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Cherry County independent. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 18??-1896, November 14, 1895, Image 1

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Theyre moving slowly eastward are the west
urn farmers now
On one side bitched the ancient nude beside
the aped cow -They
move in steady endless tide settlers or
all nations
Disgusted with their western land theyll visit
wifes relation
Now why will not they wait awhile auotlur
year at least
Its bound to rain upon us soon and dampen
man and beast
Tis best to keep stiff upper lip dont sell
off all your leather
Why men ill ve old natures bound to make
but average weather
If drouth comes on us nand then ita bound
iu utbu a lui u
Next vear twill likely urbwn us out it cannot
always burn
Dont get disgusted quite so quick if youve a
felt of rations - y
Just hold your own stay where you are
fight shy of wifes relations
Youll latter see friends one and all that
this same poem is right
For sir months wont pass oer youriead be
fore youll have a fight
Then when it rains up here next year ye men
of all nations
Youll hurry back to live right here and cuss
your wifes relations
Wood Lalce Neb izltor Xkach
Election ispast and still we live
Bewahe of the man who told you
President Cleveland has issued his
proclamation designating Thursday
jSov 28 as Thanksgiving da
Hon W H Westover is elected to
the District bench over Bartow by a
- very small majority not to exceed 15
County Treasurer county Super
intendent and one District Judge aie
the plumbs that fell into the populist
fold this vear
In 1S50 there was one person in
prison in the United States to each
3865 inhabitants In 1891 there was
one to each 734 The destressing
conditions of the masses breeds crime
Most of the Populist candidates
were defeated at the last election but
our principles still live Commence a
campaign of education at once and
prepare for the great battle in 18S6
While the PopuliBt party sustained
a partial defeat in Cherry county at
the election last Tuesday the party
j still exists and will do battle to He
publican corruption more earnestly
nexc fall than ever Our party is
based upon a grand set of principles
which can never die and must win in
- tho future Political corruption can-
not carry always
While the farmer can by any possi
bility live the mass of ihe people are
coutented perfectly willing to exist
and refuse to do a thing towards
changing systems that vouchsafe to
our fundamental industry no more
than the poor privilege of existance
suppose oh ye patient patheticma3s
that the farmer couid more than
merely exist that he could make
J just irragine how business would
snap and cracfc with activity energy
snd expansion 1 How factories would
start how labor would be employed
and paid how the wheelsof commerce
would hum how the whole land would
wrinkle with the joyous laughter of
pros srity ana happiness To be con-
tent to airoply exist in a t country like
th is the best possible proof that the
Ahaighty made a great mistake when
i he peopled it Farm Stock and
As the smoke clears away and the
true raturns become known it is found
that the populist party has made some
grand gians About 5000 more popu
lists votes ware cast for Supreme
Judge than was cast in 1893 Great
giiiB were made in others states
having more than doubled our vote in
Iowa and Ohio We have gained some
in the number of populist District
7udgf s elected in this state As far as
reported up to date the populists hold
255 county offices in the state which is
a good gain While republican lies
and campaign whiskey worked havock
in our ranks to a certain extent in
this county still the party never was in
better shape Bvery true reformer
phould commence now to organize for
itne fight of 1896
He Hue Etfen Ousted from Ife by the
Powerful Corporution
We may lament the disappearance of
the small employer the man who work
ed with his hands as well as with his
brains and was little more than the
most skillful of his dozen workmen we
may even become pathetic over the loss
of the spinning wheel and the loom of
our grandmothers but we may find
consolation in the thought that the cost
