiT; all. II
iiiiuuiis discluirge. show ing a dis-is. ot ih'
kidneys. 'I he do -t r was jntoi-iuc.1 that Ih.
sie-etarv butl had ln'iiii.rrha.:e of the linr.'.s
I hl'ee limes of late before his return In .111. -Ihe
lirst wink out if lit ing Willi lie lei- Hi
.New York, on which .a-ca-i. .11 h" dis hargc I
about u i.int of hlissl.
Sts'f. lary I'l.lg. r n lc out diiilv until uinl
ini liidiiig iho '.".Uli lilt., sin. e whi.lt time h"
kept his PH III, but did not w 1 1. .11 v .it .a ii-1, oi
otlicinl work. II" continued t euswee mi
ls.rluiil Icliei's uud tel. giants up I .Hi., tlav
ii.'f.ire his .leal h iin.l so. I I reluctant login-
Up. 'et he was by llo llle.'lll- nil o o .-i.i'
his crili '.'il I'oinliiioii nud intrusted to his
.e-s.ual In. -ii. I, Captain Lewis, liual in.s
Mi"es to his children nud other d re tioiisui a
...iilidi nliiil iialiire.
News of bis dentil went like il.liire
tbioiigh I o'iiea. and before i' i. i, hs.ts ot
buildings were .li'a .l in mourning ami the
Hags uhi.til the village were at liall uin-l.
II beds of tel. grains polll'c.l in to the tie
reined it l.itives Iroiii all parts ul the. oinil r .
Among the lii-st Io telegraph watt 1're. id. nl
Arthur, livery niuiiilicr of the t abinei at-,
scut words of cundolen. e.
Savannah played cricket matches before the
Stock iu the Natchez Cotton Mills is quoted
at l u per cml.
D.dins received 42,000 bales of cotton during
the pant twelve mouths.
A yarn factory, with 2,000 looms, Is to bo
established at Daiuu Kimc.
1'ive years iu the p. iiittiiiluuj- In the penalty
for ft iice cutting iu IToritU,
The cilv of Tallabassco is out of debt, ami
mis more niaii ?i,ouu in tue ircasurv.
The cuniplilion uf th
Itailroa.l gu
Mississii.nl Valley
.v w urieans six trunk lines.
The cotton ci on around Tlniiuasville, Oa
is now coiii.'i dnl to be fully 'J5 per cent, short.
The Mi xicans have appropriated f'JOO.OOil to
ii p n si nt 1 NI lii'oattlie World's II v in .hi 1 1. . n ut
N' Oi leans.
I',, tar Key,
-ad but to'
tw. lie' lll.'lill
Fin., has a
r deaths net
piipnl.iliun uf .LOOn,
in i n! there din iug
aro nuw Iliill.nilO
and luauiifacuu--
at l'lizimli
nay " J ,, ,, ,.. drove
'S, J ... . --- -
Tlie Ii
vnilwiiv servicn
set to the most scrvilo wnrK tun lain. he i uneso ' u
fords. Tb.0 child ha. ft paunier-ba-kot Cited I la in tho leadmc treaty !orU U.WacV.
froin the city. At Ov.eto rave arc
tX popular ngitatiui. bus begun ,.i avyr
of iibolisliing I'S'i'l P"r"lltl", -Mhl-;
" I ohs-u vntiot. for trnveleis. sua-
L t oleraii. Italy has utT'Unl .,'i.ua, de.
uressing trade .in the lioui-so there "
1 Mai V new r.s ot cholera hi. rPyi ed
frim ftai, t tJl
ease is also rugiiig In Madras, lntlhi.
MihiIi nml (.
Aiik ansaS, the lirst of Hie States nt which
a full electinii has been h. Id. has elected tho
. .111111.' Democratic Slate ticket.
A Mi'H'KlNM tragedy is cported frutn tho
Mi-si.tni village of l'liigsprings. Twnlittlo
fiiK seven nud nine years old niectivelv,
the daughter.-! of John Mcljnigblin, a well-to-do
tanner, were foiin I murdered in Hit.
vviMsls. Thev l.u I been outrageously assaulted
and then lulled.
A Sr. l'Ai'l. iMinn.l dispatch snysthut Sit
ting Hull, the ixiiown.sl Intliuii chief, is
coining Mast lor lb" piirso of exhibiting
himself, 'i'missioii having Is'i n seclilisl from
the MM-retary of the interior.
