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I i Ij 1
i I IT
GOOD Editor and Publisher
-Official Paper of Cherry Coun
ty Kebraslca
XOO JPer eer inKA7 nance
Stae Csiventi3
The state conventon r he dcmo raic pnrty
of Nebmsln i herevy iid at LiiKoi
April ii at the lirur of 4 oVn k j in lr
the purpose ol mVi nr li c ir s and i al
ternates to atendr1u national con
vention H be In4 l m chifico on the Tth lav of
Jiilv lJiJ Tin aMvirUonmpnr of dczi s
J rum each countv Iii mI on ihevo for th Hon
T lrMalioiifV cvn U lor jn lj of tin su
lrimi emit at the hisrnva t on and n
cludhig dilc iales at large from each comity i
as follow
Adam r 8
Antelope 4
35ox Butte
Coilax 7
Cuming tt
Custer C
3ae ri
Dawson 4
Diruly - i
Fillmore f
Furnas r
Oarlield 2
Gosji T 2
Grant 2
Civelev S
Hall 8
Hamilton 4
Harlan 4
Hayes 4
Hitchcock t
Hooker 2
Ke a 1aha
Joup 2
Mellierson z
Tlernck r
Nance - 2
Nemaha n
Nuckolls r
otoc 2
3awnee 4
Perkins 2
Jie ee 7
Ifed Willow
ltfcimidbon 13
Saline K
Sarpy 7
Saunders 4
Seotti lluff 2
Seward 7
Sheridan 5
Sioux 51
Stallion 7
Thaver v S
Thomas 2
Valley 3
Washington 10
Wavne 8
Webster fi
Wheeler 2
York 3
Howard 5
Jeflerson T Totals 023
The democratic state central committee
Oamks 15 Shkkvn Euoui Maktix
Secretary Cluurman
A delegate convention of the Democrats of the
state of Nebraska is called to meet in Xincoln
on Wednesday April 22 1S9G at 2 p m for the
purpose of selecting sixteen delegatesto the na
tional Democratic convention which meets in
-Chicago on the 7th day of July 180 and for the
transaction of suh other business as jnay prop
The Democrats of Hock county have
elected delegates to the state conven
tion which is held the 2 th
The greatest menace to Democratic
success is not found in the republican
party but in Democratic dissensions
Chairman Holt of Brown county
has called the Democrat convention to
meet in Ainsworth Saturday the 18th
to elect four delegates to attend the
State Democratic Contention to be held
at Lincoln on April 29th
The completion of a 10000 ton
job of steel rails for Japan by the Ed
gar Thompson Steel Works of Pitts
burg is says a large eastern paper
an event of extraordinary character
in the industrial development of this
country It shows that we are at last
able to compete with England in the
markets of the Orient And all this
happens during a Democratic adminis
The birthday of Thomas Jefferson
was fittingly observed in many of the
larger cities Mondaj One hundred
and fifty three years hare passed since
the father of Democracy was born
and no name on the American roll of
honor shines more brightly than that
of Thomas Jefferson no man deserves
more honor than he no party has a
- sounder basis than that given to
ocracy by him
Some men allow hero worship to
take possession of their souls without
fully realizing the fact or knowing the
true worth or title of their hero To
illustrate At a recent public gather-
ing we listened to a fine eulogy on
General McKinlev and heard Ma-
jor Manderson highly praised The
titles had to be used some way or other
and as general implies greater honor
i than major that titleTTOasy given to
Thr imaginative faculties of the
calamity howlers are beginning teffiag
as is shown by the absurd story that
England is importing large numbers of
sheep with the view of competing with
Australia Argentina Texas Ohio
California ilontanaand New Mexico
for the control of the American wool
market In proof of- this story they
say that the British imported last year
10G5 470 sheep of which 308094 were
sent from Argentina alone But they
fail to state that these sheep were in
tended principally for consumption or i
that last year the United States ex
ported 500171 head of which number
414914 were shipped to Great Britain
or that these sheep were sold for over
7 a head invoice price m this market
That is quite a contrast to the price at
whiclvthey wort sold in Detroit about
two years ago 1 per head In ad
dition to this last year the United
States exported nearly 6000000
pounds of wool While American
sheep and wool can freely enter -England
and other European countries it
is essential that there should be no
restoration of the barbarous duties of
the McKinlev tariff
erly come before it All demoeratia citizens of and nurses under the rules of the
U1C SUlie wiuiouL respect iu jkisl jiumicu wau
ciations or differences are invited to unite in
sending delegates to this convention Cherry
and neighboring counties are entitled to -dele-sates
as follows
Boyd 5 3Tolt 10
Brown 2 KeyaJaha 1
Cierr 2
TJawes 7 Sheridan v- w 7
Lee JXeiuma Secy O J Snrru Ohm
Democratic Mass Convention
The Democratic voters of Cherry
county will meet in mass convention
on Saturday April 18th at 2 o1clock
p m for the purpose of electing dele
gates to state convention and to tran
