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fcs -
- - - BY I MR1CE
Prosperity is flourishing in
todity i
Presbyterians dedicated a new church
mt Syracuse
23room corn proves an excellent crop
ft Trenton 3
A bicycle thief was captured red
handed at Florence
Tecumsehs police court did a rattling
fjeod business last -week
2jruit was damaged by the storm
mround Beatrice and Syracuse
A succession of small showers has
greatly improved the crop prospects at
The3rand Island fair was the main
attraction in the South Platte country
last week
Schools opened at Geneva Monday
IThe Ward school opened for the first
time in four years
Someone is poisoning dogs at West
3 oint and a number of fine blooded
canines have been killed
Slmonson Bros Co of Alliance
ave sold their lumber and coal yards
o J B White of Grandon Mo
The second annual meeting of the
County Attorneys association of Ne
braska was held last week in Hastings
The residence of William McPherson
At -Falls City was badly damaged by
lightning but none of the inmates were
The annual harvest home picnic at
f Trenton will be held about September
14 The event will be one of the best
ever held
Mrs John Clements of Lyons died at
Iher home with cancer of the stomach
airs Clements was 73 years old and had
resided there since 1867
Jl Anderson fireman on passenger
-train No 5 westbound from Chicago
tad his foot crushed while working
-around the engine at Ashland
Ernest Rottman of Douglas couldnt
the temptation of selling liquor
without a license and again talks to
iiis Iriends through the bars
The Lincoln Central Labor union at
tended the Labor day exercises at
Omaha A special excrusion train left
at 8 a m returning in the evening
J H Hamilton Co grain and lum
ber dealers of Leigh have recently
purchased a large grain elevator lum
ber yard and fifty barrel flouring mill
at Modale la
Secretary of State Porter was be
fore Judge Holmes Saturday to show
cause why he refuses to allow the can
fiidates of the populist party a place
on the official ballot
me of the innovations of the state
fair will be the model kitchen presided
jover by Hrs Harriet S MacMurphy of
Omaha who will give daily demonstra
tions with Nebraska cereals
Woodmen log rollers were in Pender
3y the hundreds last week One of the
reat attractions was a base ball game
flayed by the Ponca nine and a nine
nade up of Winnebago Indians
rhe crew of a freight train found a
ymm lying dead near the city limits
at Blair He had 1040 in his clothing
The theory is that he was killed by a
freight train earlier in the night
Cyril Cox the little stepson of G J
aioffett of Geneva was playing in the
echool house lots and in attempting to
jump over a mower which ras cutting
ihe grass had his foot almost cut off
The saloon trial at Mead has already
piled up several pages of transcript
find the saloon side is going to make it
s big as possible as the temperance
people must pay for it before an appeal
can be taken
The case of Sam W Christy against
George W Stubbs in which the lat
hers election as judge of the Seventh
judicial district was contested was dis
missed from the supreme court on mo
tion of the relator
Ed Miller- and Joseph Kellar pro
prietors of the Lawrence Literary and
3enevolent society a club alleged to
ave betm organized to handle liquor
Tvere arrested for the illegal sale of li
quor and taken to Neligh to await trial
David Barrein a prominent young
farmer bought a quantity of carbolic
cid in Newman Grove and on his way
lome the bottle was broken in his
pocket saturating his clothing By
the time he reached home he was rav
Ing with pain and within an hour had
expired the carbolic acid having burn
fed the whole hip to a crisp
The beginnings of a new primer have
-been made by one of our exchanges
The questions may be Indefinitely con
tinued by teacher and pupil
See the corn In the field Can the
xorn walk
4No the corn stalks
See the pretty- cake Does the cake
Never But you should see a cake
bave a roDe Can the rope walk
Yes if It i Jtaut
The hen is in the garden Does the
ien rise
No the hen set3
-The mercury is In the tube Will
vthe mercury set
No my child Wait untilJuly and
itPP J 7 - -- -
With Irresistible Logic He Tears though the latter were the aggressors
the Administrations imper
ialism to Tatters
an intention General Anderson who
took command of our land forces In the
islands about the first of July 1S98 in
an article in the North American Re
view for February 1900 says
I was the first to tell Admiral Dew
ey that there was any disposition on
the raxt of the American people to hold
the Philippines if they were captured
There will be little dissent from the
proposition that if he came to Manila
with such knowledge the most obvious1
