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Merchants Carnival Nay 8
Trot Beatty May 9
Teachers Institute July 3
Race June 2d to Sth
Nice little sbowerilifc tracing
S G JaYisof KUgere was in tow
l N BusEellvwaaiPfrom t Pullman
Decoration iDay jfour wetJcs ifro
yjohn iBullard of Albion X X is
1n town
T Chenoweth starts fortthePacific
coast next Monday
D W Parmalee came oyer ffrom
Kosebud yesterday
Small grain neYrtookedtetterand
rfyrmers are nappy
The Porter murder trial will come
ff in Keya JPaha next Tuesday
Nobody thought Enough of us to
hangaM3yibat on our door
Henry Stetter has mored his ffasiily
-into the R N Watson property
MrsXy Anderson and children
have returned from Hokafc Minn
iTo dayiSthe anniyersary of the riot
in the Illinois Steel Works at Chicago
The Bemocrat and the Thrice-a-week
New York World one year
Mr fechon isibuildinga blacksmith
8h9p onwMain street oppositethe Court
CH Cornell made a trip up the
-the week returning
thisr munting
Commissioner jBunham was up -from
Kennedy andr made pcoof onibishome
stead Tuesday
Henry Oppenheimer ofj Springview
transacted business at the i land Office
Andrew Bray deputy fTJ S marshal
of Lead City S -D vwent over to
Rosebud Tuesday
Next Sunday May iOthis ftbserved
ras Memorial day and is a legal holi
day in iNorthCarolina
Mrs Rose of Nenzel isworkig at
the White House aadining rrowaaugiri
tvice Mrs Biamond resigned
Housecleaning timeis here and the
housewife willineed old papers jfor all
kinds of purposes We sell them
Ed Clarkeaad Walter Hare imade
a trip to the south part of the county
-Saturday returning Monday evening
The Cherry County Teachers Insti
tute will be held at Valentin Acom
mencing July 20fch gnd lasting two
J A Carroll is making arrangements
tto iriove into one of Miss Mills houses
-on Catherine-street-about the middle
-of the month
According to weather bureau reports
427 inches of rainfell at Valentine in
the month of April That istcertainly
CtE Bowring ihas located perma
nently in Valentine and is assistant
-dining reom girlsttthe White House
during the rush
Mr8GeofHornbyand children are
visiting Mrs iHornbys paxenrts in
Davenport la -She will be -gone a
-month or six weeks
Onebattahon of bhe soldiers now
-stationed at Fort Niobrara will camp
on the Schlagle tomorrow and xeturn
to the Host Sunday night
After preaching here last Sunday
jRcv flatee intended going to Cody
but waa o ill on Monday be- went
ihome to Longpine instead
W A Metzgar was up from Pull
man Tuesday to make final proof on
his homestead Cbas Adamson and
Win Puilmau were bis witnesses
Henry Stetter is now permanently
located in Valentino he having sold
hismeat market at Chadron and will
thu the Palace Saloon in partnership
with his brother J Stutter
r TtaTiE o Kilgore an honored
and TesrjeelecT citizen of Cherry county
for many vars has decided to visit
pastilles new in search of a location
We are sorry to ee him go but hope
fch jjaca may full m pleasant places
0 WMorey is suffering from the
effects of Ivy poisoning on his left
Tuesday was the day ot the
kycar thermometers registered 90
Ed Satterlee of Nenzel was in the
eityon business Monday and gave us
a short call
iLe Roy Leach our Wood Lake
editor spent Monday and part of
Tuesday in the city
AGHolt ofJhnstDwnwas elect
ed alternate to Chicago by -the
esaticstate convention
A fire at the mill Tuesday -afternoon
destroyed ahen andpig pen
How it originated isa mystery
Benj RtCowdery state bank exam
iner was in town last Saturday and
enjoyed a days fishing with the boys
EJ BeBeli has returned from St
Joseph Missouri with a lot of -horses
aodiSffiules for Rosebud Indian agency
- Mias Belle Callen spent Saturday
evening and Sunday at ftVood Lake
the guest of the family of David Leach
AiK Earley has sold his rplace
south of Thaohcr to CA Lovejoy and
contemplates moving to Arkansas
JH Quigley went up to his ranch
at Cody Monday with a bunch of
fifty cattle iwhich he had been winter
ing near Valentine
The citizens of Thedford went out
on a snake hunt the -other day -and
massacred sixty of the reptiles in a
dog town near the village
WP Alsip purchased the Ains
worth brick making outfit of Frank
Whittecar and the same is being mov
ed to the reservation this week
Tha auroraborealis made a magnifi
cent display Saturday night and fur
nished a number of people with an ex
cellent excuse forJeanipg on the front
The t Omaha World Herald Year
Boos and jQuarterly Review is before
us and isa veritable cyclopaedia of
staiisticsand history AbookOf this
sort is an almostuudespensibleadjunct
toeverybusinessimans offlce and is
icheap asdairt at25 cents per copy
Buring the month of April seven
teen homestead entries for2554 acres
of land were made at the laud office
here Final proof was made on six
teen timber culture entries for 2559
acres of land and on ten homestead
entries for 1531 acres In addition to
this 200 acres of government land was
We are told that F Fischer Valen
