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K3RSttS , _
Official Newtpaper of Cherry
County , Tfebraska
8-abscnptlon Sl.oo per year in advance ; 51.50
when not ; paid in advance.
Display advertising 1 Inch , I5c per issue ; S10
per column by the month.
Jxcal Notices 5c per line each Issue.
Brands. U4 Inches $4.00 per year in ad
vance ; HddltiO'inl space S3.00 per inch per year ;
enjraved blocKs extra , $1.00 each.
Parties living outside Cherry county not per
sonally known are requested to pay in advance.
10 per cent additional to above rates if over
C mouths In arrears.
Notices ol loss of stock free to brand adver
Thursday. July 25 , 1901
Every day brings some new and
startling revelation of some deed of
violence com aiitted by an iniuriated
inob , who are to say the least mostly
peaceable and law abiding citizens in
every other respect and are always our
best citizens. They are not willing
that a continuous farce be perpetrated
by our so-called officers of the law.
Late Saturday evening July 13 , 1901 ,
Gov. Savage paroled ex state treasurer
Bartley after he had served 4 years and
] month on his 20 year sentence foi-
stealiug over $500,000 from his state.
Numerous attempts have been made to
defeat justice in his case but he was
speedily sent behind the bars to pay
the penalty of a half million dollar
steal with a 20-year sentence which he
was serving and would have served but
for the election of republican state of
ficials last fall and how soon he was pa-
rolled which is equal to his pardon.
This is a good indication of how much
the republican party deplored being
caught by populist and democratic vic
tory in 1 896. In 1892 when Joe Bart
ley was a banker at Atkinson he con
ceived of a plan to accumulate wealth
faster than the two per cent a month
plan and loaded up a car with dele
gates and with banners flying from the
chartered car such as Joe Bartlev tor
State Treasurer went down to the state
convention taking it by storm but find
ing Mr. Hill a strong candidate for the
same place he withdrew with the prom
ise that in two years he could have the
place when Hill had gotten his fees ,
Bartley had never held oflice of any
kind before of any consequence nor had
he tried nor would he try for anything
but for state treasurer and for which
he waited patiently until it came , then
like a hungry wolf sieziug his prey he
began to make use of the office. It
could not be said that Bartley suffered
for other's wrongs. If he was a law- i
abiding ci tizen and not the perpetrator
be should and would have told who the
guilty parties were. It could not be
said that he was ignorant nor a fool , !
for who ever heard of a banker who *
bad done business for years being anv-
thing but a shrewd business man fully
able to take care of his i/wn interests.
lie was simply a thief , as he was prov
en to be , stealing over ยง 500,000 from
the state treasury and hoped to be let
down easy by republican officials which
thank fortune were not elected and he
was sentenced to 20 years in the pen
itentiary by what some people call
pops or demo-pops when they wish to
insinuate that they are a know nothing
people. If nothing else had been done
in Nebraska by the populists than sen
tence Joe Bartley they could claim a
better record than the republican party.
It is now discouraging to the law-abid
ing citizens that Joe Bartley could
steal $500,000 from the state , be senten
ced to 20 years which was a just sen- ,
tence as givenj then , and why let a
republican governor come back now
and issue a pardon or parole which
virtually turns the man loose to do as
he chooses. Is th * > re no punishment
for crimes committed by republicans:1
No redress for wrongs ? Are laws only
for tlie use of one party to handle the
other and not in force when one of the
party errs ? And will our people sanct
ion tl\ese measures by a vote for repub
lican officials that they may continue
this work of robbing the people ? It
was predicted by many that if the re
publicans were successful last fall Joe
.Bartley would be pardoned. How do
you like it ?
The force in the countytreasurer's jj
oflice is busy writing distress warrants c
to _ _ be sent out August 1st and if you 3
have any personal property taxes in to <
Cherry county not paid you had better r ,
pay them , for those not p"aid August 1st
will be put into the collector's hands.
There is only n week left.
