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The Valentine Democn
I. M. RICE , Publisher.
Alonzo H. Stewart , doorkeeper
the United States senate , was marrj
-at Atchison , Kan. , to Miss Gn
ColoneL GeorgeQuickC 88 years o
of Freeburg , III. , has brought suit i
divorce against his wife , also an oc
The United States army transp <
Sumner , with convalescent soldie
on board , has sailed from Manila 1
San Francisco.
J. Pierpont Morgan has just bpug
the Chilean section of the trans-A
dean railway for ninety thousa :
pounds sterling.
Christopher Anderson , the aged m
who shot himself on the grave of 1
wife in the cemetery near Nebras :
City , Neb. . , died.
It now seems that there is ami
probability of an agreement beii
reached between France and Gre
Britain over the Newfoundland que
The Massachusetts Republican sta
convention has been called to me
in Boston October 4. Governor All <
of Porto Rico will be iavited to pr
August Newman was blown
pieces and Henry Ernest badly hu
by the premature explosion of a bla
of dynamite at the city quarrier s
Quincy , 111.
The Retail Clerks' Internation ;
Protective association of Buffalo pr <
sented to the International Associatic
of Machinists the sum of ? 1,200 to ai
in its strike.
The Wabash Cooperage company
plant was destroyed by fire at Ten
Haute , Ind. , causing a loss of $20,00i
with $9,000 insurance ; ? 6,000 on builc
ings and $3,000 on stock.
The budget committee after a prc
longed and critical discussion at Mac
rid , has decided to shelve for the pres
ent the proposals of the minister c
finance suspending .the coinage of sil
John H. Bacon , a Milwaukee news
paper man , has accepted an appoint
ment as vice consul and clerk to Con
sul General Rublee at Hong Kong , an
will leave for China in about thre
Richard S. Berlin , a well known rea
estate dealer and manager of the Ber
Hn Investment company at Omaha
Neb. , has filed a. petition in voluntary
bankruptcy. Liabilities , $51,900.62 ; as
sets , $570.
Safe Expert Charles Walze has dis
covered that the cashier's time loci
f the vault in the mint , at San Fran
cisco , from which $30,000 was stolen
does not operate and has been out o
order for some time.
At a meeting of the Leadville , Col.
City Library association a "letter was
read from the private secretary o :
Andrew Carnegie , dated vfrom Skib (
, castle , Scotland , stating that he woulc
give $100,000 for a public library foi
that city , provided the city would fur
nish $2,000 a year to maintain it.
The sales of coffee on the New Tort
coffee exchange for the year ending
June 30 , aggregating 7,383,000 bags
against 5,879,500 bags in 1900. The
sales for 1899 were 4,060,500 bags. The
transactions the past year exceeded
those of 1900 by 1,503,500 bags , the
gain being partly due , it is said , to
the large crops abroad.
The dead bodies of Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Prange , of Omaha , were found
beside a public highway , half a mile
south of Lake station , St Joseph , Mo. ,
each with a bullet hole in the head.
Clasped in Prange's-right hand was a
revolver. It is supposed the man kill
ed the woman and then took his own
The will of Hugh Tevis , the young
San Francisco millionaire , who died in
Yokohama recently , of appendicitis ,
while on his wedding journey , has
been filed at Monterey. It divides his
estate , estimated at $1,000,000 , almost
equally between his widow , Cornell
Baxter Tevis and his
, 9-year-oTd
daughter , Alice Boalt Tevis.
Capt Putnam B. Strong , quarter
master department , United States
army , San Francisco , announces that
he has resigned from the army for
personal and financial reasons.
The managers of the Newport , Ky. ,
racing track decided to declare off
all further races until October 1.
George C. Tilden , a well known min-
erologist , while in Salvador went in
sane and was committed to the Cali
fornia state hospital for the insane.
'John Costain was killed near New
Albany , Ind. , by John Turner while
trying to kidnap Mrs. Turner.
