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Woods Couos was down from Plerco
Tho rniufnll up to noou todny wns 55
of nn inch
Ed Johnson returned to Ohlcngo on
tho noon trniu
J T Davis wns a city visitor ycstcr
dny from Ohndrou
John Stephous of Stanton wns n Nor
folk visitor yesterdny
Judgo Bnrnes returned nt noon from
n business trip to Omnha
W II Bridgo returned Inst night ft oui
a busiuets trip to Omahn
A pnrty of young people- enjoyed a
hay rack party Inst evening
Buffalo Bills Wild West show is to
exhibit in Sioux City Monday
Miss Agnes Pierro will go to Wisncr
tomorrow for a visit with her parents
Superintendent 0 II Itoyuolds loft
this morning to join Mrs Beyuolds at
Spirit Lake Iowa
Misses Rose and Lillio Fox who havo
been visiting for some time in Creightou
returned yesterday
Tho Utter Colo Durlaud Bridgo
aud Boas families enjoyed a swimming
party Inst evening at Tnfts grovo
John Bucholz who has been tho guest
of his son Anton Bucholz returned to
his homo iu Colfnx county this morn
Misses Frances Long Harriet Long
Anna 0 Bellows and Jenuio II Bellows
wero in tho city yesterday from Madi
Charles and Harry Clark living bouth
of tho city have started a hay Stacker
They havo contracted to stack moro
than 450 tons
Qus Marqunrdt and A G Bohnert
who havo been playing with tho Wifcuer
baud at tho Fremont rnces this week
returned todny
D J Sturgeon made tho ronnd trip to
and from Plninviow today and tonight
will leave for a two weeks vacation at
Deadwood S D
Mrs Grace Mast and son who have
been visiting her parents Mr and Mrs
Clins Eblo returned to their home in
Denver this morning
Mrs P OShea camo up from Hum
phrey this moruing to spend tho day
with her sister Miss Mollio Fricke at
tho hospital for the insano
Harry II Hull received a telephone
call this inorningoffering him a position
iu a barber shop at West Point which
he accepted and left this noon for that
The kids had a close ball game
day afternoon Chris Glissmans niuo
suffered defeat at tho bands of Lawrence
Hoffmans crow It was an excijing
game Score 0 to 5
Jane tho littlo daughter of Mr and
Mrs A J Durland is celebrating her
fourth birthday this afternoon at the
homo of her parents in Tho Heights A
number of her littlo friends are partici
pating iu the pleasures of the occasion
Guy Barnes and Carroll Powers aro
among tho few tourists who have per
formed tho feat of climbing to tho top
of Pikes Peak Colorado on foot and a
recent issue of a paper published near
there gives them credit for the accom
plishment of tho exploit
Street Commissioner Leu has not pros
ecuted n vigorous warfare against the
weeds during tho dry weather but now
that it has rained ho insists that prop
erty owners lay the noxious growth low
The commissioner will do his share in
the crusade and if property owners do
not do theirs he may do moro
A running race was witnessed by a
fair sized crowd yesterday afternoon at
the Edwards track north of town A
Hoskins horse was matched against ono
from Stanton for a puree of 25 for a
dash of 400 yards Tho purso was
carried off by the owner of the Hoskins
horse It was said to bo n distressingly
slow race and the crowd waB not amused
a little bit
Lovers of the sport anticipate a good
ball game on the home grounds Tuesday
when the Oakdale and Norfolk teams
try for honors The Oakdale boys form
a strong and frequently winning team
and the home team will bo compelled to
exert itself to come out oil top Umpire
Smith will see to it that the game is on
tho square
J W Davis lost his pocketbook yes
terday It contained 31 in bills be
sides some receipts notes and a check
It was a largo red book and tho losor
would be pleased to have at least the
papers returned as they are of some
value to him and no one else The
finder may return them to either Chief
of Police Conley or Mr Davis
Miss Opal Wilkinson of tho Junction
was run down yesterday by a colored
driver who appeared to be a little the
worse for liquor She was crossing the
street when the driver approached
She stopped for him to pass and he
pulled up to let her by Ab she started
forward he whipped tho horse which
ran into Miss Wilkinson and knooked
her down injuring her quite severely
No bones were broken however and
an early recovery from the accident is
expected by the attending physician
Tho careless driver was arrested and
taken before Police Judge Hayes where
be was asseesed a fine and given an op
portunity to pay up or take the Conley
-- Hi nrntoctpil thnt thn nrHrlpnt
liUIC - fwivu - i
wns uniutentionnl on his pnrt nnd Miss
Wilkinsons fnthor refused to prosecuto