Tin: Wist sin Republicans nt their Stato
convent ion in Madison iiomluuted the present
Statu olllcers by ncclatiuition.
At tbo Texas lii'iuiMioiiu State convention
in Houston resi ilut ions were adopted fusing:
w ith llio tiris nbuokers and lnileHMiilcnts I
indorsing (icorge Wnsliingtoii Jones, the In
ilcK'ii'lcnt caiiditlalo for governor.
lllsiloi'(iH'iiluir..l''. I'lKiti'K, senior l.hliop
of the Methodist I'.pis "tt ill t luii'ch Ninth,
died a few days ago at Spuria, Un.
Tlllil.Kuf the (lively expedition survivors
St rgtaiits llrainnrd nml lsmg, nnd l'livntc
Cti iuell -al Clevcliintl. Miio, nniler an en
gagement in a inns deny that I hem were
ilisseiisiuns iu Ih" ciiiiip. unit Hint the mrvi-vui-s
were ilivid.il into two hostile parties.
Tin: W an's National K'P"il Uigbls parly
at its convention held in San Krancis'si nom
inated Mrs. I'.olvii A. IK'kwil. a Wasliing
law ycr. fur I'resiileiil uf Ihe Cnil d Statfs.
Mim". l.o,'kwtl has liirwanl.sl to Ihepix'sb
.lent, of tlio eoiivcntioii In r leltcr ul accepi.
iilice. At a llrantl Army ii'iuiioii iu Kreniont,
s.'..i. ii r I sliiiul. tl I It s. i with over l.'.issi
people, siiililcnly eollapssl. Korly or lifty
la'i'i.oiis were iiijuii'd,
TllK (ioorglu, cotton ri'up Imslss'ii nevorelV
siitrcriii ' nt least twenty wr cent'
in ilaiiiagc by rtii'iit beavy mins.
M xv I'lisfern partict hnvo lsi'ii Involved
nioi'it or less heavily bv Hie fnlliiix) of the
.Mc;:epp:i Mill c iinpuiiv. "f Kedwing, Minn.,
Willi liabilities of 1H,ihJI.
ln iitMi August lho nut iouiil debt wns ro
iluccd s,.M:J.S-:.'.'J''. On th 1st, I hero was
cu.h iu the treasury, HU.r.H.ii.VJ.'.iT, nnil tho
total debt less this sum was tl.toT.riP.llill. 1 1.
1'kaiunu infis tioil by Asintio cholern, nn
order has Uvn issunl by tho trensury
.biuirlmeiit forbidding tho landing of
anv rngsiiithls country fmni nbroad for Hires
inontlis, Isgiuiiing Keptcmlwr 1, no mnttor
,. i.i-.. ihcv cniiio from or ill wliat ninniier
thev were shis'd. l'a'r denleiu Kay thll
will result ill an iiu'ioiuio iu the price of pu-
Fiftken Tiioi.'SAXl) coiorcn poopioaiK!nu-a
lie lunerid of Huv. J. II. Hiuoks, who had
Clinrlcs James I'olgcr was lwrn on pril
IH, P'lN nt Nantucket . .Mass. lie had lit. .1
at llcncvn since bo wns fourteen ears old.
He was gradual. si nt Ilubart . olh go in h .ii
with tlio highest honors of his cla s. Hi.
si udled law, was iitliiiilled Io the bar iu l
was a justice of tlio s'ace in Ceucva, and
was npi.intis iu I'tll a juilgei f tb" ctiiiil
of 1 1 .ii pleas in I hitari.. coiiiiI v. He
mis chs't' tl cuiiuly jiulg'i of I hilario coiiui v
iu Kd.
lie Is'ganliis sililical life ns a Silas AVrighl
Deinocrnl. In lsi. bo was elect. l to Hi"
Slate Seiuile as a Itcpiil.lican, nnd to.I
eight years, being ono of the rccigui '. I
leaders" ..f the patty. In Ih" cnsiiiuti n d
convention ol Is!., lie served on Ihe .nidi' i irv
coiniiiill's'. He was n pronounced mil :i : .