Minister Rockhille has been instruc
ted to support Japanese application
for an enlargement of their indem
nity from 36,0 00,000 to 40,000,000 yen.
_ Edward H. Martin , formerly a lieu
tenant in the United States army , who
pleaded guilty a few days ago to a
charge of passing worthless checks ,
was * sentenced by Recorder Goff , of
New York , to one year in the peniten
Disorder and Distress Are Feared Af
Oklahoma Opening ,
Thousands of Campers Have but Scat
Rations 3fore Than One Hundr
Thousand People Are Hare to Be B
FORT SILL , July 22. Disorder ai
distress will , it is feared , follow tl
actual opening of the Kiowa-Comanc ]
reservation Augut 6. It is estimat *
that fully 150,000 person will have re
istered for a chance to secure one
the 13,000 claims to be awarded 1
lottery when the registration boot !
close July 26.
Thousand of perons now on tl
reservation , who are neither mechai
ics nor artisans and who have litt
or. no money , announce their intentic
of settling around Lawton if they fa
to win a claim. Campers who can
in prairie schooners by the thousanc
generally brought with them provis
ions sufficient only to last from fi\
to ten days. Continued drouth ha
caused the water to be restricted an
for days a hot winS has blown ove
the prairies and the temperature ha
averaged over the 100 mark.
With these conditions before tnei
many are already beginning to grum
ble and when this is followed oy dis
appointment over failure to draw
lucky number the hope that bore man ;
up will doubtless give way to mor
serious conditions.l
Norms ! Precipitation "Would Not Sav
Parched Fields.
KANSAS CITY , July 22. The hea
yesterday broke all records , the tern
perature at 4 p. m. being 104. Ther
mometers on the street at 11 o'clock a
night recorded 93. This is the thirty
second day of the hot spell and then
is no indication of a change. In Kan
sas City , Kan. , four deaths due to hea
were reported today.
Prayers for rain were offered ii
nearly all churches in Kansas City anc
generally throughout Kansas.
So far as heard from no rain of an ]
consequence has fallen in any portioi
af the drouth belt in the past twenty-
tour hours , and conditions everywhere
have been discouraging.
In normal years the rainfall betweer
Tuly 21 and August 15 is light and a re-
torn to normal precipitation woud nol
save the parched fields.
/onaervatlves and Radicals I > ose in
French Elections Councils.
PARIS , July 22. The election for
he French councils general took place
resterday throughout the provinces ,
here being 1,455 of these department-
Li legislators to be chosen in as many
: antons.
The importance of the elections lies
n the fact that they serve as a weath-
xcock to show the drift of public
pinion regarding the policy of the
entral government. Although the
sues involved are purely local , the
oting is invariably conducted on strict
arty lines. Moreover , many coun-
illors are also members of the senate
r of the chamber of deputies ; and
heir re-election or defeat is indicative
f the view their constituents take of
leir parliamentary acts.
nly Way to Prevent New Outburst of
Trooble In China.
TIEN TSIN , July 22. Europeans
ere consider that the prevention of a
peedy recrudescence of the trouble de-
ends entirely upon the firmness
[ splayed by. the powers. It is thought
lat this fact should be recognized
i Europe and the United States. The
3neral feeling in Tien Tsin is that
hina is in no wise overawed or re-
LI Hung Chang Is reported to have
lopted an offhand tonetoward a
ember of the provisional govern-
ent 'and to have talked confidently
' . ousting the provisional government
The Chinese have recommended cut-
ng telegraph wires.
Uneasiness at Tien Tain.
TIEN TSIN , July 22. Considerable
leasiness is felt here following the
sumption by the Chinese of the par-
al control of the city. The natives
e cutting the telegraph lines outside
Tien Tsin and fears of further vio-
nce are entertained.
* Forest Fires Work Havoc.
