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The census returns already show that the population of the United States
will he about 80 millions The list of the thirty largest cities and their popu
lation is as follows
Greater New York 3437262
Chicago 1698575
Philadelphia 1293697
St Louis - IV 575238
Boston r 560892
Baltimore n - 508957
Cleveland 381768
Buffalo 352218
San Francisco 342 7g2
V lI101IJlJcLuL -
J X LuO Uul lF tJji j J J vl
New Orleans 287104
Detroit 282704
MiIwiiiVpp - - 85 318
Washington 278718
TJpwivlr - 94fi 070
J Cl ii V V JU V
J JvLlXo V XJlt
Providence 7 175597
ndianapolis 169154
Kansas City T s 163752
St Paul 17 163032
Rochester 162435
Denver 133859
Toledo 131822
Allegheny - 129396
Columbus f 125560
Omaha 102555
Total Yl 13243515
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The building is located on a beautiul campus of five acres just north of
the city and three fourths of a mile from the depot having good walks lead
ing to it The ladies dormitory is on the block adjoining the campus The
college building is built of brick and finished in poplar It has four floors
The first floor contains the Music rooms Shorthand and Typewriting rooms
and rooms for a family The second ffoor contains the presidents office sec-
0 retarys office four large recitation rooms library and cloak room The thhH
floor contains the chapel commercial room and a cloak room The chapel and
commercial rooms are connected with large sliding doors The seating capac
ity is 650 The fourth floor contains six large recitation rooms The entire
four floors are heated with steam The building is furnished throughout with
appropriate furniture and apparatus The commercial room is 30 by 50 feet
it is supplied with chairs and tables and surrounded with blackboards four
feet wide The science room is arranged to meet the demand for practical
science teaching This room is supplied with the best of apparatus consisting
of a full supply of anatomical charts philosophical apparatus chemical appar
atus and chemicals skeleton geological specimens botanical specimens etc
Students are given a thorough drill in the use of apparatus in illustrating the
various subjects studied The library room is fftted with shelves tables desks
and chairs The library is open from 6 a m to 9 p m All books and sta
tionery that students wish to buy can be secured at reduced rates Books
may be rented
We have one of the best and most convenient buildings for educational
purposes of any institution Each room is planned for a special purpose and is
furnished with the best of furniture and apparatus for that purpose
Nebraska Normal College
J M Pile President Celia M Chase Secretary
A school where young men and women can begin and complete an education
Fall term 1 1st Winter term 2nd Winter term j Spring term Summer term
Sept 2
Sept 1
November 11
November 10
January 21
January 10
April 1
March 31
June 10
June 9
Tuition board and furnished room for a term 10 weeks 3150
Tuition board and furnished room for two terms 20 weeks S60
Tuition board and furnished room for three terms 30 weeks S85
Tuition board and furnished room for four terms 40 weeks305
Tuition board and furnished room for a year 50 weeks 125
Tuition board and furnished room for a year with two private lessons in
music 150 No charge for other departments
Tuition foria term is S10 in all regular departments
In Music Elocution and Shorthand the tuition is 15 per term which ad
inits students to other departments without extra chargei Board and room in
private families is from 2 to 250 per week Forty dollars in advance pays
tuition for one year Sixty dollars in advance pays tuition in conservatory
one year A term is ten weeks from date of entrance Students can enter at
any time
Students who have paid the regular tuition of 10 can have 20 lessons in
music or a term in shorthanp by paying 85 extra tuition thus making music
lessons cost only 25 cents
In order to get these reduced rates the amount must be paid in not less
1 than ten days after enrollment
HG5Scd S M BiiiilM i7filnwifiiitiliiTBii HililiHii
As will be seen by the above cut our new Dormitory is a splendid building
The rooms are large well lighted and heated with hot water The building
is furnished throughout with new furniture There is no extra charge to those
who room in this building except 25 cents per week from the 15th of October
until the 15th of April to pay for the lieating Students who room in other
buildings buy their own fuel
The gentlemens dormitory Gray Cottage and Nettleton ifall are all on
the adjoining blocks to the campus In addition to these buildings there are a
number of good private boarding houses within three blocks of the College
Many of our best families take some boarders No one need fear that they
cannot secure good accommodations
Dormitory rooms are large and well lighted Two students occupy one
room Each room has a closet and is furnished with stove table washstand
bowl pitcher lamp bed and bedding Everything is furnished except fuel
