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The Republican of last week in an
editorial upon the District Judgeship
contest case between Wejstover and
Oartow afier reviewing the case
makes some very stronir assertions
which reflect upon the populist party
audits members the Ikdi pkndent
feels palled upon to refute Vnse false
Recusation It says the populist
leaders are si tempting to steal a lis
iiiet judgeship This statement is in
keeping with most statements made
by thci i sheet The only place uhrte
Judge Bartow claims fraua is in
Dawse county and with the canvassing
board and we ate pleased to imfonm
the Republican editor that the county
clerk in that county who is by law
authorized t appoint two men -to as
sist him make the otlicial canvass is
a republican and the men selected by
him are a democrat and populist
If their was any stealing done the re
publican clerk certainly had a hand in
it In regard to the six Bartow votes
is near home and is truh the most
flimsy arguement we ever heard pre
sented This nut a populist precinct
and the republicans were represented
on the election board did the republi
can judge allow Bartow to be defraud
ed out of votes that rightfully belong
ed to him this is a likely story and
must be a last resort And the Re
publican attempts to misleat its read
ers b saying that the populists are
attempting to steat a judgeship As
to the disgraceful words in regard to
Judge Westover we have only to call
the attention of our readers to the low
down dishonorable work which this
contemptable sheet resorted to two
years ago when the present county
superintendent was elected and before
she went into office and was given a
chance she has since proven to be
the best official ever elected to that
position in our county and her work
was approved by the voters in the re
election by a large majority We pre
dict that the same will be the ease with
Judge Westover It is characteristic
of this man Barker to insult through
through his paper every populist of
ficial elected TJe refers to the record
of the populist party being such that
it drives honest conscientious men
from our ranks Talk is cheap 1
ever before And had not over oie
hundred popuhat voters moved out of
this county the republican party
would have been snowed under by a
good majority which that party cer
tainly merited upon its record for the
cold black crime of dishonesty in or
Latter The Supreme Court has
granted the writ of mandamus applied
for by Judge Bartow and the returns
of Dawse county recanvassed with ihe
same result as before which elects
Westover by 11 votes -over Bartow and
he now holds the certificate of election
During the camnaign in Ohio this
we will rind plenty of work at good
wages which is all the American peo
ple ask for Corn wheat oats and
labor should raise instantly if the re
publican confidence plea is correct
The fact is this talk of confidence in
the republican part is made to de
ceive voters and they accomplished
the purpose to their hearts content
Can men be hood winked in this mat
ter for ever Will they never learn to
do their own thinking
It is very encouraging fact to know
that the populist party has shown a
large increase of votes in every stale
aud territory of the union especially
in the eqstern states where the party
has had no effective organization for
over a year or two In many states
the vote has more than doubled
while in some states the
multiplied by five six and eveu ten on i
our former vote If this looks like Ga
dying the populist party is a veryiive
ly and vigorous corpse If the party
declines in the next year as it has
done in the past we will knock both
old parties crazy in 1896 Falls City
On Friday of last week Eugene V
m Debs the great railroad labor leader
have made the cimrge now point outi whl has beeu coniIied in jail the past
a tew instances in the rpcord of the I alx months was released The im
popunst party tht is not becoming of i pnsnnmeut of this man is a crime
a part of honest intelligent tha will cast a black shadow upon the
When we reter to republican Uuited Slates aud its people down to
tion we onlv have to point to the court tne end of M ilm he constitution
house steals in this and other counties uf tlls renublic irrants to even man
I ----- k u t
Populists area party of reform aud c1irgei Wltu crime a fair trial by a
the party record will sustain this in jury ooaipostd f citizens Tni gru d
every instance iiore populist vjtes m UUj tj10 noblest friend American
- ij t 4 u -
were yoneci ac tne late dieutiuu iu jabor ever had was denied this
ilege and was sentenced to jail by a
corrupt corporation Judge At this