of production has been steadily grow
ing less that comforts and even luxu
ries of life which 100 years ago were un
known to the majority of people are
now withinthe reach of nearly all and
that the profits which formerly went to
the small purchaser are now even more
widely attributed in the form of divi
dends U tockholders little rivulets of
wealth w ich trickle through all classes
of society and offer the rewards of thrift
to the humblest households in the land
writes Justice Henry B Brown In the
Forum If the head of the great cor
poration takes to himself an apparently
disproportionate share of the profits
it is only in obedience to a universal
law that the man who develops extraor
dinary capacity in any direction re
ceives an -extraordinary reward A
lawyer who earns r000 a year may In
nine cases out of ten do his work as
well as the one who earns 50000 but
in the tenth case the latter may be
worth to his clients every dollar he
costs them A picture by MeLssonier
worth 20000 may to an unskilled ob
server be scarcely distinguishable from
one worth 200 but there is an Impalpa
ble something which to an artistic
eye stamps on as the work of a great
artist and the other as that of an ordi
nary painter While the manager of the
corporation may be inferior to a thou
sand of his employes as a mere handler
of tools his talent for orirnntenHrm
French Tax on SDlrit
a tax on spirituous liquors distilled
within her bounds but since 1875 the
French Go ernment exempted from
taxation all liquors distilled for home
consumption As was to be expected
the number of farmers who operated
under this clause increased constantly
until it now has reached nearly a mil-
Hon and instead of limitintr thp
uct in accordance with the law they
distilled all the year around flooding
the country with cheap and villainous
stuff causing untold misery and involv
ingfa loss to the exchequer of certainly
not less than 200000000 francs annually
The Chamber of Deputies to appease
the loud cry for reform has now passed
alaw taxing all spirituous liquor without
exception but in order not to lose the
good will and votes of the 1000000
petty distillers IMmposes such an un
reasonably heavy tax that the conserv
ative Senate without whose concur
rence no measure becomes operative
will refuse to also pass the law Thus
the old state of things Is likely to con
tinue and the wilyt Deputies will lay all
the blame on the Senators
A New- Hampshire Giant
Hinsdale N H desires to tell what
she can do in the way of boy giants
-says the Springfield Republican in the
person of Robbie Blanehard who lives
with his parents Mr and Mrs Walter
Blanehard in that part of the town
called Chestnut Hill Robbie Blaneh
ard was 15 yearSjOld last May is 0 feet
2 inches in height and ilps the scales
at 3330 pounds -His chest measure GO
Inches would delight the heart of a life
Insurance agent while the girth of
abdomen is 52 inches His form is sym
metrical his muscles hard as Iron and
he Is neither awkward nor clumsy and
possesses great strength His father is
a man of small stature and weighs 167
pounds the mother though fieshy is
not unusually so and two younger sis
ters are the ordinary size of girls of
their age The boy Jsa general favor
ite with everybody a great reader and
a memoer or the high school
t i c TV
Ki itW
caw I
BJlPaP3m3r and honest opinion wrlto to
I UNN CO who have had nearly fifty Tears
emerieneo in tha natont hisinniH rnmmnin
tlonS SlriCtlV Confidential A Tlnnrllmnl nt f
I formation ennpnrnlnff Pafonfs rjmI hn n v
Like the Unifcd stares France levies rMdToTuiToXostfr
Patonto taken through Munn Co receive
cpeolal notice in the Scientific Amerlcnn and
thna are broucht widely before the public with
out cost to the inventor This splendid par er
Issued weekly oleuantly illustrated has by far the
largest circulation of any scientific work in tho
world 83 a year Sample copies sent free
Building Edition monthly 250 a year Single
copies 25 cents Every number contains beau
tiful plates in colors and photographs of new
houses with plana enabling builders to show the
latest designs 3nd secure contracts Addrcns
MUNN COn New YOllK 3G1 Buoadjtat
Jj4iiWJ Bvfldvld
M or than half tbevictims of consump
