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Contincntn and CriticioKia I'aocd Upo
the Happenings of the Day Hi *
toricul uml Ncwa Notca.
And yet it can lianlly ! > P elaimc
that the dervish is really : i hoAviir
Yu LI Is the rather unpleasantly sii ;
Bcstivc name of Li Hung Chang's su
Still , we hardly believe that invcntio
'of artificial eggs will lay out the ol <
fashioned hen.
It's not so very strange after all thr
the Khalifa's goose should be cookc
by a Kitchener.
"While foot-bailers wear long hair it
really not essential to the game b <
1X2use it has no part in it.
Wcyler may not deserve to be hange
with his own sash , but he ought to b
hauled up by the authorities.
That Texas man who had his pip
burled with him must have felt prett ;
sure hevas going to smoke in the nex
A window glass trust has now beei
formed. Still it doesift require as flea
a proof as this for these things to b
seen through.
Very likely instead of one of the Phil
/ppincs / the Emperor William may hav *
to be satisfied with a large number o
castles in Spain.
Twice during his trip to the Klondike
Ilamlin Garland narrowly escaped star
vation. Isn't that carrying realism r
trifle too far for comfort ?
Spain may be right in wanting tlit
ftshcs of Christopher Columbus taker
hack to that country. There's no par
ticular comfort in remembering tlu
Cristobal Colon.
Prof. Tludoiph Talk of Berlin recent
ly predicted a thunderstorm Avhich ar
rived on time and nearly demolished
three churches. Hereafter when Tall ;
talks of the weather people will listen.
When the Memphis guard told a rail
road president : "If you Avere George
Dewey I wouldn't let you in. " he illus
trated the feeling that exists through
out the "Tinted States for the Manila
-l Among the sailors of Cervera's squad
ron who sailed for Spain there are said
io have been two Englishmen , three
Germans , five Irishmen and four Ital
ians. It is safe to say that they will
re-enlist under the Spanish iiag
.Tapaii will never be as prosperous as
the wauls to bo until she invents some
way to suppress the "typhoons which
knock large holes in. the national
wealth and diminish her population
with unfailing regularity once or twice
every year.
In stating boldly that the sashes of
\Veyler , Blanco and Rivera should be
around their necks instead of their
waists Count Almenas voiced a senti
ment that was popular in this country
.some mouths ago. Spain is gradually
getting dangerously near to the up-to-
date line in some particulars.
It is said that Spain deeply deplores
her failure to add a large number of
ships to her nav-y instead of applying
half of the appropriations to her army.
The reason for this grief is not very
forcibK If Spain's navy had been
larger her whipping would have been
much the worse. The wisest iaau yet
developed in Spain by the Avar was the
member of the cabinet AAIO at the be
ginning of hostilities expressed his sorrow
row that Spain had a single man-of-
Since the Methodist Episcopal Church
Was organized , iu 1784 , it has had for
ty-four bishops. Twenty-six of these
have died , their average age bsing more
than sixty-seven years. The average
age of the eighteen surviving bishops
Is more than sixty-five years. It Avould
be quite possible to base upon this one
fact of longevity an argument that in
elevating these men the church chose
Avisely. Weak men break doAvn under
responsibility , but to strong men. who
have learned IIOAV to work and forgot
ten how to worry , it is the very breath
- f life.
The great prize of the cast for which
Great Britain and llussia have been
playing a deep game of diplomacy ever
since the Chinese-Japanese Avar is the
vast and fertile valley of the Yang-tse-
Kiang. This is one of the great rivers
of the world and. as a AArriter from
Kui-Kiang in the London Times says ,
5t will compare Avith the Amazon for
length , Avith the Mississippi for volume ,
with the St. Lawrence for navigability
and with auy river of the Avorld , not
excepting the Nile , for muddy sedi
ments. "soAvlng the seed of continents
to be. " It scatters this sediment over
a wonderfully rich area as large as
Ireland and has supported millions of
people since the dawn of history. The
river itself is navigable for oceangoing
ing vessels for hundreds of miles and
for vessels of but little lighter draft for
more than 1,000 miles. Even under the
unenterprising government of Pekin
this river has always been a great coni-
jnercial highway , but under the pro
gressive rule or influence of the British
it Avould soon develop a commerce that
would be a surprise to the Avorld. ' 7he
Yanjr-tse basin supports probablj00 , -
000 , ( 0 people and is by far the richest
and most productive part of China.