i office can be bad a few copies of the
Coming Nation a great national paper
containing the opinions of some of
Americas greatest men upon this un
just imprisonment
Turn the Mascals Out
Did anybody times to be
good when niouey was scarce or times
to be bad when money was plenty If
that be so what right have the people
to let a few rascally gold gamblers
make money scarce when the govern
ment which belongs to the people has
year Gov McKinley said in his I the power to make it pleuty and it is
speeches throughout the state that
the prosperity that would flow t all
people by an endorsement of the re
publican ticket iu Ohio would be felt
from one end of the country to the
other How abouc it Did this great
man lie The very next day after
election the men employed in the
npnhflr TTamndon Watch Co estab
lishment of Canton Ohio were notifi
ed that their wages would be cut 25
per cent and employment given only
three days in a week This is a sam
ple of the prosperity brought by re
publican success The victory of no
political party can bring prosperity to
the people of this land until through
legislation the national crimes accom
plished through bribery aud corruption
have been righted When this ia done
vit matters not what political party is
in power a general wave of prosperity
is sure to follow and this nation will
be populated by a happy and content
ed people This plea of confidencc in
the republican party is thin bosh
the coustitutianal duty of the govern
ment ot the United States to issue
money enough to keep times goods
If it ithe duty of the government to
issue enough money to keep general
prices stable and times good and the
worse than
political wrong dtfers to office because
they are less criminal than their ad
versaries is a libel on the people of the
United States because it assumes that
the people are so wicked that none
bur wrong doers caii be found to ad
minister the fiovernment when the
tact is the great unorganized masrof
the people are holiest it is rasc ility
winch is organized It is the duty jef
the people to raise in their might and
put down organized rascality It can
be easilj found because it is conenn
t rated in an army of gold gamblers
which own the republican and demo
cratic parties This is a great advan
tage in the fight for the rights of the
The Farm Record of Indianapolis
Ind is a bright hustling wide awake
sixteen page monthly journal publish
ed at 50 cents a year by C Vincent
formerly with the Noucomformist in
Kansas and it is thoroughly alive to
the needs of the farmers and full of
sensible and business like suggestions
as to how the most can be made from
farm life Most farm papers from the
East have little in common with our
western and southern people and
knowing but little of our surroundings
they do not reach the point of making
I tIiamculrac 1 rr iistioncn a fr fliA
vote nasr100 u
er This is not the case with tna
west and spent last summer
here and is fully acquainted with the
peculiar position of the western and
southern farmer He is also familiar
in a general way with the needs of
this class in all parts of the country
having personally visited every agri
cultural state in the union But he
is now engaged in making a fight for
the farmer that should endear him to
every farm home The grain ring has
had iu operation a system of weighing
which has docked a very large portion
oi your grain for years past Mr Vin
cent has probed that ulcer and found
a cure for it lie has arranged with a
Chicngo firm to handle the farmers
grain without any dockage and all
grain will be weighed understate sup
ervision US Knipe of Arlington
gee your unrismiiis gut
party in power wout let the govern- Awarded
ment do its duty why do the people Highest Honors Worlds Fair
vote to keep tnat party in power or
put another party in power which has
been legislating in favor of hard times
If a farmer has a superintendent on
his farm that destroyed his crops he
would discharge him and wouldnt
employ him again but the people
have tried the democratic and republi
can superintendents- of governmental
affairs alternately for a good rauny
years and each time the superintend
nt makes times harder than his pre
decessor and each time the superinten
dent that was kicked out for his mal
practice in the last election goes be
Iwfi 8Sr 111 Ki Sfii wltft
fore til people and asks them tc try pUre Grape Cream of Tartar Powder Free
him again because the superintendent from Ammonia Alum or any otner adulterant
they have is worse than he was Will I 4 YEARS THE STANDARD
V V J 0 m
Parties having final proof notices In
these columns will receive a marked
copy of the Independent containing
first insertion of same It is the duty
