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64 Bondnvaurv
CHAPTER II Continued
Then Greebas eyes flashed with an
ger P Por shame she cried for
shame Ohfyou mean pitiful men to
bait and badger him like this
Jacob threw up his head and laugh
ed and Mrs Fairbrother said Chut
girl youre waxing apace with your
big words considering youre a chit
that has wasted her days in London
and hasnt learned to muck a byre
Adam did not hear her He sat like
a man who is stunned by a heavy
blow Not for myself he mumbled
no not for myself though they all
think it Then he turned to his sons
and said You think I come to beg
for bed and board for myself but you
are wrong I came to demand it for
the girl I may have no claim upon
you but she has for she is one with
you all and can ask for her own She
has no home with her father now for
it seems that he has none for him
self but her homo is here and here
I mean to leave her
Not so fast sir said John All
she can ever claim is what may one
day be hers when we ourselves come
into anything Meantime like her
brothers she has nothing but what
she works for
Works for you wagtail cried
Adam she is a woman Do you hear
a woman
Woman or man whores the differ
ence here said Gentleman John and
he snapped his fingers
Wheres the difference you jacka
napes Do you ask me wheres the
difference here Here In grace in
charity in unselfishness in faith in
the good in fidelity to the true in
filial love and duty Theres the differ
ence you jackanapes
You are too old to quarrel with
sir I will spare you said Gentleman
Spare me you whipper snapper
You will spare me But oh let me
have patience If I have cursed the
day I first saw my wife let me not also
curse the hour when she first bore me
children and my heart was glad Ash
er you are my first born and heaven
knows what you were to me You
will not stand by and listen to this
She is your sister my son Think of
it your only sister
Asher twisted about where he sat by
the window nook pretending to doze
and said The girl is nothing to me
She is nothing to any of us She has
been with you all the days of her life
except such as you made her to spend
with strangers She is no sister of
Then Adam turned to Ross And do
you say the same he asked
What can she do here said Ross
Nothing This is no place for your
great ladies We work here every
man and woman of us from daylight
to dark in the fields and the dairy
Best send her back to her fine friends
in London
Ay said Jacob glancing up with
a brazen smile into Greebas face or
marry her straight off that is the
shortest way I heard a little bird tell
of some one who might have her
Dont look astonished Miss for I
make no doubt you know who it is
He is away on the mountains now
but hell be home before long
Greebas eyes glistencc but not a
muscle of her countenance changed
Only she clutched at the Sack of her
fathers chair and clung to it And
Adam struggling nard to master the
emotion that made his whole body to
sway and tremble in his saat said
slowly If she is not your sister at
least she is your mothers daughter
and a mother knows what that means
Then turning to Mrs Fairbrother who
still stood apart with her housewifes
apron to her eyes he said Ruth the
child is your daughter and by that
deed you speak of she is entitled to
her share of all that is here
Yes said Mrs Fairbrother sharp
ly but only when I am done with
Even so said Adam would you
see the child want before that or
drive her into any marriage no mat
ter what
I will take her said Mrs Fair
brother deliberately on one condi
What is it Ruth said Adam
name it that I may grant it
That you shall give up all control
of her and that she shall give up all
thought of you
That you shall never again expect
to see her or hear from her or hold
commerce of any kind with her
But why Why
Because I may have certain plans
for her future welfare that you might
try to spoil
Do they concern Michael Sun
No indeed said Mrs Fairbrother
with a toss of the head
Then they concern young Jason
the Icelander said Adam
If so it is my concernment said
Mrs Fairbrother
And that is your condition
And you ask me to part from her
forever Think of it she is my only
daughter She has been the light of
my eyes You have never loved her
as I have loved here You know it is
the truth And you ask me to see her
no more and never more to hear from
her Now God punish you for this
you cold hearjed woman
Take care sir Fewer words or
mayhap I will recall my offer If you
are wise you will bs calm for the girls
You are right he said with his
head down It is not for me to take
the bread out of my childs mouth
She shall choose for herself
Then he twisted about to where
Greeba stood in silence behind his
chair Greeba he said with a world
of longing in his eyes my darling
you see how it is I am old and very
poor and heaven pity my blind folly
I have no home to offer you for I
have none to shelter my own head
Dont fear for me for I have no fear
for myself I will be looked to in the
few days that remain to me and come
what may the sorry race of my foolish
life will soon be over But you have
made no mistakes that merit my mis
fortunes So choose my child choose
It is poverty with me or plenty with
