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Ho who cam-en OHO tree to grow where
none grow before IH benefactor ( if IIH !
rnco. Plunt trees.
Tlio range of the thermometer In
country is from 125 below to I'Jfi nbovo.
The great dillloitlly In ( tint tlio extreme
ranges nro not available when most do-
An Austrian manufacturer advocates
the formation of trusts for tlio purpose
of lighting tlio "Ynnlcco peril. " Per-
Imps tlio niitl-truHt men will noon Imvo
n world-wide battle.
Tlio corn crop may bo n partial fail
ure but nothing linn been reported
wrong with'.tlio crop of lion fruit , which
IB almost IIH important us corn. May
her heiiHhlp arlHo ( or lay ) and meet tlio
If the follow who invented tlio cigar
ette box that plays "Nearer my God to
theo" every time it is opened will now
provide n similar attachment , for the fool
mid the unloaded gun ho will have
nerved hiH country well.
Fremont'H bank clearance * ) were .f 18S-
073 ( luring the week ondlpg AugUHt 10 ,
an increase of IW IMO'por cent over the
corresponding week of lant year and yet
Fremont III\H people who long for n re
turn of the good old democratic dayH.
Fruit growers anticipate that there
will bo a Bhort crop of orangeH in southern -
ern California ncxt'yunr and the fellow
with a melon appetite that is going un-
imtiBllcd thin Bummer may well feel dis-
conraged over relieving it ty eating
oranges next scauon.
Mark Hiinua's campaign cry of 1000 ,
"Lot well enough alone , " Hhould bo the
wntch word of those who are opposed to
tariff tinkering. It IH very questionable
if btipincEH nlTnirH of the country can be
bettered by a revision of the tariff ,
while harm may result.
The World-Herald truthfully says :
"Thoro are no blanks in the Nebraska
laud lottery. " And valuable property
! H sold so cheaply tluu it is almost given
nwny. The follow who "nails" a
quarter scotion or two now will him
abundant wealth in the future.
Tlio Fremont Trilmno is not cons > li > d
to any great extent by Hartley's first
monthly report to the warden. That
paper figures that if ho was released for
the purpose of paying buck the shortage
nml earns but ifSO a month it will tnkt
him a- . ' , " ) yeais to cancel the debt.
Mr. Bryan is evidently not convinced
that the reorganizes Imvo accom
plished their object to any largo extent
nuyway ho prefers that Nebraska dmn-
osraoy should continued to bo infused
with populism and sutler the dofeixt
that Is certain to bo the lot of fusiouists.
The United Verde copper mine , owned
by Senator Clark of Montana , is valued
by exports who IMVO closely examined
It , nt the conservative llguro of' $500 ,
000,000. The senator can not only all'crd
to bo senator , but ho can alTord to bo i
mighty factor in the upbuilding of the
Kansas and Missouri have sold to
England 100,000 horses and mnloa since
the war in South Africa commenced
If profit will purchase the support of
Americans the people of Kansas and
Missouri should certainly bo warm
friends of England in her contest witl
tlio Boers.
The crown of an ancient king ot
Quioho , valued at ? 500,000 has been
found in Guatemala. If "Emperor
MoKiuley" is looking for a crowii ho
ehonld not neglect to examine this llnd
American crowns are scarce and this
maybe his last opportunity for n homegrown
grown one.
Nebraska people are not looking for
charity because of the drouth , but are
here to handle almost any sort of bus !
ness proposition that may bo proontod
If there is any section of the state need
ing grain , hay , hogs , cattle or other
produce , Nebraska is hero to supply
their needs.
The Pilger Herald , by the Horalt
Publishing company , with F. W. Mit
chell as editor and manager , is n new
newspaper issued from the second town
( test of Norfolk. It was started for bus
moss and lays no claim to being a politi
cal monitor. It is Stanton county's
third paper.
County politics are assuming consid
erable importance in
the counties sur
rounding Madison but there is not a
great deal of noise noticable hero. The
politics of Madison usually bloom fortl
in a night , develop vigor in n short
time and continue interesting unti
election time.
