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AitstrnliAti rnntlscape Js an KtuTiCm
iJanorna of Snrjmssimc Beauty
There is nothing that astonishes thj
stranger visiting Australia for tbs first
time so much as the variety and beauty
of its flowers Australia is indeed a
land of floral loveliness and nowhere
has nature been more lavish in her
gifts of bud and blossom than in New
South Wales The landscape is an end
less panorama of sui passing beauty
There is a plethora of color in the
flowers that everywhere meet the gaze
They arc not placed here and there
only to give one the impression of limit
they cover mountains and valleys in all
kinds of form and shades of beauty
Climbers in rich crimson and inter
spersed with every other color are niul
s tiplied by millions and scattered with
a prodigal hand that knows no stint nor
bound save that of iniinitude itself
until every shrub and plant and bush
robed in splendor makes the country
gay with blue and gold and many COP
ored dyes
The gorgeous coloring of the Austra
lian floral kingdom is hardly to be ex
celled elsewhere Among the favorite
native flowers is the stately waratah
or native tulip as it is sometimes in
correctly designated Tt grows to tho
height of four or five feet the slender
stem being surmounted bj a large dahlia-shaped
flower of the deepest crim
son It is sometimes grown as a gar
den flower but thrives best in the bush
The native rose which has no resem
blance save in its delicate pink tint to
the favorite garden flower is exceed
ingly plentiful The blossom is small
and modest but wonderfully enduring
and forms a charming addition to an
Australian bouquet
The rock lily is so called from its be
ing most abundant in rocky country
where its masses of yellowish white
blossoms stand out in a picturesque re
lief from the dense background of dark
green foliage The gigantic lily is per
haps the most magnificent of Austra
lian native flowers
y A Chilly Firm
Arneys December and January are
iyo Nevada lawyers who are amusing
the Kansas people just now where they
have gone on business The two men
are distinguished lawyers in Nevada
and their firm style is January De
cember attorneys-at-law
if wlfwlw
mi kS Wm SCfiw
fetfiV jm ifcw
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding of the
transient nature of the many phys
ical ills which vanish before proper ef
fortsgentle efforts pleasant efforts
rightly directed There is comfort in
the knowledge that so many forms of
sickness are not due t5 any actual dis
ease but simply to a constipated condi
tion of the system which the pleasant
family laxative Syrup of Figs prompt
ly removes That is why it is the only
remedy with millions of families and is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who value good health Its beneficial
effects are due to the fact that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness without debilitating the
organs on which it acts It is therefore
all important in order to get its bene
ficial effects to note when you pur
chase thatyouliave the genuine article
which is manufactured by the California
Fig Syrup Co only and sold by all rep
utable druggists
If in the enjoyment of good health
and the system is regular then laxa
tives or other remedies are not needed
If afflicted with any actual disease one
may be commended to the most skillful
physicians but if in need of a laxative
then one should have the best and with
the well inf ormed everywhere Syrup of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
used and gives most general satisfaction
West Tennessee
August 4th and S8
Sept I 15 and 29
Oct 6th and 2Cth
Itound trip tickets to ivoints
in Nebraska Kansas Colo
rado Utah the Mack
Hills Wyoming Texas Okla
homa Arizona and New Mex
ico will be on sale at all rail
road ticket offices in Ioaand
eastern South Dakota at oxr
Tickets will be good for 21
Call at nearest ticket oRicp
and obtain full information or
write to 1 Fuancis General
Passenger Agent Oiimlm
KsamlJiation andadTlco as to PateutabUity or inven
tions Scad Tor Inventors Guide or How to G zt a
Vitxkt Patrick- OFarrell AVabhincton DC
Late fclndnal Exrmlner TT S Peatltm Sotsmi
in ltst war is Jjudicatins claims aify sinca
on you and camp to the raKin spot
Ytlt rh A rt tintii - n a
lnc la Its cenlal -climate Write Southern Home
seekers Luml Co SoixervUls Fayette Co Teun
KIDDER 8 PASTiLLESbymailStorfellCo
kg Bett Couch Syrup Tastes Good Use I
ccj m mna Boiq py arngglstg
With apologies to McGuffeys
My beautiful mj beautiful thou stand-
est meekly by
With proudly arched and glossy frame
and sprocket geared so high
Fret not to roam within the park with
all thy winged speed
1 may not scorch on thee again thourt
pinched my silent steed
Fret not with thy impatient tire sound
not the warning gong
Theyll check you in a basement damp
because 1 scorched along
The bike cop hath thy handle bar my