J. E. THACKREY , Treasurer. aej
\Lost , straved or stolen , June 22d or ejtl ejG
23d , a liver and white pointer bitch , tl
six months old. answers to the name of tl
Carrie Nation. I will pay$5.00 for her 1
return or for information leading to w
her recovery. W3i. FRANCKE , S
27tf . . Valentin Nob. pj
Dance In Cornell ilallJuly 20.
Great Kastern Circus-August 8.
Episcopal Ladies' Hocial-Aupust .3.
School Commences September 2.
Dr. W. I , Seymour September 9.
Fall EacesIn September.
Apology to Kob Good.
A Song.
Backward , turn backward , O. time in thy flight.
Give us a rain again ju t for tonight ;
Pull out the plug In the bung of the sky
Let rain descend on the earth , hot and dry.
Lain so sick of this waterless spell
Wearj of winds that arc hotter than-all got
Weary of torments that fever the blond-
Turn on a flood , mister , turn on a flood.
JJixby in State Journal.
It might be hotter.
Stand up for Cherry county.
F. A. Canwas in last Friday from
M. P. Jordan was in Valentine Sat
urday and Sunday.
Henry Stetter made a business visit
to Cody last week.
William Adams , of Pullman , spent
Sunday in Valentine.
W. A. Keister , of Norden. was in
Valentine this morning.
Wm , Chalaud was in from hisranch
near Pullman last Sunday.
Pay your personal taxes before Aug
ust 1 and save expense to yourself.
Leltoy Leach , of Woodlake , is spend
ing the week in Omaha on business ,
Allen G. Fisher , Chadron's popular
lawyer , was in Valentine last Tuesday.
Michael Kenneally made this office
a pleasant business call last Monday.
Frank Mogle , of Cody , came down
and spent a few hours here last Friday.
C. II. Cornell returned last Tuesday
irom a business trip to Omaha and'oth
er points.
The .Great Eastern Railroad Shows
will bill this city tomorrow. Here
August 8.
11. A. Daniels made this office a plea
sant call while in from his ranch near
Simeon today.
William A. Wilson , of Kilgore , was
in Valentine a few hours today trans
acting business.
John B. Lord and wife , of Simeon ,
were in Valentine last Friday trans
acting business.
W. A. Shelbourn of Kennedy made
this office a pleasant business call while
in Valentine Tuesday ,
John Porter , the Standard Cattle Co.
man of Pullman , registered at The
Donoher last Tuesday.
Elmer Cole departed for the Elack
Hills country to look up a location for
a saloon , last Wednesday morning.
Jbannie VanBuskirK returned Mon
day from a trip to Gordon where she
visited at her parents' home for a week.
Quigley & Chapman greet their pa-
trons with a new ad in this issue. Bead
it and seev hut they have to tell you
this week.
Peter Freman and Miss Minnie
Chase , both of Pullman , were married
in tLis citj last Wednesday by County
Judge W. R. Towne.
Robert Dyer took the train Tupsdny
night for Lead City , South Dakota
where he will spend a few days looking
after business matters.
Try our job department. Any
thing in the line of note heads , letter
heads , statements , bill heads , envel
opes or posters. We guarantee sat
Miss Smith came down Tuesday
from the boarding school and went up
to _ Pine Ridge agency to visit her
brother who is a teacher in the school
at that place.
E. R. Vandegrif t of Brownlee came
up to Valentine last Saturday and
returned the following day with a
load of supplies preparatory to com
mencing his hay harvest.
Send in or come before August 1 to
see that your personal taxes are all
paid. You will save costs by paying
up. If you do not read THE
CKAT vou will lose money. Only one
dollar a year.
This issue of THE DEMOCRAT con
tains a new ad for The Red Front.
The hot weather does not deter this en
terprising firm from keeping the public
informed about their general merchan
dise business.