This country has the best natural ad
vantages for irrigation of any country
in the world and its advantages ore th
least developed. With irrigation th
now arid lands of New Mexico , Arizona
Nevada , Wyoming and Colorado woul <
become states of industry and progres
and the entire country would be beue
Whatever.happeiiB to the democrat
hey will always bo able to kit-It alxmt
ho way republican" ) do things. They
uxvo a reputation forraiKlngobjcctloiiH _ _
hat IH entitled to"tli blmf'ribboir but
ire totally lacking in an ability to do-
| RO better methods or take hold and
accomplish things in a manner that
rings MicccsH. .
Last year , stranpo as it may appear ,
ho people of the United States paid
' 05,000,000 more for agricultural importB
linn the year before , the total pixid
amounting to sJ-lilO.llW.SSS. Sugar was
the largi-st item , $101,000,000 being paid
o foreign producers of this staple.
While the migar industry is developing
lero at an encouraging rate it can
readily bo conceived that it IH not yet
up to the demand and every friend of
ionic industry would bo glad to HCO its
levelopmont much more rapid and the
country's independence secured of the
'orolgn producer.
The Nebraska Independent , the lead-
ng populist organ of the Htato , says the
Nebraska "merchants gcnornlly haven't
sense enough to know that high prices
for farm products is as innch a benefit
o them as to the farmer. " Perhaps
ho wisdom of the state is concentrated
n the Independent ofllco , in which
event it would bo a good idea to employ
some of it in learning something re
garding the merchants of the stato.
I'lio Independent will llnd that scarcely
x man of them but that will rejoice
with the farmer over good crops and
good prices and will do all in their
[ tower to aid them in obtaining the
The days of the naked , bloodthirsty
Havago are numbered and it will not bo
many years hence when ho will bo either
compelled to dress and act as a civilized
being or give way to moro progressive
people. In less than 100 years the
United Ssatos has civilized the red niru
who had undisputed possession of this
country and civilization in Africa has
advanced with wonderful strides. The
far east is being rapidly brought under
civilizing influences and many Ameri
cans are proud to think that this govern
ment is taking n firm hand in the work.
Soon the time will come when the only
"real" savage is found in a side bhow or
dime museum.
T. L. Monsou of Denver , state dairy
commissioner of Colorado , is built of
heroic material and expresses himself as
willing , if need be , to lay his life on tlio
altar of science. To determine whether
tuberculosis can bo communicated from
uniuwlH to humans Mr. Monson has of
fered himself for a thorough test , his
only proviso being that a suitable an
nuity bo guaranteed his family in onso
the expotiment results fatally. If the
moro satisfaction of soionco was alone
coucornod the ofl'or would not bo sublet t
to pnxiso , but when it is considered that
thousands of lives may bo dependent
upon the result of the investigation Mr
Monson's offer may well bo deemed the
acme of heroism.
If the deputy game wardens of No
bras-lea continue their good work the
man with the hook will boon have a
olmnco at the llsh that ho will thor
oughly appreciate. On n recent trip
two-deputies gathered in 10 hoop nets
fourBoinos , nine fish boxes and 100 trot
Hues. These undoubtedly belong to the
men who have been supplying fresh flsl
to the dear common people at so niucl
per pound-when these same commoi
people would have been moro than
pleased to catch their own fish oven
though their experience cost them $3 or
fl. If the game birds are well pro
tected now the people may in a
few years bo able to find sport and game
along that line also.
There is a considerable difference of
opinion regarding the corn crop in vori
ons r-nrts of the country , which is quite
excusable if the ones expressing the
opinions determine them by investigat
ing their individual fields or their im
mediate localities. In this vicinity all
fields are not equally promising by any
means. Souio will produce nearly a
full crop , others will produce a hal :
crop and still others have the appear
nuco of almost total failure. For some
reason fields of corn do not present the
same appearance throughout. In goot
fields there are spots of no value and iu
poor fields there are portions that wil
produce well. It is therefore little won
e'er that there is a difference of opiuioi
regarding the crop.
