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historical Society
! .
As Harvest Time is now at hand we call your at
tention to a few things in demand at such a time.
§ ?
U r
We carry a large line of if > '
"Key Stone" make Hay Forks ,
Header Forks , Bundle Forks , etc. , &
each and everyone with the above brand is made of
carefully se cted material and skilled labor , which
makes it one of the best forks on the market. Try one.
4 ?
& >
| * The "AUTO , " &
the best mounted grindstone made. Some of its special ? T
features are ball bearing shaft and crank , select stones fo
and a well made hardwood frame. We have also stack &
anchors , something new and inexpensive. Machine Oil2 |
ers , Grass Scythes , Scythe Stones , Grind Stone fixtures. fo
jjj We also sell
$ Eldorado Castor Machine Oil.
§ ?
4 ?
4 4 ? ? ED FRONT MERC.
ZZ5 S2 2 SZZ3ZSE5 & iZS2l ! |
E 6 * . adles9 Stilts
and the best
on earth for $ i.
A Six Page Xoiseless' ' Slate given with each pair of Shoes.
i E
* * ' ' * * '
yfftt % 3lj
i Hardware , Furniture and Coal.
I FURNITURE , bed room suits , dressers , chiffoniers , ward-
| robes , Iron beds strong and clean , spring couches and mattres-
I ses , parlor stands and center tables , combination book cases and
| writing desks. Latest Designs and Lowest Prices.
I Guns , Ammunition and Hunters' Supplies.
j A full line of hardware , cutlery and stoves of best makes.
j A lot of useful articles that make house-keeping a pleasure.
Come J 5tcl See TTliciJi JLbi *
Frank FiscSier.
Chr.rterad as a Stat3 Bank Chartered as a National Bank *
June 1 , 1884. August 12 , 1902 ,
The 1
Valentine , Nebraska.
( Successor to )
OAPI TAJ PAID 117 A General Banking
Exchange and
, Collection Business.
G. H. CORNELL , President. J. T. MAY , Vice-President.
M. V , NICHOLSON , Cashier.
John Nciss was down from the
reservation a couple of days this
Ed Jordan was in town from
Rosebud Monday enroute for Dead-
El. L. Heath , of the Cody Cow
Boy , was in town Tuesday on
Miss Ada Stinard went down to
Ainsworth Tuesday to attend the
carnival at that place.
Harry Hilsinger had his saloon
repapcred this week. Martin
Christensen did the work.
Claude Jones and family moved
into the house recently vacated by
Chas. Anderson , last week.
Miss Myrtle Petti John returned
last week from her visit to the
World's Fair and in Illinois.
Misses Bessie and Alice Clonser
of Johnstown visited friends in the
city several days the past week.
AYm. Barker , a clerk in the ag
ent's office at Rosebud , spent sev
eral days in town the fore part of
the week.
Miss Gertrude Jordan returned
last week from her visit to the
World's Fair and with relatives
in Kansas.
E. Breuklander and family came
in from their ranch near McCann
and spent several days in town the
first of the wck.
AAr. A. Kimbell went down to
Ainsworth yesterday to witness a
game of ball between Ainsworth
nine and Dead wood.
H. Buttinghaus went up to
Georgia Saturday night to round
up his cattle , and Monday night
shipped a car to Omaha.
Herbert Breuklander has pur-
hascd AY. B. Ford's interest in
the blacksmith shop and will con-
luct the business himself.
Mrs. Elmer Aycrs went up to
: Iot Springs Saturday night to try
and regain her health which has
) een quite poorly this summer.
Miss Dora Pease departed last
Friday morning for her former
ionic in Charles Mix county where
she will teach school the coming
James A. Barwick , official in
ihargc of the weather bureau stat-
on at this place , expects to be re-
ieved soon. He will be transferred
to Philadelphia , Pa.
The county Sunday school con
vention will be held in Merriman ,
jcginning Saturday evening and
ontinuing throughout Sunday ,
September 10 and 11.
AArm. Thunder Hawk drove down
: rom the Agency Monday. He
and several others from the reser
vation went up to Dead wood Mon
day night to attend U. S. court as |
E. E. Grieshammer , chief engi
neer at Ft. ISlobrara , called on us
last Tuesday. lie inforftis us that
lie lost a cow several weeks ago.
See estray notice in another col
umn of this paper.
School began Monday morning
with a good attendance. Every
aoy and girl who is old enough
should go to school. "I don't likeI I
to go" means that you refuse to
accept an education.