light and towels Each student deposits 81 on taking a room this is returned
when the key to the room is returned to the matron and breakage if any is
replaced or repaired Many rooms in good families are rented to students
Our next term opens November 12
Common School Teachers Scientific Classical Mathematical Special
Science Elocution Business Music Penmanship Art Shorthand Typewrit
ing See outline of course on other pages
The following courses of study are arranged for each term 1 For those
preparing to teach 1 For those desiring a Second Grade Certificate 3
For those desiring a First Grade Certicate 4 For those desiring a State
Certificate 5 Business course for teachers 6 Literary course for teachers
7 Didactic and Kindergarten 8 Elocution course for teachers 9 Music
course for teachers 10 Ceurse in Physical Culture
Review classes in all common branches are organized each term
Were preparing themselves for life worklstfyear in the Nebraska Nor
mal College 45 miles from Sioux City A healthier happier busier lot of
students could not be found These three characteristics health happiness
and work have been marked features of the College since its organization
nine years ago
Every line of Educational Work Preparatory Business Teachers Scien
tific Classic Music Shoithand Drawing has its special department special
teachers and special facilities
Students can enter at any time and find classes to suit them from reading
in ordinary school books through classics No entrance examinations are re
quired and satisfaction is guaranteed
Come directly to the College The secretary will be found ready to wait
on you Do not give your trunk check to anyone Bring it with you to the
office and the secretary will have your trunk sent to your room The president
will assist you in arranging your studies give you an enrollment card and
show you to your classes
Those wishing to attend college who have not the I ready money should
write us We try to accomm6date all who are trying to secure an education
Teachers who have School Orders and wish to attend colloge should write us
We may be able to help you
ST- For further insormation of the work of the Nebraska Normal College
write us stating the kind of work wanted Address
J M Pile A M President
yk Verdfgre NEVfcASTLE yWtoa
L Plaint-
o Oakland 4
OTershurg 2K
Crai Wfl I
Tehaman I
s V Vk
UtIn 1 - ScribneTW HermaJf f
HUmPh7 T HlanMJcalcX
Cedar Kipids I VV v M Ikl 1
FoUerMijsjsiSSorggSJoffiaan I rr
mqKEBnos chicaco ViQ tin
WAYNE the county seat of Wayne county is situated on the Chicago
St Paul Minneapolis Omaha Railroad 45 miles from Sioux City 28 from
Norfolk and 115 from Omaha The city has a population of 2500beauti
fully situated in the Logan Valley The site is rolling and tb drainage is
naturM and perfect For health tho city cannot be excellecTCnywhere The
society is excellent The intellectual and moral our citizens
a good influence upon all who come here The churches throw open
their doors in cordial invitation to the students f asant and profitable rec
reation may be had by students in companionship of friends made in the
homes and churches of our oitizens Wayne has four banks three newspapers
a large opera house waterworks telephone exchange electric lights and var
ious other improvements which space forbids mentioning Persons wishing to
locate in Wayne orto know more of Wayne should write to the President of
the College
Because no city in the west affords a better place in which to live and en
joy the advantages of an educational and religious community
Because the cleanliness and general beauty of the city can hardly be
equalled anywhere The air is pure water plenty and perfect
Because students can live here on less money than would be required in
V yr---
larger cities o
Because the city being free fronLhaunts of vice and crime students are
kept from opportunities to vice larger cities
Because there is less to distract the attention of students from their work
than is found in larger cities therefore more rapid advancement wlllbe made
Because the locality is very heattHy There has not been a seriously sick
student at the college for seven yeoigt
1 The moral and religious intefest of each studentTis carefully eruarded
The college is strictly non secyan but is thoroughly religious
The College is well supplied with apparatus in its various departments
The citizens are obliging to tnestudents giving every possible aid to
the College
o lectures tree to tne students are sriven eacn term The
fessional and business men are secuietrTor these lectures
6 Students find the teachers ever ready to give personal attention anil
counsel in everything pertaining to tlsSir welfare
The courses of study embrace -such stuuies as are necessary in
cal life The students have the privilege of selecting their own btudies
S Students can complete a course of study without remaining consecu
tive terms or consecutive years TlierVare no vacations