tion do not know tbey have it Here is a list
of symptoms by which consumption can
certainly be detected
Cough one or two slight efforts on
rising occurring durlnsr the day and fre
quently during the night
Short breathing after exertion
Tightness of tie chest
Qjjick pulse especially noticeable in the
evening and after a full meal
Chilliness iu the evening followed by 4
Slight fever
Perspiratiwtoward morning and
Tale face and languid in the morning
Loss of vitality
If OU have these symptoms or any of
them do not delay There are many
preparations which claim to be cures but
Dr JTcliers Sasliib Remedy for Consumption
has the highest endorsements and has
stood the test of years It will arrest con
sumption in its earlier stages and drive
away the symptoms named It is manu
factured by the Acker Medicine Co 16
and 18 Chambers St New York and sold
by all reputabledrugglsts
PROPOSALS for Fkrsii Bkff and Muttoh
Headquarters Department ot Platte Oltice
of Chief Commissars of Subsistence Omaha
Nebraska October ISth 1805 Sealed pro
posals in triplicate accompanied by written
guarantee bonds iu duplicate will be received
at office nmil it ocIock a m central grand
aid time November 16 195 at which time and
Slactf they will be opened in the presence of
idden for furnishing such calamities of fresh
beef and mutton for issue and cllbice cuts for
sales as may be required lv the Subsistence
Department TJ S Army at Omaha Nebraska
Forts Omnha Robisnon and Niobrara
ke ana t oris u a Kusell and
Bpwwpgauij wuuiiuajjjuLwngc
oversight and direction his knowledge
of details his anticipations of the mar
ket may make all the difference be
tween successand failure He is the
general of the army the master of the
ship the speaker of the house the
prime minister of the cabinet and his
talent for leadership Is not to be meas
ured by ordinary standards The re
fusal to recognize this ability has been
fatal to nearly every scheme for co
operative production
l -
time since I had a severe
attack of asthma accompanied with a jj y
distressing cough and a general soreness qV
ff till inilttC Olfl miltftlilfl T nmin K nl m
physicians and tried various remedies
but without getting any relief until I
despaired of ever being well again o
Finally I took Ayers Cherry Pectoral of
and in a very short time wis entirely 9i
cured I can therefore cordially and o
confidently commend this medicine lo o2
all J IJoseli8 Victoria Texas J
JTy wife had a very troublesome 5
cough She used Ayers Cherry os
rat ana procured immediate relief O
G H Podkick Humphreys Ga
Ayers Gfcerry Sectoral
Raceived Highest Awards
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Worlds Fair Highest Award
TJipana Tabules see advertisement-
Kipans Tabules arc always ready
liinars Tabules cure dyspepsia
tW W
K Commissary of Sunsistenee
Omaha iNeb October 19 1KS5 Sealed pro
posals in duplicate subject to the usual condi
tions will be received at this office until 11
o clock am central standard time October
20 ISO at which time and places ttiey will be
uuciicu iu presence oi uitiders for furnishing
the subsistence Department U S Army on or
ueoore oveinur is 1895 as maybe required
with Flour for issue an i Flour choice tamily
attlifi following places of delivery viz On
board of cars or at subsistence storehouse at
Omaha Nebraska or t Forts Omaha Niobrara
Robinson Nph 1 k iituuii nri if-
Meade S D Preference will be ijiven to articles
of domestic productions or manufacture
conditions of quality aud price including iu
the price of foreign productions or manufac
tures inc tiuy inereon being equal The riidit
is reserved to reject any or all bidt or anv part
of any bid Blank proposals and specifications
showing mjietail the articles and qualities
required ana giving full information as to con
ditionsof contract will be furnished on ap
plication to this office or any of the Acting
Gomnnsspries at posts named above Proposals
will also breceived by the Purchasing Com
missary oi Jubsistkuce Denver Colo atdO a- m
mountain standard time October 29 1395 for
the furnishing and delivery of the above Hub
sistence Stores freftwn hnirri r m ir wn
ver or near the iiacc of production or purchase
or at thepofts named