"With English domination of the Yang-
t8.e basin the capital of China Avould
probaWy bo removed to Nanking ,
the "old middle kingdom , " which Is
real center of Chinese power. The
tlvos who live in this region hi
proved to be the least tractable as
gards foreigners , but Great Brit ;
Avould he able , if any poAver can.
make over and transform or modify :
tional characteristics and thus fash' '
a noAv force for the development of I
TJie recent attacks on a railway trr
In Texas , by a gang of six armed mi
is one among other signs that Ameru
like many an older country , is capal
of producing its OAVH banditti. In s <
aral of our cities as a fcAV days ago
London companies of reckless yout
have giA'cn quiet citizens much alar
and have caused the police a deal
liard , rough Avork. Birds of this feat
-r easily discover each other ; a :
there is doubtless a tendency in 1
criminal class to comradeship and c
Dperativc enterprise. Various cats
ire at Avork to produce oullaAvry ai
loodluniism , and not alone among t
legraded poor. Not neglected childn
mly , but the miseducated and ill-d :
'iplined , contribute recruits to the i
ny of evil. It is thought that the t (
rated lawlessness of a few colic ;
tudents is emulated by lads Avho nev
wter college halls ; that corrupt jot !
lalism and rotten literature Avork lil
oison on thoughtless minds ; that 11
ax administration of the LIAVS ; t ]
nisa.nthropy which broods on suci
vrongs ; and perhaps more than :
Ise , the Avidespread disrespect for ho :
st , thorough Avork ; the aversion to i
ml the lack of training necessary
ucccss in any form of industry , a ;
reating a class Avhich lives by preyiu
n society. Bandits arc not all men (
iolence. Many of them knoAv tlu
raft is less dangerous , because loss o
ciisivo , than brutal robbery. Yet a
ombiuations for plunder , Avhether i
etiauce of hnv , by evasion of it , c
ven by the abu.se of it , are of the sam
ad quality. They alike expose pro ]
ity and person to outrage and depn
at ion. Civilized society , acting in sel ;
el'ense , Avhile dealing sternly Avith tli
vil Avhich shoAvs itself above grount
aist also dig up the poisonous root.
The Avoman Avho cannot catch a ma
lust now lay it to other than ccononi
il reasons. The old reliable excus
mt the supply is not equal to the d (
land is no longer valid. There ar
2 < : o,00l ) more bachelors than old maid
i the United States. The Governmcn
i.vs so , and the Government general !
iiows. Perhaps it is because old Tncl
; nn himself is a bachelor for AVK
rcr heard of Mrs. Sam ? that he ha
ikon such an interest in the matter a
> secure the exact figures. Perhaps i
as out of solicitude for the old mail
id in the desire of bringing her mor
' the sunshine of hope that he institui
1 the investigation. At any rate h
is the figures , and they are enough t' '
ake glad the heart of every spiuste
the land. There is not a State in tli
nion Avhere there are as many oh
aids as bachelors. EA'OII Massachti
tts , the traditional home of the spin
er of the poll parrot species , has inon
on than Avomen of marriageable age
; ie bachelors outnumber the old maid ;
only two-tenths of 1 per cent , ii
assachusetts , Avhicii is a lesser pe :
nt. of excess than in any of the othe :
ates. But , oven at that , there an
'arly 7.000 ' superfluous men" theco
ho Avould be left chauceless if UK
0,000 old maids Avould pair off Avitl
e other 219,000 old bachelors. llo\\ \
that for Massachusetts , the greates
ate in the Union for old maids ? I
juld seem that a spinster of ordinarj
tractions and ability would be able
the light of the facts and figures
lich the governmental inA'estigatioi
s disclosed , to arrange matters Avher
er she might live : But if she Avanls n
.Tilory Avhere negotiations may be
mpleted Avith oven greater ease-
lerc the lottery of marriage must be >
me a dead sure thing let her hie her
If from the crowded cities of the Easl
the rolling prairies or the mountain
Ids of the West , where there are tew
chelors to every available maiden ,
hat spinster can resist such an ad-
utage as. this , which is offered by the
ite of Idaho and Wyoming ? It would
rely be a hopeless case Avhich conh ;
t find its cure with the chances ten
one for recovery. Let the old maids
the free , fresh air of these inoun-
n lauds for a Avhile. Old maid , go
Where tlio Bullets Struck.
