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Lawns , Flower Beds and
Gardens in 'C6mr3'fctition.
fmprovtment Committee Offers In
ducements to Rc5idcrits of Norfolk
to Beautify Their Homes Business
Men Contribute Liberally.
From Bntnrdny'e Dnlly :
The City Improvement committee is
very much m earnest in its effort to
make Norfolk a better kept town and
to that end has arranged to oll'cr various
prixes , in which they have received the
hearty co-operation of business men.
"Wide interest is being taken in this
movement and with the support of
property owners , Norfolk may be made
much more attractive in appearance
than it has heretofore been. Tomorrow
the ministers will speak of the need of
beautifying homes , while the schools
will be enlisted in the same cause.
Prizes are offered by the committee for
the following purposes :
1. Best kept lawn.
2. Best vegetable g rdcn.
8. Best kept flower garden.
1. Best block of lawns and parks.
C. Best kept alley in block.
0. Best kept place worth not more
than $1,000 00.
7. Neatest back yard.
8. Best flower bed.
! ) . For general neatness.
It is expected that the Commercial
club will offer one largo prize for the
purpose stated , but it is necessary to
await the next meeting of the club be
fore announcing what this will be.
Business men have placed in the hands
of the committee the following offers , to
be distributed under its direction for the
best kept lawn , garden , etc. , as above
enumerated :
Sugar City Cereal Mills , one case
Wheatling , SO packages , value $ -1.00.
Banm Bros. , boy's suit of clothes ,
| 5.00.
Star Clothing Co. , Manhattan Pan
ama ban , $3.00.
Inskeep's Millinery , child's hat , 3.00
Robt. Utter , picture , value $5 00.
Leonard's drug store , brush and comb ,
Q. E. Moore , hardware , lawn mower ,
Johnson's Furniture store , lamp , $5 00.
Geo. B. Christoph , druggist , ham
mock $3.00.
Norfolk Tailoring Co. , sweater , $2.00.
Davenport Bros. , pair boy's shoes ,
W. B. Vail , jeweler , fern dish and
pot , Lookwood or Louellsa ware , $2.60.
Kiesau Drug Co. , bottle of perfume ,
C. S. Hayes , jeweler , berry spoon.
Hoffman & Smith's furniture store ,
Vernis Martin parlor tabie , $8.50.
Albert Degner , hardware , pair nickle
plated skates , $1.50.
Durland Sisters , millinerychild's hat ,
The Johnson Dry Goods Co. , French
Welton rag , 36 by 72 , $5.00.
Friday's hardware , pocket knife ,
Beeler Bros. ' Daylight store , statuary ,
oriental figure , $3.50.
I. M. Macy , photographer , one dozen
photos , $4.25.
Fair Store , gun metal watch , $4.50.
Frank H. Scott was a city visitor
from Stanton yesterday.
Mrs. A. Bley of Madison visited with
Norfolk friends yesterday.
N. A. Rainbolt left this afternoon for
northern Wisconsin , where he will
remain a week or ten days fishing.
Miss Eva Mixer of 'Fremont visited
with friends in Norfolk over night
while enroute to Plainview for a visit.
James Nichols was over from Madison
yesterday attending to business and
meeting some of his Norfolk friends.
Mrs. Grimsley and Mrs. Weber of
Wayne , who have been visiting Mrs.
Robert Utter , returned to their homes
Mrs. Win. Gerecke of Btanton and
her daughter , Mrs. Hope of Dnlnth ,
Minn. , were visiting friends in the city
over night. They returned to Stanton
this afternoon.
A soldiers' monument will be unveiled
at Madison next Friday , the 16th , and
the committee expects that the Norfolk
and Stanton companies of guards will
be present to assist in the ceremonies.
A social was given at the homo of Mrs.
F. Coleman , corner of First street and
Park avenue , Thursday evening , the
object being to secure funds toward
organizing an African M. E. church in
The Fremont library board is now
wrestling with the task of selecting
puitable plans for the Carnegie library
which that city is to secure. They al
ready have the site and the promise of
the building from the millionaire donor.
