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ROBERT GOOD Editor and Publisher
Official JPaper of
ty Nebrstikfe
100 Per Ifeur Hh Advance
Entered at the Post office Valentine Cherry
county Nebraska as Second-class-matter
This paper will be malted regulariy
to its subscribers until a definite order
to discontinue is received and all
rears are paid in full
Advertising rates 50 cents per dnch
per month- Kates per column or for
long time ads made known oi appli
cation to thisoffice
Democratic Ticket
For President
Of Lincoln Nebraska
Por Vice President
Of Bath Maine
x Presidential Electors
For- Governor
For Lieutenant Governor
For State Secretary
ForState Auditor
For State Treasurer
For Attorney General
For State Superintendent
For Commissioner
For Judges Supreme Court
Long Term
Short Term
For University Regent
For Senator 14th District
For Representative 52d District
A ttorntn
For Commissioner 2d District
Not four weeks until election
day Have you done anything for the
cause If not why not Wake up
brothers and democracy will once
i more reign triumphant
When WL Greene comes to Val
entine on the 17th it is to be hoped
that he will not be suffering from
another attack of tonsilitis This is a
good town to buy the prescriptions
usually used for the disease -but for
his own sake he -should suffer in
c silence
The latest estimate by prominent
republicans gives Bryan 199 votes
cure McKinley 129 and marks 9
states with 119 votes as doubtful
Let everybody get off his coat and go
to work to gain a couple of those
doubtful states It can be done
and ought to be done We donlt need
the east and should not waste time
The rudeness of President Elliot of
Harvard to the GAR and the brutal
behavior of Yale students towards
Bryan marks a radical decline in our
pretended leading colleges in good
manners patriotism and political com
mon sense They are two schools
which the patriotic youth of the coun
try should let severely alone They are
notAmerican and do not represent
American principles and behavior
Gold atill comes and even the
mighty Bank of England -cannot stop
i the yellow tide from flowing this way
its course westward is in compliance
so to speak with the law of
vCial gravitation The faut is that
trade manufacturing interests and
commerce in this country are all
awakening to their opportunities
their present opportunities too and
not merely those which the future may
bring Mills are opening every day
confidence is gaining headway in all
our business circles and as for exports
thay are having a veritable boom
- - m i
Every tax payer in Nebraska is in
terested in having the public institu
tions of the state managed with
Six of these institutions are under
the direct control of Governor Hol
comb who has appointed the officers in
charge and demanded of them an hon
est efficient and economical manage
ment The record for the two years j
will show a saving of two hundred
thousand dollars to the tax payers is
these six institutions
When Governor Holcomb assumed
office the best managed state institu
tion was the Hastings Asylum tor the
Chronic Insane Republican officials
pointed to it as an example of rigid
economy and predicted bad results
when it passed into populist manage
ment The -cost of maintaining pa
tients at this asylum during 1892 1893
and 1894 had averaged 55 4 5 cents per
day One year and a half of populist
management and the results showed a
cost of 35f cents per day for mainten
ance a saving to the state in this in
stitution -alone of 366864 per
At the Lincoln Hospital for Insane
the per capita expense of maintaining
patients has been reduced from 54
cents per day to 45 4 5 cents making a
saving a saving of 1089586 per
The Norfolk- Hospital for Insane has
saved the state 773376 per annum by
reducing the cost per capita for main
taining patients from 67 cents per day
for 1892 1893 and 1894 to 59 cents
for1 1895 and 1896
The Soldiers Home at Grand Island
shows by three -semi-annual reports
filed for 1895 and the first ihalf of 1896
a savingat the rate of 2468887 per
annum over the cost of running the
institution during 1892 1893 and 1894
At these four institutions the officers
had to contend against short crops and
other obstacles -which increased the
necessary expenses
At the- state prison the warden has
been obstructed at every point by the
objections of the Board of Public
Lands and Buildings The prison can
and should be self supporting yet the
state of Nebraska was paying over 40
cents a day for the maintenance of
convicts when Governor Holcomb
assumed office Despite the fight made-
by Chairman Russell and the board to
defeat the economic measures institu
ted by the warden the cost of keep
ing the convicts was brought down to
261 5 cents per day The -saving to
the state has been atthe rate of 16
19352per annum
The Institute for the Blind at
Nebraska City makes a showing of
having saved 3326 per annum re
ducing the cost of maintaining inmates
from 106 83 3 5 cents per capita
per day
The total savings of these six state
institutions over the average annual
