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EOEEET GOOD Editor and Publisher
Official JPapei of Cherry Coun
ty Nebraska
llQO JPer Year in Advance
State Convention
une state convention of the democratic party
of Nebraslcu is hereby called to meet at Lincoln
April 2ir 180C at the hour of 4 oclock p m far
the purpose ol selecting 10 delegates and 16 al
ternates to attend the dcmucrua national
to he held in Chicago oh the 7th aay of
July is The apportionment of delegates
from eachcouuty based on the vote for theulon
T J Mahonev candidate for judge of tiie su
preme court at the last general election and in
cluding 2 delegates at large fromeach eouuty is
as follows
Adams 8 Johnson C
Antelope 4 Kearney - 4
Banner 2 Keith 2
Blaine 2 KeyaPiha 3
Boone 4 KinibiH 2
Box Butte 5 Knox 5
Boyd - 4 Lancaster 18
Brown 4 Lincoln 7
Buffalo 5 Loiran 3
Burt 5 Loup 2
Butler 11 Madison 3
ass 11 McPhersou 2
Cedar 8 Memck 5
Chase 2 Nance 2
Cherry 5 Nemaha fi
Cheyenne 4 Nuckolls 5
Clav 5 Otoe 23
Colfax 7 Pawnee 4
Cuming 14 Perkins 2
Cutter jLneips 3
Dakota 9 Pierce 7
Dawes 5 Platte 10
Dawson 4 Polk 3
Deuel 3 Bed Willow 3
Dixon 8 Richardson -13
Dodge - 14 Bock 3
Douglas U01 Saline 13
Dundy 2 Sarpy 7
Fillmore 5 Saunders 4
Franklin 5 Scotts Bluff 2
Frontier 3 Seward 7
Furnas 5 Sheridan 5
Gage -29 Sherman 3
Garlield - 2 Sioux 3
Gosper 2 Stanton 7
rant 2 Thayer 8
Greeley 5 Thomas 2
JIall 8 Thurston 9
Hamilton 4 Valley 3
Harlan 4 Washington 10
Hayes 4 Wayne 8
Hitchcock 3 Webster 6
Holt C Wheeler 2
Hooker 2 York 5
Howard 5
Jeffeison 7 Totals v 623
The democratic state central committeo
Secretary Chairman
Cherry county Democrats are all
The Democrats of Boyd county
elected a delegation to attend the
state convention April 29th
district hav nominated amiaiLjnaHied
Tongue for- Congress He and Mr
Loud of California would make a
good teasl but it is doubtful if either
of them will ever obtain a reputation
as great as that of our own Allen
Yesterday was Arbor Day and--Sec
rotary J Sterling Mortons birthday
The free silver Democratic convention
was al30 held yesterday which seems
to us to have been a rather doubtful
compliment to Nebraska famous soa
when we consider his views on finance
The latest machine gun will fire
26U000 shots an hour is smokless and
noiseless The power isgenerated by
two men working a crack and the
inventor refuses to -make public the
mysterious power he uses to force
the projectiles from the gun A fewj
more inventions like this will make
waT almost if not altogether -impossible
When Mr Clarkson admits that
the hope of the republican party is in
carrying New York and adds it is
easy enough to get a candidate who
can do that he puts his partys
chances on a shaky foundation If
the Democrats act with wisdom at
the Chicago convention no republican
who is acceptable to the west1 will be
able to carry New York
The Sioux City Tribune comments
on the fact that our exports- iof mam
factured products are larger now than
1 they have been at any time in1 the his-
tory of the country In spite of the
admitted industrial depression the ag
gregate for January and February was
nearly 36000000 and if the rate e
maintained up to next January they
promise to reach the enormous aggre
gate of 216000000 The highest
c record made under the McKiBley tariff
was 184000000 Last year the
gregate was 1200000000 The New
York Herald a conservative J
ent journal says The scarred -but
- starry flag of tariff reform surviving
- the BtorHi of its many battles will float
proudly in the coming campaign Ht
will announce that by the victory it
- achieved in 1892 the burden of taxa
tion for the benefit of tthe few protect-
ed1 monopolies has beem reduced and
free wool and cheaper and better
clothing secured tofkexnjllions
goring Americans
- V
lWe believe in giving everyone his
due regardless of con dieting opinion
but the Omaha World Herald evident
ly does not The f611owing dispatch
appeared in the Sunday issue of that
Spocial Dispatch to the World Herald
Valentine Keb April 18 Cherry comitys
delegatesto attend the bolters convention at
Lincoln April 29 are A E Thatcher R Faddis
William Ballard James Childers John Adam
This is a sample of Che way the sil
ver monometallists are conducting
their campaign of misrepresentation
A dislnTeresteST person reading the
