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Ttie debilitating drains and
discharges which weaken so
many women are caused by Ca
tarrh of the distinctly feminine
organs The sufferer may call
her trouble Leuchorrhoea or
Weakness or Female Disease or
some other name but the real
trouble is catarrh of the female
organs and nothing else
nently cures this and all othet
forms of Catarrh It is a positive
specific for female troubles
caused by catarrh of the delicate
lining of the organs peculiar to
women It always cures if used
persistently It is prompt and
A rtIatrimouiil Report
A Salt Lake- City paper leports that
a tall gaunt woman with ginger hair
and a somewhat fierce expression of
countenance lately came to the County
Clerk of Boxelder County in that
Youre the man that keeps the mar
riage books aint you she asked
Yes maam he replied What
book do you wish to see
Kin you find out if Jack Peters was
Search developed the name of John
Peters for whose marriage a license
had been issued two years before
I thought so said the woman
Married Lize Waters didnt he
The license is issued for a marriage
with Miss Eliza Waters
Yep Well Im Lize I thought Id
ought to come in and tell you that Jack
Peters has escaped
Magnalium an alloy of ten to twenty
parts by weight of magnesium with
100 of aluminum is claimed to hare all
the advantages of aluminum and also
to be adapted for working with tools
while even lighter than aluminum
National Democratic Convention
Kansas City July 4th Visitors desiring
sleeping car accommodations should leave
their names at Northwestern office Se-
curity Bank building Sioux City Iowa
Eailroad fare round trip SS70
II C Cheyney General Agent
One of Egypts Wonders
The most magnificent work of archi
tecture is deemed to be the palace Tem
ple of Karnak in Egypt occupying an
area of nine acres or twice that of
Saint Peters at Rome The temple
space is a poets dream of gigantic col
aimns beautiful courts and wondrous
avenues of sphinxes
Fob disorders of ih
snsi en3s33GE8s ssie hs
GSiiso of ih permanent
goad they have done ssssS
spq dosssg fos9 Hsb wssmssa
ibis GBtssBiipya
if sii ssiszg os SisfB
Issg wos32eea GOssSsSise esssdei
to GssidepsiszeH how a
SQissiGSy tips sise the
ststeiKQgsts sossti Lydia Ea
PssskhsES3Ps Wegefaisie
itsgs WOtdd BSSda
MsSa Pi3kis592 ceimseis
vtfFssezn fs9s of Gfoapgea
Hes siddress is 3ysamP
Masse Tida dwBG she
gives is pPBGtSGi and
hamasta Yoza gsss write
freely to faesy sse is a wo
SurrrnfiiMf Prosecute Claim
I T a Us4 nt n a 1 r X mpi nn 1 f2 DAt kn Tba
3 y ra in cirjl war 15 a4j udlcatsai claims atty since
BXk P u tS a quick relief cures wprst
taeon Book of testimonials and lO WAYS treatment
FliEE Dr II II Crccna Soni llou 6 AUnntc tio
33 Best Cough Syrup Tastes Good Use IH
In the Senate on Friday nearly the en
tire day was deTOted to the pneumatic
tube system service in the postomce ap
propriation bill The debate at times
was sharp and almost personal The ap
propriation was defended by Senators
Chandler Mason Carter and Wellington
and opposed by Senators Allison Hale
Tillman Lodge and Wojcott Senator
Morgan introduced a resolution to inves
tigate the Panama Canal Company and
in a speech severely criticised that com
pany Senator McCumber made a spereh
in favor of the retention of the Philip
pine Islands during which Senator Till
man took issue with him over an asser
tioa that the people of the South were
glad the confederacy was unsuccessful
The Iloiise devoted the day to the
oration obils reported by the commit
tee on war claims and in committee of
the whole favorably acted upon a bill to
appropriate 200000 to pay ex-Confederate
soldiers for horses and other prop
erty taken from them in violation of the
terms of Lees surrender to Grant at
After a spirited debate by the decisive
vote of 32 to 1G the Senate on Saturday
laid on the table the whole proposition
relating to the transportation of mail by
the pneumatic tube system An effort
was made to secure the adoption of an
amendment to appropriate 225000 to
carry out existing contracts for the ser
vice in New York Brooklyn Boston and
Philadelphia but no action was taken
upon if special orders superseding the
appropriation bill The closing hoiirs of