cost of maintaining the same institu
tions for the three years prior to
Governor Holcombs term of office
make a grand total of 9952475 per
Here is one more deliberate att empt
to deceive shown up by The Demo
crat In the Gordon Journal of last
week the following appeared
BRYAN in 1893
No people except the greedy owners
of silver mines anxious to make inor
dinate profits are interested in coinage
at the ratia of 16 to J No people ex
cept those avaricious owners of money
who profit by contracting the cur
rency are interested in prohibiting
honest free silver coinage at the ratio
ofJ25 to 1 We have no silver mines
in Nebraska and the interests of the
people of this state simply require free
and unlimited coinage of silver upon
the basis of its reasonable value which
cannot be far from 1 part of gold to 25
of -silver World Herald Bryans
paper July31 1893
Now appearing in almost any other
paper this article would not cause
comment but in Bro Lyons paper
ye gods Can it be possible that he
who says the politics of this paper is
putrid would stoop eo low as
tice downright deception The article
in question did appear in the World
Herald on the datd mentioned but the
deceptiou lies in the heading and the
credit attached to the article The
World Herald was not Bryanspaper
on the date mentioned as Bro Lyon
and every other intelligent Nebraskan
knows and he was not responsible for
the exticle Will the Journal please
Plutocracy vs poverty monopolies
vs individuals trusts vs the people
is the title of the case now being heard
by voters and on which a decision will
be tendered Nqv
On to Canton is the popular watch
word Norfolk Neius
Yes popular because so cheap Free
transportation would draw a crowd to
hell Yet the News holds up its hands
in holy horror when free silver is men
tioned f Norfolh Independent
Another editor has been honoredr by
a political party This time it is
Robert Good of The Valentine
Democrat who was nominated for
representative of this district Of
course Bro Good knows that it is an
empty honor and there is no possible
chance of election yet his -nomination
shows that the party appreciates his
efforts and were it in their power to
reward him they would do so
Browrilee Hornet
The republicans have removed one
more enemy to their cause by nominat
ing Mayor Pingree of Detroit for
governor of Michigan Mayor Pingree
was wont to ask What party policy
will best subserve the greatest good to
the greatest number and his answer
invariably was Free coinage of silver
at 16 to 1 But all thafrhas changed
now and he only asks What policy
will best subserve the interests of Mr
Pingree Tis thus that ambition
makes liars of men Heretofore Mr
Pingree has been pointed to as a great
benefactor of the poor and his potato
patch in the city of Detroit will be
remembered for ages but in linking
his fate with McKinleys in standing
upon the same platform with the
savior of trusts and monopolies he
puts an end to bis usefulness His
desire to aid the laboring man has
been put behind his desire for political
preferment and Mark Hanna can
congratulate himself upon having re
moved another of labors champions
The erstvvbile advocate of principle
has now become a most earnest disci
ple of party
Mere curiosity led 40000 intelli
gent people to attend the Bryan ratifi
cation meeting given by Tammany
Hall in New York City last week and
35000 of these were compelled to
stand outside in a cold rain Mere
curiosity impelled the 5000 men and
women to cheer as one person when
Bryan appeared upon the platform
Mere curiosity set the immense
throng wild when be said While I do
not wish to array class against clas3 1
am willing to array all the people
wbo suffer from trusts against the few
people who compose them It was
mere curiosity that caused such an
ovation toffehe democratic candidaterin
New Jersey tbat the New York World
the great gold standard democratic
paper heads its article on the subject
in letter Jersey Bryan
Mad And it is mere curiosity to
see good times that will place Bryan
in the presidential chair on the 4th
day of next March Long live such
mere curiosity May its power
never grow less
In the house of representatives on
March 16 1892 William J Bryan the
democratic candidate for president
There is a question Mr Chairman
when you come to consider the details
of a revenue tariffas to just how it
ought to be laid I do not remember
the exact language of that platform
upon this question but I do believe as
say and I am ready to stand by it
anywhere that a protective tariff lev
ied not to raise revenue but to protect
some particular industry is wrong in
principle and vicious in practice Now
what is a protective tariff and what
does itmean It is a simple device by
which one man is authorized to collect
moneyJxom his fellow man There
are two ways in which iyou can pro
tect an industry Youi can give it -a
bounty out of the federal treasury
or you can authorize it to take up the
collection itself Tbisis the only dif
ference Suppose that the Chairman
desired to help some particular indus