your mother Choose my child choose
and let it be quickly let it be quickly
for my old heart is bursting
Then the brave girl drew herself
proudly up her brilliant eyes aflame
and her whole figure erect and quiv
Choose she cried in a piercing
voice there is no choice I will go
with my father and rollow him over
the world though we have no cover
ing but the skies above us
And then Adam leapt from his chair
to his feet and the infirmity of his
years seemed gone in an instant and
his wet face shone with the radiance
of a great joy Do you hear that
you people he cried Theres grace
and charity and unselfishness and
love left in the world still Thank
heaven I have not yet to curse the
day her body brought forth children
Come Greeba we will go our ways
and Gods protection will go with us
I have been young and now am old
yet have I not seen the righteous for
saken nor his seed begging bread
He strode across to the door then
stopped and looked back to where his
sons stood together with the looks of
whipped dogs
And you you unnatural sons he
cried I cast you out of my mind I
give you up to your laziness and
drunkenness and vain pleasures I
am going to one who is not flesh of
my flesh and yet he is my son in
Again he made for the door and
stopped on the threshold and faced
about towards his wife As for you
woman your time will come Remem
ber that Remember that
Greeba laid one hand softly on his
shoulder and said Cpme father
come but again he looked back at his
sons and said Farewell all of you
Farewell You will see me no more
May a day like this that has come to
your father never never come to
And then all his brave bearing his
grand strength broke down in a mo
ment and as the girl laid hold of his
arm lest he should reel and fall he
stumbled out at the threshold sobbing
beneath his breath Sunlocks my boy
Sunlocks I am coming to you I am
coming to you
Chaise AKilley followed them out
muttering in an underbreath some deep
imprecations that no one heeded
Strange said he the near I was
to crucifying the Lord afresh and
swearing a mortal swear only I re
membered my catechism and the good
John Wesley
At the gate to the road they met
Jason who was -coming down from
Brarule with the birds at his belt
With bewildered looks Jason stood and
looked at them as they came up a
sorry spectacle in the brightness of
the midday sun Old Adam himself
strode heavily along with his face
turned down and his white hair falling
over his cheeks Ey his side Greeba
walked bearing herself as proudly as
she might with her head thrown back
and her wet eyes trying hard to smile
A pace or two behind came Chaise
with his pony and cart grunting
hoarsely in his husky throat Not a
word of greeeting did tney give to Ja
son and he asked for no explanation
for he saw it all after a moment they
being now homeless had drifted back to
their old home and had just been turn
ed away from it And not a word of
pity did he on his part dare to offer
them but in the true sympathy of si
lence he stepped up to Adam and gave
him his strong arm to lean upon and
then turned himself about to go their
They took the road to Ramsel and
little was said by any of them
throughout the long two miles of the
journey save only by Chaise who nev
er ceased to mutter dark sayings to
himself whereof the chief were prises
to God for delivering them withput
loss of life or limb or hand or even
out of a den of lions for thanks be
to the Lord He had drawn their
Now though the world is hard
enough on a good man in the hour of
his trouble there are ever more ten
der hearts to compassionate his dis
tresses than bitter ones to triumph
over his adversity and when Adam
Fairbrother came to Ramsey many a
door was thrown open to him by such
as were mindful of his former state
and found nothing in his fall to merit
their resentment No hospitality
would he accept however and took up
his abode with Greeba in a little lodg
ing in the market place with its face
to the cross and its back toward the
Sea And being safely housed there
he thanked Jason at the door for the
help of iis strong arm and bade him
come again at ten oclock that night
if so be that he was in the way of
doing a last service for a poor soul
who might never again have it in his
power to repay Ill come back at
ten said Jason simply and so he
left them for the present
And when he was gone Adam said
to Greeba as he turned indoors A
fine lad that and as simple as a child
but woe to the man who deceives him
Ay or to the woman either But
youll never -do it girl Eh Never
Why father what can you mean
Are we not going away together said
True child true said Adam and
so without rarther answer to her ques
tion twice repeated he passed with
her into the house
But Adam had his meaning as well
as his reason for His reason for hiding
it Through the silent walk from
Lague he had resolved their position
and come to a fixed resolution con
cerning it In the heat of his emotion
it had lifted up his heart that Greeba
had chosen poverty with him before
ers but when his passion had cooled
he rebuked himself for permitting her
to do so What right had he to drag
her through the slough of his own ne
cessities He was for going away not