DENVER , Colo. , July 22. Destruc-
> n by forest and prairie fires is re-
rted from different points in the
lie , directly attributable to the con-
tion of grass and timber from the
ig dry spell. Timber fires have been
rning several days near Mount Ev-
s , Long's Peak and on the Kenasha
nge. From. Boca and Prowers coun-
s , the center of the stock raising di-
ct , come reports of destructive prai-
> fires.
- , \
Former President of South Africa 01
a Worthy Helpmeet.
PRETORIA , July 22. Mrs. Krug
wife of former President Krugeiv
the South African republic , died y <
terday afternoon of pneumonia , afi
an illness fo three days. She was
years old.
Mrs. Kruger's long separation frc
her husband and combined with t
death of her favorite daughter , Mi
Smith , last week , had complete
broken her spirit.
Mrs. Eloff and many other membe
of the Kruger family were at her be
side when she passed away.
LONDON , July 22. "Owing to tl
Sunday telegraph hours in Holland
says a dispatch to the Daily Mail fro
Hilversum , "Mr. Kruger was not ii
formed of his wife's death until tl
evening. The news was broken to hi
by Dr. Heymans and Secretary ] ยง oe
choten. Mr. Kruger , who had just r <
turned from Hilversum church , bun
into tears and asked to be left alon
He exclaimed : 'She was a good wif
We quarrreled only once , and that wz
six months after we were married. ' B
prayed for a long time and is no
calmly sleeeping , his bible beside h ;
"The Transvaal and Orange Fre
State flags flying above the white vill
were draped and haif-masted. Shortl
before the news came a crowd of coun
try girls had been singing a folkson
outside the villa. "
Weather Bureau Reports Heat Over En
tire Country.
WASHINGTON , D. C. , July 22. Th <
weather bureau last night issued th
following bulletin :
Practically the entire country was
covered by the hot wave today , ex
cept the immediate Pacific coast ant
in the states of Iowa , Missouri and II
linois ; nearly all high previous rec
ards were exceeded. The maximum
liigh temperature line of 100 degrees
encircles the entire great corn belt. AI
Davenport and Dubuque , la. , and ai
Springfield , 111. , the maximum of 106
degrees has been equalled but once be
tore , on August 12 , 1881. At Chicago
; he maximum of 102 degrees equals
: he previous high record of July 10 ol
the present year. In the states ol
! owa , Missouri and Kansas the dura-
ion of the present heated term is
without precedent , there having been
practically no interruptionto temper-
itures of 90 degrees or over since June
L8 , a period of thirty-four days. On
ilghteen days of this period the maxi-
num temperature at Kansas City was
LOO degrees or more.
There are as yet no indications of
, ny relief from the abnormal heat. No
ain has fallen in the corn belt for
he past three days and none is in
Ight. It is of course probable that
cattered local thunder storms , which
ire always accompanied by protracted
teriods of heat , may fall at times , but
to hope can be entertained at this time
> f any general rains or permanent re-
Forecast Official.
AI Missouri Appeals to the Almighty
for Rain.
ST. LOUIS , July 22. Yesterday ,
de day that Governor DocRery desig-
ated for fasting and prayer to God
hat the present drouth might be
roken in Missouri , all records for hot
reather in St. Louis were equalled ,
le weather bureau thermometer on
le custom house registering 106 de-
rees in the shade. On the streets
nd in exposed places , the mercury
ent many degrees higher. The rec-
rd broken was that of 10G. made in
le early ' 80s. As early as 7 a. m. .
le day gave promise of being un-
sually warm. At that time the ther-
lometer registered ninety degrees
id from then on until 3:30 p. m. , the
lercury steadily climbed upward uii-
jr the impulse of a sun shining from
cloudless sky.
Gneral Cnshlns Dead.
WASHINGTON , July 22. Brigadier
eneral Samuel T. Gushing , U. S. A. ,
itired , formerly commissary general
' . subsistence , died here.
Senator Clark in Russia.