try for instance one in the home of
my friend from New York Mr
Raines who was asked the question
He might do it in either of two ways
He might pass around the hat here
and collect the money and tarn it over
to the -favored industry or he might
simply say to the man I will put a
tariff upon the imported article and
make the price so high that you can
collect the additional price for your
home made article Now what is
the difference except that in the one
case the Chairman passes around the
hat and turns the money over to
friends and in the other case
authorizes the friendto pass the
What a queer old world ibis is any
way and How devions and inexplicable
are some of thccouclusions arrived at
and arguments presented regarding
presidential candidates Now theres
Bryan and McKinley and the prohibi
tionists The McKinleyites are afraid
that Bryan will get the votes of the
prohibs so they are assiduously circu
lating a story to the effect that Bryan
once stumped this state against
feition all of which is false This
stumping was supposed to have Ibeen
done in 1890 when Bryanfirst ran for
Congress but all that Bryan ever said
in his speeches it that time regarding
the proposed prohibitory amendment
was that the democratic party is not
in favor of attempting to regulate the
appetites of men But what of that
Our republican friends are attempting
to make a mountain out of this mole
hill and hold up their hands in holy
horror at the thought of anyone dar
ing to make such a bold statement
And they point with pride to Mc
Kinleyte address in 1874 when he said
among other stronger things
By legalizing this traffic we agree to
share with the liquor sellers the respon
sibilities and evils of his business
Every man who votes for license be
comes of necessity a partner to the
liquor traffic and all its consequences
Nobody desires to argue this ques
ion in a presidential campaign but
many will honor McKinley for th
words quoted above But like all
other McKinley records this one has
two sides On South Market street
in Canton Ohio stands a Mittle three
cornered one story building occupied
by John Rolli with an ordinary every
day liquor saloon The land and
building occupied by this saloon is
and for several years has been in the
possession of Wm McKinley and the
rentals paid for the property go into
his pocket This is given on the
authority of the New York Voice the
greatest prohibition paper in America
By McKinleys record he can be
shown to be in favor of anything and
In the Republican platform of 1860
adopted at Chicago that on which
Abraham Lincoln was elected presi
dent appeared the following plank
That the maintenance inviolate of
the right of the state and especiallythe
right of each state to order and con
trol its own domestic institutions
cording to its own iudaemenfc
o i - u i
Dirvcij to caacutirii lu Ulclli UUUU1UK
power upon which the operation and
endurance of our political fabric de
pends and we denounce the lawless
invasion by armed force of the soil of
any state or territory no matter under
what pretext as among the greatest of
Thirty six years later the Chicago
convention on July 7 1896 writes the
following plank which the republican
machine of Hanna McKinley Piatt
Merriam Quay and Payne denounces
as anarchistic
We denounce arbitrary interference
by federal authorities in local affairs as
a violation of the constitution of the
United States as a crime against free
If this plank on which William
Bryan and the army of freedom
1896 stands is anarchistic what
that on which Abraham Lincoln
the allied forcesof union and freedom
stood in 1860
When Mr Hanna by the most ex
traordinary campaign of boodle that
the country ever saw solidified the re
publican party inifavor of repudiated
McKinleyism he was regarded as the
most dangerous man in Amirican
politics His activity in politics was
looked upon as wuolly pernicious JBut
good reasons exist for a change of
view with regard to Mr Hanna This
gentlemans methods are distinguished
by an ingenuousness which instantly
reveals where he is at and what are
his purposes He managed his Mc
Kinley nominating campaign in such
a way as to make it a spectacular ex
hibition of boodleism Mr Hanna is
not in danger but a danger signal
He is a red lantern over the political
ditch The American people owe Mr
Hanna thanks for waving the red flag
of danger- St Louis Republic
The free silver republicans are talk
ing of putting a state ticket in the
field This is as it should be Re
publicans are backing gold standard
democrats and chuckling in their
sleeves over the confusion of the party
and democrats will be justified in
adopting retaliatory measures If this
ticket is put up voters can take their
choice of six tickets when election
day comes around
jf -
- - - ir -
4 iiii i
Spain oiloaida loan of 2u00GG0
in London rewntiy but could find no
taker even though her railroads
guaranteed the loan She is now in a
position to go Into the hands of a
receiver as a bankrupt and Cuba
doesnt propose to be reckoned among