tears will not avail
Fleot wheeled and beautiful farewell
for thourt held for bail
Farewell those fat pneumatic wheels
full many a mile have spun
To bask beside the Cliff House bar or do
a century run
Some other hand less skilled than mine
must pump thoe up with air
The patent lamp that wont stay lit must
be anothers care
Only in sleep shall I behold myself with
bended back
Only i i sleep shall thee and I avoid the
trolley track
And when 1 churn the pedals down to
check or cheer thy speed
Then 1 must starting wake to learn
thourt pinched my silent steed
Ah rudely then unseen by me some
clumsy chump bestride
May wabble into rough brick walls and
dish a wheel beside
And compressed wind thats in thee
scape in shrill indignant pain
Till cruel man that on thee rides will All
thee up again
With slow dejected foot I roam not
knowing where or when
Ill meet a good Samaritan wholl kind
loan me ten
And sometimes to the park I go drawn
in my hopeless quest
Twas here I struck a record clip the
copper did the rest
Who said that I had given thee up Who
said that thou wert lost
Tis false tis false my silent steed 1
fling them fine and cost
Thus thus I leap upon thy back and hit
the asphalt trail
Away my bright and beautiful I pawn
ed my watch for bail
San Francisco Examiner
I had reached my office one morning
In November a year or two ago when
to my surprise I found a young fellow7
waiting for me outside the door
Mr Somers he began impetuously
can you give me your services for the
Is the matter very pressing I re
plied Tell me what it is
My name is Kincaid he said quick
ly You did some family business for
us a few years ago I want you to
come with me at once We can just
catch a train from Waterloo to Basing
stoke tit 910 It runs down in an hour
Ill explain in the train Ten guineas
for the day and expenses Make your
own terms if successful Will that do
Very well I said go and get a cab
Ill join you directly
I unlocked my office picked up a
portmanteau which I keep ready pack
ed for emergencies scribbled a note to
my clerk and in less than ten minutes
ws by his side in a hansom on the
way to the station We secured a car
riage to ourselves and as soon as the
train had fairly started he unfolded his
My uncle Clavell Kincaid died very
suddenly last night under curious cir
cumstances and I expect foul play he
Tell me exactly what happened
We had a kind of family dinner
party to make a fresh arrangement
about the proprety in which my uncle
had left a life interest
Nobody present but relations
What is the property worth
About 10000 or 12000 a year
Go on
As things stand now my cousin
Harry takes everything under the en
tail The object of the meeting was to
buy out his interest so that it could be
more evenly divided among the family
Everybody directly interested was
You couldnt buy up your cousins
interest without his consent I inter
Certainly not answered the young
fellow But Harry is a black sheep In
fact hes a thoroughly bad lot Hes
been knocking about South America
and I dont know where else for some
years and his record Is about as black
a one as a man can have
Very well I -said Now tell me
about your uncles death
We had finished dinner and sat chat
ting and smoking Uncle Clavell was
talking to my father suddenly he said
Dear me 1 feel so sleepy I really think
I then he stoppexl suddenly His
head fell forward and someoody rush
ed for brandy thinking he was 111 As
a matter of fa ct he was dead It all
hj ppened in minute
And you suspect your cousin of hav
ing killed him
On what grounds
The young fellow looked blank
I hardly know he stammered ex
cept that Harrys bad enough to do any
thing and my uncle was in perfectly
good health
Was Clavell Kincaid drinking auv
tliing at the time
No h was just smoking a cigar ajid
Was your cousin near him
No he was talking to him several
yards away
How do you think then he tilled
your uncle
I I dont know Thats why Ive
come for yon
You must excuse me Mr Kincaid
It was to your cousins interest that
your uncle should die Your cousin is
an outsider Your uncle dies suddenly
and you jump to the conclusion he has
been murdered but it doesnt follow by
any means
Of course not but I believe he was
he persisted
Has a doctor seen Mr Kincaid
What does he say
The doc tor wont say anything def
initely until he has madea proper exam
ination He thinks it is a total paraly
sis of the brain and he cant account
tor it in any way
What kind of a man was jTour
Very healthy and very temperate I
have never known him to eat too much
or drink too much in my life Never
had a days illness
Well its a very strange case I
said and a very sad one But frank
ly I believe your uncle died from nat
ural causes You are prejudiced in the
matter I am not
We reached Basingstoke at a few
minutes past 10 and then separated
Young Edward Kincaid was to go
straight home and explain to his father