sact such other business as may prop
erly come before it
M Christeksex
Chmn Co Cent Com
The Democratic party has always
been active in the matterof civil ser
vice reform and now another lot of
government situations have been put
under civil service rules Mr J A
Carroll the efficient issue clerk at this
place recently received notice that all
clerks assistant clerks property and
issue clerks store keepers and other
clerical positions at Indian agencies
have been placed in the classified ser
vice and that those now holding the
positions named will net be removed
by the department except for cause
Another order places supervisors of
Indian schools day school inspectors
assistant teachers industrial teachers
assistant matrons
civil service law No appointments to
the above named positions will be
made unless the applicant has passed
a satisfactory examination except the
applicant be an Indian in which case
he may be appointed - without exam
ftarch 4th a iaw affecting timber
rculture entries was approved by the
President The law is in substance as
Be it Enacted That timber
culture claimants shall not be required
in making final proof to appear at the
land office to which proof is to be pre
sented or beforean officer with
in the county in which the land is sit
uated but such claimant may have
his or her personal evidence taken by
a United States Court Commissioner
or Glerk of any court of record
The law is in our judgment a good
one and will save non resident holders
of timber culture entries many hund
reds of dollars The testimony of the
witnesses will be taken in the same
manner as formerly but the testimony
of the claimant may be taken before
any of the officers named wherever he
may happen to be The land office
officials here are to -be congratulated
on formulating and securing the pas-sage-Of
the law
The leaders of political parties and
menholding public office should at all
times be prepared to take a decisive
standon one side or 4he other of all
public questions When a proposition
is new there is some excuse for hesi
tancy but when they are approached
on the subject of finance we like to
hear straightforward answers like the
following giveriby Chairman Harrity
of the national Democratic committee
1 am in favor of sound money and
opposed to the free unlimited and in
dependent coinage of silver as pro
posed by the tree silver people Furthermore-
I believe that those whotfa
vor sDundmoney will constitute a ma
jority of the next Democratic national
convention Compare that answer
-with the replies of numerous states
men and leaders whose names we
will in charity withold
The republican leaders find it diffi
cult to geta good runningmate for
McKinlev This difficulty arises from
the fact that they want a first class
i marifor second place when they have
alhird class man for first place If
McRihleyis nominated they will find
iit no small task to put a tail on their
iiticketthafc is npt larger Sban the head
The Cherry County Independent has
been purchased by Bobert Good who
has changed the name of the paper to
The Valentine Democuat making
itihe only paper of any kind in that
town which js the -county seat The
first isue of the paper reached our ta
ble this morning and is bright and
newsy If there is anything in a name
Mr Good should continue the publica
tion of as good a paper as the one just
received WymoreDaily Arbor State
And they say there is nothing in a
name We know from experience that
there is We thank the Arbor State
for its kind words but cant help ob
serving that Dodd must have been
looking at the Moon when he said ours
is the only paper here We wouldnt
say such a harsh thing ot our contem
The Democratic county convention
which meets here Saturday should se
lect good sound honest men to attend
the state convention men who will
represent the county and act according
to the will of the people as expressed
at the cohventiou regardless of which
wing of the party is recognized The j
V pIl iS 3 JB cffi -Aw M JBL t -
FnIIiNhil Tor Vtiv Years a
J jmJCPcna lf
finl proof notices
U k Land Office Valentine Nebr I y
i March th lW 1
Notice hereby given that the followifig
nnmed settler has tiled notice oMii5 intention
toiimke llnal proof in support of his claiir and
that said proot will be made before RcglstfT and1
iieceiver fit Valentine Nebraska ojjfeiy 3th
npbert L Quisenbery of OasSfTebr
5 E Nd sum for the eise1 mvseif sec 1
tpiJ K 2p and lot 7 sec ii tp 21V01 28
lie names the following witnesssfto provel
HIS couunuuu resilience ttjiun uiuivutu viiuuu
of said land viz lzr r
Mimsm Jhitler WilJiamL Cftiffiigflesr7Li
Howard and Aiicnjiiu Harris an oyaogSAIJnsi
Also i MSrS
Munson Butler of Oasi8fjf
II E No 804 for lots 2 s 4 and pJficffi f p
20 F 23 and lot 1 sec l tp 2it FS2r ft -