The Northeast Nebraska G. A. R.
reunion will be held on grounds ajacent
to Nellgh on July 9 to 12. The business
men of that city were called on this
week by a committee soliciting pledges
in cash , ind they met generous re-
spouses that were freely given.
Geo. B. Ohriatoph is having the ma
terial hauled that will nsod for putting
in a cement walk on two sides of his
property at the corner of Tenth street
and Philip nveuno. Other property
owners in that neighborhood will nho
mnko improvements of the enmo char
acter this summer ,
The government agricultural depart
ment recommends that the first flies
which appear in summer bo destroyed ,
as fly generations follow caoh other nt
ton-day intervals , with 120 fold increase.
It may DO figured out that the destruc
tion of one fly at the beginning of the
summer is equal to slaying millions later
in the season.
The following from the Nebraska City
Tribune refers to one of the former
publishers of the Norfolk Journal : "A.
F. Lewis , foreman of the Fremont Trib
une news room , was struck on the head
by a hatchet wielded by his two-year-old
baby. The baby will bo named Carrie
Nation Lewis , and perhaps other things
will happen to it when Mr. Lewis re
covers his old time strength. "
Another vein has been put down on the
farm of ElMia Reminele at Jamestown
by thecoal prospectors and another find
of coal has resulted.Tho shaft is 218 feet
below the surface of the earth. The
first hole is five rods distant from the
last and the vein struck there is ton foot
in thickness. A great deal of interest
ms been excited and there is talk of
easing the neighboring farms by Fre
mont capitalists.
George Stalcop , the house mover , is
one of the busy men of Norfolk these
Ittyd and thinks that could ho string the
present season's work out two or three
Rummers he would have plenty to keep
liui out of mischief. The present high
price of building material is the cause
of much of his effort. A person ia not
nclinod to put up new buildings as
eng ns ho can secure old ones that maybe
bo moved to a desired location and fixed
up for use.
Robert Smith of the firm of Hoffman
& Smith is suffering the inconvenience
of a broken shoulder. He was riding
along on his bicycle during the fire at
the brick yards in the near neighbor-
load of a team and when the alarm was
sounded the team turned suddenly and
ran into Mr. Smith , throwing him from
his wheel. He fell heavily on the point
of his shoulder , fracturing one of the
bones. He was laid up a day or two but
s now able to be about , with his arm
bound tightly to his side.
A jolly number of self-invited guests
assembled at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
0. M. Janes on South Eleventh street ,
Thursday evening. The affair was a
surprise for Miss Lilian Savage of Lin
coln , sister of Mrs. Janes , and was ar
ranged by a number of friends , who pre
sented Miss Savage with a beautiful
liece of china , as a souvenir of the oc
casion. The evening was passed most
delightfully in social chat , various
games and the serving of choice refresh
ments. Miss Savage departed for her
lome yesterday.
One of the carriers on the rural free
mail route at Fremont has hit upon a
novel scheme to give the weather to the
'armors along his route. Copies of the
forecast are distributed each day to the
patrons of the route , but in addition to
; his he has converted his wagon into a
signal station from which miniature
weather flags are displayed. His method
of indicating the weather is the same as
that used by the regular display stations.
The white flag meaning fair weather ;
blue , rnin or snow ; white and blue ,
ooal rain or snow ; black triangle for
temperature , and white with black
center to indicate a cold wave.
The Gretna Breeze of this week gives
an extended account of a reception to
Miss Booze and follows it with a state
ment that a domestic duck had absorbed
a jag by imbiding of water used to rinse
out beer glasses. The two items would
seem to indicate that an extended
account of such a reception is a waste of
time and space , as even the fowls of
that town show on inclination to receive
booze at almost any time or place , and
the transaction is therefore too common
to warrant any special mention. In
view of the coincidence it would seem
that the best Miss Booze can do is to
change her name at the earliest
practicable moment.