under a moro serious chargo If his
action had beon iutontionnl of course
tho severest penalty allowablo would
havo been exacted
Tho rain thnt started in early this
morning is apparently very general and
the climatlo conditions aro such thnt it
will probably continuo until overy np
pearanco of drouth is removed from a
largo section of the west Much of tho
corn has held its own heroically ngntnst
tho hot dry winds nud many fields will
produco at least n partial crop in this
vicinity Wherotho soil is light nnd
tho ubsoil porous tho crop is boyond
being benefited Pastures will bo bene
fited to a largo extent and fall food for
stock promises to bo luxurnnt tender
nnd nutritious Ono surprising fact re
garding tho drouth is tho woy tho trees
havo withstood it Tho foliage has been
healthy and of Hno color indicating an
nbundanco of nioisturo deop in the
earth Whero pastures and Holds havo
turned brown tho trees thoroin havo
preserved thoir bright green nnd but
for that many places would havo overy
appearance of autumn conditions Tho
dust has been thoroughly settled and
tho rain has added much to tho comfort
of huinnnity whether tho crops havo
been benefited or not Gnrdonors believe
fhero will bo somo niolons cucumbers
tomatoes ami other lato vegotnbles yet
but tho orop is not likely to oxcoed tho
homo demnnd
Ordinance No 2QI
An ordiunnco providing for tho con
struction of sidewalks along certain lots
and blocks in the city of Norfolk Ne
Bo it ordained by tho mayor aud
council of tho city of Norfolk
Section 1 Immediately after tho
passage approval and publication of
this ordinance a sidewalk Bhall bo con
structed on tho cast lino of lot nine
of Osborns subdivision of block twelve
Hansos suburban lots Norfolk Ne
braska and on tho south H140 of said
lot from the southeast comer thereof to
tho intersection of tho webt lino of Elev
enth street and Paik avenue thence
south on tho east line of lots one and ten
in block One and lots ono and ton in
block six of C S Hoyes addition to
Norfolk and on tho south lino of block
seventeen of Durlands addition to Nor
folk across tho Union Pacific right of
wny and on tho south lino of lots six
seven eight nine and ten of block six
of 0 S Hayes addition to Norfolk
Section 2 It is hereby made tho
duty of the overseer of streets to notify
all persons owning property affected by
this ordinance if living in the city per
sonally or if living outsido of the city
by letter directed to them at thoir last
known place of residence and by pub
lishing a copy of said notice in ono of
the newspapers published in said city
to construct their part of said sidewalk
and if such person or any of them shall
fail or neglect to construct tho same for
thirty days after said notico shall have
been given as herein provided it bhnll
bo the duty of tho overseer of streets to
construct such sidewalks tho price of
the walks and the cost thereof includ
ing material and labor shall with
twentyper cent added bo returned by
said overseer of streets to tho city coun
cil in writing and tho same shall bo
levied as a special assessment and taxed
against their real estate affeqted and
benefited and abutting on such side
Section 8 All of said sidewalks
herein provided for shall be five feet and
four inches wide and constructed either
of boards not less than one inch thick
laid close together resting on and se
curely nailed to four stringers not less
than two inches thick and four inches
wide or of bard brick cement or stone
Said sidewalks to bo laid level and un
der tho supervision of tho street com
Passed and approved on this 1st day
of August 1001
Attest Daniel J KonNiasTEiN
S R McFahland Mayor
City Clerk
Bar Families From State Institutions
The following resolution was adopted
by the board of public lands and build
ings at its meeting Thursday at Lincoln
Bo it resolved by the board of pnblio
lands and buildings that on and after
September 1 1001 tho family of no of
ficer of any stato institution or the fam
ily of any employe of any state institu
tion in tho state of Nebraska except the
Buperintendeut of such institution be
maintained or be permitted to reside
within such institution
Tho action was token on the recom
mendation of Governor Savage but it
received the unanimous approval of
members of tho board
Tho only family at tho Norfolk hos
pital for the insane effected by this reso
lution is that of Steward Walker
SI3 to Buffalo Pan American and Re
turn SI3
Tickets on sale daily via tho Nicklo
Plato road good returning ten days
from date of sale Especially low rates