above would naturally suppose two
According toa circular issued in the
east the coal mine owners are deter
mined to restrict production this year
thus enabling them to advance prices
as the season progresses IPerhaps the
anti trust law can be brought tobear
upon this new form of oppression j
As goon as the glass trust has turned
its employes on the street so as to re
duce production and increase prices
the McKinley organs will points to the
idle men as an -argument against the
Wilson bill
The Cherry County Independent has1 been
superceded3y the VALKinatNE DKMOCRAT and
the changers for the better Robert Good is the
new editor If there is anything In a name he
ought to getout aiattling Good paper Gordon
There it goes again Our name
seems to bother our contemporie3
SithlnkaLyonaflking -of baastsJ
should be more dignified thantb mke
a pun- - - j j
RobertGrOodhaB purchased the CherryCoun
ty Independent a populist paper and changed
the name to VAKEirriNE Democrat Mr
Good is a democrat and will run the paper in
the interests of the democratic principles Mr
Good is a young newspaper man of energy and
ability and will mrtke the Dkhoorat a live
paper and worthy ihejpatronage of all
crats in Cherry County Bdstfett Eagle
We are glad to know that Bro
Phillips recognizes a Democrat paper
when he sees it Ever since the Eagle
started w bare been trying to learn
what political faith it espoused but
expressions of opinion in its columns
are few and far between Pull down
your vest Bro Phillips1 and come out
square toed forDemocracy Dont let
expedicucy keep yout fromexpress
ing your opinions We know you are
a Democrat even though you vdid run
after strange gods for a time
The iVALKTriJfK Dhstocrat fopmerly the
Cherry County Tndepenpent is before us edited
by Robert Good Under the new management
and name the Democrat shows a marked im
provement and what might be termod a
warnv journal asit is neat spicy and up-to-date
being democratic m the full sense of 4he word
While its political- complexion sounds rather
sarcastic well bet its genuine and from the
bottom of Rooerts heart Thei Herald will wag
er its -reputation against the bung hole of a
kerosene barrel that whiie Bro Good drags the
pencil the Democrats a success Heres luck
Springview Herdld
Coming from such a source the
above words of encouragement and
gond will are greatly appreciated
Bro- Skinner as noted for- being a1
thorough newspaper man and a i
staunch republican as a critic he is
lair and ionest He knows how it ds
himself having but recently taken
charge of the -Herald after it had
i w
Lbeen run a ar populist organ we
hope the Herald wont ios9 its wager
and reputation And as we are here to
stay Tb Demogsat will -always be a
The ficgt issue of the Valkntinr Demo
crat The Republicans new oantemporary
madeits appearance last week iand is very
creditahlto the editor and publisher R B
Goodt The Republican takes pleasure and
pride in congratulating Bro Good upon the
marked improvement he hasjnade iadfte paper
as an opponeafc Valcniinc RcpubZjoon
Once jnore Bre Barker takes occa
sion to express hisgood will toward
Thjc Democrat and- -its editor and
our sincerest hope that he may
never have occasion cto regret it
Politically we are antagonists social-
ly we hope to be fr iends as fellow
citizens and brother editors we can by
working in harmonyj be of inestimable
benefittto Valentine and Cherey
county There is room in ValentineJ
for both papers to work without u an
undue amount of friction rivalry will
of course be shown but it shouldi not
and as far as we are - concerned will
not develop into antagonism W e do
not want the earth aepod big -lice
wul satisfy us
In 1
that twofactions of the party wertfto
be united at this convention
At 2 p m Martin Christensen chair
man of the county j central committee
called the bodv to order and read the
call C II Thompson was elected
chairman of the convention and Eob
ert Good secretary On motion chair
man appointed a committee of three
on resolutions as follows J A Pike
P Pischer and J W Stetter The
comniittee retired to deliberate and in I
tne interim gooa nacurea Daainage
was indulged in none of the voters
present feeling in a speech making
mood Micky Ward K was elected
sergeant at arms but fortunately he
was not called upon at any time to ex
ercise his authority The committee