nist of ti .vernor Kenton, lu Ihe bitter light
iu the legislature of V.s between 'uii.lerl.ilt
ami (luiihl be opH.scil Hi" ellorts uf ihe New
York (Villi ill ix Kid to get control of the lain
Ho ilciioiinood Tne.xl vigorously nud did
hislo-t to defeat tho Twit' I lucasiiix. in III"
legislature. Ho was a win in I l it u I o'. S. na
lur Colliding, through wlnwi influence lie win
liplK.illt. il bv I'l .sldellt (Irani ill Isi.'.l Io Ih"
ollii-e of Cnitisl States trcaMircr in the my of
New York. At tbo end of tbo year b" was
elected an associate iu lge of tho N"tv York
court of npiM iils.aiiil. ii" '11 the death of Chi. f
Jinlgo Church, in lss", wns designated by
(Iovernor Cornell to il"t as chief judgi'. Ho
was re-el.s tcd fur Ihe term ul fuiirlc n vines
by n iniijoi ily or iW n s gning in I l. tuh r.
IsSI, totake Hie post .ifse ielaryof tin Ih -urv.
Mr. Folger's signal defeat ns a can .i.ln'e
for governor of New York is tr. sh in I'.e
minds uf the pupli', but it was a x-i.n.p mi d
bv many ii.-airaiiccs to him t' at tin' lailuin
of bis arty to voto f . r him was ii"l in
teiid.sl as a eoiiileiiiiiniioii of his pcis.ii.,'11
character ur ut his uctiuii n-a public man.
I'livsicallv, he was a large, ml as -1 innu, aid
few men have a u p i -h d iiiore w a l; linn
has hen the result, ul his l.u-y life. I!" bid
a Mibslniitiid but uiiprel.'iiliuiis b.ei e oi
ClIII.'VII. overlls'killg Ihe hike, ". r W hi h .,;ie
uf liis daiigbleis presided, lie was a wi !
ower, his wile having .lied .several veals a ....
Ho leaves threo children, one soil nml noi
daughters, all of whom uro grownup. Mi.
Folger's eyes begun t' fail several yen s ag '.
ami ut limes ho has suffered uui'-li wdh tl'
A I'lno l)llilsT ot Worklngmcn In Nf
York on Itlondujr.
lioen for years n prcnelior m vt asningiou.
1'robublV no colored man was ever boforo
IoIIowihI to tho gravo by so vawt a throng.
Ui'dm rwxtption of tbo liowa of Secrotary
Fol 'cr'B dt'iUh th tiniisury deimrtiiifiit wus
. lo.tsl nnd tho Immense building heavily
.i i., i.iur-k Aii oixler wns also issuod to
'los' all euskim hous.-s and sub ti-ensurioii
ihruughuultbeeoiiiitry during thohoui-s of
t'-e fniieraUrroinonlos,
Tho workingmcn's parado in New York cit)
on Monday was a groat success, llv unaiu
l.ious oonseiit Typogiaphical Union No. 0 and
all branches ol tlio printing trauouuu tuuuj,..
of lino in tho procession.
Tho Hint division consisted of tho building
trades. The second division of all unions en
caged in tho cigar, furuituru and clothing
trades. Tho third division of butchers, coopers
and oilier trado and lalsir organizal ions.
Many branches of industry exhibited their
handiwork from largo trucks as thoy went
through the streets. For Instance, tho box
makers had nine wagons in lino, and in tlio
wagons men wero as busily pegging away as
though they were earning a day's wagos. 1 hero
wero relays of men to take the pliicps of those
who worked for a while, so that no mau
was obliged to put in "full lime.' Tho cigar
makers had two large wagons, In wh ch n o
hundred men wore at work making Havauas
and domestics. Tho most iuterostmg part of
this exhibition was that as tno oigais
n atlo they wore passed out to tho crowds
that watched the procession. Two thousand
men were iu lino with t ho 'k'jrmakeJ-s.
Tho bricklayers paraded 1.600 1p "R
did not lay any bricks. Tho clothing cu Hois
!"u. " ,V f""i" ii... ..,.1 mil c ol ics in a
,t least twelve hundrotl n.en. 1 h' u"
nt' Union nan j.uuo ui-u o.. -r--
cationa of worRinumen jiu.u . v
nK Sas iKml" 'lin started
taM UO "of SlXreT-carried hods Oiled
WlThobwt"lirbmm; Organl,a.ion No. 2 of
eolorod m"n had tbo right of he second
mvion They include all colored working
men and hid nearly 2,000 men in line.