tineSgenial capitalist and public spir
ited citizen contemplates the erection
qf aifine brick and stone building on
MainrStreet on the present site of his
-saloon This will add greatly to the
appearance of Main street and we
hope the project vwill be carried to a
successful completion
Last Saturday bids for making the
2000000 brick needed at Pine Ridge
were opened and found to range from
800 per thousand the bid of A B
iGny to 687 per thousand by W P
A lsip the gentleman who has the
Rosebud contract jfor 2500000 brick
The -bids were all lower than those or
the Rosebud contract owing to the
cheapness of fuelat Pine Ridge
The postmistress t Whitman appli
ed to -the state board of health asking
that body to order a discontinuance of
the mail until May 5 betweeu Pull
man and Whitman on account of
scarlet fever in the family of the post
master at Pullman The board advis
ed her that they were short in the mat
ter of authority to blockade the mails
however urgent the case may be
JByannis Tribune
Valentine is strictly in it in state
politics this year E J Bavenport
was elected alternate to the Republi
can national convention Martin Chris
tensen was elected alternate to Chicago
by the free silver Democrats M Klein
was wade a member of the state cen
tral committee by the same people
aucL now our own genial Al Thacher
is a member of the state central com
mittee of the straight Democratic
party Levi Sparks should be recog
nized by the populists audthen we
wouldshavc a representation in all
parses v
Some interesting Papers Jteacl and
jDiseogse and much Intel eat
Manifested A Itejort ut the
Jleetlns Those Present
Cherry county teachers were out in
force to attend the meeting cf the
General Teachers Association here
last Saturday The attendance was
not quite so good as it should have
beenbut great enthusiasm was mani
fested in all that came before the
meeting and those present felt well
repaid fov the trouble they took to be
present Following is the program as
rendered Miss Van Buskirk who was
Lto have read a paper on Reviews and
How to Conduct Them and J C
Ballard whose subject was sTo What
Extent is it Practicable to Substitute
the Teacher for the Text book being
Music High School
-Con elation of Lower Grade Studies
Miss EtUiUrown
Cube Root Mr J W Strong
Discussion Miss isina Lonycor
Objects and Methods of Punishment
Mr U G Stevenson
Discussion Mrs Xate Norman
Old and New Education Mr C II Doty
Comparison of the Theories of Froebel and
Herbart Mr C VftThorn
History Aside From the Text hooic
Mrs Florence Austin
ilThe Practicability of Child Study
airs Lizzie Crawford
-The Influence of the School -Board Upon
the -School Mr J li Fee
Discussion Mrs Kittle Crowe
What Should the Public School
ulish Prof U O Anderson
Music High School
Miss Etta Brown handled her sub
ject on lower grade studies in a mast
erly manner and Cube Root by J
W Strong provoked much discussion
and excited admiration for the teacher
by the manner in which he illustrated
his talk This was perhaps the most
interesting discussion of the day
In the afternoon C H Boty read
bis most excellent paper on education
old and new and C V Thorn made
some interesting comparisons between
the methods of those twogreat teach
ers Herbart and Froebel Mrs Lizzie
Crawfords paper on child study was
remarkable for its clearness and
doubtless gave many of the teachers
new ideas on the subject J R Fee
talked rather sarcastically of school
boaids in general and some of his
remarks were excepted to by Mrs
Kittie Crowe and a general discussion
was participated in Prof U O
Anderson read a splendid paper on the
public school and advanced some sug
gestious as to what it should accom
plish that were heartily endorsed by
every teacher present We hope to
see his words bear good fruit
State Supt Corbett failed to keep
his appointment here owing to a meet
ing of a reading circle committee at
Lincoln of which he is an honorarv
member but he did not send word of
his inability to attend until twas too
late to secure another lecturer for the
eyening The teachers were much
disappointed at his defection
The following teachers were present
Lottie Hubbard Katie Noble Lizzie
Crawford Etta Brown Belle Callen
C V Thorn IJ O Anderson Celia
Vaughn Nina Longcor C H Boty
H O Tucker Abigail Razey Goldie
Beed Edith Stark Tacy Collett
Florence Austin Tillie Ashburn F
F Gordon Gertrude Lincoln and J
W Strong of Valentine U G Steven
sen Johnstown J R Fee Crookston
W F Morgareidge Simeon Isis Lin
coln Cody Kittie Crowe Merriman
Vivian Lowrie and Kate Norman Gor
don Belle Hornback and Mr Medders
Foit Niobrara S E A Fowler Ke
The Bemocrat has made arrange
ments to publish the papers read at
this meeting of the Association for
the beneft of the teacher who were
unable to be present The first one
will appear next week
1000 Seicartl
Will be paid for return of my horse
and saddle stolen from Valentine
April 14 Brown horse weight about