ST. PETERSBURG , July 22. United
ates Senator W. A. Clark , accord-
g to Novoe Vremya has joined with
left" capitalists in establishing a cop-
T company having a capital of
,000,000 roubles , Mr. Clark supplying
,000,000 roubles. With M. Gargelin ,
IB of the directors , Mr. Clark is go-
g to the government of Semipala
isle to examine the mines there.
ibraaka Man Meets With Fonl Flay at
L.O8 An gules.
SAN BERNARDINO , Cal. , July 22.
G. Sines , of Winside , Neb. , was
ind dead on a street in Lo& Angeles ,
.1. The body was lying face down
d in a pool of blood. The neck
is broken. The fact , together with
2 presence of a ceep discoloration
ck of the left ear , leads to the bc-
f that the man was the victim of
> tpads.
It la Kotv Completed and la Shown
Be as Below.
LNCOLN , Neb. , July 22 The st
board of equalization completed
tax levy by counties. . The rate
the general fund is 6 mills ; for
university fund , 1 mill Owing to i
increase in the assessed valuation
the state , which amounts to nea
12,700,000 , the university fund will
increased this year by about ? 2i ,
over last year. Tie levy by count
is as follows
She Drives to Death.
LINCOLN , Neb. , July 22. Mrs. Dar
Fohnson , postmistress at Rokeby , t
mall town about twelve miles south-
rest of Lincoln , while driving acrost
he Reck Island track within a mil *
if her home at an early hour this
aorning , was-struck by a special
relght train and received injuries
hat resulted in her death Opinion
B prevalent there that Mrs. Johnson
ame to her death as the result of de-
iberate action on her part. She had
; ad a great deal of trouble with her
eighbors , who made her the victim ol
onstant persecution.
Harvesting Hay Crops.
BASSETT , Neb. , July 22. Ranch-
icn in this vicinity are making , ac-
ive preparations to begin haying
nd inside of ten days the harvest
'ill be well under way. At first it
'as thought that the heavy late rains
ad injured the crop , and while this
as found true in some instances , as
general rule the fear was unfounded.
Cow Drags Boy to Death.
WAHOO , Neb. , July 22. Chas. Mil-
ir , 10-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.
. Miller , was killed while leading
cow to pasture. He tied the rope
round his body and the cow ran ,
ragging him four blocks , breaking
Is neck and greatly mutilating his
sad and face.
Enrine Sets Fire to fheat.
STROMSBURG , Neb. , July 22. As
> hn Dritzler started to thresh some
heat for J. A. Frawley , two miles
est of here , the engine set fire to
ic field and burned twelve acres of
le wheat
Poon Starts For Philippines.
LEXINGTON , Neb. , July 22 Rev.
r. Montgomery of Wayne , Neb. , is
siting in Lexington , Neb. , prior to
> ing to the Philippine islands , to
ke charge of the Presbyterian mis-
tm schools.
Bloodhounds Trace Money.
BEATRICE , Neb. , July 22. Cyrus
1 , a farmer three miles from this
; y , was robbed while working In the
Id. Bell is a bachelor and had over
00 secreted in a trunk at the house ,
le thief stole $37 , but ai l not find
e balance , which was in another
rt of the trunk. Bell drove to Bea-
ice about midnight , secured the
ilton bloodhounds and they traced
e thief to this city , where he was
: ated. He settled the matter.
Builders Ordered to Begin Work on 1
New Sheds.
LINCOLN , July 20. The state boa
of public lands and buildings co
pleted the purchase of the state fi
grounds and the board of agriculti ;
.immediately ordered the builders
begin work on the new live sto
sheds and barns. The grounds will
enclosed by an improved wire fen
and all of the main buildings nc
standing will be repaired and repair
ed. All of the expense incident
putting the grounds and buildings
shape for the next state exhibit w
be paid out of the balance of the a
propriation of $35,000 made by tl
Secretary Furnas said that ever
thin gwould be in readiness by tl
opening day of the fair. The varioi
contractors have been impressed wii
the importance of ther duties and th (
have agreed to exert every power 1
have their work completed by AUJ
ust 25.