the assets of the country And the
Philippine Islands aie in a state of
revolution also Spain will shortly
have to retire from her colonial poB
Every man should vote occording to
the dictates of his conscience For
the past two years Governor Holcomb
has given this state the best adminis
tration we have ever had He has
been persecuted by the republicans
vet not one of them can say -a word
against him or his official act3 With
such aDian in the governors chair for
another two years this state will be
prosperous andtfreed from the thieving
gang of republicans ONeill Sun
The ninth proposed amendment to
the constitution is perhaps the most
important one of all as it provides for
the investment of the permanent
school funds ofthe state No objec
tion from any source has ibeen raised
against this proposed amendment and
this paper will therefore pass it with
out comment until next week
The next amendment proposes to
allow merging of the government of
cities of tthe first clas3 with the
government of the counties in which
they are located This amendment
applies tovOmaha only and is being
combatted by some farmers papers
in Omaha one of which says
This proposition applies to the city
of Omaha and the county of Douglas
in which Oraaha is situated should
such amendment become a part of
our constitution as Douglas county is
now constituted it would be easily
possible for the city and county to be
incorporated even against the wish
will and vote of all the farmers of the
The result of such incorporation
would be to saddle the farmers of the
county with a proportion of the
euurmousueDu or mis city masmg a
burden of taxation which swould ruin
the value of farms and render farming
in this county unremunerative
Furthermore such incorporation wonld
disfranchise the farmers vote thereby
depriving him of local
This paper cant see it that way
however as the amendment expressly
stipulates that the proposition for
merging the governments must re
ceive the assent of a majority of the
votes cast in such city and also a
majority of the votes cast in the
county exclusive ot such oity
Where does the disfranchisement
come in Ycte for the amendment
Mr Watson exhibits as part of the
martvrdom to which he has been sub
jected for the sake of populism -the
criticism of his actions by the Bryan
If Mr Watson is honest he must
confess that thi3 criticism has been
based solely on the evidence that he
was willing to sacrifice to his own
ends all the nrincinlfis anrl
objects for the support of which his
party joined with -the democracy
The evidence of this is strengthened
by the latest manifesto of the populist
candidate for the Vice Presidency In
this document Mr Watson is both in-
aiuucre auu xuconsistenu wnne pro
fessing devotionto the Bryan cause
he tries to stir up populist resentment
against it by charging democratic bad
faith and to arouse contempt for the
alliance by calling it a division of
loaves and fishes
Mr Watson knows that the only ar
rangement the democrats could make
was fusion in the different states by
state organizations He knows thafrif
the rank and file of the populists were
deceived their own leaders deceived
them and neither Mr Bryan nor his
representattves -consented to it
But Mr Watson -protests against an
alliance by fusion because it is a mere
division of the loaves and fishes He
protests in behalf of the principles of
populism He threatens the democrats
with populist defection if the alliance
is not made by placing him on the
national ticket What is that but a
division of the loaves and fishes in a
different way What object ot Mr
Bryans election would be defeated by
the defeat of Thomes E Watson
Mr Watson will find it hard work to
convince the mass of populist3 that
they should vote for McKinley because
the populist shares of the loaves and
fishes were scattered in ther different
states and not all given to St
Louis Repuhlir I
Daxnovratio PiatforiH
The following is a synopsis -of 1 he
platform adopted by the national con
vention at Chicago July 0th 1896 The
plank referring to free coinage of silver
is given in full
Itecogiiizuif that tho money question Is para
mount to all others at this time v Invite atten
tion to the fact that tiic federal constitution
names silver and gold together as the money
metal of the United States We declare that
the demonetization of silver in 1877 has resulted
in the appreciation of gold and a corresponding
fall in the price or com Jiodities produced by the
people Vve are unalterably opposed to a sin
gle gold standard Cold monometalism is
British policy it is not only un Amerieau but
We demand the free and unlimited coinage of
both gold and silver at the presenclegal ratio of
lc to l without waiting for the aid or consent of
any other nation We demand that the stan
dard silver dollar shall be a full legal tender
equally with gold for all debt public and pri
vate and we favor such legislation as will pre
vent the demonetization of any kind of leal
tender money by private contract
weareopposuutoiiie poller and practice ot