knowing the fate that was before him
but on what plea made to his con
science dare he take her with him
He was old his life was behind him
and save herself he had no ties What
did it matter to him how this strug
gle should end But she was young
she was beautiful she might form
new friendships the world was before
her the world might yet be at her
feet and life so sweet and so sad
and yet so good a thing withal was
ready and waiting for her
Once he thought of Michael Sun
locks and that the arms that would
be open to himself in that distant
land would not be closed to Greeba
And once he thought of Jason and
that to leave her behind was to help
the schemes that would bring them to
gether But put it as he would no
farther could he get than this that
she must stay and he must go away
Yet knowing the strength of her
purpose he concealed his intention
and his poor bewildered old head went
about its work of preparation very
artfully It was Friday and still not
far past noon when they reached their
lodging by the cross After a hasty
meal he set out into the town leav
ing Greeba to rest for she had walked
far since early morning At the quay
he Inquired the date of a vessel that
called there sometimes in summer on
its passage from Ireland to Iceland
and to his surprise he found that she
was even then in the harbor and would
go out with the first tide of the next
day which would flow at one oclock
in the morning
Thereupon he engaged his berth
and paid for his passage It cost six
pounds besides a daily charge of four
shillings for rations The trip was
calculated to last one month with fair
wind and weather such as then prom
ised Adam counted the cost and saw
that with all present debts discharged
and future ones considered he might
have somewhat between six and sev
en pounds in his pocket when he set
foot in Reykjavik Being satisfied
with this prospect he went to the
High Bailiff for his license to leave
the island
Greeba had heard nothing of this
and as soon as night fell in she went
up to bed at her fathers entreaty
Her room was at the back of the house
and looked out over the sea and there
she saw the young moon rise over the
waters as she undressed and laid down
to sleep
Prompt to his hour Jason came and
then Adam told him all
I am going away he said far
away indeed into your own country
I go tonight though my daughter who
is asleep knows nothing of my in
tention Will you do me a service
Try me said Jason
And then Adam asked him to stay
in Ramsey over night that he might
be there when Greeba came down in
the morning to break the news to her
that her father had gone and to take
her back with him to Lague
They will not say no to her see
ing her father is not with her and
the time is coming when she will hold
her right to a share of all they have
and none if them dare withhold it
Jason who had been up to Lague
had heard of all that had passed there
and played his own part too though
he said nothing of that He was now
visibly agitated His calm strength
had left him His eyes were afire
his face twitched his hands trembled
and he was plainly struggling to say
what his quivering lips refused to ut
Is there no other way he asked
Must she go back to Lague Is there
no help for it
Nine said Adam for she is pen
niless God forgive me and beggars
may not be choosers
At that word Jason was unable to
support any longer the wild laboring
of his heart
Yes yes but there is a way he
cried for there is one to whom she
is rich enough though he isajoor him
self for he would give his lifes blood
if so be that he could buy her Many
a day he has seen all and stood aside
and been silent because afraid to
speak but he must speak now or
Hearing this Adams face looked
troubled and he answered
I will not misdoubt you my good
lad or question whom you mean
And Jasons tongue being loosed at
last the hot words came from him
like a flood
I have been an idle fellow sir I
know that good for nothing in the
world any more than the beasts of
the field and maybe its because Ive
had nobody but myself to work for
but give me the right to stand beside
her and you shall see what I can do
tor no brother shall return her cold
looks for her sweetness and never
again shall she go back where she
will only be despised
You are a brave lad Jason said
Adam as best he could for the tears
that choked him and though I have
long had other thoughts concerning
her yet could I trust her to your love
and keeping and go my ways with
content But no no my lad it is not
for me to choose ior her and neither
is it for her to choose now
To be Continued
Bernhardts 2000 Bed
Mme Sarah Bernhardts bed in her
Paris home cost her before it was- fin
ished the sum of 2000 The curtains
are of the finest damask the sheets
are silk the bedstead is a most elab
orate piece of furniture and two little
gold cupids are poised directly over
the sleepers head
Exercise Saved Teddy
Governor Roosevelt was thought as
a boy to be of a weak constitution
He early devoted much attention to
exercise and spent all the time that
he could in the open air To this he
attributes his present health and en
Up Against a Tough One
President George Harris of Amherst
