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tOBERT B GOOD - Editor Pbop
President Kruger is serving his tlTin
terra and seems to be doing a pretty
good job too
Perhaps Russia will be the next na
fion to drop an ultimatum in the slot
and make the lion roar
A tramp was found drowned in a
bath tub the other day in Denver The
police axe now trying to trace the mur
Is anything serious troubling Kaiser
Wilhelm of Germany No arrests for
lese majeste have been reported for a
period of fully a week
If the tramps have anything to say
n the pi oceedings of the anti tramp
convention they will doubtless advocate
the adoption of a resolution supporting
the good roads movement
A Russian dispaitch says that the
czar has engaged a typewriter and re
duced his body guard If the czarina
understands her business the reduction
of the body guard probably will not be
continued long
Pennsylvania reports that the value
of farms in that State has doubled
tsince 1S50 American agriculturists
ought to be satisfied for the value of
farms in England has declined nearly
one half in the same period
It is said that in case of great emer
gency the United States could put
9500000 disciplined men in the field
within three months Uncle Sam can
afford to be patient with the mediaeval
relics in Spain who have been stoning
our consulates
Herbert Spencer declares that so
ciety is advancing to higher forms
through the decline of militancy Tli
philosopher does not explain why the
decline is attended by such tremen
dous preparations for fighting but this
may be one of the favorable symptoms
In view of the fact that the consump
tion of the nameless little abominations
that are smoked in lieu of pipes and
cigars is several billions annually it is
hardly a surprise to learn from Ken
tucky that the largest tobacco planter
in the world has failed
A correspondent who has been look
ing through the pine regions of Min
nesoita asked a timberman what his or
ders were Our orders said the fore
man are to strip things clean The
old world is indebted to similar instruc
tions in the past for many of its waste
and desert places
The latest estimate of illiterates over
population This is a large number
but as the proportion in 1S90 was 1
per cent the public schools of the
country may be complimented on their
solid growth in usefulness
Greater New York will have an area
of S59 square miles making it the
largest American city and nearly three
times the size of Philadelphia But
London spreads over 6SS square miles
The consolidation will advance New
York to the position of the worlds sec
ond city and as its rate of growth is
nearly double that of London it should
be the first before the end of the com
in century
A London critic calls attention to the
fact that the Englishman has to de 1
pendfor dictionaries of his own native
speech mainly on the labors of Ameri
can scholars Several home made dic
tionaries have a certain vogue in En
gland but they are circumscribed and
unsatisfactory and hence the -leading
American works of that kind being
more comprehensive and including rh
established speech of the masses as
well as the classes are widely used and
relied upon over there
This country gained its independence
by revolution Students of history are
aware that during the trouble Lord
Cornwallis came over here and gave
notice to the
rebels that if they did
not lay down their arms in eight days
he would put them to fire and sword
Cornwallis is dead He has been dead
a long time and he will be dead a time
longer His threat seems to have been
xesurrected by Gen Weyler the Span
ish officer lately arrived in Cuba It
seems likely that the Cuban patriots
will make him sick of the saying before
he makes them all kick the bucket
The militia of the country eligible for
service according to the most recent
tabulation are less than one seventh
of the population This is quite a re
duction in the proportion from colonial
times In his memorable address be
fore the Virginia House of Burgesses
Patrick Henry said We are three
millions of people one fifth fighting
men But perhaps Patrick Henry was
a better orator than statistician and
he may have reckoned some as fighting
men who would not have been so class
ed under the rules now governing eli
gibility for service However we have
sufficient fighting material for all prac
tical purposes What this country needs
now is more peacemakers
The difficulty of removing fish bones
and similar obstructions impacted at
the lower end of the oesophagus is well
known One of the most simple effec
tual remedies is to administer a pint of
milk and forty minutes afterward an I
snemmiir monev
emortic of sulphate of zinc The fluid
easily passes the obstruction and is of
course rapidly coagulated in the stom
ach into a more or less solid mass
which on being ejected forces She ob
struction before it and so effects its
removal This is doubtless an excel
lent recipe in some respects but it is
not a pleasant picture that of a man
with a fish bone in his throat sitting
around for three quarters of an hour
waiting to be sick
A leading American ornithologist
says that some of our most desirable
birds are threatened with extermina
tion The common quail and milled