on resolutions reported the following
which were adopted
We the Bemocrats of Dherry county in mass
convention assembled doreaflirai our allegiance
to the principles of the Democratic party as
fonnulattd by Jefferson and exemplified by the
illnatriouB lino of his successors in Democratic
leadership from Madison to Cleveland V
We Still denounce the Republican doctrine of
protection -as a fraud rdbbery of the great
majority of the American -people for th6 benefit
of the few WestiU adhere to and maintain the
Democratic doctrine of a tariff for revenue
only1 We believe the interests of the massea
of our population will bo best conserved by the
collection of suchtaxes as shall be limited to the
uecessitles of the government honestly and
economically administered
We express our faith in the time honored doc
trine of the Democratic partyas to international
trade rolations an interchange by which the
countries participating -shall enjoy reciprocal
advantages We denounce the sham reciprocity
scheme of the Republicans which Juggles with
the peoples desire for freer exchanges by pre
tending toe3tabllrfh closer relations while en
-acting profcttrttivr tariff taxes against tnose
-countries atthe world that stand ready to take
f our enure surplus oi proaucis in excnangeior
commodities which are necessaries and comforts
of life among our own people
Appreciating the condition oftthe public mind
with reference to the financial policy- of thi
country ana recognizing tne importance ei a
proper solution of this question we Unhesitat
ingly express our unalterable opposition to the
free and unlimited coinage of silver except by
international agreement and until agree
ment can be procured we favor the present
standard of value We denounce the action of
the Republican county convention in intention
ally omitting to state its views on this important
question as a repetition of the cowardly and dis
honest practices Of that party
tFinally we endorse the administration for its
excellent conduct of public affairs its vigorous
foreign policy and its unparallelled management
in maintaining the pnblic credit aginst foes
from without -and foes from within
1 Committee
A motion was made to elect live
delegates to attend the istate conven
tion Some filibustering was indulged
m over this but finally A EiThacher
M Christensen R M Paudis Jas
Ohilders Wm Ballard W S Jackson
-John AdamsonvWm Taylor and P
Fischer were nominated Each
date was voted- upon- separately and
the following were elected Messrs
Thacher Faddis Childers Ballard and
M Christensen made amotion that
the delegation -be instructed to attend
the State Democratic Convention at
Lincoln Apnl22d J A--Pike offered
an amendment making the motion to
read April 29th instead of- April 22d
and gave a few remarks in support of
his amendment He saidthat both
branches of the party had been- de
clared to be Democrats by the Supreme
Court and showed thefollyof sending
a sound money delegation such as had
just been electedvto a freesilver con
vention Our five sound money dele
gates wou a be lost in the crowd of 800
free silver men and Cherry county
would practically be without represent
ation Mr Christensen ably defended
bis motion and declared that the con
vention of the 22d was the onlyDem
ocratic convention How did -anyone
know that convention wouldi declare
for -free silver Question was called
for and on rising vote the amendment
was carried two to one Division was
demanded and the result wasthe same
J T Ceeley tendered his resignation
as secretary of the county central con
mittee on account of the civil- service
rules andtiie resignation was accepted
Mr unimensen maae an- eloquent
speech in favor of Democracy and
fsaid he was 1 ways willing to- abide by
cue aecision ui me majority ana
called upon Democrat to ftand by
the party Heeomplimented the party
on its increasing strength and
casion to say a f ew good words for
The Democrat which were highly
appreciated Mr unnstensens re
US Laud Office Valentine Nebr
March 30th 189C i
Notice is hereby given tliat the follow
nained settler has iled notice of his intention
iQvmaKeiinai prooi in support oi ins ciaim ami
that said proof will be made before Register and
Receiver at Valentine Nebraska en May 9th
1390 viz
Kobert L Quisenbery of Oasis Nebr