college is one of the first college pres
idents to attempt publicly to solve
the servant girl problem At a recent
meeting of womens clubs at Amherst
Mass he read a paper on the subject
William J Bryan Writes on Late
Conservatism In War Time Is Deemed
Powerful Factor In Fight The
Senatorial Struggle Other
Capital News
William Jennings Bryan discusses
the recent presidential election in a
lengthy article in the current issue of
inging especially the result its causes
and its influence upon the future He
The republicans had a great advan
tage in having a large campaign fund
The republicans were also able to se
cure transportation for all republican
voters who were away from home It
is impossible at this time to calculate
the effect of colonization or the ex
tent to which votes were purchased
by the direct payment of money or by
employment for political work There
are instances where as much as 500
was offered to one man for his politi
cal service for a few days
The republicans had another ad
vantage the influence of which it is
difficult to estimate viz The advan
tage which accrues to an administra
tion while a war is in progress
The most potent argument how
ever used by the republicans in the
late campaign was the argument
which compared present conditions
with those which existed from 1893 to
1896 To the laboring man the repub
lican party would say Remember
how many were idle during the last
administration Do you want to risk
a return to hard times The prosperity
targument influenced many farmers
No time need be wasted in the con
demnation of the illegitimate use of
money But it is worth while to con
sider why such large campaign funds
are now used by the republicans and
how such funds are collected together
with the remedy to be employed for
the protection of the public against
the improper use of money in the
The magnitude of the fund which
can be collected depends upon the in
terest which the great corporations
feel m the result and upon the immi
nence of the danger to the privileges
which they are enjoying Prior to 1896
the moneyed element of the country
was divided between the two leading
parties but even then the republican
party had a considerable majority
amng the bankers railroad magnates
and manufacturers Since 1896 the
consolidation of wealth has gone on
h a raPiditv never before known
Mr -Bryan gives a list of a few of
tne large combinations which have
been formed within the last four years
and comments as follows
All of these trusts and many oth
ers had a pecuniary reason for sup
porting the republican ticket for they
not only have enjoyed immunity dur
ing the present administration but
they had every reason to expect fur
ther immunity in case of republican
success while the democratic plat
form and the democratic organization
were outspoken in their condemna
tIonf Private monopolies and the
candidates were pledged to aggressive
measures for the- extermination of all
combinations formed in restraint of
Is there any remedy for the im
proper use of money in elections
xes there is a remedy a statute
u diai uuense ior any officer
J Ption to contribute
tion funds to a campaign fun limiting
the amount that can be legally ex
pended by candidates or committees
and compelling the publication of the
names of the contributors to campaign
tXeagether with the amounts con-
The most surprising feature of the
SfaiP Was the difference mani
fested by many republicans to the at
rQon governmental principles here
regarded as sacred The party
Clearly committed to a
vXr - b0 repugnant to our
history our traditions and our
cLmaXimS that there is no sub
ffiSSl160 made by republican
fnt0 deteM the partys Position
ttP52 re defense s attempted
Jr was aboufc as Allows
L M n0t Want the pniliPPine isl
they came to us by accident but
now that we have them
we cannot
honorably let them go besides t
ooks as if it was Gods work and
then too thereis money in it
iSSS maiDS lor consideration
the third and as I believe the most
influential cause of the republican
the fear of a change The
fear of a change is
merely a political
expression of a conservatism
to a greater or less extent exists in
every person This fear was increased
by the fact that the
country for the
i6W yars has been experiencing
reaction a
from the panic which
andfhif61 the Iast ainisatiCn
and this fear was still further ajnrra
vated by the threats of the finans
To consider this election as decis
ive of the question
would be as
ordSqafiS t0 have regarded the electfon
of 1896
as decisive of the
tion It would be more reasonable
regard the late election as conclulve
Uefn f toPerfaStoand
noon J trUSt uesn both of which
San tdlfUssed mre by our people
than the f
money question
But a
gajter of fact an election A
Big Klondike Nagget
The largest pure gold nugget found
up to date in the Yukon fields was
turned up on No 34 Eldorado It was
found by Peter Gorat a veteran miner
80 years of age It weighs six pooads
and eight and one half pennyweights
The g0ld in it is worth exactly 1148
It is a beautiful
of pure gold and
Its lucky finder sold it for 2500 as a
specimen A larger piece of gold has
been found but it was mixed with
quartz It was worth 1800 and was