surrendering to the holders of the obllgatious ot
tue jiiiitici btates cue option reserved by law to
The Democrat and the Thricea
week JSew York World one year
- t
the government of redeeming such obligation
in either silver coin or gold coin
We are opposed to the issuing of Interest bear
ing bonds ofthe United States in time of peace
We lemand that the power to issue notes to
circulate as money be taken from the national
banks and that all paper money shall be issued
directly by the treasury department
We holdtlmt tariff duties should be levied for
purposes of revenue and that taxation should be
limited bythe needs of the government honestly
and economically administered We denounce
as disturbing to business the republican threat
to restore the McKinley law which has been
twice condemned by the people iu national
elections and which enacted under the false
plea of protection to uome industry proved a
prolilic breeder of trusts aud monopolies enrich
ed the few at the expense of jnanv restricted
trade and deprived the producers or the great
American staples of access to their natural mar
kets Until the money question is settled we are
opposed to any ugitacion for further change Iu
our tariff laws except such as are necessary to V
make the deficit in revenue caused by tho ad Na
verai deeision of rhfi SnurAtnp fnnrf ni fh in- v-
come tax There would be no deficit in the
revenue but for the annulment by the Supreme
Court of a law passed by the democratic con
gress iu strict persuance of the uniform de
cision of that court for nearly one hundred
years We hold that the most efficient way of
protecting American labor is to prevent the im
portation of foreign pauper labor to compete
with it in ourJiome market
We denounce the profligate waste of the
money wrunglrom tJie people by oppressive
taxation and the lavish appropriations of recent
republican comrresses whmh irpnt tu r
high while the labor that pavs thorn is unemploy
ed and the products of the peoples toil are de
pressed in price till they no longer repay the
cost of production
we enounce the arbitrary interference by
federal authorities in local attain as a violation
of the constitution of the United States and a
crime agauist free institutions
KecoguiziHjj the just claims of deserving uniou
soldiers we heartily endorse the rule of Com
missioner MlimllV that nn imrw alioll J o H
tranly dropped from the pension roll aud the
fact of enlistrnentand service should be deemed
conclusive evidence against disease and disabil
ity before enlistment
We extend niirsviniintlii tn t1mninfni
hi their heroic struggle for JIberty and
We are opposed to life tenure in the public
service We favor appointments based upon
merits fixed term of oflice and such an admin
istration of the civil service laws as will afford
equal opportunities to all citizens of ascertained
We declare it to be the unwjitten law of this
republic established by custom and usage of
one hundred years and sanctioned by the ex
ample of the greatest and wisest of those who
rounded and have maintained our government
that no man should be eligible for a third term
of the presidential office
Below will oe -found the constitution
of the Xon Partisan William J Bryan
Club ivhich all who believe in the
principles there set forth are respect
fully asked to sign Tour membership
in this club need not interfere with
your connection with any other club
ota like nature illeud the constitu
tion and then sign the blank form at
the bottom and send to L G Sparks
President Jiobert Good Vice Presi
dent or D H Thurseon Secretary of
the Club at Valentine
Section The name of this organization shall
be the W J Uryan Non Partisan Free Silver
Section l The object of this organization
shall be to disseminate a silver sentiment a
batter understanding of the finance of the coun
try among its members and the people of the
county generally and to promote good citizen
snip by purity of purpose and harmony of action
and to work for and secure by honest efforts the
election or W J Bryan as our next President
Section J The ofiicera of this club shall be a
President Vice President Treasurer and three
Section J - There shall be an Executive Com
mittee composed of the officers of the club to
arrange all preliminaries of the campaign and
to fill vacrncies when such occur -It shall be
the duty of this committee to scale a program
for each meeting
Section 1 All funds for rnnie
shall be raised by voluntary contribution only
Section l Roberts Rules of Order shall gov
ern the meetings of the club
Section J This club shall meet every Friday
evening at 8 oclock andclub rooms will be open
to visitors at all hours
Each member must Identify himself with the
club by signing the Constitution and accept the
principles -set forth In the same
To the officers and members
Non Partisan William T
of the
Club Valentine Nebraska
Tou are hereby authorized to enroll
me as a member of your Club and af
fix my name to the constitution of the
same Respectfully
IOstoiUce Address

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