grouse are becoming very scarce
Wrens and bluebirds are driven from
their old haunts by sparrows Terns
are slaughtered by thousands for the
millinery business and Florida is sim
ilarly despoiled of its herons ibis peli
cans and smaller -birds The wild pig-
eon has disappeared Fashion at pres
ent is the greatest enemy of bird life
but collectors of eggs are also respon
sible for great destruction Protection
of ibirds must come through the educa
tion of the people especially the rising
generation and by protective legisla
tion sustained by game wardens Thus
far no State Legislature has given the
subject the attention it deserves and
must soon demand if the present rav
ages continue
The misfortune of David J Tucker
of Ottawa County Kas is a warning
to mankind It has a significant bear
ing upon the sociological and political
problems of the day which it would
be folly to ignore We know little of
David himself except that he is the
husband of Lucinda Whether ho
staid home and attended to the baby
properly and washed the dishes with
out breaking them it is impossible to
say But David is heard of at last
in an unenviable light as a transgres
sor of the family laws and a victim of
condign punishment He went to town
with 32 in his pocket and a list of
things to buy at the store David how
ever in a moment of forgetfulness
bought red white and blue chips with
the 32 instead of spending it for
thread and groceries The same chips
quickly became the property of other
sinful men and David went home with
out money thread or groceries This
next chapter is more terrible than the
tears and reproaches familiar in other
Stories of this character Lucinda fail
ed to weep She seized David and
bound him to a post in the barn Then
she cowhided him and left him to think
over his sins Kansas women were
known toibe ambitious for power but a
glimpse now has been given of the ex
tent of their aspirations which is ap
palling It may be all a mistake to
suppose they wanted merely to vote
and ihold the offices Or having suf
fered reverses in this direction is it
possible Mrs Tucker is the evange
list of a new anti masculine crusade V
If so where will it end Soon we may
hear Kansas men are refused the right
of going to the lodge without a chap
eron and perhaps they will be placed
on anatunvancai m
-cents ner aav
Bicvcter irmr
typewriters will be prohibited under
penalty of being tied to a post in th
barn and cowhided Better a thousand
times let the women have the offices
than to drive them in desperation to
such reprisals Lot the men of Kansas
take heed that in fleeing from one evil
they do not full afoul of a worse fate
A Telltale Aureole
A Boston newspaper the Post re
ports some interesting revelations
made not long ago a a meeting of per
sons interested in psychical questions
so called A woman announced as pos
sessed of mysterious powers spiritual
or other had consented to be present
and something quite unusual was anti
One member of the company who be
lieved in the old doctrine of trying the
spirits went prepared to make some
Investigations on his own account He
carried with him some bits of phospho
rescent paper which in the dark would
shine with a light like the fireflys
In due time the medium or what
ever she was called presented herself
and after the usual preliminaries re
quested that the lights should be turn
ed out This was done and at the same
moment the investigator managed to
drop upon her head several pieces of
his phosphorescent paper
These were visible of course to ev
ery one except the performer herself
Pretty soon the manifestations be
gan A tambourine sounded in one
corner of the room and strange to say
the mediums shining head had moved
over to that identical place The
sounds moved about the room and the
spots of light moved with them
The spectators began to titter the
medium discovered that something
was amiss and the seance came to an
abrupt conclusion
To some people it seems a very inter
esting psychical phenomenon that any
one should suspect visitors from the
spirit world of drumming on tambour
Engine of Death
Eugene Paul Brand has just submit
ted a fearful weapon to the German
Minister of War It puts all inventions
in the sphere of death dealing instru
ments in the shade The Brand contri
vance is a gun which is not loaded with
powder but with compressed gas A
single charge will suffice for 2500 shots
and volleys of fifty shots each can be
fired in rapid succession This Brand
new invention is one of the numerous
and improved methods of killing people
that advanced civilization is now de
manding His activity in destroying
lives will doubtless win for him a mon
Thomas told the mass meeting that
he was a self made man Very noble
of him to take the whole blame on him
self wasnt it St Louis Mirror
Thrilling Episodes in the Lives of the
James Boys
Frank James the surviving brother
of that brace of bandits known on the
border as the James boys is a door
keeper in a St
Louis theater lie
is a free man After
his dramatic sur
render to Governor
Crittenden of Mis
souri Frank lameb
never com untied
another crime
Those that were
fkak james charged to him
were not prosecuted too far Some
people know why Not a court in Mis