considerations of justice and fairness
mS y I i - r i
- ftjj
and much Is attempted to be made out
of such expressions as they fired on
our flag 0
But of sfince we had secretly
Tn1nth Minn fSneciali The largest formed a determination to seize the
to listen to a Dolitical sneech ands it ts annarent that whenever that
that ever assembled in Duluth occurred design became manifest or we attempt-
at the armory when Charles A Towne ed to put it Into effect the anpinos
opened the campaign In a lengthy ad
dress in which he replied to the recent their object to be independence would
speech of Governor Roosevelt delivered resistit The aggressor regardless of
at St Paul on the occasion of the
tlonal convention of the League of he who stood in defense of a right but
Republican clubs and arraigned the he who by act or threat compelled the
administrations policy in the Philip- ither to defend it The development of
pines The audience which comprised the hostile design was itself an attack
persons of all shades of palitical belief The wonder is considering th tropical
and many scores of women listened at- nature of the islanders and the long-
tentively to the orators remarks for continued course of our mingled
more than two hours and frequently
throughout the discourse the applause
was deafening
The speech which wlM be used as a
campaign document is described as
Mr Townes greatest political effort
At its conclusion he was tendered an
ovation by the multitude present
Mr Towne opened by expressing a
lack of patience with any one who be
lieved in their party right or wrong
considering the latter simply another
statement of the divine right of kings
He then said
Numerous questions are involved in
this campaign It is rare however
that more than one great issue is de
cided at a time and as a rule one
subject of interest is uppermost in the
public mind and chiefly calls for dis
cussion and decision This is especially
true in 1900 The relatively secondary
matters Important as they are all have
reference to policies to be pursued by
the republic The issue of first moment
the one that temporarily dwarfs all oth
ers by comparison is whether the re
public itself is to continue
it is one of the paradoxes of history
that a policy of subjugation and con
quest should have been the inheritance
of a war of liberation he said
Then he reviewed at some length the
causes leading up to and the chief
events of the Spanish war He took up
the insurrection in the Philippines
sketching it briefly and telling how
brilliantly Dewey and his sailors en
gaged the Spanish -fleet in Manila bay
and continued
It was thus as a mere incident in
the prosecution of our war for the lib
erty of Cuba that we found ourselves
in the Philippine islands It is claimed
that circumstances were such as to
compel us with due regard to our in
terests and our international duties to
pursue in these islands thereafter the
policy for which the administration has
become responsible A brief examina
tion however of those circumstances
will suffice to show that the policy
adopted was not only unnecessary but
It was in the highest degree
tageous to us while involving the ut
most cruelty and injustice toward the
inhabitants of those islands and violat
ing every prinoiple of good faith and
the honorable traditions of American
He said the coming of Aguinaldo was
at the invitation of Admiral Dewey and
that he was to be an ally of the Ameri
cans quoting from the naval records in
support of his assertion
After again referring to the different
situations in Cuba and the Philippines
he said
But the statement that we never
promised the Filipinos their independ
ence conveys a false impression Out-
conduct was such as to estop an hon
from a justification or excuse for an
attempt to subjugate the islands
The Filipinos made no secret of
their rebellion against the Spanish gov
ernment What they desired to do was
required that the Filipinos be speedil
acquainted with it Tet they were per
mitted to indulge in the illusion of hop
from our supposed friendliness to thel
plans of independence with which thei
proclamations had made us familiar
After describing the strained relations
between the Americans ahdthe Fili
pinos after the capture of Manila Mr
Towne said
Our opponents are in the habit of
referring to the outbreak of actual hos
tilities between us and the Filipinos as
if they were earnest when declaring
who struck the nrst blow would be not
cence ambiguity and offense that they
were not betrayed into violence long
before any physical clash actually oc
curred As a matter of fact however
as shown by General Otis official re
port our troops fired the first shot and
the Filipinos stood on the defensive
He then discussed the protocol and
the treaty of peace and the proclama