'Hooper Sentinel : An Iowa paper , in
describing a swell wedding last week ,
threw the following spasm : "The
church was hushed in silence as the in
vited guests , realizing the importance
of the moment , awaited anxiously the
coming of the bride. The wedding
march had just reached its sweetest
and softest tune , when the bride , lean
ing on the arm of her sister , with fairylike -
like reached the altar " "
glides , .Fairy-
iiko glides" is good , besides it's nice ,
some brides trot or pace or canter up to
the altar , some single-foot , some dog
trot , and Bomo go lumbering up the aisle
like an ox. It's a heap nicer to get
there with fairy-like glides.
Madison Chronicle : Fred Zeasin re
ceived his excursion boat Tuesday morn
ing from Racine , Wisconsin , and it will
bo launched Sunday morning on the
creek at the foot of Pearl street , at which
time all that come will be given a free
ride. In the afternoon the boat will
ply between the'pier and the Island. A
charge of 25 cents for the round trip will
bemado. The boat is a beauty. It glistens
ike a highly polished piano. It is 18
feet long , with 4 feet 6 inches in beam
and will accommodate ten passengers
comfortably. Now f-omo enterprising
person should get hold of Sohwank's
( Bland and convert it into a summer
resort. What a great boon it would IK >
to have a ulco shady grove to withdraw
to in the hot summer days , where one
could take his family and spend the
time socially and with comfort.
Property owners of the west side am ;
in other parts of town have a well de
fined kick coming against the boys who
drive the cows through the streets to
pasture and allow the animals to roinn
at random across parks , Hidowallu * and
lawns , destroying trees , shrubbery , and
leaving unsightly holes in well cured
for grass plots. Such danmgo should
bo prevented even though the boyn are
compelled to load the animals. It IB far
from plcasnrcablo to spend a great deal
of time and money on improving
promises , to have the work ruined in a
moment by cattle that are unrestrained
by those who should keep thorn in the
street. If ono boy is not enough to
keep the animals in bounds while on their
way to pasture , others should bo hired
or the owners of the pasture or cattle
made responsible under the ordinance.
There is no oxcnso for permitting the
cows to work injury , and the owners of
the property so damaged will certainly
be justified in causing arrests if more
care is not exorcised in the futuro.
II. E. Owen was a passenger for
Omaha this morning.
Walter Boaasch was a passenger for
Lincoln this morning.
W. II. Soarls , a banker of Neligh , was
a visitor in the city yesterday.
Hon. John R. Hays in transacting
egal business in Wayuo today.
Damascus Chapter , No. 20 , R. A. M. ,
will hold a meeting this evening.
Judge and Mrs. Powers spent Sunday
with relatives at Ponca , returning to
Arthur Pilger and wife of Madison
spent Sunday in the city with friends
and relatives.
Mrs. J. S. Martin has gone to Elk
City , this state , where she will vibit dur-
ng the next mouth.
David Whitla of Battle Creek and
Wm. Whitla of Madison wore hobnob
bing together in the city today.
The Ladies Missionary society of the
Congregational church will meet at the
) arsonago tomorrow afternoon nt 3
L. M. Cheney of Newton , Iowa , was
a guest at the home of II. E. Owen over
Sunday. He was oa his way to
A refreshing rain visited this section
during the night. Followed by the
warm sunshine of today , the country is
now enjoying great growing weather.
Mrs. Ann Edwards of Humphrey is
icro visiting at the homo of her son , J.
W. Edwards. She is accompanied by
ler sister , Mrs. Robert Davis of Iowa
City , Iowa.
Gottleib Brummund , living about two
miles southeast of the city , was 08 years
old yesterday , and in response to invita
tions a number of his relatives visited
lis homo and helped him celebrate the
This morning Mrs. W. W. Roberts re
ceived a telegram announcing the death
of her mother , which occurred at Lynch
at 7:30 : last evening. Mrs. Roberts will
go to that place on the first train to at-
: end the funeral.
I. M. Maoy has purchased lots at the
corner of Eleventh street and Madison
avenue , to which place he will remove
lis residence. His house now occupies
a portion of the grounds on Madison
avenue where the new federal building
will stand.
H. H. Herbison came up from Madi
son yesterday , and in company with P.