The warrant which was delivered 1
the Nebraska Exposition associatic
for the state fair grounds was afte :
wards sold to the state treasurer f (
investment of the permanent scho <
Body of Unknown Man Fonnd Undc
Bridge at Lincoln.
LINCOLN , July 20. An unknow
man was found dead in Salt creek ur
der a Rock Island bridge two milt
south of this city. It was at firs
thought he had been murdered , bu
an investigation soon exploded tha
theory. A wound on his head wa
thought to have been made by a bul
let , but Coroner Graham insists tha
it might have been caused by som
sharp piece of metal in the undergear
ing of a freight train.
Coroner Graham and a jury examin
ed the body and after listening t
the testimony of the section workmei
returned a verdict , finding that deatl
came from unknow causes. It is be
lieved that Graham was riding unde :
a freight car and while asleep or fron
exhaustion lost his hold and fell.
Nebraska Paymaster to Serve Two Yean
la the Orient. ,
OMAHA , July 20. Major Bradnei
D. Slaughter , army paymaster here
has news that he has been ordered tc
the Philippines for service. * Majoi
Charles B. Stanton , now in Manila , i
expected to come here to relieve him
August 15 , Captain William R. Graham
will be relieved from duty in the Phil
ippines to also come to Omaha.
Major Slaughter is not surprised ,
and , in fact , is quite willing to try a
: ouple of years on the other side of the
It is expected that Major Stanton
will not be able to arrive here and
: ake charge before September 1.
Major Slaughter will be accompanied
o Manila by John A. Lottridge , his
jhief clerk , who came here from Lin
coln at the beginning of 1899.
Plainvlew Farmer's Suicide.
PLAINVIEW , Neb. , July 20. The
) ody of William Dibbert , a prosperous
icrman farmer who lived six miles
lorthwest of here , was found hanging
o a rafter in his granary. Mr. Dib-
> ert had been afflicted with kidney
rouble for the past year and during
he day had worked in the harvest
ield , but when he left the field at
light he failed to show up at the
touse. He was found by hismother ,
laving hung himself the previous
Child Struck by Lightnin ? .
GRAND ISLAND , Neb. , July 20.
'he little daughter of Henry Stack ,
ged seven years , was struck by light
ing while playing in the back yard
i this city. Her hair was badly burn-
i and she was seriously shocked , but
as good'chances of recovery.
Depaty Game Warden.
LINCOLN , July 20. Governor Sav-
ge has named Captain J. T. Richmond
[ Johnstown as deputy game warden ,
> serve without compensation. It Is
le intention of the governor to ap-
aint at least one deputy for. every
> unty In the .state.
Man Dies OB Train.
ALMA , Neb. , July 20. Jesse Mc-
uire , of Garden City , Iowa , who was
: companied by his mother , bound for
Dlorado for his health , was taken
om the Burlington train-dying. He
ed shortly after being placed in the
Dangling from a Halter.
CAMBRIDGE , Neb. , July 20. The
idy of John Denmead was found
.ngling from the rafters of the barn
L iis.place north of town. A doctor
is summoned and gave as his opin-
n that the man committed suicide
hanging and that the deed was
ne at least three days before the
dy was found. Denmead was a
rmer in fair circumstances and had
ed alone for some time. His wife
d died several years ago.
Artistic Timekeeper.
Phil May , the London artist , tells-
how at the age of 12 Era becume a
timekeeper In a large Iron' foundry.
Says he : "I was delighted wkh the
office , but the foundry masters were
not quite so satisfied. At first they
were surprised at the great punctual ity
of the entire saff of workmen ; later-
they simply marveled at its continu
ance , and finally they discovered that
I kept the timebook on a system of
my own. "
Hotr * Dame , Jndlaaa.