Al Thacher has not been feeling
real well since the carbuncle on his
neck has caused him sleepless
nights and constant pain. Yester
day morning he went down to the
post hospital with Dr. Compton
and expects to remain there for
treatment and have experienced
nurses to take care of him. AYe ' <
hope he will speedily recover. ]
Allen Sparks and wife and son
departed Tuesday for the World's
Fair and to Mr. Sparks' father's
home in Michigan. After a visit
of a few weeks Mr. and Mrs.
Sparks will return , leaving their
boy in school.
A large number of Valentine
people went down to Ft. Xiobrara
Tuesday afternoon to witness a
game of base ball between Dead-
wood and the 25th Inf. regimental
team. The game resulted in a
score of 0 to tt in favor of the
Miss Alice Cyphers went down
to Lincoln last Friday to attend
business college. Miss Maggie
Robinson will also attend the same
college , having gone down a few
days previous , accompanied by her
mother to find a suitable place to
room and board. The two young
ladies will room together.
Miss Mamie llames , of Lincoln ,
superintendent of primary work
of the Nebraska Sunday school as
sociation , will deliver an illustrat
ed lecture at the M. E. church Fri
day evening , Sept. 9 , at S o'clock
on her trip to Jerusalem attending
the International Sunday school
convention last May. Admission
The Sparks re-union was a suc
cess. Large numbers of people
from Valentine and the country
surrounding Sparks attended both
days and they had a grand time.
Some , camped on the ground and
many thought they would do so
next year and en.joy out door life
for the time. The exhibits of grain
were said to be good but not as
complete as at Britt the week pre
The news from the Russo-Japa
nese war comes to us every day in
the daily papers to the effect that
Kuropatkin , the general in com
mand of the Russian forces at Liao
Yang , has evacuated that place
and is in full retreat towards Muk
den farther north with the Japanese
in full pursuit and described as a
race to see whether Kuropatkin
would reach Mukden first to re
lieve other Russian forces before
the Japanese should cut him off.
If the Russian forces should reach
Mukden first it is stated that he
will evacuate with the forces of
that post and go to Harbin , taking
with them the stores of Lioa Yang
and Mukden over muddy roads
with mules and bullocks steaming
with persp'ration. Port Arthur
still stands firm and the Japs who
wore reported as getting as far as
Gen. Stoessel's house , probably
wont farther than they could go
with safety , as they have not been
heard of since. There are no re
ports recently of any attempt to
bombard Port Arthur and it is
thought that the greatest victory
has been achieved , if the corres
pondents who have been sending
such wild reports are captured or
or killed. There has been too
much of this pounding away at
Russia as though our country was
taking an active part in the strug
gle. AYo do not rejoice at the
grotesque cartoons of the AYorld-
Herald and other papers picturing
Russia as a grizzly bearded fellow
of dark colors and wild staring
eyes as though frightened to death
at the little nimble Japanese , pic
tured as throttling the Russian
bear or sinking him in a sea of de
spondency. It is tailing a"h active
part in the diocussiou of the war
and will encourage those favorably
inclined to assist Japan in the con
flict. Sentiment runs too high and
it will be hard to preserve a neutral
feeling and a neutral policy if fav-
oriteism is so freely expressed by !
leading journals of our land.
Chase & Sanborn Coffees
15,20,25 and 40c per pound
I *
Large stock of
Hamitoo ! = = Brown Shoes
Just arrived.
All other shoes in stock sold at greatly
reduced prices for next 30 days. Come
and see us. AYe sell everything , and
at prices which are right.
V l f
The BEST for table use and at popular prices.
Our Stock is Always Fresh
Dry Goods , Shoes , Mittens
i Hay , Grain and Feed
* areiraTwnariYararsYirrs'ffyrs
2gi | First-class line of Steaks , Iloasts
Dry Salt Meats , Smoked
Breakfast Bacon
J.V STirrrKU , Vice President. OKAH L. Uitrrrox , Asst. Cashior i
: :
jluterest paid on tiint-
deposits. Valentine State Bank 'Ji
Capital , S .l.
Valentine , Nebraska.
, , OO
Surplus S1 i ; ;
Persons seeking a place of safety for their ?
Olllcc Hours money , will profit by investigating the | |
0 A. M. to1 P. M.
methods employed in our .business. ! j
Suited to your taste. *
Canned Goods Lunch Counter.
Arc now at their best and All you want to eat at our
we handle the best grade. .Lunch Counter.
Home Bfakery
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