The government considers that the
drouth of July has knocked about 850 ,
000,000 bushels off the prospective con
crop and that the situation is growing
worse instead of better. The repor
also states that the condition of the crop
is worse than iu IMM. This may b
trno generally , but this section of Nebraska
braska lacks a peed deal of the ' 01 Cou
dition. The corn is holding its own ii
a very remarkable fashion and the ma
jority of the farmers will profit by th
high prices that are sure to prevail
Acting on this government intelligenc
the price of September corn on th
Chiqngo market advanced to 01 cent
yesterday and wheat went to 73i , < . I
is considered that the prices win b
much higher before the next crop i
The Chicago Tribune gives comparia
tive prices of
commodities this year ant
last year , in the Chicago market , o
vlilcli tin'following are samples : I'o-
ntotH , $1 ID ; last year -10 cents : sweet
orn ( tfi cents and ' . ' 15 cents amick ; bcetri ,
adishi'H and cnrrots , $1 50 and JJJ5 cunts
hundred ; cabbage , $8 and $1 rx bun-
red ; cucumbers , 2fi cents and -1 cents a
OJHJII ; apples . * ! ! and fl a barrel ;
icachcp , 110 cents and 15 cents n basket ;
mines 0 cents anil 2 cents a pound ; to-
natoes , $2 and 75 cents a bushel. The
oregolng may indicate that it is n hard
ear for the farmer , but it more strongly
udicatcs that the fellow who has noth-
ng to cat and is compnllcd to buy is the
oiio to bo condoned with. The former
vho has a little to sell gen top prices
and the poor fellow who is aflllcted with
an appetite is compelled to pay them.
There was no current politics iu Col.
looBovolt's nddrcFH at the Colorado
inarter-centennial says the St. Louis
Globo-Domocrat , but it wnn a speech
which will tnko with westerners as well
as easterners , or southerners , because it
hrobbod with robust Americanism.
The colonel has always been n favorite
n the west. One reason for this is
found in the stalwart Americanism of
which he , in deed and word , is an effec
tive exponent. Another reason is that
10 understands the west bettor than
Iocs any ether pnbllo man in the
country. Ho is always sure of a rous-
ng reception wherever ho appears iu
xuy of tlio western states. His cam
paign last fall between the Allegheuies
ind the Pacific coast states was u suc
cession of personal triumphs without
mrallol in the history of stumping tours
.11 the United States. Moreover , the
colonel's popularity in this section Is
growing Instead of declining.
Edgar Howard of the Columbus Tele
gram acts a good deal like a republican
and but for the fact that ho recently at
tempted to lit himself into Duve Mercer's
shoes his political status might become
mixed and require a label. Mr. Howard
Is not only a free and independent
thinker , but his ideas are in advance of
the average democrat. His latest evi
dence that ho has republican qualities
iu his make-up was when ho organized
his Telegram Into a corporation and it
will bo a wonder if the next convention
of "common people" do not retire him
from their ranks and force him to ac
knowledge his allegiance to the bloated
bond holdorp , corporationists , gold bugs
and octopuses. It is very evident that
ho is reading himself out of a party com
posed entirely of men clothed in rugs
and tatters and compelled to exist on the
chuiity of their masters. His homo is
in the republican ranks where they all
roll in wealth and are extremely wicked.
Labor Commissioner Watson and his
deputies are preparing EOIUO most inter
esting statistics concerning Nebras
ka that will bo of value to the
people of the stato. They have entered
upon the work with apparent determi
nation to miiko it thorough and com
plete. Their latest interesting find is
the vacant government laud of the state
subject to entry and it is apparent that
a Nebraskan will not need to journey
far to find a homestead or timber claim.
Some of the laud is now of little value ,
but with irrigation or some other method
of distributing moisture all of it could
bo made valuable. With 10,01 lC2a ,
acres of land yet open to sottlemenut it
would indicate that the state has con
siderable room for development. Some
of our eastern friends with their two by
four states might consider that this ib
about all there is of Nebraska , but they
will please bear in mind that the state
consists of 4S > , G10S40 acres and there is
but little moro thau ouo-flfth of it ob
tainable for eutery. Less than 80 yoart
years ago by far the largest portion of
the state was government land and in
another 80 years it is safe to assert that
there will bo none of the t state's terri
tory but that will bo put to use for
farming or grazing purposes. It is an
immense state has shown and will
show immense development.