ThrElaasworkeri, of wl.o.ntliore wore largo
numboKuno, pUcd their industry on throa
wagons. .
TrwdoriciTkopf, wlio had charge i of tho
rrecioncK , . , took t ie em-
lonch couuier ... - u-. - , ioyia
rk ha'rt-'r bjr
".. itiA vessel.
tOUJ?t Zr a, Kn.. burglar, blew open tl,
-nr.h of tanios and a large number ot reg
istered Utters. ....
It is i tin n:i.l that there
actiitlc inti I'esti d iu luiiiiiig
ing iu the Soiiih.
A lady living ncai'T'iivlorsville. I'.'lk cuiinly,
('.a., has rcei-iilly, at tiie ago ul Ihiily years,
cut mi entire lu w set uf teeth.
The I'otlou mills iu and about Augusta, (hi.,
will inpiiie this year nearly 70,000 bales, a
griatcr iiiiinU'i' Ibau ever bt fore.
Within three years the lunula r uf saw-mills
in Arkansas has increased fruui three hundred
and foitv-iiiiic Io uver twelve him, In tl.
Five dollars worth of properly and tt n dogs
was tl 0 assessed fortune uf a 11 ay cuui.ty, Ala.
Ii. giu, and tivu dollars ill properly uud four
dogd aiiotln r.
The corn iu Sum'. C.eorgia will be about an
ct rage, and cane and potat.s s proinisc well,
though the screai;it in cane is smaller than
u. mil, i. ing to the loss nt sud fiolu tlieeol'l
last winter.
The Tt'iiiier-a. u Cniuinissluiiers to tho
World's Fxpositioii at New llrleaus appuiuted
citiituiissiuiiers for Ibe viiiious counties uf tbo
State, who wid be charged Willi the duty of
f . iug that tln ir coiintn s send crcdilaule ex
luliils to the gn at show.
Within two miles uf HciiMbcrg, Jasprr
count, Miss., un tin N't w Orltans sud North-cm-It
in llailroad. arc i.tlmttilti .piarries uf
building htoiie. Din of the kinds is similar to
the ii..t, .l Cm n stone, of which tho city of
Paris is niosily built.
It is said that in front of the entrance steps
of tin liiti.it bouse, of llinggold, Ga., there
is a huge flat nick which has plainly outliu. d
i un its Mii lac the perfect shape uf a very largo
hiineui foot. The impression shows eliiirly
all tin io s and a very broad In el. The i'.'k
! was found i.i ir u small stn am ill the moun
tain w. Bl of llllljgol'l.
In uiging I ho iniportance of forest culture
the C,'iaiui,M"l.i r uf Agriculture iu his recent
report says: The total value uf llio forest pro
ducts of ihe United States lor tho census year
is estimated at 7uii,ouii,on0. In other words,
our fun l Muducts exceed ill value our crops
of lisv. rve. oals. barley, biiekwlieat, potatoes
am) t'.ihaci ii, taken together. They amount to
I n in. in the value of gold and silver, of
which we make so lunch account and to more
than Un. i' nines Ihe alue uf the precious mill'
eials anil the coal aid uiher mineral com-luliiii.
Tbo discovery of tin in North Carolina was
made in a singular maimer. Among the mills
ends exhibited at the I'oston Imposition fl'oiU
lln.l iit.uo was a lump of uro marked "un
known." It wu analyzed by an essayist, sud
fulllld to contain 7.1 net' CI lit. uf till. Hie He'll'
est ever known. Tim siieciineu came from
King's Mountain, ami while the vein has nut
In en discovered, from the quantity of ore
Iving around loose acini lists are suro the
metal exists in great quant dies. Thero aro
uu'iv three tin bearing mines iu tho world, and
it is said there is a standing otYnr of aO.IHK)
fur lho discoveiy of ono ill the United States.
Hon. J. M. Smith, of Oglothorpo, Is ono of
tho most extensive farmers in Qeorgia.