the session wre occupied in accepting
from the State of Missouri statues of
Benton and Blair located in Statuary
Hall of the capitolj and from the Grand
Army of the Republic the statue of Gen
Ulysses S Grant located in the capitol
A pyrotechnic discussion of the status
of the Boer commissioners now in Wash
ington was precipitated in the Senate on
Monday by a resolution offered by Mr
Allen Pop Neb extending to the com
missioners the privileges of the floor of
the Senate during their sojourn in the
national capital The resolution was de
feated by a vote of 30 to 21 but not un
til after a sharp controversy between its
author and Jlr Davis chairman of the
committee on foreign relations The post
ofiice appropriation bill was passed the
amendment to carry out existing con
tracts for the pneumatic tube service be
ing agreed to An effort was made by
Mr Morgan Ala fo displace the Spoon
er Philippine bill with the Nicaragua
canal bill as the unfinished business but
it failed by a vote of 21 to 2S A bill
to create the southern division of the
southern district of Iowa for judicial
purposes was passed In the House two
important labor measures were passed
under suspension of the rules one to ex
tend the eight hour law to all laborers
under contract- on Government work the
other to prohibit interstate traffic in prison-made
goods by bringing them under
the jurisdiction of the public powers of
the State
On Tuesday the Senate heard Mr
Spooner in support of his resolution giv
ing the President full power over the
Philippines until the suppression of the
rebellion Received the credentials of
Senator Clark of -Montana on the ap
pointment of Lieut Gov Spriggs and al
lowed them temporarily to lie on the ta
ble Adopted a resolution by Mr Allen
asking the President to send to the Sen
ate translations of the constitutions of
the South African republic and the Or
ange Free State also one by Mr Jones
of Arkansas directing the Secretary of
War thoroughly to investigate the opera
tions of the North American Trust Com
pany in Havana also one by Mr Allen
calling upon the Secretary of War for
information regarding conditions in the
Philippines The House devoted the en
tire day to the Alaskan civil government
bill An amendment to reduce the num
br of judges in Alaska from three to two
was defeated The conference report on
the army appropriation bill was adopted
the Senate amendment for the library at
Manila having been -stricken out
The Senate on Wednesday agreed to
the conference report on the army ap
propriation bill the
passed Morgan reso
lution calling upon the Secretaries of
War and Navy for information regarding
the cost of the transportation of troops to
the Philippines and devoted the rest of
the day to debate on the Cuban postal
frauds with Messrs Piatt Conn
Spooner and Hale as speakers The
House passed resolution for sine die ad
journment June G also resolution author
izing committee on ways and means to
sit during recess of Congress to frame
bill reducing war taxes also the Neely
extradition bill
The Senate devoted Thursday to de
bate on the nations duty toward its new
island possessions Messrs Spooner Al
len and Bacon leading in the discussion
Sent to the committee on contingent ex
penses Mr Bacons resolution directing
the committee on relations with Cuba to
make an investigation into the islands
finances The House devoted eight hours
to consideration of the Alaska civil gov
ernment bill Three amendments ofim
porfance were adopted One authorizes
the Secretary of War to issue permits to
excavate or dredge for gold below low
watdr mark on Cape Nome beach The
Secretary has heretofore issued permits
but the bill as it passed the Senate can
celed themN Another provides for a ter
ritorial delegate to Congress The House
also struck out the chapter relating to
arrest and bail which permitted arrests
in certain civil actions The conference
report on the Indian appropriation bill
wfes adopted
Odds and Ecdo
Gen Silas M Bailey 01 one of the
30G of thp famous Old Guard which
stood by Gen Grant in the convention
of 1SS0 died at Uniontown Pa
Names of Benjamin Harrison Grover
Cleveland and Richard Olney have been
suggested as members of the permanent
board of arbitration as provided for by