The fusionibts delight in the sneering
assertion that the republicans claim the
credit due Providence for good crops ,
insinuating that good crops alone bring
prosperity. The republicans claim no
supernatural powers and if the minds
of these fault-finders were capable of
remembering they weald recall the fact
that under democratic times , with a
bumper crop , there was no prosperity
and the republicans expect to see in this
year of poor crops moro prosperity thau
during the Cleveland days , whether the
crops were good or poor. In 1895 the
corn belt raised the second largest crop
iu the history of the country , 2,151,000 ,
000 bushels and in 189 < i this was beaten
by the largest yield ever known , 2,281-
000,000 , bushels , aud yet mortgages were
taking the farms and the people wore
distressed , corn was not in demand nt 8
and 10 cents a bushel and many farmers
were using it for fuel. During these
years there was also an abundance of
ether crops but they did not bring pros
perity and when there was a drouth
conditions with the people were im
measurably worse. The republicans
wish business conditions to bo so per
feet that prosperity is bound to resnl
with good crops and the people will no
suffer disaster because of a drouth. I
has not failed , thus far , to attain the do
Bired result and it is confidently be
lieved that this year will not materially
change the condition of the country or
its people.
The fact that some Nebraska fanners
mvo two and three-year-old com still
n the crib does not mnlto it appear that
hey are up against the rough edges of
idverslty to any very largo extent.
The names of deputy game wardens
appointed in the future are not to bo
given out and the man who desires to
fish or hunt illegally will have nddi-
tonal cause for anxiety. Hfs very com-
> aiiion may turn out to bo a deputy
An i Ulcer of the English navy hns
recont'y stated that ho was ordered back
'or ' duty from a leave of absence during
ho Spanish-American war and that
hero were Bixty-threo ships of that
country's navy ready for service iu case
any other country attempted to assist
Spain iu the con ( lie t.
A sharper has been working the
women of West Point to buy elegant
dross patterns at $1 each , but the goods
are never received. The women must
sometime learn , like the men folks , that
no one is in the business of giving some
thing for nothing. They will bo the
victims of sharks until they acquire this
The fcoclal democrats of Iowa are to
name a state ticket. They should stay
out of the race. There are not enough
social , straight , silver , gold aud all other
kinds of democrats in Iowa to make the
state contest even moderately exciting
ind when they divide up they might
about as well disband and call the re
publican nomination an election.
Superstitious people should success
fully overcome their objection to the
number li ) if they will but remember
that the original states of the union con
sisted of that number and that no ill
fortune has yet confronted this country
but that it has successfully surmounted
and that the government has boon moro
or loss lucky during its entire existence.
The Uradshaw Republican finds that
the individual depositors of York county
have iu the iiino banks the fine sum of
$ llir , ? < l , which lends the Omaha News
to remark that the people of the state
"woro never iu better condition than
today" and estimates that the individual
deposits of the state must bo something
like $100,000,000. Stand up for Ne
The employes of the Cliiuo sugar fac
tory draw about $27,000 in wages every
month , while the beet growers receive
about $70,000 a mouth during the cam
paigu. With these facts before them it
is little wonder that towns and cities
long for the erection of boot sugar fuc-
tories , and those that have them should
certainly give loyal support to the in
These fellows who were predicting a
total failure of the corn crop about a
month ago , unless there was a soaking
rain in a week or ten days , will now
please acknowledge that they know lit
tle about it. There has been very little
rain since and yet the crop is growing
and maturing in remarkable fashion.
The capabilities of Nebraska soil have
never boon understood.
The Conservative should this week beef
of great interest to young men. A sym
posium on the chances or the opportu
nities of the young men of today
is to bo the feature. Several contribu
tions from successful western men in
various occupations will be published
and it will be surprising if some young
man does not obtain therefrom n "cue"
that will be of value toward shaping a
successful career.