Around him he has abnut 18.0(10 acres of laud
- 1, Duo iu cotton, 'i.fslO iu corn, and tho rest
of tillable land ill other crops. Ho has on hi
plentatioii over 'JOtl iiiules nml horses, bcsidcl
other stuck. Thero are alsmt 1,00') or mora
men, women ami children un the place to feed,
including the convicts, Tho remarkable suc
ci ss of llus farm is ilili to tbo fact that it is
si'lf-siistiiining bv rinsing cvervthing they cat
at buinc. Corn, w heat, oats, potatucs, and
every other necessary iiii.ni the farm, is raised
in uuuiitiancc, even to sugarcane.
Tho silver excitement In Ititchlo county,
West Virginia, appears to bo increasing;, sev
eral very promising deposits having been
ri'c. iilly "discovered in Iho vallcvs nesr Citiro.
U'lie mine on the farm of ltcv. John Walters is
iu operation, ami lias a tlvo foot vein. A re
cent assay sli.tws t(:iis) in silver and $11 of lead
to the tun. M. 1. Hartlctt's mino comes next,
with H70 to the tun. Other mines are not so
rich, yielding only 100 to tbo ton. Indig
ng a well on tho farm of Mrs. l'ool, nesr
t aim, a nugget of iilinust pure silver, measur
ing eight inches by l'jvo and weigh ng lifti" n
poiiu. Is, was found. Tbo specimen is valued
lit .-sou.
Mississippi is making rapid strides tilths
woolen liidustrv and her spindles and looms in
ilu, Wuuniia Mills, the Wesson Mills, and tho
mills nt LTuinuville. are eagerly devouring all
ih. a ,,11'ci'cd. Tho Aberdeen Kxnniiner ra-
"lu the mutter of wool, we, who
have clamored bo stoutly for the removal ut
tbo tariff, will, ere long, lo one or its allium".!'
est advocates and supporters, for tho llgures
of Hie last census point unerringly io an cany
dny when wool growing win ueeoiuu .n u. m.u
most general anil mi an tain, oi num....'... in
dustries, mid its manufacture represent a
large liorlion of our capital, ami nuuiu uo
Ihe very height of folly b tboso who lieril
uud clip sheep to demand that the gates ot
npplv be thrown open Io the slnt-n griiivers of
Aiisir'alia and other foreign lamls.
A C.eorgia eorresiHini'eat of tho Houthcrn
World writes that strango as 11 may appear,
even in that old sUtlcd country tho beaver yt t
lingers, and despite the efforts of trappers may
bo found in largo inmilHis in the swsiniis
which fringe tbo creeks and rivtrs of Hoiitli-
mii (borgiii. A few hunters make a gooii nv
Ing by snaring tliem. jiiowriier iu n.n
their haiinls on a siicaiu iu jiii""t.i " .'.
where fur many rods around their siihmergctl
homes, trees nearly os lai-go an a man s s.ily.
had been deftly gnawid down, their bark and
foliage stripped on aim iicvuiu. u, ....
Iriinks cut in sections and used , the con.
It iiclinii of (heir dams. A well known planter
mid that in sonic portions of his swamp land
the beavers bad well nigh destroyed all of hu
Tilling limber,
It Is llgiinsl that f I l..,iHKi,onn Is the amount
luvt Unl iu theatres in tho l.'uiteil States.
Tin: reigning prima doniiii iu 1'nris at
present is M llo. Mm io Vim .iiiult, an Ameri
can girl.
Ci.aiu Mourn will lie seen oftellcr thin
seiisuii than sho was last, her health being
nun Ii lud t. r.
W. D. H11W KI.1.H has sold a play totheMad
tsou Simaix. (New Y'orkl iiiuiingciiifitt. It
will follow "May lllussoin."
Mmi:. Nilkmiin has slgnixla contract with
Colonel Miiplcuu to sing iu Kngluiul ami
America for J,40 jwr night.
Tiikuk is not n singlo prima donna or tenor
of any marked merit in lluly.aiid tlio musical
i rill 's of ltonie deplore tho fact.
TllK Aid I.iszt, who wns reis.rt.sl to have
bis'oiiiotolally lihil I. has eomo out III a letter
denying Ibis statement. Tlio famous pinnist
I'Miiwurk without ililVcultv,
Miss 1! .inks, the daugliteruf lleneml N. I'.
Dan!, s, who is si. 11 to appear on tbo stage, is,
iiccoi.iiiig to tlie li.sitoii fusi, "not a blonuo,
pule gotnl looking, mi l is over twenty."