We call the attention of our readers
to the advertisement of St Mary's
Academy , which appears In another
column of this paper. We do not need
to expatiate upon the scholastic advan
tages of St. Mary's , for the catalogue
of the school shows the scope of work
included In Its curriculum , which la
of the same high standard as that of
Vassar and Bryn Mawr , and is carried
out faithfully in the class rooms. We *
simply emphasize the spirit of earnest
devotion which makes every teacher
of St. Mary's loyally strive to develop
each young girl attendant there into
the truest , noblest , and most Intelligent
womanhood. Every advantage of"
equipment in the class rooms , labora
tories and study rooms , every care In
the matter of food and clothing , and
exceptional excellence of climatic con
ditions all these features are found at
St Mary's , in the perfection of develop
ment only to be obtained by the con
secration of devoted lives to educa
tional Christian work in a spot fa
vored by the Lord.
You can rely on a man keeping"'v
his word when it Is to his advantage
to do so.
Ask your grocer for DEFIANCE.
STARCH , the only 1C oz. package for
10 cents. All other 10-cent starch con
tains only 12 oz. Satisfaction guaran--
teed or money refunded.
Accused of Too Much Zeal.
It is charged by the opopsltion InAl-
toona , la. , that the anti-safoon league-
has employed minors to solicit drinks
at bars , misrepresenting their ages ,
and that the theological students have
been imported to work up evidence-
against gamblers. One of the stu
dents is said to have been so well up-
in the game of poker that he took all
the money in a big game played at
one of the political clubs. The cru
saders , of course , deny all these stories.
$13.00 Buffalo and return $13.00.
$31.00 New York and return 531.00
The Wabash from Chicago will sell'
tickets at the above rates dally. Aside
from these rates , the Wabash run
through trains over its own rails from
Kansas City , St. Louis and Chicago and
offer many special rates during the
summer months , allowing stopovers1 at
Niagara Falls and Buffalo.
Ask your nearest Ticket Agent or ad
dress Harry B. Moorea , General Agent ,
Pass. Dept. , Omaha , Neb. , or C. S.
Crane , G. P. & T. A. , St. Louis , Mo.
China has a coast line of over 2,500
Classics , Utters , Economics and History. .
onrnaHsm , Art , Science , Pharmacy. LaW
> lvll. Hechanlcal and Electrical Engineering
* '
Thorough Preparatory and Commercial
ourses. Ecclesiastical students at special rates.
Rooms Free Junior or Senior-Year , Colleglat *
ourses. Rooms to Rent , moderate charges.
The 58th Year will open Septesabcr 10th. 1901 ,
talOKUf s Free. Address
REV. A. MORRiSSEY. C. S. C. . President.
Notre Dame. Indiana ,
onducted by the Sisters of the Holy
rose. Chartered 1855. Thorough
inglish and Classical education. Keg-
lar Collegiate Degrees.
In Preparatory Department students
irefully prepared for Collegiate course ,
hysical and Chemical Laboratories
rell equipped. Conservatory of Music
nd School of Art. Gymnasium under
irection of graduate of Boston Normal
chool of Gymnastics. Catalogue free.
The 47th year will open Sept. 6 , 1901.
N treDaasc bmbMa.
th laktr
stamp and we will
314 Broadway , NEW YORK.
hire's Priceless fane * RhewntUin , Neural *
.0. PHELPS BROWN'S K" i. Weak Back , Sprains ,
PRECIOUS rat. Seres and all Pain.
O t ltyQet it of Toor
HERBAL OKGIil Anfgift , 25 , Me.
irhe doe * not sell It , tend
OINTMENT na his name , and for yoar
. - -
JuresThrwifh the Pores end , Yoa a Mai
tes. He Par * tlw Freight , B l ks ta , 5 1.
ICQ Answering Advertisemeats Kindly
JNeotica THIS Taper.
. N. U OMAHA No. 30 1901
[ BestCongbSyrapt TastesG SaV Dae ! '
1 In time. Sold r - -

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