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Ears and nose ore all moce or less affected
by catarrh The eyes become inflamed
red and watery with dull aheavy pain
between them there are roaring buzzing
noises In the cars and uometlmeB the
hearing w affected the nose is a nevere
sufferer with ita constant uncomfortable
discharge All these diBagreeable symp
toms may be removed by the use of
a Jv
The Best In iict the One True Blood Purlfler
HnrwrPc Dillc ur0 ausea indigestion
t IOUU 2 iiSS blllmisnms ORpjnts
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding- of the
transient nature of the many phys
ical ills which vanish before proper ef
forts gentle efforts pleasant efforts
rightly directed There is comfort in
the lcnowledge that so many forms of
sickness are not due to any actual dis
ease but simply to a constipated condi
tion of the system which the pleasant
family laxative Syrup of Pigs prompt
ly removes That is why it is the only
remedy with millions of families and is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who value good health Its beneficial
effects are due to the fact that it is the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness without debilitating the
organs on which it acts It is therefore
all important in order to get its oene
flcial effects to note when you pur
chase that you have the genuine article
which is manufactured by the California
Fig Syrup Co only and sold by all rep
utable druggists
If in the enjoyment of good health
end the system is regular then laxa
tives or other remedies are not needed
If afflicted with any actual disease one
may be commended to the most skillful
physicians but if in need of a laxative
then one should have the best and with
the well informed everywhere Syrup of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
used and gives mow general satisfaction
Chicago Milwaukee St Paul Ry
wns and operates 6154 miles of
thoroughly equipped road
It traverses the best sections of the
States of
Illinois Wisconsin Iowa
Missouri Minnesota
South Dakota
North Dakota and the Upper
Peninsula of Michigan
or further information address
General Passenger Agent
Prnmltmtlnti nnrt nrivfoA n to Tntnt5lhlllnr nf Invitn
Uons Send for Investors Guide or How to Get a
Patxkt Patrick O Farrell Washington 1JO
Ite Principal Examiner IT 8 Psssloa Bwmo
3 jrs in last war 15 adjudicating claim tty dace
48 96
Best Cossh Syrup Tastes Good Vte I
in ttma Bold by
Doctors Say It To ttcttcr to Eat than
Paris and Vienna cheap restaurants
substitute horse meat for other kinds
of butchers meat as a matter of
course Hitherto evten in Paris where
the advantages of horses meat as a
regular item on bills of faro have oeun
known ever since the siege of Paris
restaurants hesitate to publish the fact
that they are serving it to their cus
tomers for fear of the popular preju
dice Yet just as oleomargarine Is in
finitely better than genuine butter of
a poor quality so ordinary horse meat
is better for health and flavor chaii
meat from cattle sold for the use of
the poorer classes
The poorer classes In Berlin are
forced by the high prices to go without
meat In Paris the custom of using
horse meat has -made it possible for all
the poorer classes who have to do
heavy labor to obtain a sufficient
amount of nourishiug animal food
Horses meat differs from beef in be
ing slightly coarser in grain and having
a slightly richer flavor Its quality
naturally depends on the age of the
beast As a rule even though it may
be tougher the meat is far safer to iat
than beef While the herds of cattle
each year are producing among them
selves more tuberculosis Infection
horses have little chance to communi
cate tuberculosis or any other disease
to one another because they are sel
dom closely together The diet of
horses fits them for food purposes even
more than cows and infinitely more
than swine or poultry
The business of slaughtering horses
for their meat is undoubtedly on the
increase in the United States because
a large market has opened in Europe
for horse meat especially when it is
canned The Germans are eating it
though unconsciously in the form of
An unknown amount comes back to
America as canned meat and not im
probably forms a staple item of diet
in all public or private Institutions
where feeding by contract Is carried
on That this industry will rapidly in
crease Is certain from the fact that
horses are becoming cheaper and more
abundant The farms out West can
better afford to feed horses with their
grain if they can sell the horses for
their meat
The result will be that if horses come
largely into the market as a food pro
duct the younger horses will be killed
off before they are two years old to