A. Shnrtz and Fred Jenkins loft on the
noon train for Wisconsin , where they
will spend about ten days fishing. In
cidentally they will buy some Wiscon
sin land while they ore up there.
Chas. Lodge , wife and daughter Ida ,
will leave on Wednesday for Montgom
ery , Orange county , New York. Thirty-
seven years ago Mr. and Mrs. Lodge
left that town , vhich had previously
been their home , to come west and they
have not been back since. They an
ticipate that they -will not know even
the country when they reach it.
The Elks will give a social session at
the club rooms and dancing hall next
Friday evening. Each member of the
lodge will bo permitted to invite one
friend outside the order to participate
in the pleasures of the evening. A
charge of $1.00 will be made for the
The eighth annual May party of Pro
tection lodge , No. 101 , Degree of Honor ,
will bo given at Marcmardt'shall Thurs
day evening of this week. The Italian
orchestra will furnish music. The
committee having the affair in charge is
making every effort to moke this a more
enjoyable party than those of previous
years , and the dances of the Degree of
Honor have always been very pleasant
The soldiers' monument at Madison
will be unvailed next Friday , the com
mittooin charge of the affair having
fixed that date. Hon. J. A. Ehrhart
will deliver the address and the Stanton
band and military comyany will attend.
It is announced that invitations will be
sent to the governor and the officers of
the Nebraska National guard , and the
Norfolk and ColumbiiR military com
pauys will bo ankod to attend in n body
Jamoi Rood , the proprietor of tlu
merry.go-ronnd , has donated the UBO of
his swing on Wednesday afternoon nnd
evening to the ladles of the W. R. C ,
the proceeds to bo used toward the relief -
lief fund of that society. Mr , Rood's
generosity is much appreciated by the
ladles and they of courHO diwiro that the
patronage given the riding gallery
should bo especially liberal during the
time they will be In charge , and at the
sumo time hope that the oonrtosy of the
proprietor will In no wise operate to de
crease his receipts on other days.
The Norfolk High school orchestra
hold its first meeting for practice last
Saturday evening in the High sohoo
assembly room. The mooting was wol
attended and each ono participating was
very much interested. The air practiced
was "Alico , where art thou ? " and Mr.
Hulir , the loader , was pleased with the
result. The members nro already con-
tcmplatlng a concert , which they hope
to give in the near future , and thereby
'nin a little needed financial assistance.
The orchestra will moot again next Sat.
unlay evening from 7 to ( I for practice ,
when it Is aunonnccd that no visitors
will bo allowed.
Many property owners arc beginning
to see the fallacy of laying board Hido-
walks , which are a source of annoyance
and danger after they have been in a
'o\v years , and are building permanent
walks of cement or brink. At present
irices these do not cost much more than
umber , and they are far more handsome
tnrt lasting. A now cement walk WOH
ilaced in front of Tin : Nr.ws building
ast week and today a walk of this char-
icter is being constructed in trout of the
residence of A. II. Kiosau on South
Tenth street. Others have been built
uid will bo built as rapidly as con
tractors can got to thorn.
The G. A. R. post of this city IB plan-
uing to observe May 30 with public
memorial exercises and the Auditorium
ms been secured , in which the program
o bo arranged vjill bo given. Dr. F.
M. Sisson has been asked to make the
address and it is understood that Ho hns
consented. On the name day , in the
evening , the commencement exercises of
he Norfolk High school will bo given
n the Auditorium. This year's class is
composed of nine pupils , six girlH and
hreu boys. They are : Jennie B. Mills ,
Agnes B. Stafford , William G. Oxnam ,
Tohu D. Read , Bertha E.PilgorFrances
E. Viele , Nellie A. Hyde , Elva E. Masters -
ters and Arthur L. Ovcrton. The pro
grams of both exercises will appear
Mrs. Uhl is visiting friends in Fre
Ray Hayes wont to Omaha yesterday
on business.
Miss Lulu King spent Sunday with
friends in Wayne.
Mrs. John Ray was a city visitor from
Battle Creek yesterday.
E. A. Bullock loft this morning on a
business trip to O'Neill.