Mrs. Geo. Veach , of Valentine , who
has been visiting with her sister in this
cityMrs. Wm. Ennis , returned home
Tuesday night. Her husband came up
accompany her on the trip. Chad-
ron Chadronian. t
ty :
Frank A. Thackrey and wife return S (
ed Tuesday morning from Hot Springs \
and Wind Cave where they visited sev a
eral days during the. past week. Ii
GrandpaThackrey who went , with ir
them is coming back over laud with fi
the team that Jas E. and Jonn * E. tl
'ft last spring ou account of the high e :
water. Rev. Onmbow went up to Hot it
Springs last Monday and will accom a ]
pany Grandpa Thackrev home. d
In a
Glass of Water.
Put a handful oiglased
coffee in a glass of water ,
wash off the coating ,
look at it ; smell it ! Is
it fit to drink ? Give
the same test. It leaves the water
bright and clear , because it's just
pure coffee.
The sealed package Insures uniform
quality and freshness.
I We keep studying the needs of
, people. That's why we so sel
dom lack the item you want.
; The loss of a sale is a trifle , but
! the customer is disappointed ,
Several disappointments and he
| may not come again. The loss
i of a customer is a serious loss to
any store. Not merely a loss of
profit , but a loss of prestige.
We try to make our store use
ful and helpful. We want it to
be known as a place where ev-
ierythingf that a drugqist ought
'to ' sell may be found , and where
' little accomodations are given
and not grudgingly. When we
1 don't quite please you , tell us
I it will help us to make our store
Quigley & Chapman ,
Druggists ,
Valentine , Neb.
Dr. A. N. Compton went over "to
the Rosebud reservation Friday in the
interest , of his profession and returned
to Valentine Sunday. lie informs us
that Mrs. William Smith and Mrs. K.
L.eaton were quite sick.
Wednesday evening we had a little
shower here which cooled the atmos
phere and brightened up things con
siderably. Cody reports a good rain
and similar reports are received from
along the state line rorth.
O. W. , J. H. and Chas. W. McDon
ald , of Woodlake , were in the county
seat last'Tuesday proving up on their
fine hay claims in that part of the
county. They paid this office a busi
ness call before returning home.
A very pleasant social dance was
given last Monday evening at Cornell
hall in honor of Miss May Thacher by
a few of her friends. The evening
passed very pleasantly after Avhich a
supper was served at The Donoher.
Genevieve Delgetta , of Bassett ,
was here last Friday in the interest
of a piece of land she owns in this
county. Miss Delgetta is well known
here having been connected with a
millinery store here some two years
Last Thursday F. M. Jersig shipped
in three hundred and fifty twoyear old
steers from Omaha and unloaded them
at the stock yards here. They were
taken out to Henry Ballard's pasture
where they will bp fittet ! for the fall
market. Mr. Jersig also shipped one
car into Woodlake.
Pat Ilett has been hauling and fur
nishing stone for the Quigley and
I3rayton buildings and last week went
up to Cody to put up hay for Jas. IE.
Quigley on his ranch. Mr. Hett has
some of the finest building stone on Lis
place that is found in this vicinity.
C. C. Perkins and his uncle J. M.
Clarkson called at this office for a pleas
ant visit Monday. Mr. Perkins made
i two weeks visit here from his home
in Arkansas and left Tuesday morning
for White , South Dakota , to visit with
other relatives before returning.
Harry O. Tucker arrived here from
Port Orchid , Washington , last bunday
morning to be at the bedside of his
father who has been quite sick for
some time. We hope that his father
will soon regain health sufficiently to
allow Harry to return and take care of
his business interests in the west.
The county officers to be elected this
fall are : County Treasurer. Clerk , Sher
iff , Superintendent , Surveyor , Coroner
and Commissioner in the 3rd district.