siuro before which he appeared ever
passed sentence upon him although he
was so accused that not a single virtue
was credited as an offset to his charged
crimes and accusations He was never
captured although there were prices
upon his baad in more States than one
- w4
ond by corporations that never could
be swayed by appeal or influence This
bandit only gave himself up when he
was assured that his own terms would
be accepted And then he rode to the
boundary of the State capital of Mis
souri tied his horse to a fence and in
the company of one man who had the
authority of the Governor he walked
down the main street of the town to
the mansion of the executive up the
steps and into the office and there took
off his belt and pistols and cartridges
and spurs and sententiously said that
he was tired That event is so recent
that the newspaper readers of to day
do not think it necessary to recall the
Frank and Jesse James stayed in Mis
souri and Kansas and round about
settling old scores and becomiig ter
rors to travelers They went into
braska and robbed a bank They were
chased out and rode across the State by
night Frank had been wounded in
the fight and was sick nearly unto
death He could not sit on his horse
Besides two horses in a flight are
sometimes unhandy Jesse placed
Frank in front his body hanging equal
ly poised over the pommel of the sad
dle Thus they rode by night hiding
in the thickets or the grass by the day
until they reached Missouri
The price put upon the heads of the
James boys by the State and by ex
press companies and the tactics of the
Pinkertons to capture them are still
fresh history on the border
The Governor of Missouri T T
Crittenden law partner of Senator
now consul general
ever entrusted Mmself thus to the
Fords has been a mystery to his friends
Forbears Jesse James had never failed
to wear his pistol where it was handy
One day however he laid it aside in
his cottage and stood upon a chair to
brush the dust from a picture on the
wall This trivial and womanly act in
the life of a man who had helped to
spread desolation and who had shot
plundered and killed cost him his life
The Fords had been watching for -their
chance The big reward quickened their
courage One of them shot and killed
the bandit
The Fords went to the telegraph office
and sent a message to Governor Crit
tenden claiming the reward for kill ins
Jesse James The news of the assassi
nation of a President could not have
caused more excitement in Missouri
although the feeling was of a different
The Fords were arrested and releas
ed They got their reward One of
them was killed in a dancehouse in
Colorado later and the other died of
7i - jtinZ SSr a
i - ss iy t
nr s2gmZ i
i rTKurifj - JWliruvaw c
rtvrir z
consumption The chase was over
Frank James as explained in the be
ginning of this article was surrender
ed to the Governor of Missouri and
when the Governor quit office and re
sumed the practice of law Frank James
was his messenger
Plans for a New Buildinp Adopted
Despite the Lack of Funds
The eleventh annual exhibition of the
Architectural League of New York
closed the other evening with an exhi
bition of the prize plans made three
ago for the new city hall In
the Legislature nassea an act
creating a beard for the approval of
designs for a new city hall on the site
of the present one and appropriating
17000 to be distributed among the
architects competing Seven thousand
dollars was to be given to the architect
submitting the best plan and the sum of
2000 was to be given to each of five
others submitting what the committee
believed to be the next best plans A
year after the passage of the act appro
pxiating the money the Legislature de
cided that New York did not need a
new municipal building in City Hall
Park and the project was abandoned
The agreement with the architects had
to be kept however and six weeks ago
the award for the prize plans was made
The prize plan provides for a five story
edifice with mansard roof and resem
bles in general appearance any one of
a dozen ibuildings throughout the coun
try The structure would occupy all
the space covered by the present city
hall and make a horseshoe inside of
which the present county courthouse
would be hidden except from the Cham
bers street side New York Journal
Sne Reads to Save
I study advertisements and I know
where and when and how to purchase
the household supplies My husband
used to laugh at me for reading adver
tisements so carefully and he has long
since learned that I save many dollars
every month says a writer in Woman
kind I know of no better way to prac
tice economy and do you know it is a
wonder how soon you learn to detect
the real from the false intuitively al
most I do not think I have ever been
taken in by an advertisement there
is always something about the false
ones that repels me You hear a good
deal nowadays about the -practical
pages of magazines and newspapers
but for me the practical pages are those
containing thebusiness announcements
of reputable houses The housekeeper
who takes advantage of these practical
hints in those pages shows a great deal
Mexico offered a reward for the James
boys dead or alive and the railroads
offered 10000 There had traveled
