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0i3torical \
1. M. Bice , Editor and Proprietor VALENTINE , NEBE. , THURSDAY , MAY 4 , 1911. Volume 26 , No. 17
All kinds of Merchandise. I can afford
to sell as low as anybody , I buy pro =
duce. Seed potatoes for sale.
IS ,
-McGEER & CARROLL , Proprs.
Fine Wines , Liquors and Cigars
Bourbon Whiskies : Rye Whiskies :
5- *
Old Crow , Sherwood ,
Hermitage , Guchenheimer ,
Cedar Brook , Sunny Brook ,
Spring Hill , \ and 29/year/old
andjas , E , Pepper , O , F , C , Taylor ,
These whiskies were purchased in hond
and came direct from the IT. S. gov
ernment warehouse. They are guar
anteed pure and unadulterated. Un
excelled for family and medical use.
Three Star Hennessy and Dreyfus Brandies , Imported
Gordon and DeKuyper Gins , Guinness's Extra Stout.
Bass Ale , Storz Blue Ribbon and Budweiser Beer ,
Valentine Nebraska
Bread , Pastries , Lunches , Meals
i- t * * - < r \Vfi " * S *
Horn akery.
5 j K
Cigars and
Soft Drinks
Registered Hereford Bulls for
sale at all times of the .year.
Simeon - Nebraska
Tubular Wells and Windmills
Call me up by phone
* "l
Light and Heavy Draying- <
I Furniture and pianos handled
in a careful manner. Coal
hauled and trunks and grips
I . I a specialty. Phone No. 48.
The Chicago House
s" JIM EELCH , Propr.
-Call on me for rooms and
VSrf&ittnfe Nebraska
U. S. Weather Bureau Report
Daily mean temperature 413.
" Normal temperature 46 °
Highest temperature 71 ° .
Lowest temperature 20 ° .
Range of temperature 51 = .
Precipitation for week 00 00 of an inch.
Average for 23 3'ears 0.5G of an inch.
Precipitation March 1st to date 0.81 inches.
Average for 23 years 2.49 of an inches.
Jonx J. MCLEAN. Observer.
Pearl Lydiatt having left her home
and my bed and board without
cause , notice is hereby given .that
I will not be responsible for any
bills contracted by her.
Dated this 25th day of April ,
When you have stock to sell at
public auction it will pay you to
see us before starting your sale.
Come and see us. 8 5
Sheriff's Sale.
Tlv virtup of an execution issued bv the
clerk nf the dislriof co'irt of Cherry oountv. Tfe-
hrsjsira. Aneiist II , 1010 , under an xerntfnn
wherein TjlJ'p. Rlnn'e Is juflcmpnt creditor and
Frank- Hippie is inderoenf d btT , T w'll wll at
rbe frnrt door of th . court house in Vtfentinp.
P.herrv c nntv. Nbaska. . thanbelne the nil Id-
inp wherom rhpjast term of aid fourtwai hel ,
on lh > 10fh rinv of .Mine 1011. at 10 o'clock a m.
to satis'y jiiripmpntofsi2S42R and intereat
in ppp ft-nt from rtarp of i dement. May
17.1910. and fosts taxed at S2525 and aocrnin'e
cnsfs.atp'ihlip auction to flip highest bidder for
caofi the following described pronety towH :
Thn ne neM e nwli , s n * > , Wrlon 33 ,
Township 33. Rancp 3-i : s yswV , section 27 ;
mvMne and niSmvy , sootJon 34 , township 35 ,
ranee 3 , in flurry rvmnty , Neh.
Dated this 1st day of May , 1911.
( Special Correspondent )
Revision downward on the things
the farmer must buy , as well as re
vision downward on the things he
produces ?
This is the keynote of the demo
cratic reciprocity and tariff pro
It differs radically from the re
ciprocity program contemplated by
the Republican , which was : Greater
downward revision on the products
of the farmers than on the product
of the trusts.
Here are the articles that will go
on the free list under thes democratic
program , each of which would have
remained heavily taxed under the
republican program :
Lumber , dressed meats and meat
products flour , boots and shoessew-
ing machines , saddles and saddlery
wire fencing , baling wire , cotton
bagging and ties , burlaps and agri
cultural implements , incluHng
plows , harrows , reapers , binders
and mowers.
This is not all of the democratic
program for the extra session. Fol
lowing as soon as possible after the
reciprocity and free list bills , the
tariff will be revised downward on
woolen and cotton goods.
The articles in those schedules
on which the greatest reduction
will be made will be blankets , un
derwear and .rneii'j ? , woman's and
children's clothing. The Democratic
idea contemplates the placing of
the lowest tax on the cheaper grade
of wearing apparel used , by the
poor. Under the Payne Aldrich law
articles vused principally "by the
poor are taxed twice as much * as
the higher priced articles used by
the rich.
In addition to reciprocity and
tariff revision downward will come
bills providing for the direct elec
tion of United State ? senators , pub
licity of camuaign contribution be
fore instead of afier election , and
and separate statehood for Arizona
and New Mexico.
While Senator LaFollette of
Wisconsin was making his famous
railroad speech five years ago , Sen
ators Aldrich and Hale , to show
their contempt for'the vei\\s being
oxpressedretired to the cloak room.
As they passed out of the chamber
LaFollette said :
"Mr. President. I pause in my re
marks to say thisI , cannot be whol
ly indifferent to the fact that Sena
tors by their absence at this time
indicate their want of interest in
what I may have to say upon this
subject. The public is intersted.