save the expense of longer feeding
them This will do away with the real
reason against the use of horse meat
that only old and feeble horses are
Tommy Traddles Experience with tlio
Fellow -with Short Hair
With distended eyes mouth and ears
Tommy Traddles heard his Sunday
school teacher tell about Samson and
his long hair and his wonderful feats
of strength and his weakness after De
lilah had shorn him of his leonine locks
An he didnt have any strength at
all after he got a hair cut he asked
No his strength was in his long hair
and when his locks were gone he was
powerless explained the teacher
When Tommy came the following
Sunday his face was a trifle scratched
and one of his eyes was discolored He
had very little to say but was evident
ly doing a great deal of thinking
Say teacher he said at last I
dont think much of that Samson story
you told us last Sunday
Why so Tommy inquired the
Oh you see Johnny Jones hes big
ger n me an hes captain of the Young
Rovers football team an he wore his
hair long like all of those kickers An
him an me isnt good friends an last
Tuesday me an Jimmy Hawkins and
Bob White we all caught him alone
an piled on to him an held him down
an cut off all his long hair with mas
That wasnt at all nice Tommy
reproved the teacher but I suppose
you were thinking of the story of Sam
Yes that Is just what I was thinkin
And you thought his strength was in
his hair
Yesm thats just what I thought
Well was it
Was it Tommy replied disgusted
ly I met him all alone yestiddy Was
it Say just look at that eye
Some women think that making u
man a good wife means making him
wear a olece of red flannel around hla
neck when he has a sore throat
Sweetness and Light
Put a pill in the pulpit if you want practical
preaching for the physical man then put the
pill in the pillory if it does not practise what it
preaches Theres a whole gospel in Ayers
Sugar Coated Pills a gospel of sweetness
and light People used to value their physic
as they did their religion by its bitterness
The more bitter the dose the better the doctor
Weve got over that We take sugar in ours-
gospel or ph73ic now-a-days Its possible to
please and io purge at the same time There
may be power in a pleasant pilL That is the
gospel of
Ayers Cathartic Pills
More pill particulars in Ayers Curcbook ioo pages
Sent tree J C Ayer Co Iowell Mass
Necessnry Apparatus Ib Often
ins in the School Koom Irregular
-Attendance Is Trying to the
Lack of Apparatus
How often do we find the necessary
apparatus wanting Maps are few
black boards poor and many others
things unknown Here the teacher has
a grand chance to work In many lit
tle ways may the supply be added to
and the pupils greatly benefited at the
same time Take for instance a school
concert No small amount of work is
implied but it is a pleasure and the
results amply repay one for all the
trouble It is a great help to the chil
dren The training and study necessary
to an appearance in public strength
ens the mental powers and improves
their reading beside the confidence in
themselves given by an appearance on
the stage a certain amount of which
is necessary Then the fact that cer
tain articles in the school room were
obtained by their own work gives a
delightful feeling of ownership and a
right to take special care of them
There are many other ways in which
the school apparatus may be improved
and I think every teacher should con
sider it his or her duty to do something
in this line I will say in conclusion
that I am proud to have my name en
rolled in the ranks of the noble army
of country teachers of Canada as I
think we are given a grand work to do
and a wide field in which to work
From among our country boys have
come and are still coming some of our
greatest men We may have under our
charge one whose name will yet be
famous Let us then not think lightly
of our work but rather consider the
great responsibility resting on our
shoulders Let us strive to do our best
and if we have no other we will surely
have the love of our pupils which is
worth a great deal and Ave will finally
receive the reward of the faithful
Educational Record
A Good La tv
Tennessee has a law which requires
candidates for the county superintend
ency to pass an examination The fol
lowing are the rules established by the
State Board of Education
1 The examination shall be written
and shall begin on the first Monday in
October preceding each biennial elec
tion for county superintendent of
schools and may continue two days
2 The examination in addition to
papers on all the branches in which
instruction is now7 given in the public
schools shall embrace questions on
theory and practice of teaching and
school law
3 The questions for examination will
