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Thursday , September 3 , 19O3
Bubscnptton $1.00 per year in advance ; f J.EO
When not paid in advance , SinRle copies 5c.
Display advertising 1 Inch single column Cc
per Issue or 3G.OO a year.
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months In Arrears.
Notices ol losses of stock free to brand adver
Fusion State Ticket.
For Judge of the Supreme Court
For Regents of the University
Of Adams Coucty.
Of Saundera Count } ' .
For District .Judges loth Jul. Dist
Of Sheridan County.
Of Holt County.
The nomination of Judge J. J.
Sullivan by the fusion forces to
succeed himself as judge of the su
preme court meets with unanimous
approval of the rank and file of
both the democrats and populists.
Ho has made a splendid record on
the beiich , and every honest man
concedes that he has the ability and
integrity to justly interpret the law
without fear or favor. Nebraska
never"had a better judge and the
state will do well to re-elect him.
Papillion Times.
Preachers find much fault with
the way editors run their papers.
Editors see all kinds of flaws in
the way preachers run their church
es. Old maids and childless wives
administer advice and fault finding
to mothers who are raising children.
The devils biggest business is to
kick at the way Almighty God
runs the universe , and here we are
finding fault with the fault finders.
When will people learn to attend
'to their own business ? Douglas
In the Lincoln State Journal ( rep )
Editor Bixby has the following to
feay of Judge Sullivan : UA two-
for-a-cent politician writes to find
out why we don't jump onto Judge
Sullivan and give him hell ? The
answer is easy for two reasons :
First , we have no occasion to abuse
the judge ; and , second , no dispo
sition. He is a clean man and a
just interpreter of the law. The
color of his politics is not to our
liking , but that is no reason for
treating him with discourtesy. "
Papillion Times.
Kef erring to the platform adopt
ed by the Nebraska republican state
convention , the Sioux City Jour
nal , a republican paper , says :
The Nebraska document is charact
erized by pomposity and it has
verbosity a nd irrelevance a-plenty.
It is more than half stump speech ,
and it is studded with the excuse
of oratory. It was obviously writ
ten to the purpose of boosting a
candidacy for the vice presidency ,
and however worthy the candidacy
the employment is to be set down
as a sign of vanity and of that poor
judgment which is usually the ac
companiment of peacock exhibit
ions. " Crawford Bulletin.
Outside of the bankers there are
very few of the voters in the United
States who understand the asset
, currency now advocated by the
gambler in stocks on Wall street.
Ignorance has made every slave
that ever wore the chains of phy
sical , religious or commercial bond
age. The truth , we are told , shall
make us free. The dishonesty of
those who require an asset currency
for gambling operations , to rob and
impoverish the general public and
the dense ignorance of the masses ,
makes possible the enactment by
law , of the most villainous financial
system ever imposed upon a civil
ized nation.
The AJdrich and Fowler bills
The Democratic State Platform ,
Following is the platform adopted at the state convention at Columbus :
We , the democrats of Nebraska , in convention assembed , reaffirm
our faith in the principles of the party as enunciated in the last national
platform , adopted at Kansas Citv.
We denounce the national republican administration for its failure
to carry out its promises heretofore made and its subservience to special
interests at the expense of and to the detriment of the interests of the
public at large.
We are unalterably opposed to any form of asset currency legisla
tion and to any legislation of the character of the Aldrich bill.
We demand that the attorney genenal of our state shall make ap
plication to the supreme court of the United States for permission to
put the Nebraska maximum freight law into immediate effect , in accord
with tne suggestion ol the court. In the campaign one year ago the
democracy of Nebraska charged that the election of a republican legis
lature would be a victory for the railroads and other corporate interests
which presume to dictate in stale ailairs.
We call attention to the faith ful manner in which republican officials
have championed the corporations , enacting and applying statutes to
the injury of the home owners , farming and business interests to the
profit of the raih'oads and othe public corporations. We charge that
the late republican legislature deliberately substituted the Ramsev bill
intending thereby to deny to the farmers of this state all relief irom the
grain trust , the most burdensome and exacting combine now operating
within this state.
We arraign the republican party of Neb.aska for the failure of the
last legislature to keep its ante-election promises ; to provide a jut-1 and
equitaple revenue law , and charge chat it surreodered to corporate in
fluence and dictation , discriminated in favor of the railroads in the tax
ation thereof.
