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u * .
a Arc Patterning After Ett
ropean * to a Great Extent.
There ought to be originality enough
'to the American nation to invent appropriate -
propriate names for the estates upon
which rich people pass their summers
but such does not aeem to be case.
"Very often one's curiosity is piqued at
the astounding epithets with which
iome good folk christened their habi
tations. Why , for intsance , has Mrs.
Tom Young of New York called her
, beautiful summer home Donctable ?
'It ' 1 not a family name or ic the word
' tc be found in th dictionary. The
atanfling of tha my Ury r r al that
4 * * name is a Jok of Mr . Young's
cracking. At the time of the
and to her chagrin the staUe
"done" so long In advance of the
that for awhile she lived In It
ate from a manger. It wa *
'these rural days which later Mrs.
Young commemorated in the name.
f Another interesting name of a coun-
'iry place Is Hadderway , on Long is
land , a place that belongs to the at
torney general and Mrs. Gilehrist.
.This name blows verily the blast of tri-
oimph. It Is a slight transposition of
Ibe family contest concerning the
"building of the place in which Mrs.
-Gilchrist "hiul her way. "
Infinitely more interesting we find
such names than those that are hack-
neyc < l or smack of .sentimentality.
Hillside , Bellvue , Oakland's , Maple-
grove , rush in our minds in this eon-
-uection. Nor is it well to try too
.liard to emulate the great. For N.
P. Willis to call his drowsy place on
the Hudson Idlewild was a pretty and
appropriate conceit , but the same name
-becomes rather a shock when it is ap-
. plled to a huge , gray 'stone mansion
festooned with electric lights , posed
on a high , barren hill and without a
'tree in sight.
In a country so cold as England and
where the land bears traces of Norse ,
: Saxon and Roman occupation there
'have ' naturally been preserved num-
'bers of monosyllables descriptive of
various divisions of laud. Thus , Toft
means a grove of trees on a hill.
Croft an inclosure. Holin designates
R flat stretch of country near a stream ,
. and "rigs" applies to high ridges of
iland. The meadows were originally
-divided off into "garths , " while for
high , tOAverlike rocks the monosyllable
-"tor" retains its usage.
It can be readily seen how in combi
nations these Syllables became very
valuable. In this country today many
of them are employed.
Maycroft is perhaps as pretty as any
> of the names bestowed on Long island
: homes. "May" is the petit rtom of its
owner , Mrs. Hermann Aldrich , and
"croft" is here well used to express
that the place is inclosedby a bay.
JBirchwood , a house in the woods ;
Beechtoft , a hill crowned with these
-trees , are names readily interpreted.
A nice little woolly lamb is being
fattened at the Delmadge farm , near
JEast Oldenliara , Orange County , N. Y. ,
for James S. Delmadge ,
who suddenly returned
to his aged mother and
other relatives , after
having disappeared fw
twenty-three years.
When Jainea rras a
youngster he becaro *
seized with an idea
that he owed it to hlm-
world. One Sunday night he stole
-out of the house , and no word was
ieard from him except a brief note
from an aunt in Albany to say that the
tooy had called on her and as sudden
ly gone away. Years passed and the
family gave the boy up as dead.
Several days ago a stranger called at
Ihe Delmadge house and John Del
madge answered the knock. "Jim , "
exclaimed one and "John , " said the
other , and the brothers hugged one
another with joy. While they were
talking the mother entered the room
and fell weeping into the arms of the
Young Delmadge had been seeking
"his fortune on the great Western
plains , but he now intends to stay at
/nome. Chicago Journal.
Getting : Kvcn.
Mrs. Wimble It makes me so mad
-to see a person stick to the end seat
of a car and make every one climb
over her.
' Mrs. Wamble So it does me , Mrs.
Mrs. Wimble T1 other day a woman
clung to the end seat all the way in ,
but I got my revenge later.
, Mrs. Wamble And how was that ,
idear ?
Mrs. Wimble I got tne end seat
coming back , and A rode two miles be
yond my street just on purpose to pre
vent anybody else getting it Boston
Balloons Almost Safe from Guns.
The difficulty in damaging a war bal
loon in midair was recently shown by
tests made in Austria. The experl-
ifmenters anchored a balloon at a height
ibf 7,000 feet and had gunners who had
not been given the distance try to
find the range , even approximately and
not until the sixty-fourth round was
the balloon hit It then sustained
but a slight tear , which caused It to
glowly descend.