The Hague treaties
Secretary Hay and Lord Pauncefote
have signed a treaty extending for seven
months from Aug o next the period of
time allowed for exchange of the Hay
Pauucefote canal treaty
it irfcK t
r nrvKir
Address of Professor Chris in an Is Ee
eciitcd by 3000 Women
At the second days session of the Na
tional Congress of Mothers in Des
Moines great indignation was raised by
the address of Oscar Chrisman A M
Ph D professor of paidology or child
study in the State normal school at Em
poria Kan Men never love as
women do he said Instantly the big
convention hall was filled with hisses
and it was several minutes before the
speaker could proceed He continued to
say that women were made for love and
men for reason This was greeted by
an indignant protest from 3000 throats
The professor dropped this- branch of the
subject and went on wrth his address
At its conclusion a dozen women leaped
to their feet and demanded recognition
Mrs Birney who was presiding gave
the floor to Mrs Win field S Hall of Ber
wyn 111 who cried in a voice that reach
ed the street Men do love Mrs nail
then gave Prof Chrisman a tongue-lashing
for fifteen minutes When she ceas
ed a man and fifteen women jumped up
The man T H Smith of Harlan Iowa
was recognized 4It is false he said
Men do love It is a slander that the
professor has given you He ought to
be ashamed of himself for standing be
fore this audience and saying such
things Men do love their sweethearts
and wives As boys they love their moth
ers As men they love their families
Prof Chrisman has meer ideas for an
educator of the young He has no busi
ness telling this congress of mothers that
men do not love They know better and
I am glad of this magnificent rebuke the
speaker has suffered justly at your
hands The man closed and the women
The meetings of the congress were well
attended and full Of interest More than
1000 delegates were in attendance from
out of the town Policemen had to help
keep the doors closed Tuesday on account
of the crush Gov and Mrs Shaw re
ceived the delegates in a formal recep
tion at the State House Tuesday even
Colliery Explosion at Cumnock N C
Terrible in Its Effects
Twenty two miners ten white men and
twelve negroes lost their lives in an ex
plosion at Cumnock coal mines Chatham
County North Carolina Tuesday after
noon The explosion is supposed to have
been caused by a broken gauze in a safe
ty lamp Between forty and fifty men
were in the mine at the time
About fifty people from Sanford a
town six miles from the mine started im
mediately when the news of the disaster
was received to assist in the work of
rescuing the dead and helping the in
jured Within an hour after the explo
sion the work of rescue began and by
night all the bodies except one had been
brought to the top This is the second
explosion this mine has had within the
past four 3ears the former one having
occurred on Dec 2S 1S95 when forty
three men lost their lives
l LiTi Til YZSJe 3 sf W
yJMl r maL tf JMJ Sir ft
Yates clubs are organizing all over Illi
Rockford 111 traveling men have or
ganized a McKinley Club
Indiana friends of Fairbanks will boom
him for President in 1904
Republican congressional committee
headquarters will be in Chicago
Hawaiians have agreed to join neither
the Republicans nor the Democrats
James R Keene has bet 7500 to 10
000 that Bryan will be the next Presi
Webster Davis says politics are uncer
tain and no one is expected to keep
The Ohio House has adopted a resolu
tion urging Congress to pass a per diem
pension law
Alabama Democrats in Gen Wheelers
district have called a convention for July
3 to select Gen Wheelers successor
Philadelphia convention hall only lacks
the decorations Otherwise it is ready
for the Republican national convention
In Ohio bequests to the State and to
political subdivisions have been exempt
ed from provisions of the collateral in
heritance tax law
Democratic nominees for State offices
in North Carolina are touring the State
in a body They are making their hard
est campaign in the counties where there
is most opposition to the pending consti
tutional amendment disfranchising the
Massachusetts lawmakers want a high
er salary and fifty five members of the
House have put themselves on record as