We arraign the republican state ad ministration for its extravagant
expenditures and for burdening the state with an immense floating in
debtedness as a direct result of such action and we demand a more
economic handling of the public funds. The shameful interference by
Governor Mickey in the efforts of his deputies to properly and honestly
enforce the provisions of the oil inspection law should meet the severe
condemnation of every lover of law. His notorious and successful at
tempt to permit the Standard Oil company to sell in this state a grade
of oil condemed by his deputies as dangerous to tbe life and property of
consumers must be construed as evidence of woeful ignorance or crimi
nal collusion.
We believe the judiciary to be the corner stone of American govern
ment , both state and national. Upon its abilitj' , independence and in
tegrity rests the future of American institutions. We therefore demand
that tbe judiciary of this state be kept free from partisan bias and the
undue influence of special and corporate interests.
We commend to the voters.of Nebraska the record of John J. Sulli
van as embodying our ideas of the high character the judiciary ought to
We invite all citizens , without reference to their political affilia
tions , who agree with us in the foregoing principles and who believe in
N an independent judiciary to support the nominees of this convention.
which are now pending in congress ,
provide for radical changes in our
national banking laws ; and yet ev
ery republican organ and politician
has repeatedly affirmed that the
money question was settled ; settled
right ; settled to stay. When will
the people ever wake up to the
glaring disdonesty of the republi
can party ?
The Aldrich bill authorizes the
acceptance of state , municipal and
railroad bonds as security for de
posits of government money in
national banks. This means in and
of itself that these classes of secur
ities are to be the basis for the issue
of bank notes. The Fowler bill
provides for a still wilder , wild cat
currency. It authorizes banks | i
having a capital of § 25,000 to issue
notes to the amount of 25 per cent
of their capital , WHICH SHALL BE
This is now the republican party
policy. The most extravagant
populist in his desire for more mon
ey never had the temerity to ad
vocate such a cut-throat financial
The question was asked by an
Oklahoma populist of the Kansas
City Journal : "Why may we not
have an asset currency issued by
the government , based on asset
which thieves cannot steal , nor
moths and rust corrupt ; the only
asset considered good enough for
trustees of savings to accept , name
ly , the real estate of the country ? "
The Journal's reply must impres ;
every intelligent reader as the acme
of dishonesty and we print it as
the evidence of our statement.
The Journal says : "We have no
doubt the same question has oc
curred to thousands of superficial
reasoners in all parts of the coun
try , and that it will present itself
in one form or another , and have
to be answered hundreds of times
before the present currency dis
cussion r esults in any safe and sub
stantial reforms. The answer to
the question is , of course , obvious (
enough to anybody who knows i
anything about economics. The
banks could issue currency based c
upon their assets because they own (
their assets. The government i
could not issue a currency based I
upon the real estate of the country
because it does not own the real
estate of the country. The real t
estate of the United States does not
belong to the nation , nor to the
people simply as citizens of the
nation. It belongs to the people
as private individuals. The state
can take private property for certain -
tain purposes ; but those purposes
ire particularly and distinctly specified -
ified by the constitution , and the
government cannot put its foot up-
' on or even touch private property
except for one or more of those
purposes. The constitution says
nothing about seizing the real es
tate of private individuals for the
purpose of redeeming its issue of
paper money. But if the govern
ment could not give real estate for
its notes when their redemption
was demanded , how could it be said
that they were based on real estate ?
Can a thing be both based and not
based upon another thing at one
and the same time ? If a bank which
had issued asset currency failed ,
its assets could be seized and its
notes redeemed with them. An
asset currency "based" on the real
estate of the country would not be
redeemable in any thing. It would
not , therefore , be based on any
thing and would not be worth the
white paper it was painted on. It
would be simply another species of
that inconvertible paper which has
already cost this and other coun
tries more than floods , pestilence
and panics combined. "
How could a bank without assets ,
and it is no uncommon ocrurrence
for banks to lose their assets , re
deem its issue of paper money. To
say tnat the real estate of the Unit
ed States does not belong to the
nation , is such a dishonest propo
sition that we are amazed at the
What makes the colored paper
called U. S. bonds such a sale in
vestment ? Because they are the
obligation of the nation ; and econ
omists have always told us that the
entire wealth of the nation was
pledged for their payment. The
government has absolute control of
the wealth , real and personal , of
the nation ; and by means of taxa
tion extracts from the people all
the money it may require for any
purpose at any time. At its option
it transfers at pleasure the wealth
of the nation to its own use and
The Journal refers to the dang
erous tendendcncy of excessive and
incontrovertible issue of paper ,
and yet advocates a system more
dangerous to the nation than the
old state bank which required the
inspection of a detector for every
bill received ; and made a good bill
at evening worthless in the morn
ing. No man could count upon
the value of the
money in his pos
session. When gold was at § 2.85
iuring the civil war , the legal ten-
ier notes of the government made at
them so.