) r. LudAvig Brandt investigated the
iths of over 100,000 men killed in the
: mco-Prucsiaii Avar in 1S70-71. and
mod that their injuries Avere roceiv-
in the following Avays : Forty-three
msand , nine hundred and fifty-tAvo
re Avounded in the lower extremities ,
91-1 by AA'Otmds in the upper exlrcmi-
. Wounds in the head caused the
ith of 11,041 ; in the chest and back ,
493 ; abdomen , 4r , nS ; in the neck ,
22. llifle balls injured more men
LU artillery projectiles. Saber Avouuds
re extremely feAV in numbers , and
1 jaAvbone , of all the bones in tin , '
id , Avas oftenc.st injured.
To Enc'mrase Saving.
Ions in Belgium , apparently by the
11-kuoAvn computation of interest enL
L > enny put in the savings banks by
am , has decided to present to every
hi born in the town , a savings bank
) k , with one franc credited in it ,
lich is no-A'cr to be touched. The oh-
t is to encourage saving. Many Bel-
im tOAvns are making ready to fol-
f the example of Mous.
L. doctor may give a patient hope , but
charges for the time it takes him
give it.
'here may be a tin j for all
; the Aviso man only tackles one
ug at a time.
t's a poor bill poster that doesn't
p an actor Avoll posted.
i'layctl su Important Part In the I *
of a Boy.
The two men were passing ale
Keventi' street Avhore a trunk store h
'debouched upon the sidewalk , so
speak , and on one of the trunks sitti
conspicuously front Avas a name AVI
ten in good blade letters.
"I never see a trunk marked tl
Avay and set out in front of a store It
I am not reminded of an exporter
that once came under my notice , " sc
the elder man. "When I AAIS a lad
15 I had a cousin about my own as
Hvho AA'as the apple of his father's e :
and a very fine chap he Avas , too. 1
I was an only son and a lad of spir
and before he knoAv the Avorld at all
had fallen into oA'il company. lie g
no better up to the time he AA'as ]
Avhcn he disappeared suddenly ai
mysteriously , and his broken-heart
father had every reason to b&icve th
a gang of gamblers and thieves h ;
got him into their clutches and AVO
going to use him for their OAvn pi
poses. My uncle immediately set o
for St. Louis he lived in the Avoste :
part of Missouri as it was believi
one of the gang had come from ther
though the headquarters Avere in Xc
ork. A clue AA'as picked up in St. Loui
but Avas lost tAvo days later , and rr
uncle had given up hope and AV.'IS (
his Avay to the depot to take the im.
home again , Avhen he passed a trur
store , as AVO haA'o done , and a trunk s ;
out in front Avith his sou's name on i
lie nearly fainted Avhon he saw ic , bi
managed to get into the place and as
a question or tAvo , and then he sat doAv
and aited , as they told him the OAvn <
had said he Avould call for it. But 1
did not come , and my uncle stayed in
til the store Avas locked up , and he A\T
there again in the morning at dayligh
waiting for it to open again. At
o'clock his son came iu , and Avhen tli
young felloAv saw his father the bettc
part of him asserted itself , and befor
he kneAV what he Avas about he ha
Hung himself into his arms and vra
crying like a baby. You see , the boy Ava
all right , and the bad in him lost it
grip tor an instant under the suddc
assertion of nature. The father had
talk Avith him right there , and SIIOAVC
him the true character of his IIOA
friends , and the boy shOAved IIOA
rcen he was Avhon he had his OAV :
name Avritten on his UOAV trunk am
never thought to tell the dealer not t <
put it out where it might give hiii
iway. Well , the end of the Avhole matter
tor AAas the boy went home Avith hi
father , and his narroAv cscapa from be
? oming a criminal taught him a. lossoi
ivhich made a man of him , and ho ha :
jeen the Governor of a Southori
State and AA'ill one day be a Uuitec
States Senator , for he is AA'orth half ;
nillion and is in a fair Avay to dottbl *
Washington Star.
In 1SOS Sir Humphrey Davy madt
ho first electric light ; it was not adapt
'd ' to commercial use , hOAA'cvcr. Elec
ric lamps Avere made in France earlj
n the fifties , certainly before 1S3 ; > . The
xact date seems not to be knoAvn. Edi-
on adapted the incandescent light tc
ommcrcial use.
China grass is cultivated in Japan
or the purpose of manufacturing paper
nd tAA'iiie. In order to maintain itf
irice at a uniform figure and keep
OAvn competition large companies have
> cen formed to supply the necessary
ustructions for groAA'ing them. The
armors are bound to return the crops
t a fixed price.