Attorney Bnrt Mapes went to Neligh
ast night to try a lawsuit.
Ira Hull of THE NEWS force was a
lasseuger for Omaha today.
Mrs. M. J. Thatch of Battle Creek
visited in the city yesterday.
Rev. F. P. Wigton of Osmond is visit-
ng friends in the city today.
Mrs. S. Bley and son Gns , spent Sun
day with friends in Madison.
F. J. Hale of Battle Creek transacted
justness in Norfolk this morning.
Messdames Elmore and Whiting of
Stanton were city visitors yesterday.
E. E. Adams went to Omaha today.
He will visit Lincoln before he returns.
Wm. Zutz of Hoskins was the guest
of his son , E. W. in the city last night.
Miss Margcret Barnes has returned
'romMadison where she was visiting
Mrs. Averill and Mrs. E. W. Collins
of Winside were city visitors yesterday
The residence occupied by S. L. Gard
ner is receiving an attractive coat of
now paint.
Mr. nnd Mrs. B. Whitwer of Stanton
were here yesterday looking through
Norfolk's big stocks.
Burr Taft returned last evening from
a two-months' visit at his old home in
Battleboro , Vermont.
E. H. Tracy went to Holt county last
evening to show a prospective purchaser
the big Durland ranch.
Mrs. Frank Hepperloy received a
telegram yesterday announcing the
death of her father in Illinois.
Roy Gardner hag gone to Wisner to
accept a position with the Wisner
telephone company , a local concern.
J. E. Cronk , manager of the Norfolk
foundry , made a business trip to Wayne
yesterday in the interest of that insti
H. H. Miller has sold his delivery
business to Geo. Knapp , who will hereafter -
after pilot the little red wagon aboni
the city ,
Eugene Austin was in the city over
night from 'Pierce ' , visiting his parents
He is still connected with the Pierce
About 20 members of the Woman's
club went to Pierce this afternoon in re-
to an invitation from the
Woman's club of that town , It goo
without Haying that they will lin royally
Frank llanlon of Omaha was In the
city overnight attending n mooting of
the board of directors of the Norfolk
National bank.
Max RoHonthal Is removing his stonk
of general mdrolmndlfio from the IJoolfl
block to the room vacated by Mr.
Hohnort in the Koonlgstoln block.
The barn which the city council permitted -
mittod ,1uhn Froytliulor to move from
Ills residence lot to the roar of his store ,
hai nearly reached its now location ,
H. J. bummers IIIIH thoroughly over
liaulod and remodeled the building
formerly ocouplod by Putor Fitch mid
lias opened u neat dispensary of liquid
Herman Honnusohtiln has puroliasotl
the residence property at the corner of
Twelfth street and Philip avemui from
A. M. Mills. Tills IH more familiarly
cnown as the Adolph Koolmmn cottage ,
Mrs. A. J. Dnrlnnd received HOWH
yesterday announcing the death of her
uncle , L , 0. Hiclmrds , at Lincoln.
Mr. and Mnt. JDurland will go to Lin
coln tomorrow to attend the fnno
W. 11. Johnson and S. L. Gardner
wont to Omaha yesterday to horvo
heir country in the capacity of federal -
oral jurymen. It IH a nlco job , pny'ng
vbout half enough to moot expenses ,
ind it may keep thorn away from homo
ono week or six.
Kobort Utter IH in receipt of sad HOWH
'rom hlH brother who lives in California.
Diphtheria was brought into the house
ot the brother by a professional nnrfeo
luring sickness in the family , nnd the
wife and two children died of the dis
ease within a few days of oaoh other.
I'hilbrick & Greenwood Inst evening
hipped three cars of cattle to market.
Those are young cattle that have boon
od at the sugar factory during the winter
on beet pulp , which has been demon-
tratod to bo excellent rough food. This
firm has about ! )00 ) head of cattle still in
ho yards , a portion of which are now
Kilng fattened on grain and oil meal.