It takes an experienced undertaker
to look solemn and conceal his satis
faction at a funeral.
' , It seems queer , but nevertheless It's
. ia fact that illness is often the result of
jdrinking vrell water.
Cfenrcli and Private laatitntioaut Kx
eel In tbe Aid Granted.
A rec < * it report of tb.e minister of th
Interior of the Netherlands Is of par
tlcular interest , giving complete sta
tistics of the amount expended in char
liable work in Holland , says the Kevu
Sclentlflque. This matter Is regulated
In Holland by the law of June 28 , 1854
which recognizes four sorts of charlt
able Institutions those which are ad
ministered by the state , the provinces
or the communes ; thos which belong
to a church and are for the purpose o
assisting the poor of the pariah ; th
Institutions founded by lay bodita ox
private Individuals , and mixed in titu
tlon which are directed by-the public
authorities , together with the churel
or private Individuals. In all of thest
cases there Is a distinction mada be
tween assistance given to those who
ask it of their own will and those who
are ashamed to ask and are sought out
In an average year the assistance a'
the homes of the indigent amounts tea
a little more than 14,000,000 francs
of which 9,000,000 is in money and the
rest in provisions , the whole being
distributed among about 185,000 poor
In this total of expenditures the parl
played by public funds is 5,000,000
.francs , the rest being almost entirely
furnished by the churches , the private
institutions distributing hardly 500,000
francs. The churches distribute more
money than the public institutions.
The poor who do not apply for as
sistance are almost exclusively cured
for either by the churches or private
institutions , as the public oflicials do
not possess sufficient initiative to seek
out the sufferers. The amount distrib
uted to these "asluimed" poor repre
sents an expenditure of some 1,300,000
francs , which is divided almost equally
between the private and lay institu
tions and the churches.
The distribution of provisions and
fuel reaches the modest total of 270,000
francs distributed among 15,000 poor.
The source of most of this assistance
is the private institutions , the public
granting butT little more than 13.000
francs to 500 poor. The explanation of
the relatively modest part played by
the government lies in the specification
in the law mentioned above that , pub
lic assistance shall bo granted only
when other agencies are inadequate.
The charitable institutions of Holland
are public , 3,400 supported by the
number about 5,000 , of which 1,900
church and 450 are private.
Kerosene was first used for lighting
in 1S2G.
The highest mountain in the moon is
at least thirty-five thousand feet ; that
is six thousand feet higher than Mt
Goose-quill pens and drying powders
are still used in English law courts
and the House of Lords , and in the
French Chamber of Deputies.
Striking resemblance has been point
ed out between the remarkable ancient
ruins at Zimbabwe , in Rhodesia , and
antiquities in Cornwall. England.
Kite hawk * hare become so bold
about the wrlao kt Buraak that
they srwoop doim ea tk mess tables
and seize food from tke oiaek * ' plate * .
A traveler has made tlbe bs cTatkiJ )
that coffee-drinking people are very
seldom given to dninJcannMW , IB Braz.ll
for Instance , vrhera coffee is grown
extensively and all tfc inhabitants
drink it many times a day , intoxJca-
tlon Is rarely seen. The effect is not
only noticeable among the natives , but
the foreigner who settles there , though
possessed of ever such a passion for
strong drink , gradually loses his lik
ing for alcohol as he acquires the
coffee-drinking habit of the Brazilian.
Germany has a pay wedding , at
whicn the bride receives her guests
with a basin before her in which each
person entering deposits a jewel , a sil
ver spoon or a piece of money. In
some parts of Germany the rule is th it
the expenses of the marriage feast
shall be met by each guest paying ftr
what he cats or drinks. The prices
paid for viands and drinks are high ,
and the young couple often make a
aandsoine profit out of their wetldlng
realizing a sum quite sufficient to
start them nicely in life.
A writer in Power tells us that in th
best steam engines only six to fifteen
) er cent , of the c al burned actually
produces power that can be used ; the
rest is a dead loss. Where decs it go
To begin with , twenty-two per ceiu
flies up the chimney in smoke , fiv > per
cc-nt. is wasted by radiant heat from
the boiler : one per cent drops tin our h
the grate , ten per cent is consumed in
pumping water into the boiler , while
Ifty-seveii per cen * goes off in stt-.mi
after passing through the engine. The
rest is counted for by leaks and
waste heat.