favoring a bill to make the compensation
1000 The Senate gave a majority for
the bill amended to take effect at the
next Legislature
Following is a list of the States which
by action of their Legislatures have ap
proved election of Senators by the people
Nevada Utah Washington Wisconsin
Wyoming North Carolina Montana Ar
kansas Idaho California Colorado
Florida Indiana Illinois Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Michigan Minne
sota Mississippi Nebraska New Hamp
shire North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio Oregon and Pennsylvania New
York Massachusetts Missouri Texas
and New Jersey are among the States
which have taken no action
There are indications of a lively presi
dential campaign in Delaware Warrants
have been issued for two Republican lead
ers nt the request of two rival Republi
can leaders in Kent County the charge
being the use of money in elections
The Young Mens Republican Club of
Oklahoma has been organized at King
fisher by 100 of the young party workers
of the territory The object of the or
ganization is to promote good fellowship
among active young Republicans by giv
ing a banquet on Washingtons birthday
of each year It was dockk to hold the
first banauet at Guthrie
Nothing hobbles the muscles
and unfits for work like
Nothing relaxes them and makes
a speedy perfect cure like
St Jacobs Oil
and write for list of premiums we ofibr
frco for them
I ROOtbeerv The favorite i
I JK summer I
MJK5 Service
Newllno via Coun
cil Bluffs Fort
Dubuque and
ng cars sleeping cars free reclining chair cars
dining cars Send to the undersigned for a free
copy of Pictures and Notes En Route illustrat
ing this new line as seen from the car window
Tickets of agents of I C R K and connecting
lines A H HANSON G P A Chicago
S3 8s 35 SHOES
Worth S4 to 6 compared
1 fc4
wriis II
viiza oiner maxes
Indorsed by over
1000000 -wearers
Tile fjetiuino liaveW L
Douglas name and price j
stamped on bottom lakei
no substitute claimed to bo
as rood Your dealer
should keep them if
not we will send a rair
on receiot of price and aic
extra for carriage State kind of leather
size and width plain or cap toe Cat free
W L UUUliUS SHUE UU Brockton Mass
j i
Of the Ualnt of Going Through Hio
I say old man said Dodson as he
Ibaned his friend Blobson a nickel to
pay his car fare why dont you try
my scheme
What scheme growled Blobson
as he mentally tried to figure out how
much his wife had realized in her mid
night raid
Why a scheme to break your wife
of going through your pockets when
you are asleep
v I say old man cried Blobson
eagerly if you have any scheme by
which I can break my wife of going
through me for heavens sake put me
on to it and I am your friend for life
Well you see I used to suffer from
this thing until I discovered means by
which I broke my wife of the habit I
gathered together all the counterfeit
money that I had accumulated in 20
years of business and filled my pockets
with it The next morning I discov
ered that It wras gone That same day
my wife went shopping and was arrest
ed for passing counterfeit money It
looked very black for her when they
found the rest of the stuff that she -had
and she was just ready to faint when
I arrived on the scene Of course l
played the indignant husband and
threatened to sue the whole outfit for
damages But the scheme worked
Since then the only thing my wife will
accept is a check Detroit Free Press
His Worst Offense
When it was proposed to lessen the
list of crimes punished by death Lord
Eldon objected to the noose being ban
ished in cases of petty shop lifting
The small shopkeepers will be ruined
by this exemption said the old Tory
Lord Chancellor
Another Tory a judge so venerated
the sovereign that he included in his
regard any article belonging to the
king no matter how far removed from
actual possession A tailor had been
condemned for the murder of a soldier
and the judge tacked on this addition
to the sentence of death
And not only did you murder him
b t you did thrust or push or pierce
or project or propel the lethal weapon
through the blly band of his breeches
which were his majestysH
From the Cow
Mrs Morey of Coney Island New
York peddles milk but she doesnt