tion of January 3 1899 at Manila which
he declares Is of the very essence of
imperialism Divested of Its cant and
made over into plain language the
proclamation tells the Filipinos that we
have seized their country by brute
force anc propose to hold it and that
they must submit to our pretention
yield to our assumed authority orbe
shot to death It boldly proclaims the
right of conquest the highway robbery
of nations For the first time in Amer
ican history It is asserted by the re
sponsible leader of a great party and
a president of the republic that we may
rightfully wage war for the purposes
of domination and acquire property in
the lands of other nations and juris
diction over their liberty and persons
by the mere test of superior strength
It violates the most sacred traditions
of our history
But what is probably as sinister in
this proclamation as this flagrant in
dorsement of force as the basis of
a0rSemenA r
e n o withdrawal and leave the -vacancy un
nucai auiauiiLjr - filled He argued that the populists
imperialistic tendencies in the
Stvenson for
tlve is the cool umln
the democrats had ignored the popu
president has the power to act before
lists in the Kansas City convention
the execution of the treaty The treaty
ofei tnnv
i t il Tf Via I Tint indppn I iv- f
been approved by the senate but might
easily never nave been approved since
the final action of that body is said
Mr Stevenson Gets His Fourth
Nomination by the Action of
the Populist Committee
Chicago 111 Special Adlal E
Stevenson tied William J Bryan In the
number of nominations when the popu
list national committee last night
named him for vice president Up to
that time Mr Bryan had been nom
inated four times and Mr Stevenson
three times The populists by accla
mation nominated Mr Stevenson for
vice president to fill the vacancy on
their ticket caused by the with
drawal of Charles A Towne A test
vote however which preceded the
final vote showed that twenty four of
the ninety five members of the com
mittee present were opposed to nom
inating the vice presidential nominee
of the democrats silver republicans
and American Monetary league
Senator Marion Butler of North Car7
olina chairman of the committee put
up a hot fight against the nomination
of Mr Stevenson although he knew
before the committee went into ses
sion that the Stevenson men had over
seventy votes General James Weaver
led the fight for Stevenson Senator
Pettigrew who had been talking for
Stevenson for three days made his
record good for the populists of his
state by voting with Senator Butler
on the test vote
The committee held its session at 206
LaSalle street with Senator Butler in
the chair and Secretary Edgerton at
the desk The session lasted for nearly
seven hours most of this time being
used in speechmaking Mr Townes
letter of withdrawal was read and ac
cepted and then General Weaver
started the fight by moving that Mr
Stevenson be nominated to fill the
vacancy Almost immediately a sub
stitute motion that a populist be nom
inated was introduced and then the
oratorical floodgates were opened Gen
eral Butler said that he thought the
populists should accept Mr Townes
ocratic vice presidential nominee they
would lose prestige and give the mid
dle of the road populists good cause
to claim tQ be enuine peopleg
been taken by a bare majonty I
to have
party Committeeman Washburn of
of one vote This assumption of power
admittedly before the treaty conferred
it on him and where the exercise of it
was certain to involve the nation in
war as it soon did was the most pro
Taking up Governor Roosevelts
speech he declared it to be enormous
ly disappointing
Neither in matter nor in manner is
it worthy of its occasion he said In
respect of argument the speech is with
rare exceptions an altercation of eva
sion and assertion In spirit it is a com
pound of scold and scullion As to its
facts it abounds in inaccuracies which
if accidental are inexplicable as com
ing from a man who has performed
creditably in history and biograph But
the world is accustomed to inconsist
encies from Mr Roosevelt It has long
looked upon him as a predestinedand
incorrigible eccentric It has given up
attempting to explain or reconcile him
with himself It is quite impossible
whether it would be worth while oth
erwise or not to make an entirely sat
isfactory diagnosis if a civil service
ref0rmer in partnership with Thomas
orable nation trom using such a plea f riliPS
citizen soldier who ridicules
Piatt a
the volunteer a leader in battle who
finds glory in beng rescued from an
ambush a hero who boasts of shooting
a fleeing foe In the back a candidate
Un nlowo nnrl tn flelPSfltPR and
to form a government of their own and gaueries to obtain a nomination that