be prepared by the State Board of Ed
ucation and sent by said board to the
various commissions appointed by the
chairman of the County Court as pro
vided in the act The questions will be
mailed under seal and must not be
opened until the day of the examina
tion and then in the presence of the
commission and applicants
4 The papers submitted by the appli
cants shall be carefully graded by the
commission and the papers with the
grades marked thereon shall be for
warded five days from the date of the
examination to the State Superintend
ent of Public Instruction for final grad
ing by the State Board of Education
5 Under the provisions of this act
the State Board has no authority to ex
empt from examination applicants for
certificates of qualification for the posi
tion of county superintendent
Jrresrnlar Attendance
How very trying it is we probably
all known to have a pupil or pupils who
attend irregularly In the country es
pecially pupils are kept at home for
such trivial things A Little extra work
to be done one of the children must be
kept home They get behind their
classes and a great amount of work
must be done over again by the teacher
or the pupils lose a great deal After
a time they lose their interest in
school and do not want to go You
must try to make the parents see of
how much more lasting benefit of how
much greater importance a boy or
girls education is to be to them in after
life than the little saved by their work
Youth is the time of storing for after
years and if the time is wasted then
regrets will fill the years to come Urge
the trustees to give prizes and clearly
impress upon the minds of the pupils
that regular attendance is the principal
thing They will all be anxious to work
for prizes I often wish compulsory at
tendance were the law throughout the
land It wrould be the very best thing
that we could have and I hope it will
not be long in coming Exchange
Power in Personality
Nobody knows it but the true teacher
is a princess a queen I looked at the
long lines as they came marching into
the building Line 13 looked hard
There was George whose step father
had come the day before expressly to
tell us that George was a perfect little
devil and wouldnt mind nobody a
statement pretty nearly true Peter
whose mother wished he would die he
was so mean he kicked her with his
great boots and stole every cent in the
house James who slept he said with
their one hen in his bed every night to
keep him warm and would a little
rather hit a police officer with a snow
ball than any other inoffensiye citizen
Hank who the boys said smoked cl
ear stumps and at least six other char
acters who could not be influenced or
controlled in any degree in their homes
They could run away from school
but for some reason they did not The
truant officer was a woman not young
who couldnt catch them if she tried
and probably wouldnt try But here
they were not very clean and some
what ragged marching with a show of
dignity into their room I opened the
door an hour later and stepped in
Fifty five of them there in the seats
several girls as subtle as the boys and
quick to respond if any sly mischief
promised What did I see Half the
room at work interested busy studi
ousno attempt at disorder every child
knowing his present duty and doing it
The other half with books in hand re
citing in clear pleasant tones and giv
ing a close intelligent attention to the
teachers questions And there she
stood quiet pleasant strong a gen
eral a leader a queen No civic officer
could have exercised such control
among those liard citizens They
recognized the power in her personalty
and they simply yielded to it When
the cities of this land once learn who
are the real makers of civilization
where mothers fail and fathers are not
then the public school will be crowned
with laurel and the teacher will be
canonized Popular Educator
Making ThimrB Plain
All teachers need to bear in mina
especially at the beginning of the year
that the things they teach while plain
and clear to them are misty and shad
OAvy to the undeveloped minds of their
pupils The longer we have taught the
oftener we have gone over a subject in
the class room the less likely are we
to appreciate the difficulties that the
immature learner meets Misconcep
tion is easy and difficulties many for
the childish mind and care needs to be
exercised lest the pupil getting en
tangled become discouraged Go slow
ly and by easy steps until children find
their footing then the ascent of the
hill of learning may be more rapid and
satisfactory School Journal
When Shaving Became Fashionable
The confessor of Francis II of France
refused him absolution until he had
completely removed his beard An an