tain and C d U S A
Parties having final proof notices In
these columns will receive a marked
copy of the Independent containing
first insertion of same Jt is the duty
of each claimant to examine their
notice carefully and -should there bo
any error the fact should be reported
to the land office and to this office at
once for correction
Land Office at Valentino Nebraska I
Sept 27th 1S95 f
Notice is hereby given thai the
ed settler 1ms liied notice of his intention to
inane final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will hp made before ItesiHter and
iteceiver sit Valentine Nebraska ou Nor Sth
ltf5 viz
sMankin Wray of McCann Xeb
GE rNo 9 ii01 rIle E -wk Sec 13 and Si
3 Wfc Sec n To y It 31 v
Me names tho following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land
byhunus Johnson Harry Laatz William Wat
son und Herman Shultz all of McCann Neb
C R GLOVER Jlesiister
Laud Ofilce at Valentine Neb 1
Oct 25th 1895 j
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof iu supnort or his claim and
said proof will be made before Register and Re
ceiver at Valautiue Nebraska on Dee 6th
loi VIZ t
Franklin T Brackett f Crookston
Neb HE No S59G for the se Sec 7Tp 33 R 30
Ho names the following witnesses to prove her
continuous residence upon aud cultivation of
said land viz
William Watson Herman Weisfiogg William
A Wilson ad James WlHon all of Crooks
ton Iseb
C It GLOVER Register
Land Ottice at Valentine Nebr
Oci cber 30th 1F95 J
Notice Ik hereby given thatithe following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to
niakn final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made before Register
and Receiver at Valeutine Nebr on Dec
13th 1895 viz
Nathan TV Conover
of Cody Neb who made TC Entry No 7459 for
lots 1 aud 2 and S y3 NE Sec STp 31 R 55
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence on aud cultivation of
said andviz
John Bishop Edward S Weed Wallace E
Neltson Edwin R West all of Cody Neb also
Edward S Weed
of Cody Neb who made TC Entry No 7463 for
lots 3 4 and 8E H SV J4 See 30 Tp 32 R 3fi
Ho names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land viz
Nathan W ConovervJohn Bishop Wallace E
Nelson Edwin R WestallotCody Neb also
John Bishop
of Codv Neb who made TC Entry No 74M for
lots 3 4 and HE H HW h SW i SK Ki Sec 31
Tp 32 R sr w
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land viz
Nathan W Conover Edward S Weed Wallace
E Nelson Edwin R West sll of Cody Nob
C R GLOVER Register
Land Office at valentincNebr
November 6tli 1895
Notice is hereby given that the following nam
cd settler has- filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made before Register and
Receiver at Valentine Nebr on Dec 16th
1393 viz
Frederick Silberhorn of Ivilgore Xeb
HE No 9509 for the se swK sec lSne nwH
and uwi ne4 See ID Tp 34 R3l
Ife names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land viz
Frank Hoffman of Kilgoro Neb Henry L
ILilgore of Johnstown Neb J3rau3on Dorrah
and Joseph Weaserof Nenzel Neb
C E GLOVER Register
1 U S LaicLQfflce at Valeutine Neb l
Novemberl2th J895 f
Notice is hereby given tliat the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of Wi claim and
that said proof will be made before the Register
and Receiver at Valentine Neb on Dec 20th
18S5 viz
Marion 0 Metzger of Pullman Neb
HE No 9934 for the sett ae1 8ec20and swJ4
swj Sec 21 and neH ne4 See 29 nw nw4 Sec
Sec 23 Tp 29 R 3C
Ho names the followingwitnesses to prove his
conunuos residence upon ana cultivation 01
said land viz
Wiliin Piiilman Christian Nelson John Car
Wvamitir unn iamn rr Flint Kntro Wvnminir nftnfov anri Knne Tlntv n of Pullman Kh Alcr
- O - v w uv viiKiij s w ww w w i IU A1DW
aaie is anxious to pur ner Claim or uurmyincs penoa commencmg January 1 1S95
inj the biggest boy giant In the United
French Etiquette
The Frenchmen are easily the politest
people in the world and bo the new reg
auu eiiuiug juiip u ibVo lropfrtaie Will aiiO
be received until 10 oclock a m mountain stayd
ard time and opened at the pout of Forts Nio
brara Robinson I A Russell Washakie and
Crmp at Pilot Rutte by she respective post
commissaries cf subsistence of such posts each