for 15 to 10 days limit Chicago to
Buffalo and return Tickets at lowest
rates to all points east John Y Cala
han general agent 111 Adams street
Chicago Chicago city ticket office 111
Adams street
When the plate is furnished The
News will Bupply engraved cards at 75
cents for 50 or f 100 for 100
i -
John Horn was in tho city Saturday
from Neligh
George Davis returned thU morning
from Tekauiah
Judgo Barnes was a passongcr for
Pender this morning
Messrs Huobner nnd Mohrninn were
Sundny visitors from Pierco
W Wolfo and O J Alllnson of
Neligh wero in tho city yesterday
John S Brown of Pint to Center wns
registered in tho city yesterday
Missos Nollio and Khoda Miller were
in tho city from Wayno Snturdny
J M Krondor nnd Win Chobtnut of
Fremont wero city guests over night
S D Berg nnd Miss M Inholderdrovo
down from Pierce yesterday afternoon
Mr and Mrs Arthur Shnm of Ran
dolph wero shopping in tho city todny
Mrs Mary Elliott loft Inst night for
Hot Springs S D nnd other places
Vllio wnrin weather is gotting back to
duty without tLo aid or consent of any
Dr F A Brynnt nnd Judgo Kelly
wero pnssengers this morning for Hum
E B Ovclmnn departed yesterday for
a few days visit with his mother nnd
Hister at St Joe Mo
Miss Verona Nenow returned yester
dny from her two weeks vacation at
Hot Springs South Dakota
Willard Muuson camo over from
Ponea this morning to visit a low days
nt tho homo of Judgo Barnes
It can bo deponded upon that Norfolk
will provido good entertainment for Her
visitors during tho Harvest Home
Father Wnlnskiowitz arrived this
morning to tnko the place of Father
Weber as assistant priest of tho Catho
lib parish
L CMittolstndt and Dr It A Mit
tlestadt havo returned from their out
ing in Minnesota whero they enjoyed a
very pleasant time-
Miss Clara Gledden of- Fremont a
member of the class of 1500 Ohio Wis
leyau university is in tho city thoguebt
of Miss Kathryn Sissou
It is reported that liro started in tho
third story of tho leading hotel at Plain
view yesterday nnd that the entire
b xilding was destroyed
Mr and Mrs E E Adams and son
Clyde departed today for Cordova 111
expecting to bo absent about a week vis
iting relatives and friends
Miss Emma C of Barrett
Kansas who has been visiting at the
home of her uncle Win Leavitt left
for her homo this morning
Marshall Leavitt has written Norfolk
friends that ho has quit mining and has
accepted a position with 11 telephone
company at Sheridan Wyo
Bishop McCabe forniorly known as
Chaplain McCabe of national reputa
tion will preach at tho Methodist
church noxt Sunday morning
Mrs Krobliu and Mrs LoMay
daughters of S K Long returned to
Columbus this morning after a visit of
several days at the homo of their father
Mrs Frank Harris of Washington D
0 was hero over Sunday visiting her
brother Kid Hall She left this morn
ing for a three weeks visit in Iowa be
fore returning to her homo
Tho ball game tomorrow between tho
Oakdale and Norfolk teams on tho homo
grounds promises to bo unusually inter
esting and there will undoubtedly bo a
largo attendanco of spectators
Mr and Mrs Edward Zellmer who
havo been farming near Norfolk left
this morning for their old home in
Richiuwaldo Germany They expect
to remain abroad about nino months
Norfolk is getting something of a
reputation as a baseball town this sum
mer and tho baseball management will
see to it that lovers of tho sport who
visit hero during Harvest Festival week
will bo favored with some first class
Charles Flores is treating his houso
on South First street to a new coat of
paint CharloyB friends consider him
a pretty white sort of fellow and
with tho houso paintod in bluo and
trimmed in red ho can hardly bo accused
of lack of patriotism
The facilities of tho telephone central
station are being improved by tho addi
tion of a new toll board and will havo
an additoual operator to look after this
branch of the service and assist with tho
local calls during busy hours Tho bus
iness of tho telephone company is con
stantly increasing and new facilities are
being added as frequently as the demand
G T Sprechor believes in the efficacy
of advertising haviag recovered a lost
pocketbook through the item referring
to Mr Davis loss Saturday Ho lost
the book while making a spurt to catch
a train at tho Junction and it was fpnud
by Mr Rainbolt who put it in his pocket
and forgot about tho find until ho read
the item aforesaid and then delivered
tho property Therefore Mr Sprecher
knows that advertising pays
Mr and Mrs L M Beeler returned
Saturday from the Pacifio coast They
went by way of St Paul over the North