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land Viz
Kolicrt L Quisenbery William T Cohee
Charles R noward and Micajah Harris all of
OaIs Nebr C 11 GLOVER Register
TJ S Tij OrriCE Valentine bi
April 4 lrf9 f
Nqtice is hereby given that George Dew of
Wfibd Lake Xebraskahas filed notice of In in
tention to make llnal proof before Register and
3tebeIveratffceirofiice in Valentine Nebraska
on1 Mondav the I8II1 day of RIiyl89B ontimber
culture application No Tor the cl2seh
swJbuH and sene1 of section No 28 in town
ship No 29 range No 20
He names us witnesses Ely D Valentine
fTenry L Fischer John Dale and Cyrus 3iagen
ail -of Wood Lake Nebraska
Apr 0 C 11 GLOVER Register
U S Land Office at Valentine Neb
Apiii Wth 1S9G f
Notice is hereby given that Sophia 1 Jones
has filed notice of intention to make final proof
convention should not act hastily let jheiore the Register and Receiver at their office
i in Valentine Neb on the oth dav of June 1S9U
the voters Who compose the body on timber cultuie applicatio No 7G49 lor the
maturely consider the questions of vi
tal interest to the party which will
come before it and not confine its res
olutions to the endorsement of candi
dates for office The selection of can
didates is of secondary importance to
the enunciation of principles and the
establishment of a sound Democratic
platform At this convention steps
should also be taken to perfect our
county organization and get in shape
for hard earnest work during the
coming campaign With a long and
strong pull all together we will become
more than a mere factor in Cherry
county politics
Tinele am is eiierons
Up to date 175 Indians from the
Rosebud Agency have received their
allotments of wagons etc from the
depot here Each Indian receives a
wagon complete with top box bows
and cover set of harness harrow hoe
axe and pitchfork A team of mares
one with foal two cows one with calf
by her side arid 50 Jn cash will com
plete the government gift to those In
dians who have taken land in severalty
and will give them a good start on
their farms The outcome of this ex
periment is difficult to determine but
we hope twill prove successful
General Teachers Association
The General Teachers Association
will be held in Valentine May 2 1896
This meeting isa union of the three
division associations inthe county and
closes the work of the year Every
subject presented will be of practical
benefit to each person present We
hope that every earnest teacher will
avail himself of this privilege As in
the past efforts will be made to lessen
the expenses of those who come from
a distance Members of school boards
and all persons interested in educa
tional work are cordially invited
Work begins promptly at 10 a m and
icloses in the evening with a lecture
by State Superintendent H R Cor
bett Program
fell Hbl w
Correlation of Lower Grade Studies
Miss Etta Brown
Cube itoot Mr J W Strong
Discussion Miss Nina Longcor
Objects and Methods of Punishment
Mr U G Stevenson
Discussion Mrs Kate Thorn
Reviews and How to Conduct Them
Miss VanBuskirk
Discussion MissTsis Lincoln
Comparison of the Theories of Froebel and
Herbort Mr C V Thorn
Old and New Education Mr C H Doty
History Aside From
Mrs Irwin
Discussion Mrs llorence Austin
The Practicability of Child Study
iirs Lizzie Crawford
The Influence of the School Board Upon
the School Mr J R Fee
Discussion Mrs Kittle Crowe
Yi What Rvt nnt ia H Prjiptinjihlfttn
tute the Teacher for the Text book
Mr J C Ballard
Discussion 4 Mr C S Reed
What Should the Public School Accom
plish Prof U O Anderson
Prof U O Anderson
Lillian U Stoner
Program Committee
PS j
Charles Wellfokd
Charles Cook
Miss Clara Sadler is a new scholar
in the Eleventh Grade
The General History class is review
ing Greece this week Word analysis
comes next
The books purchased by the school
arrived last week They are a fine se
Mr Gordon and Miss John son were
pleasant visitors this week
The girls in the Botany Class have
found some very fine flowers to an
The debate whiGh was announced
for last week and did not come off may
be expected next Friday
nisiie1 tmnw1 of section No 22 in township
No 33 N range No 29 W
She names as witnesses Abram Johnson
John AAdamson Frank G Reese and Alex
ander Mosher all of Valentine Nebraska
C R GLOVER Register
U S La d Office Valentine Neb
t April 15th 18 t
Notice is hereby given that Crowell L Wem
ple of Table Rock Nebraska has filed notice ot
intention to make final proot before the Register
ami Receiver at their office in Valentine Nebr
on Wednesday the 27th day of May 189G on tim
ber culture application No 7853 for the ne1 of
Seetibn No 20 in township No 28 N Range
No 30 W
He names as witnesses Stuart Tait of Brown
Ice Neb William teadman itobert M Faddis
and Charles H Tait of Jass Nebr
C R GLOVER Register