Unless this important question is
rightly settled , seats now temporarily
arily vacant may be permanently
vacated by those who have the
right to occupy them at this time. "
Again , while the tariff revision
was under diseussionLaFollete was
insulted , and he said :
"I warn you that if you refuse to
consider every proposition ad
vanced in behalf of the public and
carry out your determination to
make this tariff legislation but the
instrument by which special inter
ests may enrich themselves by un
just exaction from the public , the
public will hold you responsible
and prove its resentment as cer
tainly as election are held. " * '
When the Senate convened on
April 4 LaFollette's name was call
ed and he answered. But the name
of Aldrich and Hale were not- call
"Economy in public expense , that
labor may be lightly burdened , " is
evidently not a Taft policy. While
the Democrats have been endeavor
ing to abolish every usleas/office in
the house of Representative , Presi
dent Taft has just made increases
in the salaries of White House em-
ployeea as follows : Rudolph Foster ,
assistant secretary- salary increased
from § 3,000 to $4,000 ; C. C.Wagner
confidential stenographer to.the .
President , inciease from § 2,000 to
§ 2,500 ; H. P. Webster and F. M
Heiidricks , expert stenographeis
inert apes from § 2,000 to § 2,500
Practically all the tariff bills pro
posed by th-"Democrats have been
already indorsed by President Taft.
He has characterized the wool sche
dule as "indefensible" and he has
admitted that the cotton schedule
did not meet with his approval.
Minority Leader James R. Mann
introduced a bill last session creat
ing a long free list , and while he
did so merely as an incident to a
filibuster , it will be hard for him to
explain now that he was not in good
faith. Thus it will be _ , difficult to
justify a presidential veto for any
of these bills.
On the day the present Con
gress was called to order the writ
er happened to be seated beside
li. B. Martin , secretary of the
American Anti-Trust league. Just
after Speaker Champ Clark had
concluded his now-famous , opening -
ing address , Mr. Martin turned
toward me and said :
"There is a deeper meaning to
this occasion than most of tlie
spectators are aware. I am not
speaking from a partisan view
point. What I allude to is that this
is the first lime in forty years , the
firsb time since the trust problem
has been acute in this country ,
that there is a real , out and out
anti-trust majority in the House
of Representatives. "
The fact , that a majority of the
members of the new House stand
for the passage of the reciprocity ,
measure and the farmers' free list
bill is evidence that the House is
no longer controlled by the tariff
Lumber , for instance , would
not go on the free Ust if Big Busi
ness was still in control. Hereto
fore the lumber interests , the same
interests and individuals that are
alleged to have elected and retain
ed Lorimer in the Senate , have
been able to prevent lumber from
going on the free list.
The fact that wire fencing and
other steel manufactures are placed
on the free list , and that a sweep
ing investigation of the steel trust
will soon be begun under the
Stanley resolution is positive as
surance that the steel barons are
no longer able to dictate what bills
shall die in committee and what
billsshall.be enacted into law.
It is evident also that the imple
ment combine has lost its grip on
the House , because agricultural
implements , including plow , har
rows , reapers , binders and mowers
appear on the farmers' free list.
Nor is the beef trust still Jn
command. If it was dressed meats
would continue to be taxed , in
stead of going on the free list , as
provided in the Democratic pro
Until this session of Congress
the lumber trust4 steel trust , im
plement trust and beer trust have
had easy sailing. They have had
but to contribute generously to
republican campaign funds , receiv
ing in return at the hands of the
republicans sufficient protection
to give them monopolies on Amer
ican markets and to enable them
to collect from consumers in ex
cessive prices not only the amount
of their campaign contributions ,
but handsome profits in addition
Men will always pay thousands
to politicians or to party funds in
the hope of getting back millions.
Tariff for revenue not only tends
to prevent monopolies and the
consequent artificial 'prices , but
cuts off a leading cause of politi
cal dishonesty and corruption.
The Phelps Photo Studio is open
the first Wednesday and Thursday
in each months -
The new Spring Line of Clothing is
here and open for your inspection in all
lines for Men and Boys.
Prices to $30.
Eemember you promised yourself a
new outfit for Easter. Why not look over
the new stock while it is still complete ?
You ought to see our new Spring H ts ,
Shoes and Oxfords. *
Agent for Dr. Heed Cushion Soled
Shoes. i
Phone 145.
OLartercd ns a Stnte . Honk Chartered ns n National IBank
* Junel1884. August 1-2,1WW.
( Successor to Bank of Valentine. )
Yalentine , - Nebraska.
SURPLUS CAPITAL - - $25,000 25.000 A General Banking , Exchange
Uudivided Profits 4,000 and Collection Business : : : :
0. . H. . COKNKI/L , President. M. V. NICHOLSON , Cashier.
J. T. May , Vice President. Miss GL.EN HOEJJIG , Ass't Cashier.
When in need of anything
Crookston - , Nebraska
We compound and dispense our own medicines. Office on 2nd floor ot
T. C. Hornby's. Phone 161. Valentine , Nebraska
All kinds of wood work done to order. Stock tanks made in all sizes
Residence and shop one block south of passenger depot.
Valentine , PHONE 72 Nebraska
References : My Many. Customers.
Stetter & Tobien , Props.
' All Kinds of Fresh 5
and Fait Meats. . . .
Will buy your Cattle , Hogs ,
Poultry , Horses , Mules and
anything you have to sell. *

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