The centre ot ihe mothcr-of-peai 1 in
dustry i > Singapore. The shell oyster
s six to ten 'inches long , the larger
ones weighing us much as ten pounds.
It is found ou hard-bottom channels
between .slanuS , where the current is
strong. In gathering It a diver takes
with him a ba of coir rope one-fourth
of an inch in diameter , made inargo
meshes , Vrhlch , while suited fohcld
tag the ahell , does not impede his
traveling along the bottom. The ap
paratus for diving has not been Intro
duced in the Philippines , although
Manila shell brings the nigh price of a
dollar a pound.
Don't marry money : you can spend
the money , but you can't spend tbo
trouble you may get with it
Sqamdroa Han B e Ordered t *
Pott of Departure. Accuser * or
- . fiiaisaJmant are Liberated.
St Petersburg , Aug. 24-Tbe Rus
sian Black Sea squadron , ordered to
Turkish waters and wbicb arrived at
Iniada , European Turkey , Au ° r.l9 , to
support ) Russia's demands on tbe sul
tan growing out of tbe assassinationoC
M. R skowski , Russian consul at Mon
astir , has been recalled to Sabas'opol ,
tbe squadron's po nt of departure.
Tbe rerall followed a notification
from tbe port tbat tbe Sultan had or
dered all the Russian demands to be
complb-d with.
The dispatch from M. Zinovieff , Rus
sian ambaesador at Constantinople
announcing tuat the sultan had yielded
completely to Russia's demandswas
as follows :
"Tbe porte has taken the following
measure to fulfill the demands of the
Russian government In addition ta
the condemnation and execution of M.
Rostkowski's murderers and the pun
ishment of their accomplices , those
officers who made the disrespectful al
lusions to M. Roskowski are dis
missed from the service. A careful
search is being made for the persons
who fired at the consul's carriage. All
the officials , twenty-four in number ,
whse names were handed to the
porte as objects of unfavorable com
ment by the Russian ambassador are
removed from their posts and handed
over to the justice. All private per
sons mentioned in the list as guilty
of various offences will likewise be
"Ismal Ilaki Pasha , the chief of po
lice at Palanka , province of Uskub , is
restored to his post. The persons un
der arrest for accusing Mussulmans of
outrage and abuse are liberated.
Loss of Life May Be Great.
Kingston , Jamaica , Aug. 24. A
s ' , trooner whicb arrived here yester
day morning reports that the Cayman
Islandswere _ devasta cled by hurricane
on the evening of August 11. Many
houses at Georgetown , a village neai
the west end of Grand Cayman island
were detoo'ished , The vessels in
the harbor were driven out to sea ; two
subsequently returned , but ihe others
hare sot been beard of up to August
17. It la feared tbat serious loss ol
life km oacft'red. All tbe trees ad
reps ar eksiroyed and a faniM H
iaamiaeat. Th * people expect the gar-
erarawet f Jamaica to send supplies.
Seven schooners were wrecked oo tiw
east side f tbe principal island.
No news had been received from
Cayman Brae and little Caymam up to
tb time tbat the schooner left , but
it was thought certain that ttoese
inlands also were devestated by the
Steamer Sinks.
Indianapolis , ti d. , Aug. 24. Amid
scenes of panic in which some terror
stricken men lost their heads and
so-ight to throw women and children
over board , the pleasure steamer In
diana went to the bottom of the In
dianapolis water company's canal at
Fa rview park last evening at 7
o'c ock.
Tne park officials think nobody was
drowned bu : two passengers say that ,
they saw a wojnan with a baby sink
to the bottom They did not &ee
them come to the surface again and
fee1 sure they were drowned.
Abou fifty people wer 'mon board when
the vessel nank about three-quarters
of a mile above its starting point in ,
the canal whic i is about eight miles ]
long and runs from Indianapolis tote
to Bioad ripp e park. The canal is
narrow and from ten to fifteen feet
deep in the middle , It is not yet cer
tain what sent the steamer to the bet
tom. Defective machinery , overloading
ing on one side.and leaks are given by
different per-ons.
Skiffs on the canal aided in the
work of rescue of fainting women and
children Thirty people were thrown
into the water when the boat sank.
Search is being made to see if any
U > dies are at the bttom of the canal.
Horse Buyers Plentiful.
Belle Fourche , S. D. Aug. 24. The
5 ock Commission company Bold $10-
XX ) worth of horses in one day in this
jity. The average price for the
tiorses was about f20 per head. The
sale was made at public auct-on , there
aeing buyers from all parts of the west.
