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Coming Events
Christmas Dec 25
1S97 January l
Cowjtv CoinmlS8oners jjan R
D of H Instalation Jan 6
Farmers InstitmeAJan 9
Christmas tomorrow i
Fur Couts at Stinards
Did you Bee the Camel at Stinards
W D Morgaieidge spent Sunday in
fcfens Arctics one dollar per palrat
tf R Fee was in town from Croofcs
ton Monday
Miss Pearl Bay canio up from Oma
ha last evening
Wm Enlow was down from Gordon
on business Saturday
L D Lincoln was seen perambulat
ing the streets Mouday
Wm Francfce has been visiting in
Iowa for the past week
Commencing this morning James
Wellford will drive the Rosebud mail
In place of Geo Hershey
WG Sawyer of Elgin 111 was in
town the first of the week
Born to Mr and Mrs John Jackson
Saturday December 19 a girl
Christmas entertainment at the Pres
byterian church tomorrow night
Dau Webster was down from the
west part of the county yesterday
10000 envelopes just received b
he Democrat Get a supply print
Wm Alsip was over from the reser
vation Saturday and Sunday on busi
Ttev Basset preached at the Presby
terian church last Sunday morning
and evening
Wanted Girl for general house
work Address Lock Box 277 Valen
tine Nebraska
Edt5larkG wenlrtoOmaha Taesduy
on business expecting to be gone a
-week or ten days
Miss Edna Dwyer assisted Judge
Tucker take care of his legal corre
spondence this week
The railroad company has not yet
paid its 96 taxes but is expected to do
ao some time this month
Miss Sadie Dewey of Wood Lake
speut a few days in town during the
rjast week visiting friends
Joe Potmesil was on the train
bound for Chadron Sunday night He
will spend the holidays here
An oyster cocktail is the proper
thing at this season of the year Al
Thacher knows how to make them
The meeting of the Y P S C E
at the Presbyterian church last Sunday
evening was a very Interesting one
This paper is informed that Ed
White well known here was recently
married to a young lady in Indiana
Harry Folks came down from
Crookston yesterday afternoon The
Ayer here seems to agree with Folks
From 17 cents per hundred for
freighting to the brick yard the price
has gone up to 25 and even 30 cents
Prof J P Heelan of Arabia was
in town Monday on business He will
the balance of the winter in
C R Glover returned Sunday night
from Aurora Omaha and Arlington
His mothers health seems to be im
J C Dahlman chairman of the
democratic state central committee
was on Saturday nights passenger
going home to Chadron
Mrs Marv E Antranof Traer Iowa
came home last Thursday right to
spend the holidays with her parents
Mr and Sirs J Wesley Tucker
The K of P dance last Friday ev
ening was the greatest social success
of the year About 60 couples were
present to enjoy the pleasures of the
General Manager Bidwell C C
Hughes and Snpt Harris of the F E
M V railroad made a short stop
here yesterday Full details of the ob
ject of their visit will be given next
Judge Walcott Tuesday issued a
marriage license to Paul Danorsky and
Miss Ella G Johnson both of McCann
T J Foley Jate partner of John
Enlow in the Enlow Cattle Company
of Council Diuffs was in town Satur
Geot B Swift republican mayor of
Chicago vetoed an ordinance Monday
which provided for 4 cent street car
County Treasurer Crabb is kept
yery busy these days by men who
wisn to -make ttie countya Christmas
W A Selden the tailor left for his
home at Longpine yesterday morning
having severed his connection with D
Deputy U S Marshall Bray took
two Indians to Dead wood Monday
night on a charge of committing
assault with intent to kill
Was Held Sunday and the lasers set
up 9JB Oyter Supper
In honor of Jas Ryan of Wilming
ton Delaware a sportsman who has
been in Valeirtine forthe past ten -days
the week in town The firm has not Praie dogs were not i laced oh the
yet commenced work at Pine Ridge n8t or Halejs men might have made
Wanted Competent girl or
woman for general house work
Mrs W E Waite
Kennedy Nebr
Miss Lpcta Sutton came up from
Kearney Tuesday night and is spend
ing the holidays with her cousins Mrs
F M Walcott and Miss Katie Noble
Members of the various secret
societies in Valentine are requested to
send to this office a revised list of their
officers that our directory may be
brought up to date
Peter Wantz a ranchman from
southeast of Wood Lake was in town
Saturday making his annual settle
ment with the county treasurer and
transacting other business
Miss Mary Hurley of Arabia was
in town Saturday She went home to
ONeill Sunday morning on a vacation
but will return to Arabia and resume
herchool thereafter
The following query has been hand
ed the Democrat for an answer
Why are some of the Valentine girls
like a sick man The only reply
possible is Because they long fr
the doctor
This paper is requested to inform the
young men who amuse themselves on
the skating pond by firing revolvers
that they will find themselves in a se
rious predicament if the practice is not