to be absolutely independent of Spain he doeg not -ant a gentleman who
The representatives of the United- ciarges sx and one half millions of his
States in the east knew of this object fellow COuntrymen with lawlessness
perfectly well The Filipinos proclaim- dishonesty and cowardice a statesman
ed it to the world wh0 mounted on a hobby rides roughly
Tt is iirmortant to bear in mind that r0Qtnnc in ennnmics and
the Filipino republic established under poiitics swinging his partisan larjat
the leadership of Aguinaldo was a gov
ernment in fact recognized throughout manche
the island of uuzon ana several au
joining islands to the south capable of
preserving order collecting taxesmain
taining education and a complete sys
tem of public administration raising
and supporting an army which for a
considerable period numbered 30000 and
conducting war according to the hu
mane principles of modern internation
al law
It is Impossible to determine the ex
act time with which the authorities at
Washington decided to take forcible
possession of the Philippine islands
It is clear that Admiral Dewey for a
and yelling like an intellectual Co
Lincoln Neb Aug 28 Special
Mr Bryan thus expressed his pleasure
today over the action of the populist
national committee in indorsing Hon
A E Stevenson for the vice presiden
I am very glad that Mr SteVenson
has been indorsed by the populists
He is thoroughly committed to the
principles set forth In the Kansas City
platform and deserves the support of
oil who Relieve in those nrinclDles To
considerable period after the battle of have nominated anyone else would
hccve weaKenea tne ucxet jne
- Si toi nn nftwiort nf snh
IXdfJiJlCX wuj w -a
list organization will profit rather than
suffer by this evidence to place the
triumph of principles above partisan
The democratic congressional conven
tion for the Tenth district of Wiscon
sin nominated for congress F A Part
low a banker of Barron -county
New Tork Press A woman never
forgives a man for his Kinaness in
bringing 3ier husband home arumc
r L
Massachusetts talked in a like strain
Senator Butler Secretary Edgerton
Vice Chairman Edmisten George F
Washburn and Senator Pettigrew
were appointed a- committee to draft an
address to the populists of the coun
Treasurer of National Committee
Gives His Views
Chicago 111 Special In comment
ing on the action of the national com
mittee of the peoples party in nom
inating Mr Stevenson yesterday as its
vice presidential candidate to fill the
vacancy cased by the declination of
Mr Towne Mr George F Washburn
treasurer of the national committee
I opposed the nomination of Steven
son because I believed the rank and
file of the party was opposed to it 1
favored the nomination of a populist
who would stay with us until the polls
closed or else take no- action on the
declination of Towne
When Towne allowed his name to
be presented to our convention for a
candidate for nomination It was equiv
alent to an acceptance furthermore his
friends pledged us in the convention
that he would remain in the field Had
there been the least suspicion that he
would not have remained in the field
he would not have been nominated
therefore I deny his moral right to
withdraw without our consent after
using our nomination in trying to se
cure another
I believe the best way to hold the
populist vote for Bryan is to keep faith
with our constituents Had our na
tional convention been in session in
stead of our committee it would cer
tainly have nominated a populist
Notwithstanding the local conditions
and the efbarrassment caused by this
act I appeal to populists everywhere
to work earnestly with unceasing vigor
for the election of Mr Bryan He Is the
greatest reform crusader of this age
and his election must be assured
In saying this I voloe not only the
sentiment of Senator Butler chairman
of the national committee but what I
believe to be the true sentiment of the
rank and file of the party throughout
the country
Puck Newlywed What is the right
thing to do when your wife asks you
for money and you havent got it
Oletimer Oh there is no right thing
to do under those circumstances Any
thing you do will be wrong
Isnt it kind or tnese peop e ma
remarked the young fish to drop us
lines with food on em
VDpnt you believe it replied the
mother fish You must learn to read
between- the lines
A FIlIHplnoWrltes Him aLetteV
About St Paul Speech
New York Special The following
open letter to Governor Roosevelt
written by Sixto Lopez who was for
merly secretary to the Filipino com
mission in Washington has just been
given out
Dear Sir I have read your remark
able speech delivered recently at St
Paul Minn in which you charge the
Filipinos with being the precise anal
ogues of the Boxers and Apaches and