of each claimant to examine their
notice carefully and should there be
any error the fact should be reported
to the land office and to this office at
once for correction
Land Oflice at Valentine Neb
Oct 25th 1S93
Notico is hereby given that the following
named settler has lih d notice of his intention to
make linal proof in support of his claim and
said proof will he made before Register and Re
ceiver at Valentine Nebraska on Dec 6th
1815 viz
Franklin T Brackett of Crookston
Neb HE No S505 for the se4 Sec 7 Tp 33 K 30
He names the following witnesses to prove her
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said laud viz
William Watson Herman Wfilsflocrr William
A Wilson aiui James G Wilson all if
ton Net
C H GLOVER Register
Land Ottice at Valentine Nebr I
October Otli 1895 f
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of
jwni mi inuu nubiuu wi his Intention to
nu i i i t i
piupie me L umniiu nnssu uc make final proof in support of his claim and
covered before he can be caught and
punished The two old parties have
twenty years and all the boodle which
remains on this side of the Atlantic is
in sight and the boodlers are known
They must be captured and brought to
justice Silver Knight
that said proof will made before Register
and Receiver at Valentine Nebi on Dec
VAh iRir
TCatriHn W Cnrtfvnr
been caught in the criminal business of Cody Neb who made TC Ealry No 7439 for
2 and s fc neh secsTp 31 R 33
of making hard times for the last p
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence on and cultivation of
said andk
John Bishop Edward S Weed Wallace E
Nehon Edwin It oat ail of Cody Neb also
Edward S Weed
of Cody Neb who made TC luitrvXo74G3 far
lots 3 4 and SE 4 KV jt Sec 30 Tp 32 it 35
He names tlw following witnesses to provo his
Itiiiiiiiuuuh resilience upon ana cultivation ot
said land viz
Nathan W Conover John Bishop Wallace E
Nelson Edwin R West all of Cody Neb also
John Bishou
of Cody Neb who made TC Em ry No 74t for
iota i aim sk j4 a w a w h SK a Hec 3t
Tp 32 R 3o W
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land viz
Natnan W Conover Edward S Weed Wallace
K kelson Edwin It West oil of Codv Neb
C R GLOVKH Register
Land Oflice at v alentine Nebr I
November Gth 1895 f
Kotice is hereby given tlnttthe following nam
od settler lias filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made before Jiegister and
Kejeiver at Valentine Nebr on Dec lGth
Frederick Silberhorn of Kilgore Neb
HE No 0300 for the hoi swH sec is neU nwi
and nwfci ne4 Sec 10 Tp 3 i 1131
He names the following witnesses to prove his
SSiii SI3 resdence uponand cultivation of
suu land viz
Frank Hoffman of KilROxgNeb Henrv J
Kiltrore of Johnstown ttuTitZZIiSLJt
i i Cvl rv rt t r rilvV aWa
m rtecprdor ggtt
S U acting under me uirecuoua oi
the Farm Liecord sent a carload of
w heat to that market and saved a
bushel This is only one of hundreds
You can save money too on any
grain you may have to sell this winter
and if you have not a carload several
can club together Hfru need the
Farm Record to give you full directions
and we will send that paper one year
frftp to everv subscriber that sends or
pays us a dollar on subscription either
old or new during the next few weeks
This is the most valuable gift that we
can give you for it will put you in
the way to save on your crop money
that has been going to the grain ring
Yon cannot afford to miss a single
copy and you should act quickly and
avail yourselves of this unparalleled
offer before it is withdrawn It is too
U S Land Office at Valentine eb
November 12th 1805
Notice is hereby given that the following
named bottler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support ot his claim and
that said proof will he made before the Itejrstor
and Receiver at Valentine Neb on JJeciiOth
1895 viz
Marion O Metzger of Pullman Neb
HE No 0034 for the seM sr Sec 20 and swjj
swi Sec 21 and nek nel t Sec 29 nvrh mvk Sec
Sse 23 Tp 20 R 35
He names the following witnesses to prove his
cviitiimos residence upon aud cultivation of
uiiiion pninilin piiristinn Nelson John Car
penter and linos Doty all of Pullman Neb Also
Enos Doty of Pullman Neb
HE No 9033 for lots 2 and 3 scM nwk and sw
U nei Sec 7 Tp 20 11 35 W
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land viz
William Pullman Christian Nelson John Car
penter and Marion Metger all of Pullman Neb
C It GLOVER Register
U S Land office Valentine elraslca t
November 14th 1803 5
Complaint having been made at this office by
James N Steadman against John Pardson for
failure to complj with law as to Timber Culture
entry No M3 dated June 3 1890 upon the Sy2