Democrats are beginning to worry for
fear they will have to support a popu
list candidate for supreme judge aud
populists are worried with the belief
that such candidate may be a democrat.
It is one of the beauties of fusion , but
the lenders say they will have to swal
low the dose prescribed and they may as
well make up their minds to do so with
out wry distortions of their features.
Fusion can only win by the subordina
tion of party pride and if the real satis
faction is that the fellow of the other
party won there should be no grief that
the independence and pride of the other
party is crushed beneath his ambition.
"Coin" Harvey hns been heard from ,
not as an instructor on the silver ques
tion , not oven as a worker for demo
cratic harmony , but ns the nrraignor of
Senator Jones , chairman of the national
democratic committee during the past
two campaigns. Harvey blaiins Jones
for both defeats denouncing him as in
competent. Ho sees nothing but gloom
ahead for democracy and is fearful that
future campaigns of that party will bo
as void of victory ns those of the past.
The "little schoolmaster" has apparently
given up , for the presenttho teaching of
financial problems and has started in to
lick some of the larger pupils of his
A Harmonious 1'arty.
This week the republicans of Iowa ant :
Maryland have held state conventions
and showed that they nro thoroughly
united. It was the same in the earlier
convention in Ohio. Republicans every
where have good reason to be satisfied
with their party and this is the feeling
manifested. Iowa republicans , whose
plurality last year almost touched 100-
000 , held a splendid convention and
adopted a platform in full nccord with
the principles of the party. Until March
1 , HKJ.'I , rf publicans will be In control of
ill brniich > s of the government , and the
term can bo tx'ended 1 y the election of
i republican majority in the next house ,
the prospect of which is undoubtedly
good. No dihsciiEloiiH are emoldtriug
within republican lines. National con
ditions are highly Eatiofactoiy. There
is a continued treasury surplus , and it
promises ( dcmocintlo papers say
threatens ) to be larger than wast x tcttd
after the war taxes were reduced.
The opposition , on the other hand , i > >
torn up in an astonishing way. One
wing of the democratic party Is study
ing how it can best repudiate the na
tional platforms and lender of the lust
two campaigns. In this singular opera
tion democratic leaders admit that they
can not foretell results. In Missouri
the day of reckoning is put off until next
year in hope that the party division will
be less acute. It may , however , grow
woreo instead of better , aud Mr. Bryan's
attitude indicates that it will. The re
publicans have every reason to believe
that they can maintain the present wise
effectiveness in all departments of the
government and enjoy the confidence of
the neonlo by deserving it. They have
states to win , aud Missouri is ono of
them. One of the questions hero is re
publican dlsfraucliisi-ment , and that
should induce every republican iu the
state to do his utmost. St. Louis Glebe-
Four TIiiu-M n Your None Too Often
< o llu\o n I'liino Tinicil.
"Thorn are plenty of people , " said a
piano tuner , "who let their pianos go
one , two , three years without tuning ,
and In some1 cases pianos thus neglect
ed may not pet very , very woefully off ,
but n piano should bo tuned every three
months. That would be none too often
to keep It In order.
"As n matter of fact , a piano begins
t get out of time again at once after
It lias been tuned. How could it be
otherwise ? Nothing stands still. This
difference would at first be so slight ns
Bcarcoly to be perceptible to any but
tlio practiced and sensitive ear of an
export tuner , but It Is there. Doesn't a
clock begin to run down as soon ns It Is
wound up ? Four times n year n piano
ought to be tuned , but only n compara
tively small percentage of people give
their pianos that attention which Is
needed to keep them In their most per
fect loveliness of tone. Piano makers
and dealers of course are looking nfter
the tuning of their pianos In stock
scrupulously and carefully nil the time.
You don't hear pianos out of tune In a
piano wnreroom. They never let them
get out of tune there. They nim , in
fact , at keeping them as iienr - perfection
tion ns they can.