BEHo 8K3 for the eJ4se4 nwKsei sec 1
tp 20 R 29 and lot 7 sec 0 tp 20 It 28
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land viz
Munson Butler William X Cohee Clmrles It
Howard and Mlcajah Harris all of Oasis Nebr
Munson Butler of Oasis Nebr
H E No 8894 fer lots 2 3 4 and 5 isec C tp
29 R 28 and lot 1 sec 1 tp 29 R 29 W
He names the following witnesses to proye his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land viz
Robert L Quisenbery William L Cohee
Charles R Howard aud Micajah Harris all of
Oasis Nebr CR GLOVER Register
U S Land Office Valentine Neb I
April 4 195- f
Notice is hereby given that George Dew of
Wood Lake Nebraska has filed notice of hi in
tention to make final nroof before Recister and
Receiver at their office in Valentine Nebraska
on Monday the lSth day of May 1896 on timber
chlfcure application No 7571 for the eJ4sej
swseifand seneK of section No 28 in town
shiirisro 29 range No 26
He names as witnesses Ely D Valentine
Henry L Fischer John Dale and Cyrus Hagen
ail of Wood Lake Nebraska
Apr o 96 c R GLOVEK Register
Land Office at Valentine Neb I
Awrli 15th 1896
Notice is herebv civenthat Koniiia T Jones
has filed notice ol intention to make final proof
before the Register and Receiver at their office
in Valentine Neb on the 6th dav of June 1896
ontimber culture application No 7649 for the
n4ncJiuVimvJ4 of section No 22 in township
No 33 N range No 29 W
She names as witnesses Abram Johnson
John A Adamson Frank G Reese and Alex-
pander Mosher all of Valentine Nebraska
u it iiLOVEK Register
U S Land Office Valentine Neb I
jApril 15th 1896 f
Notice is hereby given that Crowell L Wem
ple of Table RockNebraska has filed notice of
mtetttion to make final proof before the Register
and Receiver at their office in Valentine Nebr
on Wednesday the 27th day ol May 18TX5 on tim
ber -culture application No 7S53 for the ne4 of
Section No1 26 in township No 28 N -Range
No bo w
He names as witnesses Stuart Tait of Brown
lee Xeb William Steadman Robert M Paddi
and Gharles H Tait of Pass Nebr
UK GLOVEK Register
U S Land Office Valentine Nebr J
April 20 1806 f
Notice is herebvplvfin that Tannh P Wilton f
Clay City Iadianahas filed notice of intention
io mase unai prooi Before Kegiiterund Receiver
at their office in Valentine Nebr on Friday the
29th day of May 1896 on timber culture applica
tion No 7554 for the of section No 30 in
Township No 51 Range- No 25 W
Keynames as witnesses Ely D Valentine
Robert N Brune David Leach and tWashington
Honey all of Wood Lake Nebr
13 CR GLOVERrRegi8ter
US iand Office Valentine Nebr i
i April 29 1896 f
Noce is hereby given that Joseph Kennedy
of Brqwnlee Nebr has filed netice of intention
5o tasce final proof before Register and Receiver
ar thutrnfltaA in ValnnHnn WihT rm T7 lriKr iv
29th day of May 1896 onUmbeiuittttJtiiq
tion no Yixra lor tne swsi oi oecuun w o ui
Township No 27 N Range No 28 6th PiM
He names as witnesses John Cloud iFrank
Lee Willie Leeiand Robert Lee allfof Brownlee
Nebr 13 C R GLOVER Register
U S Land Office Valentine Nebr
lApril 21th 1896 J
Notice is hereby given that Jean Morrow of
Mapliton Minn has filed notice of intention to
mhke final proof before Register and Receiver
at this office in Valentine Nebr on Saturday
the 13th day of June 1806 on timber culture ap
plication No 7477 for the nH nwV SwJ4 nw
and nw swJi of section No 14 InTwp No 29
N range No 2TW
1 He names as witnesses James M Hanna
Davie Hanna and John Dale of Wood Lake
Nobr and Olarence Walcott of Brownlee Nebr
iTestinionv of the clamiant Jean Marrow will
I be taken before the Clerk of the District Court
of Blue Earth County i Minn at his office in
Mankato O k GLOVER Register
i U S Land Office Broken Bow -Neb I
April 16th 1896 j
Complaint having been entered atthis office
by Hiram R Edgar against Charles- Rice for
abandoning bis Homestead Entry No 8805 dated
Oct 30 1889 upon the eV4 ne Sec 5 Tp 26 n Range
27 w and stf sej Sec 32 Tp 27 n R 27 w
in Cherry county Neb with a view to the can
cellation of said entry thesaid parties are here
by summoned to appear at the office of John
Fritz a notary public at Brownlee Neb on the
27h day of May 1896 at 10 oclock a m to
respond and furnish testimony concerning said
alleged- abandonment Final hearing at this
tfffice on -the 2d tiay of June 1896 at i0 a m