After advocating a wild cat cur-
fimcy based upon uncertain sec
urities , the Journal repudiates it
self as follows : "General Francis
Walker took the high grand that
t never paid to issue paper mone3r
which was not practically based
dbllar for dollar on an equal amount
of metallic currency. This is prob
ably going too far in the direction
of curtailing credit money. We
cannot possibly go too far , how
ever , in making certain that evorj
dollar of paper money issued bj
banks or government shall be re
deemable in gold the instant it is
presented for that purpose , unc
that not one cent shall be issued in
excess of the actual demands ol
legitimate business , and we must
keep constantly and clearly before
every class of the people both of
our own and other countries that
no other kind of plan is seriously
contemplated here , or ever will
be. " Walker used the work me
tallic , not gold , and the Journa
says every dollar of paper issued
by banks or government should be
redeemed in gold. While it say
Walker goes too far in wanting a
metallic basis , it goes farther and
and says gold. The Journal knows
that if the Aldrich and Fowler bill
are enacted into laws , that there
will be an issue of paper money in
excess of actual legitimate demand
of business , and that it will not be
based upon gold or a metallic basis ,
which means gold and silver. The
contradictory if not hishonest treat
ment of the money question by the
Journal is unfortunate and should
induce the people to watch closely
the gamblers and politicians who
are scheming to bunko the people.
Manhattan ( Kan. ) Mercury.
Some time ago we accused the
Pioneer Grip of being republican
in politics. The reader may judge
from the following articles :
Isn't it about time for the Presi
dent and the Attorney General to
get busy in the matter of prosecut
ing the anthracite coal trust ? Or
are these- robbers to escape scott
free , after all of our big talk- ? The
winter season is coming on and the
trust is at its old tricks of raising
the price of coal , anticipating some
very nice pickings from a power
less public. There has been too
much leniency shown these robber
and it is about time for something
to be done in the interests of the
general public. Pioneer Grip.
Some of the opposition journal
say there is constant danger ap
prehended lest President Koosevelt
should do something that would
bring on a financial panic or a war
with some other nation. It seems
strange that the press of this coun
try is so ready to find fault with
public men , whether those faults
exist or not. Some of the criti
cisms passed on the President are
wholly without foundation and are
apparently the result of almost
criminal malice. In no country
on the face of the globe is
the chief executive so vilified and
insulted as in the United States.
The liberty of the press in such
cases is carried to a dangerous ex
treme. Pioneer Grip.
Our highly esteemed and moral
contemporary , the Times , is truly
endeavoring to make the unsophis
ticated believe that the editor of
the Pioneer Grip is sailing under
false colors in claiming recognition
at the hands of the republican
party. * * * We believe , notwith
standing the few desultory remarks
made by the editor of the Times ,
that the rank and file of the gran d
old party fully recognize the Grip
as being republican in politics and
republican in spirit. * * * The
Pioneer Grip is a republican news
papers edited by a republican and
will sup port the republican party.
Further remarks are unnecessary.
Pioneer Grip.
Order of Hearing on Petition for
Appointment of Administrator.
In the County Court of Cherry County , Neb
raska ,
State of Nebraska , County of Cherry , sa.
TO the heirs and to all persons Interested In
the estate of Charlotte Folsom. deceased :
On reading the petition of Gardner A , Folsom
praying that the administration of said estate be
jrnuted to himself as administrator.
It is hereby ordered that you. and all persons
uterested in said matter , may , and do. appear
til- County Court to be held in and for satd
county , on the 19th day of September A. D. 1803
it 9 o'clock a. m. to show cause if any there be ,
why the prayer of the petitioner should not he
granted , and that notice of the pendency of said
jetition and that the hearing thereof be given to
all persons interested iu said matter by publish-
ng a. copy of this Order in the Valentine Demo
crat a weekly newspaper printed iu said county.
tor three successive weeks prior to said day of
Witness my hand and the seal of said
HEAL court this -'mi day September A. D.
r 1903 , W.K. TOWA'E ,
33 3 County Judge.
IValcott & Morrissey , attorneys ,
/ mu
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Valentine - - i Nebraska
Now is the time to get your in-
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nd if you are without insurance
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