ern Pacifio and returned by the south
ern route Thoy visited nt Spokane
Tnooinn loitlnnd Silt Lnl Denver
Snllda Colorado Springs and Munitou
At Salida Colorado thoy went upon
mountains nnd narrowly escaped a
water spout in fnct thoy escaped sov
oral washouts on their travels which
occurred just before they arrived or
after they left On tho coast they io
port that heavy clothoH and cheerful
tires were comfortable when tho people
hero wero sweltering
MiuUmui County Reporter Beef took
a downward shoot at Knapps slaughter
yard lust Snturdny A fnt cow was
hauled there iu a wngon to be butchered
nud hnd just a trillo of Texas blood In
her veins nnd tho animal was vi ry wild
The bojs unloaded her in the yard near
nn old dug well leaving one end of the
rope tied to the cow and tho otlur to
the wngon and not luing used to u
rope she began pitching like- a broncho
which is being middled for tho first
time and after a few jumps lit square
in tho well The well is about at feet
deep and the rope admitted her only
half way An effort wns made to puil
the animal out but tho rope luoke
leaving her to tho bottom whero tho 10
mains still remain
The fertile Klkhorn valley Is 11 long
ways ftom suffering iv crop falluio if
thnt in the vicinity of Norfolk is any
indication Tho small grain harvested
yielded bitter than tho most optimistic
had hoped Tor liny is 11 good stand nnd
11 fair crop of corn is promised The
farm of Fred Kraitz southwest of the
city U probably not much better than
the average Klkhorn valley farmund he
has no cause to four even temporary
emlmrrassmont Ho has his oits iu the
shock and considers that they will yield
when threshed 10 to 15 bushels per aero
His corn was damaged little by the
drouth and ho expects since tho recent
raid to gather a two thirds orop His
neighbor John Wndo has examined
several enrs and finds thefn filled to the
end of tho cob with nico plump kernels
The sleek cattlo fat pigs and nn abund
ance of healthy poultry adds to the im
pression thnt calamity has not hit this
section of the Klkhorn valley to leavo
any material hurt It is probablo that
many who have talked of crop failures
and hard times knew nothing of the true
condition of nlltiirs with fho average
valley farmer
Miss Esther Mason graduato tif the
Columbia School of Oratory and Phys
ical Culture of Chicago will give pri
vate instruction in elocution and phys
ical culture Sho will call upon anyone
desiring further information Tele
phone A M I
The Rninos TIiii Were 1lnyril In dm
l2iKliiiiitli Ci ii Jury
After tlie advent of the house of Han
over the favorite games at court wero
quadrille 1111 improvement of om
bre and commerce The gains and
losses of the kings nnd queens wore as
a rule restricted to 100 guinciiN but on
Twelfth Nght lt was customary for
thousands to change hands On one
occasion Lady Cowper a lady In wait
ing lofiibod for the sake of her chil
dren to take part In the game as none
sat down to the table with lesa than
About the year 1710 a rage for
whisk or whist set in but at first
It was considered too wise a game for
ladles to join In Hume the historian
never went to bed without his whist
nnd even the great Johnson regretted
thntiic had not learned to play cards
In 1742 Horry Walpolo finds it abso
lutely necessary to learn whisk
having waited In vnln for Its being
left off Wo find him In another let
ter threatening to build nn altar to
Iam to commemorate the escape of
his charming Duchess of Grafton who
it appears had been playing cards In
Rome when she ought to have been nt
a cardinals reception whero the lloor
fell in nnd all tho monslgnores were
precipitated into the cellar
Cards were so very much In evidence
In his time that even Invitations were
frequently Issued nnd notes written up
on the backs of playing cards which
on that account wore usually plnln
without any design Tho chevaliers
famous order to retreat nt CuIIodon
was written on the back of the nine of
A fresh attempt wns made In 1730 to
remedy the stato of gambling In Eng
land by passing an act which provided
that any person keeping a houso or
other place to game iu forfeits 200
hnlf to tho prosecutor and half to the
poor of the parish whereupon two
ladles of title Mordington and Cnssells
who keep open houses for gambling
claimed their privilege of peerage in
order to intimidate tho pence officers
from doing their duty nnd suppressing
tho public gaming houses by them
Longmans Magazine
She Wui Itendr
He describing his Journcylngs
Then leaving Olbraltar I made my
wny to Australia and from there I