Two weeks a line of
ago copy was 1
omitted by mistake in setting it 1ti
which made the list incomplete. tif tic
vention will be held the latter part ot f <
September or the first of October. h
About $4500 is taken from the coun I
general fund and returned to the' ed
school funds of the county and to the"
Valentine . village - * fund * p by the . . recent .
action-of < _ the county commissioners. ed <
Interest on delinquent taxes , .has for- tl
raerly.-go.ne into the .county genejaj u
fund \ \ hen paid with the exception of H
that proportion which has always been ; hi
exacted by the state as it's share in-the ft
interest. This interest has now been i off
apportioned severally to the school ! ed
districts and the village funds. ' tl
Jolly Pat Peiper was seen on our
streets yesterday and ordered his paper
changed from Irwin to Simeon where
we understand Mr. Peiper will continue
in the stock business. Notice his stock
The ladies of the M. E. church wish
to thank the people for their liberal
patronsige at the supper they gave last
evening. They netted about $27.50.
The ladies appreciate the patronage of
"the public and it goes to show the
\ liberality of the people of Valentine
ami tbey can be assured thut their
money goes for a good cause.
A Y. W. C. T. U. was organized in
the M. E. church Monday evening with
twenty-one members. The following
officers were elected : president , Miss
Iva Efner , vice presideutMrs. JLJrown ;
corresponding secretary , Miss Prances
VauBuskirk ; recording secretary , Miss
Frances .Harden ; Treasurer , Miss Elsie
Sherman. We wish this society the
best of success.
James Brantner received a telegram
last Friday morning that his father
had died at Platsmouth , Nebraska ,
Thursday evening after a short illness.
The telegram was received at the of'
fice Thursday evening but was not de
livered until the next morning SJ Mr.
Brantuer could not have reached home
in time for the funeral which took place
Saturday morning.
Edward Elliott , of Kilgore , and Miss
Lizzie M. Thomson , of Valentine , were
married at Kilgore last Sunday , July
21 , 1901 , by W. A. Wilson. The groom
is not known very extensively in this
city but we understand has manyfjriends
around Kilgore and McCann. The
bride has resided in or near Valentine
for a number of years and a host ot
friends , with which TJE DEMOCRAT
unites , extend very best wishes for
their future.
Robert C. McBroom and Miss Nellie
Goodin , of Cody , were married last
Wednesday , July 24 , 1901 , by Justice
William Wilson. Mr. McBroom. dur
ing his residence in Cherry county , has
made many friends both here and at
Cody and the bride is one of Cody's
fairest ladies having lived in the vicin
ity south of there for a number of years.
This happy young couple departed this
morning for Boise City , Idaho , where
they will make their future home. This
paper unites with their friends in ex
tending congratulations.
James D. Thacher and daughter are
here visiting the former's brother Al
bert E. Thacher. Mr. Thacher arrived
here , last Friday morning from Phila
delphia expecting to remain about two
weeks but was called away this morn
ing to attend to business interests in
the east. Miss May has never before
visited tue west which adds , to the
pleasure of this occasion while Mr.
Thachei will be remembered by some
as having visited his brother , Albert ,
here some years ago. Miss May ac
companied her father on his return
and both unite in assuring our people
of a very pleasant visit in Valentine
and only regret that they could not
stay longer.
The sad intelligence reached thiscit.i
last evening of the death of Glen , the
one year old son of Mr. and Mrs. V. A.
Northrop , of Glen Eock , Wyoming.
The little one had been sick for about
ten days with brain fever and Monday
Mrs. J. C. Northrop was telegraphed
and started Tuesday morning reaching
the bedside just one hour before death
which occured at 9:30 Wednesday even
ing. The remains will be brought to
Valentine for interment and the funer
al will occur tomorrow , Friday , after
noon. A host of friends extend to Mr.
and Mrs. NDrthrop their sinceresym
pathy and condolance in their hour of
bereavements. > y
Tuesday night was the grand open
ing of the Owl saloon in the new stone
building provided by the Krug Brew
ing Co. , on the east side of Main street
one block from the F. E. & M. V. de
pot This building was built by Jos.