900Ibs 4 or 5 jears old heavy mane
and tail white stripe half way don
forehead Had on a new saddle
Visalia tree hand stitched stamped
seat 2h inch stirrup strap No SI
made by Marks Bros Omaha
Cuas R Anderson Valentine
j w
Published for Fctir Xcars ts
sMaMTDsnExGaaEERT co nebeAska Thursday may 7 1896
Xi4 rCure m
Prof J O Beauy conductor of
musical conventions institutes and
festivals of Lincoln Xebr i in town
and will give a lecture and outline of
his method of work at the Presbyter
ian church Saturday evening May 9
Prof Beatty pursues a course entirely
different from other instructors and
should he succeed in organizing a
chorus here will remain ten days giv
ing two hours instructions each even
ihgIIe only asks one dollar for the
entire course
v JTjoan Association Oiiicci
At the meeting of the Valentine
Building and -Loan Association held
Tuesday nigiit J H Yeast W E
Haley FFischer B S Ludwig C
Cornell Geo II Korpby J W Spirk
Geo Elliott and Fred Miller ware
elected directors W S Barker J C
Xorthrup and Frank 1 ray ton audi
tors J II Yeast president J AV
Spirk vice president W E Haley
secretary and Geo Elliott treasurer
Series C was ordered closed and series
B opened
4 E S ESanquct
The banquet given by the ladies of
tne Order of the Eastern Star to the
Masons of Valentine last Saturday
night was a delightful affair and
about sixty persons partook of the re
past prepared by the ladies Masonic
lodge was in session Saturday night
and a candidate Mr Anderson of
Fort Niobrara vas being given the
third degree but as all Masons are
knpwn to be lovers of good things
especially eatables a recess was taken
at 9 oclock and the lodge marched to
the court house in a body Ye editor
was kindly invited co be present and
we will wager that no person enjoyed
himself more than we did unless it
was Judge Walcott or Receiver Fike
each of whom has a wonderful appe
tite and an abundance of good humor
The tables were prettily decorated and
thefjse cream well it was scrumptious
mortgage lleeord
Through the courtesy of the county
clerk we are enabled to give our read
ers the following record of mortgages
filed and satisfied in Cherry county last
month Six farm mortgages for a
total of 1258940 were filed and sev
enteen for 577890 were satisfied
One village mortgage for 1440 was
satisfied and none filed Fifty three
chattel mortgages for 13928 25 were
filed and twentynine for 1404696
were satisfied Three sheriffs deeds
fur farm property and two for city
property were given
The total amount of mortgages filed
was 2651765 and of those satisfied
was 2126586 giving a balance of
5251 89 in favor of the former The
balance would be on the other side but
for the fact that one of the farm mort
gages filed was lor 10000 and that
too on but 960 acres of land This
fact shows that eastern capitalists are
firm believers in Cherry county and
know a good investment when they
see it One of the chattel mortgages
was for 6000 and a herd of 500 cat
tle is the security That investment
is a safe one
City Wads
At a meeting of the Board of Vil
lage Trustees held recently E Sparks
was elected chairman C H Cornell
treasurer and T C Hornby secretary
of the Board and village clerk for the
ensuing year The first regular meet
ing of the new Board was held at C
H Cornells office Friday May 1 che
full Board being present and Mr
Sparks learned some of the beauties of
presiding over the city legislature
He filled the position of Mayor very
acceptably however and will undoubt
edly give good satisfaction in his po
sition as chief officer of the village
At this meeting permits were grant
ed to all applicants for the privilege of
selling liquor as a beverage without
any active opposition either from with
out or within the Board The ques
tion of granting permits to druggists
was fully discussed and on motion it
was unanimously agreed to not issue
permits this year The occupation tax
of 200 on saloons was allowed to
stand in connection with the 500 li
cense fee
The bond of C H Cornell as treas
urer was presented and approved W
R Towne was elected Village Marshal
and Water Commissioner
no is
Valentine Nebraska
Every facility extended customers consistent with conservative bacSarg
Exchange bought and sold Loans upon good security -solicited at reascofiia
rates County depository
O j 11 I fjjVI
Newest Finest and Most Com
plete line of
In this City
Also Provisions and Vegetables
in season
This space reserved for
e Mcdonald
-General Merchandise
Valentine Nebrasfeau
Valentine Nebraska
A General Sanliing Business Transacted
Hiiys and Sells Domestic and Foreign Exchange
Correspondents Chemical National Bank New York tflrst National Bank Omaos
At Stetter s Old Stand on Main Strest
1 m
- WILL furnish -
Fish Game Tender Steaks
Jncy Roasts Dry Salt Meag
andltke finest line of SmokasI
Hams and Breakiast Bacom
I ever sold in town
Ot tlie Choicest Brands

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