went to the- diamond mines in South
Africa whero 1 mode my fortune
Then do you follow me Miss Cryn
She with n vivid blush To tlio
worlds end Mr Rocksworthyl Chi
cago Tribune
Where the ninnie Ilea
No womnn ho said In his superior
masculine way can sharpen a lead
Well sho said do you knew
whero tho blame lies
No Where
With the nenell of course Woman
wns Invented first wasnt she Chi
caco Post
Mn Fisher of MndiHon U the guest of
Mrs R niley
O 1 Goal hat t of Newman hove was
heio yesterday
Geo W Myers of Neligh wits a city
visitor yesterday
Geo Damon was in tho city yester
day from Wayne
Miss Nellie Hundley went to Pleiee
today to visit friends
Kd Woods nnd family camo over froiu
Coleridge this inornlig
George Davenport madfl a trip to aud
ftom Sioux City yesterday
John Froyl hitler returned this morn
ing from a trip to Hluux City
Dr P II Salter ninde a professional
visit to Winsido this morning
Hairy limine of Omaha was in the
city over night tcturnlng home today
Herbert Daniel went to Battle Creek
last evening to visit relatives and
A company of young ladles enjoyed a
swimming party at Tufts giove last
O V Lenient left this imiiiilug for
Wisconsin expecting to bu absent about
it week on business
Mrs Dwight Smith and daughter of
Sioux City are guests at tho home of
Mr and Mrs R F Bruce
The Norfolk Shoo company nine de
feated the Junction boys nine yester
day afternoon by a scoie of 27 to I
Frank Thuni has returned from Cole
ridge whero he sold his restaurant pro
punitory to moving his effects to- thin
Mr and Mrs O 11 Reynolds and
Mrs V II Bucholz roturncdIust even
ing from their outing at Lake Olcoboji
M G llitzcn and family will leavo to
moirow morning for Lincoln -expecting
to spend a week at tho KpWorth as
Tho infant daughter of Mr and Mrs
Carl Strato died last nightat their home
near Hoskins aud the funeral was held
this afternoon interment being in Apex
Major E H Tracy went to Lincoln
this noon to officiate as president of the
examining boaid of tho Nebraska Na
tional guind tomorrow Several new
officers of tho guard aie tobeexuuiini d
Mrs Gustavo Machmuller who lives
two and one half luileH south of the
city celebrated her Kith birthday yes
terday a urge party of friuudii assist
ing The occasion was viry much en
Two now bridges are to bo put in
across the Klkhorn river One will bo
built at the Klnunigiin plnce hqvoii aud
one half miles west of Norfolk and the
other on tho range lino north of ijutle
Judgo R K Evans of Dakota City
grand master mason of Nebraska was
iu the city last evening enroutu to Long
Pino where ho will establish a lodge of
that order ami will return to Bassctt
and Wausa on similar business
Dad Turner camo tip from West
Point Sunday night expecting to pitch
tho ganio today between Norfolk and
Oakdale but other arrangements were
made and tho manngeinent paid Mr
Turners expenses and ho returned to
his homo
Tho ball gamo between Onkdalo and
Norfolk attracted a large number of
people to tho park this afternoon and
the gamo 5b being warmly contested
Tho band attended with somo of its best
selections to help mako tho afternoon
Tho A O U W picnic at Harrington
next Tuesday should attract a good del
egation of members aud friends of tho
order from Norfolk Tho faro for tho
round trip will be 215 nnd if enough
people will go a special car may bo ho
cured for tho trip
Tho peoplo of Norfolk nud vicinity
aro in a mood to fully enjoy tho Hnr
vest Homo Festival this fall and busi
ness men nud citizens shopld be present
nt the meeting tonight to sco to it thnt
the entertainment will bo in Overy way
worthy of tho city
Mrs E M Caroy of Yankton S D
is in Norfolk to look over tho city and
ascertain its needs in regard to a city
directory If satisfied that there- is a
demand for suoh a work sho will take a
census of the city nnd solicit advertis
ing from tho merchants
Tho concert nt tbo Methodist church
last evening and the social on tho par
bonngo lawn afterward conducted by
the ladies of the church wero very suc
cessful entertainments a largo number
of people attending A very excellent
concert program was rendered and tho
refreshments served wero fine
Fred Danker of Fremont who had
been adjudged insane and was confined
iu tho Dodge county jail awaiting his
transfer to tho nsylum at this place got
hold of a knife nud tried to commit
suiolde Sunday afternoon by severing
tho arteries in his wrist He wns very
weak from lots of blood when found
Tho friends and neighbors of Martin
Slawter nnd 0 F Plntz planued and
executed a pleasant Burpriso on them
last evening at the home of Mr Slawter