The government of Belgium has of-
ered a reward of 50,000 francs ( nearly
10,000) ) for the invention of a match
aste containing no phosphorus. The
oinpetition is open to citizens and sub
nets of all nations. It is required that
iie matches shall ignite when scratch-
tl on any surface , including cloth , but
uat they shall not ignite readily by
riction , so as to be dangerous when
arried in the pocket.
It is proposed in Germany that the
arious expeditions expected shortly to
isit the Antarctic regions should carry
'ith them scientic kites , by moans of
-hich the upper atmosphere may bo
splored. In this way , it is thought ,
ot only could the temperature prevall-
ig at a great height around the poles
e more accurately learned , but light
ould also bo throAvn on the direction
C the air-currents , and if photographic
pparatuswere sent up with the kites ,
dditional knoAvledgc of the pails of
ic surface not othcrAvise obtainable
light result.
The immediate cause of volcanic ae
on is now believed to be superheated
: cain. Aside from the water Avhich
srcolates through fissures from the
irface there is a great quantity en-
osed in iustertic.es of deep-lying and
ncient strata , Avhich is liberated at
mes in consequence of shrinkage
Tosses.Tk may be freed in other
ays , too. At a depth of ten miles
lore is a temperature of from 700 de-
* ces to 1,000 degrees F. , and it is prob-
) ly five times as hot as this at five
mes the depth. Water turns to steam
; 21U degrees in the open air , and if it
iddenly vaporizes at these higl/tem-
jraturos iu the interior of the earth ,
to pressures that result are nearly
inal to that of gunpowder.
The science of sociology explains
any curious questions which might
: first glance appear to haAe no fouu-
ition in reason. The practice of dhar-
a in India , for instance , has recently
; on the subject of special study by Dr.
R. Steinmetz. This custom is many
iUtnrles old , and seems difficult to ex-
ain. When a debtor fails to pay his
3ebts , hl3 creditor goc-a and slta befo
his door , and remains there , rofusi ]
to eat a morsel until he is paid. If tl
debtor does not pay , the creditor AV
actually starve himself to death.
AA'ould seem at first sight that a real
heartless doctor might not be moved
this manner ; but the usefulness of tl
custom becomes at once apparent AA'K
it is knoAArn that if the creditor actual
does die of starvation in front of h
debtor's door , the latter is held guill
of murder , and after the manner of tl
country , the family of the dead mr
are entitled to kill the debtor on sigh
Ulental Astigmatism.
To illustrate the kind of lapse of re ,
soning power that great inventors ai
known to suffer from and which S
Isaac NeAVton was under the inflttonc
of AA'hen he cut one hole in a Avail to h
a cat pass through and then a sma
hole for the kitten to use , an old stor
in the life of Morse has been revive *
Long before he invented the telegrap ]
Morse was knoAvn to the officers of tli
patent office as a persistent applicar
for patents. When his great invcntio
of "distance writing'1 was about con
ploted , he Avantod the Baltimore an
Onio llaihvay Company to try it. T
get rid of him the president of the roa
turned him over to a subordinate. Tin
official A\as struck Avith the beauty o
the invention , and became so interesi
od in it that he sat up half the nigh
discussing it Avith its inventor. A
length , Morse confessed that there AAa
only one thing Avhich bailled him. "A
long as the railroad runs , " ho said
"where poles may bo erected , it will b
easy sail , but Avhen AVO come to thi
big bridges , Avhat is to be done then
Wo can't erect poles across the stream
and without thorn the wire would sag
and perhaps break from its OAVI
Avcight. I confess 1 don't knoAv Avha
to do. Can't you suggest a way out o
the difficulty ? " "Why don't you fastoi
the AA'ires to the bridge ? " asked hi ;
companion , Avithotit a moment's hcsi
tation. For a moment Morse gazed a
him Avith open mouth , and then ex
claimed : "Why not , indeed. Why , 1
never thought of that. It's the vcr\
way. " The layman's tip put the finish
ing touch to the work of the great in
rcntor , and thus wires came to be
strung on bridges Avhen crossing large
Rain in Cuba.
A sudden pattering in the trees , a
mddcu darkening in big spots of the
A'hite canvas , and doAvn came the trop-
cal rain.
How it rained !
Like waves breaking ; great heavy
) lobs of water A'olloying at you like
mllets from a machine gun.