cient German was by tribal custom not
allowed to cut off his flowing beard
until he had killed his first man in bat
tle About the year 200 B C the Rom
an Emperor Scipio Africanus inaugu
rated the custom of shaving among the
Roman nobles Henry I of England
wore a beard until a courageous preach
er leveled his eloquence at him to such
good purpose that he submitted to be
shaved From the time of Julius Cae
sar until the advent of William the
Conqueror the Britons wore mustaches
but the clergy after the conversion of
the islanders were forced to shave by
law One of the early popes establish
ed the shaving of Roman Catholic
priests to distinguish them from the
patriots of Constantinople The priests
of the Greek Church still wear beards
Peter the Great of Russia laid a tax on
beards and delinquents were forced to
have their faces shaved with a blunt
razor or to have the hairs pulled out
with pincers So everybody shaved
The first shaving was done by order of
Alexander the Great who forced the
Greek warriors to cut off their beards
as he found them awkward impedi
ments in the hand-to-hand contests of
that time Current Literature
Ah Exchange for Cigar Stubs
Without doubt the most novel ex
change is the Cigar Stump Exchange
held at Paris in the ancient Place Mau
bert which is the resort of more curi
ous characters than any other place in
the world On the steps which lead to
it from the Boulevard Saint Germain
the Parisian Cigar Stump Exchange
meets every pleasant afternoon All
members of the exchange bring their
wares to these meetings in paper boxes
There is no dealing in futures Each
broker sells only the cigar ends actually
in his possession The buyers on this
exchange are wholesalers and retailers
The wholesalers buy up all the stumps
they can get lor about a franc a pound
clean them cut them up fine and sell
the product in packages wjth fancy
covers as smuggled tobacco for three or
four francs a pound
The Third Napoleons Wealth
Ex Empress Eugenie of France re
cently sold some jewels and a notice
ran through the papers that she was in
straitened financial circumstances She
will not starve however Napoleon
III left over 100000000 as the Ger
mans found when they got hold of hisr
papers at St Cloud His money was
invested in 6 per cent American bonds
5 per cent and 3 per cent Russians 4
per cent Prussian and English consols
5 per cent Turks and some industrial
shares such as English Belgian and
American railroad shares and Suez
canal shares The jewels which the
ex empress sold were so gorgeous that
only royalty can wear them without
appearing over ostentatious and the
400000 which the jeweler paid for
them has been added to the rest of the
interest bearing money
Not Particular
The old gentleman looked at the
youth rather sharply over the top of his
I gather from your remarks he
said that you would like to be my son
in law
I dont care a continental about
that retorted the young man with con
siderable asperity Your daughter has
enough money in her own right to satis
fy me
Wages of Seamen
The wages of seamen on sailing ves
sels are about the same all over the
world averaging about 15 a month
with food seamen employed on
steamers receiving about 10 per cent
Nothing is more disheartening to a
man than the discovery that he has
married a woman who loves to lieep
bis writing table in order Albany
ilk m
I 12 Color
Mrs Burton Harrison
ore of the popular writers for 187
to Jan 1 1897 with
Beautiful Calendar
As a special offer The Youths
Companion will be sent free for the
remainder of the year 1896 to all new
subscribers One of the most beautiful
Calendars issued this year will also be
given to each new subscriber It is
made up of Four Charming Pictures
in color beautifully executed Its size
is 10 by 24 inches The subjects are
delightfully attractive This Calendar
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Companion and could not be sold in
Art Stores for less than one dollar
Oldest Wooden Building
The oldest wooden building in the
world is said to be the church at Bor
gund in Norway It was built In the
eleventh century and has been protect
ed by frequent coatings of pitch It is
built of pine and in fantastic Roman
esque design
Physicians Wise in Their Generation
The above class of scientists recognize
and have repeatedly borne testimony to the
efficacy of Hostetters Stomach Bitters as a
remedy and preventive of fever and ague
rheumatism want of vigor liver complaint
and some other aliments and Infirm condi
tions of the system Experience and obser
vation have taught them its value They but
echo the verdict long since pronounced by
the public and the press Only the benighted
now are Ignorant of Americas tonic and al