It is gratif ying to know that Mr. Duly hat
Ihvii plaving a siiccisslul engagement iu Lon-
1I1 11, ns I... is I he Hist manager w In. ever played
nil entire Amen, all dramatic company in
A Nf'.w cotnedv from the pen of l'red.Miin
.. 11 Is named " Huuibug," nml is written for
Itolnnil Ibxil, tho young actor, who has
gam 'da proiiiin.'iit osilioii niuong lending
cuiutsliaiis in Ins play, " Clux k.''
Axin iii u yuiiiig AuieriiMii bin attained
i.'a. eof proiiiiiiencc in the musical world of
i r.ui.e. Master Mi. had lliiiiiiorwiisnwaixlc.l
the liisl pri ul 11 1 nt. cxiiminatioii i.f
iulinisis 111 1 he I '.iris conservatory.
Maiiv Amikiis.iv is iu her t venty sixth
year. She was Ih.iii .luly'N. IVi'.l, mil liiBt
in tisl in l.i.ii'st ,11 -. No.enilsT ii, lsl.'i, nnd
has been 011 the stage eight years. Small
I'.. 1 nl.ai.lt is fui ty y. 11 is old, an I bus Issui on
the slug., twenty four years.
Mu. II. V.. Waliun, iinKiiglisli Austrnlinn
ml .r of exleiilc I repuliili.il. has Us'n cn
nagtsll.y limn IL ucicaiilt ns his Icnlin j man
iliirin; llnsscn.o 1. Mr. Wait ill Ins novel
Is'lui" plavetl un an American stage or Uim
In-fore an Aui 'i'icnii 1111. hence.
Tltt: iiecl' iil ei 111 . -iii ni ki 0 vn us an nni
lui 10 gels Us name ii'o.it St. I'lii. i.i N"ii. Ho
11. lev. nit priest, in the full lid 'of Hi., licnnls'
sauce p ti'sl, with the iiim of nltrneling
Mi'ing u s.ple 1111 1 keatiiig tl em out of mis
chief, more csiH'f iullv 011 Suiiitnv, gavent his
oratory performance, of original sacrol mu-
si", to wl.ich lie gave Hit' iiniiic o uraiorioev
.Many of th. si early oratorios st II exist.
"CliMMIMlllltK'' Kl'ITSOV, of St. Paul, Is
said to have s.iit icarly f l,(Xki,tt)J for In
real ra. ing stable.
Kinsi in, the inventor, promises to get-out
n new . I'-'pot invent;, 'ii.siiiiringiiioncxi.yeur,
ill the elect rii .ii line.
Six'iiktahv l.i.M.oi.x's hair is turning
whit". II 'he bad rweivi-d the iinuiinntiou he
pruhnbly would bo entirely bald by this time.
Sl'N.xTOit MoitliiLI., of Vermont, is the old
est of the Senators, belli.; seventy-four, whilo
Senator Keimii, of West Virginia, is the
yuiingiiit, being but thirty-six.
"CoilMomiliK" Ktarm, the steamship
owner of New York, is said to be worth
$7,000,000. Not ninny ye.ir ago he was a
country doctor, cumin.; l,ot a year.
(JovBitNon CitiTTEM):.-, of Missouri, who
bus been catching niuskalongo iu Wisconsin
waters, ia descri!! ns n gix nt, lull, broad
shoiddcri'd num. with l.il.dit, blue eyes, waxy
complexion, thick hair ai whito 11 nd glossy
nslltKS that the Indies do iSouth Kensington
I'noKEssoR Coi.i.ikh, formerly chemist of
the agricultural bureau, dis-s not abate any
of hiscontldt'iice iu the futiiro of sorghum as
the source of sugar, ami contemn itiaisugnr
eini bo prolllably ma in from I 'lgliiiin even
at present prices, nud that all win, Ii this
eoiititi'V ins-, Is and more can bo made In tho
I'nited Slutes
ATSbubulii, Miss,, tho Imystako tho girls
out riding in buggies drawn by oxen.
( Iiit ot tin. :m,0 ),i!0.) ixmiprising the popu
lation of Julian there are but b'.ooO lumpers.