Five carloads of horses were shipped
jast by an eastern buyer and several
sirl ads wiii be taken away in tne i
icxt few days as the result of the sa ) J
Sofia , Aug. 25. With the rumors of
massacres and the murder of prison
ers in Monastir now authenticated the
general situation is considered here
as fast becoming intolerable. Official
and diplomatic circles alike are con
cerned , having ever/ reason to fear
tbat only a part of the horrors enacted
in the interior ot Macedonia have
come to light.
The revolutionary coaaaiittees are
doing their utmost to force the hands
of the Bulgar.an government and the
immediate outlook is exceedingly
It appears that tbe Turks have ob
tained tbe upper band in the ulayet
of Monastir ai d the insurgents are
planning to remove the center of
their activity close to the Bulgarian
frontiers. Dispatches arriving tday
from the distuibed area are exceed
ingly gloomy. From Adrianople
comes the news of a Turkish defeat
and the extension of the revolutioi -
ary outbreak ; from Mona-tirthe news
of Turksih victories accompanitd by
barbarous excesses.
According to the Sofia Dnevnik the
Turks committed unspeakable atroci
ties at Krusnevo. The mutilated
corpses of ninety women and children
were found in one building : pieces of
the Dcdics had been thrown into the
street. Fifteen of the principal mer
chants of the town were killed and
t leir heads exhibited on poles at Mon.
astis. The churches \\ore demolished ,
the houses sacked and the town is
now in a heap of ashes. The popu
lace fled to the hills where they are
in a starving condition.
The Dnevnik also a'serts that a
general massacre has trken place in
the whoie vilayet of Monastir. Nearly
all the villages have been destroyed.
The treacherous murder of eighty in
surgent prisoners by their guards neai
Monastis has made an especially bad
impression here.
Many rumors are current of mass
acres in the city of Adrinople , bul
confirmation is lacking. The situ
ation there , however , is undoubtedly
Many Supposed to be Dead.
Budapest , Hungary , A.ug. 25. Fire
broke out this evening in a four-storj
building , the two lower stories ol
which were occupied by a fancj
goods firm and the upper floors were
residential flats. There were 20U work
ing people in the1 building and the
escape of many of them and of the
residents .on the third a > d fourth
floors was cut off by the flames It if
impossible as yet to ascertain the
number of victims.
The warehouse contained piles ol
flimsy material , and the flames , whicb
were detected at 7 o'clock spread
with frightful rapidity and SOOE
reached the residential floors. Onlj
the work people near the doors below
were able t scapo.
Tbe reaid ata aoave seeing- their es-
oape eb offt olung desperately to the
wift&orc , sore&ming for help. The
irwaea feekl out shoots of canvas and
called to tbena to jump. Fifteen per-
sr * were saved i * this way , but manj
in jurnpiafc missed the sheet , nine being -
ing killed a the spot , including twc
children ; eight others mortally and
seriously injured.
From Canada to The Gulf.
Guthrie , Okl , Aug. 25. The Pan
American Railioad company , with a
capital st ck placed at $250OOJ,0'JO
was chartered by the secreta y of ; tbe
ter-itory here today.
The purpose of the corporation , il
issair1 , is to build a line of railwaj
'extending ' from Porb Nelson , Hudsor
Bay , British America , in a souther y
direction , crossing the line of tbe
Canadian Pacific near 'Winpepeg.
through North and Soufh Dakota ,
Nebraska , Ka sas. Oklahoma and Ii
dian Terr to y to Galvcston , Jer
from G-lves > on tiirouga the rppu-lu
of Mexico lo the boundry line of t. en-
tral America , through the Isthmus ol
Panama , tt ence 'hrough the United
States of Colombia to Ecuador , and
finally thioutfh the repu lie of Peru
to Buenos Ayres , on the A. lau.ic
Also a branch line beginning in the
republic of Peru and extending in a
southeasterly direction 'hrougb Braz 1
to Kio de Janeiro ; also beyinning in
the republic of Peru and extending i-
asoutherly dir'C ion thro igh Chili ,
to Valparaiso also on t he Pacific ocean.
The estimated cost of the Pan-
American railway is 5250.000,000 and
the estimated lentitb ln,009 miles.