unearthed last spring Chicago Inter
essarlly conclusive upon any ques
Back of all the questions which
have been referred to lies the deep
and lasting struggle between human
rights and inhuman greed If greed
triumphs its victory will transform
our government into a plutocracy and
our civilization into barbarism
Those who believe in equal right
before the law and desire a govern
ment which rests upon the consent of
the governed and deals justly with
I all who are under its jurisdiction must
l continue the contest in triumph or de
feat Success may be the measure of
enjoyment but It cannot be the meas
ure of duty
In answer to a congratulatory ad
dress by the Bryan home guards some
days ago W J Bryan sent a letter to
H P Rockey thanking him for the
expression of esteem and concluding
as follows
When a political party meets with
reverses the greatest consolation the
candidate has aside from the ap
proval of his conscience is the knowl
edge that he retains the confidence of
those with whom he was associated
and I thanlc the guards for this assur
ance The contest between democracy
and plutocracy will go on and those
who believe in the declaration of inde
pendence and the doctrine of equality
before the law must still defend hu
man rights from encroachment and
Heavy heavy hangs over the
head of the republican governor elect
of Nebraska and it is extremely su
perfine Like the sword of Damocles
it is suspended ready to do deadly
work and like Banquos ghost it is
haunting the heavy hearted victors
It is nothing less than the sworn state
ment of Governor elect Dietrich of his
election expenses
Here it is
August 1 For banquet and
barbecue to Morearity 25
That is the evidence Here is the
law violated
House roll No 184 An act
to prevent corrupt practices at
elections and to provide a pen
alty for violations of the pro
visions of this act
It is Mr Dietrichs violation of this
law of their own creating that has put
the republicans in a stew kettle and
is causing them to jump sideways in
efforts to escape the consequences of
their own acts
There is a disposition to force the
matter to an issue but a line of action
has not yet been determined on
Some republicans are attempting to
bolster up their courage by the state
ment that even if Dietrich should be
ineligible Savage the lieutenant governor-elect
would become governor
This statement however is said to be
utterly without foundation Attor
neys who have given the matter some
attention declare that the Boyd
Thayer case finally established the
proposition that where the governor
elect is ineligible the holding gov
ernor holds over pending a special
The republicans affect to be Indif
ferent over the matter and declare
that the law is unconstitutional but
nevertheless they betray an anxiety
that is not in accordance with their
assumed nonchalance
As the days go by it is believed that
Mr Rosewater of Omaha will be more
fully convinced that he is not the
guardian of his delegation in Douglas
county Various occurrences have
happened of late to indicate that the
delegation will not stick to him
against the dictates of their republi
can consciences A very influential
politician said recently that he had
the best of reasons for knowing that
Rosewater will have a very hard pro
position thrust before him whem he
tries to become senator The delega
tion has given it out that they are not
anybodys to be possessed soul and
body This has come out in several
ways and has greatly simplified the
work of certain candidates
v ooo
There is a feeling among a few
Thompson men at least that eventual
ly it will be found advisable to tie up
with Meildejohn This may not come
during the first of the fight but they
think it will be sure to develop later
on They believe that after it has
been established that Rosewater can
get no more votes than he comes into
the fight with many north of the
Platte members will show a decided
preference for Meiklejohn Should he
get the support of the Thompson men
he would then become a formidable
A few more applicants are being
heard from for positions in the states
Charles Penn of Broken Bow was in
the city yesterday making himself
known for the position of commandant
of the soldiers home at Milford Mr
Penn has stood by the republicans
through thick and thin in the battles
against populism in Custer county
and this year when they did so well
his friends think the western portion
of the state f hould receive recogni
G V Haskell of Wakefield is a can
didate for secretary of the state bank
ing board He was in Lincoln yester
day looking after his chances It is
believed that S D Davis of Wilber
will be named chief clerk in the adju
tant generals office
Dr R S Grimes has been spoken of
as a possible candidate for the posi
tion of physician at the penitentiary
Dr Manary is also an applicant for
that nlace
British GeTeruments Present to Kansen
In recognition of the eminent serv
ices he has rendered to the cause of
scientific exploration the British gov
ernment presented Dr Nansen with a
fifty volume set of the Challenger Re
ports He is the first single individual
to receive them their cost running up
to several hundred pounds
Authors Poem at His Tomb