Stolze and contract for finishing was
given Wm. Maier , the court house con t
tractor who have done their
, work
well. A brick side-walk ten feet wide Un Uk
is laid in front of the building and is n
an example of what can be done by
any one wanting a cheap everlasting
walk tint can be repaired a brick at a
time if necessary at small expense. S
'Frie Beer" went the rounds at the
Owl in their new headquarters and w
Krug beer flowed plentifully and free r
to all from 6 p. M. to 12 o'clock. No
charge being made for anything called hi
for. There was a line that could not him
have been broken by the "Noble Six
Hundred , " at the bar. Our good naturvj
townsman , Jim-Hull , stood at the
distributing point while T. A Yearn-
shaw-with a pleasing countenance look
hi thei and yon * * tothe comfort of
their guests. Even MattWoodson
moved ab.out w.ith the gracefulness of
Pullman porter with"everything us
harmonious and orderly as a church
festival. It was Dan Handy's night
or his smiles would have been addon
to the assembly. Notice the ad of
the Owl saloon on first page. So
Renovate , < * Renovate , Renovate
White Lead , Oil , Turpentine , Putty , f
Paint , Whitewash , and Kalsomine Brushes , ?
QnfP APCUTQ ITflD The Celebrated Lincoln Ready Mixed Paints ,
OULL MUL IIJ 0 rim Varuishes , and Stains. There is none other so Good.t
We" Keep in Stock at all times a large assortment of "Wall paper in '
prices ranging from lOcts to 50cts for a double roll.
And it is as cold as Greenland's Icy Mountains.
Bates Reasonable Give Me a Trial
WnlcotVs and Tilson'o oltl Stands
A. Schatzthauer , Propr.
Come to
Buggies at cost for the next 30 days iii order to reduce our stock.
.Binding Twine at 9 cents per pound.
Eclipse Windmills. Fail-bank's Steel Windmills.
Hay-rack Clamps.
Dain Sweeps. Moline Wagons
Dan Truax and Charlie Gartside
were down from Cody this morning.
FrankFischer went to Neiligh
to look after his land interests at that
place. From there he will go to Oma
Charlie Cooper is in town today and
reports the arrival of a baby boy at his
home yesterday and all parties doing
jNotice our local wealher record on
first page , "i ou get a fresh report ev
ery week which is well worth your
time to lead and compare.
Dave Stinard and his three daught
ers Ada , Ida and Lucilla departed this
morning for Buffalo and will go to Mt.
Vernon , N. Y. , his former home from
which he left coming west 17 years
ago. Mr. Stinard has been engaged
in the mercantile business since com
ing west and also owns a ranch and
a good herd of cattle down east of the
Fort of v.hich our friend W. T. Bishop
is manager. Mr. Stinard has done well
in Cherry county , n. Buttinghaus or
"Sticks" as he is better known Trill
run Mr. S. 's clothing store during the
absence of the family , Mrs. Stinard
having proceeded the others two or
three weeks , and is , perhaps even now ,
longing to leturu to the Land of the
Mild Eyed Steer.
100 pound sack salt at
27-tf Pettycrew's.
After August 1st Sunday dinner at
The Donoher will be 50 cents each.
Look out for some bargains in shoes
at Pettycrew's. 27-tf
Sun d.Ty dinner 50 cents after August
l&t at The Donoher.
Strayed from the town herd one
yearling heifer. Branded X co on left
hip. Leave word at this oflice. 27-21
FOR SALE About 40 head of cows
and calves and about 100 head mixed
stuff. Inquire at ranch 10 miles south
of Crookston.
23-tf Leu Parker , Mgr
Having recently purchased one of
the : Newcomb fly-shuttle rag carpet
looms I am now prepared to do all
kinds of rag carpet weaving on short
_ _ a
Valentine , Nebr.