Wm Martins and W E Barker
were found guilty of cattle stealing
before Judge Westover at Chadron
last week the former being given one
year and the latter six years in the
The Kara Cattle Company is the
name of a corporation organized at
Alliance a week or two ago with a
capital stock of 18000 Mike Elmore
J R Phelan and Miss Maggie Laugan
are the incorporators
Dean Efuer returned from Univer
sity Place Nebraska last Saturday
night and will remain until after the
holiday Dean is attending the
Wesleyan University and is making
good progress with his studies
At Rushville last week divorces
were granted to Gilderoy Hardy Clin
ton Mets Elvera Canjpton and Flor
ence M Heldreth Thos Burch was
acquitted of the charge of horse steal
ing preferred by Robson Carter
Dr Will Donoher arrived Friday
from St Louis to spend the holidays
with his sisters and mother He is
one of the su geons in the St Louis
Baptist Hospital and is Tapidly win
ning fame in his chosen profession
Miss Minnie DeWoodv left for her
a few more points The prize for the
winners was an oyster supper at The
Donoher to be paid for by the losers
The parties left town Sunday morn
ing seven of Haleys men and one of
Whites going north with the bounds
and the rest going other directions
with guns alone Time was called in
Watsons drug store at 6 oclock that
evening and White was found to hafe
olson made his bow before the calcium
lights with a measly old owl which he
proudly said belonged to Haley and
him he having slut it all by himself
while out with the hounds Nobody
cared for the owl but objections wre
made to giving Haley all those points
because they would change the result
The owl was finally divided by order
of Referee Sherman White getting an
eighth and everything was owl right
Score White 67 Haley 6G
The supper was given at The Dono
her atr 10 oclock Monday night and
was r spread such aa can be put up
only at that hostelry Everybody ato
and drank and enjoyed himself and
many were the jests passed about the
tables and everybody voted Mr Ryan
a good teiiow ana wished he would
stay here all winter
Ye editor couldnt join the hunters
He was laid up with acute neuritis
Charley Watson and Abe White had
a side bet on which would get the most
points Charley won on a score bf 38
to 35
W E Haley is the champion rabbit
catcher of the northwest All he has
to do is find a hole in the ground sit
on it and then Brer Rabbit jumps into
his arms Ask him about it
It is said that Abe White tried to
Duy a dozen tame chickens until one of
the boys told him they didnt count
The Nebraska Legislature
It is a recognized faut among the
Nebraskans that no matter what other
daily paper they read at other times
during the legislative session they
must get the Lincoln State Journal if
they want all the news The Journal
is right on the ground can get the
latest doings of the law makers and
frequently gives the news one day
earlier than the Omaha papers The
Journals Washington correspondent
Mr Annin keeps journal readers
thoroughly posted on matters of in
terest to Nebraskans that are happen
ing at the national capital The Jour
nal is mailed at 50 cents per month
without Sunday or 65 Cents per month
with Sunday It is a great paper
Fenced Government Acres
W H Liddiard deputy U S mar
shal drove out to Beaver Valley last
home at Ainsworth Saturday morning jVVPek Hnd attested Wm Braddock and
Afier the holidays she will take up her
residence in the Black Hills Miss De
Woody was one of Valentines most
prominent young ladies and the circle
of tne Mystic Six is broken by her
There is a secret society in Valentine
about which little is said but which
nevertheless is growing right along
and that is the Improved Order of Red
Men two palefaces were put through
the mysteries of the Adoption degree
at the regular council of Sitting Bull
Tribe No 22 at their wigwam last Pri
diiy Evening
Caiy Fernald two well known stock
men for fencing government land
He also took Jas lloby and Clark Ba
con along as witnesses The entire
party returned from Omaha the first
tf the week the cases having be6U set
down for trial at the coming ternl of
federal court at Lincoln These cases
grew out of the arrest of Dan Roby
last spring on complaint bf Braddock
There has been bad feeling between
the parties for some time Chadron
Signal- Recorder
Get your envelopes printed at- this
Pnbltaned for Four Years as
iot a Comrade
Wednesday evening of last week
rvate Brown of A company acci
dentally shot Private Fowler of G com-
the way to
The accident happened just
of the bridge The bullet
Was a 32 calibre and struck Fowler
enjoying the shooting to be found in in the jieck under the ar ranging up
inn omity our local spunsmwi
ganiztdaclub hunt Sunday W E
Haley and A T White were the cap
tains and to assist them they chose tjhe
following men
Jas Ryan
Frank likec
Henry Hoenig
Will binher
5 H Thompson
Robert Good
Chas Sparks
H Hilsinger
Chas Sherman
- HAliEY