An old gentleman of over 80 visited
Goldsmiths grave In the Temple in
England recently and declaimed the
whole of The Deserted Village
t18tfXr -
T- -
Dismissed for Gouging
The secretary pf the navy dismissed
from the naval academy last week on
recommendation of the superintendent
cadet found guilty of gouging
which is the slang for dishonesty in
work in this case the copying as his
pwn of a theme written by another ca
det and of falsehood Fifty six mem
toersof his class petitioned the secre
tary to exercise clemency and are all
placed In the third conduct grade for
insubordination which permits thorn
to have liberty but once in four weeks
Whea Her Xuok Changed
An actress who is now acting in a
prominent Now York theater found
herself so little in demand a few years
ago that she was about to abandon
all effort to remain in her profession
lern how to manipulate the typewriter
and seek her fortune in that line of
work Just at the time when her pros
pects looked darkest she inherited a
small sum of money which she had
never expected to get It proved
enough to enable her to make a start
in the way she wanted and after a
while she went to New York where
she met with a degree of success that
no actress so little known had ever
enjoyed before
Indian Pupils in New York Schools
The first Indians ever admitted as
public scnool pupils in New York City
ire two who entered last week They
are Buelah and Bessie Dark Cloud
Buelah is 16 years old and has attend
ed school in Montreal Bessie the
typical Indian child of the Sierras
restless quick and gracious entered
the kindergarten grade Dark Cloud
the father of the children has been
a model for prominent artists includ
ing Remington and Deming The
mother a woman of much beauty is
a full blood Abeneki and her husband
is of the same tribe and a well edu
cated Indian wo during the summer
lectures lor medicine companies
A miss is sometimes better than a
The man with a pull the street car
conductor -
Pleasure is but the refreshment that
cheers us in the pursuit of true hap
David R Snovner or Orange N J
a lawyer who was convicted of embez
zling 1375 from the estate of Cath
erine Breiit of Rockport Ind was
sentenced to six months Imprison
One Woman Who Has Done a Great
Deal to Pnt Down This Evil
Minneapolis Minn Dec 3 iSpe
cial When the Independent Order o
Good Templars of Minnesota wanted
a State Organizer they chose Mrs
Laura J Smith of 1217 West 33d
Street this city The American Anti
Treat League also selected Mrs Smith
as National Organizer The reason is
not far to seekt This gifted woman
has devoted her life to a battle against
Drink and Drinking Habits Her in
fluence for good in Minnesota is and
has been very far reaching
About two years ago however It
seemed as if this noble woman would
have to give up her philanthropic
work Severe pains in her back and
under her shoulder blades made Ufa
a burden and work Impossible Physi
cians were consulted and they pre
scribed for Kidney Disease Three
months treatment however failed to
give Mrs Smith any relief Her hus
band was much exercised and cast
about him for something that would
restore his good wife to health and
strength He heard of the cures ef
fected by Dodds Kidney Pills and ad
vised her to try them which she did
She is now a well woman and says
Two weeks after I commenced tak
ing Dodds Kidney Pills I felt muchi
better and at the end of seven weeks
was completely cured I have had no
recurrence of the trouble but I takei
a pill off and on and find that it keeps
me in good health
Dodds Kidney Pills are for sale by
all dealers at 50 cents a box
They are easily within the reach oC
all and no woman can afford to suf
fer when such a simple and sura
Remedy is at hand
Fortune is ofttimes kindest to those
on whom she frowns
The Census of 1900
A booklet giving the population ot
all cities of the United States of 25000
and over according to the census of
1900 thas just been issued by the Pas
senger department of the Chicago
Milwaukee St Paul Railway and a
copy of it may be obtained -by sending
your address with two cent 3tamp to
pay postage to the General Passenger
Agent of the Chicago Milwaukee St
Paul Railway Chicago 111
Mrs Jones Oh doctor is my hus
band still irrational Dr Dosem
Extremely so When I told him your
mother was coming tomorrow he
We are the Nebraska selling agents
for the Union Carbide Co manufac
turers of Calcium Carbide for making
Acetylene Gas Order your supplies
from us Pacific Storage and Ware
housa Co 912 914 Jones St Omaha
m -
It is far easier to sell a dog than it
is to give him away
In Winter Use Allens Foot Kae
A powder Your feet feel uncom
fortable nervous and often cold and
damp If you have sweating sore feet
or tight shoes try Allens Foot Ease
Sold Dy all druggists and shoe stores
25 cents Sample sent FREE Address
Allen S Olmsted Le Roy tt Y
Corckscrews have sunk more people
than cork jackets will ever save
It is hard to avoid indigestible foods on
Thanksgiving day but it Is easy to avoid
indigestion take Garfield Tea It cleanses
the system and acts on the liver thus
promoting good digestion
Every dog has his day and every
man has his hobby

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