post commissary receiving proposals for his
own post oiily The fresh beef shall be good in
quality aud condition T fit for immediate use and
Ulations as to the conduct of railroad iros tore ncimiii quarter meets proportionally
including an in j uesr cius tncreoi tnenesn
servants wneu tne iresicient 01 tue re 1 muttou shall
public Is a passenger will not bear
heavily on them Every official from
the highest to the lowest is required to
doff his cap aud remain bareheaded un
til the President leaves the station The
stationmaster alone is permitted to ap
proach the door of the Presidential car
riage and it is ordered thut he also shall
e of pood f it and jnrkHable
quaury from rcathcr ovt r ard under three
years cd Reer and mutton to Ue dressed and
trimmed and del8red rs rseribud in the cir
cular of instructions to bid ers Proposals will
also be received staiimr the ririct at which th
perU mt greater than 50dfsfies Fahren
heit islank proi fsals ac d uaiantes aid esr
iitr 01 inst ructions to bidd re juvin lull iu
formrUon is l quaaiy rn i ief etc 1 cquued
iiirTiicr ill jiiiiiii i hi Tf
01 ointiMig eiiidium tu brj ons rved
11 1 -------
remain uiirtneuueu viuie noianiK it j Dv hucieis and reims of coi ta t un i pument
open These are only a few of the long
list of points of etiquette which have
taken the form of a ministerial decree
Prices Cream Balcing Powder
Worlds Fair tlljrhest Medal and DIpIoina
i wia i s mi uisnefi on ajipiicaiton to wiin rnicc tr
Iioimj tMMiry pot j uinorizei to open
iroivicPis ineaoverumenl rfervo3 the ritfnt
to rejirt ny or all proposal or anv part of jmy
parte aiy bid pro
nfitirfls should be marked lroposais forfosh
t iccf nncs addressed to tht Cniet C 8 Dept of
the nlatte Omslia Ncb or to the respactlvc
Post Commissaries amhoruVd to receive pro
posals as stated above KRANK E HYE
Captain and C S U S A Chief Commissary
of subsistence
Enos Doty of Pullman Xeb
HE No 9333 for lots 2 and 3 soli nw 4 andsw
li neJi Sec 7 Tp 29 R 35 YV
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residenco upon and cultivation of
said laud viz
William Pullman Christian Nelson loan Car
penter aua Marion Metzger all of Pullman Neb
C R GLOVER Resisasr
U 3 Land Office Valentino Nebraska
November 14th 1SS3 1
Complaint havirp been made at this ofUce by
James N Steadman against John Rrdsoa for
failure to compl with law as to Timber Culture
entry o s uatea June 3 i83f upon the Sii
bidder will delnr fiesh i eef and mutton of HK2 and 4 SW1 13 Two v R32 in herrv
tne rhara ter s tatd and to be delivered of tern- county Nebraska with a view to the
tion of stid entry contestant allecincthat lohn
Kardson has failed to break or cause to be
broken ten acr ot sa d tract and lias failed to
plant or cause to be planted ten a res in trees
or cuttings and has failed to cultivate rr
cause to be cmt vated iv part of said tract in
the last f ur year of entry and that the land
i D41W brokw on stid irswi s giownnpin grafts
and wetfB md tneriarenow no living trees on
-id tract at this dste and claimant has wholly
abandoned said tract and has failed to cure his
laches to this d e the said parties are hereby
Miinmaueti to appear at this ofilce on the 23rd
day of December 1395 at 10 oclock a m to re
spond and furnish testimony concerning said
alleged failure
C R GLOVER Register
matin ntit
ilZjF u Q gq Qszs m
n n
C H COUAEIjJL Isreictnt
1 S 1 E
14 1895 NO 39-
FMi 5
u km
if 1 h g
ill v xiCMiVLSOM Vmatmh
Valentine Nebraska
A General 1 a nkiiiy Jtuainess Transacted
Mays and Sells JDotzie s tie find Foreign Exclmnj
Correipondenta Cheraiel National Bank New York First Natloaal Bai
Fish Game Tender StelEE
Jucy Boasts Dry Salt MSe
and the He est line of Smoiatfi
Hams and Breaktast Bass
ever sold in town
At SiettsrsOiaStaaa oa Itain Start
Of the Choices Br4
- u j
Valentine Nebri
Jt i rf2 2 g
5y it la 31
S5T r ft Jup 5
cr zzz - m a
t m
S a
k K
lrss Ssik - 23
I t er -
y A 2 S S 3 a
fc aiiS 3 55a
a Stem 8 ry zvM
jz cj - s z vyi rr oa rf k s r
bSsa r
1 1 r 3 a
2 i TioB a J3 o j y
fS u
S agJ o J H n c 5 3 3 S o s r S 2 s 3 S 2
o js 2j b E 5p gH - r2S S s g
-S ooSS yj 3 oS
a Ek n
m -
- m Z -T
tl 2 sjs 6 Jg
i V
l i mv
ggn ij

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