on South Sixth street the occasion be
ing in celebration of the birthday of tho
gentlemen mentioned About 00 guests
participated brlugiug refreshments
with them nnd a happy evening was
Tho peoplo of the First Methodist
church 111 e endeavoring to wipe out a
debt of 1510 nn their church building
held by the Ohm oh Kt elision society
and such success has crowned their of
foils that they fool wairantrd in nn
uoiineing that the debt will bo cnucelled
within the next day or two It should
Ihoioforo be undoistood that thmn will
bo no occasion to raise money whon
Bishop MiCnbe visits hero noxt Sunday
and they wish everyone to eomo out and
hear him preach
KvtoilHlvo improvements aro being
uMeeted at the mill which will cost iu
all something over 1100 The mill
race was pumped out Htttmlny ovenlng
and woik begun yesterday morning
tearing out the old Hume limine and
wooden Ihimo sit net 111 oh The wholo
system will be lebiillt with brick and
iron using as little wood as the woik
permits A new walerwhenl and wheel
houso will take tho place of the old ones
After the Improvements are completed
the olllelenoy of tho mill will be greatly
IncreaHotl by viiliie of the finest water
power system in this pail of the
Those walking at the Dixlor cold
stoiage gnthciod seven or eight llvo
chickens from the egg coses during tho
hot weather One littlo siiu liittched
fellow was lively as a cricket am was
an especial favorite being taught a
number of quite difficult tricks A id
cent cold night was too nqich for tho
bird that was brought li to the world at
a temperature ranging fioni Ml to IOS
aud its short and promising caieer camo
to an end and thenr was mourning
among the cold Murage employes Tho
sun is not 11 success as a mother hen and
all that wore hatched by it at the stor
age have died
Harding Creamery Company Tolls
How to Provide Feed
The Harding Creamery company of
this city has issued it circular to its pa
trons and fannei h generally that should
bo of unusual interest to those who
do not know how to tukn tho nt most ad
vantage if the season for iiicreasint
and conserving feed for stock for tho
the fall aud winter Thociicular says
in part
Wo aie piompted nt this time owing
to tlie partial failure of the corn crop iu
our territory and the almost total fail
ure of the corn and hay crop in Kansas
and other sections nud the ceitainity of
the hitfh jii ices that must surely follow
for those two farm products for tho
next eight 01 ten mouths to uige 9111
patrons and farmeis generally to pro
vide other and cheaper food for their
stock for this fall and winter and next
spring which can bo done by sowing
tho corn fields iu tyo and tho sooner
tho better As aooii as tho corn is
husked or cut and hauled out of tho
fluids theiu will bo an abundance of
feed for tilts fall and eiiily spring and
if the winter should bo mild cattle
would get a groat deal of benefit from
it all winter Thus you will savti 11
great many tons of feed that you can
sell at a good price and in tho spring
after tho grass is good the ryo can bo
plowed iiiidorwhieh will bo a good fer
tilizer for another torn crop Many
fanners practice this year after year to
their pre fit Whilo mnny others do iiot
and if wo should bo tho cause of even
a few taking this Mop that otherwise
would not have dono so wo shall feel
well paid for our suggestion
I K A M V It It Clieiip Kxtiirnlotm
July 1 to September lit special sum
mer rates to Utah
July 1 to August ill special excursion
to Colorado and Utah
Eveiy diy until October ill Pnn
American exposition rates to Buffalo
July 21 21 and 25 to Chicago ono faro
plus for round trip account Baptist
Young Peoples Union convention
July 20 21 and 22 low excursion rates
to Milwaukeo Wisaccount grand lodge
Benevolent and Protective Order of
Will be glad to furnish particulars of
above cheap excursions nud talk over
routes and connections via the old re
liable Northwestern Line
II O Matkau
Daily Excursions to Buffalo and
New York
via tho Nicklo Plato road Through
trains to New York City without
chaugo Yestibuled sleepers Chicago to
Boston Dining cars ou all trains
Meals served on American Olnb plan at
from 85 cents to 1 Write John Y
Calahau goueral ageut 111 Adams
btreet Chicago for partioulers
In Bummor can bo prevented
by taking
Scotts Emulsion
Its as beneficial In summer as
in winter If you are weak or
run down It will build you up
Send for free sample
SCOTT it 1IOWNU Chemists
409 415 Ieai I SUtet New York
50c aim jioo nu aruggisis
- - it- A- r
Ml1 JLli jW1 a l

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