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Volume 26 , No. VALENTINE , NEBE. , THURSDAY , OCTOBER 19 , 1911. § 1.50 per year.
for style , quality and
comfort in shoes is
always well pleased
f/ss&8xb > * gQm : when lie sees and tries
Sr&\ ? -
the Florslieiin Shoe. In
its construction the best
material is used. Out
wardly it pleases the eye.
Inwardly it gives ease
and comfort. The pleas-
use of wearing such a
shoe will appeal to "The
Man who Cares. "
If you are not a customer
of the Bed Front Mercan
tile Co. , they would appre
ciate your becoming one.
In their Grocery Depart
ment you will find the best
grades of canned fruits ,
vegetables , smoked meats ,
lards , syrups , and break
fast foods.
Phones 5 and 75
Yes , we've got it , if not we'll get it
Orders taken for all music.
Big Reductions on
Summer MiHinery
-J ! ' ; >
& Bakery Goods Confectionery
Ice Cream and Soda Water
Cigars and Tobacco
Lunches and Meals
e There's a treat in reserve for Democrat writers.
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" Address , The Democrat , Valentine , Nebraska.
The four murderers of Charles
P. Sellers , Harry Heath , Kenneth
Murphy , George B. Weed and
Alma Weed , were arraigned before
Judge Westover in District , court
Monday and plead guilty to mur
der in the second degree. The
plea was accepted by the judge
over the protest of lawyers for the
Harry Heath was the first to be
called. When the information
was read by County Attorney
Tucker , Judge Westover asked
the prisoner how he wanted-
plead and it was some surprise
when he answered "I plead guilty
to murder in the second degree. "
This plea was objected to by the
prosecution and the court allowed
the attorneys an hour for consul
tation. Court reconvened at 3:40 :
o'clock , when Judge Westover an
nounced that the plea of second
degree murder would be accepted.
Each of the four prisoners plead
guilty to the same charge. Harry
Heath was the first to be sentenced
and when the judge asked him if
there was any reason why sen
tence should not be passed , ans
wered , "No Sir" in a calm voice.
Alma Weed , Kenneth Murphy
and George * Weed each in turn
heard the words that has shut
them from society forever. When
the sentences were being given
tha deep silence was broken by a
woman crying among the specta
tors. The order of the court is
that each of the four men shall be
confined in the state penitentiary
at Lincoln at hard labor , ( Sundays
excepted ) for the rest of their nat
ural lives and pay the costs of
prosecution. The Weed boys'
gray haired father and two sisters
were in the room throughout the
afternoon and wer.3 weeping bit
terly. After the men were sen
tenced the court ordered Eunice
Murphy released from custody.
While confined in the Eushville j
jail Harry Heath wrote a story or \
"confession" of the crime and ,
sent it under seal to Banker Skeen
of Cody and instructed him not to
use it until requested to do so by
him. The prosecution found out
about the confession and subpoe
naed Mr. Skeen and ordered him
to bring the sealed packet to Val
entine. Information has leaked
out that the contents of this con
fession is practically the same
story as was first printed about
the hanging. It is alleged the
confession states that the four
men gathered at the Heath home
on the night of the murder and
went from there to the home of
G. H. Jack. Heath stood in the
door and was the one who placed
the rope over Sellers' head. After
taking him to the telephone pole ,
it is explained in the confession
that George Weed lifted Sailers
while the other three pulled on the
rope. Sellers hands were tied be
hind his back. The prosecution
claimed to have a witness who
would swear that about a year ago
Eunice Murphy said that she
would have married Sellers but
for objection from the Heath fam
In accepting the plea of murder
in the second degree in the case of
the four men it barred the state
from trying the Murphy girl as
she was charged with being an ac
cessory to murder in the first degree -
gree and she was immediately re
leased from custody. Miss Mur
phy will go to Missouri where she
bas relatives. To a woman repor
ter for an outside paper , Miss.
Murphy said :
"So much that is untrub'has
been published that I do 'not like
to say anything. I will say that
I had no connection in any way
with the hanging of Mr. Sellers ,
[ did not know the boys were
going to do it , and I did neb be
lieve it when I heard it from them
until I was convinced by others
that what they said was true. . '
do not care to deny all the false
reports but they said it was
charged that I left the country ,
when the fact is , everyone knew
where I was and the moment ]
learned they wanted me , I re
" Another thing , it is also saic
that I made the remark , 'We wil
get the money , ' or something to
that effect. I did make the re
mark meaning that I would mort
gage my property to assist my
brother , which I did.
"This was taken up and mis
interpreted as referring to Mr.
Sellers' money. There were other
things said , just as untrue as these
but I don't feel like discussing
them. No one will ever know
what I have suffered since this
awful thing has happened , I can
not understand it all. What wor
ries me most is my little brother.
I hope that he will be treated
kindly. "
Miss Murphy's "little brother"
is IS years old and about 6 feet
Andrew M. Morrissey as attor
ney for Eoaa Tiff , guardian of John
M. Sailer ? , the 13 old son of Char
les P. Sellerswho was murdered on
June 18 , has filed a petition fco set
aside the will and give the boy the
estate as the sole and only heir.