The incorporaturs ; ire W H. Dodge ,
Stephen A.Sheldon S Pendieton ,
Eldrege G Phtlps , of Sbawnee , Okl. ,
and C E. Welis , of Lincoln , Neb. It
is not known what outside interes's ' ,
if any , these men represent , The
principal offices of the cmnpany are
stated to be at Guthrie and Shawnee -
nee , OkL
Boodle Coses Postponed.
Jefferson City , Mo. , Aug. 2o. The.
two principal legislative boudle cases
set for trial this week , those of State
Senators Frank Farris and Charles
A. Smith , were today continued to
November 2 and 4 , respectively.
Senator Farris' case which was set
for today was continued because the
defendant was sick , and the defense
in tbe Smith case secured-a continu
ance on tbe plea that Senator Farris
was their principal witness. !
I , d tr + m. th * Stare aad St atly
Galai t tb Jlasal.ta . Wlas
. tk fU bj 1:19.
Beli&nce. Shamrocl
Start 11.003 ; < J 11:02:00 :
finish 2:15:30 2 : 0:10
Elapsed Time 3:14:5-1 3:18:10
Corrected Time 3:14:5 * 1:16:13
New. York' , Aug. 26. In a glorioui
whole sail breeze , over a triangular
course , ten miles to a leg , the fleet
fuoted cup defender , Reliance , again
today showed her heels to Sir Thorn
as Lipton's challenger , taking the
second race of the cup series of 1903
by the narrow margin of oue minute
and niuereen seconds.
It was as pretty and as hard a
fought contest as has ever been sailed
off Sandy Hook , and had the wind not
fallen during the lasr. ten minutes
the record for the course ,
three hours , twelve minutes
and fifteen seconds , made by the
olumbia two years ago in her mem
orable race against Shamrock : II ,
would have been broken. As it was
Reliance sailed tbe thirty miles within
two minutes and thirty-nine seconds 01
the record , which speaks wonders for [
her speed in the wind that was blow-
inReliance's victory , narrow as it
was , would have been smaller had nol
Captain Wringe , the skipper of the
British ship , bungled the start , send
ing his craft o/erthe line nineteei
seconds after the last gun and band
icapping to that extent. At even
pjint of sailing the Defender's su
periority was demonstrated. S h <
gained one minute and filty-one see
ondsin windward work , forty secondi
on the run to the second mark , anc
fifty-five seconds on the close reach
for home.
When the yachts reached the start
ingliae shortly after 10 a. m. tin
wind was southeast and blowing
about four knots not enough to senc
them over the conree within the timt
limit , but there were indications thai
there would be enough of it later.
The preparatory signal was fired al
10:45 and the starting gun at 11 ,
Navigator signalled that the ract
would be over a triangular course , ter
miles to a leg , the first leg south , thi
second northeast by easb.ln.lf
east , the third northwest by wesi
half-east. The wind at that time
was due south and had begun t <
In the preliminary jockeying Cap
tain Borr of Reliance got the w nd-
ward position , blanketing Shamrocl
and clung to it through various ma
neuvers until the warning gun had
been fired , when Captain Wringe had
got clear of the Reliance.
At the sound of the gun Shamrock
bore off to leeward and away from
Reliance , while Captain Barr tackec
unstarting gun was tired and crossed
the line over thirty-six seconds behind
the gun. Shamrock kept away fronc
the Lne almo-t until the handicai
gun , then tacked and crossed it , hand
icapped by nineteen seconds , foi
which no al owance was made for her
The nineteen seconds was dead loss.
Boy Found Dead.
Ca'laway ' , Neb. , Aug. 27. ( Special. ,
Ciaus Chrlstaiasen , a lad of twelve
or thirteen years of agej residimj
about ten miles west of this p ace ,
was found dead by hi mother Satur
day afternoon. The lad was herding
cattle on the canons for a neighbor
and as he failed to return home for
dinner as was his cus om , a searcl
was soon instituted by his mother anc
neighbors , which culminated in the
above result.
It appears that the boy had beer
hired by August Jaeger , a well-to-dt
farmer and stockman , to herd his cat )
tie for him , and in so doing he waf
assisted only by his favorite dog
While the cattle would graze the boj
and dog were in the habit of hunting
through the canyons and hills for coy
otes , badgers , rabbits , etc. , and it is
supposed were doing this when he met
his death. When found only his feet
were protruding from a hole in'c
which he had crawled and the eartb
about which had caved in on h m.
It is though that the dog had run
some animal into the hole , when the
boy attempted to crawl in and bring
it out , and in so doing jarred the
earth above which caused it to cave
in upon him , either mashing him. 01
smothering him to death.