"We are pretty sure to find In every
new piano something pleasing nud at
tractive. Some share nt least of this
pleasing quality comes from its being
In perfect tune. In fact , to keep nny
piano at Its best It must be kept In
tune , and to attain the results most sat
isfactory to all , to the owner and the
neighbors alike , n tuning tonic should
be administered to every piano not less
than four times n year. " New York
Two AnccdotPH of Colonel
Senators Merrill , Voorhces and Gor
man were conversing together outside
the senate chamber. Colonel Ingersoll
chanced to pass by. Mr. Voorhces
greeted him and said : "We are discuss
ing the mennlng of 'Improbable. ' What
Is your definition of the word ? "
Promptly Colonel Ingersoll replied , "It
Is a negro going in un opposite direc
tion from n brass band. "
Colonel Ingersoll wns a temperate
man , but not a teetotaler. One day
Mrs. James G. Blnlne was passing
through Fifteenth street opposite the
treasury department , when out from n
liquid refreshment saloon came Colonel
Ingersoll and a friend. "My denr colonel
nel , " said she , "you would not be seen
coming out of such a place , would
you ? " "My denr madam , " replied be
"would you expect me to stay there nil
the time ? " Wnshington Times.
Tvro Critic * .
As my "Bed of Ferns , " a large study
from nature on Snrnnnc lake , snys W.
J. Stillman iu The Atlantic , was the
first thing In which I had attempted
to introduce a human Interest In the
Inndscnpo I wns naturally Inclined to
consider It my most Important work ,
and I was dismayed when Ruskin
cnme to see me and in a tone of ex
treme disgust said , pointing to tlio
dend deer and man : "What do you put
that stuff In for ? Take It out ; It
stinks ! "
My reverence for Ruskln's opinions
wns such that I made no hesitation In
painting out the central motive of the
picture , for which both subject and
effect of light had been selected. Unfortunately -
fortunately I habitually used copal
varnish ns n medium. When RossettI
cnlled again , he asked me , with n look
of dismay , what I had done to my pic
ture. I explained to him that on Rus-
kin's advice I had painted out the fig
ures , and exclaiming , "You have spoiled -
ed your picture ! " ho walked out of the
room Iu a rage.
A Scoop.
"What did your wife do when she
found those poker chips In your over
coat pocket ? " asked the practical Joker.
"She took thu matter very coolly.
She found out where they came from
and sent a messenger boy" to get them
cnslied.-\Vn8hltEton Star.
Quick and Effective.
WIlllc-IIow did you break your wife
of the "advanced woman"
ci/u ?
Wise Told her everybody thought It
meant "advanced" In years.-Kunsns
City Independent.
The checkerboard Is nil worn out
From use each n Inter night ;
The checkers have become begrimed ,
Which once were shining bright ,
Dut still the game goes straightway on ,
Although the ( quires are blurs ,
While Cynthy pens up llcubcn't men
Or Iteuben captures here.
Sometimes the old man takci a hand
To show his practiced ( kill ,
And then the farmhands circle round ,
While every one Is still. , *
They would not say a single word Hf
That would distract his play ; , * 4y :
Bo breathless they observe him drive
Young lleuben's men to bay. jftf
WJ *
Ah , what would winter evenings be * ?
Without the checkerboard ,
With double corners , Jumps and move !
And fun which they afford I >
Our dissipation oil consist ! JJJ
In too much checkers here , TOV ,
Which makes the gossips tell about
Our checkered life's career.
Arthur E. Locke In Boston Globe.
One Mnn'n Method of GolnR
AVIth III * Hoots.
There is about ns much sport In
catching the big sunflsh ns in lifting
out the crnppie If you cnn get the
former In one of Its snvnge moods.
I'elker Is a grent grnfter on sunflsh.