Those who know Dr. Seymour per
sonally have learned to have great con-
idence in him as a business man as
ivell as professionally as he has made
regular visits to this city for a good w
nany years past , and to our knowledge
las never failed to keep an appoint-
nent , or to give care and attention to D
atients who have employed his ser
Lout so
From my place on the Rosebud res- he
srvation on Tuesday , July 16 , 1001 ,
hree'horses , * one bay mare branded
| m left side , one sorrel horse
( oranded | H on left side and
ne bay horse bearing no marks. sh
SWIFT , St. Francis Mission , Rosebud to
ioutb Dakota. 27-tf
Notice to Bridge Builders and Painters-
Sealed bids with plans and specifications will
be received at the otllce of the Conuty Clerk of
Cherry County Nebraska at Valentine on ihe
15th day of August 1901 , for the building of all
bridges that may be ordered constructed by the
County Hoard prior to July 1 10O5. Ulds to be
bythe lineal foot upon both sub-structure and
super-structure ana contract to be let at such
specified sum per lineal foot.
All bids to be accompanied by bidder's plans
and specifications and a certified check on scino
'bank in Cherry county lor the sum of200. . suc-
ccsslul bidders must furnish bonds iu compli
ance with the statute.
Bids will be received at the same date for the
painting of about 900 feet of bridges in Cherry
County , Ne braska. Iron bridges to receive one
coat of paint and wooken bridges two. Paint ro
he red lead and Princeas mineral half and half
mixed in pure linseed oil. AH nist and scales
to be removed before painted. A suitable bond
will be required.
The Board of County Commissioners reserve
the right to reject any or all bids or to accept
any bid they may consider to be the best.
. . .
Valentine , I ebr. , July e. 1901. Co , Clerk
Appointment of Administrator
In county court of Cherry County. Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of NVilllam Tupper
Elizabeth C. Tupnar havintr filed in my oflice
a petition praying for the appointment of F. M.
\Valcottasadministratorof the estate ri Will-
lain Tupper , deceased. All persons interested
in said estate will tike notice that I have fixed
July 27. loot at 10 o'clock A. 31. as the time and
inyoDlce * n Valentine in said county as the
place for hearing said petition at which time
and place all persons interested in said estate
may appear and show cau c if any there be why
such administrator should not be appointed.
Witness my hand and seal this lotu day ol
" July 1001.
County Judge
Appointment of Administrator
In county court of Cherry County , Nebraska.
In the matter of the estate of Henry VanLeer ,
Edward J Davenport having filed in myoflice
a petition prayiiis : for the appointment of him
self as administrator of the estate of Henry
VanLeer. deceased. AH persons interested in
said estate will take notice that I have fixed
July 27. loot at2 o'clock ! . 31. as the time and
my oflice in Valentine in said county : is tie
place for hearing said petition at which time
and place all persons interested in said estate
may appear and show cause if any there be wfoy
alien administrator should not be appointed.
Witness my hand and seat this lOtli day of
' July loot
- County Judge
The ladies of St. John's Church will
give an ice cream social on Thursday
August fifteenth , in the Spark's build
ing- 26
LOST From my place on Snake riv
er in Kennedy precinct , two light bay
colts , one about two years ol-.l and the
ather about three , both branded A on
right jaw. Have not been seen . since
last October.
27-tf W. A. SHELBOURX.
WANTED by the U. S. government
m ; experienced , firstclass wheelwright
nust also be skilled carpenter. Per
manent position. For further informs-
ion apply 10 the Quartermaster , Fort
tfiobrara , Nebraska.
All kinds of heavy hardware and
ragon wood stock at E. Breuklanders.
Fifty cents for Sunday dinners at the
Donoher afte ? August 1st. *
My ranch for sale. 5 quarters sect-
ons of land ; will run 300 Lead of stock
ummer and winter also 25 head of-
lorsesand 50 liead of cattle. Terms
cash I in one year and J in two years.
Valentine , Nebr. 1
Bull * for Sale.
Eight registered and two liigL.grade
ereford bulls , and one high grade
rthorn for sale. These animals ara
om twelve to thirty months old. *
H. S. SAVAGE , Simeon , tfeb ,

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