what he had done and get him to help
When I arrived I was received by fath
er and son and taken privately to the
dining room where the death occurred
You must quite understand Mr
Somers said the old man that I am
not prepared to indorse my sons opin
ion that my brother was murdered His
death was shqekingly sudden and my
nephew Harry is I am sorry to say
a thorough rogue but I should be sorry
to think he was guilty of this
I cant see any reason to suspect him
of it I said dryly
This is the cigar which he was
smoking said the young fellow I
took it out of his hand and placed it on
the mantelpiece Do you think he
went on quickly a man could be pois
oned by a cigar because now I come
to think of it this one came out of my
cousins case
I dont think a cigar could be made
so as to kill a man on the spot I re
plied It might make him very sick
or send him to sleep but not kill him
Besides said Edward Kincaid Sr
several of us smoked cigars out of
Harrys case I think you did for one
You see he continued turning to me
when we were lighting up my brother
had cigars handed round but my
nephew produced his own case and
off ered it to those present My brother
was a connoisseur of cigars and
knowing that Harry always had some
thing especially good and wishing per
haps to please him he said from the
other end of the room Harry I think
Ill have one of yours
Yes if you remember said the
young man Harry walked up to him
and picked a cigar out of his case and
said Try this one uncle
I felt rather perplexed but to be on
the safe side put the half smoked cigar
in my pocket for further examination
Im afraid this doesnt prove any
thing I said It isnt even suspicious
You see Mr Clavell asked for it
Yes but perhaps Harry calculated
he would do so because Uncle Clavell
often said that his cigars were the best
part of him and he always liked to
smoke them
Gould you manage for me to see your
cousin I asked
As luck would have it the person in
question sauntered into the room He
was a worn out dandified looking man
of about five and thirty very sallow
and bony with a rather unpleasantly
easy bearing
I was introduced as representing the
solicitors and we began to discuss the
death I watched him narrowly He
talked about it with horrible compos
ure and didnt pretend to be sorrow
Well I suppose you three are talk
ing business he said at last lazily
so Ill clear out I hate that sort of
thing I shall run up to town to-morrow
and call on your people he added
turning to me Good morning
What do ycu propose to do Mr
Somers said Edward Kincaid
Its impossible to form an opinion
until we have heard a proper medical
report I replied When does the post
mortem take place
This afternoon
Very well I cant do any good here
until that is over I shall go straight
back to town now and have this cigar
examined by an expert and return here
to night when you can tell me what the
doctor says
My visit to town was not very suc
cessful The cigar expert pronounced
the half smoked specimen wThich I ask
ed him to examine to be one of a very
fine brand of Havanas and he mention
ed the name but theres no need to re
peat it now On making a closer ex
amination however he said he was
mistaken It was an imitation and he
pointed out a number of trilling differ
ences in the dolling aad wrapping
which nobody but an expert would ob
You must be able to see he said
its a beautiful cigar quite as good as
if it were a first class brand Only its
not any brand at all It was made
privately theres nothing exactly like it
on the market
The next point was to ascertain if it
had been doctored in any way With
that object I called on a certain cele
brated specialist to get his opinion On
hearing an outline of the ease he be
came most interested
I okmt believe its possible he said
for a cigar to be so manipulated that a
person smoking it would drop dead
But well make a careful examination
and see what we can find
Then we cut it open and every bit of
it was put under a strong glass But
after parts of it had been submitted to
variousests no trace of poisonous mat
ter could be discovered
I returned to Basingstoke arriving
halt an hour before dinner The feel
ing in my mioa was thar though there
utlni afraid tttis is a wild goose chase twas some reascn perhaps to suspect
Hairy Kincaid of the crime there was
not a particle of evidence in the true
sense of the word
I told Edward Kincaid and his father
the result of my journey and then had
a consultation with the doctor who
had been asked to remain for dinner
His decision was that Mr Clavell had
died from complete stoppage of the
brain but there was literally nothing
to show what caused it and there had
been nothing in Mr Clavells habits
and mode of life at all likely to produce
menral paralysis
Further conversation was prevented
by the necessity of dressing for dinner
As we went through the hall we met