Notice to Non resident -Defendant
Levi Y Anderson will take notice that on the
14th day of March 1896 John Dunn a justice of
the Deace of Valentino precinct Gherrv countv
f Nebraska issued an- order of attachment for
the Bum of 87500 in an action now pendiiur be-
fiore him wherein E McDonald is plaintiff ah
irfsvi x Anderson is tnat the prop
erty of the defendant consisting of 2 red and
white cows about 8 years old has been attached
under said order Said cause was continued to
the llth day otMay 1896 at 10 oclock a m
e Mcdonald piaintm
ton - Headauarters Department of the
Platte Office Chief Commissary of Subsistence
umba Nob April 15 1896 Sealed proposals
in triplicate accompanied by written guarantee
bonds in duplicate will be received atuthis of
ficeiuntil ll oVslock a ra central standard
time May 15 189S at which time and placthey
wilibe opened inrpreHence of bidders for fur
nishing such quantities of fresh beef andmutton
for issues as may be required by the -Subsistence
Department U S Army at Omaha Ne
braska Forts Crook Omaha Robinson and Ni
obrara Nebraska and Forts D A Russell and
Washakie and Camp Pilot Butte Wyoming
and Forir Meade S D during the penodcom
menciiigJulyllsge and ending December- 31
1896 Proposal will also be received until io
oclock a m mountain standard time and opened
at the pests otEorts Niobrara A
Russell Washakie Meade and Camp Pilot
Butte by the respective nost commissaries of
such posts each eommissary receiving- pro
posals for his own post only Propotalwill
also b received stating the price at which the
bfdBsr will deliver fretsh beef or muttonof the
character stated in the specifications and to be
delivered of temneraturc not areater than sn
tOegree8 Fahrenheit Blank proposals and guar
antees and circular of -instructions to bidders
giving full information as to the quality of the
tweittnamnvioa requirea manner oiwiaamg
conditions to be observed by bidders and terms
oi coniracc ana payment- win be furnished on
application to this ofticA nr tn tfan fnmmlsnarv
lofny post authorized to open proposals The
government reserves tne ngnc ro reject any or
all proposals orany part of any proposal 1 En
velopes cotaining proposals should he marked
Proposals forEresh Beef etc and addressed
to the Chief C S Dept -of the Platte- Omaha
Nebr or to -the -respective Post CoKmisBaries
authorized to receive proposals as statd abov
FRiNK E2JYE Captain and C SmTJS A
umei commissary of subsistence
Wanted AnmeaSi
mrks were teumy applaudednd fi wSte 0 ilffiSffit3ES
CQE7ention afijuTjid
i pjn wimuiiigwui ui jj luriaoii jpiDUU JriCB OUST
and Ust ot two lmadxed iaTeattois wanted
riiii i v illy
vPnblisiied foyotir Years as
While A8nenibled In the LarseftanA
Mont JEntliuhiastic Convention
IltIU for Five Years 1Iat
form and the lelecates
The mass convention held here Sat
urday was the largest and most -enthusiastic
Democraxicconvelation held
in Clrerry county for over five years
and despite the oft repeated- assertions
of our Republican friends that there
was going to be trouble everything
conventions were held in this county I passed off very smoothly considering
Cherry county Democrats are not built
that way As a matter of fact no srcch
dispatch was sent the
A dispatch of about -140 words was
sent by the papers regular-correspondent
giving nothing but facts and the
World Herald dishes up the foregoing
for its readers la view oflthis known
attempt at anisrepresentation we can
but doubt all the telegrams the W H
prints regarding the numerous victor
ies of the free silver people
i rri
NO 13
Letiis give
you a
IHmkii HBBi5HI
Newest Einest and Most Com
pleteline of
In this City
Also Provisions and Vegetables
in season
cash asL
keep out of
Dry Goods Clothinaf
Notions Boots Shoes
Hats Caps and Furnishing Goods
Also a large invoice of
Valentine Nebraska
HBiiF p4LULv mL m im sft
Vn 19 W I SatiJ
Ol the Choicest Brands
C If iCOBlPELL President M VXICHOBOJeGsabsr
Valentine Nebraska
A General Banking Business Transacted
JBuys and Sells Domestic and Foreign Moccht3
i Correspondents National Bank New York First Xtiossl BBicxtaafes
At StetterSOia StandnlCfan Strfiat
Fish Game Tender Stsfe
Jucy Roasts Dry Salt IBats
andlthe finest line of SmfemL
Hams and Breakiast Bg
ever- sold iLVfcown

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