A x.xtioxm. convention of eatll.i men bus
b'cu iiiiiu .iiii'i'd to meet iu St, 1wiis, Mo.,
November li
T.ik ( hi"iiii.ake fro'' hunters send MOO.OOO
worth of Iheircoiniuo lity to Northern mar
kets every year.
T11K eoniinir corn croo is pst inntl at 1,-
'.Ili.lO'.uisI bushels, ngninst K'.D.is.tklO last
year, mid 8l:i,;7l,tN iu Isv.'.
Tiik once famous If111ls.n1 river tunnel, upon
which il,i,ll ' I has Isx'ti i'Xh..isI, has Iweil
ahaiiilonctl, it would sw'in, forovcr.
Tiik sum of '.'.on0.Oii0.lKI0 Is reimired to
fitruisli the Ilrilish x.plo with tho evmiuon
art iflcs of ftssl and drink for a year.
Tiik Sbito experiment farm of Ohio wil'
bavi. an exhibit lit tho Now Orleoirs oxpusl-
ti.ni, 0110 item of which will bo 1(W varieties
ot wheat.
lv nineteen veal's the national debt has
Ihs ii nshitxHl from '.,7.'.0.0.0(M to iXA'.A-
(hio.isi.). and lho annual interest eliurno iroui
tl,VI,'.HI,O0.) t lots than ?. .11,11011,11011.
Nkw YollK is tho center of the eignr nink
ing I rude. Sho h is nearly 4,otM titctorics,
and turns out I.ihiO.M) ',isl eigitni n year.
1'eimsylviiniii, Ohio uinl Illinois rank utter
Hew York.
In connection with the fiii'inertf bulletin,
pul dished jointly ly tho war nnd KiHtollleo
ilcpal liu.'lits, it has been docidtsl to exhibit A
.1 Id wavo Hug from each postolllco in the
Vnitcil Stiilm when a cold wave is approach
ing The Hag will lio of white, with a black
unmix.. in tho center, and will be displayed
from a pii.iiiluent place on all jstlllc3.
Thine animals are exceedingly
and uro rarely caught napping.
agSCIOlin, uii.i ..... ....v ' t - .
Queer buyers without a uap to their backs.
"If thou art borrowed by s fricud,
Uiglit wulcomo shall he bo
, To read, to study not to lend,
l!ut to return to 1110.
" Not that hnpartod knowiedgo rout
Diminish learning's atoro,
But book.1, 1 And, if otton lent,
ltoturn to uie no moro."
11 n....,i ainudv Pause, frcnnenllv. Think ierl'
ously, Koop tleanly, ltoturn duly, J
W itu tho oor uora of the leave, not tui
irrMa tlvlnir Tliroiiirli the
tilli.r l'eciilliilll.
AInron (Dakota) dLsit h says: Tocull"
uritles ot tho recent tornado are coming
lu Twolvo inihs northeast ot Huron
. ..: 1... I ll.lrfv.
man nnuieti jjntgs u..
. ......... 1.. lu.l.1C
two Iieuu 01 caiiio Auiwi uj
blown into tho James river and drowned, or
thrown on tho ground and crushed. He hail
tlx lioinos killed in tho same way. Uoven
hundrotl bushels of threshed oate In Ins gran
ary wore nil swept away. His wile is a well
known buttor iniiker for tho Huron market.
The last threo mouths she nnd her sorvunt
iiackisl U lho liiitler tuey lion niaue 111
crocks, and Hored it in tho collur, sovoral
hlintllU.1 Is.llUllS III ail. ueu nicy an uiu
storm coming they went into tho crtlar mid
orouchftl In tlio norineusi. corner ui im, uio
dii-cctien from wlueli tne lorniuio was
coming. It cnrneil uwny ami uosu-oyeii
tho houso, scooped up evury crock
of butter and curried it away and ,
it cannot Ik fouiuL Tho w.unou were unhurt
William Velkoy had two horses and it colt in
his stable. The stable, horstxs. and
yet o be heard from. Myron K nney Ma
two harn.sod horse, at J J
hoix.es wero soon to go up in 'outlwo.
hours afterward IW
.11 the hanioss ott except mu ,'
I rise to scenes of ex
. u.. im in seen
:-.'rZ 'X' in Tt.lv. where .ten doc
e.ral Oor-lon save in a letter that Khar
tow w iokl out till ! ouddJ.uI Ootob
x - '

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