Army Officer A Suicide.
New York , Aug. 26. Frederick D
P essler , stationed at Seattle in the
paymaster's department , today shot
and Killed himself in Carroll Park ,
Brooklyn. He had been reported mis
sing from his borne near the park for
four weeks. Captain Presslt-r was
about fifty years of age , was in the
army as a non-commissioned officer ,
but left the service two years ago. He
had been in financial straihts and be *
oame despondent.
The cbatauqua has opened at Au
Durn. Tbe attendance promises tet
ae the largest in history.
The Harlao County Agricultural
lociet ? will hold a fair at Orleamtj
A-ugust 26 , 27 and 28. '
* * *
Tte democrats of Lancaster eoaaty
will hold their convention this after
noon In the Auditorum at Li cfe.
* *
James Dcliey , one of tha 9ta& &
ind Srst settlers of Naaet c e4y
lied yesterday. Hi IcaTM MTM
* *
Nathan Schulz and Miu
Cory were married in tbe
church at Plattsmoath one day tfcia
* *
While In the Union Pacific yarda
Dharles Wysinski , aged 11 was stru < jfc
T a switch engine and almost in
stantly killed.
* * *
York Is crowded with teachers who
are attending the -Teachers' Insti
tute now in session. Several prom-
nent speakers will be present.
* # #
Plattsmouth is in the hands of tha.
teachers of Sarpy and Cass counties.
Mayor Morgan has turned tbe keys
iver to them. They were welcomed
to the city by R. B. Windbam.
* * *
The new Catholic church at Sllvei
Creek was dedicated this week.
Piiests from that part of the stafef
took part in the dedicatory exercises.
* *
The company of eastern engineers ,
inspecting the Fremont and Colum
bus canal projects , arrived this week.
They were driven over the site and
will report , later.
* * *
The Howard County Farmers' in
stitute held a picnic at St. Paul.
The attendance was large. Tberi
was a ball game and other sports.
An Omaha aeronaut make a balloon
iscension in tbe evening.
* * *
Fremont was in darkness for sera
time one night last week and the
pumps had to be shut down for a
* me. A manhole blew out of th
boiler at the electric light plant. N
one was hurt.
* *
A tel&prnne message was received
by the chief of police at Plattsmoutfc
from Alike Tonycfc at Ewing 'asking
for his father , who is said to bav *
passed through that city. Thefathei
was lookng for his sons and wai
35 years old.
* * *
At Falls City recently James K.
McDowell and Miss Eva M. Millet
were married at tbe home of tht
bride. The couple will be at hosss
it Tecumseb after an extended west *
srn trip.
# *
About 200 teachers are enrcited al
the county Teachers' institute at
Falls City. J. M. Greenwooi , oJ
Kansas City , Mo. , lectured on "Ma
jority Thinking versus Mtceritj
Thinking11. A number of etfcei
speakers were in attendance.
* *
Cyrus Chamberlain , a farmer neai
Herman , went to town the other.
Jay , filled UD on drink and while re-
feu mine home was struck by a St. ,
Paul train. Chamberlain escaped injury -
jury , but his mules were killed.
Deputy Insurance Auditor Pierce ,
I Lincoln , discussing the reports
bat many hail insurance companies
vould have to suspend business be-
eaus ot the large losses sustained1
luring the bail storms In this state-
ays that all such companies are in
safe condition.
* * *
An unknown young man , evidently.
bout 18 or 20 years of age was killed
ast week by falling from a Missouri !
Pacific freight train near Straus- '
Mile. He was not found until thei
next morning when his dead body }
vas discovered in the ditch beside ]
he track. His head was crushed toj
* * *
Sunday Mrs. Sherlock , who resides )
n the eastern part of Auburn , heard )
omeone trying to get in at the
window. Her husband , who is
ailroad man , was not at home. Sh
vent to the telephone and muffling
he bell , 'phoned across Ibe street to
Engineer Talbot Henry , who camej
cross with a shotgun and captured ]
he man. '
C. Frizzell Stllwell and Miss Etta
May Botick , of Greenwood were mar
led Sunday at the residence of tha
iride's mother , Mrs. N. 0. Bouck ,
be double ring service being used ,
following ; tbe ceremony a wedding
linner was served , with fifty guest *
resent , after which the couple leffe
or Shelby , Neb. They will be atf
i me after September at JohnstowaJ

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