He has got n dozen different kinds of
bait , but he snys that It Is nil nonsense
to trouble about digging worms. Ho
declares thnt beef run through a hnin-
burg stenk grinder Is Just the proper
cnper for the suuflsh nt Creve Ccour
lake. The tougher the beef the better ,
ns It will cut Iu long strips like angle
worms. '
"When the sunflsh are biting right
smart , It Is about nil thnt I cnn do to bo-
kept In tin- shop , " snld Pelker. "I be
lieve me nud the suuilsh nre the most
cheering things out. Do you know , I
have noticed old time fishermen nt
Brcese's lake wading nround In the
shnllow water , where the suuflsh nro
found nt spawning time , ns carefully
ns if they were tlshlng for trout. Now ,
It is different with me when I go out
with my hamburg steak to feed the
golden bellied beauties on. I Just tlo
the line to each leg of my boots , take a
little short rod In my hand aud strlda
into the water nud go ahead. On the
bootleg lines I use red flies. Why , the
Buntlsh come up nud get stuc'u on rnyA
fly hooks three or four nt a time. Thnt's
the way to cntch n mess of flsh in a
few hours.
"I cnn cntch crapple with crawflsh
tails to beat tlie bnnd If I cannot get
minnows. Crickets nre great sunflsh
aud bass bait , while the katydids will
make a crnppie leave its bed nt mid
night. Just let your hook sing once
with a green knty on , aud if there
is a crnppie within a radius of
10 or 15 feet It will come like
a hound at a coursing match. If
you get no bite , you can pull your
freight up n few cnr lengths nnd try a'
new place. I caught all those big crap
ple last week with craw tails. I could
get no minnows for love or money , so
I chased up some crawflsh nud went
iu to win. When It comes to catflsh
bait , Jus-t try tripe. It Is tough and
cannot lie pulled off the hook easily. "
St. Louis Globe-De'mocrat.
A Forgotten Genlni. '
The history of wireless telegraphy
would not be complete without some
mention of Joseph Henry , America's
greatest .gelentlht , for it wns ho who
first , In 1812 , discovered the oscillatory
character of certain electric discharges
and who showed thnt these oscillations
produced disturbances which could by ,
suitable receivers be detected at dis
tances of many rods and through In
tel-veiling buildings , writes Professor
Joseph Ames In The Review of Re- [
views. He even arranged an apparatus
on this principle to respond to the
lightning discharges of distant storms.
The great genius of Henry wns never
more apparent than in his Investiga
tion of electrical discharges nnd their
oscillatory nature. It is n lasting tes
timony to the Ignorance ninong Ameri
cans of their own grent men thnt the
name of Joseph Henry wns not Includ
ed in the first 50 selected for the Hall
of Fame of the nation.
"Wholesale Dntherg.
As regards fncilltles for bnthlng ,
which every Filipino demnnds , there Is-j
the open bay , with its.miles of clenn'
salt wnter , ready at any time of the
day or year for a free bath. The genu-j
Ine Filipino Is hnlf nmpblblous , loving !
the wnter nnd swimming like a flshj
An example of this may be seen in the !
large tobacco fnctorles of BInondoJ
with their 10,000 employees. When the !
day's labor Is done , the thinly dressed ,
workmen , men , women nnd children , !
speed laughingly to the bay , plunge In
to the waiting waves and come out
clcnn , cool nnd refreshed. Ledger ]
Monthly. .
\i\ \
MVnn It n Compliment T ' I
It wns nt the cud of her first week in *
the new school , she having been trans
ferred from down town , that the teach
er asked little Wilhcluilna how she
liked the now school. The little one's ,
face brightened up as she answered : i
"Oh , I like it first rate , and I like you
too. " |
"That's very nice ; but why do you1
like me ? " queried the teacher. i
"Oh , you see , " said the llttlo pupil,1
"I alwnys did like a bossy teacher. "
New York Times. . I
An IndlBeitlble Man. * \
Kitty But he is such nu Indigestible
man. i
Jane-Indigestible ? ' |
Kitty Yes ; ho always disagrees with' '
me. Detroit Free Press.
It wns a qunrter of a century before
the signing of the Anicrlcnu Declara
tion of Independence thnt the flrst the
ater was opened hi New York. j
Fortune knocks once nt every man's
door , but misfortune drops In frequent
ly , without knocking.-Chlcngo News , j

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