About fourteen years ago G. P.
Sellers , then about 20 years old con
tested a claim near Cody not bsing
of age his contest would have been
thrown out. Shortly aftsr this it is
said in order to take the homestead
he was married to a Miss Bell re
siding in that part of the county.
Some little time after their marriage
they were divorced and Mrs. Sellers
went to Wheeler county , where she
has since male her home. To this
union it is claim3d there was horn
a son , John M Sellers. ! & ia doubfc-
e 1 by Sellers' friends that he knew
of the Lo/ . Since going to Wheelei-
county , Mrs. Sellers has married
again. .
Messrs. Hudson. Hobbs Bros. ,
Henry Clapp and Robert Thomp
son shipped cattle this week.
Mrs. Wm. Thompson is vi.-iting
her parents , Mr. and Mrs. C .rr ,
while Mr. Thompson is away with
his annual shipment of cattle.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis spent Sat
urday ia Wood Lake , shopping.
The rain held them over Sunday.
We missed them at the shadow
J. W. Daniels is improving his
home surroundings by making a
cellar which is lined and covered
with cement. He , finds much
more work connected with it than
fie anticipated.
MrsA. . E. Spall ha ? b.en in
Omaha for some time with hrr
mother , Mrs. Spain , who is
taking medical treatment. We
are glad to know there is hope of
her recovery.
George Christopher has started
twenty-five Hereford calves on a
course of care to fit them for the
International Live Stock show
when they are 3\vears old. They
will go as feeders and compete
with the car load classes. We be
lieve Mr. Christopher will bring
horn ? a ribbon of some color as he
has some splendid cattle.
The Shadow social given by
Miss Moore at Jier. school house
Saturday 'evening was a grand
success. "The object being to pur
chase' an organ for the school dis
trict. The result was a surprise
to the most optimistic. Col. C.
W. Bennett sold shadows from
$ ? . ? 5 to § 10. The proceeds a-
mourited to 'SL'OO.'Oo. At the
close a vote of thanks was extend
ed - to Col.- Bennett and Miss
Moore for their efforts to make
the evening a success. If you
wish to spend a fine social evening
attend one of the Gordon valley
You'll like our splendid line of fine |
Alma later Student Styles vp
Young Men's Styles for Young Men. Not
merely men's styles with an extra box of V/ /
buttons on the coat and with a lot of fancy V. ;
* v
frills. They are full of. style-Young Men's j \
Style--and not a trace of foolishness in them. 4 : $
Anybody can se y on buttons , but there's f
only one firm who can make the Alina 1fe |
* &f.
Mater Styles. We are the one store that J | $
can supply them in this town.
When in need of shoes
give us a trial.
Clothes of Quality For All Mankind
Phone 145.
McQEER & CARROLL , Proprs.
Fine Wines , Liquors and Cigars I
Bourbon Whiskies : Rye Whiskies : \
Old Grow , Sherwood ,
Hermitage , Guchenheimer ,
Cedar Brook , " > > Sunny Brook ,
Spring Hill , . and 29 year/oid
andjas , E Pepper , OF , C , Taylor ,
These whiskies were purchased in bond
and came- direct from the U. 8. gov
ernment warehouse. They are guar
anteed pure and unadulterated. Un
excelled for family and medical use.
Three Star Hennessy and Dreyfus Brandies , Imported
Gordon and DeKuyper Gins , Guinness's Extra Stout. I
Bass Ale , Storz Blue Ribbon and Budv/eiser Beer , '
Stetter & Tobien
All Kinds of Fresh jjj&
and Fait Meats. . . .
" ? JS22j-E
Will buy your Cattle , Hogs , -.ff-/ / * = = §
Poultry , Horses , Mules and
anything you have to sell.
Mrs. D. W. Parmalee and Miss
Eunice Warner of Cut Meat spent
Tuesday here and went up to
Rosebud with Mr. Anderson Wed
nesday morning.
A petition to divide Cherry
county was filed in the office of
the county clerk on Oct. 1-i , by F.
lemp Heath of Cody , and ap
proved by the board of county
commissioners. % The petition has
560 signers.
Order Your Suit Now ! '
Fall and winter samples from
reliable establishments such as
Detmer Woolen Co. , A. E. And
erson Co. , and the Metropolitan
Ladies' Tailors. Come and see
them and let us take your order.
C H. Austin. 41-2
The Metropolitan Muoica.1 Agen
cy presents The Eoach , Wagner-
| Shank Opera Co. , in complete
scenes of the operas Faust and II-
Trovitore , with every attention
* " - J " 7
paid to costumes and scenic effects. &
JThe Roach , Wagner-Shank Opera ' & <
Co. , is essembly of artists of
-Sd - .
national reputation , offering to
the public the opportunity of
hearing the best in grand and
light opera , that only the most ,
finished singers are able to render
satisfactorily. If
This company carries with them 4 A
their own director , Miss Virginia
Burleigh , a pianist who rises ad
mirably to the occasions that are
demanded of her by this excellent
organization. At Quigley Opera
House , one nighfc only , Monday
i October 23 ,

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