keep a horse and wagon Instead of
that she drives her cow around to the
houses of her customers and while they
wait Mrs Morey says So Boss to
the sleek looking cow and proceeds to
milk the desired quantity In this way
each customer is assured that the milk
received is fresh and free from adulter
ation This custom of leading the cow
from door to door was in common prac
tice in this country many many years
ago and in parts of Europe the milch
cows or goats axe still made to serve
in the place of the modern milk wagon j
Literary Genta
Whats your game asked the man
with the big cigar in the Pullman
If jou mean my profession replied
the other with dignity Im a maker
of books
And Im a bookmaker cried the
first heartily Shake Philadelphia
North American
Substitute ior Honey
A substitute for honey has been Intro
duced In Germany under the name of
sugar honey and consists of sugar wa
ter minute amounts of mineral sub
stances and free acid
Number Slstecn
In his history of New York one of the
classics of American authorship
I rick Knickerbocker Washington Irving
wrote lovingly yet with unctuous sar
casm oC the beauties and traditions of
his loved Xieu Netherlands tlie peace
ful valley of the Hudson from Albany to
Manhattan the many legends with which
the entire region abounds notably that
of Itip Van Winkle and his long sleep
and of the ancient names and families
whose descendants are still a power in
that locality So far reaching were the
effects of the History that in time the
name Knickerbocker became the popu
lar one for the patron saint of New York
City he usually being represented as a
benignant old German of ample girth
clutching firmly the long stemmed clay
pipe which Irving immortalized and gaz
ing over his beloved city
IJecognizing the vein of sentiment in
the American people long ago a train
service was inaugurated to New York
from St Louis to which Father Knick
erbocker lent his name and through the
efforts of the line which introduced the
service the Knickerbocker Special has
become as familiar to tlie average trav
eled American as to residents of his own
Leaving St Louis at noon the traveler
is borne swiftly and saoly to Father
Knickerbockers abode traversing by
daylight those scenes with which he was
so familiar arriving at New York the
next day in time for a leisurely prepara
tion for evening
So popular has the service proven that
the Big Four has started a new train as
a companion it leaving St Louis at S a
m receiving all Western and Southwest
ern connections and arriving in New
York at 233 p m the next day This
train is known as the New York and
Boston Limited but the wayfarer who
travels much will call it Number Six
teen m emulation of his railroad brethren
and inquire if she is on time A
months business has demonstrated that
it is a success The Big Fours motto is
Comfort in travel and the train amply
lives up to the motto as a trip on it will
prove to those who desire every conven
ience in travel A letter to the general
oflices of the Big Four at Cincinnati
about any of their trains will always re
ceive a prompt and courteous reply
- - i - j
A Gigantic Sheep Ranch
The largest sheep ranch in the world
is in the counties of Webb and Dimmit
in Texas it contains more than 400000
acres and pastures S000C0 sheep annu
Ask Your Dealer for Allens Foot Ease
A powder to shake Into your shoes It rests
the feet Cures Corns Bunions Swollen Sore
Hot Callous Aching Sweating feet and In
growing Nails Allens Foot Ease makes
new or tight shoes easy Sold by all druggists
and shoe stores 21c Sample mailed FKEE
Address Allen S Olmsted Le Koy N Y
Kid boots are going up in price in
Englaid The reason given is that too
many young animals have been killed
to provide them
You Will Never Know
what good Ink Is unless you use Carters
ltsts no more than poor Ink All deal
Fate never wouuas more deeply the
generous heart than when a block
heads insult points the dart John
Pisos Cure for Consumption is an in
fallible medicine for coughs and colds
N W Samuel Ocean Grove N J Feb
17 1900
A straight line is the shortest in mor
als as in mathematics Maria Edge
ft Wt -
How uch You Eaf
Is not the question but how much you
digest because food does good only
when It is digested and assimilated