U S Land Office Broken Bow Neb i
March -Mil 1890
Complaint having been entered at this office
bv Hiram R Edgar against Charles Rice for
niandoninc hi Homestead Entry No S805 dated
Oct 30 1889 upon the e neM Sec 5 To 20 n Range
27 w and s1 selj -Sec 32 Tp 27 n R 27 w
in Cherry county Neb with a view to the can
cellation of said entry the said parties areheie
by summoned to appear at the office ot John
Fritz a notary public at Brow nice Neb on the
2nd day of May 1890 at 10 oclock a m to
respond and furnish testimony concerning said
alleged abandonment Finaf hearing at this
office on the 9th day of May 189G at m a in
V Omaha Neb March 20 J85MJ Sealed
proposals In tripieate will be received here
UU 12 oclock m central btandatd time
ApriK lKUfi and then onened for luniisliing
transportation diavaieond for hsmdiini sioies
in Depairinenl of the tlatte dining fiscal vear
cammeiiciiir Jnlv 1 IPw TT s reserves leriir
l to reject or accept any or all proposals or any
pari tnereoi lmormation uiruisiicd oiianiui
caoion Ku elopes containing proposals o be
marked Pioposals for transportation on Route
No aim udiliessed to D D WHEELER
Major Q m
First publication March 20
ton - Headquarteis Department of the
llatte Ollice Chiof Commissary of Subsistence
Omaha Neb April 15 1S9G Sealed proposals
in triplicate accompanied by written guarantee
bonds in duplicate will be received at this of
fice until it oclock a in central standard
time May 13 1896 at which time and place they
will be opened in presence of bidders for fur
nishing such quantities of fresh beef and mutton
for issues as may be requiredj by the Subsis
tence Department U S Army at Omaha Ne
braska Forts Crook Omaha Robinson and Ni
obrara Nebraska and Forts D A Russell and
Washakie and Camp Pilot Butte Wyoming
and Fort Meade S D during the period com
mencing July 11890 and ending December si
1S9G Iroposals will also be received until 10
oclock a m mountain standard time and opened
at the posts of Forts Niobrara Robinson D A
Russell Washakie Meade and Camp Pilot
Butte bv the respective post commissaries of
such posts eacli commissary receiving pro
posals for his owu post only Proposals ivill
alio 16 received stating Vie price at which the
bidder will deliver fresh heef or mutton of the
character stated in the specification and to oe J
aeuverca of temperature not greater than 50
degrees Fahrenheit Blank proposals and guar
antees and circular of instructions to bidders
giving full information as to the quality of the
beef and mutton required manner of bidding
conditions to be observed by bidders and terms
of contract and payment will be furnished on
application to this ollice or to tho Commissary
of any po3t authorized to open proposals The
government reserves the right to reject any or
all proposals or any part of any proposal En
velopes containing proposals should be marked
Proposals for Fresh Beef etc and addressed
to the Chief C S Dent of the Platte Omaha
Nebr or to the respective Post Commissaries
authorized to receive proposals as stated above
FRANK E NYE Captain and C S U S A
Chief Commissary of Subsistence
Notice to Non resitlent Defendant
Levi Y Anderson will take notice that on the
14th day of March 1896 John Dunn a justice of
the peace of Valentine precinct Cherry county
Nebraska issued an order of attachment for
the sum of 7500 in an action now pending be
fore him wherein E McDonald is plaintiff and
3cvi Y Anderson is defendant that the prop
erty of the defendant consisting of 2 red and
white cows about 8 years old has been attached
under said order Said cause was continued to
the llth day of May 189C at 10 oclock a m
E McDONAID Plaintiff
North Western Line is to best
to and from the
Wanted fin Idea
Who can think
of Eome simple
thing to patent
Protect your Ideas they may brine you wealth
neys Washington D C for their 1800 prlzo offer
and list of two hundred inventions wanted
gaXvlgaraifjciA3ffrBljl mmri Joif Jiam
5i3Bffis hP1
t u m
wmvrn mmmtz
teSfiav s aEBM
NO 12
lB P
IBM iUli Z7 mM
with the
Newest Finest and Most Gom
plete line of A
In this City
Also Provisions and Vegetables
in season -
i i I
T- fe At k J LLjT iiVM
Lec us give
TTM1 -
yuu ct voonfter f
Dry Goods Clothing
Motions Boots Shoes
Hats Caps and Furnishing GooSsw
Also a large invoice of
TLJC I fit pern
valentine Nebrrm
Is a1
C H CORN ELL President 31 V NICHOJjSGkraHer
Valentine Nebraska
A General JBanTHkitj Business Transacted
Buys ind Sells Domestic and Foreign Eoccliazz
Correspondents Chemical National Bank New York rlrst National Banfc32Sfce
At Stetters Old Staiid -on Main Street
Fish Game Tender Stesfe
Jncy Roasts Dry -Salt Mssfe
andlthe finest line of SmeisslL
Hams and Breakiast Bmmsi
ever sold in town
Ot the Choicest Brands

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