our government with being a bloody
Aguinaldoan oligarchy Nothing ap
peals to the best human emotions so
much as the spectacle of a brave man
Permit me to say that I cordially join
with the American people in admira
tion of the chief of the rough riders
but while admiring your achievements
as a soldier and a fearless reformer my
admiration ceases when you strike at
what I believe to be the truth Indeed
I am afraicf that your brilliant career
may receive a check in the unequal
contest for truth has never yet been
I cannot believe that a gentleman
and a soldier will make serious charges
against an opponent without being in
possession of absolute proof of his
statements -Consequently if your
charges are true I must cease to be a
champion of the cause of my people If
they are false you ought to cease to be
the champion of yours
Therefore In the name of my coun
trymen for whom you and your col
leagues have made such lavish profes
sion of friendship I challenge you to
furnish proof of your charges or else
withdraw them
Let me draw your attention to the
circumstances as we Filipinos- view
them You came to our country You
call us Dear General Aguinaldo You
ask accept and profit by our aid in
the defeat of yoW enemy You deliver
Spanish prisoners over to or chaurge
You place a large number of your own
sick and wounded practically in cur
When your enemy has been defeated
you turn upon us shoot us down by
thousands and when our resistance Is
greater than you anticipated you de
clare that we are the precise analogues
of Boxers and Apaches and him who
you once styled dear general when
you required his aid you now refer
to as Bloody Aguinaldo
Honor bright do you consider all
this as consistent writh the conduct of
a gentleman and a soldier There is
only one escape Prove your charges
Look at it in another light You are
powerful and wealthy You can bring
to your task of extermination the most
deadly weapons of so called civilized
warfare Your soldiers are well armed
well fed well quartered
We on the contrary are without
wealth and without a single field piece
We have very few arms and inferior
ammunition We have only such food
as our soldiers can find in forest and
mountain and we have to live in
swamps and jungles exposed to every
The contest Is thus fearfully unequal
but of this we have not complained
Our Philippine mothers and sisters have
silenced the pang when an imperialist
shell or bullet has robbed them of hus
band father or brother We have
fought fairly even your own officers
have admitted that we have conducted
the war fairly and in accordance with
the customs of modern war
Yet not content with having all ad
vantages on your side you would now
try to take from us our good name
How pitiable how infinitesimal
A brave man will always sympathize
with the smaller dog A worthy foe
man will be generous to his weaker op
ponent A gentleman and a soldier
will not heap- dishonor upon his adver
Do you believe these mere truisms
Then there is only one escape prove
your charges
Indeed you ought to have proved
the charges when making them Honor
fair play the generosity you should
have shown to a weaker opponent who
is absent all proclaim that ought ought
to have given proof at the time But
let that pass It is not too late even
It will not however suffice to ap
peal to imagination or assumption to
rumor or unfounded reports Such ru
mors and reports cut both ways There
have been as many evil reports against
the American soldier as against the
Filipinos Your own commissioners ad
mit isolated occurrences are regret
table indeed but incident to every
war but they do not feel called upon
to answer idle tales without foundation
In fact
Mid roaders of Iowa met at Des
Moines and state central committee
will name the ticket
Governor Stone engaged rooms at the
Hoffman house New York city for
eastern democratic headquarters
M E Mprgan of Appleton Wis was
nominated for congress by the Eighth
district democratic convention
Congressmen CHrk of Missouri and
Grosvenor of Ohio debated Expan
sion at Mountain Lake Md Chau
Colored press at Indianapolis elected
Cvrus Field Adams president of the
national association chose other offi
cers and adjourned
The United States army transport
Lawton arrived at Seattle from Nome
with 22C passengers two thirds
whom are destitute miners returned at
the expense of the government
oil I
mm t w
Burden of fJ
tnvenepublfahed bJ
at Boston- NJ
ton Mifflin charged
York is a novel of purpose
with high ethical feelmg l
is in no wis
ts Idealism but it
lactic It is indeed in point o bright
aess and humor very like
Converses story PMe
xix Miss
wo years ago while the lye 8tj
tronger and yet quite as charming
is that of her first work
The Cosmopolitan for August fully