Men Avho Avcre ton yards from their
onts were wet through before they
rained shelter.
In five minutes the camp was under
vater ; on the slopes wore rushing tor-
ents ; on the loA'ols were deep swirling
ools. DOAVII the trunks of the trees the
rater poured in cataracts. From the
: wer edge of every tent it flowed in a
road stream. The men , drawing up
lie corners of their rubber blankets so
s to keep the flood aAvay from them-
olvcs and tiioir belongings , crouched
ndor their touts and shivered.
It rained for two hours without stop-
ing. In ithe first half hour every man
i camp was AA-et through , so that
miiy of them took off their Avct clothes'
nd stood naked in the rain for the re-
uiindor of the time.
The sun came out again soon after ,
otter than over , and the damp earth
Learned till the camp was an open-air
apor bath.
But blaze away as the sun might , the
round never got dry again tliat day ,
nd at night AVO turned in shivering
ith the damp earth striking cold
irough the rubber sheet and the
lauket. Pity the poor devils now
ho , Avhen they Avere marching in the
inshino , threw away their rubber
loot and the blanket. London Chron
Curiously Worded.
Curiously Avorded advertisements ,
liich are funny without intent , are
) mmon In the London papers , it would
! om. One paper recently offered a
rize for the best collection of such
mouncements , and the following is
10 result :
"Annual sale IIOAV on. Don't go else-
here to be cheated come in here. ' '
"A lady wants to soil her piano , as
10 is going abroad in a strong iron
anie. "
"For Sale A pianoforte , the proper-
of a musician Avith carved legs. "
"Wanted A room for two gentlemen
jout thirty foot long and tAveuty feet
oad. "
"Lost A collie dog bj * a man on Sat-
* day evening answering to Jim with
brass collar round his neck and muz-
e. "
"Wanted By a respectable girl , her
issage to NOAV York ; AA'illing to take
TO of children and a good sailor. "
"Mr. Brown , furrier , bogs to au-
muce that he Avill make up gowns ,
pos , etc. , for ladies out of their own
"Wanted An organist and a boy to
OAV the same. "
"Wanted A boy to bo partly outside
id partly behind the counter. "
"To bo disposed of , a mail phaeton ,
e property of a gentleman with a
ovable headpiece as good as IIOAV. "
Died of Heat.
Last winter Andrew Burns , of Orem -
m , was frozen and lost an arm by
uptitation. A feu' Aveeks ago while
mting in a forest he was overcome
ith heat , from the effect of which he
ed. His body Avas found four days
tor guarded by his dog.
Italy as a Wine Producer.
Italy produces more wine than any
her country to Europe.
: \ . busy man is always Avilliug to talk
isiness , but an "agent" Is not a busi-
ss man.
Greater Yields There than la Alas
and > onth Africa Combined.
Concerning the promise of cxtensi
gold fields in the Philippines , AA'here
is already knoAvn that gold exists ,
exchange says the islands arc a great
Klondike than Alaska , and even gro ;
er than Alaska and South Africa , cou
these tAvo bo combined as one counti
The Philippine Islands are rich
gold , rich in rubies and precious ston <
and Avoll supplied with coal and i
useful minerals.
We have so associated the getting
-gold Avith hardships that it is difficr
to believe that anj' country exists
Avhich gold can bo mined without so ;
ous priA'ation. In Alaska there is lo
of life , and each nugget that is broug'
stands for just so much suffering. B
in the Philippines it is ahvays plea
ant. and , in spite of the heat of tl
summer , a man can live there the ye :
round and enjoy himself.
So' attractive have the Philippii
Islands been to sailor ? ; that for yea ;
captains of sailing vessels and steal
ships have guarded against des rtic
Avlieu at the Philippines. Sailors AA-OU ]
Aviilingly buy their freedom and IcaA
the ship , if only they might be alloAVC
to remain in this beautiful and ric
Their experienced eyes can see tl
gold oven in the sand , and they hea
as soon as they touch the shore , man
stories of the minerals that have bee
brought from the interior. Ever
planter coming Avith his cargo to tli
vessels brings colored stones in hi
pockets , Avhich Avore either precious c
semi-precious stones. Ilubies AVOI
plentiful among the precious stone ;
ind hyacinths among the scmi-prociou
stones. Either of those Avere valuabl
jnough to make it Avorth Avhilo to co :
ect them.