C R Watson
W Hilsinger
M V Nicholson
W S Jackson
J H Yeast
Fritz Keck
Ed Clarke
Dr Nicholson
Points for all kinds of game were
decided upon and ranged from 200 for
an antelope down to 3 for an owl and
Jas H Owens one of the Indian tnat owl caused lots of trouble and in-
school contractors has been sneudiner ciden tally merriment Snow butts and
pariy while they were on
this side
32uNhed a Fit ger
While assisting ano her mnn unload
Otm large stone destined for the
Indian school Tuesday afternoon Jim
Hulljiad the misfortune to allow a
50ppund stone use his right index
finger a acushiou to rest upon when
iffelhto the car llopr He removed
the member from upder its heavy
cover as soon as possible and consult
ed Dr Dwyer who removed the first
joint of the finger and Mr Hull will
soon be all right
For a Farmers f nHtitato
For the purpose of organizing a
Farmers Institute at Valentine all
farmers are earnestly urged to meet
at alentine on Saturday January 9
1897 at 11 oclock a m This is a
matter in which each and everv farm
er should be interested and take an
active part Dont forget the date
but come and come prepared to make
tne meeting a success lrom the start
L Hi Perkins D a Melton
TW Cramer W T Bullis
D S Hubbard J R Avers
J M Clarkson
Bound Over
Seme time last fall a mare
J Goodwin of Cody strayed
away and was taken up by Geo W
Bell who neglected to comply with the
law in regard to advertising
Lidt Hunt a son of Bazil Hunt
traded another animal to Bell for the
iareiaving knowledge that she was
an estray The mare was found in
Hunts possession and he was arrested
on a charge of larceny and was bound
over tqdistrict court last week by
JudgeMogle Hunt thereupon gave
Information against Belfaud that
party was arrested and at tho prelimi
nary before tf udge Walcott Monday
was bound over to district court in the
sum of 200 which bond he furnished
Dau Webster signing same
Still we are Alive
The Valentine Democrats Wood
Lake correspondent opens his or her
communication of last week with the
remark Still we are alive It must
be a great satisfaction to a live news
paperto know that its correspondent
at the time he or she made up and
sent in the news was not dead
Syannis Tribune
If the Tribune editor had been a
democrat and fought for Bryan in the
last campaign as the editor of this
paper did and if it was reported that
all his correspondents had left him he
would appreciate the knowledge that
one of them was still alive Th re
mark was only a figger of speech
anyway and it dont make no differ
ence nohow and if correspondents
wish to tell the readers of The Demo
crat that they are still alive they may
Lodge Officers
Valentine Lodge No 70 Ancient
Order of United Workmen ha3 elected
the following officers
Master Workman -O W Hahn
Foreman U G Dunn
Overseer D Stinard
Guide A W Clarkson
Recorder J C Pettijohn
Financier- W E Haley
Receiver G Carlson
- Outside Watch AL Christensen
Inside Watch D Peters
Trustee -E Breuklander
Physician A Lewis and j
Valentine Camp No 1751 Modern
Woodman of America installed officeis
last evening as follows
Venejrable Counsel W E Haley
Worthy Adviser L C Sparks
Excellent Banker Chas Sparks
Eseoft P F Simons
ClerkUw S Jackson
Insirife Watch M Walcott
Sentry W A Taylor
Alansgers Heury Hoenig and J C
Petti join
Physicians j J Evans and J C
Delejate to Grand Lodge P F
Simons Alternate C R Watson
At their tegular meeting the
member bf Yalentifie lodge
No 205klected the following officers
NobldGrand Frank Brayton
Vice Grand Robert Robinson
Pet Stcy D Imdwie
SecreUry D H Thurston
Trea3rer At tewis
Where we are
NO 48
Was stirred op among tho
shoppers of Valentine aad Cherry
county when they learned that we
had in addition to our large stock
of general merchandise put in a
complete line of
and well it might because we have
everything they want Dont fail
to see our toys before buying presents for the children We haye ev
erything from a toy drum to a train of cars In our large stock you
can find something for every member of your family
That the best plaee in town to buy fresh
fruits and vegetables is at Pettyerews s
That the best place in town to buy n
ceries and confectionery is at Pettycrows
That the highest price for butter and eggi
is always paid at Pettyerews
If you didnt try him and you will
Valentine Nebraska
Every facility extended customers consistent with conservative banking
Exchange bought and sold Loans upon good security solicited at reasonable
rates County depository
What we are
- i i I a mm 1 ii i i a
Valentine Nebraska
A General Banking Business Transacted
Buys and Sells Domestic and Foreign JEccehange
CorreapdndentA sCheraicaI National Bank New York tfirst National Bank Oaaa
Fish Game Tender Steaks
Jncy Roasts Dry Salt Meats
and the finest line of Smoked
Hams and Breaktast Bacon
ever sold in town
At StettersOld Stand on Main Street
i 6Iae eiioiceat Brands

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