tvith the James boys two men known as
the Ford brothers Their hands were
is red as those of the Jameses but
there was a feud between them about
ihe division of booty The Fords went
o live with Jesse James who under
fin assumed name had rented a cottage
In SV Joseph Mo Why Jesse James
more common sense than does the one
who tries to furnish a seven room C8t
tage with a lot of soap boxes covered
with denim worked in fancy stitch and
to feed her growing family with never
ending reminiscences of the meal that
went before To the economical house
keeper the advertisements are the most
important part of any publication
Most people buy a piano because it
looks well to have one in the house
The State in Cuba does not support
a single public library
In 1804 Spain exacted from Criba
taxes amounting to 20000000
Real estate in Havana has fallen to
one half and one third of its value ten
years ago
In the last twenty eight years Spain
has built only 139 kilometres of high
roads in Cuba
In 1891 350 Spanish officials were in
dicted in Cuba for fraud but not one
was punished
Before the rebellion editors were
banished from Cuba without the for
mality of a trial
Cuba has the right to dispose of 275
per cent of its revenues Spain attends
to the other 9725 per cent
In times of peace armed police have
greyed at will upon the Cubans who
aave had absolutely no redress
Cuba has fifty four ports many of
hem in a labyrinth of keys and sand
bars but only nineteen lighthouses
The sum of 90800 a year is assigned
yearly from the treasury of Cuba to
the minister of the colonies in Madrid
In the Spanish parliament consist
ing of 430 deputies Cuba never has i1
more tuan aix una nouuiiy only three
To become an electrician or an indus
trial mechanical railroad or mining
engineer the Cuban must go to a for
eign country
On 100 meters of cassimere im
ported into Cuba there is a duty if the
cioth is a Spanish product of 1547
if foreign 300
Spain pays bounties for sugar pro
duced in its own land but levies a duty
of G20 on each 100 kilograms of Cu
ban sugar sent across the sea
Before the present revolution Spain
restricted the right of suffrage to 53
000 native Cubans out of a total popu
lation of 1000000 a proportion of 3
per cent
Although millions are wasted in sup
porting a civil and military bureaucra
cy in Cuba the appropriation for tne
administration of justice never has
reached 500000
It is common scandal that every
Spanish official who goes to Cuba has
an influential patron in the court ol
Madrid for whose protection he pays
Spain allows Cuba only S1S2000 a
year for public instruction and makes
the University of Havana a source of
profit to the state Even Hayti spends
more than Cuba for the education of
its people
There is a Spanish tax in Cuba on
the introduction of machinery used in
the production of sugar a heavy tax
on the railroads for transporting it a
third tax called industrial duty and
a fourth on exportation
Interest on Cubas debt to Spain
saddled on the island without its knowl
edge imposes a burden of 979 on
each inhabitant Not a cent of this
debt of 100000000 has been spent
in Cuba to advance the work of im
provement and civilization
In the municipal district of Guines
two years ago with a population of
13000 only 500 of whom were Span
iards and Canary Islanders the elec
toral list contained the names of thirty-two
native Cubans and 400 Span
iards 025 per cent of the Cuban to
SO per cent of the Spanish popula
These are salaries paid by Cuba to
some of its Spanish officials Govern
or General 50000 in addition to a pal
ace a country house servants coach
es and a fund for secret expenses Di
rector General of the Treasury 1S500
Archbishop of Santiago and Bishop of
Havana 18000 each commander gen
eral of the naval station 10392 Gen
eral Legundo Cabo and President of
the audienca 15000 each Governor
of Havana and Secretary of the gen
eral government S000 each All these
officers also receive free lodgings and
Flour of Bananas
A great deal of attention has been
drawn of late to the use of the banana
as a source of flour or meal and though
such an application is by no means
new or the discovery modern it seems
not at all unlikely that banana flour is
an article that has a prospect of great
development in the near future says
the Philadelphia Record Wherever
the banana or plantain thrives the
fruits when dry are converted into
meal and used for making cakes pud
dings and for various other uses in
cookery An effort is being made to
establish a factory for the manufacture
of banana meal
As to the use of banana flour for brew
ing purposes Mr Kahike one of the
best known manufacturers of yeast in
Germany writes in this connection
Banana flour without doubt from its
richness in starch and its good flavor
is partially suitable for the manufac
ture of yeast This flour is easily ren
dered saccharine The yeast obtained
by adding banana flour to the other in
gredients has a good color all the re
quisite properties of an excellent class
of yeast and moreover keeps well The
alcohol obtained from it leaves noth
ing to be desired so that this flour may
be introduced as an article of commerce
and employed without any special prep