9 Students are not required to take a regular courso of study They se
lect the studies they prefer unless the President is otherwise advised by
parents vj
10 The College is open to all backward and advanced Students
standing is determined by their character and their work as students
11 Lady students find in the Matron of the College a personal friend
Parents are assured that their daughtftus have pleasant homes and the most
careful attention
12 The classes are so sectionecLfchat students may enter at any time take
up a subject where they wish and advafiee as rapidly as they desire No one
is held back on account of others f
13 The teachers in the College are men and women of excellent scholar
ship and successful experience whodeTote all their time to teaching and la
bor earnestly for the advancement cf each students interest
14 Each teacher has certain htfWrsof the day set aside to assist students
who need assistance in preparing lessons or to catch up with the classes No
charge is made for this individual instruction
15 Each student is the objectT bf especial study of the president and
teachers At the faculty meeting which is held every Monday evening the
work of each student is discussed inIetail The students standing is com
paredand methods of helping them develop their work in the best way are
1 Teachers and those preparing teach
2 All young men and women who want a thorough practical business1
education w
3- All who wish to make a speciality of mathematics language science
elocution or review of com non branhfes
4 All who wish to learn shorthand and typewriting in tbVshorteat time
All who wish to- stud v imwiamtms ketrhing to J
All who v Wu to b oom good writer- and teachers tff ptnmanshVp M
All who wisb to attend an njffltlion whep8al studies -are ec1fivF
thoroui h tint and wce each ttehenr is a snecialisfc
fc - -
o All who Wisui se s m jn nMutHn that provides special classes- foc
v ing rha and young women who hJCC pot the time nor money t5 enter reg
ular courses uf uv bnt want speciflfAvork onspecial subjects -
9 All who wish to attend an institution that employs usefully every-
lite of their time arid one that will layior the student the foundation for ff
its of industry economy self contrdlpperseverence and axplication the one
that helps to build a well rounded well balanced character -
Consider the superior advantages offered by the Normal College when you
think of attending school
The Dining Hall 1030x60 ft will accommodate 160 persons Students may
board at the College Dining halls for 165 per week or 1650 by the term of
ten -weeks when paid in advance for- thejrm Good board is furnished The
faculty board with the students Mrs -Pile with trained assistants has charge
of the boarding department Students select their own boarding places
Many of our citizens furnish board at most reasonable rates Students who
room at the dormitories board at the College dining halls x
No institution has a stronger f acultv than the one found directing the
work of students in the Nebraska Normal College Each member of the fac
ulty is a graduate of some well knowWiormal school or college and has been
selected on account of recognized ability thorough education successful ex
perience and strong character Each one is a specialist and a true leader of
men and women
President J M Pile and Mrs Pile have spent 12 years in Nebraska where
they are most favorably known to thWganfls of teachers and students Prof
F M Gregg comes from the great normal school at Ada Ohio and has had
ten years successful experience ProfJ R Gibbons is a normal school grad
uate also a graduate of Gem City BusinJessCollege and his experience covers
superintending and teaching in both public and normal schools As a director
and teacher of music Miss Stewart is known throughout the west where many
of her graduates are leading teachers in music She has spent five years with
us Miss Chasejs experience in tBiigu covers severaTyeai Sinri public
schools and three in the Normal school She is a most successful teacher in all
branches while her special subjects afv Geography Literature and General
History As teacher in the grades as tedcher in the College Mrs Wallis is
a superior teacher and principal Henecial line of work is elocution and
kindred subjects Miss Baker is a gtadaate of Simpson College and as had
several years successful experience in teaching Latin German and Rhetoric
in College and University As an instructor in these branches she is a receg y
nized leader Mrs C H Bright isremembeaed by hundreds of former stu
dents as one of the ablest teachers in the state She has taught in the Col
lege seven years Geo L Cook is wellJnownto hundreds of his students i i
the public as a very successful teacher of the violin and other stringed
struments But few teachers have been more successful in primary orr
than Miss Batchelor She is a progressive teacher who knows- the needs of
the teachers and those preparing totfeaohf
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