W. W. Roberts , manager of the base
ball team last year , haw been prospect-
ng as to the sentiment for maintaining
a ( cam at Norfolk this season , and hems
ms mot with so much encouragement
hat it lias boon decided to hold a moot-
ng of those interested at the law olllcc
of Mapos & Hazon tomorrow evening
it 8 o'clock for the purpose of deciding
whether Norfolk will bo represented on
ho diamond this yeiir. It is urged that
.hero bo a largo attendance at the moot-
The May party to bo given by the Elks
Friday evening will bo the lost social
essiou of the season , and on that ao-
souut the committee in charge is at-
lOniptlng to make it unusually nttrac-
ivo. The Italian orchestra has boon
secured for the evening , the hall will bo
nicely decorated , and the hint is thrown
out by the chairman of the committee
that ho would like to see Home dress
suits. The committee having charge of
, ho session consists of B. C. Gentle , C
A. Madbon , James Kennedy and W. N
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Bun'dick enter
tained the West Side whist club at their
loine on Norfolk aveuuo last evening ,
together with a few friends not mem-
) crs of the club who have received
occasional invitations to its meetings.
The games were warmly contested , Mrs.
P..G. Salter winning the greatest num
ber of points among the ladies , while
M. D. Tyler and 0. C. Gow were obliged
to cut for the gentleman's prizo. The
evening was pleasantly spent and was
well rounded out with delicious re
At the annual election of the Woman's
clnb held yesterday afternoon , Mrs. M.
A. McMillan was re-elected president ,
Mrs. H. E. Owen was named as vice
president , Mrs. H. G. Coryell treasurer ,
Mrs. E. P. Weatherby secretary , Mrs.
P. F. Bell re-elected corresponding
secretary , Mrs. Geo. Williams auditor.
The president and Mrs. Oxnam were
selected as delegates to the state feder
ation of Women's clubs , which meets at
Columbus in October , and Mrs. H. E.
Warrick and Mrs. H. E. Owen were
named as alternates.
At the term of district court being
held at Wayne this week a case that
has assumed considerable importance is
being tried. It is entitled Bntterfield
vs. Sucksdorf and Roimors , W. II
Butterfield of this city being the plaintiff
It was commenced in 1602 in Pierce
county , and after having been heard in
the district court there several times ,
having been to the supreme court , it
now comes up in Wayne county on
charge of venue , this being the sixth
time it it has been reviewed. Messrs
Powers & Hays are attorneys for the
The 18th annual meeting of the Elk
born. Valley association of Congre
gational ministers will be held a
OrelghtonMay 26 , 27 and 28. It is
expected that about 30 or 35 ministers
of the Congregational churches in north
east Nebraska will participate in the
proceedings , and an Interesting and instructive
structivo session is anticipated. Rev
'Franklin Baker of the Second church
South Norfolk , is on the program for
Tuesday morning , when he will talk on
the subject of "Development of 'Mnslca '
Talent in the Congregation. " Rev. W
1 IT
, r - "
J , Turner of the First ohuroh In to give ,
an addrcHH Tuesday livening , liln subject '
being , "Hollgion In IJuslmmH. " Mro. F.
G. Ooryc.ll will conduct the Wonmii'H
missionary hour homo mission do-
pnrtmont Wednesday afternoon. Rov.
H. HrosNOf Lincoln will bo present and
on Wodiuwlay morning will npoalc on
the qiicHtlon , "What Next in Homo
Miwilonn ? "
WoHl 1'olnt Republican : County Hur-
voyor W. H. Pratt , of Takamah , Hurt
county , and a force of inon are mirvoy-
Ing near LyoiiH for a propom'd olootrlo
rallw/iy line to bo established between
Fremont and Hloux City , lo. The line
will pass through Lyons , going north
ward aoroHH the Omaha and Wlnnolmgo
rooorvntloiiH , pausing down Omahaorook
o Homer , thence in a northeasterly
cotirso to Dakota City and on to South
Sioux ( ! ity. It IH a glgantlo enterprise ,
and If completed will bo a great thing
for nnrthmiHtorn Nebraska. It. in thought
that a right of way can bo secured from
ho Indians , to bo ratified by congroHH.
iosldes the projected electric railway
ibovo referred to , Sioux City , Omaha
mil Dakota county capitalists will build
HI olootrlc railway from Slonx City , to
ho 1'otorson coal land , northwest of
lacltHon , a distance of about twenty
niloH. The line will bo for the traiiH-
mrtation of pasuongerH and freight. A
lower house , which also will furnish
) ewer for olectrio HghtH and ether pur-
) osus , will bo built at the mlno.