aration Satisfactory experiments have
also been made in some breweries
where 20 per cent of malt has been
replaced by the flakes and flour of ba
nanas The flavor of beer was not al
tered and the quantity of liquid was
increased and the malt was replaced
by a less expensive substance Experi
ments are being made in which the pro
portion of banana flour is increased
Gaths Pullman Pass
It takes a clever man with extra
ordinary resources at command to ob
tain a complimentary pass from a big
Many curious requests for passe
you can just bet he did There was not
another word in the letter nothin
about the pleasure a renewal would1
Still Room Tor Research
What is this new substance that I
hear so much about asked the emi
nent scientists wife
What new substance my dear
The element in the air that has just
been detected
Oh that my dear he answered
beaming over his spectacles with the
good nature ot superior wisdom
Known as argon
Yes its discovery is one of the
most remarkable triumphs of the ae
It has revolutionized some of the old
theories or at least it will revolution-
ize them before it gets through
What is it
Its er a did you say what i3
I said that
Well ahem you see we havent as
yet discovered much about it except
its name
A Solid Basis
Is your hatred of soap and water
founded on any railroad basis or is it
mere prejudice asked the sarcastic
lady surveying Perry Patetic with con
siderable interest
On a good solid basis lady a good
solid basis I had a forchin of 725
once and lost it all peddlin washin
machines Cincinnati Enquirer
Alas Alas
Mrs Clubber Look at that
new bonnet of Mrs Beamers
Old Clubber Yes it came within an
ace of being yours
Mrs Clubber How so
Old Clubber
ers held the other ace confound him
She Wanted to Know
Agnes Do they
carry cattle on this
ocean line ma
Mamma No indeed
the finest afloat
This is one of
Agnes Well the peerage is for peers
and why isnt the steera ge for JZ
corporation nowadays without making y
a direct and influential request for it
George Alfred Townsend widely
known as Gath the newspaper co-respondent
seems to have been able to
accomplish this feat however almost
as easily as he would invent an epi
gram or interview a talkative politi
The story of how he did it is told bya
young man who was formerly a s11
ographer in the offices of the Pullman
entitling the holders to sleeping carV
privileges of course came under -my
observation when I was handling Mrtf
Pullmans mail said he but among-
them all I remember none that was
particularly striking for its originality jfifr
One day about New Years there eamcjg
a certain letter addressed to Mr Pull- 4
man and marked personal which dttf
being opened was found to contain
nothing but an annual pass that had
been used by George Alfred Townsend
for the year just closed Having expir
ed it was of course no longer of any
value to the holder Before filing it
away I discovered this message writ
ten across the back in Gaths own
Littlf ticket go again
To the mighty chamberlain
Who within his watchful keep
Puts the modern world to sleep
Did Gath get another annual Well
steers J
afford or any of that sort of thing but
Mr Pullman seemed pleased with the
conceit expressed by the rhyme and
of course ordered a renewal forward
ed without delay I suppose Gath first
got acquainted with Mr Pullman
through the mysteries of an interview
and left an agreeable impression Like
other close observers of men and
events he has his moods and fancies
his quaint conceits It was this dispo
sition that led him to build a tomb at
his Maryland home and inscribe on
the door the long familiar private end- W
ing of his dispatches to various papers
30 good night Gath
Saved by a Life Chain
There is a newly made hero down in
the little post village of Sandy Hook
Conn He is Stephen Keane a bright
lad of 15 years old Stephen has been
a valorous boy all his life but it was -not
until last Monday that he became
a real hero
He and a party of his classmates
from St Michaels parochial school at
Sandy nook on that day went skating
on Niantic mill pond In the party
was Michael Keating a boy of 12
years Michael venturing where the
ice was thin broke through and fell
into the water Stephen Keane cried
Form a life chain boys and well
save Jittle Mike easy
Lying flat face downward on the
ice he directed one of the boys to lie
down as he had and hold tightly onto
his ankles The ankles of this one
were in turn grasped by another lad
and so on until a life chain of six
brave boys was formed
Keane wriggled Ms way earefully
out on the thin ice Before him was
poor Keating struggling for life Once
he went down and still the first link
of the life chain was crawling slow
ly on the ice far away Down he went
a second time
Hold tight boys cried Keane
Just as the drowning boy was dis
appearing for the last time Keane
seized his coat
Crack went the ice and the first
two links of the life chain were also
in the icy water
all the boys were dragged
out the worse for a wetting
When a crowd gathered about young
Keane and showered praises on him
for his forethought and pluck he only
I read in a newspaper how to do
that trick and I thought Id try it
New York AYorld
i N

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