No matter how ashamed a girl feels
the first time she kisses a man It nevei
occurs to her that the man may feel
that way too
liewaro of Ointments for Catarrh that
Contain Mercury
As mercury will surely destroy tho sense of
smell and completely derange the whole system
when entering it through tho mucous surfaces
Such articles should never be uuod except on
prescriptions from reputable physicians a th
lamage they will do is tenfold to the good you
can possibly derive from them Halls Catarrh
Cure manufactured by F J Cheney Co To
ledo O contains no mercury and is taken in
ternally and acts directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of tho system In buving
Halls Catarrh Cure bo suro you get the genuine
It is taken internally and made in Toledo Ohio
by F J Cheney Co
j8SSold by Druggists prico 75o per bottle
Women seem to have an idea that be
cause they havent got a Greek face
they have to frizz their hair all up wit J
a hot iron
Cascarets stimulate liver kidneys and
bowels Never sicken weaken or gripe
D B Jones of Brooklyn owns a J
watch that formerly belonged to Oliver
Attracting attention everywhere Our
book 100 Ways of Making Money at
Home Without Capital is being read
everywhere Practical reliable guaran
aed 25c L Myers Austin III
When a woman gets an idea she must
be economical she hunts around and
finds an old skirt to rip up
I believe my prompt use of Pisos Cure
prevented quick consumption Mrs Lu
cy Wallace Marquette Kan Dec 12 95
The funded debts of Spain and Cuba
exceed 1600000000 and there is a
floating debt of nearly 170000000
Just try a 10c box of Cascarets the fin
est liver and bowel regulator ever made
There never was a woman who
wasnt awfully conceited about the
way she could love if she tried
Celebrating In 1S07 its seventy firsJ birthday fc
The Companion oners It readers many f
Uonally brilliant features The two hemispheres h
have been explored in search of attractive w
matter aff
Tfeebutfrs I
For the Whole Family
In addition to twenty five staff writers fully
two hundred of the most famous men and
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akkW5k k
The Rain Tree of Fierro
Travelers In the Canary islands tell
of a remarkable tree that grows on one
of the group It might well be called
a rain tree Fierro the Island referred
to is extremely dry not a rivulet trav
ersing it anywhere Yet a tree grows
there around which is gathered a
cloud from which a gentle rain is al
ways falling Underneath the tree the
natives of Fierro have constructed cis
terns which are kept constantly full
thus giving them a water supply which
they otherwise would not have on the
Dont Tobacco Spit and Smoke Yonr
Life Away
If you want to quit tobacco usinir oasilv
and forever regain lost manhood b
made well strong magnetic full of new
life and vigor take the wonder-worker
that makes weak men strong
Many gain ten pounds in ten days Over
00000 cured Buy from yonr
own druggist who will guarantee a cure
Booklet and sample free Address Ster
ling Remedy Co Chicago or New York
A citizens league lias been formed in
Toronto to put down the bicycle
scorcher The league is composed of
the most prominent citizens and is
out for blood
From Now Until Spring
Overcoats and winter wraps will he in
fashion Tley cau be discarged tempor
arily while traveling in the steam healed
trains f the Chicago Milwaukee St
Paul Riilway For solid comfort for
speed and for safety no other line can
compare with this great railway of the
A womans idea of a comforter is
some one to say There there and
pat her on the cheek
Whatever may be the cause of blanch
ing the hair may be restored to its origi
nal cwlor by the use of that potent remedy
Halls Vegetable bicilian Ilatr Kenewer
The new banking law of Mexico
places the minimum capital stock of
banks at 500000
When biliouB or costive eat a CaBcaret
candy cathartic cure guaranteed 10 25c
Women may claim that they like a
man who always keeps his temper but
they dont
Dd you ever go within a mile of a soap factory IT
so you knew what material they make Soap of Sob
bins Electric Soap factory Is as free from Oder as
chair factory Try it once Ask jour grocer for 1U
lake no imitation
A girl cant be in love and have a
bad cold in the head at the same time
Mrs Wlnslow Hootbiwo Btbttp for Children
teething sotteni the Rums reduces inflammation
Hays sain cure triad coUc 39 cents a bottle
Lots of men think they ought to get
their wives affection on credit
Important Notice
The only genuine Bakers Chocolate
celebrated for more than a century as a de
licious nutritious and flesh forming bever
age is put up in Blue Wrappers and Yel
low Labels Be sure that the Yellow
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