taken up by the blood and made into
muscle nerve bono and tissue Hoods
Sarsaparilia restores to the stomach lt
powers of digestion Then appetite Is
natural and healthy and dyspepsia Is
Stomach Trouble My
mother had a very bad stomach trouble
She weighed only 111 pounds After
taking four bottles of Hoods Sarsapar
ilia she weighed 13G pounclr She tobk
It again after the grip and one bottle
got her up Miss Ofie McCoy 52S La
fajette ave Lebanon lud
Is Americas Greatest Dlocd Medicine
All in o Iiifitime
Mistress greatly scandalized Is it
possible Mary you are making bread
without having washed your hands
New kitchen girl Lor whats the
difference mum Its browu bread
The Columbian
Dropsy treated free by Dr H H
Greens Sons of Atlanta Ga Thegxoat
est dropsy specialists in the world Ifead
their ad in auother column of this paper
A man doesnt like to consider his
face a mug even Chough he is mado
of elsy
mium juit ucaiiuaimi orinnuneu enroll o
j Dr Klines Invigorating Tonic FREE 1 Trial Bettl
containing 2 Treoks treatment Dr Kline Institute
Pride and poverty are often seen to
gether but they can hardly be called
birds of a feather
Sfr WlnslovrV hooTHiho tvrnor rr Children
teetljlns sotteas the cum rcrmeos inflammation
ullas k uain cures wind colic V5 cents a bottln
No married man In Vienna is allowed
to go up in a balloon without the formal
consent of his wife and children
For Twenty Years Pve Suffered
and Now I Am Well
A Miracle Performed for a Father and His
Three-Year-old Son Millions oi
People Need Relief
What causes them
Nothing but irregular working of tho
bowels When a nauseous mass of undi
gested food ferments in the intestines in
stead of being passed out of the body Its
pressure congests the blood vessels and
produces all kinds of piles bleeding blind
itching all horribly painful and annoying
Nothing will cure them except to go at
the cause make the bowels regular and
thpn tone up the intestines so they can keep
regular Only a strong intestinal tonic can
do it and Casearets Candy Cathartic are
the best known The best kind of a proof
Is the experience of Mr Heltz
Chicago 111 February 10 1S09
Gentlemen I have been using your Cas
earets for almost a year with great success
not only relieving chronic constipation but
they have cured me of bleeding piles which
two snrgicai operations failed to do putting
me to great expense and needless pain I
have recommended them to many friends
with good results Very truly yours FRANK
ROGERS No 223 East Forty first Btrcet
Chicago 111
Sufferers from piles Go and do likewise
Buy and try Casearets to day Its what
they do not wbat we say theyll do that
proves their merit They make the liver
lively the bowels regular the blood pure
All druggists 10c 2oc or 50c or mailed for
price Send for booklet and free sample
Address Sterling Remedy Co- Chicago
Montreal Can New York
This Is the CASCARET tablet
Every tablet of the only genuine
Casearets boars the magic letters
CCC Eook at the tablet before
you buy and beware of frauds
Imitations and substitutes
No 22 1900
fzmpte i8k
Perhaps you have already discovered that
ponders and washes will not cure
these eruptions on youf face
They may cover up and sup
press irot they cannot re
move Rashes Loils salt rheum
shingles hives eczema tetter etc
are hut surface indications of deeper
trouble And
The question for you now is how to make tad Mood
good blood how to get rid of all these impurities in your
system Everybody knows the answer a perfect Sarsa
parilia No ordinary Sarsaparilia such as you can buy at
almost any store will answer it must be a perfect one
There is such a Sarsaparilia and it differs widely in every
way from all other Sarsaparillas
ris fyj fyjffj
Thc only Sarsanarilla jsadc vndcr the personal supervision o
Ihrce graduates a graduate fn pharmacy a graduate in
chemistry and a graate m mescinc
100 a bottle All druggists
1 had frequent and most panful boils I was treated by a number cf plrj
ndanx but they did me no good I tried many kind3 of patent noedldaes bat
without effect j bat when I tried Ayers SaraparHla I got hold of tb rijjht tj
r I waa soon completely cared R P Croujk Atdca N Y
cursri -ii t
izrt o
i -

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