At the mooting of the board of oduoa-
ion hold last ovonlng moro teachers
voro elected , these receiving favorable
onsldoration being Missen Mllln , Luik-
xrt and Wiilkor. All old janltorH were
o-olccted. The salaries of toachorH
were rained on an average of $2.50 a
nonth oaoh. When the salaries of
oaohorH were reduced three yoant ago ,
ho district was very muoh in debt and
ho utmost economy was found HOOCH-
ary to prevent ontanglomontH which
night have resulted in closing the
oliools. Now the district is in far
otter condition financially and the ro
ue ti on of outstanding indobtedncsH can
till bo continued even with the advanoo
n salaries. The board was br > ught
gainst the fact that if it oxpoolod to
maintain the schools at the present
ligh standard moro wages must bo paid ,
B ether towns are offoriqg salaries that
would attract the best teachers if some
inancial inducement were not inudo to
coop thorn hero. The action of the
xrnrd will moot the approval of every
ax payer interested in the schools.
Now is the time to bring in repairs to
Paul Nordwig'B harness shop.
Hnnry Kroblon and Anna Kroblon ,
lon-rcsidontH defendants will take notice
hat 011 the fir t day of May , 1002 , The
) urland Trust company , plaintiff heron -
n filed its petition in ttio district court
if Madison county , Nebraska , against
lonry Kroblon and Anna Kroblon , ini-
ileasod with John Kroblon , Carl Krolj
on , George Kroblin and Laura Kroblou ,
wife , William Kroblon and Mary
Croblin , his wife , and Mary Kimball
and A. 1C , Klmbiill , the "Object and
prayer of which are to forcloHO a cer-
, ain mortgage executed by Mary Krob-
on , now deceased , and Henry Kroblon ,
lefoiidant herein , to the plaintiff upon
, ho northeast quarter of section eloveu
11) ) , township twenty-two (22) ( ) , north
of range ono (1) ( ) , west of the 6th p. m. ,
n Madison county , Nebraska , to soouro
; ho payment four promissory notes
latod March 27 , 18)9 ! ) , for the sum of
M5 each and duo and payable as fol-
"OWB :
One April 1 , 11)01 ) , ono April 1 , 11)02 ) ,
ouo April 1 , 1003 , and ono April 1 , 100-1 ;
that there is now due upon paid note
and mortgage the sum of $18000 and
utoroHt at seven per cent per annum
trom April 1 , 1899 , for which sum with
ntorost from this date , plaintiff prays
for a docrco that defendant bo required
to pay the same , or that said promises
may be sold to satisfy the samo.
You are required to answer said peti
tion on or before the Oth day of June ,
Dated May 1 , 1002.
By Mapes & Hazen , its attorneys.
Buy your harness of Paul Nordwig ,
who sells the cheapest and best. Daf-
Jfoy's'old stand.
We live by our blood , and on
it. We thrive or starve , as
our blood is rich or poor.
There is nothing else to live
on or by.
When strength is full and
spirits high , we are being re
freshed , bone muscle and brain ,
in body and mind , with con
tinual flow of rich blood.
This is health.
When weak , in low spirits ,
no cheer , no spring , when rest
is not rest and sleep is not
sleep , we are starved ; our blood
is poor ; there is little nutri
ment in it.
Back of the blood , is food ,
to keep the blood rich. When
it fails , take Scott's Emulsion
> f Cod Liver Oil. It sets the
vhole body going again man
/oman and child. |
iCjoii have not tried It , ccnd for free sample
ugirtul > le ( able will surprise you. i
SCOTT & J10WNK , ClitmlsU I
H < 5 rcorl Sttfel , NewYorfc'l
joe. and Ji.oo ; all druggists. j

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