of that excel
mstalns the reputation
ent magazine Notable among the
intents we can take space -to
tion only a part are Tthe Exposition
A New
position by Wm T
port Palace by Montgomery Scbuy
r Some Notable Murder Cases hy
of the United
tVm F Howe
States of Great Britain by John Bris
en Walker With Boer and Briton
y Frank R Roberson Some Gossip
ibout Writers by Caroline A Creevy
ind poems by Ella Wheeler Wilcox and
Dlinton Scollard Of course all the pa
illustrated Thft
ers are profusely
Cosmopolitan is only ten cents a copy
Fifty years in European literary mu
jieal and social circles should furnisl
my observer with a host of pleasing
memories and given the art to relate
them tersely and yet entertainingly a
volume of interest and value must re
suit Such In brief is the story or
Personal Recollections by H Suther
land Edwards who knew Thackeray
Reade Adolphe Sax and many others
notable In history from opera singers
to revolutionary Russians Published
by Cassell Co New Yofk price 150l
Major General James H Wilson U
S V who sailed for China last week
Is about to revisit a country with which
he is familiar How familiar he has
admirably indicated in his book China
Travels and Investigations in the Mid
ile Kingdom a new edition of which i
being brought out by D Appleton Co
The Burden of Christopher is an in
herited manufacturing business whicb
he endeavors to conduct in a manneff
diametrically opposed to that of mod
ern competitive ideals He sets out
to make the business a co operative
one but never gets beyond profit-sharing
short hours and the maximum
wage He is finally ruined by the com
petition of rivals paying low wages
md enforcing long hours these the re
suit of a strike in which the strikers
were defeated
The story shows how Christ bearing1
ind the present competitive system are
forever at war The difficulties of the
problems presented by the conflict of
ethical ideals and competitive commer
cialism are realized and dealt with
fairly but with a clear feeling that
the competitive system and the golden
rule cannot be harmonized The love
interest is at once strong -and pathetic
and the character drawing clever
This book can be obtained at the Me
geath Stationery CompanyOmaha Nebj
How To Render the Hogs Immuno
From Hog- Cholera
To many persons this may seem im
possible but we assure you it can bt
done in perfect safety if you only do
it the right way We do hot advise an
attempt to immunize a mixed herd 3
herd of all sizes and ages We advise
jnly rendering young pigs immune after
the sows and the balance of the hero
have already had the cholera The pro-
per time to render pigs immune 13-
when they are about one month old
Our Plan Put one or two sick pigs
Into the pen with your pigs Your pigs
will take the cholera Have them so
arranged that every one will come in
contact with the sick pigs and every
one will take the disease at the same
time Let them run together two or
three days but in the meantime keep
the pigs and the sows on very short
feed They will become hungry and
wil leat their medicated food when yom
are ready to commence treatment
After the sick pigs have run with the
well ones two or three days then de t
stroy them It is best to burn themi
Disnifect the ground they run on By
this time the well pigs will have the
disease well set in their systems On
the fifth day after the well pigs were
exposed to the disease begin a thor
ough course of treatment with the
Snoddy Remedy just as if they wero
sick Treat both
pigs and sows for
seven days or until they take enough
medicine to put their systems thor
oughly under its influence When you
see their discharges black and look
like they had been eating charcoal and
if they have taken
the amount of med
icine prescribed in article No 3 in our
booklet they are safe
In this way the pigs will have the
cholera but the remedy being given
them In their feed and through the
milk of the sow just before the time for
the disease to develop in them It will
prevent the disease from making them
sick The action of the
remedy Is
tain and will never fail when the
scribed amount of the
medicine Is pro
perly given
A hog may have cholera while his
system is under the Influence of th
remedy but the disease will not make
hinusick He will be hearty and thrifty
all the time and
no one can tell from
his looks that he has the disease After
a few days the disease will leave him
and he will never have it again Any
practical farmer can make
this a com
plete success in every case We hav
made this test often and
know- it is
perfectly safe to undertake
We shm
be glad to correspond
with any Jnte
ested parties The Dr J w e I
Remedy Co Alton mi BroC0ZI
ca office
Des Mqinesi la

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