Almost every kind of mining can b
lone in those charming islands. Th
nounta.ins in the center giA'o rise t
nany streams , Avhich UOAV down almos
o the coast. These frequently brin ;
IOAVII heavy nuggets , showing tha
hero is a line chance up aboA'o for hj
Irani ic mining.
Gold can bo panned on the level aloui
ho shores of the streams , and ther <
ire I'UAV places where the sand does no
> an the color of gold. In fact , tin
-cry ground has a reddish tinge , am
here arc tracts Avhich plainly SIOA\
: olor.
An Impromptu Ileeommciul.
"Pardon me. madam/ ' said a rathei
lireadbaro but neatly dressed young
lan , as an elderly lady in deep mourn
ig stepped from the side door of hoi
ouse , folloAved by her daughter , ji
ouni ? lady , "but I understand yotn
oachman has loft , and I want to ask
' I can have the place. ' '
"Have you references ? " asked the el-
erly lady.
"Xo , ma'am , 1 haven't , " he replied ,
olitely but bluntly. "I don't live here ,
nd Avhen I came away from home I
idn't think to bring any with mo. "
"I couldn't possibly take you. then , "
lid the lady. But Avith respectful apol-
ly for pressing his suit , the young
lan repeated hi Avi h to fill the va-
For a moment the IAVO ladie < stepped
; ide to converse over the matter. The
oung man Avas standing a foAV feel
om thorn across the Avalk when a
igged little girl came running near to
.in , and searching the sidCAvalk closo-
said in syncopated obs , "I've lost
y money ! "
"Why , that's too bad. " said the
mug man , " IIOAV much Avas it ? "
"Five cents : it's all I had. " said The
arful urchin.
Then the young mui began to help
H- look for the lost coin.
"Oh , hero it is ! ' ' said he , taking a
ckel out of his OAVH pocket , and pro-
nding to pick it up. "Here's your
oney ! "
The child ran aAvay delighted.
The elderly lady saAV the little act.
Jomo to-inorrow. " said she ; "I think
an trust you. " Detroit Free Fre .
A Pretty Pickle.
There is sometimes good luck coming
it of apparent misfortune. As an tt-
stration , there is the story of a lu'e
curring in a gentleman's country
use in Maine. There had boon a
olongod drought , the Avell Avas drv
the time , aiul there was no other
liter within a half mile. The v-'oman
the house discovered the fire burning
' . the roof , and help Avas as scarce
iter. She began Avringing her hands
id saying over and over to herself :
Here's a pretty pickle ! a pretty pic
el" The Avord "pickle" unconsciously
peatod itself , and then , like a flash ,
mo the recollection of a barrel full
pork pickle in the cellar , saved fet
iling over. She darted down the col-
way. and soon began deluging the
of AA'ith brine. Every one who has
od knoAA's that salt AA'ater is an ex-
[ lent fire extinguisher , and iu tin ?
so it worked like a charm. Before
c > supply of "pickle" Avas exhausted
e had the fire out and the home AA'a ?
ved. She never Avill got over tlu
aught that uttering the word "pickle *
i-ned disaster into relief.
Russian Fortune
lu 5an girls try to ascertain theii
aspects of matrimony in the folloAA'-
j manner : A number of them take
their rings and conceal them in s
sket of corn. A hen is then brought
and invited to partake of the corn
ie oAvner of the first ring uncoverec
11 be the first to be married.
Curious "Work for 3Ien.
unoug the Riffian pirates of Moroc-
the women do all the agricultural
1 other hard Avork. Avhilo the men ,
icn at home , do the cooking and
nd the vlothes , including the worn-
itiff hats cover a multitude of sofj
lius. '
\Rjrf& \ $ *
< l'I ---.XXV-VI
Thcliittle Ivcd School House.
A. mile up the roadway frozu the place
Avhere I AA'as horn ,
Nestled 'mongst the roses and jie waving-
golden com ,
Stood the little red school house we all
loved so well ,
And in fancy now I hearken to the music
of its boll.
D , the ding , dong , ding of its staccato ring.
The memory of it takes me buck to life's
glad spring ,
A.nd I trod once again the long , winding
lane ,
tVitJi all the dear companions whom 1 look
for now in A'ain.
There AVO gathered every Aveok day , heard
the okl schoolmaster's prayer.
Lord take unto thy keeping the ! a"bs
Avithin my care ;
Then AVO loved one another , in happi ss
we dwelt.