SIi4 and vSi SWM Hec 13 Twp 29 11 32 in Sherry
county Nebraska with a view to the cancella
tion of said entry contestant aliening that John
iardson lias failed to break or cause to be
broken ten acres of said tract and lias failed to
nianinr cause to be nlanted ten acres in trees
seeds or cuttings and has failed to cultivate or
cause to he cultivated any part of said tract in
the last four year of entry and that the land
now broken on said tract is grown up in grass
and weeds and thers are now no living trees on
s id tract at this date aud claimant ha3 wholly
abandoned said tract and has failed to euro his
Iaahes to this date the said parties aro hereby
summoned to appear at this oflice on the L3rd
day of December 1S93 at 10 oclock a m to re
spond and furnish testimony concerning said
illPLd failure
CE GLOVER Keglster
Wlieriir Suie
BY VIRTUE of an order of sale issued by the
Clerk of the District Court of Cherry county
Nebraska on a decree of foreclosure wherein
Alfreda E Walker Is plaintiir and against
Eleen A ArliH Clarjf J2 Nebraska
Mortgage and Investment Compauy and C C
Collins Receiver I will sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cabh at tne front door of the
court hoube in the village of Valentine in
Cherry county Nebraska that being the build
ing wnerein rne last term os uie uisinct uoun
in and for said oounty was held on the
frond to last inns Gome aloner and thirtieth f30l dav of December 1893 at ten
oclock a in the following describe lands
and tenements to satisty the and
costs in said action judgement for the sura of
foiu hundred fifty eight dollars and fifty cents
S45830 and costs taxed at twenty nine dollars
and fifty cents 2950 and accruing costs
to wit the north hall of the north west quarter
NWJi section twenty five 25 aud the
north half of the north east quarter N2 NE
session twenty six 26 township 30 range 2G in
Cherry county Nebraska
Dated this 27th day of Nov 1895
C C PARKER Sheriff
Kick and Tucker Plft Att s
This is the Standard Military Encyclopedia of tho
wurld and the oalyvork ot its kind in the English
lanrnase It has tho endorsement of the War
TJepurtmentand the leading military commanders
of America and Europe It is Issued in three large
octavo volumes ot about 10CO prges each printed
on flno paper from new electiotype plates pro
fusely illustrated and handsomely bound It is a
complete library of military information both for
military nnd non military people Every library
should have it Circulars sent on application
Good agents wanted
All the leading up-to-date military and naval
books Price list rornished on application
11 621 Broadway New York City
Oxe populist state senator was
elected in Ohic and the populist vote
more than doubled This is very good
considering that it is right in the re
publican battle ground
Do you welcome your tax collector
When ou SHe him you tmile dont
you Why not Cant you pay your
taxes You would b better pleased
if vour taxes were less wouldnt vou
Wll thn just vote with the popu
lists anq save taxes by cutting down
to rPiSorable ind just sums all public
oiljeial The big salaried fel
lows think thev have got you bv the
leg They can afford to drink line
whiskies and smoke Havana cigars
but you cannot Cut their salaries
down They will be better men and
vou will have
tuckv Pooulist
more monev Ken-
WiaJJu m iimArrmrmKzimi
If the republican promises made
is Boiling Springs precinct which he j oeTore eiectIOU are to oe mimied we
charges were thrown out and contends cm exPect great waves of prosperity
that the noDiiiists are at fault This j to delSe this country and in short
tiie time ever come when some politi
cal party will have some other reason
for asking the people to give it power
than the fact thaits opponent has
done it did To elect
NO 41
EverythingIjewFreshand First class
A Complete Line of Groceries and Con-
fectionery always on hand Fruits in season
Headquarters for Farmers
And prepared to welcome ail old and new customers with t
GREATEST BARGAINS ever offered in Valentine
Just price our goods to be convinced
A large and carefully selected stock of Plain
and Fancy G rocedes Sugar Canned
Goods Dried Fruit Tea and Ooifee
i iii i ijr sa
86 OW MfJ
Valentine Nebraska
I 9 19 0 1 1 a
acmwjum ili ruiaKJUMauaMi
Valentine Nebraska
A General Emitting Business Transacted
Bays and Sells Domestic and Foreign
Correspondents Chemical National Bank New YorK uirst National Bank Omaa
Fish G ame Tender Steafes
Jucy Roasts Dry Salt Msas
and the fin est line of SmGsfi
Hams and Breaklast Bsodb
1 ever sold in town
At StettersOia Stand on Hain Street
Jr Sl
Oi tlxi Chokes Brnjs

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