Mr Harry
Harry Im taking care of the doc
tor Would you mind Mr Somers
washing his hands in your room said
Not at all drawled his cousin
I hope you wont mind said Ed
ward to me Everything is of course
in a beastly muddle and he added
when we were alone you will have a
chance of looking around
That was exactly what I wanted I
went hastily around the room but
found to my disapointment that every
thing was carefuly locked Suddenlyi
my eye caught sight of his dinner jack
et which was hanging up behind the
door I remembered being told that our
friend from South America only
smoked cigars after dinner in England
and it struck me he might have left his
case in his pocket
A search in the pocket proved I was
right and the next moment I had in my
hand an elegant little silver case con
taining seven cigars I tumbled them
out on the toilet and examined them
As far as I could make out they were
exactly like the one I had taken up to
town Suddenly a hand was on the
Would you mind mjT coming in
said a voice I just want to change
my jacket
He spoke with his usual drawl but I
thought there was just a shade of
anxiety in his voice
Certainly I said putting the cigars
back and keeping up a running fire of
talk all the time
You are not going to dress are you
I said
Oh no but I hate these frock coats
a dinner jacket Is much more comfort
I was washing my hands and I stood
in front of the mirror so that I could
watch him I noticed that as soon as
he had changed his coat he opened his
cigar case and as well as I could judge
from the expression on his face count
ed them
I began to feel profoundly interested
and determined to watch Mr Harry
and his cigars closely Dinner was
rather a dull affair There were no
ladies present and everybody was nat
urally depressed by the awful occur
rence of the previous night As soon
as the dessert was put on we began to
smoke and I was on the lookout for
the appearance of the silver case
It was soon produced and offered to
his right hand neighbor who however
declined it preferring to smoke a cigar
ette A little satirical smile flickered
across Harry Kincaids face He se
lected one for himself and lighted it
The conversation became general and a
little brighter The wine was passed
around the table hospitabl and all
began to look as if they were prepared
to meet the troubles of the world with
a cheerful resignation
Suddenly Harry Kincaid gave a loud
groan and staggered to his feet
Good heavens I Help Bran-
Before anyone could move he snatch
ed his cigar case out of his pocket and
hurled it across the room toward the
fire It struck a glass epergne in the
center of the table and broke it Then
he fell to the ground struggling madly
with the most horrible expression of
fear and malice on his face I ever saw
In his fall he seized the tablecloth and
dragged nearly everything off the table
We all sprang to our feet and the doc
tor rushed to his side But it was too
late He was dead
I cannot describe the horror of the
scene It didnt last more than a min
ute and we stared at one another
aghast The same thought was in
everyones mind He had died in just
the same way that Mr Clavell died the
night before only being a younger
man the struggle had been more in
I at once picked up the cigar case
which was lying on the hearthrug and
in the presence of everyone turned out
the contents I noticed that one of the
six cigars was about an eighth of an
inch shorter than the rest I cut it open
down the center In the middle there
was a little blue substance about the
size of a pea Then we opened the oth
er five They were ordinary cigars
It was easy to see what had happened
In putting the cigars back into the case
I must have rearranged them and the
villain had incautiously smoked one
which he Bad prepared for someone
else I took the lump of blue poison to
the specialist whom I had consulted in
the morning
After some weeks I had this letter
from him
My Dear Mr Somers I have carefully
examined the blue substance which you
submitted to me some little time ago and
have also shown it to the most eminent
chemist of my acquaintance We are
bound to confess we can tell you nothing
about it It contains drugs which are
quite unknown to modern science and 1
can only think that Harry Kincaid had
picked up some fiendish skill from th
South Americans which is very happily
quite unknown in Europe It is a most
fortunate thing that he fell into his owu
trap as I feel quite sure that otherwise
it- would have been impossible to bring
him to justice Believe me to be youri
faithfully G IBBS DALTON
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A nnmo np lofintHnn r P n vnnrl
livuiuu u ui uuiiiuu wx a gUUU UUCLU1
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pathetic eyes -- -
The vital principle is strongest Ui the
common tortoise One of these animals
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