Never asking of the other at what * ' , : jti
he knelt.
Cut times have changed since tho- > > < i' .jr
days of childhood , Ion aro.
&nd folks to-day seem uiffereat fr : n : .IQ
ones AVO ust-d to know ,
vVhen AVO wore boys together , runij ; ;
thro' the field ami dell ,
chashi : doAvn the roadway \Taci > to
heard the ohl school hell.
Kuncation in the United Stale * .
The annual statement of the commis
sioner of education shows satisfactory
esults for the Avork of the year ended
luno 30 , 1S9S. The report says :
"One cruise of congratulation on ilia
> art of those who hold the doctrine that
lopular education is the safeguard of our
Vmerican institutions is the continue' ' ] ,
irospority of the elementary schools. Th >
ncrease during the year 1.S90-U7 amount
ed to 2r 7SOj pupils over the previous
onr. The total enrolled in c-lcmontnrj *
ichools amounted to /Io2.41iG nnpiK
yidiiu , ' to it those iu colleges , universi-
ies , high schools and academies , the t"-
al number reached 10.2o. > ,09' > .
"Tho total amount of sdiuoling rece > -
(1 per individual , on an aA-erage for tin
t-hole United States at the rate of school
ttendancc for 1S07 , is nearly five years o
00 days each , and reaches quite seven
cars in a feAV of the States that are the
lost lavish in their expenditures for ed-
cation. A little more than one-fifth of !
lie entire population attended school at ;
amo time during the year.
"A still greater occasion for congratuln-
: on is the increase of students in ool-
lges and universities. This increase has
one on steadily for twenty-live years ,
n 3S72 only oOO persons in the million
ere enrolled in those institutions. In
S97 the number had risen to 1,21G in tha
lillion. "
Che riii ness.
Every teacher must be cheerful
[ specially must those in charge oi
oung children bo so. The magic influ-
ace of the bright morning smile makOH
ic boys and girls happy for the d.iy
ud secures a pleasant day's work. Tl
: achor must also bo patient. lie inuM
ever alloAV the dull to tire him , noi
10 mischievous to annoy him. Though
ic children are not angels , ho inns !
irscvcre , remembering that the im-
rcssions ho is making will become
irmanont and over AVider in their ia-
But. in order that a teacher may be
leorful and patient ho must be sound
id healthy in body and mind. II
ust have plenty of sloop , exorcise am
osh air. lie must have a good dige-M-
o apparatus and supply it with plentj
! AvholesoniG food. He must kifj
> od hours , read good literature , anr
iver study after 10 o'clock. AViti
icse things kept in mind and obeyed
; e teacher's life Avill bo A'cry pleasam
s labors successful , his efforts appr * -
sited , his services sought for , and
lary constantly increased.
Tsachinir the Younsr Idea.
The 75,000,000 school books constanf-
iu use in this country AA'Otild make a
ilume comparing in sixo with the cni -
1 at Washington , as shoAvn in tm-
itare. If they Avero bricks , they
mid build a four-story schoolhoust- ,
L ) feet square.
Superintendents' valaries.
Che salaries of some of the State su-
rintendents of public instruction ar i
follows : XOAV York , . * ? T.000 ; Illinois ,
,500 , ; Pennsylvania , $4.000 ; JN'eAv .Ter-
r , Missouri , Rhode Island and Colo-
lo , $3,000 ; Indiana. Kentucky , Min-
seta , Montana , Texas , Washington ,
! W Hampshire , and New Mexico. $ 2.-
3 ; Nevada , § 2,400 ; Louisiana , Missi -
ipi , Nebraska , California. Florida ,
msas , Vermont. Virginia , Wyoming ,
d North Carolina , § 2/000 ; South Care
a , § 1,900 : Oregon and Arkansas. $ i ,
) ; West Virginia and Idaho , S1.500 ;
iscousin , § 1,200 ; Michigan. § 1,0 ,
d the Indian Territory. § 000.
Educational Notes.
Vest minster Seminary , in Fen
lyne , Ind. , a school for young Avoinen ,
3 been taken under the care of the
nod of Indiana.
lonolulu had a summer school , con-
steel by Dr. Elmer K. Brown , of the
iversity of California. There AVOJ-
) teachers in attendance ,
'he entire school population of the
it ed States is estimated at 20.000 ,
i. There are 240,968 public building
) , o23 teachers , and the public schoo
> perty is valueJ at $4oO-948,104.

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